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AIPAC -  Rosen, Weissman  timelines

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Rosen Weisman timeline pages 1,   2,  345678

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  • 1980  Franklin, Rosen Weissman                 TOP & Latest Entries
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  • Libby...."found his way into government in the early 1980s through his mentor Paul D. Wolfowitz, now president of the World Bank, whom he met when Wolfowitz was teaching at Yale. An undersecretary of state at the time, Wolfowitz hired him as a speechwriter and later brought Libby to the Defense Department with him." Washington Post  (Libby in WHIG with Hadley ...who worked with Franklin). Washington Report
  • Franklin regularly was a Feith's office (Office of Special Plans) attended by Rhode, Luti, Shulsky, Perle and Wolfowitz  Global Research
  • Paul McNulty, Virginia district attorney in charge of Franklin probe.  A Republican political appointee, worked in the office of Former Congressman Bill McCollum of Florida in the 80's.  
  • 1970's, Neo-con assault on Jimmy Carter, source WayneMadsenReport: file ... 'Scoop' Jackson, Richard Perle, Eliot Abrams, ...Boeing, Israel, Frank Gaffney, William Kristol, Derail SALT II, Coalition for the Democratic Party (DLC), Texas Democratic Senator Lloyd Bentsen, Oklahoma Senator David Boren, Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, Louisiana Senator J. Bennett Johnston, Ben Wattenberg, Irving Kristol, Max Kampelman, Richard Pipes, John Roche, Samuel Huntington, and James Woolsey. In 1976, the CDM helped form the Committee on the Present Danger ... reactivated in 2004 by Lieberman, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl, Laurie Mylroie, Norman Podhoretz, Frank Gaffney, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Boeing, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation. ... While the traitors in the Washington office of Jackson and Ledeen in Rome were conspiring against President Carter, George H. W. Bush, Carter National Security Council staffer Robert Gates, and William Casey criminally conspired with the Ayatollah Khomeini's government to keep 52 hostages held in Tehran captive in return for a shipment of weapons. A meeting between Casey, Gates, and Bush and Iranian agents was held in Paris on October 19, 1980, in what became known as the "October Surprise.
  • 1980, cont.
  • Iran-Contra  Rumsfeld confirmed that Franklin was one of two Pentagon officials who met in 2001 with Manucher Ghorbanifar, the Middle Eastern arms dealer and ontime intermediary in the Iran-Contra scandal of the 80's.  Ghorbanifar, who has said he remained in contact with Franklin is seeking U.S. support to overthrow Iran's government.
  • What Really Happened - Israeli Spying Archives
  • Early 1980's "Of particular interest in that connection (sensitive, dual-use military tech) are derivatives of a powerful case-management software called PROMIS that was produced by INSLAW Inc. in the early 1980s and acquired by Israel's Mossad intelligence agency, which then sold its own versions to other foreign intelligence agencies in the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe". Shalom Center and copy
  • 1980's Early corruption: Both BCCI and Saudi Arabia's Mahfouz have historical connections the the Bush family, also InterMaritime Bank, bailed out Harken Energy in 1987 with $25 million.  Harken Energy then got a no-bid oil lease in 1991, George W. Bush promptly sold his shares and made a small fortune....Brewster Jennings & Associates (Plame) will uncover Bush connections to build up of Iraq War ... will this lead to Plame's outing?  and see Wayne Madsen Report  and  The Randi Rhodes Show
  • Jul 1982  Steven Rosen (Wikipedia) was employed as the Director of Foreign Policy Issues for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Indictment
  • Stephen Rosen and Richard Perle may have worked together as early as 1982 Dailykos and The New Yorker
  • The Big Chill, by Laura Rozen, The Nation.   Linking Judith Miller's jailing to the AIPAC / Franklin investigation.  In early 80's Rosen shifted AIPAC to far right ideology, and focused on Iran. 
  • Martin Indyk formed a research department for AIPAC EIR and see WINEP.  see also Leon Fuerth. 
  • 1982  Douglas Feith was fired from the NSC for leaking classified data to Israel.  Washington Times "FBI Probes DOD"
  • 1983  FBI has 1983 Rosen (AIPAC) memo that reveals he was informed of a classified draft of a WH position on Mid East, and that that knowledge could enhance their influence.  Franklin only a little fish used to getting Rosen.  The Nation
  • 1983 "Marc Rich, .... He's the American financier who skipped out of the United States in 1983, one step ahead of a $48-million tax bill and a 51-count indictment for various skullduggeries, including trading with Iran amidst the American hostage crisis" Newsday  Libby was his attorney. see docs Findlaw
  • Rudolph Giuliani was the prosecutor in the Marc Rich case  Newsday  Clinton eventually pardoned Rich, then Bush / Cheney hired him.
  • 1983  Rumsfeld, private citizen, met SH, delivered Reagan's personal support message, discussed oil pipeline venture, Bechtel Group, Dishonor Role Corporations doing business with Sadam Hussein.
  • 1985 "In 1985 Richard Smyth, the owner of MILCO was indicted on charges of smuggling nuclear timing devices to Israel (*Washington Post*, 10/31/86)" Shalom Center and copy
  • 1986 'Spin' ..."the word was first discussed by Nixon speech writer-cum-journalist William Safire in a 1986 New York Times column" Kenneth Hicks, Rogers State U.
  • 1987  Jonathon Pollard gets life sentence CNN
  • 1987 April 24 Wall Street Journal headline: "Role of Israel in Iran-Contra Scandal Won't be Explored in Detail by Panels  Georgia Informer and full Israeli spy timeline.  and see also Shalom Center
  • 1998-2003  Scoop  - John McCain enthusiastically espoused the delusion about cheap and easy Middle East wars, and sponsored Ahmed Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress (I.N.C.) organization, even though the CIA had cut it off for producing faulty intelligence.
  • 1988 search AIPAC, ex-Jerusalem Post reporter) Barbara Amouyal, Jesse Jackson, CBS, 60 Minutes
  • 1990's  continued  Franklin, Rosen, Weissman         
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  • 1990-2005  AfroCubaWeb, Israeli Spying Chronology, 1990-2005
  • 1990-2004  "The Center for Responsive Politics, a public-policy group, estimates that between 1990 and 2004 these pacs gave candidates and parties more than twenty million dollars". The New Yorker
  • 1990, Laurie Mylroie more co-authored with  Miller  Iraq book: “Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf" William Bowles  and  Laurie Mylroie. ..Regan Books, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers, released her book in paperback. Harper Collins is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the Fox News Channel, which booked Laurie Mylroie as an Iraq expert during the build-up to the war.  WorldNetDaily  Links between Gulf War and Iraq War..??
  • Laurie Mylroie, Wikpedia
  • Rosen, Cooperative Research, timeline, neocon run-up to war.
  • Chalabi contributed to NYT articles (Judith Miller?) as early as 1991. NYTimes admits hype and American Journalism Review.   ... also Newt Gingrich scandal, 90's
  • 1992 AIPAC president David Steiner had to resign when he  was tape recorded boasting about his political influence with U.S., getting billions in aid 'goodies'.  Story broke in Washington Times.
  • 1992 Chalabi, Iraqi National Congress founded. New Yorker
  • 1992 "In 1992, the *Wall Street Journal* reported that Israeli agents apparently
    tried to steal Recon Optical Inc's top-secret airborne spy-camera system (1/17/92, Edward T. Pound and David Rogers).". Shalom Center
  • 1992 "As late as 1992, Stephen Bryen was serving on board of the pro-Israeli Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs while continuing as a paid consultant — with security clearance — on exports of sensitive US technology. (*Wall Street Journal*, 1/22/92, Edward T. Pound and David Rogers)" Shalom Center
  • 1995 Miller and Gordon co-wrote 'The General's War: The Inside Story of the Conflicts in the Gulf', and see retired general Bernard Trainor.
  • 1995 Chalabi began spending his CIA money to create a Kurdish militia, and launched failed coup attempt,  and another crushing blow from SH in 1996 by SH. CIA cut off funding. Chalabi and Brooke then cozied up to the neocons,  New Yorker
  • "THE REED-ABRAMOFF CONNECTION:...Abramoff often turned to a longtime friend and business associate whose Karl Rove--were far better than his: former Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed, who TIme declared "the Right Hand of God." TIME: An Unholy Alliance?" TIME: An Unholy Alliance?
  • 1996  Richard Perle chaired a working group that included Douglas Feith (OSP, #3 Pentagon), which advised Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that removing Saddam Hussein would ensure keeping occupied territories.  NYU  Globalbeat Mid-East Realities war planning?
  • 1996. Report: why removal of Saddam is crucial to Israel. Written by Feith, Wurmser and Fairbanks. Delivered in person by Perle to the Israeli Prime Minister.  Zfacts
  • 1996 "Wurmser, whose Israeli-born wife Meyrav is director of the Center for Middle East Policy at the neoconservative Hudson Institute, is the principal author of a by-now-famous 1996 policy paper, "A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm," prepared for then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by the Jerusalem-based Institute for Advanced Strategic Political Studies."  Antiwar
  • 1996   Iran Libya Sanction Act of 1996  referenced in PetitionOnline Sen Rick Santorum.  in The Iran Freedom and Support Act of 2004, Michael Ledeen was consultant to Alexander Haig in Iran Contra era. 
  • 1997-present - Scoop  The McCain campaign’s chief publicist, Charlie Black, a powerful GOP lobbyist, has protected and promoted the cause of Ahmad Chalabi’s I.N.C. organization in Washington since 1997, and also played a major role in spreading I.N.C. disinformation.
  • 1997  CIA, Clear Vision, focus on delivery systems for germ warfare. more war planning?
  • Wurmser wrote a column in the Wall Street Journal: "Iraq Needs a Revolution", Sourcewatch.  Wurmser was a 'special assistant' to John Bolton who provided much content for Judith Miller articles in the NY Times.  Also Wurmser was a research fellow at AEI...Mylroie's book was first published in 2000 by AEI Press. ... In 1990, Mylroie co-authored with Judith Miller another Iraq book called "Saddam Hussein
  • 1997 Gerecht, writing under the pseudonym of Edward Shirley, wrote the 1997 book Know Thine Enemy: A Spy’s Journey into Revolutionary Iran PNAC and Right Web profile, war planning?
  • 1997. PNAC founded. Principles signed by: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Libby, Abrams.  Zfacts
  • 1997 and Mega Group, (Martin Indyk?) Clinton administration mole hunt, search terms: Yatom, Mossad, NSA, Warren Christopher, Arafat, Hebron withdrawal, Mr. X - Pollard's inside controller, Monica Lewinsky, Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, blackmail,  EIR
  • 1997 Counterpunch Amdocs installed Whitehouse telephone system  and see Franklin Amdocs page.
  • 1997 (Feith) "published a lengthy article, "A Strategy for Israel",... where Feith argued that Israel should repudiate the Oslo accords and move to re-occupy those parts of the West Bank and Gaza that had been transferred to the Palestinian Authority Asia Times file and Lockheed-Martin page
  • Feb 1997 United Jersalem (conservative) article: "Supposed spies for Israel have included David Tenenbaum, an Orthodox Jew and engineer who worked at the U.S. Army Tank Automotive and Armaments Command in Warren Michigan. Tenenbaum was charged with passing sensitive information on the Patriot missile and advanced armor to Israel. (Detroit Free Press, Feb. 20, 1997) More than a year later the case was quietly dropped, with the FBI stating only that "The case is closed. No criminal charges have been filed." United Jersalem (conservative)
  • What / Who is Mega?
  • 1998  Wurmser and Perle called for Chalabi INC support. see (Wikipedia, Ilyad Allawi for Wormser) and Mother Jones, Lie Factory.
  • 1998  "Judith Miller apparently knew David Kelly rather well. She had quoted him in several of her earlier articles going back to 1998, and according to the Globe article referenced above, Kelly had helped her write her book about Weapons of Mass Destruction published several years before"  Dailykos
  • Feb 19, 1998 Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf authors: Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Armitage... Open Letter to the President:  ....."require the U.S. to:.....Recognize a provisional government of Iraq based on the principles and leaders of the Iraqi.  war planning? National Congress (INC, Chalabi). NewsMax   Iraq War Plan, 1998   New Yorker 
  • AEI helped draft Iraqi Liberation Act
  • 1998  Chalabi 'forged a close bond with VP Cheney ...Wolfowitz ...Luti...' INC received nearly $100 million....'paid Chalabi to fool ourselves'. ....Francis Brooke (Chalabi's unofficial lobbyist)...Rendon Group, to influence global political opinion against SH....create opposition group (Chalabi, INC)..... New Yorker 
  • Chalabi intelligence fed neocons....agenda.
  • Oct 7, 1998 Iraq Liberation Act, drafted by Trent Lott, Chalabi, Brooke,and Republicans.  Congress passed bills giving $97 million support to Iraqi National Congress, Chalabi. Zinni called it ridiculous, Germans, Curveball, mobile trucks...etc hype...etc....New Yorker
  • 1998 Judith Miller and William Broad report on Iraq bioweapons and Miller met with Khidhir Hamza, William Bowles 
  • 1990's  continued  Franklin Rosen Weissman         
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  • All this a good spy thriller.  For years FBI was tracking Israeli espionage cell and Franklin stumbled into it  when he showed up at the Tivoli Restaurant and met Rosen and Weissman.  Franklin revealed to them classified  information about possible Iranian-sponsored attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq.  Franklin just wanted the U.S. to harder line towards Iraq.  American Conservative, Justin Raimondo
  • Franklin moved to OSP under Feith....and along with fellow neocons cooked Iraq intelligence and fed it to the Whitehouse.  see Dec 2001 on Harold Rhode, Michael Ledeen, Manucher Ghorbanifar, 4-5000 documents.  American Conservative
  • What Really Happened - Israeli Spying Archives
  • 1999. Neocon book on U.S./Israeli strategic interest in Iraq "Iraq also has large, proven oil reserves, water, ..." —Wurmser PNAC Memo: "Above all, only ground forces can remove Saddam."  Zfacts
  • Dec 8, 1999  Franklin signed a Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement, Standard form SF-312  Indictment
  • 1999   FBI and other government agencies have investigated Amdocs more than once. ..... sources tell Fox News that in 1999, the super secret National Security Agency, headquartered in northern Maryland, issued what's called a Top Secret sensitive compartmentalized information report, TS/SCI, warning that records of calls in the United States were getting into foreign hands in Israel, in particular Jambooty
  • 1999 Rosen surveillance begins.  The first alleged "overt act" occurred when Rosen met an unnamed "Foreign Official 1."  see indictment Indictment  
  • Franklin, on second tour of duty at the U.S. Embassy in Israel, was kicked out of the country after repeated incidents of of unauthorized meetings with Israeli intelligence officers. Global Research
  • 1999 'Deconstructing Cynthia McKinney', "Tension with AIPAC" Jewish Times
  • 2000  Franklin Rosen Weissman                  
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  • UK Indymedia 'The Israeli Art Students and Movers Story', by Wayne Madsen.  During 2000 and 2001 before 9/11....  young Israelis with specialized military and and intelligence backgrounds, cased the offices and homes of federal law enforcement officials.  They were concentrated in the same locations as the 19 WTC hijackers.  Search DEA (nothing), or Physics911 and copy Suspicious Activities by Israeli Art Students text.
  • 2000 Martin Indyk, stripped of security clearance?  What are Rove, Novak ties to Rosen? 
  • Mid 2000 Able Danger, Zaman Two out of three 9/11 terrorist cells id'd one year before 9/11 event, according to Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, but Pentagon lawyers cancelled meetings to report the info. 9/11 Commission ignored Able Danger reports.  Zaman
  • and see Able Danger page.
  • Nov 1, 2000 DOJ  "...indictment charged Misbah Khan of Karachi, Pakistan with hacking into AIPAC's computer server in Silver Spring, Maryland on November 1, 2000."
  • 2001  Franklin                
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  • 2001 "The historian's (N.S.A. historian, Robert J. Hanyok) ,conclusion is the first serious accusation that communications intercepted by the N.S.A., the secretive eavesdropping and code-breaking agency, were falsified so that they made it look as if North Vietnam had attacked American destroyers on Aug. 4, 1964, two days after a previous clash. President Lyndon B. Johnson cited the supposed attack to persuade Congress to authorize broad military action in Vietnam..." New York Times  file
  • 2001-2003 - Scoop  - 1998 - McCain was a co-sponsor of the Iraq Liberation Act that led to the creation of a false intelligence factory that replaced CIA Iraq reporting. He led charges in the Senate about Iraqi WMD programs that U.S. intelligence was reporting didn’t exist. ....Using $100 million allocated by the Act cosponsored by McCain, Ahmed Chalabi’s I.N.C. generated the false intelligence about nonexistent mobile bioweapons labs cited as part of the case for the Iraq invasion. I.N.C. Chalabi’s group was paid $335,000 a month in the lead-up to the Iraq war to gather intelligence.   
  • 2001  Franklin assigned to Pentagon as Iran desk officer at the Near East South Asia (NESA) policy office, under Assistant Secretary of Defense Douglas Feith and Deputy Assistant Secretary William Luti, who transferred from Office of VP Cheney. 
  • Franklin regularly was a Feith's office attended by Rhode, Luti, Shulsky, Perle and Wolfowitz  Global Research
  • Jan , 2001 break-in at the Niger Embassy in Rome.  Letter head and seals were stolen.  Infowars
  • Franklin was a graduate student at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies while Paul Wolfowitz was the dean of that institution.
  • Palestine Media Watch 60 art students with Israeli high tech industry connections and details
  • Jul 17, 2001  Franklin signed a SCI Nondisclosure Statement in conjunction with employment at DoD/OSD  Indictment
  • Sept 4, 2001  New York Times by  Miller, Engelberg, Broad, Sept 2001 article: " U.S. Germ Warfare Research Pushes Treaty Limits",  search words, Clear Vision, secret program to mimicked creation of biological (anthrax) arsenal. other search terms: Batelle Memorial Institute, defensive research loophole, Gene Johnson, ended in 2001.  Also Project Jefferson, track dangers of bioweapons.  
  • 2001  continued  Franklin         TOP
  • Sept 9, 2001  Rice, called for investigation?
  • Information Clearing House report  (ICH) A report by Jewish Telegraphic Agency.... ....Rice demands leak investigation, which will eventually lead to the indictment of Pentagon Iran desk officer Larry Franklin.  And it is expected to lead to the indictments of Steve Rosen and Kenneth Weissman formerly of AIPAC.  American Conservative
  • Sept 9, 2001  New York Times article by Jane Perlez: major shift away from  Clinton policy to broker peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.  After many refusals Bush agreed to meet Arafat but 9/11 WTC nixed it.  hmmm?  The Nation The Big Chill, July 14, 2005
  • Judy Miller's War, Dissident Voice, "Lay all Judith Miller's New York Times stories end to end from late 2001 to June 2003 and you get a desolate picture of a reporter with an agenda, both manipulated and being manipulated by US government officials, Iraqi exiles and defectors, an entire Noah's Ark of scam artists" Alexander Cockburn.
  • Sept 2001 World Net Daily, Hadley mentioned, Weldon, prior knowledge of 911 information on Atta in Rep. Weldon (Republican) Book "Countdown to Terror" Shaffer stopped from testifying about Able Danger data mining. 
  • Sibel Edmonds, Just a Citizen, official site .."FBI Penetrated Again" search: whistleblower, her translations may have prevented 9/11 WTC.
  • SourceWatch on Sibel Edmonds: "Justice Department's Inspector General's report on Edmonds found that many of her claims 'were supported, that the FBI did not take them seriously enough." 
  • Sept 11, 2001  9/11 WTC ...go to details
  • Sept 2001  Newsday will report Sep 2003 on first Rome meeting of  Franklin, Rhode, Ledeen  contacts with Manucher Ghorbanifar and other Iranian exiles .info exchange...all in warring administration camps on 'regime change' in Iran versus a more cautious approach.  Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will eventually start investigation...on ...Rogue faction in DOD trying to work outside normal channels to advance 'regime change' in Iran.  Washington Monthly  see Ledeen / Iran Sep 01   Sep 03Sep 04
  • 2001  continued  Franklin        TOP
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  • Oct. 7, 2001 The war in Afghanistan begins
  • John Bolton was a regular source for national security reports to Miller   
  • Oct 14, 2001 Miller/ Engelberg/ Broad book "Germs, The Ultimate Weapon", climbing best seller lists.  And Miller gets 'white powder' envelope, not anthrax.  by Oct 28, Germs #1.Counterpunch and Abrams
  • Miller, David Kelly? Spiked Online and see Huffington  Post timeline on links between UK / Blair / Kelly suicide and Miller  article
  • Oct 21, 2001 DOJ  "...indictment charged Misbah Khan of Karachi, Pakistan with hacking into AIPAC's computer server in Silver Spring, Maryland on November 1, 2000."
  • see on Bioport?  
  • Oct 28, 2001 Miller/ Germs a bestseller, Miller, Engelberg, Broad,  and also envelope with white powder...hmmm.....Bioport?  NewsFollowup
  • NewsMax Spies Tap Phones and copy, Amdocs, Comverse Infosys, CALEA wiretaps
  • Early December, 2001 "Formally sanctioned" 3-day meeting in Italy with Ghorbanifar and Iranians, "in response to an Iranian government offer to provide information relevant to the war on terrorism." MORE: The meetings are arranged by Michael Ledeen: "Ghorbanifar called me, and at first I said, 'Are you insane?'" ... "But he said he could arrange meetings with Iranians with current information about what Iran was doing. It wasn't information coming from him. He was just arranging the meetings;" Tenet, Armitage, and Hadley are all aware of the meetings. MORE: Franklin, Rhode, and Ledeen attend, as do Nicolo Pollari (head of SISMI) and Antonio Martino (Italian Minister of Defense). Rumsfeld would, on Aug. 8, 2003, pretend to confuse this meeting with the Paris meeting (of June 2003) when answering a reporter's question.] Dailykos
  • Dec20, 2001 Miller published a Times front-page story about an Iraqi engineer who claimed knowledge of twenty WMD sites in Iraq, with many caveats,  but all later shown to be just hype, and see Abrams
  • What Really Happened - Israeli Spying ArchivesWhat Really Happened - Israeli Spying Archives
  • AJR article: Judith Miller, Washington bureau chief for The Progressive magazine.  Will eventually be compared to Jason Blair.  Abrams
  • Hollinger International, Conrad Black, Lady Barbara Amiel Black.  Hollinger publishes Chicago Sun-Times (Robert Novak), Jerusalem Post, Sydney Morning Herald.   Iraq4u
  • Karl Rove & Co, and Praxis List Company.  Bush Texas re-election campaign.  Texas Observer
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