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The best traffic stats: about 50-100,000 pages per month and the best Alexa US rank is/was about 350k out of 300 million US websites, but these figures greatly vary according to the amount of attention is given to Israel. A global ranking is generally in the top 1-2% range.

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This site has two basic goals:  to find the most credible news organizations that track specific categories of world events and to list  many views on those subjects from both a '99%' and '1%' viewpoint (know your enemy).  There are still on older pages references to the term 'Progressive' but are falling by the wayside not unlike the divisions of Liberal and Conservative that are no longer useful. Anti-Zionism is a strong component throughout the site. The 'haves' and the 'have nots' is a useful categorization or nationalistic vs internationalistic. The most important point here being that we try to look at all sides of any issue because they offer insights, whether or not one agrees with them. There's very little restriction to content, but the main focus is anti-war and anti Zionism.   This division of haves and have nots has proven useful and popular to divide the world, if nothing else, for self preservation, for a very small slice of humanity is threatening the existence of the masses.  The main stream media (owned by a very a small number of Zionist predators) is a major tool of the 1%'s oppression schemes and an alternative media movement is beginning to make a difference.  This site is an attempt to counter the Neocon Zionist threat to humanity. Anti-Semitism is a concept created by crypto-Jews to protect Jews. We do not support Neo Nazis in any way, infact, there is substantial evidence that Neo Nazis are supported by Zionist to create a 'controlled opposition' that they can exploit... see NFU False Flag Anti-Semitism page ...


See Trump's best campaign ad that fingers Zionist predator media and banksters

Donald Trumps surprising election triumph has made it all the more difficult to categorize content on this website. This site supports his anti-establishment message but are circumspect in our evaluation. Millions of Democrats voted for the Republican Trump upending all political analyses. The term liberal has now more than ever includes appropriately its ties to the internationalist communist left which is just a proxy for Jewish world control... that must me utterly rejected. Neocons, Zionists and Trotskyites are basically interchangable entities in different times with a common thread of Jewish roots. It is important to separate Paleoconservatives from Neoconservatism in all political analysis of conservatism, just as it is important to understand the Fabionism (precursor to communism/socialism) roots of the Democratic (US) and Labour Parties (British). Political labels are fraught with confusion and have to be understand in the context of the overall belief systems of the author who uses them. Trump is a Paleoconservative, nationalist, anti NWO Republican (hopefully, we may be all being fooled, just like most were fooled by Obama before we came to understand his Machevellian links to NWO globalist elite)

We are in the process of evalutating Cultural Marxism and the Alt Right and all their ramifications on US culture. Cultural Marxism's Jewish Marxist roots are ignored or purposefully omitted by many websites touting its treatment, but not on We tend to see Cultural Marxism as an insidious attack on American culture a vast number of Jewish dominated MSM, educational instutions and think tanks. It is reminscent of pre Hitler Weimar Germany and we all know the outcome of that situation. Considering our Holocaust revisionist work, there is considerable attention paid to the historical links of modern US culture and Zionist/Nazi Germany. The Alt Right movement is inextricably linked to Cultural Marxism in that the 'whitelash' as manifested in the 2016 election was directly aimed at the Neocon/Zionist NWO globalist banksters who have been trying to destroy the white middle class in America for decades.


Stephen Francis, editor, founder of is an antiwar activist and internet blogger dedicated to uncovering the myriad of lies fed to the people of the world by the elite establishment. He has been a speaker and facilitator at numerous academic freedom and 9/11 Truth conferences held online and at the University of Illinois. The impetus for these actions emanates from his experiences with the US Army in 1969 where he was one of four soldiers that were arrested and charged with disobeying direct orders from at least three officers. The orders were to get on a bus during a protest against the Vietnam War on Veterans Day 1969. He was released from custody because of overcrowding and fled to Canada. He eventually turned himself in and kicked out of the military with an other than honorable discharge of which he is proud to have.

His experiences in the military solidified his belief that US military machine and all its civilian counterparts is an egregious monster that consumes for profit the lives of innocent young Americans. It should be dismantled and its progenitors be brought to justice in war criminal proceedings.

Israeli Zionists have used the US military for the purposes of advancing the goals of Israel for decades and should be included in any proceedings.

A 5/17 letters-to-the-Editor from Stephen Francis to the Champaign Urbana News Gazette: Democracy is working. A substantial number of citizens are waking up and exercising their ballot power. They are shoving the Le Pens and Trumps into the fat belly of the elite who have forced us to live their lies and choke on their propaganda for decades. It's now more acceptable to proclaim nationalism, and not fear being duplicitously branded anti-Semitic. The internet is allowing us to rise up and deduce that Anti-Semitism cannot be conflated with bigotry and racism. Only the supposed Holocaust allows Jews to claim this conflation. Marine Le Pen and the millions of her Revisionist sympathizers see through the ruse. Congruently, as Jewish / Clinton support for the Politically Correct mass immigration conflicts with the stench of apartheid Israel, this analysis and subsequent loathing of the elite is palpable. This Illogic breeds contempt and inquisitiveness. Dig deeper into PC and you find Cultural Marxism, a 1920s Jewish-rooted cancer that pervades our society including education. Its goals are to prostrate our culture and protect Jews from anti-Semitism via mass immigration that dilutes their nationalistic opposition. The Holocaust lie that Le Pen holds up further substantiates their subterfuge. Israel is one of the most militarily powerful countries in the world and Jews are inordinate in lists of billionaires. We should no longer let them claim their disingenuous victimhood. From Hollywood perversion, Manhattan corruption to Weimar Germany and Palestine, we can uncover the lies that have led us into unnecessary wars, predatory debt and the resulting demise of America.


In a broad sense, there is very little difference between Zionism, Bolshevism, Fabianism, Freemasonry, Illuminati... etc... all can be traced back to Jewish Kabbalism, Talmud ... which are liturgical licences to kill and steal from anyone that are not Jews. Jewish Supremacy is a mental disease. David Duke's book titled "Jewish Supremacy" has sold over 500,000 copies and Jewish attempts to get it banned only fuel its popularity. Please read the works of Israel Shahak. It's not only sanctioned but a duty to kill a non-Jew who tries to defend himself from Jewish treachery... fortunately a higher law... or rather evolution has gradually mitigated the desire and ability actually kill another human being for political reasons. It is difficult to start wars... a false flag event is generally required to evoke the necessary revenge instinct. 9/11 was one false flag event in a line of many instigated by Jewish Zionists. 200 million people were murdered in unnecessary wars during the 20th Century. Jewish fingerprints are all over WWI & II.... they dominated negotiations of the Paris Peace Conference and Treaty of Versailles, despite having no military presence on the ground in those wars.

This site is considered highly anti-Semitic for its focus on Zionist complicity in the 9/11 false flag attacks and subsequent illegal wars, our coverage of Jewish avarice and rapacity, but most importantly for its unabashed Holocaust Revisionism. All Jewish people are now forced to live the Holocaust lie because of a relatively few nefarious characters (beginning with Samual Untermeyer) during and following WWII. Liars are forced to continue to lie forever. It's a disease upon this unfortuneate group, who have to accept a cancer-like monster in their midst. Most are unaware that there are over one thousand instances of expulsion over the last 2000 years because of their behavior not ethnicity. It manifests itself in all sorts of variances that slowly is devouring their souls. It is now impossible for them to back out of this predicament. Jews are taught from a very young age to hate non-Jews, but are unaware of this subliminal propaganda. Their treatment of the Palestinians is the greatest telling of their ultimate nature. The Palestinians did nothing to deserve their plight. Their defense is merely a response to horrific predation.

One of the most important concepts of the website is promoting nonviolence.  It is a well known fact the US government will with complicit actions of the main stream media focus on and exaggerate the slightest amount of violence by anyone including foreign governments and domestic protesters who disagree with their policies in order to unfairly justify the use of overwhelming force against those people.  Kill ratios in historical conflicts including Korea, Vietnam and Iraq are 100-1.  Our only choice in the face of this tactic is to make an unwavering attempt to embrace a nonviolent answer to their treachery.


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About the author: Steve Francis, graduate of University of Illinois, Sociology, Vietnam era veteran, musician, peace activist, accounting software specialist, individual investor.  I'm proud of my Chapter 22 discharge from the Army in 1971. This discharge was the result of protest actions against the Vietnam War that led to my facing court martial for disobeying the direct orders of four officers to get on a bus on Veteran's Day 1969.  The commander of Fort Ord wanted to hide the presence of protesting troops stationed who staged actions just outside the main gate of the post.  God Bless America.  It's our patriotic duty to stand up against what we believe is injustice.  I am not suicidal and will not commit suicide.


Please consider the following personal beliefs  that help guide the content of this site. All decisions about what to include emanate from these thoughts.

Humans are obviously the most sophisticated form of life on earth that we are aware of....but we are still performing the basic functions of all plants and animals: survival.  

But to backtrack and get to the real core, one needs to actually delve to the deepest recesses of evolution to find the answers.  See 'Evolution of DNA' itself. (and below) Nothing happens at a more fundamental nature unless you consider String Theory or M-Theory. 

The fundamental elements of the planets in the Universe were created in the final phases of dying stars (birth of elements). And now we are all determined by the characteristics and behavior of those elements as they interact with each other to eventually form what we know as life. 

If not for the replication of DNA, there would be no life as we know it on the Earth.  No religious body could have possibly known about this fact when they were created hundreds or thousands of years ago.  Unsubstantiated and unprovable myths were created to make up for this lack of knowledge. We know those today as religions. They are slowly disappearing from the human mindscape. Jewish Cultural Marxism is partly responsible for this, but science has also been a major source of religion's demise. It has thoroughly eviscerated the mythological creationism stories thus undermining the very basis of their main textual documents such as the Bible. But Christianity has served the human species reasonably well despite the greedy pedophiles who run the Catholic Church...or all religions...the others have just covered up their pedophile issues better than the Catholic. Judaism is just a criminal syndicate masquerading as a religion. Communism and atheism are absolutely not an alternative. They are just mechanismism of Jewish megalomania and will die with religion when the real truth about the origins of morals and ethics finally appears, some day. See Ethiology...where human morals and ethics evolved from pre homo sapien creatures who were transitional beings between apes and humans...Neanderthal, Lucy...etc...they had to have developed some sort of primitive religious-like systems in order to survive...a sort of caveman unspoken ten commandments to describe it colloquially. Modern civilization is too enveloped in the power and corruption of organized religion to be able to transition to the study of these creatures habits and lifestyles, so Christianity will have to do for a while longer.

Our brains have evolved over hundreds of millions of years and have only been involved with the task of survival.  The core of the human brain contains all of the animal processes and functions of two billion years of evolution. 

Information is an ether that permeates the physical world. Just the origin of energy and matter is utterly unknown, information can be included in this list. Humanity is infantile in its understanding of the probable infinite Universe.

We contemplate God but don't need to understand God to survive.

There are approximately seven billion interpretations of what God is and those interpretations coalesce around a few hundred named philosophies or religions. That all the major religions formed independently of each other in widely distributed areas of the Earth which is a significant point. Religion is an afterthought in the grand scheme of humanity and is only necessary for the continued existence of a specific species inhabiting Earth as far as we know at this point. We are not capable of fully understanding how this came about.

But there are important clues in the animal world as to the origins of religion that then relate to the evolution of the brain and how that process used fundamental skills to ultimately create religion. 

When a human seeks food it either affirms or rejects the prospects before it.  If it's food he eats it.  The object being consumed either is or isn't food.  A fundamental recognition of Truth is accomplished in the brain.  Tthis process was merely modified in the evolutionarily advanced human brain.  Logic areas of the brain interact with this truth recognition area of the brain, along with language abilities to come up with all sorts of philosophies.  There was no religion until there were enough people on the Earth to popularize its existence.  Individuals who profess to 'know the truth' about the most fundamental reason for our existence are self-deceived and have found a very creative way to make a living.  We do what we have to to survive in fits and starts.

And from UniversityofHumanUnity "Cognition is a common trait of animals, whether at the level of the one-celled animal or at the level of the hydra and the gastropod or at the level of simpler animals or complex animals, it's generally thought today that cognition – information processing – is going on, at the cellular level even, in the organization of all animal species, from the simplest to the most complex. Cognition is there, and so the point that was made in the twelve lectures of the first series was that Sri Aurobindo's original concept in the '20s that mind, life and body comprise a three-fold complex and that science would come to recognize this, has now been recognized widely. Whether you're reading an ultra-Darwinian like Richard Dawkins today or a more new-age biologist like Rupert Sheldrake, or a philosophical biologist like Konrad Lorenz, all are recognizing cognition as a fundamental feature of animal evolution."

Spirituality is highly beneficial to the well-being of humans.  It is well documented that a belief in a higher power or system is correlates with longevity.  But one of the tragedies of humankind is the hijacking of that spirituality by predatory organizations like the Catholic Church and its pedophile-ridden leadership ranks.  They murdered millions of people in part by trying to perpetuate an earth centric universe, and their greed is matched my no one. See Ethiology

But we are now capable of defeating or circumventing evolution, which I surmise is evolutionary itself, but no one knows where or what this will lead to.  Can we actually prohibit a more advanced species if it were to pop up? People professing to understand our existence in terms of faith-based forms cannot prove their theories or make reliable predictions based on their ideas, thus making them ultimately irrelevant but not entirely unimportant.  Common threads in independently created 'religions' point to a more fundamental process than what they would have you believe is creation.  Something deeper than our religious beliefs determine our behavior. 

Competition and the struggle to survive has led to natural layers of 'success'. But that 'success' is clearly connected to catastrophic degradation of the environment and the loss of lives of millions from starvation, disease and wars.  A small minority, and the most 'powerful', have gained an oppressive advantage over the masses, and have great ingenuity in keeping their power and a skilled ability to keep their wealth from defenseless populations of poor people.  The neocon's 'Freedom Agenda' is really just predatory capitalism.  The code words for the operation are reduced government, reduced taxation, reduced regulation and last but not least: personal responsibility.  This personal responsibility term is really a 'wink wink' for unabashed predation.  It's common knowledge that formidable police forces are needed to tamp down human on human predation whether its physical or intellectual, but the predators control the regulatory forces that are needed to contoll the predation.  The numbers don't lie.  Millions of children all over the world suffer from malnutrition, and lack of health care. Countless homeless people and the working poor are the victims of a small slice of the population that lives in obscene luxury.  A human being deserves the right to sufficient meals, shelter and healthcare to sustain their life.  

I believe there are some fair political / economic systems based  (more below) on a healthy mixture of CAPITALISM,  freedom and regulation and  would allow for the differences and abilities of individuals, but they are overwhelmed by globalization efforts of that small layer at the 'top'.  A small number of humans exhibit appalling 'legal' economic predation on the masses, and must be regulated, or we won't survive.  The gap between the rich and poor is growing and is harming the planet.  Even the Pope (who belonged to the Nazi Youth, supported South American right wing dictators and is the point man on covering up priest pedophilia) recently said "unbridled capitalism is widening the gap between the world's rich and poor and threatening the future..." The competitiveness of Capitalism must be preserved along with a safety net for the disadvantaged, but the predation by an elite minority must be mitigated. This site examines this issue from many perspectives.  

Isn't it  reasonable to compare the average variation in the standard of living to the average variation of intelligence of human beings?  Given equal nutrition, education, nurturing. and an equal chance to compete, would there be less disparity in standard of living? Yes. Checks and balances would curb severe differences in income and standard of living.  So the differences you see in the standard of living of people is proof of unfair advantage and exploitation of one group over another.  Science has all but proven there is no genetic difference between races or classes in regards to intelligence and capabilities. Recent articles decoupling intelligence and financial success were more headlines than substance. Again this site focuses on this subject.

All wars are fought over resources, territory and/or defense of greedy imperialists.  The richest countries have the most guns to protect their riches and are the most violent.  There is overwhelming evidence of media manipulation of public opinion to support wars throughout history.  George Bush's lies during his State of the Union Address in January of 2003 was just the tip of the iceberg.  The mainstream media was effectively used to launch the imperialistic (Greenspan said Iraq War about oil) invasion of Iraq, but the internet must be eroding the power of this force.  Cheney and his neo-con henchman would have bombed Iran by now, something stopped them.  As yet this story has not been born out.

Rothschild / Jewish banksters during the 19th century realised that managed conflict, controlled opposition and the dialectical process that were popularized in the intellectual community were key to understanding the pardoxically confusing historical events. They are interwoven into a cultural/political fabric marked by antiquities recognition of a spiritual universalism that is being eclipsed by a techno/science revolution beginning with the Rennaisance. Feudalism gave way to nation-states were a liberal nationalism is giving way to a shrinking globe and an international elite that are mastering communcations and financial transacting systems to the benefit of a small slice of humanity.

An emerging theme in NewsFollowUp is the Bush / Clinton / Obama crime families and their relationship to world affairs ... Iraq,  Iran, Balkans...etc: Go to Clinton / Bush /  crime families index  ... Obama is just a creation of the 1%  ... and is turning out to be one of the first greatest hoaxes of the 21st century.

The influence on American government policy decisions of the 'Religious Right' is of paramount importance.  Most CEOs are 1% Republicans, and organizations such as the Institute on Religious Democracy, Rothchild Zionists, British monarchy  have an enormous 'behind the scenes' influence over those 1%s (Democrat and Republican).  Issues such as the environment are considered 'lefty' issues and are a 'distraction' from the religious 'talking points' they want to maintain in the public conversation.  Western democracy is a vast cess pool of corruption and deviation from its shining roots in the middle of the 18th century.  The corrupted few have steered us into inefficient houses that are too big, cars that guzzle too much gas, cooked up wars to stoke an unnecessary defense industry, ignored pollution, ignored global warming, still treat women like they're just sex objects, spend money like it grows on trees to the tune of a $15 trillion debt load.  They have handed our kids a huge pile of dung.

How is it that a significant portion of rural poor folk include themselves in the Republican Party (red states, blue states issue) and that the more educated you are the more likely you are to live in urban centers and avoid the Republican Party?  Why do those rural folk seem to be more politically interested in abortion, gay marriage, flag burning, Christianity...etc than their own economic well-being?  The corporate owned mass media has been very successful in molding this agenda. Mass media is no longer a check on corporate power, it is now a tool to shape public opinion.  

There are many more distractions now than even a decade ago.  Governments can execute long reaching plans without public knowledge.  In  invading Iraq, is Bush trying to outdo Reagan and change the Middle East in the scope and scale that Reagan changed the Soviet Union and Communism?  Like Reagan, Bush paid no attention to the mass protests of his policies... and very few people really understood either one of their motivations.  Very few are aware of the implications of programs like the 'North American Union' or the use of 'caging lists' by Republicans in elections.  Again the internet is important in exposing the real intentions of the corporate elite.   list:  Bush / Obama: Lying to Congress ~ Refusal of subpoenas ~ Perverting the Rule of Law ~ Obstructing Justice ~ Wars of aggression ~ Warrantless Surveillance, Indefinite Detention without Trial, Denial of human Rights ~ Rendition to ‘Black Sites’ ~ TORTURE! ~ Attempted refusal of Habeas Corpus Rights ~ Signing unconstitutional bills into Laws ~ Signing statements designed to usurp Congressional intent. 

The will to survive in human beings is somehow being transferred to the corporation.  In their quest to compete and gain market share, the environment and the poor are sacrificed.

Free enterprise in a competitive market place is a great system but needs regulation to keep the rich from concentrating power, contaminating the earth with pollutants and exploiting children.   Millions of children died in the beginning of the Industrial Revolution before strict child labor laws finally saved them from greedy capitalists who are still killing them  (McDonalds hamburgers).  The rich finally figured out that they could get even richer if they improved the living standard of the's called consumerism.  Latin American dictators and the elite have been slow to figure this out.   So imperialism is still going strong, it's just cloaked in artificial legalities and complexities.  The law of the jungle is alive and well with the added twist of the human free will to take what they don't need.

Conspiracy theorists are silly.  Illegal activities such as rigging voting machines or cult-like power nets are risky and inefficient.  The powerful knew they had won the 2004 election  three  months before it ever happened.  Simple statistics programs that correlate credit card, demographic and election data can very accurately predict elections.  Campaign commercials can be efficiently targeted based on the statistical analysis of the data only available to the Republicans.  Stoke the electorates fears to justify data collection on 'terrorists' and've got all the data you need.  And all accomplished within the laws that any war-mongering greedy republic can produce.  Throwing in a few barriers to voter participation of minorities is just an insurance policy to an engineered outcome. Oh...I forgot Ohio and Florida...I guess there is blatant illegal election corruption.  Elections campaigns:  Corporations fund  Democratic and Republican candidates unequally.... about 60/40 Republican to Democrat....this way they control who the Democratic  candidate is....the sums are so vast that no candidate outside this system can participate...thus its not an election at all....the choices are made far in advance of our voting.

Communism (a Jewish creation) is an inefficient misguided form of government (ultimately similar to Captialism) and is dying under its own weight....too much central control, regulation and corruption.   The Jewish Bolshevik revolution was successful operation to establish a Central Bank in Russian (funded by Rothschild Zionists), The 'Cold War' and the 'Reds' provided the capitalists with a great distraction from all their pollution and corruption, and greatly expanded the military-industrial-religious-congressional complex.  WWI and WWII were bankers wars that reaped untold death and wealth to Zonist/Neocon Mofos.

But now that 'Communism' (Cold War hoax) is no more a threat, the 1% leaders needed a new demon.  They needed a new way to redefine and destroy any opposition to imperialism.  "Terrorism' is now that new demon.  But, according the the their own estimates, the chances of being killed by a 'terrorist' in the US are far less than being struck by lightning, but you wouldn't know that by reading the newspapers or watching TV.   Despite worldwide protests by 10's of millions of people, the invasion of Iraq was executed through the use of an effective campaign of fear and an effective 'legalization' process carried out in a cooperative and limp U.S.  Congress.    

9/11 has been thoroughly exploited to cover imperialistic agendas.  It is common knowledge now that the 19 hijackers were discovered far in advance of the attacks and 'dark' forces in Israel the Neo-con U.S. regime piggy-backed an elaborate military strike correlating with the middle-easterners attackers mission.  A complicit U. S. Congress will not look into the real efforts to launch the war.  And now ... the prison abuse scandals, the post-war chaos in Iraq, and the questionable actions in Afghanistan all have served to greatly increase the real threat of extremists who really do want to inflict violence on Americans.   In the 1% term 'strong defense' are code words for the concept of using overwhelming force against violent opponent actions many of whom have simple, rag-tag weapons that effectively counter the most powerful army in the world which has created another 'Viet Nam' like quagmire.  The interesting question now remains is why the (neo-cons) have not attacked Iran.  What went wrong?  What political / economic forces actually stopped this plan?

Now that US oil sources are more diversified, the US is not as dependent on Middle East oil, it can prop up Israel much more openly.   Sure, most Middle Eastern governments are undemocratic, corrupt, lazy.  But there is a very active progressive Islamic movement that is completely ignored by the Western mainstream press. That main stream 'press'  would much rather bash 'Islam' and perpetuate demons for the profit for the major corporations who own them.

The Arab Spring (initiated by Rothschild Zionists) seems to be back firing on the imperialist powers.  Egypt is embracing Iran and joining the non-aligned world. The Syrian regime has defeated the West.  Libya is descending into chaos  ... on and on.

And again ... a very clandestine effort to create a 'North American Union' is being waged. merge Canada, the U.S. and Mexico.  We must understand it, expose and stop it.  Our very lives depend on it.  It is incomprehensible what greedy predatory 1%s and DLC Democrats will do wage their skills on unsuspecting people. Beware.  And don't be fooled by the Clintons.  The Clintons and the Bushes are just peas in a pod.  Republicans tried to get rid Clinton only because he is so much smarter than they are and could 'outBush' them.  Compare the numbers of untimely deaths of people close to Bush and Clinton administrations and you will find very similar numbers.

Red State, Blue State myth:  Blue states may be Democratic but most CEOs of large corporations are Republican and exist in the heart of large metropolitan cities in Blue states.  They control the majority of red state Republicans in all those smaller towns across the heartland of America.  Large corporate interests have successfully made that 'heartland' complacent and distracted.  From TV, sports, booze, blatant propaganda, fear mongering, Christian brainwashing,  and the hectic pace of an industrialized life in America, people have become highly controlled 'sheep'.  They so predictably elected George Bush to be President.  

There is a direct link between poverty and 'terrorism'. Poor countries are breeding grounds for 'terrorists'.  But aren't some terrorists just people who have finally come to the conclusion that they are helpless against an oppressive imperialist power and use the only means they know to fight back Al Queda and ISIS are creations of Israel/US/Saudi Arabia used to distract/create chaos/control population..  Investigate Halliburton's admitted bribes in Nigeria for examples of modern imperialism or Right Wing South American dictators or constricting Islamic monarch's activities.  They have all created intense enemies.   Islamic fanatics have been able to enlist the poor  into their ranks.  There are important links between imperialism, poverty and radical religious extremism.  It's all very complex and dependent on whose perspective one looks from.  

One place to find those links is the Gladio Networks Global Research  and  more ... "In America we have seen that same commitment to the use of political violence play-out within the CIA/corporate/Republican alliance, especially during the Nixon Administration as seen in bloody incidents like the Kent State massacre, where right-wing Republican Ohio Governor James Rhodes strove to impress his Republican masters by having young unsuspecting National Guardsmen fire live ammunition into a crowd of young unsuspecting college students. Behind the scenes government provocateurs led radical movements like the SDS, the Weathermen and the Black Panthers into violent actions, intended to discredit and slander the antiwar movement. With the empowerment of Reagan, Bush and agency director Casey, CIA involvement in American politics was out in the open."  ...  Terrorism was obviously invented by the Western / 1% / Right Wing operatives.  Isn't it curious they also invented the 'war on terrorism'? (Army Field Manual 30-31B) They are also the most sexually deviant moralists on the face of the earth, ... and homophobic.  and see YouTube, Canadian 'agent provocateurs' ... and Scott McClellan tells all, Rove, Libby, Leakgate

But the 'terrorist's'  violence is as obscene as the economic rape the poor face every day, and gives the 1% leadership an important distraction to focus on to keep our attention off the real causes of societies problems.  And the radical Islamists who want to kill anyone that is not Islamic are no better than greedy capitalists that will go to any length to hoard wealth or power.  Billions of people across the globe accuse Bush of invading Iraq for the oil.  Are they all wrong? What is the real story with Saudi Arabia?  Are they financing the Sunni insurgency in Iraq? In the late 1980's, the Saudis were buying Stinger missiles from the US to help jihadists in Afghanistan push out the Soviets.  Now, the Saudis are buying Strela missiles from Russia to help jihadists in Iraq push out the Americans!  ...   But then look at the Saudi / Bush connections around 9/11.  Violence is a symptom of unfair imbalances in societies. Who's killing who for what?

But then can you say that anyone who sympathizes with the poor is a possible extremist.  That would mean that any antiwar activist in America who sympathizes with poor people, is on the road to being a 'terrorist'.  (Study the Military Commissions Act and recent Presidential directives that define martial law preparations).  I get the feeling that the 1% leadership are not too far from believing this and are definitely using it as a political tool.   The military-industrial-congressional complex (Republicans and Democrats) has amassed large modern armies,  but all they have accomplished is the expansion of the ranks radical violent terrorists mentioned above.  And their subtle efforts to paint Progressives as sympathetic to 'terrorists' are backfiring.  They started with Bush's speeches right after 9/11 that mentioned the words 'your either with me or against me'.  The outrage of this tactic is evident and very few of these ads get through but not for a lack of trying.  Republican / Neo-con fear mongering will eventually backfire.

Transparency of government and business is of vital importance because people won't harm others if they think they will get caught, thus survivability.  The internet has changed everything.  Television viewership is down as well as newspaper readership.  Thousands of people who care about this planet and are not bent on hoarding wealth are trying to get the truth out.

Joke:  How to get rich quick. Flood the earth with pollutants, drive down regulation and taxes, push voluntary compliance to environmental issues and cast doubt on  existence of global warming .  Then  invest in hospitals and healthcare to take advantage of profits gained from 'curing' all the cancer victims produced by the pollution and sweep in to take advantage of political and economic changes due to by global warming and health crisis. Oh.... how about introducing toxic substances into the environment just to affect the outcome of lawsuits involving toxic substances, ...the more toxins the harder it is to prove the toxicity of any single toxin...slick. Your safe....government agencies designed to protect citizens are rife with corporate trained stooges to cover any liability from dangerous chemicals (remember Vioxx).  Stack the courts with 1% judges who will protect 1% main causes (tax reduction, regulatory reduction and war), and continue to keep the cost of litigation high.  Court battles take years, plaintiffs will die before getting a settlement (Exxon Valdez).  Then, invest in the military, you'll need it, to protect your new found riches.  As you invest in US/EU (Republicans and Democrats included)  imperialistic companies, you will be ever increasingly targeted by lesser advantaged people.  But that's ok, if they get violent (which is completely counterproductive), use the media to focus on their violence, accuse them of something to justify your violent response, then shoot them with your overwhelming fire power.  Remember, kill ratios are still about 100-1 by imperialists over the oppressed; they never were a threat.  Whatever, you still have your money, who cares.   (Iraq War).  Just joking around....sorry, this couldn't really be true....would GOD (Him) allow this?



Identify predatory capitalistic practices, and boycott those products.
Avoid mass media propaganda,  TV networks that advertise harmful products.
Investigate ownership and control of mass media, and their predatory motives.
Educate yourself to why tobacco and similar predatory products are still on the market.  
Identify world inequalities and join efforts to alleviate them.
Find alternative sources of healthy, earth-friendly products.  
Promote Progressive Islamic and Jewish alternatives in the communities plagued by violence in the Middle East
Avoid all violence. It's counterproductive, and only is used by Zionist predators to justify their use of their overwhelming firepower.
Civil disobedience is our (Progressives) right and duty.  Just ask yourself why you don't rise up to its call.
Foxnews The components of DNA have now been confirmed to exist in extraterrestrial meteorites,
The components of DNA have now been confirmed to exist in extraterrestrial meteorites, researchers announced. A different team of scientists also discovered a number of molecules linked with a vital ancient biological process, adding weight to the idea that the earliest forms of life on Earth may have been made up in part from materials delivered to Earth the planet by from space. Past research had revealed a range of building blocks of life in meteorites, such as the amino acids that make up proteins. Space rocks just like these may have been a vital source of the organic compounds that gave rise to life on Earth.

Investigators have also found nucleobases, key ingredients of DNA, in meteorites before. However, it has been very difficult to prove that these molecules are not contamination from sources on Earth. "People have been finding nucleobases in meteorites for about 50 years now, and have been trying to figure out if they are of biological origin or not," study co-author Jim Cleaves, a chemist at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, told To help confirm if any nucleobases seen in meteorites were of extraterrestrial origin, scientists used the latest scientific analysis techniques on samples from a dozen meteorites — 11 organic-rich meteorites called carbonaceous chondrites and one ureilite, a very rare type of meteorite with a different chemical composition. This was the first time all but two of these meteorites had been analyzed for nucleobases. The analytical techniques probed the mass and other features of the molecules to identify the presence of extraterrestrial nucleobases and see that they apparently did not come from the surrounding area. Two of the carbonaceous chondrites contained a diverse array of nucleobases and structurally similar compounds known as nucleobase analogs. Intriguingly, three of these nucleobase analogs are very rare in Earth biology, and were not found in soil and ice samples from the areas near where the meteorites were collected at the parts-per-billion limits of their detection techniques. "Finding nucleobase compounds not typically found in Earth's biochemistry strongly supports an extraterrestrial origin," Cleaves said. "At the start of this project, it looked like the nucleobases in these meteorites were terrestrial contamination — these results were a very big surprise for me," study lead author Michael Callahan, an analytical chemist and astrobiologist at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, told Lab experiments showed that chemical reactions of ammonia and cyanide, compounds that are common in space, could generate nucleobases and nucleobase analogs very similar to those found in the carbonaceous chondrites. However, the relative abundances of these molecules between the experiments and the meteorites differed, which might be due to further chemical and thermal influences from space. This findings reveal that meteorites may have been molecular tool kits, providing the essential building blocks for life on Earth, Cleaves said. "All this has implications for the origins of life on Earth and potentially elsewhere," Callahan said. "Are these building blocks of life transferred to other places where they might be useful? Can alternative building blocks be used to build other things?" In a different study, researchers discovered molecules that make up key parts of a vital biological pathway, the citric acid cycle, in a number of carbonaceous chondrites. The citric acid cycle is "thought by many experts to be among the most ancient of biological processes," study co-author George Cooper, a chemist at NASA Ames Research Center, told "One function of this cycle is respiration, when organisms give off carbon dioxide." "It is always exciting to find extraterrestrial and ancient 4.6 billion-year-old organic compounds that might have had a role in early life," Cooper added.

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NewScientist DNA could have existed long before life itself   and see InformationPhilosopher

24 August 2012 by Michael Marshall
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THE latest twist in the origin-of-life tale is double helical. Chemists are close to demonstrating that the building blocks of DNA can form spontaneously from chemicals thought to be present on the primordial Earth. If they succeed, their work would suggest that DNA could have predated the birth of life.
DNA is essential to almost all life on Earth, yet most biologists think that life began with RNA. Just like DNA, it stores genetic information. What's more, RNA can fold into complex shapes that can clamp onto other molecules and speed up chemical reactions, just like a protein, and it is structurally simpler than DNA, so might be easier to make.
After decades of trying, in 2009 researchers finally managed to generate RNA using chemicals that probably existed on the early Earth. Matthew Powner, now at University College London, and his colleagues synthesised two of the four nucleotides that make up RNA. Their achievement suggested that RNA may have formed spontaneously - powerful support for the idea that life began in an "RNA world".
Powner's latest work suggests that a rethink might be in order. He is trying to make DNA nucleotides through similar methods to those he used to make RNA nucleotides in 2009. And he's getting closer.
Nucleotides consist of a sugar attached to a phosphate and a nitrogen-containing base molecule - these bases are the familiar letters of the genetic code. DNA nucleotides, which link together to form DNA, are harder to make than RNA nucleotides, because DNA uses a different sugar that is tougher to work with.
Starting with a mix of chemicals, many of them thought to have been present on the early Earth, Powner has now created a sugar like that in DNA, linked to a molecule called AICA, which is similar to a base (Journal of the American Chemical Society,
There is plenty still to do. Powner needs to turn AICA into a base, and add the phosphate. His molecule also has an unwanted sulphur atom, which helped the reactions along but now must be removed. Nevertheless, a DNA nucleotide is just a few years away, says Christopher Switzer of the University of California, Riverside. "It's practically a fait accompli at this point."
That could have important implications for our understanding of life's origins. Prebiotic chemists have so far largely ignored DNA, because its complexity suggests it cannot possibly form spontaneously. "Everybody and his brother has been saying 'RNA, RNA, RNA'," says Steven Benner of the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Gainesville, Florida.
Conventional wisdom is that RNA-based life eventually switched to DNAbecause DNA is better at storing information. In other words, RNA organisms made the first DNA.
If that is true, how did life make the switch? Modern organisms can convert RNA nucleotides into DNA nucleotides, but only using special enzymes that are costly to produce in terms of energy and materials. "You have to know that DNA does something good for you before you invent something like that," Switzer says.
He says the story makes more sense if DNA nucleotides were naturally present in the environment. Organisms could have taken up and used them, later developing the tools to make their own DNA once it became clear how advantageous the molecule was - and once natural supplies began to run low.
Early organisms must have scavenged for materials in this way, saysMatthew Levy of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City. "The early Earth was probably a bloody mess," he says, with all manner of rich pickings on offer.
Powner suggests another alternative. Life may have begun with an "RNA and DNA world", in which the two types of nucleotides were intermingled. Powner's co-author Jack Szostak, of the Harvard Medical School, has shown that "mongrel" molecules containing a mix of DNA and RNA nucleotides can perform some of the functions of pure RNA (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Powner suggests that life started out using these hybrid molecules, gradually purifying them into DNA and RNA.
Benner says it makes more sense for the first life to have used pure DNA and RNA as early as possible. Both work better than the mongrel molecules.
Right now, though, there's nothing to tell us exactly how and when life first used DNA. "It almost becomes a choose-your-own-adventure game," says Levy.

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