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Sen. Paul Wellstone RIP

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Sen. Paul Wellstone 1944-2002

Was a real friend to vets.

left: YouTube video,  Prof. Jim Fetzer, Assassinated Press and also see Don Jacobs, Four Arrows, Ph.D.

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Sen. Paul Wellstone 1944-2002
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  • Fire burned for five hours and could not be extinguished with water.
  • ChewintheFat "Lindberg, of the Twin Cities firm of Johnson & Lindberg, said he was hired to represent Executive Aviation by its insurance carrier, Global Aerospace/Associated Aviation Underwriters of London."
  • Findlaw "STATE OF MINNESOTA IN COURT OF APPEALS A05-2467  Marie Guess, as Trustee for the Heirs and Next of Kin of Michael L. Guess, Appellant, vs. Mark Priore, Special Administrator for the Estate of Richard E. Conry, deceased, Defendant, Aviation Charter, Inc., et al., Respondents."
  • Guam EA insurance carrier, Global Aerospace/Associated Aviation Underwriters of London
  • MediaStudy   "Syndicated conservative columnist Andrew Sullivan led the charge, terming my call for an independent investigation “looney tunes”  ...  Chicago Sun Times columnist Mark Steyn took over where Sullivan left off ... John Moyers, editor of, termed my piece “irresponsible rumormongering
  • Mindprod, political assassinations, asbestos connection, search: Wellstone
  • Notes: Conry lied about pilot experience, ???, Jerry Litton, 1976, plain crash,  N41BE, plane ID, Carmody claims no black box, Colombia Bomb threat, Ambassador Patterson
  • Robins Kaplan Miller & Ciresi "Represented families of Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife, daughter and three staff members who died in a crash of a chartered plane near Eveleth, MN. The case settled against the affiliated air charter companies for the insurance limits of $25 million.
  • Wikipedia: "The NTSB later determined that the likely cause of the accident was the failure of both the pilot and copilot to maintain a safe minimum airspeed, leading to a stall from which they could not recover. Fatigue could have affected this, as the day before the crash the pilot had flown an unexpected trip from 3:00 am - 9:30 am and then worked a nursing shift from 6:00 pm - 10 pm. He was awake by 7:15 on the morning of the crash[11]. Wellstone's flight departed St. Paul at about 9:37 a.m. the following morning. However, both of the pilots would have had to fail in their task of monitoring the airplane's instrumentation and in-flight behavior, which would have given ample warning of an impending stall." MORE
  • Star Tribune "Padden said he believes Conry was at the flight controls when the chartered King Air A100 nosed into marshy and wooded terrain 2 miles southeast of the Eveleth-Virginia Municipal Airport. The plane was squared up for a landing 9 miles from the runway with no apparent problems before it drifted off course and crashed without a distress call. and file


  • ABC News search: Paul Takemoto, FAA spokesman says flight data recorders are required.
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  • ABC News Blogs  "the former mayor of St. Paul -- is widely considered one of the Senate's most vulnerable Republicans. Minnesota has been trending Bluer and Bluer, and before Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-MN, died in a plane crash during his 2002 race, it seemed unlikely that Coleman would have been able to beat him.."
  • Americans for Job Security ..  A mysterious Alexandria, Virginia-based outfit, calling itself Americans for Job Security (AJS), with ties to big business and the Republican congressional leadership had spent more than $1 million on an anti-Wellstone ad campaign in Minnesota before the election  ... headed by Michael Dubke, was founded with $1 million from the American Insurance Association. In order to maintain the secrecy of its donors ... Truthseeker
  • Chicago Tribune
  • Jim Gilmore, RNC chairman
  • Johnson & Lindberg will represent Executive Aviation  "Lindberg, of the Twin Cities firm of Johnson & Lindberg, said he was hired to represent Executive Aviation by its insurance carrier, Global Aerospace/Associated Aviation Underwriters of London." ChewintheFat
  • Dan Bartlett, Bush aid.
  • Ken Mehlman, director of political affairs
  • Paul Begala, former aid
  • CNN
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  • Carol Carmody, acting Chairwoman, NTSB  VOR, 'slightly out of tolerance'.
  • NTSB Carmody leaves NTSB at end of her term
  •  NTSB press release and final report file pdf
  • USA Today "In the crash that killed Wellstone, investigators weren't sure which of the two pilots was flying the plane, let alone why they allowed the twin-engine turboprop to turn off course and slow dangerously. A radar track showing the plane's position, altitude and speed once every four seconds is all investigators had to go on.
Points to consider:
  • NTSB completely ignores 5 hour fire, other than the words 'extreme post-crash fire.  ...  blue smoke typical of electrical fires that streamed out of the King Air's sheared fuselage for hours after the crash.  OilEmpire  ...  Ulman told AFP that on this flight, at about 11:15 a.m., he saw that the burning fuselage had nearly “disintegrated Truthseeker
    NTSB press release and final report file pdf
  • Weather was not a factor, although an instrument landing was used, the airport runway was in full view.  Fetzer: Even the National Transportation Safety Board's own simulations of the plane, the pilots and the weather were unable to bring the plane down.
  • Two other Beechcraft airplanes landed within 2 hours of the crash.
  • NTSB, Carmody said their was a 'slight' irregularity with the radio beacon that morning.  ..  the Eveleth airport was equipped with only a directional beacon to line the plane up with the runway.
  • Both pilots were highly qualified, and it was not a reckless decision to fly that day.   According to the NTSB web site Carmody formerly worked for the CIA.  .
  • Inclement weather and mechanical failure were ruled out.  There was a 700' cloud ceiling that day.
  • The A-100 is one of the most reliable aircraft in the world. 
  • NTSB said the aircraft stalled just before crash.  The angle of impact was 30 degrees (extremely steep), indicating the plane was out of control;  - The wing flaps, which should have been fully extended for landing were only extended to 15 degrees (a setting used for initial approach descent);  engines were running at the impact moment.  "Radar tapes indicate the plane had descended to about 400 feet and was traveling at only 85 knots near the end of its flight. It then turned south, dove at an unusually steep angle and crashed.  Scoop
  • From the Wilderness "the stall warning horn (an alert that warns if airspeed is too slow) was activated under landing conditions (gear down with full flaps) at 85 knots."
  • Gary Ulman, professional pilot and assistant manager of the Eveleth airport  ... " FAA spokeswoman, Elizabeth Isham Cory, said there didn’t appear to be any sign of distress coming from the plane’s crew on its final approach to the airport" Truthseeker
  • Paul Wellstone was perhaps the single one-man obstacle to Bush's fervent and stated desire to secure passage of the Homeland Security measure prior to a U.S. invasion of Iraq. Scoop
  • Fetzer Carol Carmody, a former employee with the CIA, the head of the team, announced the day after that the FBI had found no indications of terrorist involvement. Yet it is the responsibility of the NTSB to ascertain the cause of the crash, which has yet to be determined to this very day.
  • Ashcroft was Attorney General and had some control over the investigation.  .... says its not a crime scene.  YouTube video  Wellstone's death was just 12 days before the election.  Senate party tally 50-49.
  • Mel Carnahan, who lost his life in 2000, three weeks before Election Day, during his Senatorial race against John Ashcroft  Webcom  Carnahan went on to become the first dead man to win a Senatorial race, humiliating and defeating the unpopular Ashcroft posthumously.and search   Pawlenty.  
  • Fetzer Wellstone's successor in the U.S. Senate, Norm Coleman, has been placed in charge of the Senate Investigations Committee.
  • Historically, Democrats are twice as likely to die in plane accidents as Republicans.  He was the second Senator in two years to die in a plane accident, both were in heated political races. see Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan.  Wellstone was the only Senator in a tight race to vote against the Iraq war resolution. FamousCrashInfo
  • Colombia, police found two roadside bombs along Wellstone's intended route. CNN Also while in Colombia,  Wellstone was "accidentally" sprayed by glyphosphate, he was told.  another herbicide that has also been used in Colombia is agent orange ... known to cause multiple sclerosis. Wellstone was diagnosed with MS in 2002 NPR  Wellstone actively spoke in opposition to Plan Colombia. 
  • Dyncorp operated the planes that sprayed Wellstone.
  • The FBI was at the accident scene in a suspiciously short time, reminiscent of the FBI's confiscation of the surveillance tapes at the Citgo gas station and Hilton Hotel at the Pentagon on 9/11. Fetzer
  • Rick Wahlberg, sheriff of St. Louis County, told AFP that local police and FBI agents reached the remote crash site “at about 12” [noon]. Paul McCabe, special agent and spokesman for the FBI’s Minneapolis division, told AFP that the FBI’s Evidence Response Team (ERT) drove to the site from the Twin Cities and arrived at the crash scene about 3 p.m. on Oct. 25. Truthseeker  but see Fetzer FBI arrived at 1:00
  • Fetzer "The FAA has told me that its records of private aircraft arriving in Duluth that morning have been destroyed, even though they might verify the FBI's early arrival."
  • CNN made false statements about the weather,  and made a curious statement about how well Wellstone knew the pilots, they mentioned Ted Kennedy as a possible passenger, also focused on Conry's fraud conviction  ...  like all these points were the 'cause' of the accident. 
  • Focused microwave energy pulse weapons are fully developed and available in portable forms.
  • Target Wellstone, "More likely, the authors maintain, the King Air lost airspeed and altitude because the pilots were unable to control it.  Understanding the crash, they believe, requires establishing why the King Air suddenly stopped communicating."
  • Webcom:  When I heard Wellstone's plane went down, I immediately thought of Panamanian General Omar Torrijos, who in 1981 thumbed his nose at the Reagan/Bush administration and threatened to destroy the Panama Canal in the event of a U.S. invasion. Torrijos died shortly thereafter when the instruments in his plane failed to function upon takeoff ...Webcom
  • At the very same time of the crash, cell phone signals were interrupted and planes were varying from flight paths. YouTube video
  • Suddenly the idea of electronic-jamming equipment sending a decoy VOR (landing guidance system) signal to the King Air becomes plausible. Obeying instrumentation that's tricked into believing the plane is several degrees off course, the pilot follows the signal straight into the ground  OilEmpire
  • AmericanFreePress The co-pilot who flew with Wellstone had known Zacharias Moussaoui, Truthseeker
  • Notes Robert Brailing(Breiling), aviation consultant, N41BE registered to Beech Transportation, Inc. of Eden Prairie, Minn., Raytheon bought Beechcraft, who was plane manufacturer, Takemoto, Plane description spelled wrong in NTSB report, Ted Rall, Carol Carmody, acting Chairwoman,  Ashcroft, 1997 crashes of A100 also owned by Aviation Charter, Inc., Eden Prairie,Flight 587, Benzon, Carmody mentioned there was a 'small' problem with the radio beacon, Witnesses heard shot at time of crash, Crash site well south of normal land path,  visibility was 2.5 miles at time of landing, well above the 1 mile min. for a standard inst. landing, Phil Agre ? Sheila Wellstone, wife, activist for women's issues,  Barbara Streisand , Wellstone supporter, Cheryl Seal, Insider News, articles on Wellstone death, Colombia war, links to Bush, Carlyle Group works with EMP devices, joined Russel Feingold in opposition to anti-terrorism legislation, Wellstone, Jewish, Flight data recorders not mentioned in 2 previous A100 fatal accidents, N30SA, N100BE,  N799DD, preliminary only, BE-100-A100, landing gear collapse, no injuries, Richard Conry, pilot in command, Bryan T. Maloney, former pilot released for falsifying license, How did Maloney pass a FAA check ride without having a proper license,  Mike Cerisi, Roberta Walburn retained by Wellstone family, consider legal action.  Planes that sprayed Wellstone in Columbia may have belonged to Carlyle Group.   Carmody says slight irregularity with Eveleth radio beacon, Moussaoui 747 flight simulator software.
  • TwinCities A native of southern Minnesota, Mondale has been vice president, a U.S. senator, state attorney general and ambassador to Japan. He was the Democratic nominee for president in 1984, losing to President Ronald Reagan. He narrowly lost an election to Sen. Norm Coleman as an emergency fill-in candidate to replace U.S. Sen. Paul Wellstone, who died in an airplane crash just before the 2002 election.
  • Scoop Was Paul Wellstone murdered?   ...  From a historical standpoint Democrats are twice as likely to die in air crashes as Republicans. Frequently, those who have died were known to have been either involved in the investigation of covert operations or to have taken highly controversial positions in opposition to vested government interests.  Sam Smith of the Progressive Review ( published an Oct. 25 story titled "Politicians Killed In Plane Crashes." For his source he used a wonderful database found at Of 22 air crashes involving state and federal officials, including one ambassador (Arnold Raphael) and one cabinet official (Ron Brown), FTW found that 14 (64 percent) were members of the Democratic Party and 8 (36 percent) were members of the Republican Party. If the list was limited to only elected members of Congress, the total was eight Democrats and four Republicans.  Six of the fatalities occurred during election campaigns. Of those, four were Democrats and two were Republicans
  • CommonDreams "Sen. Paul Wellstone stepped out of a helicopter and into a bulletproof car and drove to a meeting with human rights activists. Hours earlier, police said they discovered a bomb along the airport road. U.S. and Colombian authorities Friday downplayed the possibility that Wellstone and U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson, who accompanied the Minnesota Democrat, were the intended targets of the bomb. Their visit marked the first time a U.S. lawmaker or ambassador had come to the deadliest town in all the Americas - a sweltering cluster of cinderblock homes on the banks of the muddy Magdalena River. ...   For Wellstone, a former civil rights activist and college professor, his two-day visit to Colombia also was aimed at making a stand against Plan Colombia, a drug-eradication effort being funded by $1.3 billion from Washington. Under the plan, dozens of U.S.-donated combat helicopters will ferry U.S.-trained Colombian troops into cocaine-producing plantations to seize them from insurgents.  ...  
  • AmericanFreePress "The co-pilot who flew with Wellstone had known Zacharias Moussaoui, the accused Sept. 11 conspirator who had attended an Eagan (Minn.) flight school.  Co-pilot Michael Guess, 30, had met the flying student Moussaoui at the Pan Am International Flight Academy where Guess worked last year. Guess had reportedly “inadvertently” given Moussaoui unattended access to a computer program on flying a 747 jumbo jet.  An ex-manager of Pan Am told the FBI that Guess had placed a CD-ROM containing the 747 software at a workstation before one of Moussaoui’s training sessions. After Moussaoui was arrested, the FBI searched his belongings and found the proprietary program copied on his laptop computer, the ex-manager said.  Guess had recently been laid off at the flight academy, where he had hoped to become a flight instructor.  “At Executive Aviation in Eden Prairie, where Guess had been employed as a pilot since June 2001, a spokesman said colleagues remembered Guess telling them he had played a more significant role regarding the suspicions concerning Moussaoui,” the Star Tribune reported.  Dave Mona, a spokesman for Executive Aviation, said Guess’ colleagues had said Guess had described himself as “at least a role player” in the detection of Moussaoui. Mona said Guess had told his colleagues that “he and the receptionist . . . thought what [Moussaoui] was requesting was unusual” and had raised the issue with others."
  • Wikipedia  Michael L. Guess, the First Officer, was characterized in the NTSB report as being "below average" in proficiency.[12] Significant discrepancies were also found in pilot Richard Conry's flight logs in the course of the post-accident investigation. [13] He also had a well-known tendency to allow copilots to take over all functions of the aircraft as if they were the sole pilot during flights. After the crash, three copilots told of occasions in which they had to take control of the aircraft away from Conry. After one of those incidents, only three days before the crash, the copilot had urged Conry to retire.   .... more search terms: other victims, wife, Sheila, Marcia, campaign staffer Will McLaughlin, Lom Lapic, Mary McEvoy, plane on route to Eveleth,
  • Huffington Post  "Republican Front Group Skirts Election Law: Attacked Wellstone, Attacking Shaheen stumble digg reddit news trust Posted July 21, 2008 | 03:51 PM (EST)Read More: AJS, Attack Ads, Front Groups, Jeanne Shaheen, Paul Wellstone, Republicans, Sununu Shaheen, Politics News In 2002, a shady Republican front group spent millions of dollars attacking Democratic Senate candidates across the country, including Paul Wellstone (D-MN). The group, Americans for Job Security (AJS), registered as an "issue advocacy" group, even though election laws prohibit such groups from electioneering for or against candidates. AJS's ability to skirt election laws allowed the group to take corporate contributions and hide the identity of its donors. The group spent an estimated $8.5 million nationwide against Democratic candidates in the final weeks of the 2002 election. In Minnesota, AJS spent $1 million on ads calling Paul Wellstone a "money grubber" and accusing him of "taxing the dead." In the last days of his life, Paul traversed Minnesota denouncing AJS's illegal attacks and calling on the group to reveal its donors. I had the privilege of working for Paul Wellstone then. He was determined to stop a Virginia-based organization from buying Minnesota's election with attack ads. He knew that AJS had been started with funding from the big insurance companies and that their secret donations came from big corporate special interests trying to stop his progressive agenda. Click here to see rare video of Paul Wellstone talking about the AJS attacks just a few days just a few days before he died. Paul wasn't the only candidate AJS targeted in 2002. They spent another $1 million attacking Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire. This year, they are targeting Shaheen again in her rematch with John Sununu. It's only July and already AJS has poured an estimated $261,000 thus far into the Granite State to attack Shaheen as a big taxer. The fact that New Hampshire had the lowest tax burden in the nation the entire time Jeanne Shaheen was governor never gets a mention. The Shaheen-Sununu rematch is one of the most important in the country. It's the Democrats' best chance of knocking off an incumbent, but more importantly, it is an opportunity to increase the number of progressives in the U.S. Senate. I have the privilege of working for Jeanne Shaheen now and I know that she and Sununu have opposing views on almost every issue: she is pro-choice, he is pro-life; she wants to end the war in Iraq, he's voted down the line with Bush to keep it going; she opposes tax subsidies to oil and gas companies, he votes to protect them; she supports the right of workers to organize, he votes to dismantle worker rights; she advocates a new energy policy to combat global warming, Sununu says "the science is still out" on climate change and accepts hundreds of thousands in corporate oil and gas campaign contributions. Make no mistake about it: Shaheen's progressive agenda is the real reason why AJS and the corporate special interests are lining up against her. AJS is up to its old tricks, calling itself an "issue advocacy" group to hide the identity of its donors. Just as the Wellstone campaign did in 2002, the New Hampshire Democratic Party has filed a complaint against AJS with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) laying out a solid case as to why the group is in clear violation of election law. The NHDP complaint will join a similar complaint filed against AJS by the government watchdog group, Public Citizen. But, while the FEC takes its time, the attacks keep coming. It's time to demand that the FEC enforce its own laws. In 2002, the Commission allowed ads calling Paul Wellstone a "money grubber" to pass as "issue advocacy" and in doing so allowed AJS to continue peddling its trash to this day. Paul was outraged by those ads and by this group. And so are we. Join us in demanding -- as Paul Wellstone did -- that these shadowy groups be stopped. I encourage you to sign our petition to the Federal Election Commission to force AJS to abide by the law and reveal its donors."
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  • Common Dreams Wellstone Blasts Clinton Administration for Undermining Senate Effort to End Steel Crisis; Cloture Vote to Terminate Filibuster Fails 42-57 After Lobbying by White House


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