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  • epstein Epstein Timeline ... clintonbodycount ..AG Barr has opened an investigation into Epstein's likely murder in the NYC MCC. The Clinton's have plenty to worry about. Trump retweeted a video implicating the Clinton that received 84,000 views before Twitter took it down. The story will have legs for months, if not years. High-profile actors are implicated accross the world. There's a significant evidence that Epstein was a Mossad operative in the business of blackmailing important political figures in order to secure Israe's power over Congress and much of the world.
  • Israel Nuked the WTC, was complicit in JFK assassination, and the Holohoax Jews have extorted nearly $100b from Germany..
  • YouTube has removed just about all links to the word Holohoax, but it is self defeating for them to elimate search results on the term: "Holocaust lies, Auschwitz lies, fake Holocaust, not gassed, fake genocide...many more", so use this to find Holohoax sites...
  • for research on Jewish megalomania, supremacism and treachery see menus...includes info on Jewish complicity in False Flag attacks, led US into WWI through trickery on Pres. Wilson, ran the Treaty of Versailles proceedings which eventually led to WWII, created Hitler thru IG Farben, financed the rearmament of Germany in the 1930s, 60 million dead in Bolshevik revolution led by Jews, Cold War Hoax / western Jewish bankers financed industrialization of Soviet Union in the 1930s, Socialist Jews led the failed 1905 Russian revolution,were the progenitors of Cultural Marxism to take down western Christian culture, dominate soft science depts of all major education institutions, international subterfuge and intrigue in the creation of Israel, brutal racist treatment of Palestinians, NAKBA ethnic cleansing of Palestine, secret US support in Israel wars against Arabs, financial support of ISIS, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, King David Hotel bombing, creation and financing of ISIS, iron lock on US Congress through AIPAC, Fed controlled by Jews since 1980s, Jews have controlled banking since Biblical times, control Bank of International Settlements (BIS), all major financial scandals manufactured by Jewish bankers/banks including Goldman Sachs, Citi, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, HSBC, Barclays, BofE, BofNY, scandals include Keating 5, Long Term Capital Mgmt, LIBOR scandal, created interest rate swap scandal, 2008 housing meltdown, creation of Federal Reserve System 1913 trickery, control Hollywood, Las Vegas, booze industry, Common Core is a Jewish psyop, Orthodox Jews welfare scandal, fake anti semitism to garner sympathy, Chicago Jewish machine politics put Obama in power, Rothschild Hessian mercenaries in American revolution, created the American Communist Party...
  • Dark Overlord hacked 9/11 Truth files
  • Russiagate, British intelligence op...Dearlove, Mifsud, Steele, Hannigan, Browder, ...Papadopolous and Carter Page set up as patsies in order to establish connections between Trump and Russia ...then use this to obtain wiretaps on Trump campaign ... Steele created phony salacious dossier to unseat Trump... all with the help of US DoJ, FBI, CIA..Comey, Strozk, Page, McCabe, Obama, Bruce Ohr and wife Nellie, Lynch, Yates,
  • Qualified support of Alex Jones ... original article by Stephen Francis... excerpt: A quick read of the Fontaine lawsuit confirms much of the general skepticism of Jones. He settled in favor of Chobani, and ongoing suits including Marcell Fontaine and Brennan Gilmore, where, at first glance, Jones appears to be completely irresponsible. Reports of six more lawsuits abound. Jones' reported Muslim bashing is completely antithetical to the reality that Islamophobia is a hoax spawned from the false flag 9/11 nuclear demolition of the WTC, which itself was the seminal event transitioning the world from the Cold War to the War on Terror. US, British, Saudi and Israeli conspirators are the progenitors of this horror, not Muslims.... the remainder of the article is about Cultural Marxism...the underpinnings of American censorship... political correctness, multiculturalism, critical theory...tearing down white males, and christian culture
  • UAF Professor Hulsey destroys official 9/11 narrative ... WTC 7 Evaluation
  • Soros,eugenics Jewish supremacists and eugenecists (MSM) behind demonization of Christian Right Nationalists ... 3000 year history of Jewish covered up MORE
  • Russia ... fake news from MSM is just distraction from Seth Rich (hit)... who transferred DNC emails to Gavin McFayden (Wikileaks) MORE ... this sight does not support Neo Nazis or white supremacists... we represent those who are defending themselves from leftist communists who have taken over the Democratic Party on the Neocon Zionists who have too much influence in the GOP..
  • Lakewood NJ ... 26 charged ... millionaires ... Ultra Orthodox Welfare fraud frenzy...Rabbis... hundreds of thousands ripped off...bussing fraud?... money laundering... illegal yeshiva dorms ... tax exemption abuse, Who is Jew Barry Iann... BoE chairman? MORE
  • State Department opening new investigation of Clinton emails... which will force conversation back to Podesta, Weiner, Abedin, pedophilia
  • Anti-Semitism exploding on US college campuses
  • Please help out Kevin Barrett and his False Flag Weekly News... FundRazr
  • Richard Falk of the UN Human Rights Council on Palestine has accused the US and Israel of complicity in 9/11 and correctly identifies Israel as an apartheid State.. continued below
  • Rahm Emanuel, Jewish terrorist, Mayor of Chicago, proponent of mass immigration...
  • TheTrumpet.com ... 40 percent of its (German) participants agreed with this statement: “Based on Israel’s policies, I can understand people having something against the Jews.” ..33 million Germans now hold anti-Semitic views, report commisioned by Friedrich Ebert Foundation, a Social Democratic Party research institute, Petra Pau, a Left Party... has also warned ... The report was released the same day that Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel arrived in Jerusalem to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ... Call this 1930s-style anti-Semitism, if you will. ...The worst period of American anti-Semitism,” wrote history Prof. Leonard Dinnerstein, “was sandwiched between the ends of World War i and World War ii”
  • cont. ... NFU supports Trump ideologies and his conservative followers but only because the perverse and criminal DNC Clinton Cultural Marxists are so much worse.. The Conservative Daily Post is reporting that Trump and Nicki Haley are all upset about the anti-Israel statements by Falk, but both statements are absolutely true.
  • Geert Wilders ... challenging Netherland's and the world's elite hegemonic power... MORE nationalism is the nemisis of Jewish power
  • Investigate Pedogate / Pizzagate... demo March 25th, Lafayette Park (White House)
  • Pedogate is tip of iceberg of elite pedophile rings that have been occurring for centuries in the elite religious and governmental establishment. Israel is a kingpin country in the world for organ and human trafficking
  • Judicial Watch ... Judicial Watch today announced a hearing will be held Tuesday, March 7, 2017, regarding Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails that were sent or received during her tenure from February 2009 to January 31, 2013 MORE
  • Wikileaks Vault 7 is still just a limited hangout campaign to hide the real issues ...MORE
  • The deep state is unraveling... they have to wage limited hangout campaigns that get ever closer to the truth to keep the masses placated. They are spying on us through our TVs, phones, computers, automobiles...and destroying the trust of the people in the process.. MORE
  • Israel Apartheid Week
  • Jewish bomb threats and grave desecration... all MSM news reports focus on the acts and not the cause of those acts...typical and predictable. Hatred of Jews is caused by their behavior. It is not a racial or discriminatory issue. It's all rooted in Jewish supremacy, avarice and rapacity and the subsequent backlash to it. Here are some of the latest events: Multiple instances of about 150 tombstones overturned or damaged in St. Louis and other locations, 67 bomb threats since beginning of 2017...Trump did not mention “Jewish,” “Jewish Community Center,” or “anti-Semitism.” in White House statements responding to these issues, omitted Jews from Holocaust memorials, told media rep Jake Turx to sit down, raked fake media including (Zionist controlled) for being the 'enemy of the people', Steve Bannon told MSM to 'shut up and listen'
  • The Starbucks boycott is working.. prompted by pledge to hire 10k refugees. #boycottstarbucks
  • Brandon Martinez, Non-Alligned Media: ... on David Seaman (YouTube Pizzagate troll, buzz-junkie) is Zionist scammer, was raking in $5k a month thru Patreon, was only an unpaid volunteer blogger who had his publishing rights revoked at Huffington Post, his 'out of print' book is still for sale on Amazon, is pro-Israeli settlements, has ties to GoldMoney that was founded by Jew Roy Sebag and funded by George Soros.
  • Jewish Zionist hypocrisy... pushes multiculturalism while being the most racisct country on the planet. MORE and boycott.. stock is down substanially.
  • Trump smashed the Jewish Cultural Marxists
  • Trump's massive victory over two 'establishment' political parties and the viciously biased MSM was a massive counter-attack against the Cultural Marxists operating through the Obama adminstration. The Silent Majority resoundly spoke. See AmericanSurvival piece
  • Better late than never ... I24News Israel ...Gulf kingdom only acknowledged involvement of their nationals in 9/11 after Qaida attacks on Saudi soil Saudi Arabian King Salman has blamed the 9/11 attacks on Israel when he was questioned by the US over the involvement of Saudi nationals in hijacking the planes which were flown into Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York, a former US official revealed on Sunday.
  • See NFU false flag anti-Semitism... Jews using swastika to elicit sympathy, collect cash... more common than you think MORE
  • swastika
  • Reject NeoNazis and the use of the swastika. It reinforces the Holocaust lie whose central theme is to blame the German people for an event that never occured and lay an interminable guilt upon them in order to extract hundreds of millions in reparations. ... No Jews died in gas chambers in Auschwitz. Hundreds of thousands of Jews did die from typhus, starvation and disease due to the chaos of war and Allied terror bombing of Germany. 60 million people died due to the Jewish Bolshevik Revoltution, Holodomor ... Zionists are trying to rub out this historical fact by endless Holocaust propaganda. The real story is how Zionists and Nazis conspired to enable mass emigration to Palestine to create Israel, the ultimate aim of Zionists...MORE
  • Trump hackled the Holocau$t hoaxers by not mentioning 'Jews' on their sacred rememberance day...no clarification? See Academic Freedom Conference. & here
  • Go to NFU Nude Protest page ... along with Katie Perry, Debora Messing... Trump inauguration protest.... MORE
  • Spain's Valencia Province Council adopted a boycott against Israel as its official policy.."it's a grand success for the Palestinian cause,"... a region with 2.5m inhabitants ... MORE
  • Emailgate alive and well with new court proceedings by Judicial Watch ...MORE and Clinton Crime Family Timeline
  • California Holocaust Denial Speech Restrictions Initiative (2016) failed to get enough petition signatures to appear on the November ballot. Holocaust extortionist who are trying to beat back rampant anti-Semitism are using every trick in the book including making laws against Holocaust Revsionism, but their efforts are proving not only counterproductive but helping to expose their fraud. MORE
  • NewObserverOnline Joseph B. Hirt, another Holocaust survivor imposter / liar has been exposed, by Inquirer, Kathleen Brady, from original story by Andrew Reid a local history teacher in Turin, NY, attended Hirt’s lecture and Holocaust lies book Six Million Fact or Fiction
  • Trump may have been forced to nominate Israeli Settlements hardliner David Friedman, and it is a far cry from his early calls for a neutral stance on Israel and Palestine issue MORE.
  • Trump nominates Rex Tillerson as Sec. of State more ... Zionists won't like this... Tillerson close to Putin, expelled Jewish oligarchs for looting Russia in early 1990s. but a trustee of CSIS.
  • Dramatic rise in anti-Semitism in Germany ..annual increase from 691 to 2083 cases MORE
  • Rise in anti-Semitism due in part to mistrust in main stream media after widespread disgust in MSM biased coverage of Trump election. Is nationalism anti-Semitic...???
  • Breitbart: Greece’s Former Deputy Infrastructure and Transport Minister Dimitris Kammenos failed to last 24 hours in the job, as his appointment by leftist Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras was immediately followed by the resurfacing of a number of offensive anti-Semitic tweets, including one implying Jews were responsible for the September 11 attacks in America. MORE
  • Breitbart.com ... Zionist controlled opposition... masters at message control.... MORE
  • Betsy DeVos (Trump's nominee for Sec of Education) who is married to Dick DeVos, and is the daughter-in-law of Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway with an estimated net worth of $5.1 billion... Erik Prince (her brother) is under investigation for allegedly brokering military services to foreign governments and possible money laundering ... MORE
  • Netanyahu... kingpin in duping US into starting Iraq and Afghanistan wars, cozy with Wall St.... Supported Hillary Clinton, Israel / Zionists push mass immigration everywhere except Israel,... Netanyahu invented 'war on terror'.
  • GulagBound on Keith Ellison ... Marxist/Muslim Axis: ‘Enemies Within’ Documentary Exposes Proposed DNC Chair Keith Ellison ... Filmmaker Trevor Loudon’s new documentary The Enemies Within exposes the communist and radical Islamist background of the probable new leader of the Democratic Party. Rep. Keith Ellison
  • Dec 2016 Trump list of cabinet nominees: Housing and Urban Development — Ben Carson. Health and Human Services — Tom Price. Education — Betsy DeVos. United Nations — Nikki R. Haley. Attorney General — Jeff Sessions. Treasury — Steven Mnuchin. Transportation — Elaine L. Chao. Commerce — Wilbur Ross.
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  • Steve Bannon is no anti-Semite or enemy of Israel, in fact is a leading cog in the controlled opposition Zionist propaganda machine MORE from Brandon Martinez
  • Breitbart touts its anti-Cultural Marxism (CM) stand, but CM was created by Jewish Zionist Marxists (ISR). Trump's nationalism, anti-establishment anti-globlalist message is antithetical to Zionism's internationalist NWO agenda. Breitbart is a Zionist controlled-opposition propaganda machine... beware... the nationalism message is fine and resonating, but it's the wolves in the hen house... at Breitbart.
  • sdfg Reject Neo-Nazi symbols / ideology, but don't cower to Jewish/Zionist treachery
  • Fake News ... most infamous includes 9/11 Commission, Warren Commission on JFK assassination, NTimes Walter Duranty concealing the Holodomor, Condoleeza Rice mushroom cloud response to Congress 2002, Hillary Clinton's duck for cover, DNC / Robert Creamer paid Trump crowd violence agitators, , Iraq WMD, Chilcott Report, Bill Clinton / Monica Lewinsky saga / distraction, Sandy Hook fake massacre, Boston Marathone fake Bombings, Fort Hood shootings, Brian Williams faking taking enemy fire, Rolling Stone / Erderly rape hoax, Holocaust six million gas chamber deaths started by Samuel Untermyer,
  • Cultural Marxism, ... News Nationalism,, Steve Bannon, transistion from Obama Clinton world to Trump world. White Nationalist / Populist battle against Jewish Zionist New World Order Globalists
  • Stephen Bannon named chief strategist in President-elect Trump's administration. Jewish groups alarmed... a boon to 9/11 Truth and anti-Cultural Marxism movements MORE
  • DC PizzaGate, Weinergate ... MORE Weiner, shadow government, NYPD has evidence of Podesta/Clinton pedophilia ring but FBI suppressing ...Classified SAP emails on Weiner's laptop, Abramavic/Podesta satanic rituals, Clinton 6 trips to Epstein's orgy island on Lolita express MORE Child Sex Ring
  • Soros funded Moveon.org with $1.3 million, funded Black Lives Matter, Ferguson... color revolutions, EU immigration crisis, ISIS
  • Soros/Clinton/Zionists trying to stoke purple revolution
  • Cultural Marxism on Campus Jewish/Marxist rooted Political Correctness, Critical Theory and Cultural Marxism run amoc on US campuses academic safe zones, suppression of free speech on campus, professors fear lawsuits/job for upsetting students with 'controversial topics', fear mongering about abductions has paralyzed students and faculty. Most sacred thing in the world is the African American victim of racism ... questioning affirmitive action is blasphemy ... real laws... defined as a microagression ... Eric Posner asscociated questioning of affirmative action with Holocaust denial ... all has become the religion of social justice ... spreads into humanities and social science classes... Presidents of universities cannot tell the (highly sheltered) students to toughen up ... but are caving in to this 'victim' narrative ... by forcing 'offenders' to attend microagression and diversity training ... Harris calls it a moral panic ... classic meanings of words liberal / conservative completely untenable and getting worse... the 'illiberal left' is saying they now dictate what anybody can say on campus ... but any virtue carried to an extreme is a vice ... egalitarianism on steroids is extremism ... poor is good ... rich is bad ... Jewish roots of cultural marxism ... extreme inclusiveness ... can't marginal blacks ... can't say pre-natal testosterone partially determines infant behavior ... blacks, women, gays, hispanic/latino, native American, asian, and now Muslims protected / elevated ... politically incorrect to say anything in any form against them... is homophobia ...
  • Clinton- Spirit Cooking? .. Rothschilds
  • Give 9/11 Truth a Chance ... Trump wins presidency. #911truthTrump #Trump911Truth
  • FBI Mutiny? November 8
  • Breaking Story, Clinton Steeped in Pedophile Ring, more ... Franklingate? Weinergate?
  • Israel is now in the planning stages of assassinating Trump, bet on it.
  • Clinton Timeline 1940-2015
  • Jews / Zionists behind mass immigration to Europe and US to destroy white population influence on elections and policy.... all to combat anti-Semitism....Jewish Labour Party MPs and some House of Lords members have fanatically promoted anti-European racist legislation for decades, Labour party, is literally a Jewish entity:
  • NYPD has evidence to charge Clinton's and close associates with money laundering, child exploitation, sex crimes with minors, perjury, pay-to-play, obstruction of justice and other felony crimes more
  • Clinton scandals summary... election campaign, Wikileaks: Clinton and all close campaign staff lied to the FBI, Sheryl Mills, regarding attorney client privalege on or about March 2, 2015, should never have been granted and shielded all from questions about illegal server, emails ..et al. all proving that the first FBI investigation was a cover-up, including Comey's role... Sheryl Mills told Obama (Mar 2, 2015) has emails from Hillary Clinton and they don't say state.gov, proving that Obama lied to the American press when he said he heard about the server along with everyone else from the press. Comey's second investigation opened up on Fri Oct 29th because of internal pressure form FBI field offices. Evidence that Lynch told all offices to stand down or actions to that affect. 675,000 emails on device that Huma Amedin failed to inform the FBI about turned up on a laptop belonging to her estranged husband Anthony Weiner, who himself is under investigation for sexting an underage girl. That laptop was connected to HRC illegal server in a bathroom closet in her residence (with Bill Clinton) in Chapaqua New York. It was a private unauthorized server with 22 unencryped special access program intelligence, connected to a Blackberry that the State Dept said she couldn't use... On Wikileaks 25 36336 , concerning DoJ Assistant AG Peter Kadzik who briefs Congress about Huma Abedin's email investigation, but in email dinner arrangements are discussed between Kadzik and Podesta... collusion... Podesta is chairman of Clinton campaign... all highly illegal considering investigations...There's a"'dump the emails' email... Podesta discussed this with Sheryl Mills on Mar 2, 2015, email 41841, "better to do sooner than later" says Podesta, ... all connected to Terry McCauliffe giving $675,000 to wife of ... FBI official (McCabe?) who went on to lead the investigation into the emails. Emails also expose Clintons statements to banksters that she has a public and private face... Goldman Sachs,... and Donna Brazille caught giving CNN town hall debate questions to Hillary Clinton more than once...Clinton Foundation is the power center of all related corruption, 100's of millions in pay-to-play, Doug Band, Rober Creamer... in violence dirty tricks at Trump rallies... on and on... and HRC involved in Turkey failed coup in Turkey in attempt to depose Erdegon, Gulan close to Hillary Clinton...constitutional crisis looming.
  • 9/11 & Cultural Marxism .. Zionist destruction of white American culture
  • Academic Freedom Conference II James Fetzer, Francis Boyle, seven professors
  • Academic Freedom Conference II, August 27, 2016 Seven speakers including James Fetzer and Francis Boyle. MORE
  • Clinton / Bush / Obama Death List
  • Academic Freedom Conference II Fetzer, Tracy - 9/11 Truth, Sandy Hook, JFK
  • Bolshecaust, a new word, definition: the murder of 60 million people in the Bolshevik revolution by Jews.
  • 28 Pages, Saudi Arabia, Israel ... converted to text with OCR, download
  • Erdogan stages fake false flag coup to round up Gulen led opposition more
  • Chilcot Report Executive Summary / Cover-up, Blair, Straw, Campbell & Goldsmith should be prosecuted
  • Alt Right: The Jewish controlled media and Wikipedia attempte to characterize alt right adherents as white nationalists or white supremaciests ... masculinists, conspiracists, nihlilists, ... they oppose uncontrolled immigration of criminals from Mexico, and generally agree with the right wing groups gaining power in Europe. ... they take a hard line stance against the forced assimilization of Syrian refugees invading Europe because of cooked-up wars in Syria, Libya etc... political correctness is seen as a existential threat to their livelihoods. Some names mentioned in Wikipedia include: Andrew Anglin, Milo Yiannopoulos, Jeffrey Tucker of FEE, and influencing figures include Friedrich Hegel to Thomas Carlyle to Oswald Spengler to Madison Grant to Othmar Spann to Giovanni Gentile to Trump's speeches ... Breitbart News (a Jewish publication) is a central controlled opposition website to manage and dominate the online presence of the movement. They are very careful not to mention the Jewish Marxist roots of Cultural Marxism emanating from the Frankfurt School ... Institute of Social Research ... 1920s Weimar Germany. ..the movement has also been influenced by Oswald Spengler, Henry Louis Mencken, Julius Evola and modern influences such as paleoconservatives Patrick J. Buchanan and Samuel T. Francis.[39] Jeet Heer of The New Republic
  • Brexit passed, turmoil in UK politics, Article 50 not yet initiated, attempts to oust Corbyn are failing.
  • University of Illinois, Israel Nuked WTC on 9/11 #911truthUIUC .. UC 9/11 Truth Alliance will have first meeting at the Urbana Free Library August 20, 2016.
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  • Chilcot Report Executive Summary
  • Brexit vote came and went.
  • more on the alt right movement: in reality the movement is composed of digruntled left-behind ordinary Americans who have seen a small minority of rich Jews amass obscene amounts of wealth through illegal, nefarious and unconscionable means, all the while lacking any ability whatsoever to respond to this treachery. Congress is controlled by AIPAC, the Supreme Court is stacked with Jews, all chair persons of the illegal Federal Reserve have been / are Jews since 1980 and the war department during the run-up to the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars was utterly dominated by Jews. All mainstream media are controlled by Jews so are able to suppress any information about their control of American society. Only another expulsion of the Jews as similar to the 100+ expulsions over the last two millennia will solve the problem.... they should be rounded up and placed on an island that will sink into the Pacicfic upon the final stages of global climate change / global warming.
  • June 23, 2016, Will Hillary get indicted, most news articles now a week old, waiting for AG Lynch to do something. FBI rogue agents might leak damaging docs if she's not indicted. All sorts of collusion between Clinton State Dept and Clinton Foundation, which was basically a charity fraud operation under no control of existing laws because of Clinton being an ex-President. Jeremy Epstein is not an issue because Trump also involved with him, and keeping quiet about it.
  • June 23, 2016 Brexit: against the odds it passed, David Cameron stepped down, stock markets tanked all over the world, increased chances of world wide recession, France, Germany many other EU countries calling for quick exit in order to contain contagion of Right and Left extreme groups calling for referendums. Article 50 to be invoked, Scottish Parliament mulling possible override of Brexit but would be risky going against the majority wishes. Scottland mulling referendum to stay in EU. Legal basis for exit is European Union Economic Act of 2015. Theory exists that Zionists behind Brexit in order to blackmail Europe into accepting even more economic control by New World Order. see FitzInfo Opposition Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn is under attack for complacency in working for In campaign.
  • Saudi Arabia nervous about 9/11 lawsuits ... say they will pull $750 from US to protect themselves from asset seizures if US allows lawsuits. The 28 pages are a threat. DailyNews
  • June 23, 2016 Asian stocks fall on Brext, ... see also Frexit, Texit, Italeave, Nexit, traders in risk averse mode, no appetite for buying stocks, British pound fell almost 2 percent, most investors in shock, thought the 'remain' camp would win. Vote count must not have been rigged, apparently, or not rigged well enough.
  • June 22, 2016 Trump behind Clingon in the polls by 5-10 points, open revolt by the RNC, Romney, GOP elite rich donors to keep Trump our of oval office,
  • It would be very easy to impeach Trump once he became the President. Forces on both sides of the isle and the main stream press... Democrats and Republicans would find a way and trump up a charge that would stick, but they would do at the peril of the American public.
  • Info on Interest rate swap swindles by major Jewish controlled banks: Barclays, JP Morgan, Citigroup, RBS, UBS,...etc... lawsuits
  • Memory Hole Blog ..Jan 2016. Professor James Tracy (tenured) of Florida Atlantic University was fired in January 2016. Certain individuals behind the scenes have been after his job for years because of his well-publicized and effective effort to cast doubt on the Sandy Hook (supposed) massacre. He, Professeor James Fetzer, and countless others have uncovered the cooked up Sandy Hook plot where no one actually died, all in the name of pushing gun control. It very well looks like the case could take the same direction as the effort to squash Professor Steven Salaita at the University of Illinois (for anti-Israel epithets) where the UofI settled the case for nearly $1 million. More and NFU Sandy Hook page and James Fetzer book: No One Died at Sandy Hook
  • WMR Apr 2016...Ted Cruz ... parents, grandparents: Significant questions have surfaced about not only the father of Texas Republican senator and presidential contender Ted Cruz, Rafael B. Cruz, Sr., but now also the senator's Cuban grandparents, Rafael and Emilia Cruz. ... WMR has been at the forefront of asking questions about the Cruz family from Cuba and our recent report about a male bearing a striking resemblance to Rafael Cruz, Sr. appearing handing out "Fair Play for Cuba" pamphlets at the International Trade Mart in New Orleans in August 16, 1963, has generated a firestorm of comments on the web. search terms: RCA, NSA, New Orleans, pro-Castro pamphlets, Baguglia,
  • Donald Trump and Ben Carson are mistakenly referring to Muslims who were cheering on 9/11. They were actually Israelis who were dressed as Arabs... arrested and quietly deported to Israel..
  • The CIA, FBI, Secret Service and Israel will conspire to assassinate Donald Trump in 2016. Trump is bascially threatening the Miitary Industrial Complex in the same way that Kennedy did. He has praised Valimir Putin, the arch enemey of the MIC. He has called for the real bombing of ISIS rather than fake war perpetrated by Obama. He as criticized the FED (Zionist dominated) as 'money printers, he's against gun control, won't privatize Social Security, he has broken all the politically correct rules in conducting a presidential campaign, he's destroyed Jeb Bush.
  • Here is Slate.com's take on the situation ... we thank them for acknowledging and legitimizing the existence of the story of Israeli's dressed up as Arabs celebrating the 9/11 destruction of the WTC (by Zionist / Neocons)....they filmed the first supposed plane (no planes really, just real explosions and fake videos)... this could only have happened with foreknowledge of the event.
  • 9/11 Interactive spreadsheet 2000 rows, MS Excel sort and filter. A major emphasis on including only objective and verifiable facts was utilized in its construction. The main premise is that 9/11 was a Zionist / Neocon operation. The word Israel appears well over 2000 times. A Google search on the terms: 9/11 truth Israel yields this spreadsheet as occupying the #7 results position. It supports the belief that the WTC was intentionally demolished using conventional, thermitic and nuclear explosives. A vast number of Jewish Zionists are intimately involved in all phases of this operation. This spreadsheet provides the objective evidence. MORE
  • WMR first reported on the possibility that Bush, a recent college graduate, may have served as a CIA "non-official cover" (NOC) agent in Venezuela. The revelation about Bush's past links to the CIA comes two days before his expected announcement in Miami that he is a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. MORE
  • No Iran Deal... would mark another milestone in the demise of the dollar ... Iran would no longer be held to sanctions regime and could close huge deals worth brillions in energy deals with numerous countries and continue there efforts to trade in currencies other than the dollar. Israel seems to be willing to let this happen in there short sighted effort to scuttle the deal ... along with their Republican cohorts. More from MORE
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  • Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush (George Bush).... all just liers lyin' their way through a completely corrupt political world of the 2016 election .... MORE
  • Clinton to Bush .... Trump will be taken care of .... NFU has compiled a list of over 300 mysterious deaths solidly linked to Bush, Clinton and Obama ... that may be related to this statement... MORE
  • Will the 2016 GOP debaters bring up Social Security reform, specifically raising the payroll tax cap. The chances are probably 0. They rely on most Americans not being aware of this as a viable reform and can not address it because it would threaten campaign contributions from wealthy Americans.
  • WMR Philip Marshall's antagonists are clearly Vice President George H W Bush, called "the VP," and his pretentious-Florida businessman and cocaine-smuggling son, who is obviously Jeb Bush. With Jeb Bush all but announcing his candidacy for president in 2016, Marshall's knowledge of the role he played in the Iran-contra scandal clearly made the California author a marked man (including his children who were 'suicided' in California. MORE
  • July 2015 ... Ontario Topless Protest ... from RT.com... Hundreds of people, topless women among them, have taken part in a rally organized by three sisters who were allegedly stopped by police in Canada for cycling topless a week ago. Women in Ontario have had the right to go topless in public since 1996. see NFU Nude Protest page
  • WMR ... A DC-9, which had once flown entertainer Kenny Rogers and the Seattle Seahawks, was seized with 5.5 tons of cocaine destined for Mexican cartels. The Sky Ways plane was registered to Royal Sons, Inc. of Clearwater, Florida, which was linked to Republican Party associates of then-Florida Governor Jeb Bush. While Bush was governor, U.S. bank regulators discovered that El Chapo's Sinaloa cartel controlled 23 accounts at the Wachovia Bank branch in Miami. Wachovia merged with Wells Fargo Bank in 2008. Jeb Bush's close links to Wachovia ensured that the bank was the top Florida corporate donor to George W. Bush's 2005 inauguration in Washington. Jeb Bush was the head of the Florida delegation to the inaugural ceremonies.WMR
  • WMR Trump is, right or wrong, tapping into a disgust among a large swath of the American electorate about being taken for granted by the pundits, pollsters, focus group facilitators, and candidates themselves.  It was not long ago when another billionaire, H. Ross Perot, seeing the futility of challenging incumbent Republican president George H W Bush for the White House, ran as an independent candidate. Perot garnered 19 percent of the vote in the election and Trump has strongly hinted that he is prepared to opt for an independent candidacy if the GOP hierarchy continues to attack him as a carnival act. With the notable exception of CNN's Larry King, Perot received the same "clown act" treatment from the establishment political class and the media in 1992. WMR
  • Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush (George Bush).... all just liers lyin' their way through a completely corrupt political world of the 2016 election .... MORE
  • Hilary Swank, cast in new Holocaust propaganda movie based on David Irving's trial against Debora Lipstadt. MORE ... anti-Semitism is definitely on the rise and 'they're' getting desperate. They have to keep lying now forever... the 6,000,000 hoax lives on.
  • WMR According to an eyewitness to the Navy's worst fire disaster that killed 134 sailors and injured 62, McCain and the Forrestal's skipper, Capt. John K. Beling, were warned about the danger of using M-65 1000-lb. bombs manufactured in 1935, which were deemed too dangerous to use during World War II and, later, on B-52 bombers. The fire from the Zuni misfire resulted in the heavy 1000 pounders being knocked loose from the pylons of McCain's A-4, which were only designed to hold 500-pound bombs. During the fighting of the fire and while VF-74 and VF-11 were still counting their dead, McCain was helicoptered off the Forrestal to the USS Oriskany, which suffered a major fire on October 27, 1966, that killed 44 sailors. In that event, thousand pound bombs were jettisoned away from the fire but the lessons of the Oriskany went unheeded by the Forrestal's officers, including McCain, who served with the VA-163 Saints on board the Oriskany when the fire on that vessel occurred. On October 26, 1967, McCain was shot down over North Vietnam during a bombing sortie from the Oriskany. MORE Maybe Donald Trump has done us all a favor.
  • WMR During the Bush administration, the CIA and Pentagon developed a system to intimidate Muslim detainees into becoming informants and intelligence assets by subjecting them to sexual humiliation and then threatening to provide photographs and videos of the abuse to their relatives and friends if they did not agree to work with U.S. intelligence. One of the preferred sexual humiliation tactics was known as "bottle torture," whereby a broken bottle was inserted into a detainee's anus. At Abu Ghraib, U.S. prison guards forced seven Iraqi detainees to strip, be stacked into a human pyramid, forced to masturbate, and, of course, as dictated by the blackmail portion of the intelligence recruitment program, photographed.
  • Unit 8200 Cyber Spy ... or shmone matayim as it’s called in Hebrew, is the equivalent of America’s National Security Agency and the largest single military unit in the Israel Defence Forces....a group of 43 serving and former 8200 reservists revealed what they said were coercive spying tactics being used on innocent Palestinians, including the collection of embarrassing sexual, financial or other information. One of the whistle-blowers, in a statement released along with the letter, described his “moment of shock” when watching The Lives of Others, the 2006 film about the Stasi’s pervasive spying in East Germany. MORE
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  • Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush (George Bush).... all just liers lyin' their way through a completely corrupt political world of the 2016 election .... MORE
  • EUSTACE MULLINS ... The Secret Holocaust ...As much as they would like to rewrite history and make us forget the 60 million Russians who were murdered (mostly Christian) in the Jewish Bolshevik revolution.. Zionists, and their planned annihilation of all non-Jewish societies and political organizations, began to ravage the world in the nineteenth century. ... There are signs their grip is starting to weaken. A deal with Iran would be a huge step. MORE
  • US spy programs, surveillance, Amdocs, automatic license plate recognition, biometric cataloging, Agency, IPTO, BICA, LifeLog, Forester, Virat, RSTA Data mining for profit, Acxiom and Epsilon Deep Packet Inspection DHS DHS monitoring keywords Digital TV, Interactive DNA Databases, insurance cherry picking Drones, Balloons Drug Testing DSL Service Echelon Einstein cyber-security intrusion detection system... just to name a few... MORE
  • The Bernie Sanders surge in the polls and the Greek default on predatory Zionist banker loans are signs that the 1% are losing their grip on the people of the world. Online activism does have an impact.
  • Reject NeoNazis and the use of the swastika. It reinforces the Holocaust lie whose central theme is to blame the German people for an event that never occured and lay an interminable guilt upon them in order to extract hundreds of millions in reparations. ... No Jews died in gas chambers in Auschwitz or anywhere else during WWII. Hundreds of thousands of Jews did die from typhus, starvation and disease due to the chaos of war and Allied terror bombing of Germany. 60 million people died due to the Jewish Bolshevik Revoltution, Holodomor ... Zionists are trying to rub out this historical fact by endless Holocaust propaganda. The real story is how Zionists and Nazis conspired to enable mass emigration to Palestine to create Israel, the ultimate aim of Zionists...MORE
  • They accuse 9/11 Truthers of being anti-Semitic, well its just another semantic obfuscation that is old, warn-out, over-used and increasingly ineffective. See the NFU Interactive Excel spreadsheet with 2000 rows of credible pieces of evidence that they and the Neocons did do 9/11.
  • Hilary Swank, cast in new Holocaust propaganda movie based on David Irving's trial against Debora Lipstadt. MORE ... anti-Semitism is definitely on the rise and 'they're' getting desperate. They have to keep lying now forever... the 6,000,000 hoax lives on.
  • Link 9/11, JFK assassination and the Holocaust Hoax and ISIS (Islamic State) ... they all eminate from the same source: Neocon Zionists. The creation, sustenance and expansion of the state of Israel is the root cause of all the conflicts in the Middel East. See interactive spreadsheet with 2000 rows of evidence supportive of this premise. MORE and see MOBILE version
  • Central Intelligence Agency director John O. Brennan, whose stewardship of both the CIA and the National Security Council during the Obama presidency has done more to ensure the spread of the Islamic State and the success of Israeli expansionism than any other single administration figure, has extensive financial ties to the Rothschild financial empire, according to Brennan's financial disclosure statement from 2014. MORE
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  • Big banks (all Jewish controlled), which have been ‘convicted and fined’ for mega-swindles, include Citi Bank, Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, JP Morgan, Barclay, Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsch Bank and forty other ‘leading’ financial institutions. MORE
  • WMR first reported on the possibility that Bush, a recent college graduate, may have served as a CIA "non-official cover" (NOC) agent in Venezuela. The revelation about Bush's past links to the CIA comes two days before his expected announcement in Miami that he is a candidate for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. MORE
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  • Breaking the Spell - The Holocaust Myth & Reality by Nicholas Kollerstrom ... n 1941, British Intelligence analysts cracked the German “Enigma” code. This undermined the German war effort – but also threw new light on day-by-day events in the Nazi concentration camp system. Between January 1942 and January 1943, encrypted radio communications between those camps and the Berlin headquarters were intercepted and decrypted. Oddly enough, historians have largely ignored the information furnished in these intercepts relating to “arrivals,” “departures,” recorded deaths and other events at these camps. The only reasonable explanation for this embarrassing omission is that the intercepted data seriously contradicts, even refutes, the orthodox “Holocaust” narrative. AMAZON.com
  • Shaq, a 9/11 Truther? He must have said something about 9/11 video fakery for Digital Mavericks to have created the story that he now has vociferously distanced himself from. He fired the company ... The commotion it caused is now the story. It focuses on WTC video fakery from CGI graphics programs. MORE
  • Hilary Swank, cast in new Holocaust Hoax movie based on David Irving's trial against Debora Lipstadt. MORE ... anti-Semitism is definitely on the rise and 'they're' getting desperate. Maybe the creators of this movie believe that associations with the rape scene in 'Boys Don't Cry' will evoke Holocaust sympathy... to rake in more cash?
  • Russ Wittenber 9/11 Whistleblower who flew actual 9/11 aircraft.. Flight 77 Pentagon flight says flight path impossible MORE
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  • WMR Philip Marshall's antagonists are clearly Vice President George H W Bush, called "the VP," and his pretentious-Florida businessman and cocaine-smuggling son, who is obviously Jeb Bush. With Jeb Bush all but announcing his candidacy for president in 2016, Marshall's knowledge of the role he played in the Iran-contra scandal clearly made the California author a marked man (including his children who were 'suicided' in California. MORE
  • RT.com Rand Paul seeks to tie Pentagon funding to release of classified 9/11 docs ... The Kentucky Senator and GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul filed an amendment to a military funding bill, demanding the release of 28 pages from the 9/11 report that have been classified since 2002 and allegedly link Saudi Arabia to the attacks. SEE VIDEO
  • ...
  • WMR ... not only has GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush seen his White House chances damaged by the Jeffrey Epstein underage sex slave scandal, but Democratic frontrunner for her party's presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton, is reportedly "furious" with her husband Bill Clinton for his involvement in the scandal. Jeb Bush was Governor of Florida in 2005 when Epstein was first charged with having sex with a 14-year old girl. And it was Bush's administration and his Attorney General and successor, Charlie Crist, that first entered into negotiations with Epstein's lawyers, who included Dershowitz, Miami celebrity lawyer Roy Black, and Bill Clinton special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, to guarantee Epstein a 13-month house arrest sentence.MORE
  • RT.com Wikileaks releases ‘largest’ trove of docs exposing secret TiSA trade deal MORE ...
  • ISIS is a US/Israeli/Saudi military force to create the Eretz Israel, ... MORE
  • VeteransToday Months of US-led coalition airstrikes have not made any real dent on ISIS except to stop its onward whirlwind march ...(by design?)
  • Mercola.com Heavy Cell Phone Use Can Quadruple Your Risk of Deadly Brain Cancer ... research has shown that those who begin using cell phones heavily before age 20 have four to five times more brain cancer by their late 20s, compared to those whose exposure is minimal. In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), an arm of the World Health Organization (WHO), declared cell phones a Class B Carcinogen, meaning a “possible cancer-causing agent,” based on the available research.
  • From WMR's (and Sybil Edmunds) previous reports (MORE) that House Speaker Dennis Hastert was involved in a homosexual circle involving congressional staffers also appears to be mentioned in the deposition, along with the fact that Hastert's activities were known to foreign intelligence agents and that the foreign agents sometimes participated in trysts at Hastert's townhouse. On October 7, 2006, WMR reported on Hastert's homosexual trysts: "The rumors about another top GOP member of the House being involved in sexual encounters with young "men for hire" are confirmed to WMR by well-placed sources in Washington's gay community. The member in question is House Speaker Dennis Hastert, whose 'alternate' life style is the primary reason for him and his staff covering up the scandal involving ex-Florida GOP Rep. Mark Foley and his lewd messages sent to underage male congressional pages. Hastert's penchant to receive anal sex is well-known to our sources in DC's gay community. Additionally, Hastert's reported extremely small penis is the subject of many jokes among Washington's gay circles." After leaving Congress, Hastert became a lobbyist for the Turkish government and... Sybil Edmunds statement on Hastert blackmail
  • 2015 May 19 WayneMadsenReport The Tsarnaev brothers defense team never brought up fact that they were related by marriage to the CIA's master of the "strategy of tension" in Eurasia's Islamic Crescent ... The Tsarnaev brothers' uncle, Ruslan Tsarni (aka Tsarnaev), was once married to the daughter of Graham Fuller, the CIA's architect of arming and training jihadist mujaheddin in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Russian autonomou republics.
  • Hilary Swank, cast in new Holocaust Hoax movie based on David Irving's trial against Debora Lipstadt. MORE ... anti-Semitism is definitely on the rise and 'they're' getting desperate.
  • 2015 May 15 Israel is a rascist apartheid state ...Approximately 135,500 Ethiopian Jews live in Israel, and more than a third of them – over 50,000 – were born there.. StreamAfrica ...Israeli government doesn’t want African ‘infiltrators’, who like their Arab/ Palestinian counterparts, threaten the “security and Jewish identity of Israel”. These aversion has been so strong in recent years, that they recently amended the longstanding Prevention of Infiltration Law (enshrined specifically to bar Arabs/Palestinians from returning to Israel to claim their expropriated properties) to include these undocumented Africans.
  • LIBOR and Forex bankster trading fraud settlements just end up as tax write-offs....MORE and see NFU Rothschild LIBOR fraud page ... 8 of the 13 chairmans of the Fed are/were Jewish. and see Bloomberg ... the words tax write off are never mentioned. ... All major financial scandals over the last few decades were led by Jewish bankers including BCCI, LTCM, Savings & Loan, Housing meltdown, LIBOR and Forex
  • ... ‘Nuclear disaster waiting to happen’: Royal Navy probes Trident whistleblower's claimsnd Forex. RT.com see FULL STATEMENT on NFU Whistleblower page
  • 2015 May 14 Pope Francis recognizes the State of Palestine but ...a Illinois House committee passes a anti-BDS bill ... the Senate passed it with a unanimous vote 49-0...B'nai Brith has the Illinois legislature by the balls..uses the warn out canard 'anti-Semitic'... Times of Israel
  • 2015 May 8 ADL from March of 2014 ... Holocaust Denial Movement Abuzz Over The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax Film ... the comments don't seem to be filtered: "t's gettin sweaty now huh? The past kreeping up on you from behind ,faster and faster."
  • 2015 May 3 Politico/ Larry Flynt endorses Hillary Clinton .. Flynt said he knows that politicians like Clinton generally like to stay away from associating with him, and he said it does not bother him
  • Hilary Swank, cast in new Holocaust Hoax movie based on David Irving's trial against Debora Lipstadt. MORE ... anti-Semitism is definitely on the rise and 'they're' getting desparate.
  • 2015 May 2 Anti-Semitism News MercuryNews ... Swastikas at Stanford ... swastikas spray-painted on a fraternity house ... "Over this year it's gotten a lot worse for me," said Horwitz, a student senator-elect. "I feel like the climate has definitely changed and there seems to be less room for dialogue." (NFU analysis ...the swastika actually is not an appropriate anti-Zionist symbol because it reinforces the Holocaust myth and redirects the argument, ... assuming that many believe that Zionism is the cause of most modern antisemitism.)
  • ISIS/ISIL, Islamic State created by Israel, US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey ... more and .RT.com ..see 9/11, JFK, Holocaust, & ISIS interactive spreadsheet, 2000 rows- sort & filter
  • Only a small minority of people really care about the Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Gotha, Nazis) new baby girl.
  • 2015 Apr 30 NFU Clinton 9/11 Truth page ... Hillary is so pathologically focused on power and the US presidency she will destroy herself in the process of seeking that office. She has way too much baggage.
  • Like no other country in civilization, Israeli has made a practice of staging false flag attacks to mold the foreign policy of the US and other nations in order to bully and impose its will on the world. We are becoming more aware of this day by day and cannot stop the effort to expose this. Israel is an illegal state that needs to face justice. It goes way beyond the Palestinians or 9/11 and now includes an awakening to the Holocaust LIE! MORE
  • WayneMadsenReport In a historic speech at American University, Obama called the Israel Lobby out on their perfidy. "The lobbying that is taking place on the other side is fierce, it is well-financed, it is relentless," Obama said. Referencing the neo-con opponents of the deal, Obama added, "you are going to see the same array of forces that got us into the Iraq War, leading to a situation in which we forgo a historic opportunity and we are back on the path of potential military conflict."Foxman wants to re-write history. Well over 97 percent of the neocons who supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq, including Schumer, and those who signed the neocon charter document for continual warfare, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), are Jewish. One can count on a single hand the non-Jewish signers of the PNAC charter (Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, John Bolton, and a couple of others). PNAC and the Iraq duplicity are historical millstones that people like Foxman, Schumer, and others will have to bear for the rest of their miserable lives, whether they like it or not. MORE
  • 2015 Apr 30 NFU NFEx-President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi is a 0/11 Truther....
  • 2015 Apr 28 WMR NFU summary of article: David Plouffe, ( Senior VP of Policy and Strategy for the Uber.com driving service and political mastermind behind Obama's presidential campaigns of 2008 and 2012 is now an unofficial adviser to Hillary Clinton's campaign... specifically to circumvent the WH press corp in the similar manner (relying on social media) that he exercised in Obama's campaigns. Uber's application has been discovered to not only keep track of very specific geo-location data on its customers but also other applications running on a customer's smart phone, records of past phone calls, web browsing histories, WiFi hot zone usage, and the actual device identifier (iPhone, Android, etc.). Not only is such data valuable to third party marketers but also to law enforcement and intelligence agencies
  • 2015 Apr 27..RT.com. was reported that Israel had opened its borders with Syria to provide medical treatment to wounded al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda affiliated Nusra Front soldiers and after treating them, released them straight back over the Syrian border to continue their fight against a secular government which protects Christians and other religious minorities.
  • 2015 Apr 24 Business Insider ... Word is that Ackermann, as Chairman of the International Banking Federation, is taking a central role in fighting against the proposed ~50% write-downs that owners of Greek debt might be forced to take if Eurozone leaders take Greece through a strategic, orderly default that does not trigger a credit event. Ackermann is on the steering committe of the Bilderberg group and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, and a visiting professor at the London School of Economics (founded by the Socialist Sidney Webb, funded in part by JP Morgan, a protege of the Rothschilds)
  • 2015 DailyMail Priest banned from using social media sites for six months after posting 'anti-Semitic' comments claiming Israel was behind 9/11 ... Reverend Stephen Sizer will remain Christ Church in Virginia Water, Surrey ..at the constermation of Jewish leaders... ha ha.
  • 2015 Apr 23 FoxNews Clinton Foundation got $$ from investors as Russians pushed for uranium deal ... The relationship between former President Bill Clinton and a group of wealthy Canadian mining investors who made significant contributions to the Clinton family's foundation has come under scrutiny after their uranium company ended up in the hands of the Russians. That deal, which gave the Russians access to part of the U.S. uranium reserves, all started with Bill Clinton's dealings with friend Frank Giustra.
  • 2015 Apr 23 FresnoZionism A particularly offensive position commonly attributed to Jews is that recognition of the Armenian Genocide would diminish the importance of the Jewish Holocaust.
  • Jeb Bush is polling at the top of the 2016 election contender list but only by a point or so. This election cycle will be an important test in gauging the impact of the 'internet blogger world'. MSM viewership is still declining. Bush will not be able to shake off his Bush Crime Family baggage...by the train load. He will not be able to deny his families ties to Nazi Germany, Thyssen, Schacht, Silesian Steel, the Union Bank Corporation, Zionist funding of Adoph Hitler, profits made from slave labor at Auschwitz Berkinau and the nearby I.G. Farben chemical plant ... and the Trading with the Enemies Act issues... and most of all the Holocaust hoax...
  • Hillary Clinton's hacked Benghazi emails sent to RT ... A hacker using the alias “Guccifer” was credited last week with compromising the AOL email account of Sidney Blumenthal, a 64-year-old journalist who formerly worked as an assistant to then-President Bill Clinton
  • Telegraph.uk Apr 21, 2015 ... Isil leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 'wounded in air strike in Iraq' ... The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, regarded by many to be the leading authority on Sunni Islamic thought, “believes that all those who are today speaking of an Islamic State are terrorists,” his representative, Sheikh Abbas Shuman, told AFP earlier this week. “The Islamic caliphate can’t be restored by force. Occupying a country and killing half of its population... this is not an Islamic state, this is terrorism,” he said.
  • Sun-Sentinel on Iran and rich conservative Jews run AIPAC and don't represent the Jewish community.
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  • TruthandShadows ... David Philip Schippers, ... on 9/13/2001 went public on WRRK Pittsburg with the statement that he had been told by the FBI months before 9/11 that there would be a massive terrorist attack targeting lower Manhattan and that they knew the names and funders... The agents were from Illinois and Michigan... AG Ashcroft did not return his calls warning about the attack ... The FBI agents were told to end their inquiry or face arrest.
  • YouGov (Consensus Panel) has started polling Canadian citizens on 9/11 Truth ... AE 911Truth helped with fundraising...see YouGov poll on 9/11 Commission Report... lots of spepticism.
  • NFU.. Dec 17, 2014 ... New! 9/11 Truth Search Engine ... no MSM or Wikipedia included ... just 9/11 Truth related sites ... uses Google Custom Search Engine
  • Huffington Post Polls reported in The Atlantic show that the belief that historical reports of the Holocaust are exaggerated is, quite surprisingly, highest among Hindus, where a staggering 65 percent believe Holocaust figures to be overblown, followed by Muslims, where the proportion is 53 percent for those under the age of 65.
  • Mondoweiss.. Dec 17, 2014 ... Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies, Mondoweiss, Netanyahu is a psychopath....
  • NEW! ... 9/11 Truth Interactive Spreadsheet... Sort / Filter on 2000 rows, 12 columns of 9/11 research: nuclear demolition of WTC, 'no planes'. more.
  • NFU.. May 2013  AP Associated Press Phone Records Seizure by Obama / DOJ .... trying to silence whistleblowers...and Obama Israeli false flag terrorism.  MORE
  • 9/11 Truth News
  • Dec 2014
  • Obama announced the resumption of normal relations with Cuba
  • US military is forcing out 'chaptering out' disabled veterans to avoid paying benefits.
  • The number of inmates serving life sentences hits new record
  • The TPP recieves little MSM coverage
  • TruthRevolt University of California Students Association voted on divesting from companies that do business with Israel..
  • New York Times Hides Jewish News That Embarrasses Rich Jewish Elites
  • The Washington Post carried this news: Ultra-Orthodox Jews delay El Al flight, refusing to sit near women …which is all about this riot of right wing ISIS-style Jews demanding women be totally segregated from men including women who were not married to these creeps, all women and so they rioted all the way from Kennedy airport to Israel and…this news was NOT reported by the NYT. Imagine that!
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  • Nov 2014
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the final part of its Fifth Assessment Project, warning that the world faces severe, pervasive, and irreversible damage from global emissions of CO2.
  • The Rosetta spacecraft's Philae probe successfully landed on Comet 67P, a first.
  • Corporate news underestimate rape cases, refrain from using 'rape' word ... call it sex crimes, forced sex.
  • Charter schools not living up to hype.
  • .....
  • Oct 2014
  • The Roman Catholic Church beatifies Pope Paul VI
  • Burkina Faso Pres. Blaise Compaore resigns after wide spread protests in response to the attempt in abolishing term limits
  • Estonia has redisgned its entire information structure with goals of openness, privacy and security
  • Agribusiness giants Monsanto and Syngenta attempt to silence critics, whistleblowers that reveal herbicides as health threats ...
  • .....
  • Sep 2014
  • The World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, held in Cape Town, is suspended after a boycott to protest the refusal to grant the Dalai Lama a visa due to China pressure.
  • The FBI National database of police killings exists but not so for civilians killed by police.
  • 1.7 million Gazans live without clean drinking water, the coastal aquifer Zander Swinburne is contaminated with sewage, chemicals and seawater.
  • .....
  • Aug 2014
  • Khmer Rouge leaders Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan are found guilty of crimes against humanity and are sentenced to life imprisonment by the Khmer Rouge Tribunal
  • The US military begins an air campaign in northern Iraq to stem the influx of ISIS militants ... a fake effort... ISIS is a creation of US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar ....etc
  • The beef industry increasingly feeds cattle poultry litter scraped from chicken coup floors, the FDA does nothing to stop it.
  • A Kansas bill would require women to report miscarriages at any stage of pregnancy, a first step toward criminalizing women's bodies
  • .....
  • Jul 2014
  • Following the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers in June, Israel launches Operation Protective Edge on the Palestinian Gaza Strip, in seven weeks of fighting 2100 Palestinians and 71 Israeli are killed.
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, a Boeing 777, crashes in eastern Ukraine...UN adopts resolution 2166 in response
  • Air Algerie Flight 5017 crashes in Mali
  • Wireless phones pose a health hazard, emit RF-EMFs when in use, and WHO studies determine that these EMFs to be a 'possible' human carcinogen.
  • .....
  • Jun 2014
  • A Sunni militant group called the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS / ISIL) begins an offensive in northern Iraq aiming to capture Baghdad and overthrow the Shiite govt led by PM Nouri al-Maliki
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup is held in Brazil and is won by Germany
  • King Juan Carlos I of Spain abdicates in favor of his son who ascends the Spanish throne as King Felipe VI
  • Over 1400 plaintiffs by persons from outside Japan have filed a lawsuit against TEPCO, Toshiba, Hitachi and General Electric for the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
  • .....
  • May 2014
  • The World Health Organization identifies the spread of poliomyelitis in at least 10 countries as a major emergency
  • Boki Harem militants kill approximately 300 in an attack on Gamboru Ngala
  • The Royal Thai Army overthrows Boonsongpaisan
  • One out five US tax dollars is spent on defense more than the total of the next ten countries defense budgets combined.
  • .....
  • Apr 2014
  • NThe Parliament Assembly of the Council (PACE) of Europe passes a resolution to temporarily strip Russia of voting rights
  • ,276 girls and women are abducted and held hostage in Nigeria
  • Korean ferry, MV Sewol capsizes and sinks killing 304 people, mostly high school students
  • Sanctions by US on Russia go into effect targeting those close to Putin
  • Think tanks such as the Brookings Institute, Heritage Foundation, AEI, Cato Institute and the Rand Corp receive millions from extremely wealthy corporations and individual donors.
  • The Catholic Church canonizes Popes John XXIII and John Paul II
  • ....................................................
  • Mar 2014
  • Nicolas Maduro severes ties with Panama accusing it of being involved in conspiracy against Venezuela
  • The WHO suppresses Iraqi cancers and birth defects from the effects of depleted uranium.
  • The US media's hypocrisy in claiming Russian intervention in the Ukraine is off the charts... forgetting Iraq, Afghanistan...record on overthrowing democratic governments around the world.
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a Boeing 777 disappears over the Gulf of Thailand with 239 aboard, presumed crashed in the Indian Ocean.
  • Crimea holds a referendum
  • Putin annexed Crimea, officially
  • The US, Italy, Germany, France, Japan and Canada temporarily suspend Russia from the G8
  • Not only does corporate news ignore global warming but they sensationalize global warming deniers.
  • The UN passes Resolution 68/262 recognizing Crimea within Ukraines borders
  • The UN International Court of Justice rules that Japan's whaling program is commercial and not scientific
  • .................................
  • Feb 2014 Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, infecting 10s of thousands
  • The US Occupy movement was deliberately targeted by the FBI. Protesters were subject to police assault, police provacateurs, and group infiltration.
  • XXII Olympic games are held in Sochi, Russia,...
  • Lack of honest constituent representation, transparency and accountability are a major concern of US citizens, but ignored by MSM.
  • Belgium first country ever to lealize euthanasia for terminally ill patients
  • Ukranian parliament votes to remove Pres. Viktor Yanokovych
  • The pro Russian unrest in Ukraine leads to the annexation of Crimea,
  • .....................................
  • Jan 2014 d... Latvia adopts the euro
  • Former GE bankers, Peter Grimm, Steve Goldberg and Domick Carollo are back on Wall Street after being convicted of rigging municipal bond auctions that was essentially stealing from funds of public schools, libraries and hospitals
  • Guardian May 2013 ... Over the past five years Stein's organisation, Republican Party Animals, drew hundreds to regular events in and around Los Angeles, making him a darling of conservative blogs and talkshows. That he made respected documentaries on the Holocaust added intellectual cachet and Jewish support to Stein's cocktail of politics, irreverence and rock and roll. There was just one problem. Stein was not who he claimed. His real name can be revealed for the first time publicly – a close circle of confidants only found out the truth recently – as David Cole. .And under that name he was once a reviled Holocaust revisionist who questioned the existence of Nazi gas chambers. He changed identities in January 1998.
  • Mercola Mar 13, 2013 Big Dairy Petitions FDA to Allow Unlabeled Use of Aspartame in Dairy Products ... “amend the standard of identity” for milk and 17 other dairy products. — ... the usof and  including non-nutritive sweeteners such as aspartame” to deceive you by not having to indicate its use on the label.
  • Examiner Feb 27, 2013 ... Thirteen states currently battling to stop NDAA People Against the NDAA (P.A.N.D.A.), Tenth Amendment Center, American Civil Liberties Union and the Bill of Rights Defense Committee have been instrumental in organizing and supporting these campaigns.
  • Andy Worthington Mar 11, 2013 Guantanamo Hunger Strike  ...   reports first began to emerge on February 23 about a camp-wide hunger strike, of a scale not seen since before Barack Obama became President.   Are they being force fed?
  • RT Mar 8, 2013 DHS drones equipped to eavesdrop on Americans ... They can, (drones) conduct surveillance, intercept communications and even determine whether or not a person thousands of feet below the aircraft is armed.
  • Wired Mar 5, 2013 DARPA Wants You to Transcribe, and Instantly Recall, All of Your Conversations   and see an earlier Darpa project called Effective Affordable Reusable Speech-to-text, or EARS,
  • Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth  Mar 4, 2013  Small But Significant Triumph for 9/11 Truth Activist in UK Court ...  In an act of civil disobedience, Tony Rooke refused to pay a £130 TV license fee, alleging that the BBC intentionally misrepresented facts about the 9/11 attacks. Facing a judge Monday, Rooke was not convicted and did not have to pay the fine.
  • Middle East Confidential Feb 26, 2013   U.S.-Israeli Company (Genie Energy) Authorized to Drill Oil in Occupied Golan ... Syrian authorities and the regular army are at grips with the internal civil war and have no means to retaliate ... Rothschilds, Murdoch in on deal.
  • PolicyMic Feb 25, 2013 NDAA "The law could theoretically be used against labor strikes, acts of civil disobedience, demonstrations, and so on,” Alternet .... NDAA is riddled with abstract and ambiguous terms making it easy to detain just about anyone.
  • See WMR ... WayneMadsenReport for the latest news ... how the world really works.
  •  case #12A606 ...  Fraudulent birth certificate, SS#, and Selective Service registration presented in Supreme Court conference,  Feb 19, 2013
  • RT Feb 22, 2013  Obama moves to keep kill list memos secret forever ...  Obama has no plans to show Congress the legal rulings that justify his use of drones to kill US citizens, despite urging from members of his own political party. see NFU NDAA Obama kill list
  • SlashGear Feb 21, 2013, Obama’s Brain Activity Map project  ....  We should be highly suspicious of this project because DARPA is involved in it.
  • GlobalResearch Feb 20, 2013 The Moral Decoding of 9-11: Beyond the U.S. Criminal State, The Grand Plan for a New World Order Part I ...  I was skeptical of the 9-11 event from the first time I saw it on television.
  • FukushimaVoice Feb 18, 2013 41,947 (44.2%) of 94,975 children had thyroid ultrasound abnormalities.  The Fukushima Prefecture Health Management Survey Planning Committee revealed that 10 of 186 eligible for the secondary examination from FYH23 were suspected of having thyroid cancer ...
  • PRWatch Feb 16, 2013  State of the Union, five days before what is anticipated to be the largest climate rally in the U.S. history, Obama made his message on climate change clear: “For the sake of our children and our future, we must do more to combat climate change.
  • TheAllegiante Feb 14, 2013  Invasion! DHS Source Tells Why Military Train in U.S. Cities ...joint military-local law enforcement exercises were becoming more common and more intense.  Isn’t this a violation of Posse Comitatus Act
  • NodisInfo Feb 13, 2012 .. Facebook’s Zuckerberg Implicated in Sandy Hook Cover-Up ...  Pictures don’t lie, even if they are fabricated. Mark Zuckerberg’s Timeline Photos is perpetrating great acts of photo-manipulation, as is clearly proven here.
  • CollateralMurder Feb 12, 2013, Horrific footage (from Birgitta Jonsdottir) of US forces in Iraq (2007) murdering Reuters news people, extremely graphic ... see Wikileaks, Bradley Manning  Ellsberg petition to free Manning. 
  • RT Feb 11, 2013 Software that tracks your every move and predicts future behavior ... Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare collaborate with Raytheon's Rapid Information Overlay Technology ... see EPIC Electronic Privacy Information Center.
  • Slate Feb 8, 2013 ... Police .... Turning to Cameras That Track All Vehicles' Movements:  it can be used as a kind of mass, warrantless tracking system.  Germany: constitutional court ruling in 2008 that the indiscriminate nationwide collection and retention of number plate data violated the country’s strict privacy laws.
  • FromTheTrenchesWorldReport Feb 7, 2013 ... How to Build a Radio/Drone Jammer ... Remember building this is not illegal (in most places) but using it is. You will be causing harmful interference and probably upsetting people.
  • ...........................................
  • AE911Truth Feb 6, 2013  Now on iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes: 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out ... 1700+ Architects & Engineers, 16,000 supporters  ...  as well as Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster, exposing it to web users.
  • NFU Feb 5, 2013 Arctic Methane Emergency, 1 km wide methane plumes
  • WSWS Feb 1, 2013 US health care “individual mandate” will leave 30 million uninsured    February 2013 The US government on Wednesday released new details on implementation of the “individual mandate” provision in the health care legislation signed into law by President Obama in March 2010.
  • Feminist Jan 31, 2013 New York Conservatives Push Back on Women's Rights Package ... The "Women's Equality Act" would provide equal pay for equal work, workplace protections against discrimination, and measures against violence against women.
  • NaturalNews  Jan 30, 2013 a DHS bid has been uncovered (see documents below) showing that the Department of Homeland Security recently put out an offer to purchase 7,000 full-auto "assault weapons" to be used domestically, inside the USA.  See FedBizOps for bid details
  • ZDNet Jan 28, 2013   Apple users launch U.K. legal case against Google tracking ...  Cookies were installed on computers and devices without the users' authorization, despite having strong privacy and security settings in place .....
  • GlobalRevolution, Jan 25, 2013   LiveStream, Tahrir Square ... Global Revolution brings you live stream video coverage from independent journalists on the ground at nonviolent protests around the world.
  • .................................
  • FukushimaUpdate  Jan 23, 2013 A murasoi fish, ... was found at a port in the area of the now-closed Fukushima nuclear power plant, which contained 254,000 becquerels per kilogram of cesium, ... exceeds Japan’s legal limit for seafood radiation by 2,540 times.  ...  TEPCO admitted that radiation leaks coming from the nuclear plant have not yet fully stopped.
  • WMR Jan 22, 2013 The so-called "Al Qaeda affiliate" operation carried out against theTigantourine BP-Statoil-Sonatrach natural gas facility near the town of Amenas in Algeria's Sahara Desert ... was engineered by CIA and MI-6 operatives who used the services of "Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb" (AQIM)   WMR or here
  •  Orly Taitz works for Netanyahu and AIPAC
  • Orly Taitz Records show the name of Harry Bounel used in association with Obama’s address in Chicago. According to Lexis Nexis there are multiple SSNs connected to Obama. I need records from Ellis Island and immigration. Please help.
  • TheAtlantic   Jan 18, 2013  (no more naked pics)  TSA  has ended a contract with Rapiscan, the manufacturer of the controversial  backscatter screener. L3 Communications will take over this function ... see L3 links to 9/11....  PilotsFor911Truth
  • Examiner Jan 16, 2013 White House yanks petition calling for resignation over birth certificate ... it also mentions Supreme Court conference on evidence of forgery of birth certificate, Selective Service docs and SS# issues, ... Orly Taitz working with Israel.
  • .....................................................
  • RT Jan 15, 2013   Gay spy ring: Georgia prosecutors bust Saakashvili's undercover network  Three top Military Police officers have been released on bail after appearing in court.  Widipedia Soros funded Saakashvilli's Rose Revolution
  • ..............................................
  • Opsec News ..HR 4310 in the 2013 NDAA now allows much of what the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 restricted......From SEC. 501. (a) of HR 4310 The Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors are authorized to use funds appropriated or otherwise made available for public diplomacy information programs to provide for the preparation, dissemination, and use of information intended for foreign audiences abroad about the United States, its people, and its policies, through press, publications, radio, motion pictures, the Internet, and other information media, including social media, and through information centers, instructors, and other direct or indirect means of communication
  • Energypedia  Mali, Oil ...... Chinese direct investments in Mali increased 300-fold from 1995 to 2008. Mali ranks with Zambia, South Africa and Egypt among African countries where China has made its largest investments.
  • ...................................
  • Examiner  Jan 10, 2013   Supreme Court to hear case on Obama's alleged forged documents  Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court scheduled a birther case brought on by Dr. Orly Taitz which calls into question Barack Hussein Obama's eligibility to be president of the United States.  website
  • Dark Knight Rises links to Sandy Hook ... 
  • Wired   Jan 10, 2013   RFID  A Texas high school student is being suspended for refusing to wear a student ID card implanted with a radio-frequency identification chip.   The rightwing Rutherford Institute and the ACLU are appealling the case.
  • TheSlate Jan 9, 2013   U.S. Spy Law Authorizes Mass Surveillance of European Citizens: Report  ...    U.S. spy law renewed late last year authorizes “purely political surveillance on foreigners' data” if it is stored using U.S. cloud services like those provided by Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
  • Citizens for a Legitimate Government  Jan 8, 2013  Obama's Cheney? 'Assassination Czar' John Brennan Brings Legacy of Drone War and Torture to CIA  and  WMR Story shifted from Stanley to The Analysis Company as it was determined that its CEO John O. Brennan is retired CIA and Obama advisor. 
  • IndianCountryToday  Jan 5, 2013  The second wave of Idle No More protests swept across Canada on Friday December 21, with support events held across the U.S. and as far away as Europe and New Zealand, less than two weeks after the movement burst onto the political scene on December 10.   ... highway and train blockades...
  • TheAtlanticCities Jan 2013  China's 4 Most Wasteful Infrastructure Projects of 2012   Funding China’s long march into Africa is the sort of project that wins China’s state-owned conglomerates political brownie points. So Citic, one of the nation’s oldest state-owned enterprises, has built a $3.5 billion new housing development in Angola
  • TheAtlantic  Jan 4, 2013 ... Terrorist Disposition Matrix .. How Obama decides who is killed.  ... without trial, .... US Citizens included...
  • 4thMedia Jan 2, 2013  The Truth About Federal Reserve Bank: AMERICA and the WORLD DECEIVED  ...  Andrew Jackson: “If the American people only understood the rank injustice of our money and banking system – there would be a revolution before morning… more
  • LA Times Obama wins 'fiscal cliff' victory, but at high cost  ...  Obama had to accept far less new revenue than he had wanted. ...  The compromise starts the increases at $400,000 for individuals and $450,000 for couples. Overall, the deal is projected to raise about $620 billion in new revenues over the next 10 years, almost $1 trillion less than Obama had asked for.
  • Partnership for Civil Justice Fund  Dec 31, 2012  New Federal Lawsuit Filed Filed Against NYPD for Occupy Arrests  ...  and Guardian  Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy   the cops and DHS working for and with banks to target, arrest, and politically disable peaceful American citizens.
  • .................................................
  • ....................................................
  • libor  hit  Ai Weiwei
  • Business Insider facebook fbi
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  • RT de facto declaration of war
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  • TheRealNews   MyTruthLogic Morsi 9/11
  • GlobalVoicesOnline
  • Nationalism Manifesto: Alt Right Manifesto Nationalism does not necessarily incur racism. Family values include pro-feminism. Resent corrupt warmongers/profiteers sanctimoniously pushing multiculturalism. Islamophobia was invented by corrupt warmongers/profiteers. Reject NWO globalism and the income inequality it creates. Bundling anti-Semitism with hate, racism and bigotry is disingenuous trickery. Political Correctness is a Jewish invention to suppress free speech. Cultural Marxism is real and rooted in Jewish Marxist ideology. Purge Marxist Critical Theory from academia. LGBTQ is an insignificant political issue. Tolerate and ignore. New scrutiny of 9/11, JFK and even the Holocaust are warranted. Freedom of speech is an unalienable right.
  • GEOMAR/Helmholz Center for Ocean Research, Oct 8, 2012 Methane Bomb:   According to Christian Berndt and his colleagues, they have known since 2008 that methane is leaking from the ocean bottom near Spitzbergen (Wikipedia), an island in Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago.
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