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It is now well-known that the CIA concocted the term "conspiracy theory" to defame those who questioned the official government versions of assassinations and other real conspiracies.









WMR 'Conspiracy Theory' propaganda campaign

April 22-23, 2014 -- CIA conspiracy operations are confirmed in CIA's own report

It is now well-known that the CIA concocted the term "conspiracy theory" to defame those who questioned the official government conclusion on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy: single gunman, single fatal bullet, case closed. In his book, "Conspiracy Theory in America," Professor Lance deHaven Smith of Florida State University writes, "The CIA’s campaign to popularize the term ‘conspiracy theory’ and make conspiracy belief a target of ridicule and hostility must be credited, unfortunately, with being one of the most successful propaganda initiatives of all time."

The terms "conspiracy theory" and "conspiracy theorist" have been used to tarnish the reputations of academic researchers, authors, journalists, pundits, and, in fact, anyone who has questioned or continues to dispute official government explanations on everything ranging from political assassinations involving the CIA to false flag operations like 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing.

WMR has uncovered from CIA archives a report dealing with political instability around the world. The formerly SECRET report, prepared in 1985 during the height of CIA covert operations, including the Iran-contra scandal, is titled "Indications of Political Instability in Key Countries." Several redactions are found in the declassified copy of the report. The CIA document on political instability was prepared by the CIA's Directorate of Intelligence and is dated January 1985. 

Rather than offering solutions on how to alleviate political instability, the CIA report offers a matrix of how such instability was monitored by the CIA. One of the metrics used by the CIA is "conspiracy operations/planning" by opposition political forces in select countries. Every one of the countries monitored by the CIA was a target for CIA destabilization operations. 

Essentially, while the CIA crafted and derided the term "conspiracy theory," its operatives utilized conspiracy operations to enable various CIA-funded and -supported opposition groups to foment instability prior to overthrowing existing governments. What is now occurring in Ukraine serves as a contemporary example of the CIA's use of conspiracies to foment disruption. False flag conspiracy operations are have been ramped up against pro-Russian authorities in eastern Ukraine and against Russia itself. For example, lethal confrontations between local Ukrainians in the east of Ukraine and pro-Kiev forces are being blamed on Russian "special forces" units, when, in fact, the violence is being caused by CIA-supported fascist paramilitary units sent into eastern Ukraine from parts of the country that are loyal to Kiev and right-wing elements.

One CIA conspiracy operation is currently playing out in eastern Ukraine where, in an age of Photoshop and mail order credentials and military patches, photographs of the same bearded Russian "special forces" commando in Ukraine this year and Georgia in 2008 are being successfully parlayed to the corporate media and by the Ukrainian ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) headquarters in Vienna. No one has mentioned that long beards for any true special forces commando is a strict taboo because any long hair can be pulled by an opponent in close hand-to-hand combat. That is why the Navy SEALS, Green Berets, and the Russian Alpha Group have strict standards barring facial or any long hair among their personnel.
The ridiculous "conspiracy operation"  being proffered by the CIA-backed Ukrainian government to the OSCE about a mysterious Zelig-like bearded Russian special forces commando spotted in Georgia in 2008 and all over eastern Ukraine this year. Photographs were also provided the OSCE and media showing what is purported to be the same masked Russian commando in Crimea and Slavyansk. It's all a CIA conspiracy because that is what the CIA agency such opposition operations in its 1985 destabilization manual.

The 1985 CIA report matrix dealing with instability indicators includes a metric under the heading of "opposition activities," called "Opposition conspiracy/planning." The report describes various external and internal factors, many of which could be considered "conspiracy" operations, designed to bolster opposition forces against elected and unelected governments ultimate goal being one crisis after another that could be exploited by the United States government and multinational corporations. 

The CIA was quantifying conspiracies against other governments in 1985. If you can count conspiracies and assign values to them, they most certainly do exist. 

In what is a clear early stage of the CIA's later "themed revolutions" in Ukraine, Georgia, and "Arab Spring" countries, the CIA report states that one way to launch a conspiracy by the opposition against entrenched leaders is replacing the "pictures of rulers in houses, shops, etc." with that of the "leading political or religious oppositionist." The CIA document also cites acts of terrorism or sabotage being key to deterring "any part of the general public from supporting the government."

For example, the CIA rates opposition conspiracy/planning operations in Mexico as strong and describes "political manipulation" stemming from "austerity measures" as key parts of the movement to destabilize the government of President Miguel de la Madrid. The 1985 Mexico City earthquake destroyed any chance for de la Madrid to stabilize Mexico's economic situation. De la Madrid irritated the CIA by his leadership of the Contadora Group of Mexico, Colombia, Panama, and Venezuela to end the civil wars in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala peacefully.

Conspiracy operations against the government of El Salvador President Jose Napoleon Duarte are also rated as significantly strong. The CIA report states that El Salvador's CIA-supported military was "leery" of the president's plans for a cease-fire with leftist guerrillas. In June 1988, Duarte was rushed to Walter Reed Army hospital in Washington, DC, where he was diagnosed with advanced stomach and liver cancer and given between six months and a year to live.During chemotherapy and surgery in the United States, Duarte refused to resign as president even though he was under great pressure from the El Salvador military and its CIA handlers to do so. Duarte completed his term and died in 1990 in San Salvador.

Conspiracy operations ruled the day in Panama. President Nicolas Barletta ruled as a de facto puppet of the chief of defense General Manuel Noriega. Barletta had been a trusted adviser of Panamanian strongman Omar Torrijos, assassinated in 1981 in a plane crash widely believed to have been engineered by the CIA.

The CIA rated conspiracy operations in Panama as part of a program that would bring about a regime change within six months to two years. In 1985, Barletta canceled unpopular austerity measures dictated by the International Monetary Fund. That decision spelled the end for Barletta who lasted only nine months in office, proving the CIA's prognostication on Barletta's fate correct. After Barletta vowed to bring the murderers of government critic Hugo Spadafora to justice, the president was forced to resign as president by Noriega and his junta in September 1985. The resignation paved the way for continued destabilization of Panama that ultimately resulted in the U.S. invasion of Panama in December 1989.

Long before the CIA's incessant attempts to overthrow the governments of Venezuelan Presidents Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, the agency trained its conspiracy operations on Venezuela's President Jaime Lusinchi. After Lusinchi granted concessions to labor unions to, as the CIA put it, "cushion the impact of austerity," he was faced with increased terrorist activity along the border with Colombia. In fact, the terrorists were CIA-financed narco-paramilitary units, the same CIA construct that is being used to foment disruption inside Venezuela today. President Maduro is ridiculed in the corporate media for entertaining "conspiracy theories" about his nation being beset upon by CIA disruptors. Yet, a 1985 CIA document proves that these very same opposition "conspiracies" were used against Lusinchi in 1985. Lusinchi ultimately fled Venezuela for Miami and he lives in exile in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Although rated low in conspiracy operations and planning, Turkey was rated high by the CIA in the area of reports and rumors of military coup planning. This was during the government of Prime Minister Turgut Ozal who was seen as being weakened by a failing economy and Kurdish terrorist activity. The CIA foresaw a destabilized Turkey over the next "year or two." One of the reasons cited by the CIA was "tensions among the four factions" in the ruling Motherland Party "creating yet another destabilizing pressure point on the Ozal government." 

After the CIA report was issued, Ozal survived a suspicious plane crash and an assassination attempt by a member of the Turkish military's special warfare branch. Ozal, who was elected President of Turkey in 1989, died suddenly in 1993 from a suspicious heart attack after drinking lemonade. An exhumation of Ozal's body later concluded that there were traces of poison in Ozal's body.

The CIA's report states: "We doubt that the Ozal government will last through the next two years." The outlook was on the pessimistic side. Ozal continued to rule for the eight years before his suspicious death from poisoning.

Sudan was rated as increasingly favorable for conspiracy operations against the government of President Jaafar Nimeiry. Southern Sudanese guerrilla activity, coupled with "food and energy shortages" made Nimeiry "increasingly vulnerable to a coup" in the eyes of the CIA destabilization planners. On April 6, 1985, while Nimeiry was on an official visit to the United States to meet President Ronald Reagan, he was deposed in a coup led by his defense minister, Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab, an ally of the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood, a Islamist party rumored to have been created and controlled by British MI-6 intelligence. The CIA report, issued in January 1985, gave Nimeiry from six months to two years in office before being ousted by a military coup. He was ousted in a coup two months after the issuance of the CIA report.

Another nation rated as highly vulnerable to opposition conspiracy operations was Pakistan. Its leader, General Muhammad Zia Ul-Haq, was seen by the CIA as reaping "political backlash" from Pakistan's opposition. On August 17, 1988, after he viewed a demonstration of the prowess of the U.S. M1 Abrams tank in Bahawalpur, Zia and U.S. ambassador to Pakistan Arnold Raphel departed the town in a U.S.-made C-130 Hercules aircraft en route to Islamabad. The plane crashed, killing Zia, his senior advisers, Raphel, and the head of the U.S. military aid mission in Pakistan. There was speculation that the CIA, possibly using Indian and/or Israeli intelligence operatives, was responsible for the crash. The 1985 CIA report reckoned that Zia had between six months to two years before being ousted in an opposition conspiracy operation.

The CIA had been accused of fomenting Sikh violence against the Indian government, actions that finalyl led to the assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards in 1984, the year prior to the issuance of the CIA instability report. The CIA report stated that Mrs. Gandhi's successor, her son, Rajiv Gandhi, faced inter-religious turbulence during the next six months in office. Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a suicide bomber in Tamil Nadu in 1991. The assassination was blamed on Sri Lankan Tamil terrorists but there were suspicions that the CIA was involved in eliminating from the Indian political scene another member of the family of non-aligned nations champion Jawaharlal Nehru.

The CIA appears to predict Rajiv Gandhi's assassination: "Assassination attempts are highly likely."

Victims of CIA "conspiracy/planning" operations: Left to right: Mexico President Miguel de la Madrid, El Salvador President Jose Napoleon Duarte, Panama President Nicolas Ardito Barletta, Venezuela President Jaime Lusinchi,  Turkey Prime Minister and President Turgut Ozal, Sudan President Jaafar Nimeiry, and Pakistan leader Muhammad Zia Ul Haq.

Other leaders given little to chance of surviving "conspiracy operations" include Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, ousted in a coup on August 27, 1985 -- some eight months after the issuance of the CIA report due to one of the main reasons cited by the CIA for his projected ouster, "a bleak financial outlook aggravated by a weak oil market." Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos was given a poor prognosis for continuation in office following the disclosure that his Army chief of staff, General Fabian Ver, was involved in the assassination of opposition leader Benigno Aquino, who traveled from exile in the United States to a certain assassination at Manila International Airport that was known to the CIA in advance. Marcos fled into exile to Hawaii in 1986. Much of Marcos's wealth in Japanese gold commandeered from Japanese military forces in the Philippines after World War II was transferred to the coffers of George H. W. Bush. Some would call such a charge a "conspiracy theory." The CIA's own document cites conspiracy operations as part of the agency's tradecraft.

The next time someone makes the accusation that you are repeating "conspiracy theories," just tell them "conspiracy operations" are contained in the CIA's political instability handbook, prepared under the leadership of the ultimate Iran-contra conspiracist William Casey in January 1985. It is the proof for which the conspiracy debunkers are always clamoring. 

WMR "Saturday Night Massacre" figure urges remembrance of Watergate as a large conspiracy

October 18-20, 2013 -- "Saturday Night Massacre" figure urges remembrance of Watergate as a large conspiracy

In observance of the 40th anniversary of the "Saturday Night Massacre" of October 20, 1973, that saw President Richard Nixon fire Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox after his order was refused by Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus, the National Press Club held a panel discussion on October 17. Although the panel included the always self-congratulatory and anecdote-filled Bob Woodward of The Washington Post, the panel discussion carried an important message from Ruckelshaus, who was present on the dais. 

Ruckelshaus said that when institutions of government are called into question, it gives rise to conspiracy theories. Ruckelshaus stated that Watergate was one such conspiracy. Ruckelshaus, along with Richardson, resigned on the evening of October 20 rather than carry out Nixon's order to sack Cox. The responsibility for firing Cox fell to Solicitor General Robert Bork who had no other choice, according to Ruckelshaus, because Bork was the last official at the Department of Justice who could legally carry out Nixon's order. Ruckelshaus said he and Richardson both supported Bork's decision since the very future of the Department of Justice was at stake had Bork also refused to fire the Special Prosecutor.

Ruckelshaus's statement about conspiracies helps to put legitimacy back into a word -- conspiracy -- that has been turned into a pejorative by those who wish to tarnish those who question the government's side in every matter in which the government is involved in criminal wrongdoing. 

On October 20, 1973, Cox held a rare Saturday press conference at the National Press Club to refuse Nixon's order that Cox make "no further attempts by judicial process to obtain tapes, notes, or memoranda of Presidential conversations." Today, Cox would have been forced to find another venue for his press conference because the National Press Club, which has become a virtual catering business, is only opened on Saturdays for such cash-paying events as bar mitzvahs and weddings. The Press Club participants in the panel seemed to forget that detail in heralding the club's use as a venue for one of the most important events of Watergate. 

Associate Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, a member of Cox's prosecution team, also made some comments at the panel about how the successful conclusion of the Watergate affair upheld the "rule of law" in America.

Ruckelshaus's nuanced admonition to the members of the press that conspiracies are real and that Watergate was a major conspiracy will have little meaning to the stenographers who masquerade as journalists. 

It should be noted that October 1973 was likely one of the busiest months for journalists in Washington in recent history. 

There was some discussion of an offer to Cox by Nixon to have Senate Armed Services Committee chairman John Stennis of Mississippi listen to Nixon's tapes and provide Cox with a transcript minus any discussions of sensitive national security matters. Nixon's contention was not without merit since the Arabs and Israelis were battling each other in what is known as the "Yom Kippur War," a war in which Israel was in danger of losing had Nixon not authorized covert shipments of arms via the Azores because Spain, France, and other countries had denied their airspace to such American arms shipments.

In January 1973, Stennis had been shot by one of three young black assailants on the front yard of his Washington home. Even though they attackers stole Stennis's wallet, pocket watch, and 25 cents -- all the cash he had in his pocket --  the attacker with the gun told Stennis "I'm going to kill you anyway." Stennis, 72, was shot twice and the surgeon who tended to him at Walter Reed Army Hospital gave Stennis little chance of surviving. However, Stennis pulled through and lived into his 90s. However, at the trial of the shooter, Stennis was urged not to press charges against his would-be assassin. The prosecution agreed to accept a deal whereby the shooter pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and, thus, prevented a full-blown trial. Someone clearly did not want an attempted murder trial to result in further investigations and cross-examination of witnesses. Later, E. Howard Hunt, one of the White House "Plumbers" arrested in the break-in of Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate, denied that he had anything to do with the attempted assassination of Stennis; the attempted assassination of Democratic presidential contender and Alabama Governor George Wallace a year before in Laurel, Maryland; or the disappearance of the plane carrying Warren Commission doubter, House Majority Leader Hale Boggs, over Alaska. Boggs was officially declared dead in January 1973, the same month Stennis was shot.

Ruckelshaus urges reporters to remember that Watergate was a conspiracy and not a theory.

Nixon's tapes reveal the connections between Watergate and the assassination in Dallas ten years before of President John F. Kennedy. In one tape, Nixon suggests paying the Watergate break-in defendants the $1 million in legal fees they demanded in return for their continued silence. Nixon said he knew where to get that kind of money in cash. Two years earlier, in 1971, another Warren Commission member, Senator Richard Russell of Georgia, died from reported complications of emphysema at Walter Reed hospital. Russell told President Lyndon Johnson in a 1964 phone call, " . . . that dang Warren Commission business has whupped me down ... I was just worn down fighting over that damn report . . . They was trying to prove that the same bullet that hit Kennedy first, was the one that hit Connally and went through him and went through his hand and his bone and into his leg and everything else." Johnson, for the record, agreed there was more than one shooter, although he was pushing the meme that Cuba's Fidel Castro sent a team to Dallas to kill Kennedy in response to the CIA's many attempts to assassinate Castro. Johnson was found in his bed at his Texas ranch dead of a heart attack on Monday, January 22, 1973, the same month Stennis was shot and Cooper left the Senate. Moments earlier, Johnson called his Secret Service agents to report massive chest pains. The agents found LBJ dead with his phone still clutched in his hand. The previous Friday, Johnson took possession of classified briefing papers personally delivered by White House staffers working for national security adviser Henry Kissinger.

When Johnson replied what difference it made what bullet hit Connally, Russell replied, "Well, it don't make much difference! But they said that... the Commission believe that the same bullet that hit Kennedy hit Connally. Well, I don't believe it!" 

By the time the Nixon tapes were revealed, including those containing the reference to Nixon paying off Hunt and fellow Watergate burglar, Frank Sturgis, because of what they knew about the "Cuba thing," regarded by many as code for what happened in Dallas on November 22, 1963, Russell was dead and Stennis was said to be practically deaf, a probable result of his shooting. But deafness did not only plague Stennis. Another doubter who served on the Warren Commission, Senator John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky, stunned Kentuckians when he announced he would not run for re-election in 1972, thus, leaving the Senate in January 1973, the same month Stennis was shot. Cooper's hearing loss was said to be the primary reason, however, that did not stop Nixon from appointing Cooper to be U.S. ambassador to East Germany in 1974.

By the time of the Saturday Night Massacre, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was gone -- he died in May the previous year amid questions about the lack of proper procedures in the handling of his body prior to burial -- and Vice President Spiro Agnew had resigned on October 1o after he pleaded nolo contendre to charges that he accepted cash bribes while serving as Governor of Maryland and as Vice President. Agnew was replaced by Warren Commission report supporter Gerald Ford, the House Minority Leader, who had conspired with Nixon to undermine Boggs by spreading rumors about him being a drunk and on drugs. At Ford's funeral in Washington in 2006, former President George H W Bush's eulogy decried those "conspiracy theorists" who questioned the Warren Report. Bush. who was present at the Texas School Book Depository on November 22, 1963, detractors aside, said, "the conspiracy theorists can say what they will, but the Warren Commission report will always have the final definitive say on this tragic matter. Why? Because Jerry Ford put his name on it and Jerry Ford’s word was always good." Ford became President of the United States upon Nixon's resignation in August 1974. In 1975, Vice President Nelson Rockefeller almost became president after two female would-be assassins failed to shoot Ford, one at close range and the other from across the street.

In the space of three years, two of the three dissenting members of the Warren Commission were dead and the third suddenly left political office. The man who was looked upon as the Senate's best arbitrator, Stennis, was nearly felled by two bullets. Hoover was gone in a suspicious death, Attorneys General were fired, with one, John Mitchell, threatening Washington Post publisher Katherine Graham that she would "get her tit caught in a big fat wringer" if the Post published an article about a secret Nixon campaign slush fund that covertly gathered intelligence on the Democrats.

Not just 1973 but the preceding and succeeding two years were the stuff of conspiracies. Ruckelshaus reminded the press of the grand conspiracy of Watergate. Regardless of the staining of the word "conspiracy" by the oligarchs and elites, conspiracies have existed, do exist, and will exist and it is the job of the press to report on them fully and without regard to inane ad hominem attacks from the self-appointed cognoscenti.


WMR Cass Sunstein's new book: Conspiracy theories are dangerous thoughts

March 11-12, 2014 -- Cass Sunstein's new book: Conspiracy theories are dangerous thoughts

President Obama's former director of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Cass Sunstein, who is married to the interventionist U.S. ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, has a new book out. The title says everything about the book's content and Sunstein's previous ideas that certain dangerous ideas held by Americans be either taxed or declared illegal: "Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas."

Although one should not judge a book by its cover, Sunstein's book has an almost obligatory drawing of the "all seeing eye" found on the U.S. dollar bill, a bete noire for those who believe that Freemasons secretly run the affairs of the United States. Sunstein not only believes that conspiracy theorists are dangerous members of society but that they tend to lump all conspiracies into one master grand conspiracy with the Illuminati and Freemasons behind them all. Sunstein's generalizations and the wide brush he uses to criticize those who demand accountability from their government is typical behavior for academic elitists like Sunstein.

In his book, Sunstein describes what he considers to be the most dangerous conspiracy thought crimes in America:

1. Those who believe that the U.S. government or Israel were ultimately behind the 9/11 attack.
2. Those who believe that the CIA was involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
3. Those who believe Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated by U.S. government agents.
4. Those who believe that TWA 800 was brought down by a missile.
5. Those who believe that the Illuminati secretly runs the world's affairs.

Sunstein mentions other "conspiracy theories" but the aforementioned appear to be his Top Five. 

Sunstein's book appeared on bookshelves just days prior to the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, which was en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Almost immediately, the Pentagon began to issue "intelligence" reports, lapped up by a sycophantic and unquestioning media, that indicated that U.S. spy satellites failed to detect a "flash" from an explosion on board the missing Boeing 777, and it was a U.S. military "observation" aircraft that supplied the news media with what was purported to be a door from the missing Boeing.

Air and naval forces from fifteen nations are searching for MH-370 from the original point over the Gulf of Thailand where contact with the plane was lost to the Straits of Malacca, the Andaman Sea, and the South China Sea.

Two male Iranian passengers on board MH-370 who were in possession of passports stolen from two male foreigners in Thailand -- Italian and Austrian nationals -- were said to be innocent asylum seekers trying to make their way into Europe. International law enforcement, including INTERPOL U.S. chief Ronald Noble, a U.S. intelligence plant inside the Lyon-based organization, ordered a compliant media to "stand down" on a hijacking in relation to the stolen passports.

Standardized security controls failed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in the same manner that they failed at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport when a Nigerian man, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallah, wearing explosive-laden underpants, was permitted to board Detroit-bound Northwest flight 253 without a valid passport and U.S. visa. Schiphol, with its Israeli-supplied airport screeners, is considered one of Europe's most secure airports. Kuala Lumpur International also increased security after it was discovered that Al Qaeda-linked Jemaah Islamiya terrorists from Southeast Asia planned to hijack a plane and fly it into Kuala Lumpur's dual skyscraper landmark, the Petronas Towers. 

The maximum radius that could've been flown by MH-370 at an altitude below radar coverage.

Search area involving 15 nations now extended beyond Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea to Straits of Malacca and the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean. 

A forced landing of Malaysian Airlines 370 cannot be ruled out regardless of what Noble, the Pentagon, and U.S. psychological warfare-influenced corporate media are putting forth. The Uighur terrorism angle remains a strong possibility with several clues prevalent. The head of Taiwan's National Security Bureau relayed an anonymous threat it received from Taiwan's China Airlines. A phone call, said to be from a French counter-terrorism source, warned that Uighur terrorists were planning a terrorist attack against Beijing's Capital International Airport. The information was conveyed to China on March 4. 

Vietnamese authorities have asked Cambodia and Laos to search for the aircraft in remote jungle regions along those nations' borders with Vietnam. Among the forces searching for MH-370 are the navies of Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, India, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Brunei, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore, as well as the ground forces of Cambodia and Laos.

WMR previously reported on the CIA's and George Soros's financial and other support for Uighurs linked to terrorist attacks. Uighurs are seen by the CIA and Soros as foot soldiers in the plans by the neo-conservatives who continue to rule Washington that envisage the toppling of the governments of China and Russia using radicalized ethnic minority groups.

Now enter Sunstein with his interestingly-timed book release on dissembling conspiracy theories. Sunstein's book also comes at a time when his wife, Samantha Power, is busy shooting down proven "conspiracy theories" identifying the Ukrainian coup plotters as being behind the sniper attacks on Maidan Square protesters and police. In addition, there is emerging strong evidence that State Department European Affairs official Victoria Nuland's favorite, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, is a longtime member of the Church of Scientology, a cult founded by CIA and Tavistock mind control practitioner L. Ron Hubbard. 

Even before the overthrow of democratically-elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych by pro-Western forces, which included mercenaries working for Academi (the former Blackwater/Xe), the Scientologists had penetrated Ukraine's Ministry of Youth and Family Affairs. Scientology's Applied Scholastics Logos program wasintroduced into Ukrainian middle, trade, secondary, liberal arts, foreign language, and social engineering schools as a favored teaching methodology. Yatsenyuk reportedly graduated from the Kiev School of Dianetics in 1998 and achieved an "auditing level" ranking in Scientology known as OT-6. Yatsenyuk also became associated with two Scientology entities. He became a consultant for the credit department of the Scientology-connected Aval Bank and also consulted for a Scientology front called the "Sea Organization." 

Yatsenyuk's sister, Alina Petrovna Steele, a resident of Santa Barbara, California and who uses an alias, Alina Jones, is also a Scientologist who ranks as an OT-4 auditor of the cult.

Yatsenyuk's Wikipedia entry included his ties to Scientology but the U.S. intelligence-infiltrated "on-line encyclopedia" deleted all references to his ties to the cult. Yatsenyuk is due to visit President Obama this week after the U.S. and European Union promised his government billions of dollars in assistance.

With so-called "conspiracy" facts now penetrating the coverage of MH-370 and the Ukrainian crisis, Sunstein's book appears thanks to a sweetheart book contract with Simon & Schuster, a division of leading neo-con Sumner Redstone's CBS Corporation. In essence, Sunstein's new book is a rehash of his past academic papers and articles on the danger of "conspiracy theories." However, it is the timing of the book's release amid his wife's machinations in the United Nations with neo-cons like UN Undersecretary for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman and his State Department-based co-conspirators, Victoria Nuland and U.S. ambassador to Kiev Geoffrey Pyatt, that is the real news with the appearance of "Conspiracy Theories and other Dangerous Ideas."



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