204 Brady Lane, Urbana, Illinois 61802 ....Beware, prospective buyers

Below are pics of 200, 202, and 204 Brady Lane... 200 is the Grace Babtist Church, 202 is the abandoned house and 204 is the property up for sale or auction. 202 and 204 are approximately 50' by 400' lots and are both heavily overgrown with trees. In the back of 202 and 204 are hundreds of tons of 2-4' thick by 10' long tree trunks left there by a local tree service. It would cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars to remove these tree trunks. Three large maples in front of 202 shed dangers limbs onto 204 and would require extensive work to remediate this problem. 202 is infested with rodents of varying sizes. It's only 10' or so from 204.

202 Brady Ln has been abandoned for over 10 years. It has extensive damage from fallen tree branches, the second floor was breached by a rain barrel placed there to catch water from a leaking roof while it was still occupied. This is county administered land so little is done to clean up this mess.

Above: 202 (left) and 204 Brady Lane Grace Babtist Church
202 roof damage from falling tree limbs Large trees in front of 202