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Amazon, WordPress and other have banned Holocaust revisionist books, but that doesn't mean they're not available...MORE

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The Anti-Semitic Birth of the Zionist State
A History of Israel’s Self-Hating Founders
MIKO PELED • MARCH 17, 2021 • 2,200 WORDS • 117 COMMENTS • REPLY
Credit: Antonio Cabrera
When the victims of Zionism finally have their day in court, the world will see just how cruel and racist the early Zionists really were.

JERUSALEM — “Self-Hating Jew” — along with other terms like “traitor, Zhid, Kapo, Nazi, and Little Jew” — are among the epithets used by Zionists to insult Jewish people who oppose or reject Zionism and its racist ideology.

A recent episode of Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro’s podcast “Committing High Reason” recalls the history of Theodor Hertzl, the founder of Zionism and of the Zionist State, and sheds new light on the term “Self-Hating Jew.”

Committing High Reason

Rabbi Shapiro sources all of his claims methodically and when one hears what Hertzl, who was Jewish himself, wrote about Jewish people, the only conclusion is that he was the quintessential “Self-Hating Jew.” There can be no doubt that he hated Jewish people and wanted nothing more than to dissociate himself from the “common” Jew. Furthermore, he was not alone: other Zionist leaders — Vladimir Jabotinsky, Chaim Weizmann, and others — were equally openly hateful of their Jewish brethren.

In 2018, Rabbi Shapiro published a 1,400-page book titled “The Empty Wagon, Zionism’s Journey from Identity Crisis to Identity Theft.” The book outlines the vast differences that exist between Judaism and its main nemesis, Zionism. The book was written for Orthodox Jews and indeed every Orthodox Jewish home I have visited in the last two years had a copy of this massive work. Even though it assumes a great deal of knowledge about Judaism, the book has an unprecedented amount of well-sourced information, so that even those of us who are not well versed in Judaism can learn a great deal from it.

The information presented in this particular episode of Rabbi Shapiro’s podcast can also be found in his book, and it leads to the undeniable fact that the founder of Zionism — and many of his contemporaries — hated everything about Jews and Judaism and hated the fact that they themselves were Jewish. According to Rabbi Shapiro and many other Orthodox rabbis whom he quotes, it was their hatred of Jews and not their desire to save them from anti-Semitism that was the driving force behind the creation of Zionism and the establishment of a Zionist state.

The founder of Zionism not only believed that the anti-Semitic trolls about Jews were true, but also justified them. He claimed only that these racist accusations applied to the “other” Jews, those who were not as secular and “enlightened” as he.

The story of Hertzl, as it is told in Zionist schools both in Israel and around the world, makes him seem like the savior of Jews, a man motivated by the desire to do good. However, a more in-depth look into the man and his motivations reveals that he despised Jewish people and wanted to separate himself from “common” Jews by creating a space, an existence for people like himself who were Jews by birth but despised what it means to be Jewish.

Vladimir Jabotinsky, the father of right-wing Zionism and today’s Israeli Likud Party, was another classic case of the “Self-Hating Jew.” He wrote that “[t]he Jews are very nasty people and their neighbors hate them and they are right.”

Another Zionist spiritual leader, Uri Zvi Greenberg, wrote: “Those loathsome Jews are vomited by any healthy collective and state not because they are Jews but because of their Jewish repulsiveness.”

Zionists worship physical strength while Orthodox Judaism looks down upon it. In a conversation I had once with Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Dovid Feldman of New York, I asked about this. I told him that to people like me, who were raised Zionist, Orthodox Jews look weak and pale and very unattractive. Rabbi Feldman looked straight at me and replied: “You have no idea how hard we work to maintain this look. Being a Jew is a spiritual-religious existence, not a masculine physical one.”

Maushel (or Moishel)

In the October 15, 1897 edition of the Zionist paper Dei Welt, a publication that Hertzl founded, he published an essay, titled “Maushe,” about a Jew who is an anti-Zionist. The focus of the essay was a fictional character, a Jew Hertzl called “Maushel,” which was a derogatory name for Jews used by anti-Semites at the time.

The front page of the Zionist paper Dei Welt circa 1897
The front page of the Zionist paper Dei Welt circa 1897
Maushel — or Moishel, depending on one’s accent — is the “common” religious Jew. The article was originally written in German, with an English version published in another Zionist publication called The Maccabean. Here are a few examples of how Hertz depicts the Jews in his essay:

Maushel | Theodore Herzl
Maushel | Theodore Herzl
“Maushel is an anti-Zionist. We know him well and long and we always felt disgusted when we saw him.” Hertzl is all the more disgusted and chagrin by being obliged to acknowledge that Maushel is indeed “of our people,” though there is “not the slightest use of being proud of the fact,” which he laments results from “the co-mingling at one dark period of our history of a lower class of people with our nation.”

Hertzl goes on to say that “[t]he disgust which we had for him was coupled with pity. We sought to explain his miserable and wretched appearance. We told ourselves that we must tolerate him that it was our sacred duty to civilize him.” Wanting to disassociate himself from the Maushel Jew, Hertzl says, “He is the terrible companion of the Jews and so inseparable from them that one is always mistaken one for the other. “

Hertzl continues with his blatant hatred and writes that Maushel is “the antithesis of a human being, something unspeakably degraded and obstinate…Maushel proceeds with his own dirty business in poverty Maushel is a wretched schnorrer.” Then sadly Justifying anti-Semitic attacks on Jews, Hertzl says, “Maushel always supplied reasons for the attacks upon us.” In other words the Jews, the “real” Jews” like Hertzl are targeted by anti-Semites because of this distant, unrelated person who the anti-Semites confuse for a Jew.

Further, Hertzl writes:

In the eyes of the anti-Semite the Jew and Maushel were bound together; then Zionism appeared and the Jew and Maushel had to define their position, and now Maushel did the Jews a service: he divorced himself from the union because he is an anti-Zionist.”

In other words, Hertzl claims that only the real Jews are secular Zionist Jews. He then goes on to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism: “When people say that Jews do not support Zionism the answer is no! The Jew cannot be an anti-Zionist, only Maushel is.”

Rhetoric like this is very common in Israel today, that the real Jews are the secular Zionists and religious non-Zionist Jews are described in a variety of derogatory terms.

“That’s fine,” Hertzl continues, “let us be relieved of him. It is an opportunity to purify ourselves of these degrading elements.”

The confusion regarding Jewish identity and the claims that Zionism is part of Jewish identity is very common, and indeed very troubling. This deep misunderstanding of both Judaism and Zionism clearly can be traced back to the founder of Zionism, Theodor Hertzl.

What makes a Jew a Jew?

The great Jewish sage, Rabbi Sa’adiya Ga’on- – whose full name was Sa’id Bin Yousef El-Fayyumi — was one of the most important Jewish rabbinic figures of all times. He was born in Fayyum in upper Egypt in the late Ninth century; went on to study in Tabariya, Palestine, which was an important center of Jewish learning; and later lived, worked, and wrote in Baghdad. In what is considered one of his most important books — “Emunot Ve-Deot,” or “Beliefs and Opinions,” which he wrote in Arabic using Hebrew letters — Ga’on wrote that the people of Israel — in other words, Jews — are a nation only by virtue of their religious laws (he used the term Sharia in Arabic for religious laws). In other words, a people bound by faith.

A Page from Rabbi Sa’adiya Ga’on’s book “Emunot Ve-Deot”
A Page from Rabbi Sa’adiya Ga’on’s book “Emunot Ve-Deot”
According to Hertzl, Jews are a nation because, as he put it, “our enemies made us one without our consent; distress binds us together.” The former defines Jewish people as a religious group bound by laws and faith, the latter as an undefined group united by the hatred of non-Jews.

A eulogy to Hertzl

Vladimir Jabotinsky’s eulogy to Hertzl was a monumental offering of praise and even veneration. First published as a booklet in Odessa in 1905, it was written in Russian and later translated into Hebrew. In it, Jabotinsky discusses the legacy of Hertzl, whom, despite their differences, he admired deeply. In one section, Jabotinsky praises the wonderful features of a Hebrew and compares them to what he calls the disgusting features of a Jew. Instead of saying Jew, he used the horribly degrading, anti-Semitic term “Zhid.”

“Doctor Hertzl,” the cover of the booklet containing Jabotinsky’s eulogy
“Doctor Hertzl,” the cover of the booklet containing Jabotinsky’s eulogy
The eulogy begins with Jabotinsky admitting that no one has ever seen a true Hebrew (“None of us has seen the true Hebrew with our very eyes.”) and continuing on to say that the Jew we see around us today is not a Hebrew but a Zhid (“And so today, we take as our starting point the Zhid, and try to imagine his exact opposite,” in an effort to imagine a Hebrew.).

Vladimir (Zeev) Jabotinsky’s photo on the Likud Party website
Vladimir (Zeev) Jabotinsky’s photo on the Likud Party website
“Because the Zhid is ugly, sickly,” the father of Israel’s Likud Party writes, “we will give the ideal image of the Hebrew masculine beauty, stature, massive shoulders, vigorous movements,” Jabotinsky concludes:

The Zhid is frightened and downtrodden, the Hebrew proud and independent. The Zhid is disgusting to everyone, the Hebrew should be charming to all. The Zhid accepts submission, the Hebrew ought to know how to command. The Zhid likes to hide from the eyes of strangers, the Hebrew will possess brazensess and greatness.”

Hertzl, according to Jabotinsky, was the perfect specimen of the Hebrew that no one has ever seen.

Zionism — for whom?

If indeed Hertzl and the other leaders of Zionism were self-hating Jews and looked down upon the “common” Jew, what was their motivation for establishing Zionism and working so hard to found a Zionist State?

In Chapter One of his book, Rabbi Shapiro quotes one of the most respected rabbis of his day, Rabbi Chaim Soloveichik, who lived in Eastern Europe at the end of the nineteenth century. According to the quote, Rabbi Soloveichik says that Zionists wanted to create a state in order to destroy Judaism.

In other words, Zionists were secular and viewed themselves as enlightened and better than the “common” Jew. They looked down at Torah-observant Jews. They wanted a place where people like them, who did not look or live like “common” Jews, would be able to live without having to deal with (or even see) observant Jews, and where they could be like other nations.

The State of Israel was not created for the “common” Jew, the one with a long beard and payot (the curls that dangle from the side of their heads), those who lived in the shtetl (ghettos) of Europe. Neither was the Zionist state created for the Arab Jew, but for the secular European Jew, who wants more than anything to be European.

In a book that describes how Zionist leaders viewed the Jews of Europe, there is a photo that shows Jews in the market in Nalewni Ghetto in Warsaw. There is a quote attributed to Chaim Weizmann, a major leader in the Zionist movement and later the first president of the State of Israel. The caption reads, “Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel, or Palestine) was not meant for the peddlers of Nalewski, Warsaw.” These are the Jews that Hertzl and the other Zionist leaders despised.

When the victims of Zionism finally have their day in court, the world will see just how cruel and racist the early Zionists really were. The world will see that Israel, today’s Zionist state, is a perfect reflection of what the early Zionists were: racist, violent, and hateful.

In Israel today, Ultra-Orthodox Jews who oppose Zionism are despised and ridiculed; non-religious, anti-Zionist Jews are pushed away; and Palestinians are merely collateral — the price that needs to be paid so that the vision of Hertzl and the other “Self-Hating Jews” could become a reality.

Miko Peled is MintPress News contributing writer, published author and human rights activist born in Jerusalem. His latest books are”The General’s Son. Journey of an Israeli in Palestine,” and “Injustice, the Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five.”

(Republished from Mintpress News by permission of author or representative)

Israel Research

With World Distracted by COVID, Netanyahu Bombs Syria, Prepares to Seize Most of Palestine (West Bank)

Philip Giraldi (Truth to Power News) 19 hours ago | 1320 words 814 13

Rahm Emanuel, up until recently the mayor of Chicago and before that a top advisor to the president in the Bill Clinton and Barack Obama White Houses and still earlier a volunteer in the Israeli Army, famously once commented that a good crisis should never be allowed to go to waste. He meant, of course, that a crisis can be exploited to provide cover for other shenanigans involving politicians. It was an observation that was particularly true when one was working for a sexual predator like Bill, who once attacked a “terrorist” pharmaceutical factory in Sudan to divert attention away from the breaking Monica Lewinski scandal.

To be sure, the United States government is focusing its attention on the coronavirus while also using the cover afforded to heighten the pressure on “enemies” near and far. As the coronavirus continues to spread, the Trump White House and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have increased the ferocity of their sabre rattling, apparently in part to deter Russia, China, Iran and Venezuela. Ironically, of course, none of the countries being intimidated are actually threatening the United States, but we Americans have long since learned that perceptions are more important than facts when it comes to the current occupant of the oval office and his two predecessors.

The latest bit of mendacity coming out of the White House was a presidential tweettargeting the usual punching bag, Iran. Based on an incident that occurred two weeks ago, Trump threatened “I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea.” Iran’s flying gunboats are clearly a formidable force but it is certainly reassuring to note that naval anti-aircraft fire has been directed to deal with them. The U.S. Navy ships in question are, one might also observe, in a body of water generally referred to as the Persian Gulf, where they are carrying out maneuvers right off of the Iranian coast. Meanwhile, Iranian flying gunboats have not yet been observed off of New Jersey, but they are probably waiting to be transported to the Eastern Seaboard by those huge trans-oceanic gliders that once upon a time were allegedly being constructed by Saddam Hussein.

Given the cover provided by the virus, it should surprise no one that Israel is also playing the same game. The Jewish state has been continuing its lethal bombings of Syria, with hardly any notice in the international media. In a recent missile attack, nine people were killed near the historic city of Palmyra. Three of the dead were Syrians while six others were presumed to be Lebanese Shi’ites supporting the Damascus government. Israel de facto regards any Shi’ite as an “Iranian” or an “Iranian proxy” and therefore a “terrorist” eligible to be killed on sight.

But the bigger coronavirus story has to do with Israel’s domestic politics. Benjamin Netanyahu and his principle opponent Benny Gantz have come to an agreement to form a national government, ostensibly to deal with the health crisis. The wily Netanyahu, who will continue to be prime minister in the deal, has thereby retained his power over the government while also putting a halt to bids from the judiciary to try and sentence him on corruption charges. As part of the deal with Gantz, Netanyahu will have veto power over the naming of the new government’s attorney general and state prosecutor, guaranteeing the appointment of individuals who will dismiss the charges.

And more will be coming, with the acquiescence of Washington. U.S. elections are little more than six months away and Donald Trump clearly believes that he needs the political support of Netanyahu to energize his rabid Christian Zionist supporters, as well as the cash coming from Jewish oligarchs Sheldon Adelson, Bernard Marcus and Paul Singer. So, it is time to establish a quid pro quo, which will be Israeli government behind the scenes approaches to powerful and wealthy American Jews on behalf of Trump while the White House will look the other way while Israel annexes most of the remaining Palestinian West Bank. Pompeo has welcomed the new Israeli government and has confirmed that the annexation of the Palestinian land will be “ultimately Israel’s decision to make,” which amounts to a green light for Netanyahu to go ahead.

A vote on West Bank annexation will reportedly be taken by the Knesset at the beginning of July followed immediately by steps to incorporate Jewish settlements into Israel proper. According to the Israeli liberal newspaper Haaretz, the planned annexation has raised some concerns among a few liberal American Jewish organizations because it will convince many progressives in the U.S. that Israel has truly become an apartheid state. J Street warned that annexation “would severely imperil Israel’s future as a democratic homeland for the Jewish people, along with the future of the U.S.-Israel relationship” and has even suggested cutting U.S. aid if that step is actually taken. Most other ostensibly liberal groups have adopted the usual Zionist two-step, i.e. condemning the move but not advocating any effective steps to prevent it. And it should also be noted that the largest and most powerful Jewish organizations like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) have not raised any objections at all.

Unaffiliated individual liberal Jews, to include those who consider themselves Zionists, have generally been concerned about the move, though their argument is quite hypocritical, based on their belief that annexation would pari passu destroy any possible two-state solution, damaging both Palestinian rights and “Jewish democracy.” Some have even welcomed the change, noting that it would create a single state de facto which eventually would have to evolve into a modern democracy with equal rights for all. Such thinking is, however, nonsense. Israel under Netanyahu and whichever fascist retread that eventually succeeds him regards itself as a Jewish state and will do whatever it takes to maintain that, even including dispossessing remaining Arabs of their land and possessions, stripping them of their legal status, and forcing them to leave as refugees. That is something that might be referred to as ethnic cleansing, or even genocide.

And those Americans of conscience who are hoping for some change if someone named Joe Biden defeats Trump can also forget about that option. Biden has told the New York Times that “I believe a two-state solution remains the only way to ensure Israel’s long-term security while sustaining its Jewish and democratic identity. It is also the only way to ensure Palestinian dignity and their legitimate interest in national self-determination. And it is a necessary condition to take full advantage of the opening that exists for greater cooperation between Israel and its Arab neighbors. For all these reasons, encouraging a two-state solution remains in the critical interest of the United States.”

Unfortunately, someone should tell Joe that that particular train has already left the station due to the expansion of the Jewish state’s settlements. Nice words from the man who would be president aside, Biden is bound to the Israel Lobby for its political support and the money it provides as tightly as can be and he will fold before AIPAC and company like a cheap suit. He has famously declared that “You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist – I am a Zionist” and “My Name is Joe Biden, and Everybody Knows I Love Israel.” His vice-presidential candidates’ debate with Sarah Palin in 2008 turned embarrassing when he and Palin both engaged in long soliloquys about how much they cherish Israel. Indeed they do. Every politician on the make loves Israel.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is [email protected].


Netanyahu fake Iran nuclear docs

ANApril 29, 2020
With apparently fabricated nuclear documents, Netanyahu pushed the US towards war with Iran

An investigation of supposed Iranian nuclear documents presented in a dramatically staged Netanyahu press conference indicates they were an Israeli fabrication designed to trigger US military conflict with Iran.
By Gareth Porter

President Donald Trump scrapped the nuclear deal with Iran and continued to risk war with Iran based on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim to have proven definitively that Iran was determined to manufacture nuclear weapons. Netanyahu not only spun Trump but much of the corporate media as well, duping them with the public unveiling of what he claimed was the entire secret Iranian “nuclear archive.”

In early April 2018, Netanyahu briefed Trump privately on the supposed Iranian nuclear archive and secured his promise to leave the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). That April 30, Netanyahu took the briefing to the public in a characteristically dramatic live performance in which he claimed Israel’s Mossad intelligence services had stolen Iran’s entire nuclear archive from Tehran. “You may well know that Iran’s leaders repeatedly deny ever pursuing nuclear weapons…” Netanyahu declared. “Well, tonight, I’m here to tell you one thing: Iran lied. Big time.”

However, an investigation of the supposed Iranian nuclear documents by The Grayzone reveals them to be the product of an Israeli disinformation operation that helped trigger the most serious threat of war since the conflict with Iran began nearly four decades ago. This investigation found multiple indications that the story of Mossad’s heist of 50,000 pages of secret nuclear files from Tehran was very likely an elaborate fiction and that the documents were fabricated by the Mossad itself.

According to the official Israeli version of events, the Iranians had gathered the nuclear documents from various locations and moved them to what Netanyahu himself described as “a dilapidated warehouse” in southern Tehran. Even assuming that Iran had secret documents demonstrating the development of nuclear weapons, the claim that top secret documents would be held in a nondescript and unguarded warehouse in Central Tehran is so unlikely that it should have raised immediate alarm bells about the story’s legitimacy.

Even more problematic was the claim by a Mossad official to Israeli journalist Ronen Bergman that Mossad knew not only in what warehouse its commandos would find the documents but precisely which safes to break into with a blowtorch. The official told Bergman the Mossad team had been guided by an intelligence asset to the few safes in the warehouse contained the binders with the most important documents. Netanyahu bragged publicly that “very few” Iranians knew the location of the archive; the Mossad official told Bergman “only a handful of people” knew.

But two former senior CIA official, both of whom had served as the agency’s top Middle East analyst, dismissed Netanyahu’s claims as lacking credibility in responses to a query from The Grayzone.

According to Paul Pillar, who was National Intelligence Officer for the region from 2001 to 2005, “Any source on the inside of the Iranian national security apparatus would be extremely valuable in Israeli eyes, and Israeli deliberations about the handling of that source’s information presumably would be biased in favor long-term protection of the source.” The Israeli story of how its spies located the documents “does seem fishy,” Pillar said, especially considering Israel’s obvious effort to derive maximum “political-diplomatic mileage” out of the “supposed revelation” of such a well-placed source.

Graham Fuller, a 27-year veteran of the CIA who served as National Intelligence Officer for the Near East and South Asia as well as Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, offered a similar assessment of the Israeli claim. “If the Israelis had such a sensitive source in Tehran,” Fuller commented, “they would not want to risk him.” Fuller concluded that the Israelis’ claim that they had accurate knowledge of which safes to crack is “dubious, and the whole thing may be somewhat fabricated.”

No proof of authenticity
Netanyahu’s April 30 slide show presented a series of purported Iranian documents containing sensational revelations that he pointed to as proof of his insistence that Iran had lied about its interest in manufacturing nuclear weapons. The visual aides included a file supposedly dating back to early 2000 or before that detailed various ways to achieve a plan to build five nuclear weapons by mid-2003.

Another document that generated widespread media interest was an alleged report on a discussion among leading Iranian scientists of a purported mid-2003 decision by Iran’s Defense Minister to separate an existing secret nuclear weapons program into overt and covert parts.

Left out of the media coverage of these “nuclear archive” documents was a simple fact that was highly inconvenient to Netanyahu: nothing about them offered a scintilla of evidence that they were genuine. For example, not one contained the official markings of the relevant Iranian agency.

Tariq Rauf, who was head of the Verification and Security Policy Coordination Office at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) from 2001 to 2011, told The Grayzone that these markings were practically ubiquitous on official Iranian files.

“Iran is a highly bureaucratized system,” Rauf explained. “Hence, one would expect a proper book-keeping system that would record incoming correspondence, with date received, action officer, department, circulation to additional relevant officials, proper letterhead, etc.”

But as Rauf noted, the “nuclear archive” documents that were published by the Washington Post bore no such evidence of Iranian government origin. Nor did they contain other markings to indicate their creation under the auspices of an Iranian government agency.

What those documents do have in common is the mark of a rubber stamp for a filing system showing numbers for a “record”, a “file” and a “ledger binder” — like the black binders that Netanyahu flashed to the cameras during his slideshow. But these could have easily been created by the Mossad and stamped on to the documents along with the appropriate Persian numbers.

Forensic confirmation of the documents’ authenticity would have required access to the original documents. But as Netanyahu noted in his April 30, 2018 slide show, the “original Iranian materials” were kept “in a very safe place” – implying that no one would be allowed to have any such access.

Withholding access to outside experts
In fact, even the most pro-Israeli visitors to Tel Aviv have been denied access to the original documents. David Albright of the Institute for Science and International Security and Olli Heinonen of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies – both stalwart defenders of the official Israeli line on Iranian nuclear policy – reported in October 2018 that they had been given only a “slide deck” showing reproductions or excerpts of the documents.

When a team of six specialists from Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs visited Israel in January 2019 for briefings on the archive, they too were offered only a cursory browse of the supposedly original documents. Harvard Professor Matthew Bunn recalled in an interview with this writer that the team had been shown one of the binders containing what were said to be original documents relating to Iran’s relations with the IAEA and had “paged through a bit of it.”

But they were shown no documents on Iran nuclear weapons work. As Bunn admitted, “We weren’t attempting to do any forensic analysis of these documents.”

Typically, it would be the job of the U.S. government and the IAEA to authenticate the documents. Oddly, the Belfer Center delegation reported that the U.S. government and the IAEA had each received only copies of the entire archive, not the original files. And the Israelis were in no hurry to provide the genuine articles: the IAEA did not receive a complete set of documents until November 2019, according to Bunn.

By then, Netanyahu had not only already accomplished the demolition of the Iran nuclear deal; he and Trump’s ferociously hawkish CIA-director Mike Pompeo had maneuvered the president into a policy of imminent confrontation with Tehran.

The second coming of fake missile drawings
Among the documents Netanyahu flashed on the screen in his April 30, 2018 slide show was a schematic drawing of the missile reentry vehicle of an Iranian Shahab-3 missile, showing what was obviously supposed to represent a nuclear weapon inside.

Technical drawing from page 11 of David Albright, Olli Heinonen, and Andrea Stricker’s “Breaking Up and Reorienting Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program,” published by the Institute for Science and International Security on October 28, 2018.
This drawing was part of a set of eighteen technical drawings of the Shahab-3 reentry vehicle. These were found in a collection of documents secured over the course of several years between the Bush II and Obama administrations by an Iranian spy working for Germany’s BND intelligence service. Or so the Israeli official story went.

In 2013, however, a former senior German Foreign Office official named Karsten Voigt revealed to this writer that the documents had been initially provided to German intelligence by a member of the Mujaheddin E-Khalq (MEK).

The MEK is an exiled Iranian armed opposition organization that had operated under Saddam Hussein’s regime as a proxy against Iran during the Iran-Iraq War. It went on to cooperate with the Israeli Mossad beginning in the 1990s, and enjoys a close relationship with Saudi Arabia as well. Today, numerous former US officials are on the MEK’s payroll, acting as de facto lobbyists for regime change in Iran.

Voigt recalled how senior BND officials warned him they did not consider the MEK source or the materials he provided to be credible. They were worried that the Bush administration intended to use the dodgy documents to justify an attack on Iran, just as it exploited the tall tales collected from Iraqi defector codenamed “Curveball” to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

As this writer first reported in 2010, the appearance of the “dunce-cap” shape of the Shahab-3 reentry vehicle in the drawings was a tell-tale sign that the documents were fabricated. Whoever drew those schematic images in 2003 was clearly under the false impression that Iran was relying on the Shahab-3 as its main deterrent force. After all, Iran had announced publicly in 2001 that the Shahab-3 was going into “serial production” and in 2003 that it was “operational.”

But those official claims by Iran were a ruse aimed primarily at deceiving Israel, which had threatened air attacks on Iran’s nuclear and missile programs. In fact, Iran’s Defense Ministry was aware that the Shahab-3 did not have sufficient range to reach Israel.

According to Michael Elleman, the author of the most definitive account of the Iranian missile program, as early as 2000, Iran’s Defense Ministry had begun developing an improved version of the Shahab-3 with a reentry vehicle boasting a far more aerodynamic “triconic baby bottle” shape – not the “dunce-cap” of the original.

As Elleman told this writer, however, foreign intelligence agencies remained unaware of the new and improved Shahab missile with a very different shape until it took its first flight test in August 2004. Among the agencies kept in the dark about the new design was Israel’s Mossad. That explains why the false documents on redesigning the Shahab-3 – the earliest dates of which were in 2002, according to an unpublished internal IAEA document – showed a reentry vehicle design that Iran had already discarded.

The role of the MEK in passing the massive tranche of supposed secret Iranian nuclear documents to the BND and its hand-in-glove relationship with the Mossad leaves little room for doubt that the documents introduced to Western intelligence 2004 were, in fact, created by the Mossad.

For the Mossad, the MEK was a convenient unit for outsourcing negative press about Iran which it did not want attributed directly to Israeli intelligence. To enhance the MEK’S credibility in the eyes foreign media and intelligence agencies, Mossad passed the coordinates of Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility to the MEK in 2002. Later, it provided to the MEK personal information such as the passport number and home telephone number of Iranian physics professor Mohsen Fakhrizadh, whose name appeared in the nuclear documents, according to the co-authors of a best-selling Israeli book on the Mossad’s covert operations.

By trotting out the same discredited technical drawing depicting the wrong Iranian missile reentry vehicle – a trick he had previously deployed to create the original case for accusing Iran of covert nuclear weapons development – the Israeli prime minister showed how confident he was in his ability to hoodwink Washington and the Western corporate media.

Netanyahu’s multiple levels of deception have been remarkably successful, despite having relied on crude stunts that any diligent news organization should have seen through. Through his manipulation of foreign governments and media, he has been able to maneuver Donald Trump and the United States into a dangerous process of confrontation that has brought the US to the precipice of military conflict with Iran.

Gareth Porter
Gareth Porter is an independent investigative journalist who has covered national security policy since 2005 and was the recipient of Gellhorn Prize for Journalism in 2012. His most recent book is The CIA Insider’s Guide to the Iran Crisis co-authored with John Kiriakou, just published in February


Mossad/Zionism ..Styllinsk

One intelligence agency renowned for its ruthless self-serving agenda is the MOSSAD. Having successfully co-opted the globe with their pre-emptive operations across all political and social domains the extraordinary influence this Israeli intelligence agency has had in the present and preceding century regarding geopolitical strategies, cannot be overstated. It has been at the centre of most of the state sponsored terrorist acts and the ensuing conflicts that have arisen from them.

Israel’s reputation as a haven for sexual slavery and Russian-Zionist mafia influence is well-documented and would suggest that the MOSSAD is involved in human trafficking, narcotics and arms as means for financing their powerful leveraging of the geopolitical scene. The enormous power of Israeli lobbyists in the United States as well as their traditional role in media and entertainment provide a reliable source for the furtherance of underworld financing of ideological objectives. The assassination of Canadian arms inventor Gerald Bull in Brussels on March 22, 1990, is instructive on this point and revealed just how cemented all three activities seem to be.

Gerald Bull was an internationally known astrophysicist, arms dealer, genius of military hardware and the inventor of the notorious “Super Gun” under Project Babylon. Bull’s friends and associates included major players within the CIA and he was not above using these contacts to secure favours in order circumnavigate legal problems or easing the passage of arms sales, though clearly, this did not always work. (His long term business dealings with South Africa landed him in jail for smuggling despite the CIA’s attempts to have his sentence quashed).

Although many of Bull’s colleagues and business associates thought his links to the agency were exaggerated, his final end suggests that this was not the case. In fact, Bull had contacts with both former CIA directors William E. Colby and Stansfield Turner, the latter dating back to the late 1960s before he became head of the agency. Colby, Like Bull, died under mysterious circumstances in 1996 while on a solo canoe outing in Maryland. What is even more interesting is that his death followed closely on from his dealings with John Decamp the Nebraska senator who came to notoriety through his determination in raising awareness of the paedophile rings thorough successive administrations, up to and including the present. (See The Franklin Cover up).

It is not by coincidence that Bull was based in Brussels, long recognized as a hub of illicit arms deals. Bull’s deal with Iraq had been bankrolled by the Société Générale, the banking arm of the Société Générale de Belgique, a holding company of the Belgian Royal Family which owns 40 percent of the country’s industry. Being the backbone behind Belgium’s financial prosperity it is a corporation that has considerable leverage in global finance said to have been established by William of Orange back in 1822 with the task of financing Belgian industry.

Aside from the Belgian Royals, the Vatican has been a faithful shareholder along with the powerful business interests of the Rothschilds, Solvays, the Boels and the Janssens. [1]Prince Bernhard of Netherlands also had a slice of the pie, having his own substantial interest in the oil industry. With such dubious friends as Joseph H. Retinger, co-creator of the Bilderberg Group in Europe, the Elite membership was early on mired in petroleum interests and corporate colonialism.

The Belgian Royal family and the Solvay family appear to be the only major shareholders in SGB apart from cross holdings within the group, which inevitably led to a “self-perpetuating oligarchy” so favoured by the rising monolith of Russian mafia expansionism. [2]Furthermore, SGB exerts considerable control over the second major arms producer, Fabrique Nationale, which produces the Browning pistol under licence from the United States. The US and Israel have had a special relationship with Belgium using it as a major supplier and broker for weapons sales. In 1989, Bull was working for Belgium’s premier arms manufacturer Poudrieres Reunies de Belgique (PRB).

There were also significant business dealings with the late billionaire and leading arms dealer Shaul Eisenberg, who had brokered a sale in Gerald Bull’s Space Research Corporation for South Africa’s state owned arms manufacturing company, Armscor. Eisenberg happened to be a high level MOSSAD operative and a key figure in Israel’s nuclear development programs, though his primary role had been to secure Israeli interests in China dating back to the Cold War. Eisenberg, (whose Wikipedia entry is periodically re-written by Israeli propagandists) also “… controlled Israel Aircraft Industries and Zim Israel Navigation Shipping Company” according to intelligence journalist Wayne Madsen, and “… was able to provide needed nuclear weapons components from Operation Phoenix to China and two of its major allies, North Korea and Pakistan.” [3]

Shaul Eisenberg

His financial enabler and fellow agent was banker Tibor Rosenbaum, head of the Geneva based Banque du Credit international (BCI) [4] which during the late fifties and sixties was actively involved in laundering money from the criminal empire of Meyer Lansky. Like Rosenbaum, Lansky was a fierce Zionist. His financial contributions to the “cause” ensured his protection from the MOSSAD. Tibor Rosenbaum funded and supported Eisenberg giving the tycoon enormous financial leverage and covert influence over global business politics. [5] The corporations and companies owned by Eisenberg and now under his son Erwin’s control include: Iron Mt Recordkeeping, Iron Mtn mining, Rotron, Wackenhut, Israel Chemicals, Eisenberg Industries of Israel, Permindex, Legacy foundation of Nevada, Eisenberg Satellite and Telecom.

What should not be forgotten is MOSSAD’s well-known tactic of using front companies within the telecommunications industry for spying and blackmail. As we saw in a previous post, private security contractors in Iraq are used extensively by the US and make up a convenient resource for black operations. As Mark Shapiro, a spokesman for Wackenhut stated: “Security officers now outnumber law enforcement by three to one.” Wackenhut’s ease in collecting telephone records for its less than legal investigations from another Eisenberg owned corporation, AT&T, fuels speculation that this is a network of corporate businesses fused with Israeli intelligence interests, a mirror image of Eisenberg own dealings.

From the moment Donald Rumsfeld shook Saddam’s hand in 1983, delivering the promised chemical weapons shipments along with the CIA-led support for his regime, Gerald Bull was being groomed for chemical weaponry work in Iraq. Meanwhile, Eisenberg was busy expanding “Israel Chemicals” now owned by a Canadian company [6] With the rise of Neo-Conservatism, the infiltration of the Bush administration from die-hard Zionists took a major leap forward. As far back as 1988, Israel was busy implementing its plan to maintain the illusion that it was the only “democracy” in the Middle East and to ensure an end to any and all possibilities for lasting peace within the region. After all, they believed that such moves would eventually mean the corrosion of its military presence and the eventual demise of the State of Israel.

Feeding into the parallel force of the extreme right in America, the phony war on terrorism was beginning to take shape. A new bogey man was required and the Likud and Neo-cons were to begin an uncomfortable and complex fusion of interests which would culminate in the attacks of September 11th, the most audacious propaganda coup since Pearl Harbour[7]and all doors for coercion, blackmail and information gathering would be open. If new doors needed to be unlocked, then new “keys” were made. Thus it came to be, that Saddam Hussein was considered a primary asset for CIA-MOSSAD tag-team and the assurance that Israel would maintain its military and ideological position in the region. Hussein was to become an integral part of the new deception to turn back the clock and prevent any emergence of “a leader who might be more palatable to the West and still be a threat to Israel.” [8]


Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam Hussein circa 1983 in relation to chemical weapons contract

Ex-MOSSAD agent Victor Ostrovsky outlines the background to the Iraq Invasion in his second book The Other Side of Deception (1995). He writes about the intelligence agency’s long-term project to portray Hussein as a tyrant and a “danger to the world” beginning in the late 1980’s and which was to continue right up to the Gulf war in 1990/91 and beyond. To that end: “The MOSSAD activated every asset it had, in every place possible, from volunteer agents in Amnesty International to fully bought members of the US Congress. Saddam had been killing his own people, the cry went; what could his enemies expect?”

Ostrovsky reveals the context behind the propaganda coup of the Kurdish massacre and its relation to Iraq:

The gruesome photos of dead Kurdish mothers clutching their dead babies after a gas attack by Saddam’s army were real, and the acts were horrendous. But the Kurds were entangled in an all-out guerrilla war with the regime in Baghdad and had been supported for years by the MOSSAD, who sent arms and advisers to the mountain camps of the Barazany family; this attack by the Iraqis could hardly be called an attack on their own people. But, as Uri said to me, once the orchestra starts to play, all you can do is hum along.

The media was supplied with inside information and tips from reliable sources on how the crazed leader of Iraq killed people with his bare hands and used missiles to attack Iranian cities. What they neglected to tell the media was that most of the targeting for the missiles was done by the MOSSAD with the help of American satellites. The MOSSAD was grooming Saddam for a fall, but not his own. They wanted the Americans to do the work of destroying that gigantic army in the Iraqi desert so that Israel would not have to face it one day on its own border. That in itself was a noble cause for an Israeli, but to endanger the world with the possibility of global war and the deaths of thousands of Americans was sheer madness. [9]

And it is in 2013 with Syria’s President Assad that we see the same tawdry attempts at PSYOPS with fake chemical attacks and media propaganda desperately trying to push through a new war in the Middle East. The Israeli lobby is beside themselves with frustration because at the time of writing this usually successfully tactic has failed as a direct result of public pressure in turn the exposure to alternative media exposing false flag operations for what they are. Yet, endangering the world with deception after deception is exactly what extreme elements in Israel’s government and MOSSAD operatives have continued to do from the disaster that was the Iraq invasion to the present day sabre-rattling and MOSSAD incursions into Iran – the next target on the map of a Greater Israel.

In order to follow through on their psychological operations the Israelis introduced the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” meme to the press and to further implant the idea of an imminent threat to all democracies from Saddam’s developing programs of nuclear chemical and biological weaponry. The propaganda train was set in motion, exaggerating and distorting Iraq’s true capability. The MOSSAD was about show its expertise in “false-flag” operations.

According to Ostrovsky, Gerald Bull was visited by Israeli friends from his past who were also MOSSAD officers, of which Bull was very probably aware. They had come to give him a warning having been thoroughly debriefed by MOSSAD’s psychological department and who had: “… studied the position Bull was in and analysed what was known about his character. It arrived at the conclusion that, even if threatened, he wouldn’t pull out of the program but would instead carry on his work with very little regard for his personal safety.” [10]

Ostrovsky believed that:

“Bull’s continuing with the program would play right into the MOSSAD’s hands. Through the bullet riddled body of Gerald Bull the world would be made to focus on his work: the Iraqi giant gun project. The timing had to be right though; Bull’s well publicised demise had to come right after an act of terror by the Baghdad regime, an act that could not be mistaken for an accident or a provocation. The hanging of the Observer reporter on March 15 was such an act.

After the reporter’s execution in Baghdad, a Kidon (MOSSAD assassination) team arrived in Brussels and cased the apartment building where Bull lived. It was imperative that the job be done in a place where it would not be mistaken for a robbery or an accident. At the same time, an escape route was prepared for the team and some old contacts in the Belgian police were revived to make sure they were on duty at the time of Bull’s elimination so that, if there was a need to call on a friendly police force, they’d be on call. They weren’t old of the reason for the alert, but would learn later and keep silent. [11]

Twelve years later in May 2003, a Belgian State Prosecutor considered reopening a probe into the murder having found new information that MOSSAD was indeed, involved. His consideration did not last long. In July 18, 1991, Belgian politician André Cools who had been investigating the murder of Bull a year earlier became the next high profile assassination. Two Tunisian men who carried out the murder were thought to have been employed by a Gladio group [12]which in turn led back to the CIA/MOSSAD. André Cools had not only met and interviewed Shaul Eisenberg as part of his investigations into the case, but the Iraqi banker Abdullah Zilka. Foolishly, he announced that he would shortly be providing evidence on Belgian, Canadian and American corruption in the arms industry, the latter of which extended to some very elevated names within the British arms industry and the Bush Administration including Dick Cheney, Neil Bush, Donald Rumsfeld and certainly the enigmatic Frank Carlucci. His interviews with the two men were never published. The Belgian judge presiding over the murder case issued arrest warrants for mafia bosses connected to Toto Riina, the head of the Italian mafia.

Jean-Marc Connerotte, the courageous Belgian judge found himself dismissed from the Cools murder case before he could issue indictments on leading politicians. His removal was to be repeated several years later in the Dutroux case, when another similar list of high-profile names would appear, only to disappear into the night from whence they came. Alain Van der Biest, and a one-time political ally of Andre Cools and a shareholder in Poudrieres Reunies de Belgique, along with several associates, was accused of the murder by – you guessed it – an anonymous informer. By March 2002, while waiting to hear if he would go on trial in connection with the murder, Van der Biest was found dead from a “drug overdose” and with a suicide letter to his wife.

In October 2003 only five of the nine accused stood trial the others choosing to remain in various countries in Europe rather than to acquiesce to the law. It is not hard to see why. Finally, by January 2004 two had been acquitted and six men sentenced to 20 years in prison. They included his former aide, Richard Taxquet, chauffeur Giuseppe di Mauro, and two men tried in their absence, Cosimo Solazzo, Domenico Castellino. A “former aide” and his “chauffeur” with Italian mafia connections: this was hardly a resounding victory – rather a damp squib excuse that “justice be done.”

André Cool’s murder had thrown the Walloon socialist party into chaos and the subsequent investigation revealed not only several minor league sexual scandals but the payment of more than £2 billion in bribes made by French aerospace manufacturer Dassault and Italian helicopter firm Agusta to secure equipment orders from the Belgian armed forces, via socialist politicians. This bought down the Belgian Secretary-General to NATO and certainly put the spotlight on Belgian weapons manufacturing and the vested interests involved. But has anything changed? As in the Dutroux case, those on the outer ring of corruption took the rap and those who had a little more pertinent information were taken care of. And thus the world of arms, sexploitation and paedophilia continues to spin.

As we have explored, the manufactured nature of Belgium (not dissimilar to Israel) shows that Brussels and all its military agencies enjoy a disproportionate amount of power within the European Union. The 1970s and 1980s was particularly favourable for the development of institutional corruption and the fostering of ponerogenic networks. After the decision to set up the European headquarters of NATO otherwise known as Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) the CIA, along with the fascist network Gladio became concerned by the geo-political “prostitution” of Belgium to all and sundry, including Soviet spies. Gladio has all but been merged into the Zionist mafia consortiums that sub-contract assassins and various brokers within their respective fields.

With the collapse of the USSR the underworld is flowing freely into the Balkans; into Belgian’s military-industrial Establishment and fanning out across Europe. It seems that Brussels is a nexus point in the transference and brokerage of a major number of shadowy deals which extend far beyond the daily abuse of market capitalism. Israel’s MOSSAD and its extensive networks of sayanim * are central to this trade.


Zionism protest not proteced by 1st amendment, lawsuit


Federal Lawsuit Asserts That Protest of Zionism and Jewish Power Is Not First Amendment Protected
Eric StrikerMay 4, 2020 | 700 words 2,626

A brand new legal attack has been mounted by the Jewish community against the First Amendment.

Gerber v. Herskovitz, filed last December in the Eastern District of Michigan, claims that protests by an anti-Zionist group called Witness For Peace outside Ann Arbor's Beth Israel Congregation amounts to "group libel" of Jews, among other violations.

Witness for Peace is a small protest group founded by Henry Herskovitz, who is Jewish himself, to call attention to Israeli atrocities supported by Beth Israel. The group has peacefully picketed the Synagogue since 2003.

The lawsuit seems frivolous on its face, but organizations like The Lawfare Project which specialize in pro-Israel litigation have signed up as co-counsel for the plaintiffs, making it a formidable assault. The Lawfare Project sues institutions and governments around the world to prevent them from boycotting Israel or protesting Zionist brutality.

Many Americans are under the false impression that the First Amendment is safe on top of piles of Supreme Court precedents. The truth is more complicated.

The 1952 case of Beauharnais v. Illinois used logic similar to one of Gerber v. Herskovitz's complaints.

In Beauharnais v. Illinois, Jewish justice Felix Frankfurter authored the 5-4 majority ruling upholding the criminal conviction of a man who distributed leaflets calling attention to black crime along with a non-violent appeal for whites to politically organize. According to Frankfurter, Joseph Beauharnais was guilty of "libeling" the black race by referring to it as being more likely to commit crime, and this was thus unconstitutional. The legal concept of "group libel" is what underpins many "hate speech" laws in Europe. This landmark case has yet to be overturned.

Gerber v. Herskovitz is different in that it is also suing the Mayor of Ann Arbor Christopher Taylor for allowing the anti-Israel protests to continue. Aside from Witness for Peace engaging in "group libel" against Jews, the complaint states that both protesters and Ann Arbor city officials are violating laws that ban discrimination in public areas, flouting federal civil rights law, infringing on Beth Israel's religious rights, and that Mayor Taylor is failing to enforce a local ordinance that limits the placement of signs on grass near sidewalks.

The ACLU stepped in last March to file an amicus brief on behalf of the defendants, but the language used in their filing is peppered with attacks on the defendant's message, calling their anti-Zionist slogans "offensive, upsetting, and distasteful for activists to stage political demonstrations outside a synagogue." With over-the-top editorializing like this, the Jewish lawyers at the ACLU may be doing the defendants more harm than good.

Arguments in Gerber v. Herskovitz have been paused due to the coronavirus until June.


Israel Military’s Growing Struggle With Religious Zionists
April 16, 2016 Royce Christyn Middle East, News 0

In July of 2014, at the height of preparation for the worst conflict between Israel and Palestine in recent history, Israeli troops gathered at the Gaza border.

Hamas had been firing rockets into Israel for days at this point and Israel warplanes were now beginning to bomb Palestine.

The St. Louis Post Gazette reports:

The orders for the Givati brigade, an elite infantry unit, came in a typed, single-page letter.

“History has chosen us to spearhead the fight against the terrorist Gazan enemy who curses, vilifies and abominates Israel’s God,” Colonel Ofer Winter, the unit’s commanding officer, wrote in the letter to his troops. He ended with a biblical quote promising divine protection for Israel’s warriors on the battlefield.

The letter quickly circulated on social media and from there to the press. Secular Israelis condemned it, saying it broke a decades-old convention that kept religion out of military missions.

Two years on, the letter remains a symbol of a profound shift within Israeli society: the rising power and reach of religious nationalists. The change has set up a battle for the type of country Israel should be, a battle between the country’s liberals and its more religious nationalist camp.

In its early years, Israel’s two main centers of power — the military and the government — were dominated by the secular and mostly left-wing elite who had founded the state in 1948. But over the past decade or so a new generation of leaders that combines religion and nationalism has emerged.

Religious-Zionism differs from secular Zionism in its historical perspective and messianic undertones. For Religious-Zionists, caring for places like Jewish settlements in the West Bank — the biblical bedrock of Judaism, but also claimed by Palestinians as their home — is a way of fulfilling a religious obligation and building the Jewish state.

The community, sometimes referred to as the ‘national religious,’ has increased its presence in both government and the civil service. This year, for the first time ever, the heads of the national police, the Mossad spy agency and the Shin Bet domestic security service are all Religious-Zionists.

Nowhere, though, has the shift been more pronounced than in the military. Most soldiers in the Israeli army are secular or observant Jews, though Druze and Bedouin Arab citizens serve as well. But over the past two decades, academic studies show, the number of Religious-Zionist officers in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has seen a huge increase. The military has also felt the growing influence of rabbis who have introduced matters of faith and politics to the battlefield.

Some politicians and military leaders have begun to push back.

In January, IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot announced he would remove a 15-year-old unit dedicated to “Jewish Awareness” from the military rabbinate — the department in charge of providing religious services within the ranks. The Jewish Awareness Branch has periodically drawn criticism from both inside and outside the military for pushing an ideological, right-wing and religious agenda. Some secular Israelis worry that too much religion in the military may lead to soldiers questioning who they should obey: their officer or God.

In a letter sent to IDF officers and published by the army, Eisenkot staked out the Israeli Defence Force’s position: A military divided over politics and religion can hardly fulfill its mission. “The IDF is the people’s army and includes a wide spectrum of Israeli society,” he wrote.

“A change is needed with the aim of keeping the IDF a stately army in a democratic country, nurturing that which unites its soldiers.”

Religious-Zionist politicians and rabbis vowed to block the change and have appealed to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose governing coalition depends partly on support from such voters. Netanyahu himself is secular, though many of his inner circle of advisers and government appointments are Religious-Zionists.

The army chief has signaled he does not intend to back down. On April 3, the army said it was moving the Jewish Awareness Branch to the military’s Personnel Wing, even if operational details were still being worked out.

Religious-Zionists make up just 10 percent of Israel’s population, a similar size to the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, though that group is far less integrated in Israeli society and traditionally shuns army service.

Rabbis have long served in Israel’s military, but historically they handled logistic issues, such as adherence to Jewish dietary laws. That began to change in the early 2000s. The military rabbinate demanded and won a new role connecting soldiers to their Jewish roots and infusing them with fighting spirit based on faith and centuries-old tradition.

The rabbinate established the Jewish Awareness Branch, which offers soldiers tours and lectures on Judaism and lessons that weave together religious teachings with military values like leadership, camaraderie and self-sacrifice.

The Israeli military does not hold figures classifying its soldiers as secular or observant. But a detailed study by the Defence Ministry journal Maarachot showed that by 2008, the percentage of national religious infantry officer cadets had increased ten-fold to 26 percent from 2.5 percent in 1990.

More recent research by specialists such as Reuven Gal, chairman of the Israeli Association of Civil-Military Studies, shows that trend continuing: Religious-Zionists now account for between a third and half of army cadets.

“This is over-representation,” Gal said.

“The IDF is the Israel Defence Force, not the Jewish Defence Force. It has religious and secular soldiers. If its values come from the rabbinate (The Jewish Awareness Branch), that’s warped. It’s wrong.”

Atop a hill in the occupied West Bank in late January, a group of young men kicked into gear. A few hit the ground for push-ups, others did pull-ups on a series of metal bars, while a dozen jogged along a path that wound down from their seminary past the red-roofed houses of the Jewish settlement, Eli.

Inside the seminary, the Bnei David academy, more young men sat in pairs studying the books by Jewish scholars that lined the classroom walls.

Israel’s first military prep school, the Bnei David was established in 1988 to encourage Religious-Zionist youth to take on meaningful roles in the conscript army at a time when the military had noticed a decline in recruits’ motivation.

The school boasts that nearly all its graduates volunteer for combat, half of them in elite units. About 40 percent of its alumni, Ofer Winter among them, become officers. The military did not respond to a Reuters request to interview Winter, who has been promoted since the Gaza war.

“We see military service as a great mitzvah (Jewish edict). It is a civil duty, but also a great mitzvah from the Torah,” said Netanel Elyashiv, a rabbi at the seminary.

One Bnei David graduate, an officer in an elite unit, said it was right for Israel’s national religious to do their bit for the country. “It’s not just patriotism, it is part of something far more spiritual, geared toward the future,” said the officer, who has just signed on for additional 10 years of service. “It is linked to deeper roots and a sense of being an emissary.”

Bnei David is now one of 46 military academies, half of which are religious.

Critics such as Professor Yagil Levy, who teaches civil-military relations at the Open University of Israel, see Religious-Zionism’s growing clout in the military as part of a wider push to keep strong Jewish settlements in the Palestinian Territories. Religious-Zionists are now the main backers of Israel’s settler movement.

Disappointment over the 2005 Gaza disengagement, when Israel pulled its troops and about 9,000 settlers out of the Gaza Strip, drove the Religious-Zionists to seek more powerful positions in politics, media and particularly in the security establishment, Levy said.

“The army is an important public arena in which they must fulfill a meaningful, active role … so that the shame of the 2005 disengagement does not recur.”

But Rabbi Eli Sadan, Bnei David’s founder, rejects such criticisms. In a paper published in January, he said Religious-Zionists had no desire to take over the military. He also said Levy and other critics were spreading hatred toward a community deeply devoted to the people of Israel.

Whatever the Jewish Awareness Branch’s intent, some lawmakers and military officers have grown increasingly worried about it.

In 2012, Israel’s State Comptroller, an official watchdog, criticized rabbinate pamphlets that circulated among troops during the 2008-2009 Gaza war. The comptroller was particularly scathing of one pamphlet, which said that “not one millimeter” of land should be relinquished and that battle sometimes required cruelty to the enemy.

The growing concern of liberal Israelis was captured in an exchange in February in parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee meeting, called by Religious-Zionist lawmakers on behalf of the Jewish Awareness Branch.

Lieutenant Aharon Karov, a Religious-Zionist commander wounded in the 2008-2009 war, came to the rabbis’ defense when he explained how he had been injured and its effect on his squad’s morale.

“(It) was a head wound, nose, eye, mouth, I didn’t look human and my platoon saw me at that moment,” Karov told the committee. “My company commander asked himself, ‘What do I do with this platoon? They don’t want to keep on fighting.'”

The commander called the rabbinate, Karov said, which immediately dispatched a rabbi to Gaza. “He gave them the fighting spirit, reminded them why we were there, why we must go on, and at that moment my soldiers understood from within and went on fighting,” Karov said.

“That’s very bad,” replied lawmaker Omer Bar-Lev, who is the son of a former army chief and is himself a retired colonel. “If without a rabbi your soldiers were unmotivated, that’s very bad.”

The influence of Religious-Zionism has grown in government as well as the military.

The national religious vote goes mainly to two parties: Netanyahu’s Likud and the Religious-Zionist Jewish Home, which revamped itself under new young leadership ahead of the 2013 election. Jewish Home more than doubled its parliament seats in that vote, to 12 in the 120-seat chamber.

In the 2015 election, Jewish Home lost four seats to Likud, falling to eight. But it won greater gains inside the coalition government, for the first time holding the senior Justice Ministry, two other ministries and two security cabinet seats.

Jewish Home has changed considerably under its 44-year-old leader, Naftali Bennett. In the past it mainly safeguarded narrow sectarian interests. Now it openly wants to shape the country and has had some success doing so.

The party objects to the creation of a Palestinian state and wants Israel to formally annex most of the occupied West Bank. It toughened a law that means potential land-for-peace deals with the Palestinians must be put to a vote, and wrote another that limits the release of Palestinians convicted of killing Israelis.

Most Religious-Zionists oppose handing land to the Palestinians. As well as religious motivations, they share Netanyahu’s concerns that such a move would be a security risk.

Since the 2015 election, competition over the national religious vote has seen Netanyahu shift further right, often following Bennett’s lead.

“We want a state more connected to its roots,” Bennett told Reuters. “I am a Zionist, Jewish and proud. This is my land for the past 3,800 years. That’s the set of values.”

Bennett said that after the Holocaust, Religious-Zionism was in “survival mode.” It began to gain more influence from the 1970s, he said. “Now we are in the third stage, in which we see Religious-Zionism in leadership positions in all realms in Israel.”

Yedidia Stern, Vice President of Research at the Israel Democracy Institute and himself a Religious-Zionist, remembers the traumatic years that followed the assassination in 1995 of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by a Religious-Zionist law student. Rabin had promised to hand back land to the Palestinians as part of the Oslo peace accords, upsetting many Religious-Zionists.

“The entire sector was labeled a danger to rule of law, irrational, insurgent. Religious-Zionism became borderline illegitimate,” he said. “Twenty years later, we’re in the opposite position: The entire rule of law is in the hands of Religious-Zionism. It’s astounding.”


OPERATION BABY BOOMER: The Khazarian Con of the 20th Century
(Updated 4/22/23)


Posted on April 20, 2023 by State of the Nation

Submitted by an Anonymous Author
SOTN Exclusive
(Excerpted from a soon-to-be-published eBook titled OPERATION BABY BOOMER)

A true story that’s really the story of every Baby Boomer
I knew I was born into a real power family when it became apparent that both of my parents were well aware of the plots to assassinate JFK, MLK and RFK before those US government-directed murders ever took place.  They also had foreknowledge of the state-sponsored assassinations of Marilyn Monroe and Malcolm X.

However, my parents never knew that I knew these things about them.  Until my father recently passed, I kept this information and a lot of other radioactive info that I ‘acquired’ about them completely to myself.  After all, given all the CRAZY things that happened in my family as I was growing up, keeping certain secrets became a matter of life and death.

After a lifelong investigation of my father, I came to find out that he was an undercover FBI agent, that he belonged to the Office of Naval Intelligence during World War II, and that he was both a Knight of Columbus and Knight of Malta.  Most significantly, my father was a high-ranking Freemason, operating at a level well above the 33rd degree.

I also quite serendipitously found out that dad belonged to 4 or 5 other secret societies that are so secret their names appear no where on the Internet.  I never knew anyone who kept secrets quite like my father did, and it was also this lifelong proclivity that drew my suspicions from my earliest ages.

Dad’s extremely well-hidden “professional” relationship that he had with his brother, my godfather, is what really gave away the whole plot where it concerned their highly manipulative plan for me.  Fabricating and faking rocky relationships is, after all, a tactic often used by the intelligence agencies to accomplish the most delicate of missions, especially the types covertly carried out by my recently deceased uncle, who was known to me as “The Druggist”.  (Which is why this Intro is being posted only now right after his death.) 

But perhaps it was dad’s biggest secret of all that ultimately exposed this “Greatest Psyop of the 20th Century” to me and me alone.  How can anyone, who has painstakingly cultivated the reputation for being more Catholic than the pope — LITERALLY — ever keep his fidelity to Freemasonry, his Talmudic roots and his patently Pharisaical MO concealed?  In fact, everything points to ole dad being a crypto-Jewish operative in Catholic garb who was on the same fanatical mission every day of his lifetime.

As for my extremely street-smart mother, she was recruited to the C.I.A. in the late 1940s not long after it was established.  Given her immediate family history and unique Roman ancestry, she was undoubtedly the perfect CIA agent to carry out her several ultra-secret assignments in the power city where she lived most of her life. 

After doing more precarious research on my mother, I came to find out why she was so intimately involved in the workings of the Sicilian Mafia in our hometown.  I also came to understand her deep connections (read: ancestral links) to the Northern Italian Black Nobility.  This is really why so many complex conspiratorial plots thickened as they always did when I was watching them unfold during my extremely tumultuous and drama-filled childhood.

Now here’s where the reader must understand a crucial aspect of my childhood as a Baby Boomer growing up in the late 1950s and 60s.  My mother often talked, freely and factually, about the Cosa Nostra and the Vatican (read: Roman Catholic Church) being two of the most powerful institutions in the world.  But, she was also cognizant of the reality that they were both completely owned and operated by a much wealthier and more powerful earthly entity.  Truly, there was not a kid in the USA who learned what I did from what my mother deliberately imparted and what my father conspicuously kept hidden. 

One last point about my mother: throughout the several life-threatening predicaments and many perilous endeavors in which I found myself, she worked triple time to protect me.  I’m only alive today to write this essay because of her abiding protection.  And, of course, by the grace of GOD.

One last significant point about both of my parents: no one, but no one, knew how to work “the System” like my mother and father did.   But not because they belonged to it as virtually all of their peers within ‘The Greatest Generation’ did; rather, because they were THE SYSTEM.

The Greatest PSYOP of the Last 100+ Years … …
Which Determined the Fate of the World Today
With that personal background information presented, what is about to be disclosed has never been revealed in human history.  Arguably, the quite extraordinary narrative that follows is the biggest tell of the last century.  And, it’s even bigger today and going forward because the entire Baby Boom Generation (as well as Beat Generation) still walks around shellshocked, mostly unaware of the extremely intense, multi-decade psychological operation of which they were the target.

“Shellshocked” from the non-stop psychological warfare that was quite stealthily waged under the radar during those epic “Generation Gap” years particularly from early 1960s through the mid 1980s.  “Shellshocked” from “a withering war on consciousness” that began immediately after World War II ended when our shellshocked fathers returned home to their frazzled wives and future anti-establishment Baby Boomer children.

Historical Context & Relevant Timeline
If this deliberately obscured and obfuscated narrative is to be properly understood, then the true historical context and most relevant timeline must be clearly delineated.

The following historic events, their dates and their obvious impacts are briefly outlined below to give the reader necessary perspective, as well as a new lens through which to view this novel psychohistorical analysis.

OPERATION BABY BOOMER was actually launched well before the generally accepted year of 1946 when the Baby Boomers were first born after World War II ended.

In light of the new understanding imparted by this exposé, it could be stated that 1913 was the year when this covert operation actually started in earnest.  For it was on December 23, 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was unconstitutionally passed by the 63rd United States Congress and signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson.  Truly, this is a day that will live in infamy for many reasons that will be explained.

Immediately following the establishment of the Federal Reserve System throughout the United States of America, a rapid series of carefully engineered and meticulously timed cataclysmic events took place around the globe.  Each of these global catastrophes only took place because the covertly operating Khazarian Cabal took full control of both the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve Bank.  In so doing, they made available to themselves unlimited funding to carry out the highly organized genocides listed below.

For example, World War I was triggered within months of the “Act” in mid-1914, and for reasons that historians still don’t fully understand and/or cannot agree on.  The Khazarian Cabal made sure of its obfuscation for several reasons, all of which are quite important to the successful implementation of their world takeover schemes.

The Armenian genocide was carried out with precision throughout the Ottoman Empire especially from 1915 through 1917.  It was yet another case of the Khazarians killing Christians with explicit intentional designs.

The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, immediately followed by the Russian Civil War, were both manufactured by the very same Khazarian warmongers in order to transform Christian Russia into the communist (and godless) Soviet Union, as well as to commit genocide against Christians across the largest nation on Earth.

The 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic was then rolled out in short order by the bioterrorist arm of the Khazarian Cabal, again with great purpose (i.e. genocide) and calculation (genome manipulation).  The U.S. military-administered vaccination programs, which were directly responsible for that hitherto most deadly pandemic of the modern age, represented a long planned biowar using genome-targeting biological weapons against the American people.  While those lethal bioweapons were also aimed at the genomes of other national populations around the world, it was the DNA of the future Baby Boomers which was really being targeted via their parents’ genetic blueprints.

Fast forward to the Stock Market Crash of 1929 and the subsequent Great Depression, both of which were purposefully engineered by the Khazarian Cabal to soften up The Greatest Generation who would become the parents of the Baby Boomers.

Whereas the preceding wars, genocides and pandemics served to generate an unparalleled degree of chaos, confusion and conflict worldwide, the Great Depression was a highly premeditated financial breakdown and economic collapse that would only add immensely to that resulting personal insecurity of and national instability for The Greatest Generation.

However, what that global economic collapse really did was to significantly and indelibly impact the overall mindset of The Greatest Generation.  In point of fact, the Great Depression shaped their philosophy of life, their value systems, their ideals and principles, and especially the practical running of their lives and future families.

Next came the extremely well planned and apocalyptic World War II.  That civilization-altering event is where the Khazarian Cabal was more calculating than ever to produce a set of specific outcomes.  For it was the shellshocked American soldiers, who would come back home to their young wives and fiancées, and who were then tasked with the rebuilding American society according to the Khazarian’s master plan.

The execution of that master plan would be hugely amped up post WW2 with the establishment of the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947 as well as the many other nascent institutions which would comprise the emerging National Security State.  With the opening of the C.I.A., the Khazarians possessed the most advanced and sophisticated spying and surveillance apparatus the world had ever known.  But few knew that it was the upcoming Baby Boomer Generation which was the true subject of that intelligence-gathering apparatus.

Growing up in an Italian Black Nobility family was like living in a modern-day Spanish Inquisition.  Then, when I became of age, I graduated to a full-blown internecine war within the Medici Banking Family (the House of Medici put at least 4 popes on the papal throne).  Through it all, I was blessed with the precocious awareness that there was a tremendous power or pressure or force operating in the background which made my parents absolutely crazy, each in their own way.  

My earliest observations about how the world was really run came down, to a great extent, to my immature impressions of the CIA as a child.   However, seeing how my parents, although exerting firm control over virtually everything all the time, seemed to know monumental things before they even happened, I knew intuitively that there was an all-seeing eye watching all of US 24/7…including them.  And, that that all-seeing eye put even them under intensive monitoring and extreme scrutiny.  

The key point here is that the United States of America effectively became a full-scale police state not too long after many of Germany’s Nazi regime leaders, generals, scientists and doctors were brought here via Operation Overcast (1945) followed by Operation Paperclip (1946).   In fact, the CIA’s main mission was to lock down America much as Nazi Germany was locked down by Hitler’s Gestapo and SS.  Only the mandate they were given for post-WW2 USA was to lock down the whole place without a single soul knowing about it.  And so they did.

This specific “National Security State” development, which transpired right along with the birth of the earliest Baby Boomers, is by far the single most important where it concerns OPERATION BABY BOOMER.  For the Khazarian Cabal was quickly successful at creating a pervasive and deeply embedded network of police state structures nationwide that were watching everyone, everywhere, in all 50 states, all the time … and no one knew it except very deep insiders at the very top like my parents.

My first vacation as a young adult, which I took alone, was a dead giveaway.  First, I got on the plane en route to a Club Med in the Bahamas and the passenger sitting next to me was an FBI agent wearing his gun.  Then, when I got to the Club Med and was assigned my bungalow, I found out my bungalow mate was the same FBI agent who kept his firearm quite prominently displayed on a table in the center of the room.  All courtesy of my undercover FBI father—the super control freak and perpetual investigator!

By the way, what’s really being underscored by this personal experience is that all of Baby Boomers were watched like a hawk throughout our entire lifetimes.  As a matter of fact, the first time I watched The Truman Show I realized instantly that that was my life, too.  It took me a little longer to see that it was all of our lives, as it is today from cradle to grave.

It’s important to note that we’re talking about a police state regime with the power to exert such a high degree of spying and surveillance, monitoring and examining which has NEVER existed in human history.  Let that sink in.  Then consider just how easily that extraordinary power can be wantonly used, abused and misused, YES?!  Never before those Generation Gap years has there been a more egregious example of how “absolute power corrupts absolutely” in such a broad societal fashion.

But how were our TGG parents so easily cowed into routinely abusing their children in service to the state?  More significantly, why was The Greatest Generation enlisted to take down the Baby Boomers and keep them down?  And, above all, exactly who did the enlisting?  These are the critical questions that no one has asked over the intervening decades … … … because of how stealthy and shrewd the Khazarians have been in the meticulous execution of their main implementation plan of the 20th century—OPERATION BABY BOOMER.

Although it’s entirely true, it doesn’t get more controversial than the following self-evident  statement:

“The primary reason why The Greatest Generation
was the greatest generation is because they were
the parents of the Baby Boomers.”

— Revisionist Historians for World Peace
How’s that for a friggin’ mindblower?!

Now what that really means, according to this essayist, is that the Baby Boomers were — BY FAR — the greatest generation of the past several millennia.  Which means that the Baby Boomers were much greater — but in the ways that really matter — than The Greatest Generation.

Here’s just one example that illustrates their greatness.

The Baby Boomers, together with their Beatnik older brothers and sisters, shut down the Vietnam War.  That never happened before—EVER!

Again, working closely together, the even greater Beat Generation inspired the Baby Boomers to terminate the first corporate war in world history.

Mind you, a popular movement, which in this case manifested as both the hippie-driven “Peace Movement” and Beatnik-inspired “Anti-War Protests”, had never stopped a war before—any war.

As a matter of historical fact, popular movements of this type had never even formed before.  Down through the centuries of so much war, especially throughout Western Civilization, such a war protesting phenomenon has never occurred.

Perhaps the single greatest feat of the Twentieth Century is this: That the Baby Boomers, in close collaboration with the Beatniks, threw the largest wrench ever into the Khazarian Cabal‘s war-making juggernaut during the 1960s and 70s bringing it to a screeching halt on April 30, 1975.

“The fall of Saigon, also known as the Liberation of Saigon or Liberation of the South by the Vietnamese government took place on April 30, 1975.”

Now the reader understands why the notorious Generation Gap quickly morphed into a generation chasm or canyon during those same years.

FLASHBACK: The folks who populated The Greatest Generation (TGG) were born under a completely different sky than the Baby Boomers and Beat Generation.  As such, their astrological blueprints were quite different and often diametrically opposed to each other.  The individual and collective destinies of TGG were greatly influenced by the Great Depression and World War II.  Because of FDR’s life-saving New Deal and the various post-WW2 entitlement programs, TGG people came to revere the government that saved them.  Not only that, but they developed an inordinate respect for and deep gratitude to THE SYSTEM. which often bordered on a type of slavish reverence  This unprecedented societal dynamic and subsequent codependent relationship was painstakingly pre-planned and ushered along by the ever-manipulative Khazarian Cabal.  In this way, TGG parents could be used to keep their ‘ungrateful’ Baby Boomer children under their thumb, which they tried to do with a vengeance.

The bottom line of this pivotal intergenerational dynamic is that TGG, although completely unaware of it, was tasked by their hidden Khazarian overlords to prevent the Baby Boomers from ever leaving the reservation.

Exactly what reservation?

These reservations:
The reservation of political correctness.

The reservation of social propriety.

The reservation of corporate compliance.

The reservation of college education pursuit.

The reservation of mainstream media.

The reservation of Hollywood movies and TV programming.

The reservation of blind familial loyalty and ancestral fealty.

And, especially, the reservation known as the consumer society.

But most importantly, the reservation of churchianity.

By all means, TGG parents were tasked with the ‘solemn’ Khazarian-dictated responsibility of keeping their Boomer children within the fold of the faithful, never to leave the very mind-controlling religious reservations into which they were born.  Conversely, they would discourage their Baby Boomer children from acting on their much more profound spiritual impulses which put them on their own unique paths back to the Godhead.

Toward that end, TGG parents were enlisted to carry out the greatest mind control programming experiments and social engineering operations in world history.  For only in this manner could the Baby Boomers be prevented from leaving those respective reservations to create a whole new world of peace and prosperity.  After all, theirs was the vision of a New Age … the promise of a Golden Age … a transition into the long heralded Age of Aquarius marked by a universal brotherhood and good will among men— everywhere.

My first year in college was terribly marred by a very bad drug experience.  By nature, I was neither a drug nor an alcohol person because my tolerance was so low and my hypersensitivity to any and all drugs was so high.  Therefore, it took only a couple of tokes from a joint to push me over the edge.  However, what proceeded to happen on that Friday night in the mid 1970s went way beyond a bad high.  For it was the first time in my life when I really thought I was going to die.

Being a health nut my whole life, I quickly analyzed the entire affair and came to a firm conclusion that the weed was spiked with something bad—REAL BAD!  My symptoms were simply way too intense and sustained for too long a period of time after a couple of tokes to have been caused by just marijuana.  Nonetheless, I knew that I has been quite deliberately drugged and or poisoned.  The good news is that I never touched the stuff again while in college or grad school (except once to prove to myself that I had been poisoned).

Not too long after that life-altering incident, I found myself drugged over a period of several months during my undergraduate college years to the point of both physical and psychological breakdown.  I eventually came to correct conclusion that I was being systematically drugged from a source in my dorm room (I had a single room).  Unfortunately, because I was in such a wrecked state of mind and body, it took me a while to leave that dorm room and head over to the main campus where I was assigned an outwardly gay roommate ( the only known gay on campus).  More on that little operation later.

What’s the crucial point?

Someone was trying to break me—BIG TIME!  Who and why I did not know.  However, I had an abiding faith that the perpetrators would eventually reveal themselves, which they did unintentionally.  And, that their sinister agenda would likewise be exposed.  What I was not prepared for was just how pervasive and profound their malevolent scheme really was.

These extraordinarily radical experiences caused me to deeply contemplate several airplane trips that I took alone with my father when I was younger… and older.  Each time I was drugged in flight and had similar debilitating symptoms with predictable psychological aftereffects.  Then, other things took place regarding the my father’s reactions to those incidents that were quite strange which only confirmed that he was totally in on the drugging operation (remember my godfather was “The Druggist”).

The upshot of this all-too-frequent drugging regimen that I was made, at first, an unknowing victim of is that I now knew that I was an ongoing experiment.  Admittedly, I had no idea whatsoever just how important that experiment was at the time, but I would find that out in due time.

The short story here is that I eventually realized that “my story was every Baby Boomer’s story”.  For example, colleges and universities across the USA were routinely used by the C.I.A. to recruit their future agents, foreign operatives and corporate contractors.  However, most of them were first put through some pretty difficult and harrowing and gruesome tests.

University is the very first time that young adults are living away from the protection and watchful eye of their parents.  This alone made them vulnerable to all sorts of recruiting and/or testing operations to see if they would fit into the purposefully ponerized culture of The Company (as the C.I.A. is know in global intelligence circles).  Hence, the various types of trials and tribulations that many of us Baby Boomers were put through ranged from A to Z.  It all depended on what the role the young unaware recruit was being considered for.

College fraternities and sororities were especially utilized by the C.I.A. to identify unsavory characters and bad actors who were without conscience and lacking in scruples.  The hazing process alone surfaced who might become very proficient at administering torture techniques, as well as which pledges would stand up well to different types of torture and/or abuse of all kinds.

The entirety of OPERATION BABY BOOMER revolved around the plan well known throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community as SEX, DRUGS & ROCK ‘N’ ROLL.

In point of fact, the British Invasion bands were quite purposefully sent to the United States during the mid-1960s to set up the biggest stage of OPERATION BABY BOOMER.  With the arrival of the The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Donovan, the Dave Clark Five, the Kinks, the Yardbirds, the Searchers, the Animals and many others commenced the most important phase of a psychological operation designed to forever influence America’s youth.  Conceived and rolled out by the Tavistock Institute located in the Khazarian’s financial capital of London, this multi-decade psyop is as complex and convoluted and crazy as they come.

This highly consequential psyop had an MO and sequencing that must be properly understood in order to grasp the sheer enormity and gravity of its far-reaching effects on Western Civilization and the world up to this very day.

First came the rock ‘n’ roll.  Next came the drugs. Then came the sex.
In that order — rock ‘n’ roll, drugs and sex — the bodies and minds of the youth of America were methodically taken over by an insidiously manifesting System—The BEAST System.

Now this part of the story is really a very long and complicated one that will be told in greater detail in later chapters; but for now we will only touch on the critical points.

First, notice the order of the Tavistock meme: SEX, DRUGS & ROCK ‘N’ ROLL … when in reality this operation was rolled out in the opposite order.

Let’s face the obvious facts, wherever there was rock ‘n’ roll, there were drugs and alcohol — LOTs of drugs — of every sort and kind.

And, whenever the alcohol flowed and drugs were freely passed around, the sex got hot and heavy fast—VERY FAST — especially when testosterone turbo-charged teenagers were partying their heads off to The Rolling Stones or Led Zeppelin.

Very few folks really understand just how meticulously determined the specific vibrations and frequencies associated with rock ‘n’ roll music truly are.  Not only were they formulated to stimulate the most primal urges in a human being, they were also designed to produce a whole host of other negative effects and destructive reactions.

But remember, all songs that fit into the rock ‘n’ roll genre are as different as snowflakes falling from the sky.  Which means that there was a lot of truly great and inspiring music … just as there was tons of trash music.  This broad mix of good and bad rock ‘n’ roll was, of course, created with highly purposeful design.  Kind of like how the dark side always gives 90% obvious truth mixed with 10% purposeful falsehood.

If there’s one essential understanding for the reader to fully apprehend at this point, it is this. That, all real BIG things on Earth, which are the product of nefarious manipulation, are ultimately a double-edged sword.

In other words, it was only because of the most inspiring rock ‘n’ roll music performed with great enthusiasm and an authentic spirit that the Vietnam War was abruptly terminated.  Without that awesomely motivating music, Vietnam would have been America’s first forever war as it was conceived to be.  Those Beatnik and older Baby Boomer songwriters provided all the lyrics and melodies necessary to impel college kids in all 50 states to storm their administration buildings in protest of that horrendous war.  And what happened soon after that is now history.

As a matter of historical fact, every successful army has their own military band which provided just the right drumbeat and/or trumpet to take them to their victories.  Which shows just how powerful music can be but in the anti-war movement it was wildly efficacious in terminating an utterly odious war.

Similarly, the drug culture was directly responsible for many hippies and yippies, beatniks and bohemians, free spirits and flower children having a truly cosmic experience.  We’re talking about one of the most sublime types of spiritual experience whereby folks viscerally felt their ONENESS with the Universe, with Creation, with Mother Nature, with God/Goddess, with each other, with the trees and animals, with streams and rocks, etc.  In many cases, those newly initiated into the realm of cosmic consciousness soon abandoned the drug culture in favor of pursuing their respective spiritual paths defined by mysticism and meditation.  In this particular regard was the double-edged sword especially sharp for the better concerning those spiritually inclined drug users.

As for the sex, the positive side of the double-edged sword can best be explained by considering the great spiritual epic by Herman Hesse titled SIDDHARTHA.  This particular book was required reading back in the day for very good [DIVINE] reason.  Which Baby Boomer does not remember the stage of Siddhartha’s life when he found himself irresistibly consorting with “the Courtesan”.  For it was the courtesan who taught Siddhartha the language of love, the art of forbidden love, the science of physical love, the mysteries of human love that only she could teach.  In this way, Siddhartha was quickly and forever freed from the clutches of lust.  He was liberated from the most powerful of all primal urges ever to ever imprison man in the human body—sexual passion.

Of course, these 3 HUGE happenings were not the intended outcomes of the Khazarian Cabal; nor were they ever expected by the C.I.A.  But then the best way to make God laugh is to make a plan.  And if you really want to make Him howl, make a ‘perfect plan’, as the crazy Khazarians often do.

My father always said that I was the “child of promise”.  And, that I lived a truly “charmed life”.  Of course, he could make those statements with with such conviction and unassailable authority because of the degree to which he ensured that would be the case in his various covert capacities.

However, strangely enough, I knew that I was cursed.  Cursed with the charisma of a JFK, the voice of an MLK, and the ideals of an RFK.  Also, that I could be as “tricky” as “Tricky Dicky” Nixon, slick as “Slick Willie” Bill Clinton, and as wily as “Manchurian Candidate” Barack Obama (all of those dubious qualities put in the service of humanity only when the end would justify the means).  In fact, I share Obama’s birthday, to my great chagrin.  But, then, that was the plan … … … for me. 

My hidden masters and ever-present handlers wanted me to become an easily manipulated and perfectly staged-managed “Barack Obama” type.  No, they did not want me to become a POTUS; rather, they wanted me to becomes something much more widely influential than a mere president of the United States.  Wow, now thats sounds like a real whopper!  No, it’s not.

Moreover, watching me very closely throughout my childhood collecting coins and stamps, especially those with the heads of the Founding Fathers on them, they also knew that I was a hopelessly hardcore Patriot.  Hence, they were well aware that I was deeply imprinted with the perseverance of General Washington, the “fire in the belly” of John Adams, the eloquence of Thomas Jefferson, and the inventiveness of Benjamin Franklin.  But what they were most afraid of was that I was born with the the penmanship of Thomas Paine and the oratorical skills of Patrick Henry.

In light of these crucial observations made by my parents,
they knew, in their bones, that I if did not ultimately go
their way, I would be made to take the highway.
*Obviously all of these comparisons to American heroes are greatly exaggerated but my parents put me through a highly intensive training and educational program so that I would acquire some of these traits and virtues and qualities in good measure.
You see, the U.S. Intelligence Community made it their primary mission to, from the very inception of the Central Intelligence Agency, to acquire all of the most essential data and vital information on EVERY PERSON ON THE PLANET.  For there’s nothing more important to The Power That Be to know than to really know their enemy(ies)—WELL!  And the Baby Boomers, along with their Beat Generation mentors, were by far their greatest and most dangerous enemies of all time.

How so?

First, it’s crucial to correctly understand that the raw intelligence which is systematically accumulated on every individual born in the United States of America falls into various prioritized categories.  The highest priority category is the one that concerns what really makes us who we are; and what we are destined to do.

This special list of identifying characteristics includes, first and foremost, our blood type.  Next is the exact date and time, as well as the day of the week of our birthday.  Then there is our full birth name, precisely as it appears on our birth certificate.  Of course, our bloodline is immediately mapped out as is our ancestry going back at least seven generations.

Why, pray tell, is this specific info/data so important to the controllers of the national intelligence apparatus?

Because, all of that data/info tells TPTB just how much of a threat we could pose, both individually and collectively, to the BEAST System which they have painstakingly constructed over millennia—THAT’S WHY!
Now this is a critical point to properly comprehend.  The most powerful of the power elite themselves don’t move right or left until they know who they are really dealing with.  Although the conventional wisdom has perennially denigrated the occult arts and sciences, TPTB have never stopped using them, and with awesome effect as the reader will soon find out.  The main distinction here, however, is that the dark side methodically utilizes the black arts and dark occult to implement all of their nefarious agendas and accomplish their malevolent objectives.

For example, they are fully aware of the raw power and extraordinary influence that is conferred upon a particular person whose astrological birth chart stacks up in a certain way.  When that privileged knowledge is combined with the person’s numerology and their “nameology”, the intel agencies have a pretty good idea just how much of a rebel or iconoclast they are bound to be when they grow up.

KEY POINT: The intel agencies that compile and process this vital data have the capacity to conduct comprehensive astrological charting and assessments using several types of astrology systems.  For example, with the requisite information they can instantaneously run any profile through the following systems of astrology, whereby each provides a difference but very significant perspective on the individual’s persona: Traditional Western, Vedic (Hindu), Chinese, Tibetan, Babylonian, Egyptian, Mayan, Lunation Cycle and Human Design.  When all of these are used together, a highly accurate composite of that person’s life path can be created with all of their strengths and weaknesses identified.  Even their exact death date can be extrapolated from such a high-integrity astrological work-up.

In this manner, the ongoing personal data collection occurring around the globe — 24/7 — gives the Khazarian controllers a real-time assessment of every appreciable threat and immediate risk they face at any given moment in time from an emerging “Gandhi” or “John F. Kennedy” or “Spartacus”.

It’s of paramount importance for every member of the American Patriot Movement to apprehend this extremely profound and fundamental aspect of the conspiratorial plot to conspicuously take over the Republic.  Where it concerns the occult, Christians are especially encouraged not to dismiss these weighty revelations.  In fact, it has never been so imperative for folks across the USA to grasp how they are, as they have been and will be, assessed and evaluated, tracked and monitored from cradle to grave.  It is this indispensable information which gives the power elite so much command and control over us, our lives and our futures.

From very young age I had an extraordinary interest in history.  Not just American history, but all history.  My mother would tell you that if there was one thing I always wanted to be when I grew up, it was to be an archaeologist.

Because my uncle-godfather was a War War II buff (and veteran), I naturally developed a particular interest in Nazi Germany and the ‘Final Solution’.  Although I never told him straight out, I intuitively knew that so much of what Uncle J routinely regurgitated about WW2 was utter nonsense.  Every time I asked a question as only I could do, his response only got more ridiculous according to all the implausible official narratives that he put so much stock into.  Of course, at the end of each Sunday afternoon chat, he was always very clear that I gave him “agita”.

Now, rather precociously at such a young age, and especially because I grew up in such a crazy and inscrutable household, I came to the firm conclusion that if I could understand what World War II and the Holocaust were really all about, I would comprehend why my parents were so insanely intense, each in their own unique way.  Hence, my fervent intellectual pursuit in the field of historical revisionism began in earnest, and specifically where it concerned WW2.

In fact, after receiving an Army ROTC scholarship at my university and subsequent appointment as a commissioned officer, I deliberately chose West Germany as my first tour of duty so that I could continue my research and investigation of what really happened in “Deutschland” from World War I through the end of the Second World War.  Which meant I spent a lot of my time in the gasthauses talking to the locals and hearing their side of the WW2 story.  I also sought out the older Germans who possessed insider information on the subject.  At one point I was handed a large, thick binder with a full size photograph of the TOP 100 leaders of the Third Reich with their dossiers on the back side.  Those photos, I was told, were actually taken by Adolph Hitler’s personal photographer, and I had no reason to disbelieve it.

Incidentally, my trials and tribulations during that wild saga as a First Lieutenant in Germany include events and experiences that no junior U.S. Army officer has ever undergone in Europe (these will be discussed in a later chapter of this book).  After all, no U.S military officer was ever ‘crazy’ enough to aggressively pursue the radioactive research projects that I was committed to.  Fortunately, where it concerns the acquisition of highly privileged knowledge of this nature, the age-old maxim is true: no risk, no reward.  Although I must admit that I did not really grasp just how risky such a fact-finding endeavor would be in the early 1980s.

The critical point here is that I would later become aware that my premise was entirely correct: Whoever truly understands World War II will correctly apprehend how the world is run from behind the Khazarian curtain.  In other words, the ultra-secret Khazarian Cabal that secretly controls the entire planetary civilization could be known as would the true purposes behind their many malevolent plots and criminal conspiracies carried out against humanity.

The bottom line here was the necessity to perceive the common Khazarian thread that not only ran through Germany, but also through Great Britain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, etc. and especially the United States, among all the other most powerful and richest nations on earth.  However, the real imperative in this truth-digging enterprise was to properly understand how each nation was hardwired by the very same intelligence apparatus, although they appeared to be different.

In point of fact, all of them are directed by a supranational spying and surveillance directorate which is only beholden to the implementation of the New World Order agenda marked by total globalism of the geopolitical chessboard and complete globalization of the international marketplace.  It is the true workings of the deeply entrenched network of spies and spooks as well as the pervasive spying and surveillance technologies which constitute the well-hidden National Security States of all the Western powers that this essay will focus on, particularly as they were aimed at their public enemy #1—the Baby Boomers.

The following video clip captures better than any other the working blueprint designed by the NWO globalist cabal centuries ago.

LOTs of crazy things happen when you are born into a family afflicted by the presence of the Northern Italian Black Nobility. While growing up in such a “Spanish Inquisition” is an experience I would not wish on anyone — EVER — it ultimately turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. (Sounds crazy, yes?!?!). Similarly, eventually graduating into a modern-day “Medici Family” was even more educational, edifying and enlightening.  Let’s face it: no one can teach you how the world really works like those who completely own and operate it.

The most obvious aspect of this kind of unconventional upbringing is that you are predictably owned like chattel.  You are also stealthily moved here and there like cows in a herd, but never knowing that you are being so manipulated.  Every intrigue, every machination, every plot, every conspiracy big and small, is undertaken with the utmost secrecy and cunning.

Of course, the plotters can only be too careful so there are times when a piece of the covert plan is exposed.  If the victim is very sharp and intuitive, as I was thankfully, he just follows along with the plot line to see where the conspirators are taking him.  In this way, he practices self-preservation and also learns how their ever-deceitful game is really played.

On the strictly mundane level, there is simply no better education in this world today than being reared in such a difficult and challenging environment.  Because after you’re seen it all, heard it all, felt it all, there are no more surprises or shocks in the human experience.  Especially where humanity now finds itself in the darkest and densest period of the twilight of the Kali Yuga, possessing this extremely valuable experiential knowledge permits one to walk through this world with relative ease and without anxiety.

For the doubters, just consider how the Covid era has irreversibly altered life on Earth, and, set the stage for much more devastating manmade events to occur this decade.  The purpose of the COVID-19 Plandemic was to prepare the way for a highly calculated series of much more disruptive cataclysms, each contributing to the transmogrification of this Earth plane of existence.

Perhaps only by having those deeply agonizing experiences which I was gifted with growing up, have I come to realize that they really were gifts from God.  And, that the greater those trials and tribulations were, the more those divine gifts generously gave to me in heart and mind, body and soul.

If there is one gem of a teaching moment in this particular self-revelation, it is this.  That the more one suffers during their lifetime, the more they are pushed to get to know themselves … really know themselves … so that, eventually, to their own selves they will be true.

Undoubtedly, this was the most valuable of all the great gifts that I received growing up in a home ruled by the absolutely ruthless and ever-treacherous Northern Italian Black Nobility.  For only by seeing the profoundly Machiavellian ways of those who call themselves ‘family’ will those indelibly imprinted life lessons serve one extremely well … … … for all of eternity.

Perhaps the best place to start in deconstructing the now ubiquitous National Security State is to understand its beginnings.  What we have today really goes back to the 13th century and the Northern Italian Black Nobility.  Clearly this is when and where both the global superstructure and national infrastructures were put into place around the globe to the point where the world community of nations now suffers under the tyranny of a Global Security Superstate.

Just who were the Northern Italian Black Nobility?

The best way to answer that crucial question is to first know a little history about their precursor—the Khazarian Cabal.  As folows:

The Khazarian Mafia is the king of all mafias worldwide. For example the Jewish Mafia, Zionist Mafia, Israeli Mafia, Venetian Mafia, Sicilian Mafia, Ndrangheta Mafia, Camorra Mafia, Russian Mafia, Indian Mafia, Chinese Triads, Irish Mafia, Greek Mafia, Corsican Mafia, Albanian Mafia, Columbian Mafia, Mexican Mafia, Cuban Mafia, Puerto Rican Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, Armenian Mafia, Galician Mafia, Apulian Mafia, Dixie Mafia, Vatican Lavender Mafia, etc. all report to the Khazarian Mafia. The Khazarian Mafia is the muscle for the Khazarian Cabal that is responsible for every single major war and wave of terrorism, pandemic and epidemic, genocide and depopulation scheme over the past 100 plus years as listed here: An Abridged List of Fastidiously Planned Genocides Carried Out by the Khazarian Cabal.

All of the mafia crime families described below are relatively low-level on the totem pole of real power and influence because we know their names. In other words, they’re merely mafia muscle for the extremely well concealed power-brokers who populate the ultra-secret upper echelons of the Khazarian Mafia. This ubiquitous international crime syndicate then answers to the even more clandestine and powerful Khazarian Cabal.

What becomes quite apparent from even a cursory scan of the list below is that many of the wealthiest mafia crime families come from the European Black Nobility, and especially from the Northern Italian Black Nobility. That’s because the Roman Empire model was utilized by the Khazarian Cabal to carve up the whole world into crime territories by which to rape, pillage and plunder the entire planetary civilization.

The Northern Italian Black Nobility built their fortunes via four of the greatest conquests of all time. They inherited the accumulated wealth of the most rapacious empire in history—the Roman Empire; that is, before there was a British Empire. They grabbed the spoils of the nine major crusades to the Middle East. They were the direct beneficiaries of the unparalleled transfer of wealth from East to West that occurred in the wake of Venetian Marco Polo’s travels to the Mongol Empire of Kublai Khan (whereupon the Silk Road trade route was re-established).

Lastly, the major cities of Northern Italy such as Venice, Genoa, Milan, Turin, Florence, Bologna, Verona, etc. were the home of the world’s first corporations. All of those corporations were established under the aegis of the Roman Catholic Church. The Northern Italian banking houses and merchants who formed them were the most powerful and richest families which saw Catholic Italian noblemen and landed gentry intermarry with Khazarian Jewish bankers and businessmen (This is why so many of the Khazarian Mafia families delineated below can trace their ancestry back to Northern Italy). See: These are the Khazarian-controlled Illuminati
mafia families who secretly run the world.

KEY POINTS: The original Khazarians were a very crude and coarse, crass and cruel people (think: Yiddish–their secret crime language). Being an amalgamation of Turkic, Mongolian and highly inbred Hebrew bloodlines they were also quite ugly, unhealthy and extremely boorish (think: hooked noses and beady eyes). The many centuries of practicing incest and multi-generational inbreeding only caused them to become more mentally deranged and emotionally unhinged causing all manner of psychiatric illnesses/psychological disorders. Hence, it ought to be no wonder that the Khazarian Cabal was so determined to intermarry with the highly cultured and refined Northern Italians who appeared to have it all. In this way, these hardcore gangsters hid their criminal Khazarian backgrounds while taking full advantage of the very affluent Catholic Italian society in the same way they deceitfully exploited the nomadic Arabian tribes of the oil-rich Middle East (they did ultimately kill off all the righteous tribal chiefs). However, the ever-thieving and prosperous Italians did become much more culpable in this global takeover enterprise by enthusiastically make common cause with the Khazarians out of sheer GREED. (See: MAMMON AND THE MONEYCHANGERS)

It’s critical to note that virtually all of today’s largest publicly held corporations still operate under the auspices of the Vatican. But let’s not forget that the Vatican has been a ZOG for as long as the Pope has worn a yarmulke/kippah, also known as a Zucchetto papal skullcap. That Judaic takeover of the nascent Catholic Chuch actually began under Emperor Constantine when Christianity was first accepted as a legitimate religion of the Roman Empire during the First Council of Nicea.

ZOG = Zionist Occupied Government
With the shifting of sea trade from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, those seminal Northern Italian Black Nobility crime families first set up a European banking headquarters in Switzerland; and then a global banking and commercial capital in the Khazarian-owned and -operated City of London as explained here: The Highly Strategic and Consequential Transition of the Khazarian Mafia from Venice to London. Which means that the British Monarchy, Crown Temple and London’s Financial District have been under the firm control of the Khazarian Cabal since their respective inceptions.

In point of fact, the whole world community of nations has suffered under this terrible mafia-run tyranny, which effectively exerts total command and control over the Global Economic & Financial System. This totalitarian state of affairs took a highly consequential turn for the worse with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. For it was with the establishment of the global Central Banking Cartel that the United States of America would be morphed into the military arm of the New World Order as a prelude to the formation of a One World Government with its capital in Jerusalem.

What follows are just a few of the most conspicuous mafia crime families contracted to grease the wheels of the bone-crushing NWO juggernaut rolling across the land—EVERYWHERE, 24/7. Due to their privileged Illuminati bloodlines, these exceedingly dangerous families have been given exclusive rights to specific crime territories and/or industries in order to generate the massive revenues necessary to sustain the multifarious Khazarian crime waves against humanity washing over planet Earth. The Covid biowar carried out via the COVID-19 bioweapons and weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’ are just two examples of this never-ending criminal conspiracy to exterminate targeted populations around the globe.

But how did the Khazarian Cabal ever accrue so much power to maintain such unrivaled supremacy over the earthly realm since the Babylonian Radhonites first created their usurious Babylonian Banking Cartel? See: How the Khazarian Cabal has effectively controlled Ashkenazi Jewry so it can rule planet Earth from behind the veil.

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