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The secret deal behind Megrahi's release    

UK / Blair connections to Franklin Scandal Omaha: ...instances of child sexual and physical abuse linked to the Franklin Community Credit Union (Omaha, Nebraska) scandal....  boys and girls, some from foster homes were transported around the country by airplane to provide sexual favors.... tracked to the White House.

Blair, Neo-cons and pedophilia,  more below

  • WayneMadsenReport "The London luncheon for McCain will place the GOP candidate amid the very same syndicates that have tainted and infiltrated the Bush-Cheney administration. Lord Rothschild lords over a number of European companies and entities, including the umbrella RIT, Ltd. (formerly Rothschild Investment Trust), which is invested in Lukoil, The Economist, Atticus International, Royal Dutch Shell, and Getty Images. The Rothschild Foundation built the Israeli Knesset building and the Israeli Supreme Court, the latter known for its unique design of a pyramid with an eye atop of it that juts through its roof.  Lord Rothschild also received the shares in the Yukos oil company of jailed Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, shortly before his arrest for tax evasion. Rothschild is close to wanted Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, Henry Kissinger, and Rupert Murdoch.  The Rothschild connection to EADS, as reported by The Independent (UK), is through Diligence, a business intelligence firm chaired by former Conservative Party leader Michael Howard and founded in 2000 by ex-MI5 and Special Boat Service agent Nick Day and former CIA agent Mike Baker. Former Senior Bush chief arms control negotiator and Assistant Secretary of State Richard Burt was also a major force in the formation of Diligence. A Nathaniel Rothschild investment firm called JNR was reported by The Independent on February 18, 2007, to be involved in acquiring a stake in Diligence from a South American private equity firm. Diligence also attracted investments from the Republican lobbying firm Barbour [Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour], Griffith & Rogers. Diligence counts former CIA and FBI director William Webster and Carlyle Group managing director Edward Mathias among its advisory board members, along with Howard. Last, but not least, Diligence's clients have included Halliburton, Dick Cheney's old firm.  The link between Diligence and EADS is through Burt, who, in addition to being a major player in Diligence, is a member of EADS North America's Board of Directors, an international director of Barbour, Griffiths & Rogers, and an adviser to the Carlyle Group. The Chairman of EADS North America's Board is Ralph Crosby, Jr., former President of the Integrated Systems Sector of Northrop Grumman, EADS's tanker contractor partner. Significantly, another EADS North America board member is retired Admiral T. Joseph Lopez, a close confidante of Cheney when he was Secretary of Defense, later the Commander Naval Forces Europe/Commander-in-Chief Allied Forces Southern Europe, and then appointed by Cheney, after his retirement, to be Senior Vice President and Global Director of U.S. and Foreign Government Operations for Kellogg Brown & Root, the division of the Halliburton.  The McCain-EADS-Diligence-Rothschild connections have taken advantage of the emaciation of the 1933 Buy America Act, designed by President Herbert Hoover to force the federal government to buy from American firms to help propel the country out of the depths of the Great Depression. McCain and his foreign cronies have facilitated federal contracts with foreign firms to replenish McCain's campaign coffers. Currently, 45 countries are exempt from the Buy American Act. They include France (home of Airbus), the United Kingdom (base for McCain's Rothschild friends), Israel, Singapore, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Aruba, Switzerland, Sweden, Egypt, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, Ireland, Estonia, and the Czech Republic.  full story
Blair, pedophile, sex scandals, D-Notices
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Washington Times, Casseday Huffington Post , Soliciting  internet sex with what he believed was 13 yr old. 2006  
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Blair connections?  FranklinFiles   and see    YouTube

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  • Care2 "Blair Implicated In Pedophile Cover-Up Scandal?
  • On July 11, 1990, Gary Caradori was killed along with his 6-year old son in the crash of his small plane, after a mid-air explosion, the cause of which was never discovered. He had told friends repeatedly in the weeks before his death that he was afraid his plane would be sabotaged. GeorgeWalkerBush, death list
  • Insider Magazine, Wayne Madsen article, Expose the Christian Mafia
  • Pravda "On January 28, 2003, amid the furor of the impending war with Iraq the British press briefly reported on Operation Ore, the most thorough and comprehensive police investigation of crimes against children before being squashed by the Blair government. Besides implicating Rock guitarist Peter Townsend of The Who, the report claimed that senior members of Tony Blair's government were being investigated for pedophilia and the "enjoyment" of child-sex pornography. With the investigation reaching to senior members of his Government, Blair declared a news blackout on the story."
  • Village Voice, Cardinal Bernard Law, Catholic priest sexual abuse cover-up
  • WayneMadsenReport:  "While British Prime Minister Tony Blair is under criminal suspicion in the "honors-for-cash" (bribery) scandal that has rocked his Labor government, we have been told that there is an even more explosive scandal that Blair, up to now, has managed to hide behind the draconian British policy of issuing "D-Notices," government orders that prohibit the British media from reporting on certain "national security" cases.  In 1999, an international investigation of child pornographers and pedophiles run by Britain's National Criminal Intelligence Service, code named Operation Ore, resulted in 7,250 suspects being identified in the United Kingdom alone. Some 1850 people were criminally charged in the case and there were 1451 convictions. Almost 500 people were interviewed "under caution" by police, meaning they were suspects. Some 900 individuals remain under investigation. In early 2003, British police began to close in on some top suspects in the Operation Ore investigation, including senior members of Blair's government. However, Blair issued a D-Notice, resulting in a gag order on the press from publishing any details of the investigation. Blair cited the impending war in Iraq as a reason for the D-Notice. Police also discovered links between British Labor government pedophile suspects and the trafficking of children for purposes of prostitution from Belgium and Portugal (including young boys from the Casa Pia orphanage in Portugal)." and see YouTube
  • Ipetitions "On January 28, 2003, amid the furor of the impending war with Iraq the British press briefly reported on Operation Ore, the most thorough and comprehensive police investigation of crimes against children before being squashed by the Blair government. Besides implicating Rock guitarist Peter Townsend of the Who, the report claimed that senior members of Tony Blair's government were being investigated for pedophilia and the "enjoyment" of child-sex pornography. With the investigation reaching to senior members of his Government, Blair declared a news blackout on the story."
  • WayneMadsenReport: "Our German sources have pointed out an interesting and, increasingly common, link between the global neo-con movement and pedophilia. It turns out that a German language blog called "Campo de Criptana," the Spanish village from where Don Quixote set out in his quest, is linked to individuals who advocate sex with children. In fact, one person associated with the blog, which also features anti-Muslim, neocon diatribes, has a criminal record for distributing child pornography. Another person linked to the blog is often consulted as an expert on "anti-Americanism" in Europe by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)." more search terms: Augusto Pinochet, pedophilia, secretive village, Colonia Dignidad, and search: foreign service,  South East Asia, South Asia, State Department official, CIA jouralistic asset, overnight trips, underage males. ...  and full story $$$
Gannon, Guckert, spent many nights in the White House,  ... visits when no news briefings, many with no record of entry or exit YouTube  How does this relate to Congress, Clergy, military sex scandals? Insider Magazine, Wayne Madsen Gannongate

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  • Politics of Health copy of CounterPunch article: Sexual Fascism in Progressive America: Scapegoats and Shunning ....
  • "Adams saw in the Christian right, long before we did, disturbing similarities with the German Christian Church and the Nazi Party, similarities that he said would, in the event of prolonged social instability or a national crisis, see American fascists rise under the guise of religion to dismantle the open society ... "
  • Baltimore Chronicle "Big money is out to prove...that a one-party radical right-wing system in which corporations run government is the ideal, that those who dissent must be terrorized or arrested into submission. That is fascism."
  • Church of Satan search fascism, pedophilia, 
  • Did Dick Cheney call Deborah Jeane Palfrey, escort service?
  • VirtueOnline The Voice of Global Orthodox Anglicanism, Red Flags of a Pedophile ... Pedophiles befriend vulnerable young people so they can be in a position later to lure them sexually. ... gays are responsible for 32 percent of sexual offenses against children according to many studies such as one in the Fall 1984 "Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy." ...Foley served as Co-Chair of the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus which fought for the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act signed last year. As Foley told reporters, "We track library books better than we do sex offenders."
  • Weekly Standard ""Pedophilia Chic" Reconsidered The taboo against sex with children continues to erode. by Mary Eberstadt"
August 25, 2009 -- The secret deal behind Megrahi's release publication date: Aug 24, 2009 Previous | Next

August 25, 2009 -- The secret deal behind Megrahi's release

British intelligence sources report to WMR that a series of high-level financial deals between Libya, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling, Business Secretary Peter Mandelson, former Speaker of the House of Commons Michael Martin, and Scottish First Minister Alexander Salmond resulted in the release from a Scottish prison of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, the Libyan Arab Airlines officials convicted of planting the bomb on board Pan Am 103 that killed 281 people on the plane and in the village of Lockerbie in 1988. Megrahi's colleague, Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, was acquitted of charges in the terrorist attack.    ...    In fact, according to the British intelligence sources, the Libyans were never responsible for the bombing of PanAm 103, which was carried out by the Iranians and their Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC) proxies in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley in retaliation for the shooting down by the USS Vincennes of an Iran Air Airbus-300 over the Persian Gulf in July 1988 that killed all 290 passengers and crew. WMR discovered from Cypriot authorities that the bomb intended for PanAm 103 arrived at Larnaca International Airport on a private plane from Lebanon, was placed on a flight to Frankfurt and then transferred to a feeder flight from Frankfurt to London Heathrow and, ultimately, on the ill-fated PanAm Boeing 747 bound for New York. National Security Agency (NSA) and Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) intercepts of Iranian and Greek banking communications proved the Iranian connection but the U.S., British, and Israeli governments saw fit to blame Libya's Muammar Qaddafi for the attack.    ...   Negotiations on the deal to free Megrahi, who stood to embarrass the British and U.S. governments with new evidence of his innocence if the appeal of his conviction had gone forward, began last October after two major Scottish banks, Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) and Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), collapsed. After HSBC and Barclays made overtures to the Bank of England to buy HBOS and RBS, the proposals were rejected by what is known in Whitehall as the "Larnarkshire Mafia" -- Brown, Darling, and Martin -- intervened in the Scottish financial crisis and ordered that public money vice commercial funds be used to prop up HBOS and RBS. Eventually, Lloyds TSB bought HBOS creating Lloyds Banking Group, which was, itself, later bailed out by the British government.    ...   The word from Whitehall is that, although Parliament is in summer recess, senior staffers know that a major secret deal was worked out between Number 10 and Number 11 Downing Street (the residences of the Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, respectively) and Qaddafi and sealed after a meeting two weeks ago between Mandelson and Qaddafi's son, Saif al Islam Qaddafi, at a Rothschild family-owned villa on Corfu.    ...   The deal worked out is that profits realized from future oil and gas deals between Britain and Libya will be used to bail out the Scottish banks. As for speculation that Labor wants to use the Scottish financial crisis to prove that current plans by the ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) government to move Scotland toward independence to prove that Scotland cannot fare on its own without London, Brown and Salmond, a former RBS senior economist who negotiated Scotland North Sea oil revenue spending plans between RBS and the government while working for the bank, are on very close terms, according to our sources. Brown, a former British Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Salmond knew exactly what they were getting in return from Qaddafi and his son when they hammered out the "bailout-for-Megrahi" agreement -- the financial bail out of Scotland's two largest banks that were riddled with toxic bad loans by sweetheart oil and gas deals with Libya. Qaddafi was celebrating more than Megrahi's release at the public ceremony in Libya -- the mercurial Libyan leader, once considered a pariah, is now one of the most influential business moguls in Great Britain -- on both sides of Hadrian's Wall.   


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C. madam, Duke-stir, Langley, .... Letterman about Cheney ""I can't believe a good-looking guy like that would ever have to pay for sex, you know what I'm saying?"  ....  Thomas DiBiagio, Jonathan Luna, Ed Norris, Governor Ehrlich, Watergate, Westin Grand, James Comey, Ashcroft, ABC producers Rhonda Schwartz, Justin Rood, defense contractors, AIPAC, World Bank, IMF, Halliburton, smokinggun, Wells Fargo Bank, Troy Burrus, John Stendrinni, Wilkes / Michael indictment. ....  Barney Frank, Steve Gobie, Thomas Foley, Edwin Cassem, Massachusetts General Hospital, Paul Shanley, Creighton University, Dobson, homophobia, Val Peter, archdiocese, Boston, house ethics committee, Warren Buffett, Cardinal law  Senator Larry Craig, Idaho, plainclothes officer, lewd behavior, airport men's room, tapped foot, anti same-sex marriage votes, homophobia, anti-gay rights, Romney campaign, Offutt, Barney Frank


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