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Smoking gun evidence that Charlottesville, VA car ramming was an 'establishment' psy-op.

Premise: The following pics will show that a sophisticated camera with a telephoto lens was used to create the first (below) MSM photo distributed all over the world. The odds that it would be focused exactly at the most important moment of the incident from hundreds of feet away from that stone viaduct in the background are astronomical. It is most likely a frame from a video that was pre-positioned before the event occurred. The stop signs are a block apart. Below are photos taken by Google Map of the same intersection without the use of telephoto lens. The contrast is striking.

It is also highly likely that the two flying bodies were photoshopped in. To capture a clear view of the license plate exactly when the bodies were flying all while focusing a telephoto lens is too good to be true. Hopefully, victim lists and photos can verify if the flying men were actual victims. But that's another story for another day.


The cars in the below photo are headed toward the stone viaduct. The Charger rammed the car behind the van and then sped away in reverse.

The pic on the left shows that the car ramming was nearly 400 ft. away from stone viaduct. See Google Map for confirmation.

Below are street views from Google Map of the intersection of 4th and Water streets. The Charger was moving towards the viaduct in the background. The street signs are barely visible in contrast to the MSM photo where the street signs and the viaduct seem very close. I welcome a professional photographer to affirm or refute this work.

The views above are likely distances the photographer was positioned from the ramming area. The traffic signs are mosty invisible. To capture the fine detail of the stones on the railway viaduct prove that a telephoto zooming lens was used.