Trump Won 2020 Presidential Election

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January 6, 2020


nazi symbol guilt german people nuremberg fake trials anti-semitism
Bolsanaro had the courage to take on the Communist Lula, but Lula's corrupt power was too entrenched. 1100+ political prisoners now face the same or worse conditions as the J6 protestors.

foxnews contrived islamophobia iraq war neocon zionists
There are a plethora of descriptions and uses for the 'swastika' ... in this case it denotes not demonizing the German people for something they did not do.


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Mike Lindell, owner of MyPillow has been a steadfast supporter of Donald Trump and election integrity. It is possible that he is responsible for the near bankruptcy of Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Kari Lake is a rising star in the Trump GOP, She took on the Arizona corrupt political machine.

Pennsylvania election corruption is only matched by that of Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin. Election reform has to come in all these battleground states in order to restore election integrity

The sham Congressional J6 hearings have backfired. They produced nothing of any consequence. Numerous court proceeding rules were abandoned....all unconstitutional.

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