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Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Carnaby Conspiracy

Hello Gang,

It's Cupcakes Dillard. Alan Premel used to run the 'Silent Speak' blog for years and during his public disclosure last year the site was taken down and everything was deleted. Now i am back to hopefully revive it and pump some life into this story which is all over the place. Before our close friend and colleague tony was killed earlier this year we saw someone die before him and now 4 others have died after him. Bringing the massacre to 6 total in this bizarra story.

Alan 'AP', as we affectionately know him used to do this in accordance with his business 'Intelligence Kids', and his comics "Godspy' and 'Cinders'. I was allowed to be apart of their lives and to work closely with them many years ago. I knew them both as great men in my life. Alan, who is closer in age to me is someone i relied on as more as a brother figure in my life and Tony, was more of a father and mentor role. I have had to sit silently like the others and watch men get slandered and thrown around in the media, in the news and now i can no longer sit silent on these matters.

Roland Carnaby, was a CIA contractor. He never was officially CIA, he was a contractor. He worked out of a private firm in houston texas. He was more NSA than anything else but in his final years the majority of his work was through CIA contracts. The media reports out about him have had me in an outrage for months and silently crying for him and his family. Roland was not going to be arrested over an issue of who he was. They were going to arrest him at first because he did not present a concealed handgun license at first. The police saw the fact that he had a concealed handgun license as reason that he was not a federal officer. He was a contractor and contractors like carnaby needed a handgun license to carry his firearm. He did nothing wrong in doing this.

The Houston Police Department was called by the FBI and told to back down and let him go. I can see how a department as a whole would want to arrest him after there was a high speed chase. They would have to answer to why they did so. So continnuing a chase makes sense. Continuing a chase with unmarked police cars is not cool. In fact, its against the law in Houston. And isn't there a policy on un-marked cars in high speed chases? And lets not forget, we have new rules on cops in high speed chases, period. They should have backed off. There was 2 helicopters following the pursuit and they could have easily have caught him.

And alan, lets talk about him for a second. He came back home to stay with his parents after his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer so that article taking a stab at him for living at home with his parents was just downright cruel. He never stood up and defended himself because he was gagged by 2 lawyers, a publicist and his family not to speak. I think he should be applauded for living at home to help out. Its what every guy should do. He was being a good son.

As for stealing ipods. Come on, even months before alan was brought in and this all started going down he publicly told everyone on his private social networking page that he had two choices. He gave us weekly updates for an entire year, literally 10 months before this went down. He specifically told us he had two choices to make. There is a much larger story at work. Hell, alan will not even drive in a car without a seatbelt, he rarely drinks and is never seen drunk. If there is anyone who actually follows the laws in life it is him. He stops at stop signs and is involved in over a dozen community outreach events in the last 5 years. Not to mention that stealing ipods would have damaged his career, it would have tarnished his reputation. Alan Premel started intelligence kids on his own from scratch.

After the loss of his daughter Addie and the loss of Mike Spann and the creation of the Mike Spann foundation at CIA. Alan wanted to give back to kids. Speak to them on 9/11, terrorism and intelligence. He loved it and was good at it. He had two very well known comic strips and he also worked intelligence kids into CIA kids at CIA and crypto-kids at NSA. He was very well know and his papers, emails and comics were not only entertaining but something i looked forward to reading every week. So his reputation with kids would have been ruined if he took part in a theft ring or whatever people are saying now. If you knew this man personally, stealing was out of his character. Carnaby and Premel both had money, they made it no secret. They lived an upscale lavish life, they partied hard and they played rough overseas. Roland Carnaby never had the chance to defend himself publicly. Alan Premel on the other hand came forward with 580 pics that displayed him all over the world. All the pictures were verified as not altered and not photoshopped. The odds of him having pics of him with carnaby and others is in the millions.

Wayne Madsen, one of these former intelligence officers gone conspiracy nuts has made some outrageous accusations about Carnaby stating that he never knew Premel. Well, thats really funny Madsen considering i just so happen to have one of the pics of them together. They were in on display months before carnaby was killed on his public myspace account. Whether they knew eachother is not the question. Premel worked closely with him in houston and helped run the company while also working for fedex. Why would premel work at fedex and with carnaby at the same time? Simple, premel used to get his benefits through his wife and when he divorced he started working there to receive benefits since carnabys firm was too small to get benefits.

Some think that the medias portrayal of these two mysterious people is damaging. Bad buzz is a good thing. We already have negative buzz out about carnaby and it will be sweet news when they prove it in a court of law that he was something other than some fake. I knew Roland and Alan both personally. What has been said is an outrage. And the ones who were not killed off were personally gagged by lawyers and not allowed to even defend themselves. For the two officers who remained alive in this aftermath which took 6 lives total, my prayers and thoughts are with you guys. The truth will come out and someday you will be stronger as an outcome to this.

CIA did what is should have done in the days after his death to protect foreign nationals and contacts. I do not disagree with what came out. I disagree with not telling a family the truth and keeping them in the dark even after death. Still, to this day, Premel has never been denied by CIA, only Carnaby. As this story starts coming out this year and unfolding i am going to do my best to be here and tell it in another light, as someone close to the matter who knew both of them personally. For one of the surviving members, you know very well that entire netoworks overseas were disrupted when his face and name sent ripples into another world. She was captured and gang raped repeatedly over weeks. So my heart goes out to you in your quest for closure, for you heart to be healed and for some slither of the truth to be told. What happened was a tragedy and we had first row seats to what happens when operations and names get out but links and lines are drawn between them.

Roland Carnaby, you were a great man who lived a great life. You gave me tears of joy when i knew you and even more tears of sadness in death. As you look down on us wondering what a mess it all is and who will stick up for you. I want to reassure you that we will be here for you. You life, your name and your legacy will live on in our hearts, and in the memories we had working with you. You were hard on us and now i see why. And as for Wayne Madsen, stop spreading lies. The shadows are not happy and we will come out and tell the truth.