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Go to Russiagate page....Rachel Maddow and Wolf Blitzer demonized Trump for nearly three years, then the truth hit...their ratings suffered greatly

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There's no principle difference between NeoNazism, Jewish Chosenness and White Supremacism...all forms of supremacism are wrong....

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Amazon, WordPress and other have banned Holocaust revisionist books, but that doesn't mean they're not available...MORE

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Amazon, WordPress and other have banned Holocaust revisionist books, but that doesn't mean they're not available...MORE

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Clinton Bush Obama death lists...over 300 names suspicious deaths...Clintons by far the worst

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Cultural Marxist goal is to destroy Christian nationalist culture. LGBTQ is just one disengenuously elevate LGBTQ above all other issues as a club against white males...all for Jewish megalomania

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The Yellow Vests movement in France has severely weakoned the (((globalist Jews))) despite government attempts to infiltrate groups with violent actors

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Immigration drives are funded by deep state cultural marxists to advance the cause of socialism then Communism

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Communism is just Talmudism politicized.. both seek centralized power, abolish the family, state and Christian religion

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9/11 was a false flag attack on America by a cabal consisting of Israel, US, Britain and Saudi Arabia...executed to start Iraq War
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  • 14th century mid NCBI... (Spin) The Black Death as a cause of the massacres of Jews: a myth of medical history?]. Ritzmann I. Abstract In the middle of the 14th century, most towns in German-speaking territories and beyond massacred their Jewish communities. Thousands of Jews were burnt, often connected with accusations of well-poisoning. Medical and socio-historical literature usually attributes these massacres to the anxiety created by the Black Death, which was sweeping over Europe during this period. This article argues that there is no direct link between the massacres and the plague. How other researchers showed before, far from acts of plague-terrified, frenzied mobs, the massacres were the carefully planned and executed work of the Christian local governments. In addition, the slaughtering of Jews began long before the Black Death broke out in Europe. No relation can be found between the intensity of the disease and the violence of the murderers, even though there were wide regional differences. Causes of the persecutions other than the effects of plague seem evident, mainly religious fears fueled by the Church, financial profit, and political interests. This article wants to draw the attention to a myth in the history of medicine, the myth of the plague as the main cause of the massacres in the 14th century. It also raises the question, whether the plague as a trigger for the massacres really was a basic requirement.
  • 1948 May   GlobalResearch... In May 1948 the Zionist gangs besieged the well-fortified Palestinian city of Acre, which could stand the siege for a long time. The city water supply came from a nearby village name Kabri through an aqueduct. To shorten the siege and to enter the city, the Zionist gangs injected typhoid in the aqueduct. Many Palestinians and some 55 British soldiers, who were in the city, got infected. This crime was called operation “Shlach Lachmecha” as described by the Israeli military historian Urin Milstein [Wendy Barnaby’s “The Plague Makers: The Secret World of Biological Warfare”, London, Vision Paperbacks, 1997, pp 114-116] ... Lieutenant Petite, a French UN observer. He reported the cold-blooded murder of at least 100 Arab civilians, who refused to evacuate the city as ordered by the Zionists. Some of them were captured by the Zionist terrorists and were forced at gun point to drink cyanide; the case of Mohamed Fayez Soufi is one example as documented in “The Palestinian Catastrophe” by Michael Palumbo.
  • 1948 May 24  ElectronicIntifada....GAZA POISONING: Two weeks later, after their “success” in Acre, the Zionists struck again. This time in Gaza, where hundreds of thousands of refugees had gathered after their villages in southern Palestine were occupied. The end however was different. The following cable was sent from the commander of the Egyptian Forces in Palestine to General Headquarters in Cairo: “15.20 hrs, 24 May [1948] Our Intelligence forces captured two Jews, David Horeen and David Mizrahi, loitering around army positions. They were interrogated and confessed they had been sent by Officer Moshe to poison the army [and the peoples’] water supply. They carried with them water bottles divided in the middle. The top part has potable water and the bottom part has a liquid contaminated with typhoid and dysentery, equipped with a rear opening from which the liquid can be released. They confessed they were members of a 20-strong team sent from Rehovot for the same purpose. Both have written their confession in Hebrew and signed it. We have taken the necessary medical precautions.”
  • 1949 ..NFU...Shaul Eisenberg. An Austrian Jew raised in Shanghai, married the heir to Japan Air Lines ... became an Israeli citizen and Mossad official ... launched a $6 billion coal development project in Yunnan Province, known as the center the Golden Triangle opium production, not coal production, developed Israel's nuclear program.... Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. formerly ZIM Israel Navigation Company Ltd. and Zim American Israeli Shipping Inc., Haifa, Hamburg, Manhattan, Norfolk, founded 1945 by the Jewish Agency / Histadrut ... on immigration tasks, 1948 war, oil from Iran to Israel ... purchased by Shaul Eisenberg... .In 1949 alone, Zim ships brought 100,000 immigrants to Israel. ... In 1969, the Israel Corporation (Shaul Eiseberg) acquired about half of Zim shares. The Israeli government and other, smaller, investors held the rest. In April 1999, the Ofer Brothers Group became the major shareholder of the Israel Corporation, and Udi Angel was appointed Chairman of the Board of Zim. In February 2004 the Israel Corp completed ownership ... Henry Kissinger, long time agent of Shaul Eisenberg in weapons trading and theft and development of nuclear tech in far east ... long criminal history; wanted for war crimes in several countries; sat on War Policy Board under Perle; chosen to lead 9-11 Cover-Up Omission Commission; ... Realizing that Kennedy would not change his mind, Ben-Gurion decided to join forces with Communist China in developing a secret nuclear program through intermediary Shaul Eisenberg, who was a partner of Mossad gun-runner and accountant Tibor Rosenbaum (see Seeds of Fire by Gordon Thomas) ... how US secrets were stolen or doctored by PROMIS software. ...
  • 1952  Wikipedia......Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) is an Israeli government defense research institute specializing in biology, medicinal chemistry and environmental science. The institute's work is a closely guarded secret. It is suspected of also developing biological and chemical weapons and defenses against them, as well as toxins for use by Israeli intelligence in assassinations. It is located in Ness Ziona, 20 kilometers south of Tel Aviv. IIBR has approximately 350 employees, 150 of whom are scientists....IIBR is under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's Office and works in close cooperation with government agencies. IIBR has many public projects on which it works in cooperations with international research organizations (governmental and non-governmental) and universities. Its research findings are often published in national and international scientific publications. IIBR was founded in 1952 by Professor Ernst David Bergmann, Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion's science adviser and the head of R&D at the Ministry of Defense. Dr. Alexander Keynan. Keynan was IIBR's first director. Some of the fields in which IIBR conducts research include: Medical diagnostic techniques Mechanisms of pathogenic diseases Vaccines and pharmaceuticals Protein and enzyme synthesis and engineering Process biotechnology Air pollution risk assessment Environmental detectors and biosensors IIBR also has a non-public scope of operation. Due to its secretive and defense-related nature, it is widely assumed that the institute develops vaccines and antidotes for chemical and biological warfare. Some sources speculate that the IIBR also develops offensive capabilities in these fields. The IIBR also provides lethal toxin weapons for use in assassinations by the Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence service. ... Life Science Research Israel (LSRI), a subsidiary of IIBR, is dedicated to the commercial exploitation of innovative technologies developed by IIBR. According to its 2000 annual report (, in Hebrew), the 2000 budget was 16.6 million NIS (about US $4 million), with revenues of 12.9 million NIS (US $3 million). ... Marcus Klingberg, IIBR's deputy director, was arrested in 1983 and convicted of espionage for the Soviet Union. His arrest and sentencing was kept a secret for over a decade. Klingberg was released to house arrest for medical reasons in 1998, until the end of his sentence in 2003, but remained silent about his career or treason, as required by an agreement he signed before his release. Klingberg published his memoirs, Hameragel Ha'akharon ("The Last Spy"), written together with his lawyer, Michael Sfard, in 2007.
  • 1952  Global Research....... Germ Warfare: U.S. Dropped Plague-infected Fleas on North Korea in March 1952 ....For decades, the U.S. has strenuously denied the use of such weapons. At the same time, evidence of such use was kept from the American people. Even today, very few are aware of what really happened. Only in February 2018 was a full documentary report on germ warfare, prepared and written by mostly West European scientists, released online in easy-to-read format..The history behind the Korean War, and U.S. military and covert actions concerning China, Japan, and Korea, are a matter of near-total ignorance in the U.S. population. The charges of “brainwashing” of U.S. POWs, in an ongoing effort to hide evidence of U.S. biological warfare experiments and trials, also has become entwined in the propaganda used to explain the U.S. post-9/11 torture and interrogation program, and alibi past crimes by the CIA and Department of Defense for years of illegal mind control programs practiced as part of MKULTRA, MKSEARCH, ARTICHOKE, and other programs.
  • 1960  WMR...During the CIA's illegal involvement in warfare in Zaire and Angola, two novel viruses appeared on the scene: Ebola and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The CIA's longtime "Dr. Strangelove" for creating exotic methods to kill people, the club-footed Hungarian-Jew Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, saw Africa as a virtual "Petri dish" for carrying out his macabre experiments. In 1960, Gottlieb developed a deadly poison that was to be put on Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba's toothbrush and cause instant death. Gottlieb also worked on various "exotic" medical means to dispatch Cuban leader Fidel Castro.
  • 1972, the public learned that, over the course of the previous 40 years, a government medical experiment conducted in the Tuskegee, Ala., area had allowed hundreds of African-American men with syphilis to go untreated so that scientists could study the effects of the disease ... When did the U.S. Public Health Service Syphilis Study at Tuskegee become unethical? A. The study became unethical in the 1940s when penicillin became the recommended drug for treatment of syphilis and researchers did not offer it to the subjects. ... The purpose of this study was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis; the African American men in the study were only told they were receiving free health care from the Federal government of the United States. ... The results of the study, which took place with the cooperation of Guatemalan government officials, never were published. The American public health researcher in charge of the project, Dr. John Cutler, went on to become a lead researcher in the Tuskegee experiments. ...
  • 1972  JewishCurrents...uly 29: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment ... On this date in 1972 (some sources say July 25th, others July 28th), the infamous, 40-year-old Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, which left African-American men untreated for syphilis infection in order to trace the course of the disease, became national news when it was disclosed to the media by a social worker, Peter Buxton, whose Jewish father and Catholic mother had fled from the Nazi takeover of Czechoslovakia when he was an infant. By the time Buxton blew the whistle, of the original 399 infected men in the study, 28 had died of the disease, 100 were dead of related health conditions, 40 of their wives had been infected, and 19 of their children had been born infected. Prior to the inauguration of the Tuskegee experiment, the Rosenwald Fund, created by Julius Rosenwald of Sears-Roebuck, had funded a pilot program in five Southern states that was locating and treating poor black people infected with syphilis (the disease was epidemic in the South), but the Fund had ended its involvement in 1932, due to lack of matching state funds. The federally funded study, which deliberately withheld treatment, began later that year. In 1965, Dr. Irwin Schatz of Detroit, after reading about the Tuskegee study in a medical journal, had written a letter of outrage to the study’s authors, but had been ignored. Peter Buxton became aware of the experiment the following year and tried to raise ethical protests with the Center for Disease Control, which was by then in charge of the study. Stonewalled for several years, Buxton finally took his upset to the media — which led to a class action lawsuit by the NAACP that won $10 million and free medical care for survivors and their families, and to the 1974 National Research Act, which created a federal commission to write regulations governing studies with human participants. To see a 10-minute about this atrocious period in American history, look below.
  • 1992  Wikipedia......El Al Flight 1862, which crashed in the Netherlands in 1992, was carrying cargo destined for the Israel Institute for Biological Research which included 190 litres of dimethyl methylphosphonate, which (among many other uses) could be used in the synthesis of Sarin nerve gas, and is now a Chemical Weapons Convention schedule 2 chemical. Israel stated that the material was non-toxic, was to have been used to test filters that protect against chemical weapons, and that it had been listed on the cargo manifest in accordance with international regulations. The Dutch foreign ministry confirmed that it had already known about the presence of chemicals on the aircraft. According to the chemical weapons site CWInfo the quantity involved was "too small for the preparation of a militarily useful quantity of Sarin, but would be consistent with making small quantities for testing detection methods and protective clothing". ... The shipment of chemicals—approved by the US commerce department—reportedly came from Solkatronic Chemicals Inc. of Morrisville, Pennsylvania and its final destination was the Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) in Ness Ziona near Tel Aviv, Israel, which is reported to be the “Israeli military and intelligence community’s front organization for the development, testing and production of chemical and biological weapons.” A former IIBR biologist later tells the London Sunday Times in October of 1998, “There is hardly a single known or unknown form of chemical or biological weapon… which is not manufactured at the institute.” In fact, it was IIBR that provided the poison and the antidote used in the attempted assassination of a Hamas leader in Jordan in 1998. The IIBR does not appear on any maps and is off-limits even to members of Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset. Israel denies that the chemicals were to be used in the production of chemical weapons and instead claims that they were needed to test gas masks.
  • 1999 ..NFU.In 1949 alone, Zim ships brought 100,000 immigrants to Israel. ... In 1969, the Israel Corporation (Shaul Eiseberg) acquired about half of Zim shares. The Israeli government and other, smaller, investors held the rest. In April 1999, the Ofer Brothers Group became the major shareholder of the Israel Corporation, and Udi Angel was appointed Chairman of the Board of Zim. In February 2004 the Israel Corp completed ownership ... Henry Kissinger, long time agent of Shaul Eisenberg in weapons trading and theft and development of nuclear tech in far east ... long criminal history; wanted for war crimes in several countries; sat on War Policy Board under Perle; chosen to lead 9-11 Cover-Up Omission Commission; ... Realizing that Kennedy would not change his mind, Ben-Gurion decided to join forces with Communist China in developing a secret nuclear program through intermediary Shaul Eisenberg, who was a partner of Mossad gun-runner and accountant Tibor Rosenbaum (see Seeds of Fire by Gordon Thomas) ... how US secrets were stolen or doctored by PROMIS software. ... AIG's Greenberg was deeply involved in Chinese trade in the 80s with Kissinger. Greenberg was also very close to Shaul Eisenberg, who headed the Asian section of Israel’s Mossad, selling sophisticated military equipment to the Chinese Communist military. Greenberg appointed Kissinger as chairman of AIG’s International Advisory Board ... Israel Corporation (Rothschild chairman of BOD) ... Israel’s largest holding company ... founded in 1968 by Shaul Eisenberg / (Pinchas Sapir) ... fertilizer, chemicals, oil ... owned now by Ofer family, Leumi Bank and the public, govt ... holdings include Zim Integrated Shipping ... inextricably linked to Tibor Rosenbaum, Rothschild, Michael Tzur, International Credit Bank, Permindex, JFK ... 2001 Stumblein Shaul Eisenberg owned the Mossad company called Atwell Security. Atwell tried to obtain the security contract for the World Trade Center (and Port Authority) in the late 1980s. .... Eisenberg may have faked death and still alive... see Globes articles. ... Israel Corporation / Shaul Eisenberg were major and covert weapons suppliers to Southeast Asia at least since deals with genocidal Khmer Rouge (Pol Pot) regime in the 1970s. Eisenberg was intelligence and business partner with the Japanese Imperial government. This relationship instrumental in forming the Irgun and the Shanghai Betar. .. According to knowledgeable U.S. and European investigators, Soros's circle includes indicted metals and commodity speculator and fugitive Marc Rich of Zug, Switzerland and Tel Aviv; secretive Israeli arms and commodity dealer Shaul Eisenberg (Israel Corp), and "Dirty Rafi" Eytan, both linked to the financial side of the Israeli Mossad; and, the family of Jacob Rothschild. ... Maurice Greenberg (close to Shaul Eisenberg, Permindex) CEO of American International Group (AIG) on 9-11 which became co-owner of the “private spy agency”, Kroll Associates, in 1993 and was a major share-holder in Marsh & McClennan whose CEO on 9-11 was Maurice’s son Jeffrey; director of the New York Federal Reserve bank (1988-1995); ... According to Uri Dan, NY Post, Mar.30, 1997, Begin authorized arms dealer Shaul Eisenberg, with US approval, to begin a 10 year, 10 billion dollar military beef up of East Asia(China). ... Menachem Atzmon was implicated in a financial donations scandal involving forged receipts in the 1988 Likud campaign, This affair culminated in the March 1996 conviction of three other Likudniks, including Menahem Atzmon, Ehud Olmert … Bollyn: Gilad Atzmon Confirms Shaul Eisenberg Connection to ICTS -...
  • 1999 Wired.......Israel's Ethnic Weapon? ISRAEL IS REPORTEDLY developing a biological weapon that would harm Arabs while leaving Jews unaffected, according to a report in London's Sunday Times. The report, citing Israeli military and western intelligence sources, says that scientists are trying to identify distinctive genes carried by Arabs to create a genetically modified bacterium or virus. The "ethno-bomb" is reportedly Israel's response to the threat that Iraq may be just weeks away from completing its own biological weapons. ...The "ethno-bomb" program is based at Israel's Nes Tziyona research facility. Scientists are trying to use viruses and bacteria to alter DNA inside living cells and attack only those cells bearing Arabic genes. ... this report is BS...There's no such thing as a Jewish or Arab gene..some claim a Jewish gene, but this has never gained any widespread credibility..
  • 1999  InTheseTimes.....The 1999 BMA study was provoked in part by a 1998 story in the London Sunday Times alleging that Israel already had developed a genetically specific weapon. “Unnamed South African sources,” according to a report cited by the Times, “[say] Israeli scientists have used some of the South African research in trying to develop an ‘ethnic bullet’ against Arabs.” Reported links between Israel’s ethnic weapons and South Africa’s Project Coast are tentative; some would say tenuous. But the possibility of such links is terrifying, and justifies as much scrutiny as was focused on Iraq’s imaginary arsenal.
  • 2001  Wikipedia...The HIV trial in Libya (or Bulgarian nurses affair) concerns the trials, appeals and eventual release of six foreign medical workers charged with conspiring to deliberately infect over 400 children with HIV in 1998, causing an epidemic at El-Fatih Children's Hospital in Benghazi, Libya.[1] About 56 of the infected children had died by August 2007... In April 2001 Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi made a speech at the African summit on HIV/AIDS. He told the conference that the world AIDS epidemic started when "CIA laboratories lost control over the virus which they were testing on black Haitian prisoners."[52] He called the HIV crisis in Benghazi "an odious crime" and questioned who was behind it. "Some said it was the CIA. Others said it was the Mossad Israeli intelligence. They carried out an experiment on these children." He went on to say that the trial would be "an international trial, like the Lockerbie trial.
  • 2001-2002 the Rubicon...“Stealthy” is perhaps the best word to describe two men who establish Dick Cheney’s (crptojew)“seamless” control over terrorism response before and since 9/11. Both Admiral Steven Abbot and bioterror expert and creator of New York’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM), Jerome Hauer, now make our detective’s list of “persons of interest” with regard to the attacks. They join the likes of “Rick” Inderfurth, Dave Frasca, Rudolph Giuliani (Jew), Richard Myers, Ralph Eberhart, and Dick Cheney as persons who have much to explain about 9/11.
  • 2006  VeteransToday...Documents below will show that research to create COVID 19 began in the United States in 2006 and culminated in a successful bio-weapon in 2015, with work done at the University of North Carolina and at Harvard and at the Food and Drug Administration’s lab in Arkansas. Their work was titled: A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence ...bats Israel ... Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China supplied the Wuhan Bat Virus which was used in the American study. ...COVID 19 was a US Army bio-weapons project to manufacture a pneumonia causing disease that would be nearly impossible to vaccinate for in patients over 40 years old. ... The study was run by the University of North Carolina and funded by USAID/CIA. It chose a Chinese bat virus and chose to include a medical facility in Wuhan as well. ...

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  • 2019 Apr PressTV...France, UK, Germany defy US bid to ban Huawei equipment
  • 2019 Apr GlobalResearch....While the digital revolution ostensibly began in America in 1975, Israel has hosted Intel’s largest and most advanced development and computer chip manufacturing center in the world since 1974 specializing in IOT devices, AIs and cyber security while China’s leading telecoms Huawei and ZTE were founded in 1987 and 1985; respectively. An Intelpromotional essay entitled “Intel Lays the Groundwork for America’s 5G Future” appears to answer the question of origination when it states: “In preparation for widespread 5G implementation, Intel released theindustry’s first 5G trial platform in 2016. This made it possible for Intel to test 5G wireless technology across multiple U.S. markets, working closely with telecom equipment manufacturers such as Ericsson and Nokia.” ... once Israel/Intel put the product together, it was then up to the US to sneak this technological atrocity past a naturally suspicious public ... By September, 2018, Intel announced that Nokia and Ericsson would partner to deploy 5G globally describing that, according to an Ericsson spokesman “for 5G we’ve been collaborating since four years back.” In other words, while 5G has been a gleam in Israel/Intel’s eye for sometime, there has been a sort of shakedown cruise to work out the kinks prior to introducing the project to the gullible Americans. ...
  • ...2019 year chronology GlobalResearch
  • 2019 Jun WSJ...Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) transformed itself from a financially struggling company to an investor’s dream in just three years, a turnaround that began with a decision to help Chinese partners develop advanced computer-chip technology. That deal may have helped save the company, but it alarmed U.S. national-security officials, who saw it as a threat to their goal to rein in China’s supercomputing industry. Last week, after years of friction, the Commerce Department issued an order that effectively bars several Chinese...
  • 2019 Dec ChildrensHealthDefense...Blanketing the planet In the U.S. alone, telecom companies intend to have over 800,000 5G base stations (deceptively called “small cells”) in place by 2026, layered on top of more than 320,000 cell sites already in operation (as of 2018). In dense urban areas, some of the new infrastructure will make use of the extremely high-frequency millimeter wave portion of the microwave frequencies spectrum, not previously commercialized. In addition, a projected 50,000 satellites will provide 5G from space. Proponents intend this unprecedented space-based and ground-based infrastructure to support—within a few short years—an estimated one trillion transmitting objects as part of the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • 2020 Feb 7 VeteransToday....AG Barr wants taxpayer 5G subsidy to big foreign tech companies ... Editor's note: We have the FBI director getting into the action on the scourge of Chinese technical espionage and the threat that presents. But is this the same FBI that appears to have been waived off a similar massive technology espionage operation run for many decades by Israel? When is the last time US security rolled up a big Israeli espionage operation, for example in the military, nuclear weapons technology, or political espionage on capital hill, or commercial espionage, especially stealing stuff and selling to the Chinese? ... How about academic espionage on all the US campuses? And then election interference, where Congress in the dead of night must have passed a secret amnesty law for Israel, as it conducts its operations right out in the open, which includes writing legislation that it wants passed. ... U.S. Attorney General William Barr said on Thursday the United States and its allies should consider the highly unusual step of taking a “controlling stake” in Finland’s Nokia and Sweden’s Ericsson to counter China-based Huawei’s dominance in next-generation 5G wireless technology. ... Barr said China had emerged as the “top geo-political adversary” and added: “China has stolen a march and is now leading in 5G … They have already captured 40 percent of the market and are now aggressively pursuing the balance.”
  • 2020 Feb 9 Phibetaiota...Robert Steele: FAKE PANDEMIC It’s OVER! [President is Correct — This is the New Hoax aka False Flag.] 02 China, 02 Infectious Disease, 07 Health, Earth Intelligence 20200309: President Trump is going to kick some serious ass very soon. He is aware of the bio-drops and the 5G modulations.
  • 2020 Feb 14 MillenniumReport...STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions ... 5G Roll-out There’s nothing more sacred to the implementation of the New World Order agenda — WORLDWIDE — than the meteoric military deployment of 5G and subsequent build-out of the Internet of Things (IoT). ... Wuhan City was established as an official 5G Demonstration Zone in 2019. a showcase of Chinese tech prowess ... with e 10,000 5G base stations operating by the end of 2019 ...The second they flipped the switch on 5G in Wuhan, the entire populace was immediately exposed to extremely harmful electromagnetic frequencies and microwave radiation. In point of fact, the specific radio-frequency signal ranges and microwave radiation output necessary to power up a working 5G power grid are well known to be inordinately unsafe and dangerous to human health ... dangerous 5G kill zones have appeared/created ...Israel has made it a global mission to commandeer the military deployment of 5G throughout the world community of nations...5G is NOT allowed in Israel where it was developed ...It’s crucial to understand that “Huawei has deployed its products and services in more than 170 countries. Huawei overtook Ericsson in 2012 as the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, and overtook Apple in 2018 as the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, behind Samsung Electronics” ... 5G has been rolled out in some of the largest Chinese cities without even an iota of safety testing ...The International Banking Cartel IBC, in Telaviv 'allowed' this ... the largest Chinese multinational technology Huawei is really owned and operated by the International Banking Cartel. ...everything points to China being used as the primary NWO laboratory for the insidiously expanding totalitarian technocracy before the new lab procedures are exported to California and elsewhere around the globe. ..China's.smartphone culture is that many Chinese are susceptible to psychogenic disease and illness, injuries and imbalances. Of course, these are not limited to physical conditions; they are also being subjected to directed frequencies which will cause serious psychological disorders. ...Wuhan is a NWO 5G psychoterror test lab for the West...China is also the premier national testing site for the infamous social credit score system ... Israel owns China ... See: What in the world are they spraying all over Wuhan City? ... The Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest power station in terms of installed capacity, is located nearby. j... Wuhan has 230 Fortune Global 500 firms. It produced GDP of US$224 billion in 2018 ...Wuhan Coronavirus is likely another race-targeting bioweapon strategically unleashed throughout China by U.S. military labs ... It's China's Zionist 9/11 attack enable Eretz Israel ... the Greater Israel project... forced removal or coerced exodus ... (Gaza, West bank?) ...countries that embrace 5G will face a perilous tech and invasive survellance ...the carrot / stick utopian promise of massive economic growth is a pipedream ... All the usual suspects showed up at the table to include the UN, US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Australia, Japan, Canada, Israel, Big Tech, Big Social Media, Big Pharma, etc. While that deal was being hammered out, China was working its own deal — on the sly — with Israel—the 5G kingmaker. ...
  • 2020 Apr 7 MEMRI...Sheikh Ali Gomaa, the former Grand Mufti of Egypt, said in an April 10, 2020 address that aired on ON TV (Egypt) that the 1918 Spanish Flu was a result of changes in Earth’s electromagnetic field that were caused by the widespread use of electricity and that the current coronavirus pandemic was similarly caused by the introduction of 5G technology and the electromagnetic disruptions that resulted, which he said have made the Earth's atmosphere hospitable for the virus.

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  • 2019 Aug 10 Global Reasearch / NY Post...The following account is from a former inmate of the Metropolitan Correction Center in lower Manhattan, where Jeffrey Epstein was found unresponsive Saturday, and declared dead at a hospital of an apparent suicide. The ex-convict, who spoke to The Post’s Brad Hamilton and Bruce Golding on the condition of anonymity, spent several months in the 9 South special housing unit for high-profile prisoners awaiting trial — like Epstein. *** There’s no way that man could have killed himself. I’ve done too much time in those units. It’s an impossibility. Between the floor and the ceiling is like eight or nine feet. There’s no way for you to connect to anything. You have sheets, but they’re paper level, not strong enough. He was 200 pounds — it would never happen. When you’re on suicide watch, they put you in this white smock, a straight jacket. They know a person cannot be injurious to themselves. The clothing they give you is a jump-in uniform. Everything is a dark brown color. Could he have done it from the bed? No sir. There’s a steel frame, but you can’t move it. There’s no light fixture. There’s no bars. They don’t give you enough in there that could successfully create an instrument of death. You want to write a letter, they give you rubber pens and maybe once a week a piece of paper...
  • 2019 Aug Wikipedia...Jeffrey Edward Epstein (January 20, 1953 – August 10, 2019) was an American financier and convicted sex offender. Epstein began his career in finance at the investment bank Bear Stearns, before forming his own firm, J. Epstein & Co., until his conviction for sex crimes in 2008, for running an underage prostitution ring for well-connected financial, political, and cultural elites. In 2005, the Palm Beach Florida, police began investigating Epstein after a parent complained that he molested her 14-year-old daughter. Epstein eventually pleaded guilty and was convicted in a Florida state court in 2008 of soliciting a prostitute and of procuring an under-18 girl for prostitution. He served 13 months in custody with work release, as part of a plea deal, where federal officials had identified 36 girls as young as 14 years old who had been molested. Epstein had additionally faced allegations from numerous individuals of holding women as sex slaves, including individuals who were underage. Epstein was arrested again on July 6, 2019, on federal charges for sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York. He died on August 10, 2019, reportedly after hanging himself in his Manhattan prison cell. Three weeks earlier, Epstein had been found unconscious in his jail cell with injuries to his neck and was placed on suicide watch, which lasted six days, and ended twelve days before he died. An autopsy was performed on August 11; the New York City medical examiner's office announced that it needed more information before the cause of death could be determined, though it is presumed to be suicide
  • 2019 Aug Mondoweiss...Israel comes up often in Jeffrey Epstein case... by Philip Weiss ... US Attorney for Southern District of NY Geoffrey Berman announces charges against Jeffrey Epstein, July 8.The charges against financier Jeffrey Epstein for sex trafficking are of course one of the biggest stories in the country these days, and Israel and its friends have been an ongoing theme in the case. Epstein, a 66-year-old former hedge fund manager, supported many Jewish causes and Zionist organizations, and was on the board of the Wexner Foundation, which is devoted to Israel. He had friendships with many Israel supporters, from Alan Dershowitz to Howard Rubenstein to Ehud Barak to Larry Summers. And there is speculation that Epstein, a mysterious international figure, had links to Israeli intelligence. Dershowitz, Epstein’s former lawyer, says Israel is a factor in the case. Two days ago Dersh published an op-ed for Newsmax aimed at preempting the New Yorker’s anticipated expose of his role in the case (one of Epstein’s victims says that she was compelled to have sex with Dershowitz. He denies the charges, but he has admitted getting a massage at Epstein’s mansion.). Dershowitz says the New Yorker is trying to hurt Netanyahu. Here is Dershowitz’s blockbuster lead: I recently learned, from a source close to The New Yorker magazine, that its editor, David Remnick, has commissioned a hit piece against me for the explicit purpose of silencing my defense of President Trump, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the State of Israel. Remnick despises Trump and Netanyahu, and is well known for his strong anti-Israel bias. Remnick explicitly told people that I must be silenced because mine has been the most persuasive voice in favor of what Remnick feels pose dangers to values he holds dear, and that he will use the credibility of The New Yorker to accomplish this goal. This doesn’t seem very plausible. Remnick can be very critical of Israel but he is a liberal Zionist. Connie Bruck is said to be the reporter on the case and though she has a pretty good track record (exposing Adelson) she is married to an Israel devotee, former Rep. Mel Levine. Also, if Netanyahu is so hurt by the case, why is he pushing for an investigation of Epstein in the election campaign, so as to hurt his rival, Ehud Barak?

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  • 2012 May Yahoo Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the other defendants were arraigned on charges that include terrorism and murder, the first time in more than three years that they appeared in public. During the hearing, they generally refused to cooperate. At one point, one detainee leafed through a copy of The Economist (Rothschild publication) magazine.
  • 2012 World Business Chicago  bod Rahm Emanuel, James S. Crown, J.B. Pritzker, James Bell, Morman Bobins, Bouton CCGA, William Brodsky CBOE, Terrance Duffy CME Group, Glerum Citigroup, Michael Moskow CCGA, Henry Paulson, Muneer A. Satter Goldman Sachs   ... Brodsky is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s International Advisory Committee ... LeadersMag  Brodsky vice chairman WFE World Federation of Exchanges, France, Rothschild to Chicago via Wieslaw Rozlucki, PhD, William Brodsky and the WFE.
  • 2012 Former California National Guardsman Greg Ford has filed suit in California against the California National Guard over retaliation suffered from his bringing to the attention of his superiors cases of torture in Iraq. A PDF copy of the complaint and the exhibits can be downloaded here
  • GreeneWave Fed earned $77 billion  ... Joel Arends, Swiftboating Obama?
  • 4thMedia Carnaby Israel Houston nuclear fuel
  • 2012 YouTube, Lord James Blackheath Wikipedia, $15 trillion Federal Reserve scam(official transcript NFU pageasdf), James Riady (Riyadi) (Wikipedia), HSBC, Fed Reserve Bank of New York. and PrisonPlanet comment  and DailyCaller Fed scams  and Federal Reserve Bank of NewYork website,  In some instances, individuals involved in this fraudulent scheme claim to have met with Federal Reserve officials and claim to have verified that the alleged account is in order. We have also learned that the fraud may include the purchase of certain documents by the introducing brokers.   ...   If you have information regarding this fraud please contact either Robert Amenta, Special Investigator at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, or Erik Rosenblatt, Senior Special Agent at the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • 2012 JockeyClub honorary members: Her Majesty The Queen HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, HRH The Prince of Wales, HRH The Princess Royal, Sue Abbott HH Prince Khalid bin Abdullah, Ian Balding LVO, Toby Balding OBE, Sir Edward Cazalet, John Dunlop OBE, The Hon William Farish, Princess Haya of Jordan, Trevor Hemmings CVO, David Hillyard, JP McManus, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid al Maktoum, Rashid al Maktoum, HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid al Maktoum, John Magnier, The Lord Oaksey OBE, Bill Shand Kydd, George Strawbridge, Jr, Peter Walwyn, Sir Neil Westbrook CBE, The Marquess of Zetland
  • 2012 BehindtheMatrix Bankster names to research: John Thornton, Duncan Niederauer, Jon Corzine, Joshua Bolten, Paul Deighton, Robert Rubin, Gavyn Davies, Jim Cramer, Robert Zoellick, Mario Draghi, Malcolm Turnbull, Hank Paulson
  • 2012 WeAreChangeSeattle Peterson   Romney election advisors P2012    Rothschild connected: Royal institute Rep. Vin Weber (R-Minn.)
  • Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm Emanuel, Jeffrey Feltman, Joseph Lieberman
  • 2012  WMR There is ample evidence that Facebook and Google were partly started with seed money from the CIA's high technology venture capital firm IN-Q-TEL. There are close interlocking relationships between members of Facebook's board and that of IN-Q-TEL. Facebook also acquired initial seed capital from venture capital firms based in Israel, particularly that have been closely linked to the Mossad and its own high-technology projects. One of the first people to congratulate Zuckerberg on his marriage to Chan was Israeli President Shimon Peres... link Facebook to Rothschilds via William J. Perry to Global Technology Partners. and see Eduardo Saverin  Facebook co-founders Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin thought to were making the steal of the century by cleaning up after Facebook's Initital Public Offering (IPO) of stock last week. However, with Saverin, born into a wealthy Brazilian Jewish family, announcing he was giving up his U.S. citizenship from his perch in Singapore to avoid paying U.S. taxes on his Facebook IPO profits and Zuckerberg quickly marrying Chinese-American Braintree, Massachusetts native Priscilla Chan the day after Facebook's stock tanked, informed experts on tax evasion have told WMR that there appears to be a major effort by the pair to hide their financial gain from regulators and tax authorities. Also of interest is the fact that Zuckerberg and Chan have set up a human organ donation project using Facebook. Israeli criminals networks have been active in the illegal trafficking of human organs.
  • 2012 comment: Julian Assange, the Wikileaks founder who plans to leak bank documents that will take down “one or two” major banks, according to Forbes magazine, has won an award from The Economist, a magazine belonging to the Economist Group – half of which is owned by the Financial Times, a subsidiary of Pearson PLC London-based: the world's largest education company and largest book publisher – and longtime majority stakeholder in Lazard Brothers merchant bankers]; the rest is owned by a group of independent shareholders, including many members of the staff and the Rothschild banking family of England.
  • UBS search ...  But let us go back to Messrs Monti and Papademos. They sit on the Trilateral Commission together with hundreds of corporate chairmen and CEOs such as Ana Botin (Bank Banesto/Santander, Spain), Peter Sutherland (Goldman Sachs/BP, UK), Michel David-Weill (Lazard Bank, France), Jurgen Fitschen (Deutsche Bank, Germany), Stephen Green (HSBC, UK), Nigel Higgins (Rothschild Group, UK), Lord Guthrie (N M Rothschild, UK), Klaus-Peter Müller (Commerzbank, Germany), Dieter Rampl (UniCredito, Italy), Otto Ruding (CitiCorp Europe), Lord Simon of Highbury (Morgan Stanley, UK), Emilio Ybarra (BBVA, Spain), Robert Kelly (Bank of NY Mellon) Lord Brittan (UBS, UK), Robert Zoellick (World Bank), plus Timothy Geithner, Henry Kissinger and many, many others…go to more
  • 2012 Wikipedia John Bryson, Secretary of Commerce, is on the Board of Directors of The Walt Disney Company (which owns ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Mirimax, DiC, Marvel, Playdom, Tapulous, Fox Family Worldwide, Saban Entertainment), former chairman and CEO of Edison International (Wikipedia) Theodore F. Craver Jr. CEO; director of The Boeing Company, W. M. Keck Foundation, co-Chair of the Pacific Council on International Policy, trustee of CalTech and Stanford University  Legg Mason acquires Rothschild Asset Management (Singapore) LeggMason
  • 2012 LaRouchePac The Rothschild banking family, one of the top financial warfare and looting operations of the Anglo-Venetian oligarchic slime mold, controls at least the top two Spanish banks, Banco Santander (Wikipedia) and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA). Banco Santander is a member of the Rothschild-controlled Inter-Alpha Group (Wikipedia) of banks, which is led by the Royal Bank of Scotland (Wikipedia), and includes leading banks in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, Greece, Ireland, and Portugal. From 1986 to 1998, BBVA's predecessor, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya, was the Spanish member of the Inter-Alpha Group, but it left in 1998, paving the way for Banco Santander to take its place. Both Banco Santander and BBVA have extensive operations in Ibero-America, serving as vehicles for imperial looting.
  • 2012 December 21 Myth: Everything globally will be centralized in Switzerland at Rothschilds BIS bank which is the bankers bank. There will be no “central banks of Europe” nor any “Federal Reserve Bank” in the USA. They literally won’t be needed anymore.
  • WMR Suspicion of who was behind the leaks (Yemen) is being focused by the CIA and Directorate of National Intelligence on four individuals: presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett, National Security Adviser Tom Donilon, Deputy National Security Adviser John Brennan (Wikipedia), and Obama campaign chairman David Axelrod. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is said to be "livid" over the leaks. The leaks that exposed U.S. operations in Yemen are said to have exposed a network that it has taken the CIA years to build in the fractured country. 
  • Forbes Brazil, Russia, India and China, the BRIC countries, are back to talking about creating a unified financial system where they can avoid euro and dollar volatility. This time, a pooling of Central Bank dollars from the countries in case liquidity dried up as the world tracks the West’s crisis momentum.  Zhang Yuyan, director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the new mechanisms established by the emerging markets themselves, who “know their current conditions and demands much better.” search terms: Three trillion dollars, Hu Jintao, a
  • QuallaTribe He was co-founder of the CIA-sponsored Congress for Cultural Freedom and had links to Bilderberg and BCCI. He was a member of the Other Club together with Lord Rothschild, Tony Blair and others. According to Julian Amery: “The prosperity of our people rests really on the oil in the Persian Gulf, the rubber and tin of Malaya, and the gold, copper and precious metals of South- and Central Africa… If the communists or anyone else] were to take them over, we would lose the lot…” Julian Amery was a member of the Monday Club among whose leading figures were the Cecil family who have links to the Rothschilds and Oppenheimers. Julian’s brother John worked for Adolf Hitler.
  • RT Latin America "spring" see Berezovski, Kasparov, the Mitals...   and see "Inam ul-Haq" pakistan
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  • HuffingtonPost July Barclays was dealt another blow yesterday as agencies Moody's and Standard & Poor's downgraded their outlook for the bank's credit rating in the wake of Mr Diamond's departure.  and U.S. prosecutors and European regulators are close to arresting individual traders and charging them with colluding to manipulate global benchmark interest rates, according to people familiar with a sweeping investigation into the rate-rigging scandal. ... Barclays Plc, UBS and Citigroup, and have hired defense lawyers over the past year as a federal grand jury in Washington, D.C.  Financial Times reported on Wednesday that regulators were looking at suspected communication among four traders who had worked at Barclays, Credit Agricole, HSBC and Deutsche Bank.  and ... the regulatory investigation is being led by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which has made the Libor probe one of its top priorities.
  • 2012 July World Shia Forum  As a result of a well-hatched evil plot starting murder of Rafique Hariri and its blame being laid on Syria, the Syrian troops were forced to leave Lebanon in 2006 before Israel attacked Lebanon. The point is that the Syrian army is considered professional and strong. Moreover, the army, as claimed by some Western media, consists mainly of Alawites. Hence, there is little chance that there will be any defecting from senior army generals or mutiny. Moreover, their track record so far shows full dedication to the cause of crushing the terrorist Salafist rebels. There is little chance that the Syria army will be defeated as a result of lack of motivation or lack of belief in their president. Most of the rebels on the other hand are not Syrians in the first place. They consist of imported terrorists from Iraq (the re-stationed al-Qaida terrorists), Saudi Arabia, Somalia and even Pakistan as per some reports. That is why there have been reports that the rebels have set the corpses of their dead comrades on fire in order to conceal their nationalities.
  • 2012 July Scribd LIBOR Indictmentasdf excerpt:  To analyze how well the Federal Reserve Eurodollar Deposit Rate captures changes in Market Fundamentals and absorbs variations in LIBOR that are driven by such fundamentals, consulting experts used regression analysis to measure the day-to-day changes in the Spread against changes in the T-Bill rate and the commercial paper rate. The evidence from these regressions strongly supports that day-to-day changes in the Federal Reserve Eurodollar Deposit Rate effectively capture day-to-day movements in LIBOR caused by Market Fundamentals. Thus, once the Federal Reserve Eurodollar Deposit Rate is subtracted to arrive at the Spread, remaining movements in LIBOR reflected in the Spread would be unrelated to movements in Market Fundamentals.58. ...   Because Market Fundamentals are fully captured by the Spread, absent manipulation, the Spread should always be zero or close to zero. Thus, as more fully discussed below, negative Spreads provide a strong basis to conclude that Defendants suppressed and colluded to artificially suppress LIBOR. 24 59.   Defendants:  During the Class Period, Defendants BAC, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, HBOS, WestLB, RBS, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Royal Bank of Canada, Rabobank, BTMU and Norinchukin were members of the BBA’s USD-LIBOR panel. Additionally, Citigroup, which controlled Citibank and reaped significant financial benefit from the suppression of LIBOR, actively participated in the conspiracy  Unnamed co-conspirators: (i) Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC; (ii) Bank of America Securities LLC; (iii) J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp.; (iv) J.P. Morgan Futures, Inc.; (v) HSBC Securities (USA); (vi) Barclays Capital Inc.; (vii) UBS Securities LLC; (viii) RBS Securities Inc.; (ix) Deutsche Bank Securities; and (x) Citigroup Global Markets Inc.44.
  • 2012 July International Advisor see ties between LIBOR fraud banks and Gulf Cooperation Council: International Advisor qatar-asset-management-company-and-barclays  ... Under the terms of the deal, signed yesterday in Doha, QAMC – a collaboration between the Qatar Investment Authority and the Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFC Authority) – will invest $250m (£154m, €189m) in BNRI’s current and future portfolio companies, of which a substantial proportion will be allocated to BNRI’s existing $2.1bn portfolio of companies.  and RBS RBS Market Access MSCI GCC Countries ex Saudi Arabia Top 50 Capped Index ETF.  and A1SaudiArabia JEDDAH – Quite apart from the growing risks evident in the global economy, the regional turmoil known as the “”Arab Spring”" resulted in sharp stock market corrections and an extreme dearth of new issuance activity in the equity, bond, and sukuk markets alike, NCB said in its report “”GCC Financial Market Quarterly: Back to Square One”".
  • 2012 July Nakvisson
  • 2012 JulyNSNBC From this perspective it is not entirely surprising that Hamas is aligning itself with the Muslim Brothers from Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who together with NATO´s Al Qaeda make up the bulge of the military onslaught against the government and people of Syria. One could of course use euphemisms for NATO´s mercenary armies, such as Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, Tripoli Military Counsel, Free Syrian Army. Cutting to the bone they are aspects of the same NATO/Zionist attack that has devastated Libya and is turned loose against Syria and Iran. Not surprisingly, the Hamas Polit-Bureau must have been under intense pressure from Muslim Brothers to join the “Arab Spring“, and doing so it has found it´s new allies in NATO and Israel.
  • 2012 JulyAagrifan The Wahhabi Salafists were invented by the British, at the time of the Ottoman Empire, as a way of undermining and controlling Moslem countries.
  • 2012 July The Ugly Truth It is interesting to note that the world’s biggest Terrorist Organization is in fact Israel’s Mossad and their offshoots, the Sayanim Agents within the U.S CIA, UK’s MI5/6, within French Intelligence and of course within the Muslim Zionists such as the Kurdish PKK, MKO, intelligence services within the ‘Arab’ Nations (Saudi, UAE, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar etc) who have all been funded and/or trained by Mossad.
  • 2012 July Accenture (formerly Arthur Anderson) Bank Leumi Switzerland, which is part of one of the largest Israeli banks, is a Swiss private bank with assets of CHF 6.4 billion. It is mainly engaged in private banking services, while also maintaining its own trading desk  ... and see Accenture careers in Saudi Arabia, and ...Guardian HSBC's subsidiaries transported billions of dollars of cash in armoured vehicles, cleared suspicious travellers' cheques worth billions, and allowed Mexican drug lords buy to planes with money laundered through Cayman Islands accounts. Other subsidiaries moved money from Iran, Syria and other countries on US sanctions lists, and helped a Saudi bank linked to al-Qaida to shift money to the US.  Senate Report Saudi Arabia Terrorist financing, money laundering, Saudi Arabia
  • 2012 July WindowToPalestine One is that the US empire is trying to consolidate its position worldwide as it has been eclipsed by the fastest growing economies of the BRIC countries and secondly I think that the hard line like…Zionist in Israel are hoping to redraw the map of the Middle East in a way that is more favorable to them while they have the chance in their using American military power to do it.
  • 2012 July DeadlineLive Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank (LIBOR) Fraud? YES! and this also follows the Batman Rising (Phoenix) plot perfectly!  Robert Holmes is currently the senior lead scientist with the American credit score company FICO….and will testify soon, to Senate, on LIBOR scandal. Dr. Robert Holmes (father) algorithms were said used to discover this massive fraud scheme. search terms: HNC Software, Fair Isaac, Falcon Fraud Manager Credit card, expose Wall Street, PROMIS, INSLAW, Danny Cassalero murdered, bombs at London Olympics, Barclays / Romney lobbyist / fundraiser Patrick Durkin, The Dark Knight Rises, Bane gets his hands on Software that is used to expose the fraud in Wall Street and literally guts the rich (99%, 1%)?  ICG  and see WMR WMR previously reported on the connections between accused Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes and U.S. government-funded neuroscience research programs at the Anschutz Medical Campus at the University of Colorado and at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, in addition to his father's research work on neural networks for the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It has now emerged that James Holmes's psychiatrist, Dr. Lynne Fenton, worked as a psychiatrist for the U.S. Air Force.   ...  Holmes's defense attorneys are trying to obtain the notebook, which legal experts claim is privileged information between Fenton and Holmes, who was under her care during the time leading up to the shooting spree  ...  Fenton officially practiced Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Denver but she has specialized in the study of schizophrenia. Fenton has served as the Director of Student Mental Health Services at the Anschutz campus since 2008.  ...  see Air Force Colonel Philip Shue
  • 2012 July Syrian Free Press Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri, The 3rd US and Zionist Defeat in front of Resistance Is Imminent in Syria,
  • 2012 July Infowars US Treasury: Al Qaeda Runs Syrian “Rebellion” The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in its article, “Al Qaeda’s War for Syria,” cited officials from the US Treasury Department stating, “Al Qaeda in Syria (often operating as the “Al Nusra Front for the People of the Levant”) is using traffickers—some ideologically aligned, some motivated by money—to secure routes through Turkey and Iraq for foreign fighters, most of whom are from the Middle East and North Africa. A growing number of donors from the Persian Gulf and Levant appear to be sending financial support.”
  • 2012 July Seymour Hersh “To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.” -The Redirection, Seymour Hersh (2007)  A small number of C.I.A. officers are operating secretly in southern Turkey, helping allies decide which Syrian opposition fighters across the border will receive arms to fight the Syrian government, according to American officials and Arab intelligence officers.
  • 2012 July Syria360
  • 2012 July Xinhua Russia changed the status of situation in Syria from "complicated" to "emergency" on Tuesday as the crisis in the violence-torn country escalates. and ... Xinhua Syrian Foreign Ministry on Monday overtly accused Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey of rendering financial support and arms supplies to the armed insurgent groups on ground in Syria.  adding that those mercenaries have taken over a number of crowded neighborhoods in Aleppo and shielded behind the people there, killing those who didn't comply with their demands and forced others at gun point to leave their residents.
  • 2012 July RT The Russian Communist leader, Gennady Zuyganov has accused the West of double standards and hypocrisy over its position on Syria which has resulted in “gruesome bloodshed”. “By supporting radical Islamists, the USA aims at impose control over the entire region and points the edge of an extremist dagger at Russia,” Zyuganov says.  they use mercenaries who are portrayed in their media as fighters for freedom  ...  “the so-called Syrian opposition” is comprised of over 65,000 mercenaries from Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Jordan. At the same time, the Syrian government’s attempts to get the situation under control “are presented as violence against civilians.” ...  The Russian Communist Party (KPRF) condemned “imperialist aggression” against Syria
  • EcoFascism Among Europe’s most effective environmental activist organizations are: German Business Forum for Sustainable Development, E8, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, CSR Europe, European Wind Energy Association, and the European Solar Thermal Electricity Association.


Cultural Marxism Timeline... go to full timeline...desktop only

  • Sample section .... Marxism to Cultural Marxim
  • 1818 RightPedia One of Marx's grandparents was Nanette Salomon Barent-Cohen, from a wealthy Amsterdam family; her cousin had married Nathan Mayer Rothschild and bore Lionel Nathan Rothschild, pretended "baron" and Member of Parliament for the City of London. Aside from Marx being a cousin of the Rothschild family,[4] during his lifetime others associated with his Barent-Cohen side had married into fellow international Jewish financial dynasties, through Joseph Sebag-Montefiore and Montagu Samuel. He was also related to Hannah Rothschild on both her paternal and maternal side; the Jewess who married Lowland Scots liberal Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery. Marx and the poet Heinrich Heine ✡ were also third cousins; Simon Michel ✡ (died 1719) was their common great-grandfather.[5] The two men were in contact during their lives; Heine was known to have received funding from Rothschild
  • 1841 Wikipedia ..Lord Palmerston .(while in the employ of Lord Palmerston, Karl Marx wrote Das Kapital) ... China had sealed itself off from the world, permitting only limited trade under the Canton System and allowing no diplomatic contact. Palmerston saw this as an affront to his free trade principles, and demanded reform, sending Lord Napier to negotiate in 1834. China refused, and interdicted the British traders bringing in opium from India illegally. The upshot was the First Opium War, 1839–42, which ended in the conquest of Chusan by Henry Pottinger. It was later exchanged for the island of Hong Kong. Under the Treaty of Nanjing, China paid an indemnity and opened five treaty ports to world trade. Palmerston thus achieved his main goal of opening China to trade, although his critics focused on the immorality of the opium trade
  • 1845 Judeo-Masonic blog Karl Marx had family ties with the Rothschilds; through his great grandfather (Barent Cohen), who was also the paternal grandfather of Nathan Rothschild’s wife (Hannah Barent-Cohen). [3] In 1845, Karl Marx moved to Brussels, where, with German philosopher, Friedrich Engels, who he met in Paris in 1844 (where they allegedly joined the Grand Orient Lodge [*]), and together reorganized the Communist League. In 1848 Marx and Engels published the Communist Manifesto; commissioned by the Communist League; [4] though it is also believed that most of the ideals contained in it were already circulating around secret societies since the times of Adam Weishaupt. [5] Marx and Engels’ writings would later inspire the leaders of the Russian Revolution, like Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin); both also from Jewish origins.
  • 1848 AntinewWorld ... In 1848, Marx published his Communist Manifesto (which he was working on from 1830-47), from an Engel's draft (which was an extension of Engel's Confessions of a Communist), which also borrowed heavily from Clinton Roosevelt's book, The Science of Government Founded on Natural Law which echoed the philosophies of Weishaupt (Freemason, founded the Illuminati.) (Judeo-Masonic blog)... It had been commissioned by the Communist League in London. The League, formerly known as the League of the Just (or the League of Just Men), which was an off-shoot of the Parisian Outlaws League (which evolved from the Jacobin movement), was founded by Illuminati members who fled from Germany. The League was made up of rich and powerful men from different countries that were behind much of the turmoil that engulfed Europe in 1848. Many researchers consider them either a finger organization of the Illuminati, or an inner circle. Originally introduced as the Manifesto of the Communist Party in London, on February 1, 1848, the name was changed to the Communist Manifesto, and the name of Karl Marx was added as its author twenty years later, after a series of small revolutions failed.
  • 1862 Wikipedia ...In 1862 Moses Hess (creator of National Socialism, influential in Labour Zionism), a former associate of Karl Marx and Frederich Engels, wrote Rome and Jerusalem. The Last National Question calling for the Jews to create a socialist state in Palestine as a means of settling the Jewish question. ... Ideas of the restoration of the Jews in the Land of Israel entered British public discourse in the early 19th century, at about the same time as the British Protestant Revival ...
  • 1867 Antinewworld Nathan Rothschild had given Marx two checks for several thousand pounds to finance the cause of Socialism. The checks were put on display in the British Museum, after Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild, a trustee, had willed his museum and library to them. ... In 1867, Marx wrote the first volume of Das Kapital, which became known as the "Bible of the Working Class." Marx felt, that as the workers achieved various reforms, there would be a possibility for the peaceful evolution towards socialism. A little known fact, is that Marx' beliefs were gleaned from the writings of Weishaupt, Babeuf, Blanc, Cabet, Owen, Ogilvie, Hodgkin, Gray, Robert Thompson, William Carpenter, and Clinton Roosevelt; which he discovered from his hours of research in the Reading Room of the British Museum. The second volume appeared after Marx' death, edited by Engels from Marx' notes, in 1885; and volume three appeared in 1894. ... Engels had joined the 'Young Germany' group (which had been established by Giuseppe Mazzini) in Switzerland in 1835. He later became a 32nd degree Mason (as did Marx). In 1842 ... It was Engel's philosophy that established the basis for the ideas which were developed by Marx.
  • comment: Marx's best known work is the book Das Kapital, which fails to mention that money is printed out of thin air and keeps the name of his cousins, the Rothschilds, out of it, despite the fact that they were the richest and most powerful capitalist family in the whole world. Rothschild hired Marx to draft a social doctrine to invert moral order for centralizing their nation state’s wealth Into Rothschild controlled coffers. Marx saw free trade as positive because it undermines established nations and cultures.
  • 1869 AntiNewWorld ... The Social Democratic Party in Germany, in 1869, was the first Marxist aligned political Party. They favored an independent working class. It grew rapidly, despite the effort of Chancellor Otto von Bismarck to break it up through the enactment of anti-socialist legislation. In 1877, they elected a dozen members to the Reichstag. In 1881, they had 312,000 members; and by 1891, 1,427,000. In 1891
  • 1883 Henry Makow ... Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 - 14 March 1883), was a 19th century Jewish political ideologue who presented himself to the world as a journalist and economist. He is best known for subverting the nascent Socialist movement, likely as an agent of his cousin Rothschild; and on instructions from his mentor Moses Hess, creating a supposedly "scientific" theory known as Marxism. Marx came from a long line of Jewish rabbis. He lived in Dean Street, London in squalor. He used to visit the Red Lion Pub at Great Windmill Street, Soho where he and Friedrich Engels were asked to write what became the Communist Manifesto. His best known work is the book Das Kapital. ... Marx's Jewish name is Chaim Hirschel Mordechai. Marx descended from Talmudic rabbis; his paternal ancestors had provided rabbis to Trier since 1723, a post last held by his grandfather. ... Marx moved to London in 1849...While Marx was authoring Das Kapital in the British Museum reading room, his famous cousin Lionel de Rothschild, conveniently, was MP for the City of London (1847-1868 & 1869-1874). -Marx wrote Das Kapital while he was employed by Lord Palmerston ...
  • 1883 Wikipedia League of the Just ... This was initially a utopian socialist and Christian communist group devoted to the ideas of Gracchus Babeuf rather than the teachings of Christ ... had a pyramidal structure inspired by the secret society of the Republican Carbonari, and shared ideas with Saint-Simon and Charles Fourier's utopian socialism. Their goal was to establish a "Social Republic" in the German states which would campaign for "freedom", "equality" and "civic virtue". ... relocated to London where they initiated a front group, the Educational Society for German Working-men, in 1840. At a congress held in London in June 1847 the League of the Just merged with members of the Communist Corresponding Committee headed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, adopting a new organizational charter and programme and reconstituting itself as the Communist League.
  • 1890 ..Nordic . Marx’s effort to derive the market price of goods from their value, the labor that went into them, was a vestige of the 19th-century economic theories of David Ricardo and John Stuart Mill. By the time Marx died, economists had already given up trying to relate price to value and were beginning to understand that value was a chimera. With the growing dominance of technology, it had become impossible to locate value in the time required to produce goods, as Marx, following Ricardo and Mill, had tried to do.
  • 1905 Mullins, Murder by Injection The involvement of the Rockefellers in promoting the world Communist Revolution also developed from their business interests. There was never any commitment to the Marxist ideology; like anything else, it was there to be used.
  • 1905 Rense Zakheim's hell-raiser lineage, Judicial Inc points out that Grandpa Zakheim was born in 1870, Julius Zakheim (Zhabinka), in the Ukraine, a Russian rabbi who married a relative of Karl Marx. He was a Menshevik/Bolshevik and played a leading role in the 1905 turmoil that paved the way for the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. see Jacob I. and Dov Zakheim...
  • 1910 Alt.Freemasonry.Narkive A Masonic conference was held in 1910 in Copenhagen where the agenda was to discuss how to turn Europe into a communist state (Franz Weissin, Der Weg zum Sozialismus / The Way to Socialism, Munich, 1930, p. 9.). Lenin and Trotsky were both in attendance. Lenin was a freemason of the 31st degree (Grand Inspecteur Inquisiteur Commandeur) and a member of the lodge Art et Travail in Switzerland and France. (Oleg Platonov, Russia's Crown of Thorns: The Secret History of Freemasonry, Moscow, 2000, part II, p. 417.) Leiba Bronstein (Trotsky) became a freemason in 1897 and later a high-ranking Illuminatus through his friend Alexander Parvus. He also maintained contacts with B'nai B'rith. Jacob Schiff, chairman of the banking house Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and a minion of the Rothschilds, took care of the contacts between the "revolutionary movement in Russia" and B'nai B'rith. (Gerald B. Winrod, Adam Weishaupt - A Human Devil, p. 47.) Trotsky became a member of B'Nai Brith in New York in 1917. (Yuri Begunov, Secret Forces in the History of Russia, St. Petersburg, 1995, pp. 138-139) and LaRouche 1903: Jacob Schiff was permitted to join the Pilgrims' Society of London, making him a kind of "honorary Aryan."
  • YouTube Antony Sutton Bolshevik Revolution, Vietnam, Fiat, Russia     YouTube Antony Sutton The Best Enemies Money Can Buy -- Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany   National Suicide Russia Military ...
  • 1917 Antony Sutton  The secret British War Cabinet papers are now available and record the argument used by Thompson to sell the British government on a pro-Bolshevik policy. The prime minister of Great Britain was David Lloyd George. Lloyd George's private and political machinations rivaled those of a Tammany Hall politician — yet in his lifetime and for decades after, biographers were unable, or unwilling, to come to grips with them. In 1970 Donald McCormick's The Mask of Merlin lifted the veil of secrecy. McCormick shows that by 1917 David Lloyd George had bogged "too deeply in the mesh of international armaments intrigues to be a free agent" and was beholden to Sir Basil Zaharoff, an international armaments dealer, whose considerable fortune was made by selling arms to both sides in several wars.5 Zaharoff wielded enormous behind-the-scenes power and, according to McCormick, was consulted on war policies by the Allied leaders. On more than one occasion, reports McCormick, Woodrow Wilson, Lloyd George, and Georges Clemenceau met in Zaharoff's Paris home. McCormick notes that "Allied statesmen and leaders were obliged to consult him before planning any great attack." British intelligence, according to McCormick, "discovered documents which incriminated servants of the Crown as secret agents of Sir Basil Zaharoff with the knowledge of Lloyd George."6 In 1917 Zaharoff was linked to the Bolsheviks; he sought to divert munitions away from anti-Bolsheviks and had already intervened in behalf of the Bolshevik regime in both London and Paris. In late 1917, then — at the time Lamont and Thompson arrived in London — Prime Minister Lloyd George was indebted to powerful international armaments interests that were allied to the Bolsheviks and providing assistance to extend Bolshevik power in Russia. The British prime minister who met with William Thompson in 1917 was not then a free agent; Lord Milner was the power behind the scenes and, as the epigraph to this chapter suggests, favorably inclined towards socialism and Karl Marx.
  • 1917  Antony Sutton Chapter I THE ACTORS ON THE REVOLUTIONARY STAGE Dear Mr. President: I am in sympathy with the Soviet form of government as that best suited for the Russian people... Letter to President Woodrow Wilson (October 17, 1918) from William Lawrence Saunders, chairman, Ingersoll-Rand Corp.; director, American International Corp.; and deputy chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of New York The frontispiece in this book was drawn by cartoonist Robert Minor in 1911 for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Minor was a talented artist and writer who doubled as a Bolshevik revolutionary, got himself arrested in Russia in 1915 for alleged subversion, and was later bank-rolled by prominent Wall Street financiers. Minor's cartoon portrays a bearded, beaming Karl Marx standing in Wall Street with Socialism tucked under his arm and accepting the congratulations of financial luminaries J.P. Morgan, Morgan partner George W. Perkins, a smug John D. Rockefeller, John D. Ryan of National City Bank, and Teddy Roosevelt — prominently identified by his famous teeth — in the background. Wall Street is decorated by Red flags. The cheering crowd and the airborne hats suggest that Karl Marx must have been a fairly popular sort of fellow in the New York financial district. Was Robert Minor dreaming? On the contrary, we shall see that Minor was on firm ground in depicting an enthusiastic alliance of Wall Street and Marxist socialism. The characters in Minor's cartoon — Karl Marx (symbolizing the future revolutionaries Lenin and Trotsky), J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller — and indeed Robert Minor himself, are also prominent characters in this book ... see Marx/Wall Street cartoon   Capitalist / Marxist collusion.
  • 1918 ZeroHedge Lukacs ... In 1918, Lukács became minister of culture in Bolshevik Hungary. During this time, Lukács realized that if the family unit and sexual morals were eroded, society could be broken down. Lukács implemented a policy he titled “cultural terrorism,” which focused on these two objectives. A major part of the policy was to target children’s minds through lectures that encouraged them to deride and reject Christian ethics. In these lectures, graphic sexual matter was presented to children, and they were taught about loose sexual conduct. Here again, a Marxist theory had failed to take hold in the real world. The people were outraged at Lukács’ program, and he fled Hungary when Romania invaded in 1919.



Holohoax Propaganda Timeline ...go to full timeline...desktop only

  • Holocaust Hoax, the Frankfurt School and the Riegner Memo ...subsection ... go to full desktop version of this timeline

    ...there are direct parallels between the unverified Riegner Memo and the unverified Steele Dossier of Russiagate....
  • 1919  Heretical ...At the Zionist Conference convened in Carlsbad in 1922 it emerged that, in addition to the Zionist Organization which was increasingly engaged with Palestine-related tasks, a Jewish world organization should be created to take care of problems in terms of world politics. In 1932 the first preparative conference of the World Jewish Conference was convened in Geneva, but the essential preconditions for this meeting had already been fulfilled during World War One by the efforts and unification of the Jews, predominantly in the United States. These had assumed leadership in the representation of worldwide Jewish interests as early as 1919 in Versailles. Goldmann, Wise
  • 1932  Heretical ....Dr. Nahum Goldmann convened the first preparative World Jewish Conference in Geneva, on behalf of the American Jewish Congress. It took place on 14-17 August 1932
  • 1933  Holocaust Museum ..Dac...Nazi Germany’s antisemitism and persecution of Jews was not a secret in the years before World War II and the Holocaust. Almost immediately after Adolf Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany in January 1933, newspapers and magazines abroad carried stories about new German laws targeting Jews, the establishment of concentration camps, and violence against Jews throughout Germany. Countries in western Europe saw an increase in German Jewish immigration, and after Germany’s annexation of Austria (Anschluss) in March 1938, countries in the western hemisphere debated the extent to which they should assist the hundreds of thousands of Jews seeking to leave Europe. After war began with Germany’s invasion of Poland in September 1939, citizens of the Allied and neutral nations heard about newly created ghettos in eastern Europe. American aid workers witnessed the deportation of Jews from France in 1942, and journalists informed readers that Jews in eastern Europe were being rounded up, taken out of their towns, and shot.
  • 1933  BBC ..Dachau, the first Nazi concentration camp, is established near Munich.
  • 1933  Heretical ...The Conference elected an Executive Committee, in which Dr. Stephen Wise and Dr. Nahum Goldmann were entrusted with leading positions. During 5-8 September 1933 and 20-23 August 1934 the second and third preparative conferences convened. In the meantime, the rise to power of National Socialism had become the crucial subject at these conferences.
  • 1933 LaRouchePub ... Frankfurt School. One of its leaders, Herbert Marcuse, became a research director of the U. S. wartime Office of Strategic Services, the intelligence agency which spawned the CIA. Following World War II, many of the school's cadre remained in the United States to shape the American postwar cultural outlook, while others returned to Germany to brainwash Germans into the "collective guilt" doctrine, that the German people were collectively responsible for the Nazis. While Tavistock continued to specialize in hard-core brainwashing techniques, the Frankfurt School specialized in broader cultural and epistemological warfare, which allowed Tavistock's "shock troops" to function. For example, the Frankfurt School became one of the ruling forces over German culture in the postwar period, to ensure continuing British domination of Germany. No understanding of the current Balkans crisis can be complete without realizing that the Frankfurt School was stunningly successful: A British campaign denouncing newly reunified Germany as the "Fourth Reich" in 1990 terrorized the German establishment into, so far, acquiescing to Anglo-American support for Serbia. A history of Tavistock and the Frankfurt School can be found in the winter 1992 issue of Fidelia magazine, by Michael Minnicino, and in an ongoing series in New Federalist newspaper by L. Wolfe, "Tum Off Your TV," beginning July 27, 1992.
  • 1934  Holocaust Museum .....Gerhart Riegner was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1911. In April 1933, Riegner was fired from his position working for a Berlin tribunal court judge after the passage of the Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service, which removed Jews and “politically unreliable” elements from civil service professions. He moved to Paris, then to Geneva in 1934 for postgraduate study in international law. In Switzerland, the League of Nations hired Riegner. In this context, he met Dr. Nahum Goldmann, a founder of the World Jewish Congress, an international Zionist representative body. Riegner soon agreed to become the WJC’s representative in Switzerland.
  • 1935  AllAcademic ...... Princeton Radio Project, 1937-1939. In 1935, Hadley Cantril and social psychologist Gordon Allport wrote The Psychology of Radio. xi In 1939, Hadley Cantril, Hazel Gaudet and Lazarsfeld’s wife, Herta Herzog, wrote the classic study of Orson Welle’s 1938 radio broadcast, Invasion from Mars; A Study in the Psychology of Panic. xii In the Fall of 1937, Paul Lazarsfeld offered sociologist Theodor Adorno his first job in the U.S. with the Princeton Radio Project though Adorno wrote: “I did not even know what a radio project was. ” xiii Lazarsfeld told Adorno’s mentor, Max Horkheimer, xiv Director of the Frankfurt School in exile xv “he was interested in offering the directorship of the musical part” of the Princeton Radio Project to Adorno. Adorno accepted the position and came to the U.S.
  • 1936  Heretical ...The WJC World Jewish Congress is a permanent world organization. It has, conforming to its aim, attempted to influence, and, in fact, has exercised enormous influence on world politics. It has shaped the destiny of mankind ever since its inception in 1936,...First Zionist Congress in Basle in 1897, at which two different objectives were set: The creation of a Jewish state in Palestine; Joint efforts to improve the living conditions of Jews living in the “Diaspora,” i.e. outside Palestine.
  • 1936 May 31  Freud's Mafia ......On May 31, 1936, The New York Times featured an article were Jewish Zionists were lobbying Christian American majority leaders, demanding they help finance the creation of a Jewish nation in Palestine to save the Jews from The European Holocaust. These Jewish Zionists' demands occurred four years before the creation of Auschwitz, over three years before Germany invaded Poland and years before the creation of Jewish ghettos or concentration camps
  • 1936  DeanHenderson ..The Crown then backed the rise of Adolf Hitler and the subsequent de-industrialization of Germany.  Soon they had their pretext for a mass exodus of Zionist Jews to Israel where that nation would serve not as a safe Jewish homeland, but as a regional enforcer for the Rothschild/Rockefeller oil cartel. Illegal state of Israel Henderson
  • 1937  Wikipedia .. Henry Morgenthau ...After 1937, while still in charge of the Treasury, he played the central role in financing United States participation in World War II. He also played an increasingly major role in shaping foreign policy, especially with respect to Lend-Lease, support for China, helping Jewish refugees, and proposing (in the "Morgenthau Plan") to prevent Germany from again being a military threat by wrecking its industry and mines.
  • 1938  IHR ..... Nahum Goldmann, who could trace his ancestry back over 500 years, was a non-Aryan (Jewish) Protestant, who had been associated with both the officially recognized Paulusbund and the Sicherheitsdienst (SS Security Service). Goldmann was a veteran of World War I. Although he lived in the Stuttgart area, he learned in 1938 that a fellow asset of the Security Service was Georg Kareski, a Berlin banker who was president of the Zionist Organization of Germany. Kareski was consulted by the regime in matters pertaining to Jews. As a Zionist he was concerned, above all with promoting the migration of Jews to Palestine. He thus accepted the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, knowing that a prerequisite for a meaningful migration to Palestine was to ascertain first of all who was and who was not a Jew.
  • 1938  Manchester . In February 1938, in a letter to Horkheimer, he raised the possibility of gassing and pointed to the acute vulnerability of Jews under existing national conditions: ‘There can be scarcely any room for doubt that the remaining Jews in Germany will be wiped out; for as the dispossessed, no country in the world will grant them admission’.6
  • 1938  PGIL ..... Is this use of "holocaust" by Brill, who was writing at the time of the Austrian Anschluss in March 1938, the earliest known case of the word having been applied to the actions of the Nazi regime? The answer is no. At most, it's the second earliest. The first occurred after the mass burning of banned books by the new Nazi government of Germany in May 1933, described by Newsweek magazine as "a holocaust of books." Time magazine, for its part, punning on its competitor, called it a "bibliocaust."
  • 1938  ChuckMaultsby ...Georg Kareski, the head of both the "Revisionist" Zionist State Organization and the Jewish Cultural League, and former head of the Berlin Jewish Community...In cooperation with the German authorities, Zionist groups organized a network of some forty camps and agricultural centers throughout Germany where prospective settlers were trained for their new lives in Palestine. Although the Nuremberg Laws forbid Jews from displaying the German flag, Jews were specifically guaranteed the right to display the blue and white Jewish national banner. The flag that would one day be adopted by Israel was flown at the Zionist camps and centers in Hitler's Germany.
  • 1938  WRMEA ...T..."In 1938 a thirty-one nation conference was held in Evian, France, on resettlement of the victims of Nazism. The World Zionist Organization refused to participate, fearing that resettlement of Jews in other states would reduce the number available for Palestine." John Quigley, "Palestine and Israel: A Challenge to Justice."
  • 1939  Codoh ..This shows that the National Socialists made every effort to get rid of the Jews “in a legal manner”, as stated in the Wannsee Protokol. And according to said Protokol, 537,000 had been send out before the war started, despite the fact that no country was really willing to take in large numbers of Jews. Many moved to Palestine
  • 1939  TakeOverWorld  There is also vast evidence of collaboration between leading Zionists and Nazis ---  NOT to rescue Jews --- 800,000 Hungarian Jews and others were abandoned by the Zionists over the pleas of a Rabbi.  NOT out of fear ---  collaboration came from Zionists who had already relocated to Palestine, but who received Nazi leaders and broke a global boycott of Nazi goods.   Zionists were EAGER to exterminate "undesireable" Jews and cleanse Jewry of the poor,  the old and feeble, the religious and moral, old-fashioned Euro-Jews who were not "on program" with Zionism and founding the State of Israel.  They organized to prevent Jews from escaping Nazi-held territory to neutral territory.  They organized to prevent rescue funds from reaching Euro-Jews and to divert it to Zio-Jews and their new "ethnically pure" State.  This was based on a similar nationalist/racist/separatist ideology coupled with the recognition of Nazi power and the desire to personally and politically benefit from such power.
  • 1940  Gottfried ..... The Americanization of the Frankfurt School followed upon the removal of the Institute from Frankfurt, Germany, to Columbia University. In the U.S., “Ties were developed in the thirties and forties between the Frankfurt School and the American academy and the American publishing industry, and this productive friendship continued to flourish into the sixties and seventies”
  • 1940 May  Darkmoon ......Official German Records of Prisoners in Auschwitz Concentration Camp from May 1940 to December 1944
  • 1940  Heretical ...When World War Two erupted, the WJC’s headquarters were moved to Paris, and in July 1940, to New York City. In Geneva, the office continued to exist under the management of Dr. Gerhard Riegner and Dr. Abraham Silberschein; it maintained contacts with the countries occupied by Germany and with the International Red Cross.
  • 1940  Heretical ....The first inter-American conference convened in November 1940, shortly before America’s entry into the war, in Baltimore, Maryland. It dealt with plans for the re-integration “of large Jewish masses” in Europe (p. 127).
  • 1940 May  BBC ...Rudolf Höss arrives in the Polish town of Oswiecim to create a new concentration camp on the site of a deserted Polish army barracks.
  • 1940 June 14  BBC ...The first transport of Polish political prisoners arrives at Auschwitz.
  • 1940 Tavistock Agenda War of the Worlds ... In 1940, Cantril would author THE INVASION FROM MARS: A STUDY IN THE PSYCHOLOGY OF PANIC regarding the radio broadcast of H.G. Wells' THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. Tavistock senior staffer, Fred Emery, would later (HUMAN RELATIONS, Vol. 12, No. 3, August 1959) begin his article on "Working Hypotheses on the Psychology of Television" with the words: "The psychological after-effects of television are of considerable interest to the would-be social engineer."


Leakgate (Iraq War) Timeline excerpts ...go to full timeline...desktop only

  • Sept 2010 Blair-Bush deal before Iraq war revealed in secret memo Guardian  and copy below
  • Foreign Policy former Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Hugh Shelton:  ....also writes that there was no reason to go war against Iraq. "The fact is that we had Iraq contained and they were not a threat." (419) Also, "There was absolutely no link between him [Saddam] and 9/11." (474) No big revelations, but I was glad to see this stated so flatly by a former high official.    ...   His bottom line: "President Bush and his team got us enmeshed in Iraq based on extraordinarily poor intelligence and a series of lies purporting that we had to protect American from Saddam's evil empire because it posed such a threat to our national security." (474-475)    ...   Just in case you weren't paying attention, he elaborates on that charge later in the book. "Spinning the possible possession of WMDs as a threat to the United States in the way they did is, in my opinion, tantamount to intentionally deceiving the American people." (488)   ...
  • OpinionMaker, British intelligence reported in February 2002 that the Israeli Mossad ran the Arab hijacker cells that were later blamed by the U.S. government's 9/11 Commission for carrying out the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. WMR has received details of the British intelligence report which was suppressed by the government of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.
  • below
  • In a new documentary, former national-security aide Richard Clarke suggests the CIA tried to recruit 9/11 hijackers—then covered it up. Philip Shenon on George Tenet’s denial.   DailyBeast
  • Plamegate, Leakgate, Treasongate, Cheneygate...(Just a Citizen, Sibel Edmonds)    It's just a minor story mixed into the decades-long run-up to the Iraq invasion / occupation / Iran attack justification manipulation  ....   and covering up  nuclear arms secrets  peddling by Bush neo-cons that Brewster Jennings Associates (Plame) and Sibel Edmonds discovered. (MORE)asdf,  & Aug 08 OpedNews... It's about the neo-con push to the Iraq War versus the 'old guard' CIA that wouldn't go along with the Bush administration intelligence manipulation...and see Judith Miller / WMD (Herbert L. Abrams)asdf  & . ... CounterPunch search Woodward,  Antiwar ...  and see:   Sibel Edmonds alleges that in the course of her work for the government, she found evidence that the FBI, State Department, and Pentagon had been infiltrated by a Turkish and Israeli-run intelligence network that paid high-ranking American officials to steal nuclear weapons secrets.  ... search terms: Marc Grossman, ... Turkey ....more  and .(Edmonds tells all despite consequences of gag order)..  The Sunday Times  file ...  "SibelEdmonds blog, a 37-year-old former Turkish language translator for the FBI, listened into hundreds of sensitive intercepted conversations while based at the agency’s Washington field office. She approached The Sunday Times last month after reading about an Al-Qaeda terrorist who had revealed his role in training some of the 9/11 hijackers while he was in Turkey. Edmonds described how foreign intelligence agents had enlisted the support of US officials to acquire a network of moles in sensitive military and nuclear institutions. Among the hours of covert tape recordings, she says she heard evidence that one well-known senior official (Marc Grossman) in the US State Department was being paid by Turkish agents in Washington who were selling the information on to black market buyers, including Pakistan...file ... runs a series of articles about FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds, detailing allegations made by Edmonds about Turkish and US involvement in the A. Q. Khan nuclear smuggling ring, as well as money laundering, drugs, and conventional weapons. ..  History Commons  file
  • Michael Smith Downing Street Memo, Manning Memo, Iraq Memo
  • WMR: July 2010, Obama nominated James Clapper to replace Dennis Blair as the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Clapper played leading role in 'cooking' Iraq WMD evidence, he was director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), knowingly fed false IMINT WMD data to senior officials to bolster case to go to war in Iraq, search terms Syria, Baathist, Gates
  •  It's about the neocon / Israeli push for regime change in Iran and influence in the Middle East.  See  Wilson's "What I Didn't Find in Africa",   Common Dreams..... Wilson's "Politics of Truth" How does all this fit into the replacement of the 'communist' boogeyman with a 'Islamofascist boogeyman, and perpetual war, oil hegemony? Ledeen fascism,  and Waxman letter on Fitzgerald Dec. 2007 after McClellan revelations. ... and BradBlog  Cheney targeting Plame a month before Wilson's oped article.... and  See WMR. on  Scott McCellan: "It’s ... clear to me that Scooter Libby was guilty of the perjury and obstruction crimes for which he was convicted. When the president commuted Libby’s prison sentence and thereby protected him from serving even one day behind bars, I was disappointed. This kind of special treatment undermines our system of justice."  and  "But the other defining moment was in early April 2006, when I learned that the President had secretly declassified the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq for the Vice President and Scooter Libby to anonymously disclose to reporters. And we had been out there talking about how seriously the President took the selective leaking of classified information. And here we were, learning that the President had authorized the very same thing we had criticized."  
  • WMR (1/09) has previously reported on the malfeasance of the U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald, in his investigation of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the outing of CIA covert agent Valerie Plame Wilson. In the case of the 1993 attack, Fitzgerald sat on critical signals intelligence (SIGINT) evidence that would have tied the bombing to Osama bin Laden in exile in Sudan. Bin Laden remained a U.S. intelligence asset at the time of the World Trade Center bombing so Fitzgerald, following orders from Langley, simply failed to enter into evidence wiretaps communications between the Sudanese Mission to the United Nations in New York and the Sudanese Foreign Ministry in Khartoum that contained references to Bin Laden. In the outing of Plame, Fitzgerald refused to enter as evidence tapped phone calls of Vice President Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby and others that would have proven the severe damage of Libby's actions to the covert counter-proliferation operation involving Plame and her Brewster Jennings & Associates cover firm. Fitzgerald's actions in covering up the World Trade Center link to Sudan and Bin Laden was so significant that Libby's New York Times interlocutor, Judith Miller, once asked this editor for my sources on the Sudanese wiretap story. I told her that one was well known, the late ABC News reporter John McWethy had reported on the Sudan UN mission wiretaps by the National Security Agency (NSA) in 1993. The other, a confidential source in Khartoum, remains confidential. McWethy died in a February 2008 skiing accident in Colorado.   search terms: damage assessment, CIA, Plame outing, 
  • Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Marc Grossman ... the three most important people on the ground in the Turkey, Pakistan, nuclear secrets, drug smuggling, push to war, neo-con plan. SibelEdmonds
  • The Plame identity issue is a smokescreen....what she was investigating is the real story:  Bush, neo-con WMD proliferation. 
  • WMR 12-2009 provided a "yes" response to the Hindustan Times's  question on December 4, 2008: "WMR has learned from Asian intelligence sources that one of the accused masterminds of the gangland assault on Mumbai, the soft-spoken but extremely dangerous exiled Indian mobster and one-time Bombay local street tough, or 'dada,' Ibrahim, was a key 'unsavory' ally of the CIA and Cheney in the war against 'Al Qaeda.' In fact, Ibrahim's dalliances with the CIA go back to the Afghan mujaheddin war against the Soviets and coincide with the CIA's alliance, at the time, with Osama Bin Laden . . . Ibrahim, according to our sources, played an important part in Cheney's and Rumsfeld's 'shadow war' after 9/11. It was Ibrahim, for example, who used his criminal network to track down the killers of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in Pakistan. Ibrahim's men were also used to provide protection for Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai in Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially when the Afghan frequented gay brothels in Pakistan. Ibrahim's enterprises, called 'D-Company,' ensured that U.S. supply ships in the Arabian Sea were protected from attack, that the U.S. embassy in Islamabad was not targeted for terrorist attack, arranged for reasonable port fees to be assessed for U.S. ships in Dubai in support of the Iraq war,  that U.S. sailors and contractors in Dubai were protected, and that all the kickbacks for Cheney's Halliburton and other U.S. contractors were properly laundered through Dubai banks. Ibrahim's network also ensured that the land route from Karachi to Afghanistan allowed U.S., Indian, and other nations' goods to move into the landlocked country unimpeded."
  • Just a Citizen "Since the 1950s Turkey has played a key role in channeling into Europe and the U.S. heroin produced in the "Golden Triangle" comprised of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. These operations are run by mafia groups closely controlled by the MIT (Turkish Intelligence Agency) and the military. According to statistics compiled in 1998, Turkey’s heroin trafficking brought in $25 billion in 1995 and $37.5 billion in 1996. That amount makes up nearly a quarter of Turkey’s GDP. Only criminal networks working in close cooperation with the police and the army could possibly organize trafficking on such a scale. The Turkish government, MIT and the Turkish military, not only sanctions, but also actively participates in and oversees the narcotics activities and networks.
  • Wikipedia American Turkish Council  "ATC's advisory board also includes representatives of a number of high-powered defense, pharmaceutical, consulting, and technology firms, including General Atomics, BAE Systems, Motorola, and the Cohen Group. Daniel Pipes is a former ATC board member.  Growing media scrutiny of the ATC is a result of allegations made by FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds regarding suspect activities of council members in an article in the September 2005 Vanity Fair.  The ATC is where former Ambassador Joseph Wilson met his future wife and CIA operative, Valerie Plame, leading some to speculate Plame's CIA front company, Brewster-Jennings & Associates, was monitoring the same alleged nuclear trafficking of the ATC as Sibel Edmonds." American Turkish Council, board members: Brent Scowcroft, chairman, George Perlman of Lockheed Martin, Elizabeth Avery of Pepsico, Ozer Baysal of Pfizer, Andy Button of Boeing, Richard K. Douglas of General Electric, Sherry Grandjean of Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, John R. Miller of Raytheon, Selig A. Taubenblatt of Bechtel    Vanity Fair interview with Sibel Edmonds, September 2005 reprinted in Antiwar  and file
  • CounterPunch "Grossman arranged for Turkish and Israeli Ph.D. students to acquire security clearances to Los Alamos and other nuclear facilities; and that nuclear secrets they acquired were transmitted to Pakistan and to Abdul Qadeer Khan, the "father of the Islamic bomb," who in turn was selling nuclear technology to Libya and other nations. She links Grossman to the former Pakistani military intelligence chief Mahmoud Ahmad, a patron of the Taliban who reportedly arranged for a payment of $ 100,000 to 9/11 ringleader Atta via Pakistani terrorist Saeed Sheikh before the attacks. She suggests that he warned Pakistani and Turkish contacts against dealings with the Brewster Jennings Corp., the CIA front company that Valerie Plame was involved in as part of an effort to infiltrate a nuclear smuggling ring. All very heady stuff, published this month in the Times of London (and largely ignored by the U.S. media).

Russiagate Timeline excerpts...go to full timeline...desktop only

  • 2018 Dec 31 RT...Irony alert: Firm that (New Knowledge) warned Americans of Russian bots...was running an army of fake Russian bots...but ... This week, however, we learned that New Knowledge was running its own disinformation campaign (or “propaganda war against Americans,”you could say), complete with fake Russian bots designed to discredit Republican candidate Roy Moore as a Russia-preferred candidate when he was running for the US senate in Alabama in 2017. The scheme was exposed by the New York Times — the paper that just over a month earlier published that aforementioned oped, in which Fox and Morgan pontificated about Russian interference online. New Knowledge created a mini-army of fake Russian bots and fake Facebook groups. The accounts, which had Russian names, were made to follow Moore. An internal company memo boasted that New Knowledge had “orchestrated an elaborate 'false flag' operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet.”
  • 2018 Dec 31 Tucker Carlson / Youtube. ...the Left trying to downplay Russiagate...calls dossier 'opposition research'...
  • 2019 Jan 14 Hannity ...JARRETT: An FBI that is Corrupt and Dishonest -- Latest Reports Offer Only More Proof...“The latest proof comes in a New York Times report that the FBI initiated an investigation in May of 2017 into whether President Donald Trump was serving as a covert Russian agent.  The accusation itself was ludicrous on its face.  But from a legal standpoint, the FBI’s probe constituted an egregious abuse of power.  The Bureau had no probable cause, no evidence, and no reasonable suspicions.  They investigated Trump because they could.  They defied the law, ignored or perverted facts, and debased the integrity of a heretofore-respected law enforcement agency,” writes Jarrett. ...Not only did these key people involved in the Russia case affirm that the president never interfered or obstructed, there was no other evidence that Trump was working for the Russians that would have justified the FBI's punitive decision to launch its investigation. Both Comey and Page testified before House investigators that by the time the director was fired and Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed there was no hard evidence of "collusion." The investigation had been running for ten months. Comey admitted, "In fact, when I was fired as director, I still didn't know whether there was anything to it." Nevertheless, top officials at the FBI opened their investigation of Trump in May of 2017 without sufficient evidence and in direct violation of FBI and DOJ regulations. They broke the law. And they did it to depose Trump.
  • 2019 Jan 14 DailyCaller ... One of President Donald Trump’s former lawyers for the Russia probe is accusing former FBI officials of staging a “coup” by opening a counterintelligence investigation into whether Trump acted as a foreign agent of Russia. ... “This is our worst nightmare that someone with that kind of power would then decide to go after the president. I mean it’s a coup,” John Dowd told Fox’s Brian Kilmeade in a radio interview Monday.... “That’s what it is an attempted coup by Comey and his crowd,” he said. “And the evidence is all over there. I take The New York Times article as an admission of their bad behavior.” Dowd, who represented Trump from June 2017 until his resignation on March 22, 2018, was responding to a Times report from Friday that the FBI opened the investigation into Trump in the eight-day window in May 2017 between the firing of James Comey as FBI director and the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.
  • 2019 Jan 15 TheFederalist...Missing: Key Documents About Alleged Misconduct By Robert Mueller’s Lead Prosecutor Late Friday, a federal judge’s office confirmed that several documents that would shed light on the special counsel’s lead prosecutor’s alleged misconduct are missing from the court record. ... By Margot Cleveland ... Andrew Weissmann, the lead prosecutor for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, has a history of questionable conduct. But the full extent of Weissmann’s alleged prosecutorial misconduct is unclear because some of the most serious charges were hidden behind redactions and secreted in sealed court filings...In a joint motion to dismiss the criminal charges filed against them, four individuals connected to the Enron collapse alleged that Weissmann had improperly threatened witnesses to keep them from speaking with defense lawyers. In support of their motion, the defendants included an email Weissmann had sent to the lawyer of a “critical witness.” What exactly Weissmann said, though, is unclear, as the brief redacted the details:
  • 2019 Jan 14 DailyCaller...House Republicans are seeking updates on a media leak investigation into former FBI general counsel James Baker, according to a letter obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan and North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows asked John Durham, the U.S. attorney in Connecticut, for an update on the leak probe in a letter sent Monday. The letter quotes extensively from a transcript of Baker’s Oct. 18 closed-door testimony before the Oversight and House Judiciary Committees, which have investigated the FBI’s handling of investigations into President Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • 2019 Jan 14 Hannity...Former General Counsel at FBI ‘Under Investigation’ for Leaks to Media
  • 2019 Jan 15 YouTube / Epoch Times....Lisa Page Testimony Reveals New Details in Spygate Scandal
  • 2019 Jan 17 DailyCaller...The Justice Department is alleging that the former Obama White House general counsel made ‘false and misleading’ statements regarding consulting work done for Ukraine. Greg Craig was lead partner for the law firm Skadden Arps on its Ukraine work, which was done in partnership with Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman. Skadden Arps agreed Thursday to settle with the Justice Department by registering as a foreign agent of Ukraine and paying a $4.6 million fine. Craig’s fate remains uncertain.
  • 2019 Jan 17 Hannity...Strzok Discussed Opening a ‘CASE,’ Filing 'CHARGES' 2 Hours After Comey’s Firing ...According to Fox News, “Text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, discussing whether to open a ‘case’ in a ‘formal chargeable way’ after Director James Comey was fired, are under fresh scrutiny after Page told congressional investigators there was no evidence of Russian collusion at the time, according to three congressional sources.”
  • ...BuzzFeed, a popular “news” website, has once again been shamed for publishing fake allegations against Donald Trump. BuzzFeed’s anonymously sourced report claimed that President Trump ordered his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, to lie to Congress about a proposed business deal in Moscow. Supposedly, two unnamed federal law enforcement officials claimed that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office had the goods. They were purported to have collected emails, texts, and testimony proving the explosive claim.
  • 2019 Jan 17 SaraACarter...Ohr’s Testimony: Is It Enough To Launch DOJ Investigation Into FISA Abuse? ...DOJ official Bruce Ohr revealed last August in closed-door congressional testimony that he had informed three top senior Justice Department and FBI officials in the summer of 2016 about his meetings with former British spy Christopher Steele. Ohr told these officials about Steele’s animus toward Trump and that the dossier was not verified. Further, he informed the officials that he was also in communication with Glenn Simpson, the founder of embattled research firm Fusion GPS.
  • 2019 Jan 17 DickMorrisReports video...Bruce Ohr Confirms: Dossier Was Phony And Prepared By The Clintons! Dick Morris TV: ....and FoxNews confirms...and comments: Christopher Steele recently testified to a UK magistrate that the clinton campaign paid him to invent the Steele dossier in case of a trump victory ...
  • 2019 Jan 21 DanBongino...Top FBI Lawyer to Congress: Hillary Clinton Should Have Been Charged in Email Scandal
  • 2019 Jan 24 ZeroHedge / NewsPunch...BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti has been caught posing as a prominent gun rights activist in order to spread fake news stories that are anti-gun. Long before BuzzFeed was publishing unverified dossiers and anti-Trump propaganda refuted by Robert Mueller, its founder created a fake website and email address in the name of famous gun rights advocate John Lott in order to justify the spreading of fake news. reports: Peretti, then-director at Brooklyn-based technology nonprofit Eyebeam, used Lott’s name in 2003 to trick people into thinking that Lott had changed his mind on a key piece of gun-rights legislation that protected gun makers from abusive lawsuits designed to put them out of business.
  • 2019 Jan 27 WashingtonExaminer...Roger Stone (arrested by FBI in early Jan 25the raid) vows to stand by Trump: I will not 'bear false witness against the president'...Roger Stone, longtime political aide to President Trump, said he intends to plead not guilty to charges brought against him in special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigation and will not testify against the president. “I am troubled by the political motivations of the prosecutors and as I have said previously, there is no circumstance whatsoever under which I will bear false witness against the president,” Stone said after appearing in federal court in Florida on Friday morning following his arrest. “Nor will I make up lies to ease the pressure on myself.”
  • 2019 Jan 28..SaraACarter.Nunes Predicts: Discovery Process In Roger Stone Case Will Be Fascinating ... Stone was indicted last week by a grand jury on 7 counts of lying to congress, witness tampering and obstruction. The FBI has been criticized for sending a dozen armed FBI agents and vehicles to take Stone into custody after the indictment during a predawn raid. The indictment stems from testimony he gave to the House Intelligence Committee....the indictment does not accuse Stone of colluding with Russians....Mueller’s team “must be embarrassed that they have to come to House Republicans in order to have us to give them the information from the transcripts, so that they can go get Roger Stone on a process foul that occurred in 2017.”
  • 2019 Jan 30..SaraACarter...Republicans Want To See A Hillary Clinton 2020 Run More Than Democrats
  • Epoch Times video report and report on Clinton emails
  • 2019 Jan 31..Hannity...Bruce Ohr's Wife Tasked with Researching Trump’s Children for Fusion GPS
  • 2019 Jan 31..Hannity...DEVIN NUNES: Expect ‘Criminal Referrals’ from GOP’s Probe into FBI Political Bias
  • 2019 Jan 31..Youtube...The Still Report Mueller probe withholds evidence from Russian's lawyers over 'leaks'
  • 2019 Feb 2..NewsPunch...Bombshell: Hillary Clinton Set up Trump Tower Meeting between Russia and Don Jr.... Speaking on Fox News, Nunes described how Clinton’s campaign team, working with Glenn Simpson and fusion GPS, set up the meeting between Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner with the Russians.... reports: The whole thing was a setup!...Bongino lays out how the entire meeting at Trump Tower was a set up. The ‘Russians’ involved were all connected to Hillary Clinton.
  • 2019 Feb 3..YouTube...NIGHTMARE Is COMING After Joe Digenova REVEALS The BIG SECRET On Roger Stone's
  • 2019 Feb 6..SupremeInsider...Evidence Surfaced! The DNC Was Not Hacked by Russians in 2016 – It Was an Inside Job And the Deep State Knows It!...The actions taken by the DNC after the release of their emails were consistent with a loss of emails due to an insider job rather than a hacking from outsiders, let alone Russians. The DNC never let anyone but CrowdStrike look at their server. The FBI hasn’t even reviewed their server, but the entire fairy tale led to the Mueller Witchhunt and it’s all a lie. Some say the insider who released the emails was Seth Rich. A Bernie Sanders supporter who was murdered in Washington DC in July of 2016 – God rest his soul. This makes more sense than Russia hacking the DNC.
  • 2019 Feb 8..YouTube/ Still Report...Adam Schiff Caught With Fusion GPS Guy (Glenn Simpson)...double standard...didn't tell consequences
  • 2019 Feb 11..True Conservative News...Judicial Watch announced today it received 215 pages of records from the U.S. Department of Justice revealing former FBI General Counsel James Baker discussed the investigation of Clinton-related emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop with Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall. Baker then forwarded the conversation to his FBI colleagues. The documents also further describe a previously reported quid pro quo from the Obama State Department offering the FBI more legal attaché positions if it would downgrade a redaction in an email found during the Hillary Clinton email investigation “from classified to something else.” The newly obtained emails came in response to a May 21 order in a January 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed after the DOJ failed to respond to a December 4, 2017 FOIA request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:18-cv-00154)). Judicial Watch seeks: All records of communications, including but not limited to, emails, text messages and instant chats, between FBI official Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page; All travel requests, travel authorizations, travel vouchers and expense reports of Peter Strzok. All travel requests, travel authorizations, travel vouchers and expense reports of Lisa Page. On October 28, 2016, the day that Comey sent a letter to Congress regarding the FBI’s discovery that the Weiner laptop contained Clinton’s emails. Hillary Clinton’s personal lawyer David Kendall, within hours, emails Baker requesting a call “ASAP” about the Comey letter. Baker describes his follow-up call to senior FBI officials:...
  • 2019 Feb 11..Western Journal...Case Against Dems for Colluding With Russia Explodes Online... A new report is reviving allegations that Bill and Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia during the early years of the Obama administration to develop projects later identified as security concerns, but which also enriched the Clinton Foundation. John Solomon, executive vice president for video for The Hill, outlined his case in a piece The Hill published Sunday. Solomon begins his tale of connections in 2009 and continues through 2016 by noting that allies of the Clintons with ties to Russia presented the now-discredited dossier of claims against President Donald Trump.
  • 2019 Feb 11..JudicialWatch / Tom Fitton...Congress is Nervous that Mueller Will Not Deliver on Trump Probe; Schiff Launches Own Investigation
  • 2019 Feb 12..Hannity...Cong...Senate Intel Committee Finds ‘No Direct Evidence’ of Russia-Trump Collusion...“After two years and 200 interviews, the Senate Intelligence Committee is approaching the end of its investigation into the 2016 election, having uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee,” reports NBC.
  • 2019 Feb 13..SaraCarter...Stone Files Motion: Alleges Special Counsel’s Office Released Unsealed Indictment To CNN...According to the metadata on the “draft” indictment provided by a reporter while Stone was being arrested, established that it came from an “AAW” author or computer. That a member of the Special Counsel’s office has the initials “AAW,” supports a reasonable inference that that office is responsible for the unlawful public disclosure of a grand jury document sealed by order of the Court.” AAW, is believed to be Special Counsel Prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, whose been accused in the past of conflicts of interest regarding the alleged Russia investigation.
  • 2019 Feb 13..Conservative US...Flashback! During The Press Conference In Helsinki Vladimir Putin Said That US Intelligence Helped Move $400,000,000 to HILLARY Campaign! (VIDEO)
  • 2019 Feb 14..NewYorkTimes ...McCabe Says Justice Officials Discussed Recruiting Cabinet Members to Push Trump Out of Office...and ConservativeUS ... This proves McCabe should have been fired. It also proves he is trying to sell a book. It was a Clinton law firm (Perkins Coie) that started the Pee Document. You need lawyers in handcuffs.
  • 2019 Feb 15..NewsPunch...The DNC emails published by Wikileaks in 2016 were not obtained via a Russian hack, cyber-security and intelligence experts William Binney and Larry Johnson claim. According to forensic evidence, the files taken from the DNC between 23 and 25 May 2016, were copied onto a file storage device. reports: If the Russians actually had conducted an internet based hack of the DNC computer network then the evidence of such an attack would have been collected and stored by the National Security Agency. The technical systems to accomplish this task have been in place since 2002. The NSA had an opportunity to make it clear that there was irrefutable proof of Russian meddling, particularly with regard to the DNC hack, when it signed on to the January 2017 “Intelligence Community Assessment,” regarding Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election: “We also assess Putin and the Russian Government aspired to help President-elect Trump’s election chances when possible by discrediting Secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him. All three agencies agree with this judgment. CIA and FBI have high confidence in this judgment; NSA has moderate confidence.” The phrase, “moderate confidence” is intelligence speak for “we have no hard evidence.” Thanks to the leaks by Edward Snowden, we know with certainty that the NSA had the capability to examine and analyze the DNC emails. NSA routinely “vacuumed up” email traffic transiting the U.S. using robust collection systems (whether or not anyone in the NSA chose to look for this data is another question). If those emails had been hijacked over the internet then NSA also would have been able to track the electronic path they traveled over the internet. This kind of data would allow the NSA to declare without reservation or caveat that the Russians were guilty. The NSA could admit to such a fact in an unclassified assessment without compromising sources and methods. Instead, the NSA only claimed to have moderate confidence in the judgement regarding Russian meddling. If the NSA had hard intelligence to support the judgement the conclusion would have been stated as “full confidence.”
  • 2019 Feb 20..FoxNews ...Michael Knowles: McCabe plotted a coup and called it an investigation...Disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has now admitted in his new book that he ordered obstruction of justice and counterintelligence investigations of President Trump in retaliation for Trump’s firing of FBI Director and McCabe friend James Comey....Former FBI lawyer Lisa Page admitted during a closed-door congressional interview that when McCabe ordered the investigations “we still couldn’t answer the question…. It still existed in the scope of possibility that there would be literally nothing” to connect Trump with Russia....The unconstitutional power grab failed to gain any momentum. President Trump, after all, was not incapacitated. Conspicuously absent in the text of the 25th Amendment is any language empowering the deputy director of the FBI to overturn a presidential election because he disapproves of the result. When that plan stalled, McCabe considered asking Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to secretly record his conversations with President Trump in order to entrap the president in some crime – any crime.
  • 2019 Feb 20..Community Digital News...Andrew McCabe takes a treasonous path, confesses to coup d’etat plans on 60 Minutes
  • 2019 Feb 21..Conservative Citizen / YouTube...Joe diGenova Discusses Release of Mueller Report
  • 2019 Feb 24..RickWells ...Peter Strzok and Lisa Page told Congress that a text they exchanged referring to an “insurance policy” against a Trump presidency was a reference to a discussion about potentially “burning” a longtime FBI source in the event of an aggressive investigation of the Trump campaign.
  • 2019 Feb 25..Bill Binney, Tucker Carlson, YouTube ...Bill Binney proves that Russians didn't hack DNC servers, rates too that they were downloaded to thumb drive...Seth Rich had access to DNC servers...NSA could corroborate this but political pressure keeps this from happening...that's why he was killed. The whole Russia narrative is bogus.
  • 2019 Feb 25..Joe DiGenova...DiGenova on the Latest Developments in the Mueller Report
  • 2019 Mar 2..NewsPunch...New Evidence Connects Hillary & Podesta to Fake Russian Hoax Before Election
  • 2019 Mar 3..StillReport Cohen gave House Dems what he agreed to (to save his wife from going to jail because of involvement in NYC taxi medallion fraud)...calling Trump a racist con man and a cheat...then exonerated Trump and Russia collusion to save relationship with Trump..
  • 2019 Mar 3..StillReport ...Bill Barr Won’t Investigate Hillary??...Trump still can't release classified docs because of optics...would look like obstruction....has to wait till Mueller finished and Dems will drag that out as far as possible to protect themselves.
  • 2019 Mar 4..NewsPunch ...Rep. Jim Jordan has slammed the Democrats for falsely accusing Trump of colluding with Russia whilst blatantly ignoring evidence that Hillary Clinton did. The Ranking Member of the House Oversight Committee claims there is a double standard in the scrutiny placed on President Trump compared to crooked Hillary and the DNC....“There is all kinds of evidence to show that the Clinton campaign worked with Russians to impact the elections, via that whole thing I just described where they fired the law firm who hired Fusion, who hired Christopher Steele, who communicated with Russians, and put together the fake dossier,”
  • 2019 Mar 6..Levin ... The Silent Coup Against Trump | LevinTV
  • 2019 Mar 6..NewsPunch ... The ...Wikileaks: Trump Demolishes DNC’s Russiagate Hoax; Dems Fabricated Computer reports: Did Russia hack the DNC? No, according to the filing, which asserts the DNC fabricated the hack.
  • 2019 Mar 8..Hannity ... The ......Hannity: We now have damning evidence on the 'deep state' Bruce Ohr testimony clears up a lot of details...investigation reopened.
  • 2019 Mar 16..NewsPunch...Six U.S. Agencies Conspired to Illegally Wiretap Trump... Six U.S. agencies created a stealth task force, spearhead by CIA’s Brennan, to run domestic surveillance on Trump associates and possibly Trump himself. To feign ignorance and to seemingly operate within U.S. laws, the agencies freelanced the wiretapping of Trump associates to the British spy agency GCHQ. The decision to insert GCHQ as a back door to eavesdrop was sparked by the denial of two FISA Court warrant applications filed by the FBI to seek wiretaps of Trump associates. GCHQ did not work from London or the UK. In fact the spy agency worked from NSA’s headquarters in Fort Meade, MD with direct NSA supervision and guidance to conduct sweeping surveillance on Trump associates. The illegal wiretaps were initiated months before the controversial Trump dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele. The Justice Department and FBI set up the meeting at Trump Tower between Trump Jr., Manafort and Kushner with controversial Russian officials to make Trump’s associates appear compromised. Following the Trump Tower sit down, GCHQ began digitally wiretapping Manafort, Trump Jr., and Kushner. After the concocted meeting by the Deep State, the British spy agency could officially justify wiretapping Trump associates as an intelligence front for NSA because the Russian lawyer at the meeting Natalia Veselnitskaya was considered an international security risk and prior to the June sit down was not even allowed entry into the United States or the UK, federal sources said. By using GCHQ, the NSA and its intelligence partners had carved out a loophole to wiretap Trump without a warrant. While it is illegal for U.S. agencies to monitor phones and emails of U.S. citizens inside the United States absent a warrant, it is not illegal for British intelligence to do so. Even if the GCHQ was tapping Trump on U.S. soil at Fort Meade.] The wiretaps, secured through illicit scheming, have been used by U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe of alleged Russian collusion in the 2016 election, even though the evidence is considered “poisoned fruit.”
  • 2019 Mar 16....YouTube ...Sen. Graham wants independent council to investigate Clinton email scandal for all the obvious reasons
  • 2019 Mar 18..SaraCarter...Former Obama Officials Ordered By Judge To Answer Judicial Watch Questions...District Judge Royce C. Lamberth ordered senior officials — including Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Jacob Sullivan, and FBI official E.W. Priestap – to respond under oath and submit the answers in writing to the questions provided by Judicial Watch. The decision from Lamberth was made this past January....Judicial Watch requests: Copies of any updates and/or talking points given to Ambassador Rice by the White House or any federal agency concerning, regarding, or related to the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Any and all records or communications concerning, regarding, or relating to talking points or updates on the Benghazi attack given to Ambassador Rice by the White House or any federal agency. Judicial Watch’s discovery will seek answers to: Whether Clinton intentionally attempted to evade the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) by using a non-government email system; whether the State Department’s efforts to settle this case beginning in late 2014 amounted to bad faith; and whether the State Department adequately searched for records responsive to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request.
Transhumanism Go to full desktop only timeline page ... articles
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  • 1929..Wikipedia ..Transhumanism....His article inspired academic and popular interest. J. D. Bernal, a crystallographer at Cambridge, wrote The World, the Flesh and the Devil in 1929, in which he speculated on the prospects of space colonization and radical changes to human bodies and intelligence through bionic implants and cognitive enhancement. These ideas have been common transhumanist themes ever since.
  • 1940..Wikipedia ....The biologist Julian Huxley is generally regarded as the founder of transhumanism after using the term for the title of an influential 1957 article. The term itself, however, derives from an earlier 1940 paper by the Canadian philosopher W. D. Lighthall. Huxley describes transhumanism in these terms: Up till now human life has generally been, as Hobbes described it, 'nasty, brutish and short'; the great majority of human beings (if they have not already died young) have been afflicted with misery… we can justifiably hold the belief that these lands of possibility exist, and that the present limitations and miserable frustrations of our existence could be in large measure surmounted… The human species can, if it wishes, transcend itself—not just sporadically, an individual here in one way, an individual there in another way, but in its entirety, as humanity.
  • 1960s..Wikipedia ..Transhumanism....The contemporary meaning of the term "transhumanism" was foreshadowed by one of the first professors of futurology, FM-2030, who taught "new concepts of the human" at The New School in the 1960s, when he began to identify people who adopt technologies, lifestyles and worldviews "transitional" to posthumanity as "transhuman".[5] The assertion would lay the intellectual groundwork for the British philosopher Max More to begin articulating the principles of transhumanism as a futurist philosophy in 1990, and organizing in California an intelligentsia that has since grown into the worldwide transhumanist movement.
  • 1990s..Wikipedia ..Transhumanism..The contemporary meaning of the term "transhumanism" was foreshadowed by one of the first professors of futurology, FM-2030, who taught "new concepts of the human" at The New School in the 1960s, when he began to identify people who adopt technologies, lifestyles and worldviews "transitional" to posthumanity as "transhuman". The assertion would lay the intellectual groundwork for the British philosopher Max More to begin articulating the principles of transhumanism as a futurist philosophy in 1990, and organizing in California an intelligentsia that has since grown into the worldwide transhumanist movement.
9/11 Interactive Spreadsheet ...example data ... go to full desktop version w/ Holohoax, JFK and 9/11 data
  • 9/11 --Commission 9/11 Commission published its report. Failed to meet families expectations, concluded 9/11 was a 'failure of imagination", ommissions, lies,
  • Abbas --The omission of the 1999 prediction by ISI agent Rajaa Gulum Abbas that the Twin Towers would be "coming down"
  • Arab --Publicly released flight manifests contain no Arab names.
  • Ashcroft --It was ommitted that Attorney General Ashcroft received warning to not use commercial airlines prior to 9/11.
  • Atta Mohamed --Atta was not religious and reportedly had fondness for alcohol, pork, and lap dances, see Abramoff, Florida casinos
  • Atta Mohammed Atta and Prince Nayif: the Saudi drugs dealers who helped finance the 911 attack. the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) broke open a major conspiracy involving a Saudi prince’s Colombian cocaine smuggling from Venezuela to support some “future intention” involving Koranic prophecy
  • Atta, Mohammed US media shows video Mohammed Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari's flight from Portland, Maine arrives on time at Boston's Logan Airport.
  • Atta, Mohammed US media shows Mohammed of Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari board American Airlines Flight 11.
  • Attivissimo, Paolo Paolo Attivissimo (Italy) member of CICAP, declared war on conspiracy theorists,
  • Ayres, J. Marx J. Marx Ayres, a former member of the National Institute of Sciences Building Safety Council and former member of the California Seismic Safety Commission, also called for a new investigation of 9/11.
  • Ayres, J. Marx Commander Ralph Kolstad, a U.S. Navy ‘Top Gun’ pilot, questioned the official account of 9/11 and called for a new investigation. Kolstad said, "When one starts using his own mind, and not what one was told, there is very little to believe in the official story."
  • Bandar 36. The Commission's denial of any evidence that money from Prince Bandar's wife, Princess Haifa, went to al-Qaeda operatives.
    beams The top 14 floors of the WTC account for only 2% of the buildings mass. It is physically impossible for that mass to cause the destruction of the lower 98%.
  • Begin, Menachem Menachem Begin's Irgun Jewish terrorists dress as Arabs and bomb the King David Hotel, killing 92 people. The Irgun also plot to assassinate British foreign secretary Ernest Bevin; fortunately, this conspiracy is foiled by MI6.
  • Ben-Gurion, David David Ben-Gurion declares the independence of the new Zionist State of Israel, born from deception and from the blood of victims of Jewish terrorism hours before the British Mandate is due to expire. May 15. Eleven minutes after midnight, U.S. President Harry Truman officially recognises the proclaimed Jewish state in Palestine.
  • bin Laden It was omitted that Osama bin Laden was treated in July 2001 by an American doctor in an American hospital in Dubai.
  • bin Laden No information was given on photos of bin Laden that were clearly different people.
  • bin Laden The omission of reports of inconsistencies in Saudi official portrayal of bin Ladens family relationship.
  • Boeing July. Six weeks before the WTC is destroyed in terror attacks involving Boeings that, evidence suggests, are electronically hijacked by remote control,
  • Bollyn, Christopher Christopher Bollyn marries Bosmat Merimsky, a Jew who works for Israeli military intelligence at Herzliya. She wants to marry an American in order to gain entry to the USA. The marriage lasts for two years.
  • Bollyn, Christopher November. Christopher Bollyn claims to have received a death threat, but there is no evidence to support the claim.
  • Bollyn, Christopher Christopher Bollyn is driving through New York City in the early morning hours.
  • Bollyn, Christopher Also in Herzliya, which is where Chris Bollyn's first Jewish wife worked for Israeli military intelligence, is the "Interdisciplinary Center" (IDC). The IDC has close connections with Israeli intelligence, and the Annual Herzliya Conference Series is chaired by Prof. Uzi Arad, a former (1997-1999) foreign policy advisor to Benjamin Netanyahu and head of research at the Mossad, where he served for some twenty-five years.
  • Bowman Marion “Spike” Bowman — FBI agent who thwarted FBI investigations into both Zacarias Moussaoui and the anthrax attacks on Congress
  • Bremer Paul Bremer — Marsh & McClennan executive on 9-11; Chairman of the Congressional National Commission on Terrorism, 1999 to 2000; US Ambassador-at-Large for Counterterrorism, 1986 to 1989; Presidential Envoy to Irag and Adminstrator of the Coaltion Provisional Authority, May 2003 to December 2004
  • Brennan Brennan's operations on behalf of anti-Christian and anti-Shi'a Islamist radicals would not have been possible without the diplomatic cover provided to him by the female duo of national security adviser Susan Rice and UN ambassador Samantha Power,
  • Brinkerhoff John Brinkerhoff — retired US Army Colonel who was a career senior executive in the Office of Secretary of War; from 1981 to 1983, FEMA associate director for national preparedness developed martial law plan;
  • Brown Omitted information that Mayor Willie Brown received warnings about flying on 9/11.
  • Brown, Willie San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown is warned not to fly the next day.
  • Brown, Willie Willie Brown, San Francisco mayor, warned about air travel, was scheduled to fly to New York on 9/11.
  • Buffett Warren Buffett — was hosting golf charity event at the US Strategic Command headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha on 9-11 (Bush flew to Offutt afternoon of 9-11); world’s second richest person
  • Bush It was omitted that GW Bush's brother Marvin Bush and his cousin Wirt Walker III were principles in WTC security firm Securatec.
  • Bush Bush lies about his whereabouts and recollections on 9/11
  • Bush The failure to explore why the Secret Service did not call up fighter jets to provide air cover for Air Force One on 9/11.
  • Bush Jeb Bush — Florida governor on 9-11; declared martial law in Florida four days before 9-11; brother of George Bush; PNAC member; guilty of election fraud in 2000
  • Bush Marvin Bush — brother of George Bush; on board of Securacom, US-Kuwaiti company paid $9.2 million to manage WTC security October 1996 to 1998; on board of HCC Insurance, big WTC insurer
  • Bush Bush is whisked away to the United States Strategic Command headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, where Warren Buffett is hosting his annual golf charity event.
  • Bush GW President Bush said at a news conference Tuesday, "Nobody in our government, at least, and I don't think the prior government, could envision flying airplanes into buildings on such a massive scale."
  • Bush GW Bush goes for a four mile jog around the golf course at the Colony Beach and Tennis Resort.
  • Bush GW Bush's motocade leaves The Colony Beach and Tennis Resort on Longboat Key, Florida for Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota.
  • Bush HW Al Taqwa ... George H. W. Bush's longtime mysterious Swiss German money operated on behalf of Osama Bin Laden, his family, and some of his closest business associates. The network of Swiss-based terrorist financiers are also linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and fascist leaders. 20070409_1
  • Bush HW Al Taqwa ... George H. W. Bush / Swiss / German bank on behalf of Osama bin Laden, headquartered in the Italian Swiss enclave Campione d'Italia and had offices in the Bahamas. ..assets blocked by US Treasury, changed its name to Nada Management. see Nasreddin Foundation (Liechtenstein)
  • Bush HW Al Taqwa ... funded procurement of nuclear material from former Soviet Union, through Baltics, these companies included Iksir Holding, SA Asat Trust (Liechtenstein), Iksir Ltd. (Bahamas), Gulf Center (Italy), NASCO (Turkey), Nasreddin International Group (Liechtenstein), Akida Bank (Bahamas), MIGA (Switzerland),
  • Bush HW The Iranian con man and Pentagon neocon contact Manucher Ghorbanifar, Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, and members of the Bin Laden family are reportedly linked to Geneva-based Potomac Capital, a front company created by George H. W. Bush when he was CIA Director in 1976
  • Bush HW The Iranian con man and Pentagon neocon contact Manucher Ghorbanifar, Saudi billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, and members of the Bin Laden family are reportedly linked to Geneva-based Potomac Capital, a front company created by George H. W. Bush when he was CIA Director in 1976
  • Bush HW Potomac Capital, a front company created by George H. W. Bush when he was CIA Director in 1976. Interestingly, it was George W. Bush, who, in November 2001, cited Al Taqwa as part of "Al Qaeda's" money laundering activities.
  • Bush HW Potomac Capital appeared ... the Iran-Contra investigation conducted in the late 1980-90s. The Al Taqwa connection to weapons of mass destruction proliferation, Bin Laden, and George H. W. Bush and his business associates stands as another reason the George W. Bush administration leaked the CIA's Brewster Jennings
  • Bush HW WMR has also obtained a possible second connection between the Swiss network connected to George H. W. Bush and other 911 hijackers. The first connection concerned hijacker Fayyaz Ahmed and a $50,000 check he received from a tranche connected to the Swiss network.
  • Bush HW Saeed Alghamdi was one of the hijackers on board United Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylania after being shot down by U.S. military fighter planes (according to an NSA employee who was on duty in the National Security Operations Center on the morning of 911
  • Bush HW The second is the listing of Ahmed Mesfer Ahmed Alghamdi as a shareholder of Al Taqwa on a Central Bank of the Bahamas document dated April 15, 2000. Ahmed Alghamdi and Hamza Alghamdi were two of the Saudi hijackers on board United Flight 175,
  • Cameron Fox News, Carl Cameron, four-part investigation of an Israeli spy ring casing hijackers shown only once then deleted from its website, is available online
  • Card Andrew Card — Bush’s Chief of Staff on 9-11; was with Bush at Booker Elementary School in Florida on 9-11; claims to have whispered to Bush, “A second plane hit the second tower, America is under attack”
  • Card, Andrew George W. Bush is informed by Andrew Card that a second plane has hit the WTC, and continues to read a story about a pet goat to schoolchildren as if nothing has happened.
  • Card, Andrew 9:05 a.m.: Andrew Card walks up to Bush while he is listening to a Goat Story with 16 second graders in Sandra Kay Daniels�s class at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida.
  • Card whispers in his ear "A second plane has hit the World Trade Center. America is under attack." Bush (commander-and-chief?) keeps listening to this Goat Story with these children for at least 7 minutes, and perhaps as long as 18 minutes.
  • Carlucci Frank Carlucci — former Secretary of War; affiliated with PNAC; served as chairman of the Carlyle Group (1992-2003); on BoD of BDM International
  • CBOE In the U.S. stock options market, an extraordinary proportion of trades are betting that the American Airlines stock price will fall. The proportion of "put" options, at more than 80 percent, (85.79 percent at the Chicago Board Options Exchange, according to this source) far exceeds the proportion of "call" options. September 11.
  • Cheney Dick Cheney — former PNAC member; former chairman of CFR; guilty of war profiteering, treason; was in bunker on 9-11 directing several “war games”; lied to 9-11 Omission Commission about timing of 9-11 activities
  • Cheney, Richard Gave a direct order to not shoot the supposed Flight 77, see Norman Mineta. "Vice President, the plane is ten miles out"… "do the orders still stand?" … "of course they do", …
  • Cherkasky Michael Cherkasky — CEO of Kroll on 9-11; former investigator in the Manhattan DA’s Office from 1978 to 1994; now CEO of insurance-firm Marsh & McClennan
  • Chertoff Benjamin Chertoff — 25-year-old cousin of Michael Chertoff; senior “researcher” for Popular Mechanics’ hit piece on 9-11 Truth Movement
  • Chertoff Michael Chertoff — Assistant Attorney General on 9-11; freed over 100 Israeli spies in the US after 9-11; promoted to head Homeland Security; “dual citizen” of US and Israel; Zionist; likely Mossad agent
  • CIA reference guide SECRET CIA reference guide titled "Islam and Politics: A Compendium," dated April 1984, outlines the agency's divide and conquer policies in the Muslim and Arab worlds. Issued when Brennan was a junior-ranking CIA case officer fluent in Arabic,
  • CIA reference guide the CIA doc, "Islam and Politics: A Compendium," dated April 1984, stressed the importance of the most radical of Muslims being natural allies of the CIA in the competition between the United States and the Soviet Union in the Middle East and South Asia. WMR 20140806_1
  • CIA reference guide The CIA's involvement in Afghanistan in the 1980s gave rise to the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the latter spawning various Islamist groups now wreaking havoc in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Mali, Somalia, and other countries.
  • CIA reference guide CIA doc, "Islam and Politics: A Compendium, refers to Islamist fundamentalist leaders as the "just ruler" who serves his populace. Fundamentalists are also described as condemning "lax morals of contemporary society" and standing in opposition to the "breakdown of family unity,
  • Clarke, Richard Vital information about hijackers kept from Richard Clarke, Counterterrism Czar. He said there was a high level CIA not to share info …like Pearl Harbor Australia warned the US three days before attack, and Rep. Curt Weldon denounced US preknowledge in Able Danger data,
  • CNN CNN, report on Sept 10, 2001, "A CIA plan to attack al Queda in Aghanistan-with heavy support from the Northern Alliance- is put on Bush's desk for when he returns from Florida".
  • CNN US media reports: American Airlines Flight 11 a Boeing 767-223ER with a maximum capacity of 181 passengers departs from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, bound for Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California. Official number of passengers 92 while CNN reports 86.
  • CNN US media reports: three flights of 9/11. Descrepancies between the number of people on the flights in the official and CNN reports ... 266 vs 229 respectively.
  • CNN US media reports: Flight 93, a Boeing 757-222 only carrying 44 passengers, 200 is total capacity, departed Newark International Airport bound for San Francisco. CNN reports show only 33 passengers.
  • CNN Descrepancies between official numbers of passengers on Flight 175 (65) and CNN report on CNN (56)
  • Corley Gene Corley — led FEMA/ASCE WTC collapse “investigation”; was the principal investigator for ASCE and FEMA of the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Office Building in Oklahoma City
    dancing Israelis The Israelis dance and celebrate with high fives and cries of joy and mockery, even prior to the second impact as most onlookers still believe it has been a terrible accident rather than terrorism.
  • Delaney Kevin Delaney — FAA manager at the New York Air Route Traffic Control Center who destroyed controllers’ tapes of 9-11
  • Deutch John Deutch — former Undersecretary of War, director of CIA; co-authored paper, “Catastrophic Terrorism: A National Policy” with Zelikow, Ashton Carter; senior partner at Global Technology Partners, an affiliate of Rothschild North America;
  • Eberhardt Ralph Eberhardt — NORAD Commander on 9-11; fanatical supporter of missile defense scheme, militarization of space; enthusiastic supporter of merging law enforcement and the military
  • Eisenberg Lewis Eisenberg — chairman Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on 9-11; authorized transfer of WTC leases to Silverstein and Lowy just weeks before 9-11; later appointed chairman of
  • Republican National Committee; Zionist
  • Empire A bomber hit the Empire State Building that killed 13 people and caused widespread damage, but the building was never in danger of collapsing.
  • FAA 62) 9:06 a.m.: Order to halt traffic is expanded to include the entire northeast from Washington to Cleveland. FAA's air traffic control center outside Washington D.C. notifies all air traffic facilities nationwide of the suspected hijacking of American Airlines Flight 11.
  • FAA The FAA formally notified the military that United Airlines Flight 175 had been hijacked.
  • FBI Omitted any mention of FBI agents prior knowledge of 9/11.
  • Feith Douglas Feith — effectively in command, with Wolfowitz, of War Department on 9-11; Undersecretary of War for Policy; “dual citizen” of US and Israel; Zionist; investigated for spying for Israel; former PNAC member
  • Findley Eric Findley — Canadian Air Force Major General; acting commander of NORAD on 9-11
  • Fleischer Ari Fleischer — White House spokesman for Bush on 9-11; “dual citizen” of US and Israel; connected to the extremist group called the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics
  • Frasca Dave Frasca — FBI Radical Fundamentalists Unit Chief; personally scuttled the work of Kenneth Williams in July 2001 and Coleen Rowley in August 2001, the Arizona and Minnesota FBI agents who were actively investigating “terrorist” patsies in CIA-operated flight schools
  • reefall WTC twin towers destruction exemplified at least 10 features suggestive of controlled demolition. Freefall time of demoltion was about 10 seconds.
  • Ganzi Victor Ganzi — president and CEO of Hearst Corporation since June 1, 2002; the Hearst publication, Popular Mechanics, has repeatedly tried to debunk the truth of 9-11
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