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Titanium Oxide 


Obama's fake birth certificate

WMR: CIA / Soros / Obama plans to destabilize China  more below

WMR: Rothschild/Soros clan lost huge investment in China's ouster of Bo Xilai 

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Bo's wife, Gu Kailai, convicted of murder of British businessman Neil Heywood?   MORE



Beijing -- China: A Neocon domino but one not to be trifled with ... WMR.



China / Rothschild links / research

Bio-War with GMO's


WMR's intelligence sources in China are raising concerns over a program in China that is seeing the introduction of Monsanto-produced genetically-modified strains of wheat in China to combat a deadly stem rust fungus known as Uganda99 or "Ug99." more
2008 US spy plane incident with China more serious than reported WMR The April 1, 2001, incident between a U.S. Navy EP-3E signals intelligence (SIGINT) aircraft and two Chinese J-8 fighters 70 miles off Hainan island was worst than reported by the media at the time more

Timeline, Rothschild Canada / China



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Obama Body Count Zionist False Flag Operations bin Laden was CIA asset. more 9/11 was an inside job.

Above:  Wayne Madsen on RT, US / China Cyberwar

  • The Daily Bell / 21st Century Wire Dominant Social Theme: The Chinese are rightfully concerned with US violence. Free-Market Analysis: The Chinese have weighed in on US gun violence. Breitbart is reporting that the Chinese government is concerned about US gun violence (see above excerpt). This is notable because it tends to support certain dominant social themes we have noted before. We do believe that the Chinese, like the Russians and the rest of the BRICs, are part of an effort to create global governance. The British – the City of London being an integral part of this larger effort – virtually ran China and India over the past century. While British influence has eroded among the civilian population, chances are the power elite behind past depredations remains quite influential with the political and military class. Gun control in the US – a double edge sword, where govt  seeks – and may gain the upper hand in future. There is evidence that Western powers wanted communism to come to China in the form of Mao because that helped crush China’s unique culture and set the stage for the current quasi-capitalism that now engulfs China. And as we have pointed out recently, both China and the US are converging on a new kind of sociopolitical and economic system that may mimic Germany’s National Socialism more than any other political paradigm. For this reason, we’re not surprised top Chinese officials are calling for more gun control in the US. This suits the Chinese system, which is intended, we have no doubt, to more closely merge with European and North American systems over time. The availability of guns is an impediment to totalitarian, fascism or whatever else the power elite has in mind. 
  • 21stCenturyWire  Engineered Chaos: Swedish Teens Riot Over Paedophile Instagram Account 21st Century Wire says… As we can now see, Facebook and other social networking giants will be playing their specific roles in the coming internet chaos and clampdown – by merging online applications and thus enabling mass invasion of privacy, virtual problem-reaction-solution scenarios can spark new outrage and be used by regulators and professional trolls (see below) to engineer new Hegelian outcomes designed to target normal users – and hit out at other free speech further down the line. No one asked forInstagram to be part of Facebook (originally designed as a private social network) and it’s data munching capabilities – it just appeared out of nowhere, and is being used to foment yet another new crisis. Why can’t Facebook just protect its users’ personal data instead?  Oh, and surprise, surprise – this story also appeared in the Mainstream News on the very same day - about how Facebook’s new policies allowing Instagram to use children’s photos and data, via its photo-sharing service that Facebook bought in August, “could be exploitative”… really? And we also found this story about the corporate clampdown on privacy for social networks, also on the same day (yesterday) – so work it out where you think Facebook and the digital cartels are heading – and who they are coordinating their efforts with. We believe free speech online is the ultimate target of this progression.
  • WMR October 4-6, 2012 -- Is China showing displeasure with Macau over Romney casino money flow? China has been a stickler for diplomatic protocol ever since the days when foreign ambassadors "kow-towed" to Chinese emperors in carefully-choreographed credential presentation ceremonies. And when it comes to the display of national flags, China has been known to launch diplomatic protests in foreign countries whenever there is an official or semi-official display of the flags of the "Republic of China" on Taiwan or the flag of the Tibetan exiled government.

    It may have been no mistake that the green and white flag of the Special Autonomous Region flag of Macau was seen flying upside down at Macau House in central Beijing. The image was captured by WMR, which recently broke the story that the Mitt Romney campaign was being funded by a planned and non-tax reported "win skim" from Sheldon Adelson's high-stakes VIP gaming tables at his Macau casinos.

    The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, which Adelson has been charged with paying bribes to by a former senior executive of Sands China, Ltd., has overall responsibility for gaming enforcement in Macau. The only taxes paid by the casinos are 42 percent to the Macau government. Individual winners are not required to file tax declarations in Macau and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has no agents in Macau to ensure Uncle Sam gets its share of winnings by U.S. citizens or residents.

  • Wayne Madsen April 2-4, 2012 By   The recent political schism between a faction of the Chinese Communist Party backed by the Rothschild banking cartel and politicians in Canada, Britain, and the United States on one side and more nationalistic Chinese Communist Party leaders allied with like-minded leaders in Russia, on the other, has brought the Obama administration’s use of “soft power” information warfare and propaganda tactics to the inner political sanctums of China.

    The suspicious death last November in a Chongqing hotel room of British citizen Neil Heywood, a reputed middleman for the Rothschilds and their international financial front man George Soros, has brought further attention on the ties between failed Chinese Communist Party Politburo candidate Bo Xilai and Western supporters. Bo is now considered by many observers inside and outside China to have been the favorite of the globalists to become Chinese President instead of Xi Jinping, the designated successor to Hu Jintao. The Hu and Xi faction are opposed to transforming China’s form of government from a quasi-Communist system to a totally capitalist system. The Bo faction was ousted from Chinese Communist Party leadership positions during the recent National People’s Congress.

    However, Bo and his family were reportedly the Trojan horses for the Rothschild and Soros syndicate who were expected to steer China firmly into the capitalist and globalist camp and ensure that China would adhere to the dictates of the Bilderberg, Davos, and G8 supranational constructs.

    Heywood, fluent in Mandarin Chinese and the reported handler of Bo Guagua, Bo’s son, at the exclusive British Papplewich and Harrow boarding schools, as well as at Oxford University, was a consultant to Hakluyt & Company, Ltd., a secretive British private intelligence firm estaboished in 1995 and linked to the Rothschilds. Chinese officials reported that Heywood died in his hotel room from severe alcohol poisoning, but his friends pointed out that he was a teetotaler.

    Heywood knew Bo as mayor of Dalian from 1993 to 2001 and cotinued to have a relationship with the up-and-coming Chinese leader when he took over as party boss in Chongqing. With Chongqing as his base, Bo, who, along with Chongqing vice mayor and police chief Wang Lijun, became known for stamping out criminal activity. However, the criminal activity suppressed by Bo and Wang pales in comparison to the high-level corruption Bo and his cronies engaged in with the Rotshschilds, Soros, and the Canadian tycoon Paul Desmarais, Sr. and his son, Andre Desmarais, the founder of the Rothschild Bank of Canada. The elder Desmarais, the head of Power Corporation of Canada and founder of the Canada China Business Council, saw his business association with Bo as opening up China’s vast energy sector to Desmarais, Rothschild, and Soros private investment.

    Heywood’s association with Hakluyt points to other significant players in the attempt by the West and the global elites, including the Rothschilds, to place Bo in the Chinese presidency. Hakluyt’s co-founders are Christopher James, formerly an MI-6 agent, and Peter Cazalet, a former vice president of BP. On the Hakluyt board are Rupert Huxler, private secretary to Rothschild-linked former British Business Secretary and European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson; Herve de Moriniere, the managing director of the Nathaniel Rothschild Bank; and Sir John Rose, deputy director of Rothschild Group. IOn Hakluyt’s advisory board are Sir David Manning, Prime Minister Tony Blair’s foreign policy adviser prior to the invasion of Iraq, and Sir Kieran Prendergast, veteran British diplomat and former Undersecretary General of the UN for Political Affairs and an architect of international intervention in Darfur.

    In the world of high-stakes espionage, especially that involving spying on the inner workings of the Chinese Communist Party Politburo and Central Committee, the results can be fatal, as they seem to have been for Mr. Heywood. It is likely that Heywood became privy to too much information and, hence, had to be dispatched with poison in a drink, later claimed by Chinese authorities to have been an over-imbibing of alcohol. Heywood’s body was cremated without an autopsy.

    Hakluyt has a history of espionage-for-hire, having been contracted by Shell Oil to spy on Greenpeace. Sir Peter Holmes, the President of the Hakluyt Foundation, a reputed oversight body for Hakluyt & Company, is a former Group Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell Group.

    According to Chinese sources, Heywood, who was merely a messenger between Bo and the Rothschilds, may not only have become aware of financial improprieties by Gu Kailai, Bo’s wife, who runs an international law office in Beijing, but also the contents of classified Chinese documents being passed by British intelligence assets inside the Chinese Public Security Ministry. One such source for such documents, who likely incriminated Bo and his associates in criminal wrongdoing, may have been Bo’s erstwhile crime fighting deputy, Wang Lijun. After Heywood’s suspicious death in November 2011, Wang tried, unsuccessfully, to obtain political asylum in the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu on February 6. Wang was bundled off by Chinese security personnel after he emerged from the consulate. On February 8, a ticket was purchased for Wang on a flight from Chengdu to Beijing. Also on the flight was Qiu Jin, vice minister for counter-espionage and secret state security.

    Wang’s chances of receiving asylum were never great considering the Mormon connection to China. Bo had close relations with former U.S. ambassador to China and former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. In fact, Huntsman’s daughter dated Bo’s playboy son, Bo Guagua, who was known for driving his trademark red Ferrari around Beijing. Moreover, the U.S. Consul General in Chengdu is Peter Haymond, a friend of Huntsman and a fellow Mormon.

    The Rothschild and Mormon connections to an attempted putsch by the West in China, spurred along by a number of false reports on Chinese micro-blogs and Taiwanese, Hong Kong, and Western websites of a coup in China, are not the only links to Western involvement in internal Chinese politics. In addition to Paul Desmarais, Sr., whose son is married to the daughter of former Canadian Liberal Party Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Canadian Tory Prime Minister Stephen Harper is also close to the Bo syndicate in Chongqing.

    The involvement of Harper with the Bo circle may also involve criminal activity on the part of the Canadian Prime Minister in business deals in Chongqing. Harper met Bo in Chongqing on February 11, a mere five days after Wang’s unsuccessful asylum bid at the American mission in Chengdu and his subsequent arrest and trip to Beijing, where he presumably told all to Chinese security interrogators. In July 2011, Harper ordered the expulsion from Canada to China of former Chinese tycoon Lai Changxing, who was arrested in 1999 by Chinese authorities for running a smuggling ring in Fujian. Lai was a protegé of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao’s predecessor. However, the governor of Fujian at the time of Lai’s arrest was none other than president-elect Xi. It is believed that after twelve years of asylum in Canada. Harper delivered Lai to China, where he faces the death penalty, in order to present to the pro-Bo faction in the Chinese Communist Party evidence of Lai’s dealings with Xi in Fujian in order to nix Xi’s promotion to the presidency and make way for Bo. Harper’s misuse of the Canadian judicial and asylum system to pay back Bo for political and financial favors suggests a massive criminal conspiracy on the part of Harper,

    In return for Lai’s living corpse on a silver platter in Beijing, Harper and his friends Desmarais and the Rothschilds were ensured the green light for initial public offerings (IPOs) for companies involved in the Chongqing petrochemical industry and Myanmar-to-China oil and natural gas pipelines, not to mention a hefty influx of campaign cash from the Chinese community in Vancouver (called “Hong Couver” as the home to many wealthy dual Canadian-Chinese citizens, who, like Lai, possess passports from the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong). Rothschild and Desmarais investments in the Suez Group, which effectively owns the Chonqing water treatment company, were also assured by Harper’s move. Desmarais and the Rothschilds are also controlling investors in Total El-Acquitane, which has control over the offshore oil fields in Myanmar and the trans-Myanmar pipeline that will carry the oil to the Chongqing terminus.

    Although Harper, Chretien, Desmarais, Soros, and the Rothschilds still have an ace up their sleeves with current Chongqing Mayor Huang Qifan, who continues to look out for the syndicate’s investment schemes, the fall from grace of Bo and family and Wang, may spell trouble for Huang. Even with the suspicious death of Heywood and a valuable witness, Wang’s cross-examination by Chinese security officials may expose more of the inner workings of the Rothschild cartel, Canada, and the American Mormon link to Bo’s coup d’etat plans.

    There is another major problem for the West’s plans to destabilize and bring unbridled capitalism to China. The Falun Gong sect, long sponsored by the CIA and George Soros-linked NGOs, remains strongly opposed to Bo and his family due to Bo’s severe crackdown on Falun Gong members, including their incarceration in newly-built detention camps and torture ordered by Bo when he was mayor of Dalian. In a clear case of “blow back,” Bo’s close friendship with Desmarais, the Rothschilds, Harper, Chretien, Soros, and Huntsman has resulted in the Falun Gong making common cause with Xi and his faction to ensure that Bo’s faction is routed out of the Chinese government and party. In fact, the Chinese-language website of Falun Gong’s newspaper Epoch Times has run WMR’s report on the connections of Bo to the Rothschilds, Soros, and Canadian officials, a development that cannot make the Cass Sunstein/George Soros “cognitive infiltration” operatives very happy.

  • Radio86  Gu Kailai, the wife of sacked Chongqing Party boss Bo Xilai, has hit the international headlines as new details, rumors and twists emerge in the biggest political scandal in China for decades. Did she have a role in her husband's dismissal from office?  .....   Recently, Gu has been in the news in relation to her husband’s dismissal from his post, especially in tabloid-style papers in China and particularly in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.    ...   Amid the sacking of Bo Xilai in the fallout of Wang Lijun’s alleged defection attempt, the death of Neil Heywood in Chongqing has taken on new significance, with suspicions arising over the cause of the British businessman’s death. It is alleged that he and Gu were engaged in a business dispute and the official cause of death, over-drinking, has been called into question as Heywood is believed to have been a teetotaler.    ...    Prior to this, Gu had also featured in Chinese media due to her attractive looks. Together with Bo, the couple have been celebrated as a couple in love. However, some Hong Kong press have previously published gossip that Bo had a fling with Zhang Weijie, a television hostess, back in the 1990s when Bo was mayor of the city of Dalian in the northeast. It has also been reported that Zhang disappeared sometime after this, with all manner of rumors swirling as to her fate.  full story
  • WMR Update April 11-13, 2012 -- Events in China confirm WMR reports on what Neil Heywood knew and why he was offed      ...   British Prime Minister David Cameron, visiting Indonesia, now feels there are enough questions concerning last November's suspicious death in Chongqing of British businessman Neil Heywood, a chief adviser to purged Chinese Communist Party Chongqing leader Bo Xilai, that he wants a full explanation by the Chinese government. China's government, which has arrested Bo's wife Gu Kailai, has announced it is reopening its investigation of Heywood's murder, which was attributed to a heart attack or alcohol poisoning.    ...   Recent reports suggest that Gu was involved in murdering Heywood because he had knowledge of criminal activities involving her and her husband. Bo was slated to be named a member of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party. Bo has now been stripped of his party posts by party leaders loyal to incoming President Xi Jinping. WMR previously reported that Bo was the favored candidate to assume the Chinese presidency by the Rothschild/George Soros banking network, as well as global neo-conservative elements hoping that Bo would act as a Chinese "Gorbachev" and transform China from a hybrid communist-capitalist system to a pure capitalist system.    ...   However, Bo and Gu, are are close to a number of Canadian politicians and business tycoons form his days as mayor of Dalian and China's Commerce Minister, increasingly fell afoul of Chinese Communist leaders. The attempt by Bo's police chief in Chongwing, Wang Lijun, to seek asylum in the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu triggered a major Chinese government investigation of Bo and his wife.    ...   Bo and Gu have not only been linked financially and politically to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Canadian business mogul Paul Desmarais and his son Andre Desmarais, but their son, Bo Guagua, who has received a prized prep school and university education in Britain, is believed to have been groomed for future Chinese leadership positions by the Rothschilds and members of the Tory government, now headed by Cameron. The British Prime Minister has been accused of dragging his feet on the Heywood murder investigation in order to not upset Bo and his wife or the Chinese government before Bo's downfall from power. With Gu and one of her assistants now under suspicion of murdering Heywood, Cameron has become more proactive on the Heywood investigation.    ...   On April 2, 2012, WMR reported: "Heywood, fluent in Mandarin Chinese and the reported handler of Bo Guagua, Bo's son, at the exclusive British Papplewich and Harrow boarding schools, as well as at Oxford University, was a consultant to Hakluyt & Company, Ltd., a secretive British private intelligence firm established in 1995 and linked to the Rothschilds. Chinese officials reported that Heywood died in his hotel room from severe alcohol poisoning, but his friends pointed out that he was a teetotaler."    ...   Cameron's "crocodile tears" in Jakarta shed over Heywood's death now appears to be political theater designed to not only distance himself from the Bo clique in Chongqing but to provide political cover for his fellow Tory and friend Harper. 
  • WayneMadsenReport: March 19-20, 2012 -- Seoul -- Rothschild/Soros clan lost huge investment in China's ouster of Bo Xilai Most Americans have probably never heard the name Paul Desmarais (more below). However, Desmarais is the Canadian tycoon who is said to front for the Rothschild family in running the wealthy and influential Power Corporation of Canada. Desmarais has also reportedly been the power-behind-the-throne for at least five Canadian Prime Ministers: Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien (whose daughter is married to Desmarais's son Andre), Paul Martin, and Stephen Harper.   ...    Desmarais is also a close friend and supporter of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who scrapped the Gaullist policy of supporting sovereignty for French-speaking Quebec, abandoned the policy. Desmarais is vehemently opposed to independence for Quebec. Desmarais has used his influence and wealth to ensure the loyalty of at least two pro-federal Quebec Premiers, former Premier Daniel Johnson and current Premier Jean Charest.    ...   Desmarais founded the Canada China Business Council and struck up a personal friendship with Bo while he was mayor of Dalien.    ...   Desmarais, through his son Andre, who took over as president of Power Corporation, the tycoon's relationship was maintained with Bo when he became Communist party First Secretary in Chongqing. Chretien and Canada far right-wing evangelical former Trade and Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day also maintained close contact with Bo through the Desmarais lobbying operation in China.    ...   Harper has also been close to Bo and the demotion of the Chinese Communist regional leader is a blow to Harper's business outreach to China, which has included an offer for Alberta tar sands oil since the moratorium by the Obama administration on the Keystone pipeline project from Canada to Texas.    ...   Chretien served on the board of Power Corporation's Consolidated Bathurst Ltd. and he and his son-in-law, Andre Desmarais, who is married to Chretien's daughter France and owns Manulife Insurance and Cirque du Soleil, were keen to land power plant deals in China, with the assistance of Bo. Chretien's nephew, Raymond Chretien, was named Canada's ambassador to China to help facilitate energy deals between Power Corporation and China. Desmarais, who has been less-than-candid about his religious affiliation, is a strong influence on the Harper government's strong support for the right-wing government of Israel. In fact, the "Marais" in "Desmarais" is the historically Jewish neighborhood of Paris. And Paul Desmarais is known to associate with the Jewish upper crust in Palm Beach, Florida, where he maintains one of his homes.    ...   Another close associate of Desmarais is Maurice Strong, who once served as President of Power Corporation before he became a UN senior bureaucrat who became the leading proponent of greenhouse gad carbon credits under the Kyoto climate change control protocols. Desmarais, the Rothschilds, and Soros has also feathered the nest of Bo's son, Bo Guagua, who attended elite preparatory schools in the United Kingdom, as well as Oxford, a pre-requisite for what Desmarais and the Rothschilds hoped would be the beginning of a Bilderberg Group/Council on Foreign Relations stranglehold on China. Bo Guagua was also a member of the Oxford Emerging Markets student club, a training ground for Rothschild/Soros implants in targeted nations.    ...   Paul Desmarais and his Rothschild consortium business partners, including Evelyn de Rothschild and vulture capitalist Soros, had a lot of hopes invested in Bo being elected to the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party. However, a series of incidents, culminating in the mysterious visit of Bo's chief of police for Chongqing, Wang Lijun, to the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu, nixed any chances that Bo would be elevated to the Politburo, one of nine members of China's top leadership, to fulfill the grand plan of Desmarais and the Rothschilds, namely, Bo becoming the Mikhail Gorbachev of China to set about disestablishing the People's Republic in favor of a capitalist contrivance that would return China to the neo-colonial glory days of economic serfdom and Western financial dominance.    ...   WMR has been informed by our sources in China that the anti-crime exploits of Bo and his former police chief Wang were overly hyped and that the criminals they prosecuted and convicted in Chongqing were mostly small-time criminals. The Politburo discovered that Bo's dealings with the Rothschilds, Desmarais, and Soros constituted a major criminal conspiracy against the People's Republic and its economy.    ...   Meanwhile, the Rothschilds and their network, including Soros, are livid about Bo's ouster. It can be expected that the Soros non-govenrmental organization (NGO) global network will now try to foment a themed revolution in China, not one based on a "soft power" themed revolution using social networks, but one more prone to violence like the uprisings in Libya and Syria. The Rotshchild/Soros clique wants to punish outgoing President Hu Jintao; Prime Minister Wen Jiabao; incoming President Xi Jinping; Bo's chief rival, Guangdong party secretary Wang Yang; and Vice Premier Li Keqiang. After failing to unseat Vladimir Putin in the Russian presidential election, the Rothschilds/Soros financial cartel -- with the Obama administration as their willing accomplices -- will do anything to bring about violent change in Beijing and Moscow.
  • WMR The U.S. government's bail out of insurance giant American International Group (AIG) comes as no surprise to intelligence community insiders. In fact, AIG has been at the center of a number of CIA operations for decades. The federal government's $85 billion "bridge" loan to AIG essentially makes the United States government an 80 percent stakeholder in AIG, a move that will prevent external players from peering into AIG's myriad intelligence operations on behalf of the CIA, according to an insider who has followed AIG's overseas operations for a number of years.  ...   The CIA's analysts who concentrate on Asia have also enjoyed routine access to a huge AIG database maintained in San Francisco. AIG's new building in Hong Kong was intended to be a major outpost for CIA agents assigned the China "beat." However, Chinese intelligence succeeded in thoroughly wiring the building with surveillance systems and AIG's China operations were blown. Chinese intelligence could not believe how sloppy Greenberg and the CIA were in handling the Hong Kong operation." more search terms: Henry Kissinger,  Elliot Spitzer, Maurice 'Hank' Greenberg, Cornelius Vander Starr, Kenneth Starr uncle, C. C. Starr & Company, Clinton, Greenberg CIA head?,  AIG goes back to OSS days, National Intelligence Council, Asia beginings of AIG, close to Beijing, NOC, AIG Hong Kong is CIA outpost, bugged by Chinese, ... Coral Re of Barbados, Starr Foundation'
  • .
  • WayneMadsenReport:  February 9-12, 2012 -- Soros/NED internal "color" revolution in China fails    ...   As George Soros and CIA-supported non-governmental organization (NGO) provocateurs and street demonstration planners have been caught trying to destabilize Russia and Egypt, another less public plot to bring about political change on U.S. terms has been uncovered in China.    ...   Chongqing's vice mayor and police chief Wang Lijun was caught trying to obtain political asylum in the U.S. consulate general in Chengdu, which is not far from Chonqing. Wang, an ethnic Mongol, is a close confidante of Chongqing Communist Party secretary Bo Xilai. Bo's father was a Communist veteran of Mao Zedong's communist guerrilla campaign that ultimately saw the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949.    ...   Bo was hoping to be elevated to the Chinese Communist Party's nine-member Politburo Standing Committee after seven members, including President Hu Jintao, step down later this year. Bo and Wang were the impetus behind Chongqing's western-style real estate boom and development schemes. However, it now appears that Bo and Wang were much more: they were the vanguard of U.S.-controlled Communist Party leaders from outside of Beijing who were to take the places of some of the seven CCP Politburo members.    ...   Soros and Rothschild interests in New York helped fund the Chongqing property bubble in 2005. In late 2010, Soros Fund Management established an office in Hong Kong after an initial multi-billion investment in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Minsheng Bank Ltd. and Longfor Property Group.    ...   Minsheng was headed by Eddie Wang, former head of the China branch of HSBC who reputedly maintained close links with Britain's MI-6. Wang was forced out of Minsheng last year after the bank experienced unexplained disappearances of its funds. In 2011, Longfor was cited by Moody's for a lack of transparency and mis-reported funds disappearances. Wu Yajun ("Madam Wu"), who is reportedly the world's wealthiest woman and is a member of the National People's Congress, was forced out as the general director of Longfor.    ...   Soros and National Endowment for Democracy-controlled NGOs are well-entrenched in the Chinese provinces, according to WMR's Asian intelligence sources. The operations are overseen by the CIA station in Hong Kong. Soros NGOs are also active among Wang's fellow Chinese-Mongols, especially in Inner Mongolia, the scene of recent social unrest.    ...   Soros was trying to install Bo into the Politburo as China's Mikhail Gorbachev. Bo would have been expected to dismantle the state apparatus of the People's Republic of China and sell off Chinese state enterprises to Western investors like Soros and the Rothschilds. Essentially, the PRC would have gone the way of the USSR and China would have fallen to the whims of global vampire capitalism.    ...   However, Wang Lijun's corruption in the Chongqing real estate market has exposed Bo and his Soros-linked plans. Wang's attempt to seek asylum in the U.S. consulate general in Chengdu has exposed the Soros/CIA plans and Bo's candidacy for the Politburo has been nixed. Soros's business operations in China are already under examination by state prosecutors and the commercial police and the Hungarian-American hedge fund tycoon stands to lose billions he has invested in China.    ...   After Soros's attempted "White Revolution" in Russia and "Lotus Revolution" in Egypt were been exposed as CIA operations run through a network of Soros and non-Soros NGOs, and Soros's "Yellow Revolution" government in Maldives was ousted in a counter-coup by the vice president and police, the developments in China have shown that America's last gasp use of "soft power" to influence world events has turned out to be, quoting from Mao, a "paper tiger."    ...   The attempted escape by Wang into the U.S. mission in Chengdu will also bring more Chinese security attention to bear on CIA and Soros operations in other parts of China, including Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Hainan, Hong Kong, and Macao.    ...   Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, expected to become Chinese President later this year, will meet President Obama next week in Washington. We can expect Xi to sternly tell Obama that China will not tolerate U.S. interference in the internal political affairs of China and the Chinese Communist Party.


  • WMR July 20-21, 2011 -- Soros and his Wikileaks friends gear up for the biggest themed revolution yet: China ...   A carefully choreographed Wikileaks release of State Department cables detailing Cambodia's return to China of refugee Muslim Uighur separatists, coupled with a renewed outbreak of separatist violence in the Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR) and a conclave of Tibet's top religious and political leaders in Washington, DC, strongly indicates that George Soro's network of non-governmental organizations and CIA operatives have decided that their next target for a pre-planned "themed revolution" is China.    ...   Soros's Open Society Institute (OSI) has pumped millions of dollars to the "Mother of the Uighurs" Rebiya Kadeer's World Uighur Congress. Kadeer's husband, Sidik Rouzi, is the head of Radio Liberty's Uighur section at the Soros-influenced broadcaster's Munich studios of Radio Free Asia. Rouzi previously worked for Radio Free Asia, which is also a U.S. propaganda outlet that helped stoke Soros 'Saffron' rebellions in Tibet and Burma.    ...   A December 22, 2009, cable from the U.S. embassy in Phnom Penh details how Cambodia, under pressure from China, returned Uighur refugees to China because they were considered "illegal aliens." The cable quotes an article in the Cambodia Daily dated December 19, 2009: "General Khieu Sopheak [Cambodian government spokesman] stated that the Uighurs are 'criminals escaping from China and involved with a terrorist organization in China. If they were really refugees, how did they know where the UNHCR office is in Phnom Penh? And when they arrived in Cambodia they had their people pick them up from the ferry. We don't care if China asks us or not. They are illegal immigrants so we have to apply the law. They are going back the way they came.'" The cable subject line is "SUBJECT: CAMBODIAN ABOUT FACE ON UIGHUR ASYLUM SEEKERS PORTRAYED IN THE MEDIA." The release of the cable by Wikileaks has resulted in a political rift among Cambodian political parties and has sought to create a schism in relations between Phnom Penh and Beijing. The Cambodia Daily is linked to the CIA and the Unification Church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. The paper also has a sweetheart deal that permits it to carry free of charge articles from The New York Times and The Washington Post.    ...   The cable follows with a December 21 report in the same newspaper: "General Khieu Sopheak noted that 20 of the 22 Uighurs who sought refuge in Cambodia were put on a plane to China at about 9pm on Saturday night. 'They were deported at 9 o'clock last night. They went back on a Chinese plane'. He also said the government decided to send the asylum seekers back to China after an investigation revealed that they were criminals connected to a terrorist group in China, which he declined to name. 'They were led to Cambodia by a leader of a terrorist group, but I do not want to mention the name. If they are civilians why didn't they report to the Cambodian government?' he asked."    ...    As the cables were released, Uighurs attacked a police station in Xinjiang. Chinese security forces killed 18 of the attackers, who Kadeer's World Uighur Congress in Germany claimed were "peaceful protesters."    ...    Kadeeris also known as the "Dragon Fighter," which is also the title of her book, the introduction for which was written by the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Not coincidentally, Soros's daughter, Andrea Soros Colombel, is the founder and president of the Trace Foundation and the co-founder, along with her husband, of the Tsadra Foundation. Both organizations directly support the Tibetan government-in-exile and their fingerprints were on the 2008 bloody rebellion in Tibet. Soros's  OSI Burma Project/Southeast Asia also had its fingerprints on the 2007 Buddhist monks' rebellion in Burma, the so-called Saffron Revolution, the same theme applied to the Tibetan uprising in 2008.    ...   As the Wikileaks cable on the Uighurs in Cambodia was released, Tibet's top officials were in Washington. President Obama infuriated China by meeting the Dalai Lama. In addition, the 17th Karmapa Lama, the leader of the Kagyu karma sect who some Buddhists consider to be the third holiest leader of Tibetan Buddhism, was given a hastily-arranged travel permit by India to travel to Washington. Also in Washington was the new prime minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile, Lobsang Sangay. The Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, is a potential heir to the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama, Karmapa, and the prime minister all traveled to Washington on Indian travel documents just prior to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's arrival in New Delhi. Other exiled Tibetan leaders were also in Washington for what was billed as a major Buddhist festival.     ...   China reacted to the meeting of Tibetan leaders by calling in the American charge d'affaires in Beijing a lodging a strong diplomatic protest. But even stronger reaction came from China's Vice President and likely next president, Xi Jinping, who, in a July 19 speech in Lhasa, the Tibetan capital, vowed to crush any attempt to "undermine stability" in Tibet. The speech, which came a day after Obama's meeting with the Dalai Lama, was clearly aimed at the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton in New Delhi, and the Obama administration's allies in the global Soros network of political operatives and "themed revolution" provocateurs. Earlier this year, there was an outbreak of protests among Tibetans in Sichuan, a province of what was once Greater Tibet. Soros's  NGO agents also operate openly in Bhutan, which also adheres to Tibetan Buddhism.    ...    While Obama has tried to placate China by limiting U.S. weapons sales to Taiwan, his administration has opted to create unrest in China's restive regions of Tibet and Xinjiang. However, Obama's friend Soros has also been eyeing other regions of China. In March, violence broke out among ethnic Mongolians in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Soros is linked to groups advocating separation from China of what the separatists call "Southern Mongolia." It is believed the Southern Mongolians receive political and other support from kinsmen in the Republic of Mongolia, where Soros and the CIA have major operations. A center for Southern Mongolian separatism is maintained in New York, where Soros's influence predominates within various human rights groups based in the city.    ...    Soros is also an investor in Hainan Airlines, which serves China's Hainan island, the scene of anti-government unrest in 2009. Hainan is also where China's fleet of nuclear ballistic submarines is based. Soros's daughter's Trace Foundation has also been active in Yunnan province, which has seen disturbances among Kachin refugees trying to enter China from northern Burma and which has seen a massive influx of cheap heroin from U.S.-controlled Afghanistan in what may be a prelude to a revived "Opium War" by the United States. Earlier this year, George Soros moved into Yunnan by announcing the start-up of a Yunnan airline.    ...    Criticism of the Soros family's CIA-linked activities in undermining the Chinese government have been met from the usual suspected quarters of allegations of "conspiracy theories" and the old reliable canard, anti-semitism. Like poisonous centipedes, the two allegations usually travel in pairs. 
More from on AIPAC, Cheney, the Illegal Iraq & Afghanistan Wars
AIPAC, Cheney --- NFU Pages index      
Plame / Wilson / Novak Pentagon mole, AIPAC Spies AIPAC, Mukasey Common

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Shanghai Cooperation Agreement
  • BBC  "China has signed an agreement to buy oil and gas from Iran and to develop Iran's Yadavaran oil field"
  • Energy Bulletin
  • Falls Church News Press  Peak Oil
  • Great Dreams Maurice Strong His principal activities are centered at Peking University, where he is an active Honorary Professor, as well as Honorary Chairman of its Environmental Foundation and Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Research on Security and Sustainability for Northeast Asia, following up on his experience with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
  • Interactive Investor, China / Iran Oil deals...and Middle East
  • National Alliance for Democracy and Reconstruction of Iran
  • Political Theory Daily Review  Organizations, people, publications, scholarship, weblogs
  • notes "BEIJING (Reuters) - China and Iran could sign a multi-billion dollar agreement on developing a major oilfield in Iran as early as next month, the semi-official Caijing Magazine said...... cited Mu Shuling, an executive at Sinopec Corp. (0386.HK), as saying a delegation of the National Development and Reform Commission, China's economic-planning body, could go to Iran as early as March, where the two could sign a deal on jointly developing the Yadavaran field in southern Iran.   The deal, which the magazine said could be worth as much as $100 billion in gas and oil sales and field development costs, follows a memorandum of understanding signed in October 2004. Negotiations over Iranian oil projects often drag on for years




Bo Xilai  /  Desmarais  /  Rothscild
  • FAS
  • notes: Sergio Marchi, liberal trade minister, Lucien Bouchard, Quebec premier, David Emerson.  Xilai crackdown on Falun Gong, publicity loving populism, ... Bo critic: Jiang Weiping arrested. Peter Harder.
  • notes: "In 2008, [David] Emerson [developed MDA guidance systems for 9/11 hijacked planes] joined private equity firm CAI Capital Management [a 9/11 hedge fund controlled by the Desmarais Family] as a senior advisor. Emerson's directorships included: Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada"
  • NoGW Barack Obama - Zionist Wolf In Sheep's Clothing   ...   The Rothschilds are control freaks. In order to attain their goal of complete control of the world's wealth and domination of the world, they need to stop two things. First, they must stop the price of gold and silver going up and second they must stop Dr. Ron Paul from becomming president.
  • UnhivedMind  In China, the Desmarais own 4.3 percent of Hong Kong-based Citic Pacific Ltd., a steel, mining and real estate development company with a market value of $7.2 billion as of July 13. Andre Desmarais joined the board in 1997. His father first ventured into China in the 1970s.   ...   The Desmarais also run a $1.6 billion, Paris-based private equity firm called Sagard Private Equity Partners. Investors include companies managed by the Frere family; Bernard Arnault, CEO of luxury goods giant LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA; and Laurent Dassault of the French aviation family, who’s on Power Corp.’s board.
  • TruthSeeker Brian Mulroney, and billionaire industrialist Paul Desmarais Sr. (Power Corp. Canadian Branch Manager for Rockefeller-Rothschilds) attended the ceremony, at Our Lady Chapel in St. Patrick's Basilica.
  • z15  Subsequently disbanded, Carlyle Canada's special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team on 9/11 included James A. Baker, Frank C. Carlucci, Laurent Beaudoin, Peter G. Bentley, Andre Bisson, Paul Desmarais Sr., Peter Lougheed, Frank McKenna, David P. O'Brian, Hartley T. Richardson (director of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates 'MDA' on 9/11+1
  • Energy Bulletin
  • Abel Danger Maurice Strong After leaving the Power Corporation, Strong became a Liberal Party bureaucrat and created the controversial, left-wing Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). In 1976, still under Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Strong was appointed to run Petro-Canada, the state-run oil company. This wealthy ex-Desmarais employee is an architect of the Kyoto Protocol and has been a powerful advocate of the United Nations world governance and world de-population agenda. 
  • Abel Danger notes: Although some researchers have suggested Anna Louise Strong was the 'cousin' of Maurice Strong, Abel Danger forensic researchers were the first to point out in their ongoing forensic economic investigations, that Maurice Strong may in fact be the son of Anna Louise Strong and Deng Xiaoping. Anna Louise Strong was a dedicated Marxist and a member of the Comintern; she spent time in France with Mao Zedong, Chou En-lai and Deng Xiaoping, and traveled extensively in China. Anna Louise Strong's burial in China in 1970 was organized personally by Chou En-lai.
  • Facebook Rothschild Desmarais
  • Globe&Mail.UK For more than 15 years, Bo Xilai was the Communist Party figure Canadians went out of their way to see, who offered a friendly ear to Montreal's powerful Desmarais clan and a man who Jean Chrétien recently called an “old friend.”
  • MichaelJournal Bilderberg  ...  Without a doubt, Joseph Retinger, a 33rd degree mason. He was the political aide to General Sikorski, and served for the London-based Polish government-in-exile. In addition, at the age of 58, he parachuted into German-occupied territory outside Warsaw for some sabotage missions.
  • notes: After Sarkozy was elected president in May 2007, he awarded Desmarais the Grand Croix de la Legion d’Honneur, an order of merit established by Napoleon in 1802. “If I am the president of France today, it is thanks in part to the advice, the friendship and the loyalty of Paul Desmarais,” Sarkozy remarked.
  • Stormfront good Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion video
  • Asia Business Today a resource of the Asia Society.
  • Bilderberg  One of the most powerful front groups of the Illuminati, which also works as a secret society in itself, is the Bilderberg Group. This is a group which was created in the beginning of the 50's by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands (former SS-officer) and the Polish socialist Joseph Retinger, one of the founders of the European movement. These two persons decided meetings on a regular basis for the European foreign-ministers.
  • Chicago Climate Exchange in spite of its hype, is a veritable rat’s nest of cronyism. The largest shareholder in the Exchange is Goldman Sachs. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley is its honorary chairman, The Joyce Foundation, which funded the Exchange also funded money for John Ayers’ Chicago School Initiatives. John is the brother of William Ayers.   see Barack  Obama.
  • FinanceAsia
  • HomesOfTheRich This beautiful estate belongs to Canadian Billionaire Paul Desmarais. Paul, who is a financier, was worth some $4 billion back in 2008. The estate, which is dubbed Sagard, is located in the Charlevoix area of Quebec, Canada. He also owns homes in Palm Beach and New York
  • Runsky
  • Strong, Maurice  Current appointments include: Chairman of Cosmos International Group; Honorary Professor of Peking University (Beijing), Tongji University (Shanghai), and Environmental Management College of China; Honorary Board Chairman of Peking University Environment Fund; Honorary President, Oriental Environment Research Institute (China); Special Senior Advisor of China International Institute of Multinational Corporations; Co-founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Earth Council Alliance; Member of United States National Academy of Science; Vice-Chairman, Chicago Climate Exchange [KPMG is Climate Exchange plc's auditor; BNP Paribas is the company's principal banker]; Visiting Professor, University of Ottawa (Canada); Member of Korean Academy of Science and Technology; Chairman, International Advisory Board, CH2M HILL Companies.
  • Yahoo Groups "Sun Alliance was itself a product of the merger in 1959 of The Sun, which was founded in 1710, with The Alliance, which was founded in 1824 by Nathan Mayer Rothschild and Moses Montefiore. Sun Alliance went on to acquire London Insurance in 1965 (becoming Sun Alliance & London) and Phoenix Assurance in 1984. The company formally changed its name from Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc to RSA Insurance Group on 20 May 2008″  .
  • z15 about 3 p.m. on Monday, September 10th, 2001, the Carlyle Canada SWAT* team (below) used Carlyle's virtual command and control center in Gatineau, Quebec, to launch a partnership-for-peace exercise with the allegedly-treasonous 42nd president of the United States, Bill Clinton, and his wife Hillary Clinton and, over the next 30 hours, attempted a virtual coup d'etat to destroy American command centers and the Republican administration of incumbent U.S. president, George W. Bush.    ...   *Subsequently disbanded, Carlyle Canada's special weapons and tactics (SWAT) team on 9/11 included James A. Baker, Frank C. Carlucci, Laurent Beaudoin, Peter G. Bentley, Andre Bisson, Paul Desmarais Sr., Peter Lougheed, Frank McKenna, David P. O'Brian, Hartley T. Richardson (director of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates 'MDA' on 9/11+1), William Sinclair and Lynton Wilson (chairman of $100 billion 'pump-and-dump' scamster, Nortel Networks).    ...   On the morning of the 9/11 atacks, Carlyle Canada's privy councilors, Paul Desmarais and Frank McKenna, appear to have ordered Canadian Major General Rick Findley, NORAD's combat commander in Cheyenne Mountain, to stand down the U.S. Air Force and test MDA's 'virtual cockpit' response to simulated 'al-Qaeda' hijackings.
  • GreatDreams   Maurice Strong “With Al Gore’s Earth Day as a Wall Street calling card, Molten Metal’s stock value soared to $35 a share, a range it maintained through October 1996. But along the way, DOE scientists had balked at further funding. When in March 1996, corporate officers concluded that the federal cash cow was about to run dry, they took action: Between that date and October 1996, seven corporate officers—including Maurice strong—sold off $15.3 million in personal shares in the company, at top market value. On Oct. 20, 1996—a Sunday—the company issued a press release, announcing for the first time, that DOE funding would be vastly scaled back, and reported the bad news on a conference call with stockbrokers.    ...   “On Monday, the stock plunged by 49%, soon landing at $5 a share. By early 1997, furious stockholders had filed a class action suit against the company and its directors. Ironically, one of the class action lawyers had tangled with Maurice strong in another insider trading case, involving a Swiss company called AZL Resources, chaired by Strong, who was also a lead shareholder. The AZL case closely mirrored Molten Metal, and in the end, Strong and the other AZL partners agreed to pay $5 million to dodge a jury verdict, when eyewitness evidence surfaced of Strong’s role in scamming the value of the company stock up into the stratosphere, before selling it off. 


Currency, Credit Markets  and Trade
  • Asian Development Group politi
  • Exchangerate  currency, graphs, info
  • China Economic.Net politics, sci&ed, culture, Asia, Africa, EU, Middleeast
  • July 2005, unpegged yuan from dollar, now pegged to basket of currencies.  China has only used free-market capitalism when it suits its own needs.  Won't join NAFTA or CAFTA 
  • China's economic surge came from government funding of rural cooperatives, behind high trade barriers.
  • US trade deficit to China $160 billion.
  • CNN Money "Hong Kong shares fell on expectations that a Chinese investment programme, dubbed the 'through train', which will allow mainland citizens to trade Hong Kong stocks directly, will be further delayed after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao set four conditions for its implementation.
Environment, Resources
  • A Better Earth Alternative Approaches to Environmental Concerns. search: China.
  • Global Response These are some of the environmentally and socially destructive projects in the world.
  • WMR  October 12-14, 2012 -- Oil and island vinaigrette makes for bitter Asian regional political salad   The dispute between China and Japan over their dual claims to the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands has little to do with nationalistic fervor and everything to do with oil and natural gas reserves discovered near the uninhabited rocky outcrops in the East China Sea. This is the information conveyed to WMR by intelligence sources in the region. Joint U.S. and Japanese energy resource surveys of Japanese waters, prompted mainly by the Daichi nuclear plant disaster in Fukushima, spurred Japan to investigate alternate non-nuclear sources of energy in their territorial and near-territorial waters.   ...   Evidence that the area around the islands held exploitable oil and natural gas was discovered by a survey in 1969 conducted by the United Nations Commission for Asia and the Far East (ECAFE).    ...   The Senkakus, once called the Pinnacle Islands by the British Navy, were incorporated into Japan in 1895. Four of the islands, including Kuba, were eventually bought by Japanese business families. After Shintaro Ishihara, the right-wing governor of Tokyo prefecture, announced plans to buy the islands and annex them to his prefecture in order to stir up tensions with rival claimant China, the Japanese government purchased the four privately-owned islands.    ...   After World War II, the Pinnacles became a U.S. territory and was administered as part of the U.S. protectorate over the Ryukus chain, which included Okinawa. In 1972, when the Ryukus and Okinawa, along with the Pinnacles, reverted to Japanese sovereignty, China and Taiwan contested the awarding of the Pinnacles to Japan. The Republic of China, a signatory to the San Francisco Peace Treaty with Japan, believed that control of the islands should have reverted to China because of the Potsdam Declaration protocol of the San Francisco Treaty that stated Japan would only retain sovereignty over "the islands of Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, and such minor islands as we determine." The Republic of China considered the provision granted control of the islands to China and that the islands were administratively part of Yilan County in Taiwan. However, Japan administratively placed control of the islands under the Okinawa Prefecture.    ...   The U.S. continues to maintain a minor military presence on Kuba. U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, during a recent trip to Japan and China, urged the Japanese to tame their rhetoric over the Senkakus and told the Chinese that the U.S. was not siding with the Japanese in the island dispute. The Chinese may have been more convinced of Panetta's sincerity if he had announced the U.S. would cease using Kuba as an aircraft bombing range.    ...   Ironically, the Republic of China on Taiwan and the People's Republic of China on the mainland, which considers Taiwan to be a part of China, agree that the Diaoyus are a constituent part of Yilan County, Taiwan. The Potsdam Declaration was also used by the USSR to lay claim to the four southernmost Kuril Islands north of Hokkaido. Russia continues to occupy the Kuril islands, which may also have oil and natural gas potential, a situation that has heightened Japanese-Russian tensions over control of the islands.    ...   The Liancourt Rocks, known as Takeshima by Japan and Dokdo by South Korea, lie in the Sea of Japan between South Korea and Japan, but closer to Japan. South Korea and Japan are engaged in a bitter sovereignty dispute over the uninhabited rocks. The reason has little to do with historic claims and nationalistic bluster but because the area around the rocks is believed to contain large natural gas reserves. In another ironic twist, North Korea, in a state of war with South Korea, supports South Korea's claim to the Liancourt Rocks.    ...   However, recent Japanese-U.S. undersea surveys in the waters off the islands became known to China, which is also anxious to find alternate energy resources in its adjacent waters. The competition between Tokyo and Beijing for oil and natural gas in contested waters has led to the stand-off over the islands.    ...   The northeast Asian disputes over control of uninhabited or sparesly-populated islands threatens to unravel what was seen as a burgeoning economic trading zone comprising China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Pacific coast of Siberia. 
  • CNN "The Dalai Lama's representatives in India, where he has lived in exile since 1959, have denied Beijing's charges of his complicity in deadly riots that swept Tibet's regional capital on March 14 and urged Beijing to allow an international probe.  But China's Ministry of Public Security said it had arrested "key members" of an underground network in Lhasa working in concert with overseas pro-Tibet independence groups to spark a "Tibet People's Uprising Movement."  "We now have sufficient evidence to prove that the Lhasa incident is part of the Tibetan People's Uprising Movement organized by the Dalai clique. Its purpose is to create crisis in China by staging coordinated sabotage activities," ministry spokesman Wu Heping told the news conference.  "To our knowledge, the next plan of the Tibet independence forces is to organize suicide squads to launch violent attacks."  Wu linked the recent unrest with gatherings of Tibetan rights groups last year and in January, saying that the Tibetan Youth Congress and other participants set down a blueprint to disrupt the Olympics and stir insurrection in Tibetan areas."
  • China Daily  main China daily, 
  • China Eurasia Forum  see CSIS, archive, resources, about.
  • Peoples Daily  main China daily, 
  • Peoples Daily  China daily, 
  • Premier Wen Jiabao
  • Sound Dollar  member list available
  • US-ASEAN USAEN Business Council
  • Xinhua News Agency
  • Any Muslim that says that if your not a Muslim you should be killed is the same as a Bush conservative that can lie to mislead a country into war and kill millions of people throughout the 20th and 21st centuries under the guise of 'freedom'.
THE CHINA SYNDROME, GoldSeek and By: Jim Willie CB,
These are truly significant signposts, without precedent in modern history. The Chinese had been rumored to delink their yuan currency for so long that many within the mainstream doubted the event would ever occur. They did. Now the big rumor is that the Chinese are busy cleaning up their banking system in a preliminary maneuver to set up a gold-backed currency. They pursue the optimal currency index to store their vast horde of reserves, which are expected to top $1 trillion sometime this year. Their piggy bank has just surpassed Japan’s horde, over $850 billion in size. The next two key events are the foundation of the new pan-Asian credit market and the new payment system for international commerce in an indexed currency. The Asian credit market is in its formative stages. They are deciding up on a currency, and believe an index is most appropriate. Squabbles continue, like inclusion of the Taiwan Dollar. Beijing holds some sway in this region, still resentful of Taipei’s independence. Look for the Chinese yuan (based in an index) to take over in the Asian credit market denomination choice. Also, expect major major major hostility and resistance and objection and sabotage from the US authorities. International commerce, like for oil or copper or iron ore or coal or grains begs for reform in its payment system. The Asian Development Group has suggested a currency index for large scale commodity purchase settlements. The Chinese yuan is the natural choice, an evolution which seems to benefit from their route for a managed practical currency index. 

By its evolution as a balanced global index based upon Asian trade, the yuan is walking a clever path to displace the USDollar without the direct “in your face” challenge and insult to the United States. Any elevation and hoist of the yuan on a global platter of respectability and utility is an implicit supplant of the USDollar, a push off the table. Such evolution is monstrously bullish for gold, and such movement is very early, even embryonic. We are in the preliminary, not advanced, stages of removal of the USDollar from its place as world currency, from its place as the only petro-currency. Gold stands as the hidden “anti-US$” in function. In time, the yuan will serve that important role. In the tumultuous process, gold will gain respect, rise in value, and take center stage. Some foresee a time when both the Chinese yuan and the Russian ruble currencies are gold-backed.



In case you haven't the least idea what the heck it means for China to "float" its currency, let me put it in the language we economists use: China's float don't mean squat. Yet our President, a guy whose marks in Economics 101 are too embarrassing to publish here, ran out to hail the fact that buying Chinese money will now cost more dollars. The White House line to the media, swallowed whole, is that by making Chinese money (yuan) more expensive to buy with dollars, Americans will buy fewer computers and toys from China -- and US employment will rise. This will happen when we find Saddam's Weapons of Mass Destruction. Economics Lesson #1: You can't change the value of goods by changing the value of the currency on the price tag. As my comrade Art Laffer wrote me, "If cheap currency makes your products more competitive, all automobiles would be made in Russia." Driven a Lada lately? Economics Lesson #2: Don't take economics lessons from George Bush. Or Milton Friedman. Or Thomas Friedman. What that means, class, is don't believe the big, hot pile of hype that China's zooming economy is the result of that Red nation's adopting free market economic policies. If China is now a capitalist free-market state, then I'm Mariah Carey. China's economy has soared because it stubbornly refused the Free – and Friedman-Market mumbo-jumbo that government should stop controlling, owning and regulating the industry. China's announcement that it would raise the cost of the yuan covered over a more important notice: China would bar foreign control of its steel sector. China's leaders have built a powerhouse steel industry larger than ours by directing the funding, output, location and ownership of all factories. And rather than "freeing" the industry through opening their borders to foreign competition, the Chinese, for steel and every other product, have shut their borders tight to foreigners except as it suits China’s own industries. China won't join NAFTA or CAFTA or any of those free-trade clubs. In China, Chinese industry comes first. And it's still, Mssrs. Friedman, the Peoples’ republic. Those Wal-Mart fashion designs called, chillingly, "New Order," are made in factories owned by the PLA, the Chinese Peoples' Liberation Army. In an interview just before he won the Nobel Prize in economics, Joe Stiglitz explained to me that China's huge financial surge -- a stunning 9.5% jump in GDP this year -- began with the government's funding and nurturing rural cooperatives, fledgling agricultural and industry protected behind high, high trade barriers. It is true that China's growth got a boost from ending the bloodsoaked self-flagellating madness of Mao's Cultural Revolution. And China, when it chooses, makes use of markets and market pricing to distribute resources. The truth is, Chinese markets are as free as my kids: they can do whatever they want unless I say they can't. Yes, China is adopting elements of "capitalism." And that's the ugly part: real estate speculation in Shanghai making millionaires of Communist party boss relatives and bank shenanigans worthy of a Neil Bush. It is not the Guangdong skyscrapers and speculative bubble which allows China to sell us $162 billion more goods a year than we sell them. It is that China's government, by rejecting free-market fundamentalism, can easily conquer American markets where protection is now deemed passé. And that is why the yuan has kicked the dollar's butt. America’s only response is to have Alan Greenspan push up real interest rates so we can buy back our own dollars the Chinese won in the export game. The domestic result: US wages drifting down to Mexican maquiladora levels. Am I praising China? Forget about it. This is one evil dictatorship which jails union organizers and beats, shackles and tortures those who don't kowtow to the wishes of Chairman Rob -- Wal-Mart chief Robson Walton. (Funny how Mr. Bush never mentions the D-word, Democracy, to our Chinese suppliers.) Class dismissed.

  • 1715 British East India Company opens its first trading office in Canton; China begins trading in opium.  1729 Emperor Yung Cheng prohibits opium smoking in China.  1787 British Secretary of State Dundas proposes that Britain storm China and create more of an opium market to suppress the Chinese people.  1796 Edict of Peking forbids import of opium into China.  1823 Samuel Russell, second cousin to Skull & Bones founder William H. Russell, establishes Russell & Company. Its business was to acquire opium from Turkey and smuggle it into China, where it was prohibited, under the armed protection of the British.  1830 Britain imports 18,956 chests of opium to China. Opium becomes the largest commodity in world trade.  1836 Britain imports 30,000 chests of opium to China.  1840 First Opium War in China, as Chinese protest British import of drugs.  1843 Port of Shanghai opened to foreign trade. The first lot in the port is rented by Britains Jardine Mathieson & Co. Other lots are rented by Sumuel Russell, an American representing Baring Brothers. Captain Warren Delano (FDRs grandfather) becomes a member of the Canton Regatta Club, and enters into dealings with the Hong Society. Delano founds his fortune on opium trafficking into China, and later becomes the first vice chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board.  1906 China and Britain agree to reduction of opium production.
Monsanto and Bill Gates -- are they playing a bio-war game in China?
February 13-15, 2009 -- Monsanto and Bill Gates -- are they playing a bio-war game in China?

WMR's intelligence sources in China are raising concerns over a program in China that is seeing the introduction of Monsanto-produced genetically-modified strains of wheat in China to combat a deadly stem rust fungus known as Uganda99 or "Ug99." The spread of the fungus from Africa to the Arabian peninsula, Iran, India, and now China, comes at a time when world food prices are increasing due to droughts, water shortages and the removal of arable land for the production of bio-ethanol plants. The introduction of the Monsanto genetically modified organism (GMO) wheat seeds in China is reportedly being carried out with grants from the Bill Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Some in China worry that Ug99 may be part of a U.S. bio-war program to make countries like China subservient to U.S. food exports during a time when the world is facing shortages in its grain stocks.

The stem rust fungus was in the bio-war stockpiles of the United States and the Soviet union during the Cold War. Ug 99 spread from Uganda in 1999 to Kenya in 2001, Ethiopia in 2003, and in 2007 across the Red Sea into Yemen when cyclone Gonu's winds spread the stem rust spores from Africa into Asia. The spores have now been detected in Iran and the Punjab region of Pakistan.

There is some concern that Monsanto, as well as the Switzerland-based firm Syngenta, are taking advantage of the stem rust plague to introduce GMO seeds to countries like China and India, which have been resistant in the past to such offerings.

The involvement of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the connections between its secretive Plum Island laboratory off Long Island and the U.S. Army's bio-war center at Fort Detrick, Maryland, has Chinese officials highly concerned about the wheat GMOs from Monsanto and Ug99.

WMR US spy plane incident with China more serious than reported   July 8, 2008 --
The April 1, 2001, incident between a U.S. Navy EP-3E signals intelligence (SIGINT) aircraft and two Chinese J-8 fighters 70 miles off Hainan island was worst than reported by the media at the time. According to National Security Agency (NSA) sources, the Navy aircraft, after being intercepted by the two Chinese fighters, was forced to land at Lingshui airbase on Hainan by one of the two Chinese aircraft. The other Chinese fighter crashed after it collided with the wing of the EP-3E SIGINT aircraft. The nose and a propeller of the US Navy plane was damaged in the collision.

NSA intercepts of the incident reveal that the plane, piloted by Shane Osborn, who later received the Distinguished Flying Cross for "heroism," did not land at Hainan voluntarily but was forced down by the other Chinese jet. In addition, the EP-3E flight crew was not able to destroy much of the plane's classified equipment and other material because of the threat it would be shot down if the Chinese pilot saw material being thrown from the plane into the South China Sea. This editor described the standard emergency destruction protocols for aircraft such as the EP-3E and P-3 anti-submarine warfare aircraft on The News Hour with Jim Lehrer on April 3, 2001.

Reports at the time stated that the US Navy plane conducted an emergency landing on Hainan without Chinese authorization. According to the NSA intercepts of Chinese communications, the original story about the unauthorized landing now appears to be false. China retained possession of the "black boxes" from the EP-3E aircraft that would have shown that China demanded the aircraft land on Hainan or be shot down.

Based on NSA intercepts of the event, it now appears that the Chinese not only obtained classified SIGINT and electronic intelligence (ELINT) material but also extremely classified and sensitive cryptographic keying material. In effect, the worst case scenario as described by this editor on The News Hour played out: " if they [the Chinese] got those keys, that means they could decode all past U.S. intelligence, military communications around the world, not just in that area [Southeast Asia] but in other places as well."

The forcing down of the EP-3E aircraft may represent the worst compromise of US classified information since North Korea captured the NSA spy ship, the USS Pueblo, on January 23, 1968. In that case, classified information, including cryptographic keying material, ended up in the hands of not only the North Koreans, but the Soviets.

NSA intercepts of the Hainan incident also reveal that before the US crew was released on April 11, 2001, Secretary of State Colin Powell warned Beijing of U.S. military action against China if it did not immediately release the crew and plane. The plane was later dismantled by a Lockheed Martin crew sent to Lingshui airbase and was flown out on a Russian-built Antonov 124 transport plane.

The Washington Post and New York Times hailed George W. Bush's handling of the spy plane incident with China. However, based on the NSA intercepts, the forcing down of the Navy plane with its treasure trove of classified information represented the most damaging compromise of US classified material since 1968. The NSA director at the time, Air Force General Michael Hayden, was promoted to Deputy Director of National Intelligence and Director of the CIA.


TiO2 at the heart of major two-way U.S.-Chinese spy war     February 17-19, 2012 --
WMR  A strategic mineral oxide, a major spy scandal, a suspicious suicide, and a White House meeting between President Obama and the incoming President of China, current Vice President Xi Jinping, all point to the major industrial espionage war currently being waged between China and the United States. And contrary to claims from the United States that China is conducting a major industrial espionage campaign against the United States, WMR's sources in China report that the current spy wars are a two-way street, with Washington as aggressive as China and possibly more so with an American scientist ending up dead with fingers pointing at the CIA and Dupont.

Over a period of several months, federal prosecutors in San Francisco have brought indictments against California businessman Walter Liew and his wife Christina Liew for criminal conspiracy to commit espionage against Dupont, as well as other charges. Just prior to Xi's visit to the United States, the Justice Department brought espionage charges against the Pangang Group, a Chinese state-owned steel-making enterprise based in Sichuan province, and three of its subsidiaries.

Two executives of Pangang were originally detained in the United States as part of the espionage investigation, however, they were permitted to return to China prior to Vice President Xi's visit.

In addition to the Liews and Pangang, indictments were also brought against two former Dupont employees who were allegedly part of the industrial espionage ring. The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California, Melissa Haag, has vowed an aggressive campaign against Chinese industrial espionage and Walter Liew is accused of having as one of his Chinese interlocutors a current high-ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party Politburo.

To thicken the plot even further, Timothy Spitler, a former consultant to Liew and one-time Dupont chemical engineer, reportedly committed suicide in Reno, Nevada on January 30, just prior to the indictments being issued against Pangang and the two former Dupont employees. Spitler was scheduled to testify on behalf of the U.S. government against the Liews and the Chinese company. Few details have been published on the circumstances of Spitler's alleged suicide.

See Obama Body count... Tim Spitler  

The high-stakes espionage between China and the United States concerns the mineral titanium oxide (TiO2), also known as titania, a mineral for which Spitler had expertise.

TiO2 has been at the forefront of Chinese research and development on titanium dioxide nano-photocyde technology that has been discovered by Chinese scientists to kill viruses and bacteria in air conditioning and waste water systems. Before China was devastated by the SARS and avian influenza outbreaks, Chinese scientists were light-years ahead of the United States and Dupont in research on nano-photocydes, especially at research centers in Fuzhou and Hong Kong. It was technology that the CIA, working through Dupont non-official cover intelligence agents, dearly wanted to get their hands on.

However, the U.S. industrial spies in China were not interested in TiO2 for safeguarding the environment but for something more in tune with U.S. interests: TiO2 is also an important component in military stealth technology that is used to defeat radar systems and a source for such strategic rare-earth minerals as neodymium, cerium, and lanthanum.

Spitler was a specialist in nanomaterials for Dupont and BHP Minerals. There are indications that in addition to supplying the FBI with information on the Liews and Pangang, he made have also stumbled across the CIA activities by Dupont China in acquiring secrets on Chinese stealth coating technology. Spitler's knowledge of such CIA activities under Dupont China cover, may have earned him a death sentence by the CIA's very active "wet affairs" element.

Dupont's own industrial espionage activities involving Chinese research and development into TiO2 is supplemented by Dupont's operations in Taiwan. Dupont maintains a large titanium dioxide plant in Kuan Yin, Taiwan. The CIA and its Office of Strategic Services (OSS) predecessor have long used Dupont for its weapons development programs in China. During World War II, Dupont produced for the OSS in China a high-explosive powder disguised as flour. The granular flour-like explosive, which matched the grayish Chinese wheat flour, was nicknamed "Aunt Jemima," and the flour could be baked into explosive biscuits and pancakes, which only became deadly when a detonator was attached to the baked goods.

Today, the Dupont white pigment and mineral plant in Kuan Yin is the home to one of the world's largest TiO2 plants and with a production rate of 60,000 tons a year, makes Dupont the world's largest producer of TiO2. Taiwanese chemical engineers for Dupont are well-placed to ferret out titanium oxide secrets from Chinese research centers across the Taiwan Straits for their own company and the CIA.

Haag, like her Chicago counterpart, Patrick Fitzgerald, appear more interested in aggressively protecting the interests of the CIA than in meting out fair and proper justice.


WMR  World intelligence agencies: Obama's long form birth certificate a rank forger     April 28, 2011 --
From intelligence agencies around the world, the verdict on President Obama's newly-released certificate of live birth from Hawaii is in: the certificate is a rank forgery on the same level as the Niger "yellow cake" uranium and Iraq Oil Ministry forged documents. Intelligence and law enforcement services are experts on fake documents since they have to deal with large numbers of counterfeit documents, such as birth certificates, passports, identity cards and driver's licenses, as well as currency. Intelligence agencies are also experts at forging their own documents for their clandestine agents.
The term 'African' not used in 'Race of Father' line on birth certificates in 1961.

and see


Within 24-hours of the release of the long form Certificate of Live Birth on April 27, intelligence agencies from Britain and China to Germany and Russia examined the document and concluded it was a forgery based on the fact that Barack H. Obama Sr.'s race, listed as "African," was a monumental error, considering that not only the United States, but other English-speaking nations described Africans and those of African descent as either "Negroes" or "blacks" in 1961.

Intelligence experts point out that "African" is a major clue indicating a forgery.

In 1961, the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare classified non-Whites, who were not Asian, Eskimo, Aleut, Hawaiian, part-Hawaiian, or other "non-White," as "Negro." The U.S. Census Bureau also used the term "Asian and other Pacific Islander" in 1961, which included Filipino, Hawaiian, and part-Hawaiian. The Census Bureau, like HEW, used the term "Negro" to describe blacks and those of black descent. The term "mulatto," used to describe those of mixed white and black ancestry, ceased being used by the U.S. Census Bureau in 1918.

1961 Vital Statistics of the United States; U. S. Dept. of Health Education, and Welfare; Public Health Service; National Center for Health Statistics; National Vital Statistics Division;

Race and color

Births in the United States in 1961 are classified for vital statistics into white, Negro, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Aleut, Eskimo, Hawaiian and Part-Hawaiian (combined), and "other nonwhite."

The category "white" includes, in addition to persons reported as "white," those reported as Mexican or Puerto Rican. With one exception, a reported mixture of Negro with any other race is included in the Negro group; other mixed parentage is classified according to the race of the nonwhite parent and mixtures of nonwhite races to the race of the father. The exception refers to a mixture of Hawaiian and any other race, which is classified as Part-Hawaiian. In most tables a less detailed classification of "white" and "nonwhite" is used.

In the United Kingdom, the terms "black" and "Asian" were used in the 1961 census to describe those who were "non-white British" nationals. Barack Obama, Sr., as a citizen of the British Colony of Kenya, would have known that his British racial designation was "black" in 1961. The term "African" was not used as a racial designation in either the colony of Kenya or on the British mainland. In South Africa and other British colonies in Africa, "Coloured" was used to describe those of mixed white-black descent.

The consensus among intelligence agency experts is that the Obama long form Certificate of Live Birth was hastily manufactured by an amateur who never thought of using the standard race designation of Negro in Barack Obama, Sr.'s racial designation block on the form either due to ignorance or an attempt to be politically correct in 2011 by refusing to use an accepted term from 1961.

The past decade has seen the use of crude forgeries to propel the United States into a war in Iraq (the bogus Niger "yellow cake" uranium documents) and to try to indict various U.S. and foreign politicians and businessmen (the fake Iraq Oil Ministry "Oil-for-Food" documents). The Obama forged Certificate of Live Birth represents yet another attempt to perpetuate a fraud on a grand scale.


Paul Desmarais

Wikipedia Paul Desmarais
Wikipedia Paul Desmarais, Sr., PC, CC (born January 4, 1927, in Sudbury, Ontario) is a Canadian financier in Montreal. With an estimated net worth of $US 4.5 billion (as of March 2011), Desmarais was ranked by Forbes as the 4th wealthiest person in Canada and 235th in the world.[1] He is CEO of the Power Corporation of Canada (PCC), a Canadian company active in the fields of mass media, pulp and paper and financial services. Contents [hide] 1 Personal life 2 Career 3 Power Corporation of Canada 4 Criticism 5 Links in France 5.1 Business links 5.2 The escape of Paribas 5.3 Friendship with Nicolas Sarkozy 6 References 7 External links [edit]Personal life

Desmarais has two sons: Paul Jr. and André (who is married to former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's daughter France) and two daughters, Sophie and Louise.[2] Sophie Desmarais’ ex-husband, Eric Le Moyne de Sérigny, is involved in a political financing scandal in France known as the Bettencourt case widely covered by the French media.[3] French President Nicolas Sarkozy came under fire after allegations that his presidential campaign was illegally funded by Liliane Bettencourt, L’Oreal heiress and France’s wealthiest woman.[4] Sérigny is close to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, heads numerous companies, and a member of the board of directors of Imerys, a mining company partially owned by a subsidiary of the Power Corporation of Canada and majority owned by the Desmarais family and tycoon Albert Frère, the richest man in Belgium who was involved in the UN Oil-for-Food scandal.[5][6] He has a large family estate in Sagard, Quebec, Canada between the villages of Saint Simeon and Petit-Saguenay: the field Laforest. His area of over 75 square kilometers has an estimated value of more than 50 millions (Canadian dollars). The architecture of the mansion was designed and overseen primarily by Sylvain Larouche, head of his team of 18 prominent architects.[7] Desmarais also owns homes in Palm Beach, Florida and New York. Paul Desmarais or his sons belong to associations denounced by the left, such as the Bilderberg Group, the North American Competitiveness Council, which defines the Partnership for Prosperity and Security, as well as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Rockefeller family. He is a staunch opponent of the Quebec sovereignty movement. On February 2, 2009, French president Nicolas Sarkozy made comments asking Quebec sovereigntists to focus on unity and not separation from Canada, and to put their goals of sovereignty on hold during tough economic times. This angered many sovereigntists who claimed that Sarkozy was acting under the influence of Desmarais.[8] [edit]Career

After having graduated from University of Ottawa and McGill University, Desmarais began his career at a Montreal accounting firm called Courtois, Fredette et cie, before working at a bankrupt short-line railroad and bus line, Sudbury Bus Lines, established by his grandfather. He then acquired additional bus lines in the Ottawa area and Quebec City (including Quebec Autobus and Provincial Transport).[9] The company was sold to him for a symbolic 1 CAD, because it was almost bankrupt. By 1968 the holding company which Desmarais had acquired three years earlier, Trans-Canada Corporation Fund (TCCF), owned the bus line Provincial Transport, an interest in Toronto-based Imperial Life Assurance and Gesca Ltée, (which had an interest in the Montreal paper La Presse). That year TCCF made a share-exchange offer with the Power Corporation of Canada, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, whereby Paul Desmarais became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. [edit]Power Corporation of Canada

Taking advantage of the substantial investment of the Power Corporation of Canada, Desmarais took control of a large stationery, Consolidated Bathurst (built since in Stone-Consolidated, then merged to form Abitibi-Consolidated, Abitibi-Bowater today). Subsequently, CPC has diversified under the leadership of Desmarais. He bought the newspaper La Presse, which enabled him to gain experience in the field of print media in Canada. In addition, he owns about 15% of Groupe Bruxelles Lambert, a Belgian holding company, which in 2001 acquired a 25% interest in the German media company Bertelsmann, whose subsidiaries include BMG and Random House (the German company Bertelsmann bought the 25% back in July 2006). Groupe Bruxelles Lambert owns 3.7% of the French oil conglomerate Total. Then he looked for companies in Europe to extend the influence of PCC, he met the Belgian financier Albert Frere to the Board of Directors of Paribas. The two men have discovered an alter ego, applying the same financial techniques: a friendly takeover of healthy firms experiencing financial hardship, but temporary. In 1974, Desmarais named employee Paul Martin, Jr. as president of a Power Corporation of Canada subsidiary, Canada Steamship Lines Inc. In 1981, he sold the company to Laurence Pathy and Paul Martin, Jr.The latter became Prime Minister of Canada in December 2003. Paul Desmarais is also the former employer of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Jean Chrétien, Brian Mulroney and Maurice Strong, the "father of the Kyoto Accords, which was sacked for taking part in a fraud of 10 billion USD under the food program in Iraq Oil cons.[10] He was Canada’s 4th richest man in 2007 and his severe drop in wealth in 2008 reflected a 44 percent plunge of the Power Corporation of Canada's shares, when the company’s profits fell 41 percent – its lowest share price since 2002.[11] PCC is working with the Carlyle Group and the half-brother of Nicolas Sarkozy. [edit]Criticism

The Desmarais family enjoys close connections to politicians worldwide. Critics charge that the family’s political connections provide it with unfair advantages in business.[12] Desmarais’ relative obscurity outside of Canada has been used to hide his family’s countless political connections and influence in business as well as politics.[13] Over the years political observers have pointed out the enormous and unusually powerful influence Desmarais has over Canadian federal politics. Desmarais has been charged by Canadian reporters as having a direct pipeline into every Prime Minister’s office. A number of Prime Ministers and other influential Canadian elected officials are or have been financially dependent on Desmarais, including 20th Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, who sat on the board of the Power Corporation of Canada.[14] [edit]Links in France

[edit]Business links Paul Desmarais (son) is a member of the Board of Directors of Total SA and Suez. They frequently combine their European operations with the Belgian financier Albert Frere. Paul Desmarais (son) is also a member of the board and the Lafarge Group. The Desmarais family also maintains relations with the French Dassault industrial dynasties, Peugeot and Rothschild, among others. Nicolas Sarkozy has privatized companies in which the Power Corporation of Canada has invested. Through the Carlyle Group, several LNG port projects are under development with controversial Rabaska in Quebec and the Northern Medoc in France.[15] [edit]The escape of Paribas In 1981, to thwart the nationalization of Paribas desired by François Mitterrand, newly elected president, Paul Desmarais launches in the company of Albert Frere and other European businessmen in Operation Noah's Ark . It was to recover the Belgian subsidiaries (Copeba) and Swiss Paribas (Paribas Switzerland), launching a public exchange offer through a Swiss company, Pargesa. The operation fails, but allows Paul Desmarais bind to important financial and European politicians. [edit]Friendship with Nicolas Sarkozy According to Le Figaro, Paul Desmarais Sr. is a close associate of President of the French Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy. Paul Desmarais Sr. and President Sarkozy were at the party at Fouquet's to celebrate the election of the new president on May 6, 2007.[16] In 2004, Nicolas Sarkozy has stayed in his estate in Sagard, in Charlevoix, a good distance from the St. Lawrence. "When you walk into the property, it is opening a first gate. Then you have to go miles and miles before arriving at the castle."Nicolas Sarkozy told about the stronghold of his friend Desmarais.[17]

Wikipedia Bo Xilai
Bo Xilai (born 3 July 1949) is a Chinese politician and member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of China. He came to prominence through his tenures as the mayor of the coastal economic hub of Dalian and subsequently the Governor of Liaoning province. From 2004 to November 2007, he served as the Minister of Commerce, and in 2007 he was appointed as the Communist Party of China (CPC) Chongqing Committee Secretary, first-in-charge of the Western interior municipality. He was removed from that position in March 2012. The son of Bo Yibo, one of the Eight Elders of the Communist Party of China, Bo Xilai is identified with the "princeling" faction in Chinese politics. He cultivated a casual and charismatic image in the media—a departure from the normally staid nature of Chinese politics. During his tenure in Chongqing, Bo became known for a distinct style of heavy-handed populism. He initiated an ambitious campaign against organized crime, reinstated egalitarian welfare programs for the city's working class, maintained consistent double-digit GDP growth, and initiated campaigns to revive a Cultural Revolution-era "red culture." Bo's promotion of egalitarian values and the achievements of his "Chongqing model" made him the champion of the Chinese New Left, composed of both Maoists and social democrats disillusioned with the country's market economic reforms and increasing wealth disparities.[1] However, the perceived lawlessness of Bo's anti-corruption campaigns, coupled with concerns about his outsized personality, made him a controversial figure. Bo was considered a likely candidate for promotion to the nine-member Politburo Standing Committee in 2012. His political fortunes came to an abrupt end with the Wang Lijun incident, in which his top lieutenant and police chief allegedly sought asylum at a U.S. consulate. In the fallout, Bo was removed from his Chongqing party post in March 2012. Contents [hide] 1 Early life 2 Early political career 3 Liaoning 3.1 Mayor of Dalian 3.2 15th Party Congress 3.3 Provincial Governor 4 Minister of Commerce 5 Leading Chongqing 5.1 Organized crime 5.2 Red culture movement 6 Political ambitions 7 Downfall 8 Political alignment and affiliations 9 Family 10 References 11 External links [edit]Early life

Bo Xilai was born in Shanxi in 1949, the fourth child of prominent Communist Party member, Bo Yibo. The elder Bo served as Minister of Finance in the early years of the People's Republic of China, but fell from favor in 1965 for supporting open trade with the West. When the Cultural Revolution began in 1966, Bo Yibo was labeled a "rightist" and a "counterrevolutionary" and purged from the party.[2] He spent the ensuing twelve years imprisoned, where he was reportedly tortured. His wife, Hu Ming, was beaten to death. Bo Xilai was 17 years old when the Cultural Revolution began, and at the time attended the No. 4 High School in Beijing—one of the best in the city.[3] In the early years of the Cultural Revolution, Bo is reported to have been an active member of the notorious liandong Red Guard organization[4][3] and may have at one point denounced his father.[5] As the political winds of the Cultural Revolution shifted, Bo and his siblings were either imprisoned or sent to the countryside, and Bo Xilai spent five year imprisoned.[6] After the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, the members of the Gang of Four were officially blamed for the chaos of the Cultural Revolution, and Bo's family was released. Bo Yibo was politically rehabilitated, and in 1979 became vice premier. After his release, Bo Xilai worked at the Hardware Repair Factory for the Beijing Second Light Industry Bureau. He was admitted to the Peking University by examination in 1977. Unlike many of his contemporaries in the Chinese leadership who studied engineering, Bo majored in world history.[7] In his sophomore year, Bo enlisted in a Master's program in international journalism at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,[3] graduating with a Master's degree in 1982.[8] He joined the Communist Party in October 1980.[8] [edit]Early political career

During the 1980s, the Bo family regained its political influence with Bo Yibo serving as vice premier. Yibo came to be known as one of the “eight elders” (sometimes referred to as the “eight immortals”) of the Communist Party, and was instrumental in the implementation of market reforms in the 1980s. Although he favored more liberal economic and trade policies, the elder Bo was also politically conservative, and endorsed the use of military force against student demonstrators in the 1989 Tiananmen Square Protests.[2] In the wake of the 1989 crackdown, Yibo helped ensure the ascent of Jiang Zemin to succeed Deng Xiaoping as Communist Party leader and helped Jiang consolidate power in the 1990s[7] Bo Yibo remained a prominent figure in the party until his death in 2007,[2] and was influential in shaping the political career and alignments of his son Bo Xilai.[9] Following Bo Xilai’s graduation from university, he was assigned to Zhongnanhai, the central government compound in Beijing.[7] There, he worked with the Research Office of the CPC Central Committee Secretariat and CPC Central Committee General Office.[3] However, he soon requested a transfer to the provinces, and in 1984 was appointed deputy Party secretary of Jin County, near Dalian in the northeastern province of Liaoning.[7] In an interview with the state-run People’s Daily, Bo recalled later that his family name created obstacles to his work in this era. “For quite a long time people had reservations about me,” he said.[9] Bo subsequently became Deputy Secretary and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Secretary of the Jinzhou Prefectural Party Committee in Liaoning. Rising again in rank within the party, he became a member of the Standing Committee of the Dalian Municipal CPC Committee, the city's top decision-making body, and became the Vice-mayor of Dalian in 1990.[citation needed] In 1993, Bo became deputy Party secretary and mayor of Dalian.[7] [edit]Liaoning

[edit]Mayor of Dalian Bo took up the post of acting Mayor of Dalian in 1992, and served as mayor from 1993 to 2000.[8] The modern city was built upon the colony of Port Arthur during the late Qing Dynasty. He was elected as deputy secretary of CPC Dalian Municipal Committee in June 1995, the city's second-in-command. Bo also served as secretary of the Communist Party for Dalian from 1999 to 2000, becoming the city's top political figure. Bo's tenure in Dalian was marked by the city's phenomenal transformation into a modern metropolis, representative of China's economic growth. The Shenyang-Dalian Expressway was built in the early 1990s, becoming China's first expressway. Dalian has since then been known as one of the cleanest cities in China, having won the UN Habitat Scroll of Honour Award. Despite the accompanying economic growth and increase in GDP per capita, Bo's tenure in Dalian has sometimes been criticized as having been too focused on aesthetic development projects. Bo spent seventeen years in the city of Dalian, a lengthy term in comparison to his colleagues. [edit]15th Party Congress During the 15th Party Congress in 1997, Bo Xilai’s family launched an unsuccessful campaign to secure his promotion to become a member of the Central Committee of the CCP. Although nepotism was generally frowned upon in China, Bo Yibo’s ambitions for his son were well known.[10] Bo Yibo advanced the idea that each high-ranking official could put forward one child to become a high-ranking official, and Bo Xilai was selected as his family’s representative over his older brother Bo Xicheng.[10] The selection was likely based on Xilai’s superior educational credentials, which included attendance at the elite Peking University and a master’s degree. In order to secure Bo Xilai’s selection for promotion during the 15th Party Congress, the family launched a nationwide campaign to publicize his son’s "achievements" as mayor of Dalian.[10] This included commissioning novelist Chen Zufeng to write a report portraying Bo "as a man who is as statesman-like as Henry Kissinger, as environmentally conscious as Al Gore, and almost as beloved by the public as Princess Diana."[10] Despite the publicity campaign, Bo Xilai failed even to gain a seat in the Liaoning provincial delegation to the Party Congress. Ultimately, Bo gained a seat with the Shanxi delegation, but was unable to secure a nomination for promotion.[10] The failure of Bo to enter the fifteenth Central Committee has been attributed, in part, to a general opposition to nepotism within the Party.[10] Moreover, during his tenure in Dalian, Bo caused resentment for the amount of 'special favours' that he procured for the coastal city at the expense of the rest of the province.[10] His perceived partisan interests locked Bo's kin in a factional struggle against Li Tieying, one of China's central leadership figures, who may have created obstacles to his promotion.[10] In the months leading up to the 15th Party Congress, Bo Yibo and Bo Xilai assisted then-President Jiang Zemin in preparing to force political rival Qiao Shi into retirement. The elder Bo’s outspoken support for Jiang during the 15th Party Congress may have contributed to Jiang's decision to promote Bo Xilai to governor of Liaoning.[7] Bo Xilai also curried favor with Jiang by supporting his "Three Stresses" (San Jiang) campaign in 1997.[7]


Bilderberg List from NoGW
Coene, Luc, Governor, National Bank of Belgium * Davignon, Etienne, Minister of State * Leysen, Thomas, Chairman, UmicoreChina * Fu, Ying, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs * Huang, Yiping, Professor of Economics, China Center for Economic Research, Peking UniversityDenmark * Eldrup, Anders, CEO, DONG Energy * Federspiel, Ulrik, Vice President, Global Affairs, Haldor Tops鴈 A/S * Sch黷ze, Peter, Member of the Executive Management, Nordea Bank ABGermany * Ackermann, Josef, Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank * Enders, Thomas, CEO, Airbus SAS * L鰏cher, Peter, President and CEO, Siemens AG * Nass, Matthias, Chief International Correspondent, Die Zeit * Steinbr點k, Peer, Member of the Bundestag; Former Minister of FinanceFinland * Apunen, Matti, Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA * Johansson, Ole, Chairman, Confederation of the Finnish Industries EK * Ollila, Jorma, Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell * Pentik鋓nen, Mikael, Publisher and Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin SanomatFrance * Baverez, Nicolas, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP * Bazire, Nicolas, Managing Director, Groupe Arnault /LVMH * Castries, Henri de, Chairman and CEO, AXA * L関y, Maurice, Chairman and CEO, Publicis Groupe S.A. * Montbrial, Thierry de, President, French Institute for International Relations * Roy, Olivier, Professor of Social and Political Theory, European University InstituteGreat Britain * Agius, Marcus, Chairman, Barclays PLC * Flint, Douglas J., Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings * Kerr, John, Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell * Lambert, Richard, Independent Non-Executive Director, Ernst & Young * Mandelson, Peter, Member, House of Lords; Chairman, Global Counsel * Micklethwait, John, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist * Osborne, George, Chancellor of the Exchequer * Stewart, Rory, Member of Parliament * Taylor, J. Martin, Chairman, Syngenta International AGGreece * David, George A., Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A. * Hardouvelis, Gikas A., Chief Economist and Head of Research, Eurobank EFG * Papaconstantinou, George, Minister of Finance * Tsoukalis, Loukas, President, ELIAMEP GrisonsInternational Organizations * Almunia, Joaqu韓, Vice President, European Commission * Daele, Frans van, Chief of Staff to the President of the European Council * Kroes, Neelie, Vice President, European Commission; Commissioner for Digital Agenda * Lamy, Pascal, Director General, World Trade Organization * Rompuy, Herman van, President, European Council * Sheeran, Josette, Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme * Solana Madariaga, Javier, President, ESADEgeo Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics * Trichet, Jean-Claude, President, European Central Bank * Zoellick, Robert B., President, The World Bank GroupIreland * Gallagher, Paul, Senior Counsel; Former Attorney General * McDowell, Michael, Senior Counsel, Law Library; Former Deputy Prime Minister * Sutherland, Peter D., Chairman, Goldman Sachs InternationalItaly * Bernab�, Franco, CEO, Telecom Italia SpA * Elkann, John, Chairman, Fiat S.p.A. * Monti, Mario, President, Univers Commerciale Luigi Bocconi * Scaroni, Paolo, CEO, Eni S.p.A. * Tremonti, Giulio, Minister of Economy and FinanceCanada * Carney, Mark J., Governor, Bank of Canada * Clark, Edmund, President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group * McKenna, Frank, Deputy Chair, TD Bank Financial Group * Orbinksi, James, Professor of Medicine and Political Science, University of Toronto * Prichard, J. Robert S., Chair, Torys LLP * Reisman, Heather, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc. Center, Brookings InstitutionNetherlands * Bolland, Marc J., Chief Executive, Marks and Spencer Group plc * Chavannes, Marc E., Political Columnist, NRC Handelsblad; Professor of Journalism * Halberstadt, Victor, Professor of Economics, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings * H.M. the Queen of the Netherlands * Rosenthal, Uri, Minister of Foreign Affairs * Winter, Jaap W., Partner, De Brauw Blackstone WestbroekNorway * Myklebust, Egil, Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, sk Hydro ASA * H.R.H. Crown Prince Haakon of Norway * Ottersen, Ole Petter, Rector, University of Oslo * Solberg, Erna, Leader of the Conservative PartyAustria * Bronner, Oscar, CEO and Publisher, Standard Medien AG * Faymann, Werner, Federal Chancellor * Rothensteiner, Walter, Chairman of the Board, Raiffeisen Zentralbank 謘terreich AG * Scholten, Rudolf, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AGPortugal * Balsem鉶, Francisco Pinto, Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister * Ferreira Alves, Clara, CEO, Claref LDA; writer * Nogueira Leite, Ant髇io, Member of the Board, Jos� de Mello Investimentos, SGPS, SASweden * Mordashov, Alexey A., CEO, Severstal Schweden * Bildt, Carl, Minister of Foreign Affairs * Bj鰎ling, Ewa, Minister for Trade * Wallenberg, Jacob, Chairman, Investor ABSwitzerland * Brabeck-Letmathe, Peter, Chairman, Nestl� S.A. * Groth, Hans, Senior Director, Healthcare Policy & Market Access, Oncology Business Unit, Pfizer Europe * Janom Steiner, Barbara, Head of the Department of Justice, Security and Health, Canton * Kudelski, Andr�, Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group SA * Leuthard, Doris, Federal Councillor * Schmid, Martin, President, Government of the Canton Grisons * Schweiger, Rolf, St鋘derat * Soiron, Rolf, Chairman of the Board, Holcim Ltd., Lonza Ltd. * Vasella, Daniel L., Chairman, Novartis AG * Witmer, J黵g, Chairman, Givaudan SA and Clariant AGSpain * Cebri醤, Juan Luis, CEO, PRISA * Cospedal, Mar韆 Dolores de, Secretary General, Partido Popular * Le髇 Gross, Bernardino, Secretary General of the Spanish Presidency * Nin G閚ova, Juan Mar韆, President and CEO, La Caixa * H.M. the Queen of SpainTurkey * Ciliv, S黵eyya, CEO, Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S. * G黮ek Domac, Tayyibe, Former Minister of State * Ko�, Mustafa V., Chairman, Ko� Holding A.S. * Pekin, Sefika, Founding Partner, Pekin & Bayar Law FirmUSA * Alexander, Keith B., Commander, USCYBERCOM; Director, National Security Agency * Altman, Roger C., Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc. * Bezos, Jeff, Founder and CEO, * Collins, Timothy C., CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC * Feldstein, Martin S., George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University * Hoffman, Reid, Co-founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn * Hughes, Chris R., Co-founder, Facebook * Jacobs, Kenneth M., Chairman & CEO, Lazard * Johnson, James A., Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC * Jordan, Jr., Vernon E., Senior Managing Director, Lazard Fr鑢es & Co. LLC * Keane, John M., Senior Partner, SCP Partners; General, US Army, Retired * Kissinger, Henry A., Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc. * Kleinfeld, Klaus, Chairman and CEO, Alcoa * Kravis, Henry R., Co-Chairman and co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis, Roberts & Co. * Kravis, Marie-Jos閑, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc. * Li, Cheng, Senior Fellow and Director of Research, John L. Thornton China Center, Brookings Institution * Mundie, Craig J., Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation * Orszag, Peter R., Vice Chairman, Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. * Perle, Richard N., Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research * Rockefeller, David, Former Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank * Rose, Charlie, Executive Editor and Anchor, Charlie Rose * Rubin, Robert E., Co-Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury * Schmidt, Eric, Executive Chairman, Google Inc. * Steinberg, James B., Deputy Secretary of State * Thiel, Peter A., President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC * Varney, Christine A., Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust * Vaupel, James W., Founding Director, Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research * Warsh, Kevin, Former Governor, Federal Reserve Board * Wolfensohn, James D., Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC
Wikipedia List of anti-ship missiles

[edit]NATO countries

AGM-119 Penguin anti-ship missile.

(All missiles based on radar homing unless otherwise noted.)


P-15 Termit (SS-N-2 Styx)

(Listed by official Soviet/Russian name, followed by GRAU designation and NATO reporting name in parentheses.)



  • BrahMos  Supersonic cruise missile (range of 290 km) jointly developed by India and Russia.


  • Ra'ad - Indigenously developed long-range anti-ship missile based on HY-2 Silkworm.
  • Noor - upgraded copy of Chinese C-802.
  • Tondar - upgraded copy of Chinese C-801. Similar to Noor but powered by solid rocket booster and range of 50 km.
  • Thaqeb - Similar to Noor, modified for submarine launch.
  • Nasr - Several versions based on TL-6 and C-705
  • Kowsar 1/2/3 - Several versions based on Chinese C-701 TL-10 and C-704
  • Fajre Darya- copy of Sea Killer II.
  • Khalij Fars - Anti ship ballistic missile based on Fateh-110
  • Qader - Iranian anti-ship cruise missile with a range over 200 km.


[edit]People's Republic of China

  • SY-1 (SS-N-2 Styx) - Shang You 1 is a Chinese copy of the Soviet P-15 Styx ship-to-ship missile, initially produced in 1960s under license with Soviet-supplied kits. After the Sino-Soviet Split, production resumed with Chinese-made components. [3]
    • SY-1A - Improved SY-1 missile with mono-pulse terminal guidance radar
  • SY-2 (CSS-N-5 Sabot) - Also known as Fei Long 2, radar-guided ship-to-ship missile produced in 1990s as replacement for the SY-1. Similar to SY-1 in size, the SY-2 can be launched from existing SY-1 launchers. [4]
    • SY-2A - Extended-range version of the SY-2 with new turbojet engine and GPS guidance, can be deployed from air as air-launched anti-ship missile.
    • SY-2B - Improved SY-2A anti-ship missile with supersonic speed and low-level flight.
    • FL-7 - Land-to-ship version of SY-2, for export only
  • HY-1 (CSS-N-1 & CSS-N-2 Silkworm) - The Hai Ying 1 isn extended range anti-ship missile based on the SY-1 design. [5]
    • HY-1J - Ship-to-ship version of HY-1 missile
    • HY-1JA - Improved HY-1J with new radar and better ECM & range
    • HY-1A - Land-to-ship version of HY-1JA
    • HY-1B - Target drone for HQ-2A SAM
    • HJ-1YB - Target drone fro HQ-61 SAM
    • YJ-1 - Also known as the C-101, a ramjet powered upgrade to the HY-1. The YJ-1 never entered production, but the engine was used in HY-3.
  • Silkworm missile
  • HY-2 (CSS-C-3 Seersucker) - Also known as the C-201, the Hai Ying 2 is a land-to-ship missile developed from the HY-1. [6] Generally considered obsolete, no ship-to-ship version was built.
    • HY-2A - IR-guided version of HY-2
    • HY-2AII - Improved version of HY-2A
    • HY-2B - Improved HY-2 with mono-pulse radar seeker
    • HY-2BII - Improved HY-2B with new radar seeker
    • C-201W - Extended-range version of HY-2 with turbojet engine, for export only.
  • HY-3 (CSS-C-6 Sawhorse) - Also known as C-301, the HY-3 is an active radar-homing land-to-ship missile with ramjet engine. Developed in 1980s based on HY-2 and YJ-1 technology. [7]
  • HY-4 (CSS-C-7 Sadsack) - Turbojet powered version of HY-2, the HY-4 is a land-to-ship missile with mono-pulse radar. [8]
    • XW-41 - Air-launched land-attack version of HY-4 under development.
  • YJ-6 (CAS-1 Kraken) - Also known as the C-601 air-launched anti-ship missile, developed from HY-2 in 1980s [9]
  • TL-6 - Anti-ship missile designed to engage naval vessel with displacement up to 1,000 tons.
  • TL-10 - Light weight fire and forgot anti-ship missile designed to engage naval vessel with displacement up to 800 tons.
  • YJ-62 - The Yingji 62 is a long-range (280 km) subsonic anti-ship cruise missile [10]
  • YJ-7 - also known as the C-701, the Ying Ji 7 is a lightweight anti-ship missile developed in 1990s. This missile can be launched from land, air, or sea, with TV, IR image, and millimetre radar guidance. However this is a light anti-ship missile with only 29 kg warhead and 15–20 km range, it was not accepted into service by the PLAN for anti-shipping roles, but instead, it is generally used as an air-to-surface missile instead. [11]
  • C-704 - Anti-ship missile designed to engage ships with displacement between 1,000 tons to 4,000 tons
  • YJ-8 (CSS-N-4 Sardine) - The Yingji 8 series anti-ship missiles is also known as the C-80X. Unlike previous missiles, the YJ-8 series is developed based on western design concepts, rather than the original Soviet Styx. The YJ-8 is more similar to the French-made Exocet Anti-ship missile. [12] The YJ-8 can be launched from sea, land, air, and even submarines. [13]
    • YJ-8A (C-801A) - YJ-82 with folded wings
    • YJ-8K (C-801K) - Air-launched version of YJ-8 anti-ship missile [14]
    • YJ-8Q (C-801Q) - Submarine-launched version of YJ-8
    • YJ-82 (CSS-N-8 Saccade) - Also known as C-802, extended range (120 km) land-to-ship missile
    • YJ-82A (C-802A) - Improved YJ-82 showcased at DSEI in 2005, with published range of 180 km.
    • YJ-82K (C-802K) - Air launched version of YJ-82 [15]
    • YJ-83 (C-803) - Extended range supersonic version of YJ-82 developed in mid 1990s
    • YJ-83K (C-803K) - Air-launched version of YJ-83
    • YJ-85 (C-805) - Land-attack cruise missile (LACM) version under development
  • YJ-12 - Newest Chinese supersonic anti-ship missile that externally looks similar to French ASMP missile.
  • DH-10 - Cruise missile able to carry a wide range of warheads, including nuclear and EMP weapons.
  • HN-1 - Hong Niao-1 cruise missile
  • HN-2 - Hong Niao-2 cruise missile
  • HN-3 - Hong Niao-3 cruise missile

[edit]Taiwan (Republic of China)

  • Hsiung Feng I - Brave Wind I is a subsonic ship-to-ship developed by CIST in 1970s, said to be based on the Israeli Gabriel missile.
  • Hsiung Feng II - Brave Wind II is a subsonic missile with ship-to-ship, surface-to-ship, and air-to-ship versions. It is not an improved version of HF-I, but rather a new design.
  • Hsiung Feng III - Brave Wind III is a new supersonic (Mach 2 - 2.5) ramjet ship-to-ship missile currently in development by CIST



WMR  Beijing, China -- Hong Kong banks facilitate Romney casino skim as GOP funders meet in Hong Kong
September 28-30, 2012 -- Beijing, China -- Hong Kong banks facilitate Romney casino skim as GOP funders meet in Hong Kong

Shortly after WMR's report appeared on Mitt Romney's campaign benefiting from non-tax declarable private "winnings" from U.S.-owned casinos in Macau, a variation of the Las Vegas "skim" used by Italian mobsters to shave five percent off pre-tax profits from Las Vegas casinos during the 1960s, top expatriate Republicans held a Romney fundraiser at Hong Kong's Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Romney has been extremely critical of China's trade and monetary policies even though his Bain Capital firm has reaped substantial profits from its China ventures that mostly involved the outsourcing of American jobs to China. However, Romney's criticism of China has not dampened his support from the Hong Kong chapter of Republicans Abroad who were expected to rake in an "official" $385,000 in contributions from Republican businessmen based in Hong Kong, Macau, and southern China's Guangzhou and Shenzen.

U.S. House of Representatives Majority Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California was due to appear at the Hong Kong event that planned to draw a small number of American businessmen from Hong Kong investment and hedge fund firms, as well as banks.

One the same day that Republicans Abroad held the fundraiser for Romney, the group also sponsored a "Republicans Abroad Absentee Voter Registration Assistance" seminar at the American Club in Hong Kong.

Republicans Abroad Hong Kong is run by Ross Feingold (not to be confused with the former U.S. Democratic senator from Wisconsin whose name is Russ Feingold). Feingold is, according to our Hong Kong intelligence sources, close to Sands China owner Sheldon Adelson, who has pumped $24 million into the campaigns of Romney and other Republicans.

As we reported in our earlier story, there are no provisions for expatriate American high-stakes VIP winners at casinos in Macau to declare their winnings to the Internal Revenue Service or any other tax regime. There are also no provisions to prevent the Macau winning skim to be funneled into the Romney campaign. WMR's intelligence sources in Hong Kong rpeort that such transfers into the Romney campaign are being conducted with the help of Central Intelligence Agency personnel who work under non-official cover for Hong Kong-based international banks, including one large Dutch financial institution.

Shuttle buses (above left) move Chinese and other Asian gamblers to and from Adelson's casinos like the Venetian (above right) and to and from the Chinese border with Macau and ferry terminals that connect the gambling haven to Hong Kong and China. Adelson has plans to expand his casinos from Macau and Singapore to South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Vietnam. Adelson is also going to open a Euro-Vegas complex in Madrid, where global banking-directed austerity has destroyed the middle class. Adelson's business practices are such that only an unscrupulous billionaire like Romney could fall in love with them.

The foreign money skim into the Romney campaign is also assisted by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons), who maintain a large presence in Hong Kong. There is also a Mormon presence in Macau but a WMR visit to the church there revealed a storefront operation where the local staff appeared to be a brain washed collection of Americans and Macanese. The Romney campaign also has help from another cult active in Hong Kong, the Unification Church of the late "Reverend" Sun Myung Moon. Hong Kong serves as the base of operations for the Unification Church's "National Messiah for China."

Tucked away in a dark corner of Macau is the small Mormon church. However, what it lacks in size is made up for by its influence within the Macau Anti-Corruption Commission.

Although their numbers in Macau are small, WMR has learned that the Mormons have members who conveniently work for the Macau Commission Against Corruption. The commission is tasked with preventing corrupt business practices in Macau, including the funneling of illegally-acquired money from Macau casinos into the Romney campaign.

Adelson is not the first Jewish businessman to arrive on Macau's shores to make it rich. Jewish influence can be seen in Macau's old Portuguese architecture. Over a hundred years ago, Portuguese Jews were heavily involved in Macau's mah jong betting parlors, which gave rise to pawn shops where Chinese addicted to gambling lost their possessions. The balcony (above left) is around the corner from today's pawn shops (above right) that continue to collect the possessions of China's burgeoning middle and upper class who have become addicted to gambling. Like the Opium Wars of the 19th century, Western businessmen are addicting Chinese to gambling in the same manner as their forebearers addicted the Chinese to heroin and opium.

Adelson, who is a major supporter for the Binyamin Netanyahu government in Israel, has a virtual security force in southern China to ward off anyone who might want to delve a biut too deep into the laundering of casino money from Macau into surrounding regions. The Israeli Consulate General in Guangzhou (the former Canton) reportedly maintains several safe houses in southern China and coordinates its activities with the Israeli Consulate General in Hong Kong. At at least one of the safe houses in the Guangzhou area is a sizable weapons cache. The Israelis shipped the weapons into China before the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics after Beijing authorities were convinced that security for Israeli athletes could only be guaranteed by Israeli security agents. However, the weapons never left China when the Israeli security agents departed. Armed Israeli Mossad and other Israelis operate in southern China as an enforcement arm for Israeli smugglers and other criminal syndicates active in the region.


WMR Beijing -- China: A neocon domino but one not to be trifled with     October 1-3, 2012
October 1-3, 2012 -- Beijing -- China: A neocon domino but one not to be trifled with

October 1 is the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. China marked the celebration by launching its first aircraft carrier, a converted Ukrainian carrier, from its naval port at Dalian.

If the American neocons have their way, there will be no 64th anniversary celebration of the People's Republic of China. The neocons, who either were Trotskyites or are the children or grandchildren of Jewish Trotskyites have always had one goal since Joseph Stalin quickly dispatched Leon Trotsky for daring to cooperate with FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and the U.S. House Un-American Activities Committee -- the overthrow of Marxist-Leninist governments everywhere.

The invasion and occupation of Iraq was to eliminate the Arab Baath Socialist regime of Saddam Hussein. The neocon and George Soros-supported "Arab Spring" movement was designed to eliminate all vestiges of Gamal Abdel Nasser-inspired and Baath socialism in the Arab world: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen (North and South), Syria, Sudan, and, eventually, Algeria. Although Iran's government in not socialist but religious-based, the neocons have made common cause with the one-time Marxist-Leninist Mujaheddin-e-Khalq (MEK) to overthrow the government in Tehran.

Neocons are stalking chameleons, willing to change their political colors to suit their own long-term goals. Many were once Democrats who nested inside the Democratic Party until they saw another opportunity: gaining political strength by changing to Republican and joining the Ronald Reagan administration. However, a number of these neocons continue to be found inside the Democratic Party, mostly within the State Department and working for Hillary Clinton. Clinton spokeswoman Victoria Nuland is a case in point: she is married to arch-neocon Robert Kagan.

Neocons supported the Bill Clinton administration's obliteration of Yugoslavia to eliminate socialism in the country, which was once a key member of the socialist-leaning Non-Aligned Movement, an organization that Iran now presides over. African Marxist-Leninist governments have all but disappeared as a result of the militarization of U.S. Africa policy through the creation of the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM). And socialist governments in Latin America are under an onslaught from the combined forces of the neocons and Soros's non-governmental organizations that are pumping money into right-wing political parties through CIA contrivances like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

After Iran: China and North Korea

Informed Chinese government officials have told WMR here in the Chinese capital that the neocons, after they manage to overthrow Iran, will target China and North Korea. Hillary Clinton's bellicose anti-China rhetoric on her repeated visits to Asia suggest the Chinese should be concerned. Clinton has rattled her sabers in countries on China's borders, from India and Myanmar to Laos, Vietnam, Brunei, and the Philippines. Only Malaysia is resisting Clinton's creation of a "Greater East Asia Co-Military Sphere," a U.S. version of the Imperial Japanese Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere of World War II. But Soros-funded opposition parties and media, including the Malaysiakini web portal, are trying to unseat the Barisan Nasional Party supported by old Soros nemesis, the former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed, a critic of U.S. imperialist policies in Asia and around the world.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has done his best to try and limit the damage from Clinton's war talk, visiting Tokyo to pressure Japanese rightists not to seek a military confrontation with China over the disputed Diaoyu/Senkaku islands in the East China Sea.

China celebrates 63rd anniversary of People's Republic of China, As Hillary Clinton, Soros, and neocons turn up heat on China, they fail to understand that China's mostly youthful population of 1.5 billion people, coupled with millions of overseas Chinese in Hong Kong, Macau, and around the world will rally to China's support in a showdown with the United States, will make mincemeat of the U.S. military in Asia and result in a World War II-style mass detention of Chinese-Americans by the U.S. Homeland Security Department -- a disaster for the United States.

The United States would do well to avoid unleashing the Soros/neocon minions on China to create another "colored revolution" like those fomented in Russia, the Arab countries, and other nations. The purge of Bo Xilai and Gu Kailai, favorites of the Rothschild/Soros clique, serves notice of what will befall those who decide to act on behalf of the globalists, international financiers, and bankers. As China prepares for its congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the Western provocateurs are scheming behind closed doors in London, Washington, New York, and Brussels. Starting a Pussy Riot in China will result in some pussies being jabbed with electric batons and worse by the Guoanbu: rely on it.

However, there are clear signs that Clinton and her posse of neocons and Soros agents provocateurs are increasingly involving themselves in Chinese domestic politics. Bo Guagua, the son of convicted murderer of British businessman Neil Heywood Gu Kailai and ousted Chongqing Communist Party boss Bo Xilai, is beginning to issue communiques from U.S. protection in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a sign that he has powerful benefactors connected to the U.S. government. Harvard and its Center for International Affairs (CIA) are a nexus for U.S. intelligence activities, especially breeding new generations of foreign leaders for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mongolia: A landlocked U.S. aircraft carrier

The neocon and Soros ranks have apparently decided to emulate the ancient Mongols and establish landlocked Mongolia as a launching pad for a campaign of Americsan destabilization and eventual occupation of China.

U.S. plans for Mongolia as a beach head to China have become clearer with the recent opening of the American University if Mongolia (AUM) in Ulan Bator. The university is financially supported by a number of Soros-linked NGOs, U.S. and Australian mining companies active in Mongolia, including Ivanhoe, Rio Tinto, and Newcom Group, as well as General Electric. AUM is sponsored by the American University of Mongolia Development Foundation. AUM is chaired by J. Peter Morrow, the former chief executive officer of Khan Bank and who has also worked for Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI), the USAID/CIA front contractor that was caught spying in Cuba and which once employed Barack Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, as a CIA non-official cover operative who targeted Communists in Indonesia.

In a September 18, 2012 press release, Morrow wrote, "we intend to educate young leaders for Mongolia's future, leaders who can advance Mongolia in the global community." But these "prospective Mongolian leaders," like the U.S.- and British-groomed Bo Guagua, are destined to carry America's water in an Asia transformed into a continent-wide breeding pen for cheap labor to service Western companies.

Another founder of AUM is T. Layton Croft, whose wife Alyson Croft is the former Mongolia Country Director for the CIA-connected Asia Foundation. Joining Croft is founding the university is the Mongolian NGO, the Zorig Foundation, named for assassinated Mongolian politician Sanjaasurengiin Zorig, who was found in 1998 in his Ulan Bator apartment stabbed 16 times. His assassin or assassins have never been found.

In early 2012, Mongolia signed the Individual Partnership and Cooperation Program with NATO. In addition, Mongolian troops have served in U.S. campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. In August, NATO sponsored "Khann Quest 2012," a military exercise in Mongolia that drew troops from the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany, and China's chief military menace, Japan.

Mrs. Clinton has stressed that Mongolia serves as a model for the type of "free democratic system" that should exist in China.

The United States is at a crossroads in Asia: it can opt for diplomacy in a second Obama administration with John Kerry as the possible Secretary of State. Or, an Obama administration with Susan Rice at the helm at Foggy Bottom or a Romney administration will continue to encircle China and seek to overthrow its government. Although there is a "new China," the Chinese people continue to honor the founders of the PRC, like Mao Zedong (above left) and Zhou Enlai (above right) as those who brought them universal education and health care and a China that emerged on the global stage as a major world power. They will fight by the hundreds of millions to protect their country and any would-be aggressor, like the United States or Japan, will attack China at the sacrifice of their major cities and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of their citizens.

The AUM's work in Mongolia is complemented by the American Center for Mongolian Studies, which includes as a member institution President Obama's mother's, father's, and step-father's CIA-connected alma mater, the University of Hawaii at Manoa and its East-West Center. Soros's operations iin Mongolia are in concert with USAID, the Asia Foundation, the environentalist Goldman Foundation, and Mercy Corps.

In addition, Soros's Open Society Institute runs most of the NGOs active in Mongolia in concert with the Asia Foundation.

Mongolia's importance as a virtual U.S. aircraft carrier to attack China, as well as the nation's rich deposits of gold, copper, and rare earth minerals, makes it a prime target for U.S. military and intelligence operations in the region. Mongolia hosts a number of field National Security Agency sites targeting Chinese military and diplomatic communications.

Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, taking time away from his attendance at the annual UN General Assembly meeting in New York, helped inaugurate the AUM at a ceremony in the United States. Elbegdroj's presidential chief of staff, Puntsag Tsagaan, is a founder of AUM.

The American reception inaugurating AUM drew a number of American guests, including official and non-official CIA operatives with past experience in "nation-building" in Afghanistan and Iraq.



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  • Webster Tarpley / DeepJournal Joseph Nye is the North American Director of the Trilateral Commission and a big wheel of the Bilderberger Group.... see ‘soft power', ...  and Obama's economics team, ... Austin Goolsby, who is a professor of economics at the University of Chicago, this means he belongs to these infamous Chicago boys founded by Milton Friedman.  ... a Skull and Bones  free trader.  ... the British have signaled who the new enemy is, with the [Alexander] Litvinienko story and the [Anna] Politkovskaya story, both created by Boris Berezovsky - a Russian oligarch working for British intelligence – they have signaled that the new enemy is now the people in Moscow.  ... this rogue B-52 that flew from North Dakota to Louisiana with six live nuclear cruise missiles on board, was supposed to go to the Middle East and attack Iran, Sept 6, 2007, Syria, ... Brzezinski hates Russia ... his son .. Ian Brzezinsky runs John McCain's foreign policy and writes a lot of McCain's foreign policy material.   Brzezinsky says to the neocons: ‘You bunglers'.  ‘We gave you the clash of civilizations as an idea' and he says: ‘What you should have done is to play these different countries one against the other. The essence of imperialism is you don't attack Iraq , you play Iran against Iraq. You don't attack Venezuela , you play Colombia against Venezuela. ‘And ultimately you don't attack Russia ' he says, ‘You play China against Russia  ... but both Moscow and Beijing know exactly what Brzezinski is doing.  ... Obama is nothing, no pedigree, His pedigree is first of all the Ford Foundation.  ...  Ayres hired Obama to become president of the board of the Edinburg – Chicago Challenge, which is yet another foundation funded effort at social engineering and racial conflict inside the Chicago school system  the Soros foundations and in particularly this institution called The Albert Einstein Institution, with its head Gene Sharp. These are the people who organize color revolutions, coup d'états under human rights cover, invasions under human rights cover and things of this sort.  Zbigniew Brzezinski is the guru of the entire campaign.
  • 1792  Stormfront The 99 year British lease on Hong Kong expired in July 1999 allowing the Red Chinese to take over. Hundreds of newspaper stories and TV reports have covered this event but not one revealed how England first gained control of Hong Kong! The truth lies buried in the family line of David Sassoon, "The Rothschilds of The Far East," and their monopoly over the opium trade. Britain won Hong Kong by launching the opium Wars to give the Sassoons exclusive rights to drug an entire nation!   ...David Sassoon was born in Baghdad, Iran in 1792. His father, Saleh Sassoon, was a wealthy banker and the treasurer to Ahmet Pasha, the governor of Baghdad. (Thus making him the "court Jew" - a highly influential position.) In 1829 Ahmet was overthrown due to corruption and the Sassoon family fled to Bombay, India.  This was the strategic trade route to interior India and the gateway to the Far East. In a brief time the British government granted Sassoon "monopoly rights" to all manufacture of cotton goods, silk and most important of all - Opium - then the most addictive drug in the world!  ...   The Jewish Encyclopedia of 1905, states that Sassoon expanded his opium trade into China and Japan. He placed his eight sons in charge of the various major opium exchanges in China. According to the 1944 Jewish Encyclopedia: "He employed only Jews in his business, and wherever he sent them he built synagogues and schools for them. He imported whole families of fellow Jews. . . and put them to work."    ...   Solomon Sassoon moved to Hong Kong and ran the family business there until his death in 1894. Later, the entire family moved to England because with modern communications they could operate their financial empire from their luxurious estates in London. They socialized with royalty and Edward Albert. Sassoon married Aline Caroline de Rothschild in 1887 which linked their fortune with that of the Rothschilds. The Queen also had Edward knighted. All 14 of the grandsons of David Sassoon were made officers during World War One and thus most were able to avoid combat.  Wikipedia David Sassoon  Although David Sassoon did not speak English, he became a naturalised British citizen in 1853. He kept the dress and manners of the Baghdadi Jews, but allowed his sons to adopt English manners. His son, Abdullah changed his name to Albert, moved to England, became a Baronet and married into the Rothschild family. All the Sassoons of Europe are said to be descendants of David Sassoon.  and BobTuskin Throughout the 19th century the British families of Matheson, Keswick, Swire, Dent, Inchcape, Baring and Rothschild controlled the Chinese heroin traffic. The Inchcape’s and Baring’s Peninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company (PONC) transported the dope around the world. When a British subject named Mohandas Ghandi spoke out against the opium trade in 1921, he was jailed by India’s British rulers for “undermining the revenue”. and * Like the present 'royal family,' Palmerston made a pretense of being a Christian but was in fact a servant of Satan. Many satanists became leaders of British aris- tocracy and made immense fortunes out of the China opium trade. I learned from the papers in the museum named after Victoria that she changed the name of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in 1885 in order to break away from the Catholic connection of the Order's founder, Peter Gerard, and renamed it the "Protestant Most Venerable Order of Jerusalem." Membership was open to every oligarchical family that had made its fortune in the China opium trade and every thoroughly decadent family received place in the 'new order.' Many of these venerable gentlemen were responsible for overseeing the prohibition era in the United States from Canada, where several of its members supplied the whisky ferried to the United States. Notable among this group was Committee of 300 member Earl Haig, who gave his whisky franchise to old Joe Kennedy. Both prohibition and the distilleries who met the demand for alcohol were creations of the British Crown acting through the Committeemen of 300
  • 1837 ImperialChina August Belmont came to New York City in 1837, a stopover on his way to Havana, but stayed on in Gotham, buying securities, debts and property during the "Panic of 1837." Many say he was acting as an agent for the Rothschilds. Also in 1837 George Peabody, an old "China" trader—among other ventures—settled in London and brought into his sphere JS Morgan, progenitor of JP Morgan. Many Bonesmen were partners and principals in Morgan-related firms.
  • 1857 Modern History Project In 1857, the Illuminati met in London to decide America's fate. They had to create an incident which would allow the establishment of a Central Bank and that had to be a war since wars are expensive and governments have to borrow to pay for them. Canada and Mexico weren't strong enough, as evidenced by Santa Anna's defeat in Texas the year before, England and France were too far away, and Russia wasn't under their control. So they decided to "divide and conquer" by fermenting a conflict between the North and the South. The North was to become a British Colony annexed to Canada and controlled by Lionel Rothschild while the South was to be given to Napoleon III of France and controlled by James Rothschild.  see Rense
  • 1871 ForbiddenKnowledge Astor Bloodline, see Committee of 300, John Jacob Astor, of top13 family, the Russell's,  got a slice of the China opium trade.  ...  Just like the Rothschild's, DuPont's, and Rockefellers, the Astor's always set one of their Astor males as the head of the entire family   ...  at least five Astor's are now members of the Pilgrim Society. The Pilgrims had recently included David Astor, John Jacob Astor 8th, and William Waldorf Astor 3rd. And during the 1970s, Baron Astor of Hever was the President of the London branch of the Pilgrims. This implies that Astor of Hever was at least the next level up in the chain of command. The Astor's also have been very prominent in the Group’ which is Britain's equivalent to the Skull & Bones Society.  In 1919, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) was created. And the Astor's were the major financial backers of the RIIA which functions as the 4° cover of the Illuminati. For those who are new to this, the RIIA is the British equivalent to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which takes a major role in the policy making process in the U.S. Waldorf Astoria was appointed to the RIIA.
  • 1887: IAmTheWitness Opium trafficker in China, Edward Albert Sassoon, marries Aline Caroline de Rothschild, the grand-daughter of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild. Aline Caroline's father, Gustave, together with his brother, Alphonse, took over the Rothschild's french arm following their father Jacob's death.   ...   The Rothschilds finance the amalgamation of the Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa. They subsequently become the biggest shareholders of this company, De Beers, and mine precious stones in Africa and India.  and see WingTV  Cecil Rhodes, a student and devoted fan of Ruskin, 'Feverishly exploited the diamond and gold fields of South Africa. With financial support from Lord Rothschild he was able to monopolise the diamond mines of South Africa as De Beers Consolidated Mines.
  • WMR After engaging in out-of-area invasions and occupations of Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Libya, the "North Atlantic" Treaty Organization, NATO, has transformed itself from a Cold War defensive alliance into a global offensive axis of nations that acts with or without United Nations authorization.  ...  NATO, under its own umbrella or the aegis of the UN or European Union, has established de facto neo-colonial governments in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, and Libya. Political advisers from NATO nations act as virtual colonial administrators in all these nations, exercising veto authority over the governments installed by Western military might. NATO's template for invasion and occupation is now being honed for north Sudan and Syria. more Syrian Opposition ... search terms: SFOR, Stabilization Force, EUFOR, European Force, Camp Butmir, EUPM European Peace Mission, European Union Special Representative EUSR, Muslim Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo Liberation Army, KFOR, ISAF International Security Assisstance Force, Cosmic Top Secret, Marc Grossman replaced Richard Holbrooke,  NATO training mission Iraq, AFRICOM, Operation Unified Protector, NATO plans also foresee NATO-directed regimes soon coming to power in Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Iran in the near future, with North Korea, Russia, and China in a more distant crystal ball.
  • 1911 Derhonigmannsagt One of the forces behind globalization and one of real rulers of the World: Multinational Exxon came into existence after the splitting of Rockefeller´s StandardOil in 1911.The Rothschild partners Goldman Sachs, State Street Corp. are big shareholders.  Not everybody wants chairman Mao and his “The East is Red” or his “Little Red Book” into our company. Mao was illuminist (like all communists) and the greatest mass murderer this world has ever seen. Todays China is still based on illuminism – as is the CFR and the products it boasts of having produced, e.g.the EU. The Little Red Book had a tremendous impact on the West in the 1970´es. And this lore has not been forgotten.
  • 1916 Dejan Lucic Edmund Rothschild  built his career by pushing the British-Khazar interests in the post-war Japan. In cooperation with Winston Churchill he founded the BRINCO Corporation (British Newfoundland Development Corporation) in Canada. Edmund’s daughter Catherine is married to Marcus Agius, the president of “Barclay’s” global financial group (after the acquisition of ABN-AMRO, a Dutch banking group, these two Rothschild groups have become one). Marcus is also at the head of the BBC corporation. Wikipedia From December 1 2006, he is serving as a non-executive director in the BBC's new Executive Board. He is also the Trustee of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and is Chairman of the Kew Foundation.  Marcus, a Roman Catholic; married Katherine (born 1949), daughter of Edmund de Rothschild and see history FundingUniverse ABN Amro and links to BCCI
  • 1940: IAmTheWitness Hansjurgen Koehler in his book, "Inside The Gestapo," states the following, of Maria Anna Schicklgruber, Adolf Hitler's grandmother, "A little servant girl…….came to Vienna and became a domestic servant…….at the Rothschild mansion…….and Hitler’s unknown grandfather must be probably looked for in this magnificent house." This is backed up by Walter Langer in his book, "The Mind Of Hitler," in which he states, "Adolf’s father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber…….Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back home…….where Alois was born." On the surface, it would appear Hitler was unlikely to be a Rothschild, but then again, when you discover the benefits that the Rothschilds got out of this war, both financially and politically, a Rothschild connection does not appear as outlandish as it may initially seem. 1941: President Roosevelt takes America into the second world war by refusing to sell Japan any more steel scrap or oil. Japan was in the midst of a war against China and without that scrap steel and oil, Japan would be unable to continue that war. Japan was totally dependent upon the United States for both steel scrap and oil. Roosevelt knew this action would provoke the Japanese to attack America, which they subsequently did at Pearl Harbor.
  • 1945  Reformation in 1945, Vietnam was still a colony of the French. Laurence Rockefeller, it appears, had given the extensive store of weapons to Ho Chi Minh with the hope that Vietnam would drive out the French so that Standard Oil would be able to take over the as yet undeveloped offshore fields. But in 1954, Vietnamese General Giap finally defeated and drove out the French at Dien Bien Phu with weaponry provided by the U.S. Ho Chi Minh reneged on the deal since he could read too, and he was well aware of the Hoover resource report and knew there was a vast supply of oil off the Vietnamese coast.  ...  In the 1950's a method of undersea oil exploration was perfected which used small explosions deep in the water and then recorded the sound echoes bouncing off the various layers of rock below. The surveyor could then determine the exact location of the arched salt domes which hold the accumulated oil beneath them. But if this method were used off the Vietnam coast on property Standard didn't own or have the rights to, the Vietnamese, the Chinese, the Japanese and probably even the French would quickly run to the United Nations and complain that America was stealing the oil, and that would shut down the operation.  ...  In 1964, after Vietnam was divided into North and South, and the contrived Gulf of Tonkin incident, several U.S. aircraft carriers were stationed offshore of Vietnam and the 'war' was started. Every day jet planes would take off from the carriers, bomb locations in North and South Vietnam, and then using normal military procedure when returning would dump their unsafe or unused bombs in the ocean before landing back on the carriers. Safe ordnance drop zones were designated for this purpose away from the carriers.   ...   Even close-up observers would only notice many small explosions occurring daily in the waters of the South China Sea and thought it was only part of the 'war.' The U.S. Navy carriers had begun Operation Linebacker One, and Standard Oil had begun its ten year oil survey of the seabed off of Vietnam. And the Vietnamese, Chinese and everybody else around, including the Americans, were none the wiser. The oil survey hardly cost Standard Oil a nickel, the U.S. taxpayers paid for it.  See also 911oz 
  • China/Russia, WWIII  and the Rothschilds      Top

    • Zionist have a long history in China   Go to China Bo Xilai 'color' revolution
    • 1949 Wikipedia History of the Jews in China  ...   Many of these Jews were of Indian or Iraqi origin, due to British colonialism in these regions, and became the largest dealers in opium.  and  During the early days of Jewish settlement in Shanghai the trade in opium and Bombay cotton yarn was mainly in Jewish hands.  and  Dr. Sun Yat-sen, founder of the Republic of China, held admirations for the Jewish people and Zionism, and saw parallels between the persecution of Jews and the domination of China by the Western powers. He stated, "Though their country was destroyed, the Jewish nation has existed to this day... [Zionism] is one of the greatest movements of the present time and Jakob Rosenfeld Wikipedia 
    • 1949: IAmTheWitness On October 1, Mao Tse Tsung declares the founding of the People's Republic Of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He is funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to foment a revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF.
    • 1950s FAS By 1953 the Chinese, under the guise of peaceful uses of nuclear energy, had initiated research leading to the development of nuclear weapons. The decision to develop an independent strategic nuclear force was made no later than early 1956 and was to be implemented within the Twelve-Year Science Plan presented in September 1956 to the Eighth Congress of the CCP. The decision to enter into a development program designed to produce nuclear weapons and ballistic missile delivery systems was, in large part, a function of the 1953 technology transfer agreements initiated with the USSR.
    • HSBC Bank, Rothschild  ... PBC Peoples Bank of China (Central Bank) Zhou_Xiaochuan
    • JewishFaces China, [Frank Coe, Israel Epstein, Elsie Fairfax-Cholmely, and Solomon Adler] Chen Bidi, Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Sidney Rittenberg WPP group and Martin Sorrell, Rewi Alley," the man who organized communes in China before Chinese even knew they were to be ruled by Jewish communists (in the 1920's, well before 1949), Virginius Frank Coe, George Sokolsky, Jewish columnist for Hearst appointed to stop Joseph McCarthy's housecleaning.
    • 1949: WorldTruthTV On October 1, 1949 Mao Tse Tsung declares the founding of the People’s Republic Of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He is funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to forment a revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF.  Wikipedia Soloman Adler Solomon Adler (August 6, 1909 — August 4, 1994) was an economist who worked in the U. S. Treasury Department, serving as Treasury representative in China during World War II. He was identified by Whittaker Chambers and Elizabeth Bentley as a Soviet intelligence source and resigned from the Treasury Department in 1950. After several years teaching at Cambridge University in England, he returned to China in the 1950s and was a resident there from the 1960s until his death, working as a translator, economic advisor, and possibly with the Central External Liaison Department, a Chinese intelligence agency. Texemarrs men like Israel Epstein Wikipedia and Sidney Shapiro (Wikipedia .. of Jewish ethnicity), who lived in China and had the reins of power over two key areas of Beijing’s Communist Government—the treasury (money) and the media (propaganda). Interestingly, Zionist Jews hold sway over these same two essential instruments of government today in the United States. and see  and  search Truman, Roosevelt.
    • 1968 Vietnam era BobTuskin HSBC The world's dirtiest bank  According to Global Finance magazine (BlackListedNews), the UK-headquartered HSBC Holdings is the world’s 3rd largest bank with $2.36 trillion in assets. [2] Formerly known as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Corporation, HSBC has served as the world’s #1 drug money laundry since its inception as a repository for British Crown opium proceeds accrued during the Chinese Opium Wars. During the Vietnam War HSBC laundered CIA heroin proceeds.
    • 1979 PoorRichards In 1979 Li took control of Hutchinson Whampoa, one of the old British companies that had long dominated Hong Kong's economy. Companies of such political importance are not given away casually. In 2000, the Queen awarded Li the title of 'Knight (Commander of the Order) of the British Empire.' Wikipedia Li ka Shing
    • 2010 WayneMadsenReport Soros and Rothschild interests in New York helped fund the Chongqing property bubble in 2005. In late 2010, Soros Fund Management established an office in Hong Kong after an initial multi-billion investment in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange-listed Minsheng Bank Ltd. and Longfor Property Group.
    • Jonathan Pollard
    • 2010 SilverDoctors  SilverDoctors has previously reported that the president of the HKMEx Hong Kong Mercantiel Exchange was a previous director of the NYMEX, Albert Helmig. ... We now have conclusive evidence linking the creation (and ownership) of the HKMEx directly to Nathaniel Rothschild of the House of Rothschild! In June of 2010, the En+ Group became a founding member of the HKMEx according to MarketsWiki. The En+ Group is a Russian mining, metals, and energy company founded in 2002 according to the En+ Group website. And the En+ Group Board of Directors, again according to the  En+ Group  EnPlus: Vladislav Soloviev, Deputy Chairman of the Board 3. Oleg Deripaska, President, director 4. Artem Volynets, Director 5. Andrey Zagorsky, Director 6. Andrey Elinson, Director 7. Victoria Petrova, Director 8. Philippe Mailfait, Independent Director
    • 2011  WayneMadsenReport  As George Soros and CIA-supported non-governmental organization (NGO) provocateurs and street demonstration planners have been caught trying to destabilize Russia and Egypt, another less public plot to bring about political change on U.S. terms has been uncovered in China... Chongqing's vice mayor and police chief Wang Lijun was caught trying to obtain political asylum in the U.S. consulate general in Chengdu, which is not far from Chonqing. Wang, an ethnic Mongol, is a close confidante of Chongqing Communist Party secretary Bo Xilai. Bo's father was a Communist veteran of Mao Zedong's communist guerrilla campaign that ultimately saw the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949.    ...   Bo was hoping to be elevated to the Chinese Communist Party's nine-member Politburo Standing Committee after seven members, including President Hu Jintao, step down later this year. Bo and Wang were the impetus behind Chongqing's western-style real estate boom and development schemes. However, it now appears that Bo and Wang were much more: they were the vanguard of U.S.-controlled Communist Party leaders from outside of Beijing who were to take the places of some of the seven CCP Politburo members.    ...
    • Wikipedia Henry Paulson, China   "Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson has intimate relations with the Chinese elite, dating from his days at Goldman Sachs when he visited the country more than 70 times.
    • Rense china war 2008?
    • DeepPolitics copy Baron Robert Rothschild - primary founder of the European Economic Union with Paul Henri Spaak, In 1944, at his own request, he came to the Embassy of Chongqing as first secretary, where the headquarters of Chiang's government were located at the time. Here he also met Mao's envoy, Zhou Enlai, whom Rothschild "grew to like." After the Japanese surrendered Rothschild went to Shanghai where he was consul general from 1946 until Chiang's government fell. Then he moved to Washington.
  • 1948 Wikipedia The People's Bank of China (PBC or PBOC) is the central bank of the People's Republic of China with the power to control monetary policy and regulate financial institutions in mainland China.The bank was established on December 1, 1948 based on the consolidation of the Huabei Bank, the Beihai Bank and the Xibei Farmer Bank. The headquarters was first located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, and then moved to Beijing in 1949.
  • 1949: On October 1, Mao Tse Tsung declares the founding of the People's Republic Of China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing. He is funded by Rothschild created Communism in Russia and also the following Rothschild agents: Solomon Adler, a former United States Treasury official who was a Soviet Spy; Israel Epstein, the son of a Jewish Bolshevik imprisoned by the Tsar in Russia for trying to forment a revolution there; and Frank Coe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned IMF.
  • 1953: IAmTheWitness N. M. Rothschild & Sons found the British Newfoundland Corporation Limited to develop 60,000 square miles of land in Newfoundland, Canada, which comprised a power station to harness the power of the Hamilton (later renamed Churchill) Falls. At the time this was the largest construction project ever to be undertaken by a private company.
  • 1959 comment:"Sun Alliance was itself a product of the merger in 1959 of The Sun, which was founded in 1710, with The Alliance, which was founded in 1824 by Nathan Mayer Rothschild and Moses Montefiore. Sun Alliance went on to acquire London Insurance in 1965 (becoming Sun Alliance & London) and Phoenix Assurance in 1984. The company formally changed its name from Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc to RSA Insurance Group on 20 May 2008  ...  "ROYAL & Sun Alliance (RSA) has sold its 21.5% stake in investment bank NM Rothschild for £109m [Too late suckers!]" "In 2008, [David] Emerson [developed MDA guidance systems for 9/11 hijacked planes] joined private equity firm CAI Capital Management [a 9/11 hedge fund controlled by the Desmarais Family] as a senior advisor. Emerson's directorships included: Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada"  [RSA Insurance Group plc .. was formerly also listed on the NYSE: in late 2006 it was delisted from the NYSE due to the sale of all of its United States operations, in a large part due to its refusal to pay its obligation of US$4 billion for the World Trade Center. Emanuel was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Jewish parents. His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel, is a Jerusalem-born pediatrician who was once a member of the Irgun, a Jewish paramilitary organization that operated in Mandate Palestine.
  • 1960 New York Times Morgan County Trust Board of Directors: The Board of Directors of the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York was composed of twelve directors from each of the merged firms: Henry C. Alexander, Chairman of the Board; Dale E. Sharp, President; Stephen D. Bechtel, President, Bechtel Corporation; William C. Bolenius, Executive Vice President, American Telephone and Telegraph Company; Paul C. Cabot, Chairman of the Board, State Street Investment Corporation; Charles S. Cheston; J. Luther Cleveland, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Morgan Guaranty Trust; John L. Collyer, Chairman of the Board, B.F. Goodrich Company; H.P. Davison, Vice Chairman of the Board; Charles D. Dickey, Chairman, Committee on Trust Matters; John T. Dorrance Jr., Assistant to the President, Campbell Soup Company; W. Alton Jones, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Cities Service Company; Devereux C. Josephs, Vice Chairman, Committee on Trust Matters; Thomas S. Lamont, Vice Chairman of the Board; L.F. McCollum, President, Continental Oil Company; Junius S. Morgan; Thomas L. Perkins, Chairman of the Board, American Cyanamid Company; Carrol M. Shanks, President, The Prudential Insurance Company of America; James M. Symes, Chairman of the Board, the Pennsylvania Railroad Company; Clyde E. Weed, Chairman of the Board, the Anaconda Company; Henry S. Wingate, President, the International Nickel Company of Canada, Ltd.; Robert W. Woodruff, Chairman, Finance Committee, The Coca-Cola Company; George S. Young, President, The Columbia Gas System, Inc. (Banks' Directors Approve Merger. New York Times, Feb. 9, 1959; Display Ad 51. New York Times, Jan. 6, 1960 p. 51.)
  • 1966 Wikipedia Republic National Bank of New York is founded by Edmond Safra. Safra had previously opened the Trade Development Bank (and sold eventually) in Geneva, Switzerland, which acquired a 36% stake in Republic. see also Republic New York Corp, Republic National Bank, Kings Lafayette Bank, American Swiss Credit, Republic Factors Corp, Miami, LA, Safra Holdings, Bank Leumi of Canada, Citibank, London Gold Fixing, 1999 HSBC acquires Republic, 2001 pleads guilty to fraud (Japan) See Reference for Business History
  • 1970s TheForbiddenKnowledge Vancouver, B.C., San Francisco, New York, London, Manchester, and Amsterdam (not to mention Macao and Hong Kong) are some of the big bases of Triad Operation. Money is made by extortion, gambling, prostitution, drugs, or any other way to make a profit. The Triads have worked with the CIA in creating the drug network. The creation of the Golden Triangle as a source for drugs was a joint CIA-Triad operation. The Chinese communists couldn’t pass up the opportunity to debauch America. The Red Chinese government has secretly worked with the Triads in supplying heroin and opium knowing that these drugs were going to U.S. military bases. U.S. garrisons In Germany were supplied high grade drugs that came through the Triads, either grown under Triad supervision or in places like Red China. One of the kingpins in this drug trade was Lumpy Ho, whose business fronts were known as the Dutch Connection.  and Xithous369 Triads, Freemasons, Rothschild
  • 1972 Great Dreams During December 1972, the UN General Assembly unanimously elected Maurice Strong to head UNEP. Also Secretary General of both the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, which launched the world environment movement, and the 1992 Earth Summit, Strong has played a critical role is globalizing the environmental movement. ... and  ...  Maurice Strong and Al Gore on Cap and Trade...Great Dreams  Strong, the silent partner, is a man whose name often draws a blank on the Washington cocktail circuit. Even though a former Secretary General of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (the much hyped Rio Earth Summit) and Under-Secretary General of the United Nations in the days of an Oil-for-Food beleaguered Kofi Annan, the Canadian born Strong is little known in the United States. That’s because he spends most of his time in China where he he has been working to make the communist country the world’s next superpower. The nondescript Strong, nonetheless is the big cheese in the underworld of climate change and is one of the main architects of the failing Kyoto Protocol. Full credit for the expose on the business partnership of Strong and Gore in the cap-and-trade reduction scheme should go to the investigative acumen of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR)  ... search terms include: Molten Metal Technologies, pump and dump stock scheme, lawsuits, AZL, cronyism, Joyce Foundation, John Ayers, etc... go to Maurice Strong and the Oil for Food Scandal (BCCI, Capcom), TheZog Who is Behind the Climate Change Hoax ... This involves a 10 TRILLION dollar a YEAR scam shown to involve: Maurice Strong Al Gore Richard Sandor George Soros Barrack Hussein Obama Valerie Jarrett David Blood Mark Ferguson Peter Harris Franklin Raines (Brother of Bill Ayers) John Ayers. Chicago Climate Exchange [CCX] Climate Exchange PLC European Climate Exchange Sustainable Performance Group Joyce Foundation Generation Investment Management [GIM] Goldman Sachs [GS]
  • 1973 - GripesOnline The Club of Rome, a U.N. operative, issues a report entitled "Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System." This report divides the entire world into ten regions.  Wang Hao, a historian at the China Institute of International Studies, has recorded that Mao's deputy Zhou Enlai met David Rockefeller in June 1973.  Churchill Falls project in Newfoundland, Canada, is completed.   ...   N. M. Rothschild & Sons also create a new asset management part of the company which traded worldwide. This eventually became, Rothschild Private Management Limited. Edmond de Rothschild, a great-grandson of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild, bought the cru bourgeois estate of Château Clarke in Bordeaux.
  • 1976 Wikipedia JINSA Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Founded in 1976 In the late 1980s, JINSA underwent a profound repurposing of mission which, although retaining the interest in maintaining and strengthening the U.S.-Israeli defense relationship, widened its focus to general U.S. defense and foreign policy, with missions and meetings with national leaders and military officials from countries as diverse as Ethiopia, Belgium, South Korea, India, Bulgaria, Italy, the Republic of China, Uzbekistan, Costa Rica, Spain, Eritrea, Jordan, the People's Republic of China, Hungary, United Kingdom and Germany, .
  • 1979 Wikipedia News Corporation News Corp was created in 1979 by Rupert Murdoch as a holding company for News Limited. News Limited was created by Murdoch from the assets he inherited in 1952 following the death of his father, Sir Keith Murdoch, and subsequent expansion. The main asset left to him was ownership of the Adelaide afternoon tabloid, The News. News Limited operates today as News Corporation's Australian brand, operating out of Surry Hills, in Sydney.  News Corp Rupert Murdoch Chairman and Chief Executive Officer News Corporation José María Aznar Former President of Spain President FAES - Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis Natalie Bancroft Director News Corporation Peter L. Barnes Chairman Ansell Limited James W. Breyer Partner Accel Partners Chase Carey Deputy Chairman President and Chief Operating Officer News Corporation David F. DeVoe Chief Financial Officer News Corporation Viet Dinh Professor of Law Georgetown University Sir Roderick I. Eddington Non-Executive Chairman for Australia and New Zealand J.P. Morgan Joel I. Klein Executive Vice President CEO, Education Division News Corporation Andrew S.B. Knight Non-Executive Chairman J Rothschild Capital Management Limited James R. Murdoch Deputy Chief Operating Officer News Corporation  Chairman and CEO, International News Corporation Lachlan K. Murdoch Executive Chairman Illyria Pty Ltd Arthur M. Siskind Senior Advisor to the Chairman News Corporation John L. Thornton (HSBC, China) Professor and Director of Global Leadership Tsinghua University of Beijing Stanley S. Shuman (Director Emeritus) Managing Director Allen & Company LLC
  • Thomson Reuters Propaganda

    • Kohlberg Canada's Rich Troubled Thomson Family On March 10, 2006, Benjamin James Ludwick Thomson, the future Lord Thomson of Fleet and heir to the country's greatest fortune, was born in Toronto  ...  It also comes on the heels of a more public revelation involving Taylor Thomson, David's younger sister. That surfaced with the unsealing in February of a U.S. federal indictment charging Anthony Pellicano, the notorious Los Angeles private detective, and seven others, with 112 counts of racketeering, conspiracy and other charges. The case has been dubbed Hollywood's Watergate, given the industry insiders and celebrities dragged into its web - Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman and Sylvester Stallone among them.  search Rothschild
    • Thomson Board of Directors: David Thomson Wikipedia, Chairman, Thomson Reuters; W. Geoffrey Beattie, Deputy Chairman, ; James C. Smith President and Chief Executive Officer, Manvinder S. Banga, Operating Partner; Clayton Dubilier & Rice, LLC; Mary Cirillo Corporate Director; Steven A. Denning, Chairman, General Atlantic LLC; Lawton Fitt, Corporate Director; Roger L. Martin Dean, Joseph L. Rotman School Of Management, University Of Toronto; Sir Deryck Maughan, Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co; Ken Olisa Corporate Director, Vance K. Opperman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Key Investment, Inc.; John M. Thompson, Corporate Director; Peter J. Thomson Chairman, The Woodbridge Company Limited; Wulf von Schimmelmann Corporate Director  Liborgate
    • 1980's Heathrow Airport was privatized in the 1980s under the reign of Margaret Thatcher. It is now owned by BAA a private company (until very recent purchase by Ferrovial) that is often confused with the term British Airport Authority which no longer exists.  BAA is led by Marcus Agius.  BAA was recently purchased by Spanish conglomerate Ferrovial. Not all were happy with the decision. Marcus Agius - will stay on as a BAA leader even with the new "Spanish" owners.  Marcus Agius (Wikipedia) is an in-law to the Rothschild Dynasty. Very little is ever said of this in most media outlets or stories. Married to Katherine Rothschild, a scioness of the "Rothschild banking dynasty of England.  Ferrovial major spanish conglomerate with links to fascism under General Franco of Spain.  Ferrovial is led by Rafael Del Pino. He was trained at the Illuminati Hive known as MIT and did " a stint" at Boston Consulting Group.  Rafael Del Pino gives speeches at Francisco De Vitoria University , Madrid Spain.  Francisco De Vitoria University is run by Regnum Christi (Wikipedia) and The Legionairres of Christ - in english, Legionarios De Cristo in Spanish. It is described as ultra-conservative and seems similar to Opus Dei.  Rothschild family members founded Israel. The war on terror in large part helps Israel to survive by having Western Civilization on its side in the battle against Islam. Wikipedia Marcus Agius Marcus Ambrose Paul Agius (born 22 July 1946) is a British-Maltese financier and businessman, currently the Group Chairman of Barclays. He has also been appointed the senior non-executive director on the BBC's new executive boardAgius has been a non-executive Director of Barclays since 1 September 2006, and succeeded Matthew Barrett as Chairman from 1 January 2007. His current salary is £750,000. He was previously chairman of the London branch of investment bank Lazard and non-executive chairman of BAA Limited. He is married to Katherine (born 1949), daughter of Edmund de Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family of England, with two children, and has a close involvement with the Rothschild family estate, Exbury Gardens in Hampshire.
    • FreeMasonryWatch Conrad Black / Thomson / Telegraph, Andrew Knight, Lord Beaverbrook
    • Lord Turner Adair, Chairman, the FSA Adair Turner was appointed FSA Chairman in September 2008.  He is a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and at Cass Business School, City University. He became a cross-bench member of the House of Lords in 2005. Until September 2008 Lord Turner was a non-executive Director at Standard Chartered Bank; from 2000-2006 he was a Senior Adviser, Vice-Chairman of Merrill Lynch Europe, and from 1995-99, Director General of the Confederation of British Industry. Prior to that, he was with McKinsey and Company from 1982-95, and between 1992-1995, built McKinsey's practice in Eastern Europe and Russia. He was previously Chair of the Overseas Development Institute.
    • NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Legendary dealmaker Bruce Wasserstein is looking to add a dozen investment bankers to the ranks of Lazard LLC in the United States. ... Currently working partners own 60 percent of Lazard, with the rest owned by external capitalists, ... Lazard Thursday also unveiled plans to better unite its three offices and named four executives the post of deputy chairman. Georges Ralli will run Lazard Paris, Kenneth Jacobs will head Lazard in the U.S., Georges Braggiotti from Italy will spearhead expansion in Europe, and Marcus Agius will oversee Lazard London.
    • Trilateral Commission Vernon Jordan Mormons were Freemasons NATO Privitization Le Cercle Syria chart


  • 1984 comment: Bain Capital was founded in 1984 by Bain & Company partners Willard Mitt Romney, T. Coleman Andrews III, and Eric Kriss. In addition to the three founding partners, the early team included Fraser Bullock, Robert F. White, Joshua Bekenstein, Adam Kirsch, Stephen Pagliuca and Geoffrey S. Rehnert. Bain Capital's original $37 million fund was raised entirely from private individuals in mid-1984, led by Ricardo Poma, a Salvadoran businessman.  Huntsman Corporation, China, packaging, petrochemicals. Jon Huntsman Jr. Ambassador to China under Obama.
  • 1990's 9/11 Commission Revised, John Kerry Commodity experts that watch the gold market have made claims that significant, inexplicable amounts of gold were showing up in the market throughout the 1990s. These increases are attributed to ‘gold futures’ sales - in the absence of any other explanation.  A significant group of these individuals have a history of connections to money laundering activity. These groups include George Bush Sr., Adnan Khashoggi, Khalid bin Mahfouz and Edgar Bronfman. LaRouchPubLess than 50 years ago, they (Bronfmans) were known to be the biggest bootleggers in North America and were referred to by the less prestigious title "the Bronfman gang." The Bronfmans have always been beholden to the Hofjuden elite. The first member of the family to come to North America was Yechiel Bronfman, a grist mill owner from Bessarabia. Romania, who later anglicized his name to Ekiel. Yechiel emigrated to Canada in 1889 under the sponsorship of the Moses Montefiore Jewish Colonialization Committee. This enterprise had been initiated at an 1872 meeting between 270 DOPE, INC. Baron Maurice de Hirsch. Baron Alfred de Rothschild, and other Zionists that established a Jewish Colonialization Association to bring selected Russian and Eastern European Jews to agricultural settlements ("kibbutzim") in the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  and Wikipedia  The Bronfman family is a Canadian Jewish family. It owes its initial fame to Samuel Bronfman (1889–1971), who made a fortune in the alcoholic distilled beverage business during the 20th century through the family's Seagram Company  and see Phyllis Lambert Wikipedia She moved to France in 1949 and married Baron Jean Lambert, a banker and Rothschild cousin, but they divorced in 1954.  and  LaRouchPub The Bronfmans' time had truly come. Sam's children were welcomed into the Hofjuden elite by intermarriage. Minda married Baron Alain de Gunzberg, himself an extension of the Rothschild family tree.  De Gunzberg sits on the board of Seagram, is managing director of the Banque Louis Dreyfuss, and controls the Seligman-Louis Hirsch investment house which has close Rothschild ties. ...  And the case of "Trizec," the holding company through which the Bronfman brothers ostensibly run their various corporations. including Seagram. Since it was formed in 1960, the Bronfmans have never held a majority position within Trizec! Trizec is run by Eagle Star Ltd. of London, a holding company whose directors have been described by one author as "the most notable of the British aristocrats." (18) Evelyn de Rothschild, the earls and dukes who control Lloyds of London and other banking and insurance firms, and leading lights of British intelligence such as Sir Kenneth Strong and Sir Kenneth Keith all converge on the board of Eagle Star.
  • 2011 The Mitt Romney campaign thought they had the perfect place staked out for their fundraiser in London...The home now belongs to wealthy financier Sir Evelyn de Rothschild and his wife, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a well-connected American lawyer and entrepreneur. But one major problem got in the way: the Lady joined up with one of Romney’s rivals, Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. (3rd cousin to Mitt) She hosted a dinner for him last week at another one of her homes, in New York, and says they raised $1.2 million.  Search terms: Jon Huntsman Sr., John Romney, Kevin Madden (senior advisor to Mitt Romney), Olympics, Hunstman U. S. Ambassador to China under Obama.  MoneyTeachers: Political power and corporate greed vs. Mormon Doctrine and scriptural tradition. Some critics of the LDS Church feel that the Church leadership is in the process of exchanging one for the other. Still others blame the "Mormon Illuminati", Mormon multi-millionaire families like the Eccles, Romneys, and Marriots, for the pressure on the Church to become an acceptable institution to the Satanic/Luciferian conspiracy that runs this evil world of ours.
  • 2012 WMR / T-Room Bo Xilai had close relations with former U.S. ambassador to China and former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. In fact, Huntsman’s daughter dated Bo’s playboy son, Bo Guagua, who was known for driving his trademark red Ferrari around Beijing. Moreover, the U.S. Consul General in Chengdu is Peter Haymond, a friend of Huntsman and a fellow Mormon.
  • 2012 Geoplotical The plan by Bo and his wife to take over power in Beijing and circumvent the plans by Xi Jinping to become China's next president, succeeding Hu Jintao was supported by the Rothschilds; Soros; the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a close friend of Bo; and the U.S. "Mormon diplomatic contingent" in China that included former U.S. ambassador to China Jon Huntsman and the U.S. Consul General in Chengdu, Peter Haymond, who ordered Wang handed over to the Beijing authorities.
  • 1993  WMR / NFU Neil Heywood (murder case, China) knew Bo (Xilai) as mayor of Dalian from 1993 to 2001 and continued to have a relationship with the up-and-coming Chinese leader when he took over as party boss in Chongqing. With Chongqing as his base, Bo, who, along with Chongqing vice mayor and police chief Wang Lijun, became known for stamping out criminal activity. However, the criminal activity suppressed by Bo and Wang pales in comparison to the high-level corruption Bo and his cronies engaged in with the Rotshschilds, Soros, and the Canadian tycoon Paul Desmarais, Sr. and his son, Andre Desmarais, the founder of the Rothschild Bank of Canada. The elder Desmarais, the head of Power Corporation of Canada and founder of the Canada China Business Council, saw his business association with Bo as opening up China’s vast energy sector to Desmarais, Rothschild, and Soros private investment. 
  • 1993  WMR / NFU Neil Heywood (murder case, China) knew Bo (Xilai) as mayor of Dalian from 1993 to 2001 and continued to have a relationship with the up-and-coming Chinese leader when he took over as party boss in Chongqing. With Chongqing as his base, Bo, who, along with Chongqing vice mayor and police chief Wang Lijun, became known for stamping out criminal activity. However, the criminal activity suppressed by Bo and Wang pales in comparison to the high-level corruption Bo and his cronies engaged in with the Rotshschilds, Soros, and the Canadian tycoon Paul Desmarais, Sr. and his son, Andre Desmarais, the founder of the Rothschild Bank of Canada. The elder Desmarais, the head of Power Corporation of Canada and founder of the Canada China Business Council, saw his business association with Bo as opening up China’s vast energy sector to Desmarais, Rothschild, and Soros private investment.
  • 1994 911Disclosure  Our research indicates that the alleged virtual news network was launched by Maurice Strong in 1994 under the name of Newsworld International in a joint venture with CAI-Carlyle private-equity associates in CIDA, Power Corporation of Canada and CBC/Radio Canada. Wikipedia   In the video at the url below, we expose the pattern of the crime for 911, including your partners' alleged use of a virtual news network to insert live-broadcast snuff films into otherwise unwitting media channels. Google Video
  • 1994 History of the Money Changers The Regal Act is introduced in the United States to authorize the replacement of President Lincoln's Greenbacks with debt based notes. They had lasted for 132 years. 1996 Ever wondered why all the world's production seems to be moving to China? In a report entitled, "China's Economy Toward the 21st Century," released this year, it predicts that the per capita income in China in 2010, will be approximately 735 dollars. This is less than 30 dollars higher than the World Bank definition of a low income country. 1997 Less than two months before Tony Blair came to power in England, another interesting entry can be found in HANSARD, 5th March 1997, volume 578, No. 68, columns 1869-1871, in which the Earl of Caithness is recorded as having stated, "The next government must grasp the nettle, accept their responsibility for controlling the money supply and change from our debt-based monetary system. My Lords, will they? If they do not, our monetary system will break us and the sorry legacy we are already leaving our children will be a disaster."
  • Connect the dots: Mormons, Apollo Management, Huntsman (Romney), Hexion, Obama, China stealth technology   Top

    • 1990 Apollo Global Management, Wikipedia is an alternative investment management firm, founded in 1990 by former Drexel Burnham Lambert banker Leon Black.[2] The firm specializes in leveraged buyout transactions and purchases of distressed securities involving corporate restructuring, special situations and industry consolidations.  ...  founder = Leon Black, John Hannan, Marc Rowan, Craig Cogut, Arthur Bilger New York City, Henry Silverman, Marc Rowan, Josh Harris, Marc Spilker   CriminalState Leon Black  DeepCapture Leon Black  Michael Milken, junk bonds, Carl Lindner, United Fruit,
    • Whale / Eustace Mullins Drexel Burnham Lambert (pronounced Lambeer), is the New York branch of Banque Bruxelles Lambert, of Brussels, Belgium or that the enormously wealthy and powerful Lamberts are the Belgian branch of the Rothschild family. Baron Lambert is regularly listed as an attendee at Bilderberger meetings.  Michael Leon   Feinberg 9/11 and BP oil crisis 
    • 2007 Jul (founded by Jon Huntsman Sr.) acquired by Hexion Wikipedia. is now Momentive Board  ..Apollo New York Times Hexion / Huntsman Corp  ... SpecialChem4coatings -Chengdu J20
    • Reu-ters Hexion and its parent Apollo Management agreed to buy Huntsman for $6.5 billion a year ago, but the deal has been in jeopardy since June, when Apollo and Hexion filed suit against Huntsman seeking to limit their liability in the event that their proposed buyout falls apart. 
    • Drexel Burnham Lambert Daroth Peter Rothschild
    • NFU / WMR Desmarais, the Rothschilds, and Soros has also feathered the nest of Bo's son, Bo Guagua, who attended elite preparatory schools in the United Kingdom, as well as Oxford, a pre-requisite for what Desmarais and the Rothschilds hoped would be the beginning of a Bilderberg Group/Council on Foreign Relations stranglehold on China.
    • Wall Street Journal Bo Guagua  and WantChinaTimes Bo Guagua sexually harassed Huntsman's daughter: Yazhou Zhoukan  AsiaJapanWatch Bo Xilai
    • 2004 Wikipedia Paul Desmarais is a member of the Board of Directors of Total SA and Suez. They frequently combine their European operations with the Belgian financier Albert Frere. Paul Desmarais (son) is also a member of the board and the Lafarge Group. The Desmarais family also maintains relations with the French Dassault industrial dynasties, Peugeot and Rothschild, among others.  see NFU China
    • 2012 WMR / T-Room Bo Xilai had close relations with former U.S. ambassador to China and former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. In fact, Huntsman’s daughter dated Bo’s playboy son, Bo Guagua, who was known for driving his trademark red Ferrari around Beijing. Moreover, the U.S. Consul General in Chengdu is Peter Haymond, a friend of Huntsman and a fellow Mormon.
    • Wall Street Journal A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted a San Francisco Bay area couple on charges of conspiring to steal trade secrets from DuPont Co. DD -0.69% and sell them to Chinese state-owned companies. The indictment said Walter Liew, 54 years old, and his wife, Christina Liew, 49, conspired to take confidential DuPont documents and used them to obtain more than $20 million in contracts from companies in China.  Huntsman Chemical TiO2 pigments.
    • Research: Adnan Khashoggi, Triad Center, Salt Lake City, Zions Bank, Bank of Utah, Beneficial Life, Thomas S. Monson, LDS Church, Key Bank
    • Defence Aviation China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group is preparing to test its first stealth aircraft known to world as the J-XX and now official Chengdu J-20.  Chinhdangvu Spitler, Liew Dupont Titanium dioxide
    • SourceWatch Bumi, BHP Minerals, Rothschild, Examiner Five Charged with Corporate Espionage, The five defendants charged in the indictment were Walter Liew, Christina Liew, Robert Maegerle, Hou Shengdong and Tze Chao, all allegedly obtained and illegally possessed TiO2 trade secrets belonging to DuPont. It’s also alleged that they sold the high-tech trade secrets to the Pangang Group so they could develop a streamlined TiO2 production capability in China.
    • BHPBilliton (appointed to the Board as non-executive Directors) Mr Paul Rizzo is Dean, Director and Professorial Fellow of the Melbourne Business School, and a Director of Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games Pty Ltd and NM Rothschild and Sons (Australia) Limited.
    • DeanHenderson The Rothschilds also control BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, the two biggest global miners, as well as Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Bank of America.  see also PoliticalFail BHP Billiton   and Rio Tinto Group, the third-biggest mining company, will gain control of Richards Bay Minerals, or RBM, on South Africa’s east coast in a deal that sees BHP Billiton Ltd. exiting the titanium minerals industry.  and ChinaSignPost Baoti, one of China’s largest titanium producers, says that it supplies 95% of the titanium used by China’s aerospace complex, suggesting that the company can produce high-grade materials. This is a key point because the other main global suppliers of aerospace grade titanium are all potential competitors—the U.S., Russia, and Japan.
    • Seeker401 Rothschild deep connections to Rio Tinto. Rothschild’s RIT Capital Partners held £12.5 million (PDF) of Rio Tinto in September. But more interestingly, Rothschild’s St. James Place Capital owned 3 percent of Rio Tinto at the beginning of this year.  search terms: John Paulson’s company,  RUSAL IPO, Libya’s Qaddafi, Li Ka-shing, George Soros  .. Li Ka-Shing (Wikipedia) Hutchison Whampoa ..  Rense China / Illuminati      TheForbiddenKnowledge Li bloodline  MafiaToday Bo Xilai / Triads (Wikipedia)
    • Benjamin Fulford ?  
    • NFU/China.html    WMR / T-Room  and WMR Spitler was a specialist in nanomaterials for Dupont and BHP Minerals. There are indications that in addition to supplying the FBI with information on the Liews and Pangang, he made have also stumbled across the CIA activities by Dupont China in acquiring secrets on Chinese stealth coating technology.
    • MafiaToday (Bo Xilai) Wang Lijun, claimed that he had been made to cover up Mr Heywood's murder by Mr Bo and was now in fear of his own life. It was he who named Mr Bo's wife as the likely killer, alleging that she had him poisoned
    • 2012 WMR To thicken the plot even further, Timothy Spitler, a former consultant to Liew and one-time Dupont chemical engineer, reportedly committed suicide in Reno, Nevada on January 30, 2012, just prior to the indictments being issued against Pangang and the two former Dupont employees. Spitler was scheduled to testify on behalf of the U.S. government against the Liews and the Chinese company. Few details have been published on the circumstances of Spitler's alleged suicide.Reu-ters  ...  Timothy Spitler was a specialist in nanomaterials for Dupont and BHP Minerals (BHPBilliton) . There are indications that in addition to supplying the FBI with information on the Liews and Pangang, he made have also stumbled across the CIA activities by Dupont China in acquiring secrets on Chinese stealth coating technology. Spitler's knowledge of such CIA activities under Dupont China cover, may have earned him a death sentence by the CIA's very active "wet affairs" element.   ...   Dupont's own industrial espionage activities involving Chinese research and development into TiO2 is supplemented by Dupont's operations in Taiwan. Dupont maintains a large titanium dioxide plant in Kuan Yin, Taiwan. The CIA and its Office of Strategic Services (OSS) predecessor have long used Dupont for its weapons development programs in China. During World War II, Dupont produced for the OSS in China a high-explosive powder disguised as flour. The granular flour-like explosive, which matched the grayish Chinese wheat flour, was nicknamed "Aunt Jemima," and the flour could be baked into explosive biscuits and pancakes, which only became deadly when a detonator was attached to the baked goods.  Today, the Dupont white pigment and mineral plant in Kuan Yin is the home to one of the world's largest TiO2 plants and with a production rate of 60,00 tons a year, makes Dupont the world's largest producer of TiO2. Taiwanese chemical engineers for Dupont are well-placed to ferret out titanium oxide secrets from Chinese research centers across the Taiwan Straits for their own company and the CIA.
    • HiddenMysteries Icke The founders of both "faiths", the Mormons and JehovahWitness, were of the Illuminati bloodline. Charles Taze Russell, who founded the Watchtower Society (JWs), was of the Illuminati Russell bloodline, which also founded the infamous Skull and Bones Society at Yale University. Charles Taze Russell was a Satanist, a paedophile according to his wife, and a friend of the Rothschilds. Indeed it was the Rothschilds who funded the Jehovah's Witness operation into being, along with other Illuminati bankers, through "contributions" by organisations like the Rothschild-controlled B'nai B'rith. This was proved in a court of law in 1922. One of the key people involved in this was Frank Goldman who later became President of B'nai B'rith.
    • MoneyTeachers Marriner Eccles  (Mormon, Deseret National Bank) credited for saving the Federal Reserve system from collapse during the Great Depression  ...  involved in Emergency Banking Act of 1933, FDIC, World Bank and IMF ... The gold reserve act was passed in January 1934. Roosevelt worked with Eccles and the banksters to help them steal the only real wealth left in America  ... confiscating gold and replacing it with Federal Reserve Notes.
    • Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp., HSBC Holdings Plc is one of Asia’s main banks.
  • Sheila A. Penrose, Chairman of the Board Jones Lang LaSalle, The Boston Consulting Group, Northern Trust Corporation, University of Birmingham in England, London School of Economics, Stanford Graduate School of Business;  Colin Dyer President and Chief Executive Officer Jones Lang LaSalle, WorldWide Retail Exchange, CEO of Courtaulds Textiles, Managing Director of the Dutch retail chain, GDL, McKinsey & Company in Amsterdam, INSEAD, Imperial College in London; Hugo Bagué Group Executive Rio Tinto (United Kingdom), Hewlett Packard Corporation, University of Ghent in Belgium; Darryl Hartley-Leonard Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hyatt Hotels Corporation,LaSalle Hotel Properties, holds a B.A. from Blackpool Lancashire College of Lancaster University and an honorary doctorate of business administration from Johnson and Wales University; DeAnne Julius Chairman Royal Institute of International Affairs, She is the Chairman of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House, was previously a founding member of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England and was the Chief Economist at each of British Airways and Royal Dutch Shell, World Bank, and a consultant to the International Monetary Fund, Roche Holding AG, Deloitte UK, member of the board of directors of BP PLC; Ming Lu Partner KKR & Co., L.P. Wuhan University of Hydro Electrical Engineering in China and an M.B.A. from the University of Leuven in Belgium; Lauralee E. Martin senior management positions with General Electric Credit Corporation. Thomas C. Theobald Partner and Senior Advisor Chicago Growth Capital Partners LLC Mr. Theobald has been a Director of Jones Lang LaSalle since July 1997. He has served as a Partner and Senior Advisor at Chicago Growth Capital Partners LLC,  he served as a Managing Director at William Blair Capital Partners. From July 1987 to August 1994, Mr. Theobald was Chairman of Continental Bank Corporation. He currently serves on the boards of directors of Ambac Financial Group, on the board of directors of Anixter International, a supplier of electrical equipment. Mr. Theobald holds an A.B. from the College of the Holy Cross and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.
  • Ashton Carter Dr. Carter is currently a Senior Partner at Global Technology Partners and a member of the Board of Trustees of the MITRE Corporation, and the Advisory Boards of MIT's Lincoln Laboratories and the Draper Laboratory. He is a consultant to Goldman, Sachs and Mitretek Systems on international affairs and technology matters, and speaks frequently to business and policy audiences. Dr. Carter is also a member of the Aspen Strategy Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Physical Society, the International Institute of Strategic Studies, and the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.
  • Nadhmi Auchi is a member of Le Cercle DeepPolitics copyLe Cercle was set up by interests tied to the Habsburgs and radical elements in the Vatican. Soon, an important trade representative of the City of London, Sir Peter Tennant, was attracted, and about two decades later British aristocrats, the last three of them Privy Councilors, took over leadership of Le Cercle. Its latest head is a former Rothschild banker. * Just to clarify a bit: the Privy Council, the most senior "advisory body" to the British monarch and the highest organ within the Commonwealth consisting of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, large chunks of southern Africa,
  • 1995 Christopher Story   Wikipedia  was a British writer, publisher and government adviser specialising in intelligence and economic affairs, who is best known for his collaboration with KGBdefector Anatoliy Golitsyn on the 1995 book The Perestroika Deception. Christopher Story, the son of Colonel Henry Harle Story MC of the Cameronians (Scottish Rifles),[2] was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford, and then worked as an industrial writer in Canada. In 1963, he formed his own publishing company specialising in intelligence and founded World Reports Limited in 1963.[3] Since 1970, he has edited and published International Currency Review,[4] which includes the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England amongst its subscribers.[5]
  • Wikipedia Joseph Nye, Dr. Nye is North American chairman of the Trilateral Commission, serves on the Board of Directors of the Council on Foreign Relations, and is a member of the Board of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Dr. Nye is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and of the Academy of Diplomacy; a Senior Fellow of the Aspen Institute and Director of the Aspen Strategy Group; and a Fellow of the British Academy. In addition, he is a director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, a member of the advisory committee of the Institute of International Economics, and the American representative on the United Nations Advisory Committee on Disarmament Affairs..... and Chairman North America Trilateral Commission Deputy Chairman: Allan E. Gotlieb Senior Adviser, Bennett Jones LLP, Toronto; Chairman, Sotheby's, Canada; former Canadian Ambassador to the United States Deputy Chairman: Jaime Serra Chairman, SAI Law and Economics; Founder, Aklara, the Arbitration Center of Mexico, and the NAFTA Fund of Mexico, Mexico City North American Director: Michael J. O'Neil Former North American Chairmen: Thomas S. Foley (2001-2008) Paul A. Volcker (1991-2001) Honorary North American Chairman bhisymposia
  • Permalink Perle Conrad Black, Wikipedia David Radler, Black partner.  Score-board The Carlyle ambush of Conrad Black, Frank McKenna  In December 2001, Carlyle began extorting CanWest/Hollinger editors and blocking media investigations into the role of McKenna and Carlyle affiliates, AMEC, Bombardier and Canada Steamship Lines, during the Global Guardian 'al-Qaeda' war game on 9/11.
  • Are there Capcom links to Obama in Chicago Salon Capcom,  FAS BCCI Congressional Report Capcom excerpt, History Commons Kamal Adham, Swaleh Naqvi
  • 1998 Wikipedia Wang Jun, (CITIC, Clinton, Ken Starr, Monica Lewinsky)  is Chairman of the Board of Poly Technologies in the People's Republic of China. The company deals in arms-trading and is associated with the People's Liberation Army (PLA). Wang is also the Chairman of China International Trust and Investment Corporation (CITIC). He is the son of China's revolutionary elder Wang Zhen.[6]  BusinessWeek Rothschild / CITIC winery
  • 2000 BibliotecaPleyades Member of J.P. Morgan's International Advisory Council. Former member of the Advisory Council of Forstmann Little & Co. and American Express. Advisor to China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC). Member of the Europe Strategy Board of Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst. Director of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation and Revlon. Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the American International Group (AIG), a partner of Kissinger Associates. Also chairman of the Advisory Boards of AIG Asian Infrastructure Funds I & II and a director of AIG Global. In 2000 Henry Kissinger was quoted by Business Wire: "Hank Greenberg, Pete Peterson and I have been close friends and business associates for decades." Maurice Greenburg is head of AIG and Peter G. Peterson is head of The Blackstone Group, which is the other major partner of Kissinger Associates. Peterson is also a former chairman of Lehman Brothers. Kissinger is a friend of Lynn Forester and introduced her to Sir Evelyn de Rothschild at the 1998 Bilderberg  conference. They would soon become married. When Henry Kissinger is invited to speak at the United Nations Association on April 11, 2001 Lord Jacob Rothschild is flanking his side. Henry Kissinger is a trustee of the Open Russia Foundation since 2001, together with Lord Jacob Rothschild. The Foundation was set up by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a controversial oligarch, later locked up by Putin. Honorary trustee of the Aspen Institute go to more   Peter G. Peterson, a director of First National Bank of Chicago/First Chicago Corp., was a Trilateral Commissioner, Chairman of the CFR and was Chairman of the Federal Reserve of New York from 2000 to 2004. Peterson would later recruit Timothy F. Geithner as President of the NY Fed.
  • AbelDanger Also, recent discovery has shown that Banque de Pays de L'Europe of Paris, () (Paribas, Highbeam) was recently bought by Merrill Lynch. Paribas bought 50% of Dillon Read Ltd. in a consortium with Bruxelles Lambert (the Belgian Rothschilds), the Power Group and the Laurentian group of Canada, the Tata Group of India, Elders IXL holding company of Australia, Swiss Bank Cantrade, and two British groups, Investors in Industry, a Bank of England group with nine English and Scottish banks, and the British postal pension fund.     ....   Power Corporation of Canada directors included G. Eskenazi, of Belgian Rothschild firms, and William Simon, former Secretary of the Treasury of the U.S. The "Canadian connection", the Belzbergs and Bronfmans, demonstrates the growing power of the Rothschilds in billion dollar mergers and takeovers of U.S. industry, including DuPont. These mergers recall the same kind of activity taking place in 1929, just before the stock market debacle, and very well could represent the battening down of the hatches before the storm. 
  • 2001  Khodorkovsky, Komsomol, Bank Menatep, Rothschild. See also Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert. 9/11 Commission Revised. John Kerry More Rothschild connections include: Tye Burt- former Chairman of Deutsche Bank Canada and Deutsche Bank Alex Brown Securities Canada Wikipedia; Otto Pohl, former President of the German central bank (Bundesbank) and chief officer of the International Bank of Settlements and IMF; Edgar Bronfman and Mayo Shattuck, who left his position as CEO of Deutschebank America on September 12, 2001 and is financial advisor to Khashoggi and Bronfman
  • 2001 Scoreboard-Canada Rudolph Giuliani running for President on 9/11 record....see Scoreboard-Canada Raytheon  and Opus Dei links to Rothschild   and  Tucson, Arizona is in fact the Headquarters of Raytheon Missile Systems ...  Who is really behind Raytheon? ANALYSIS: The largest institutional shareholders are Capital Research & Management, Harris Associates, Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, State Street, Barclays, NWQ Investment Management and Lord Abbet & Co. Further down the list are JP Morgan Chase and T. Rowe Price.
  • Canada's Bronfman, Desmarais, Lauder and the Rothchilds   Top

    • 9/11 Commission revised  Ronald Lauder, (heir to the $4.2 Billion Estee Lauder estate) was the major investor in the operation ( collapse eastern European currencies  ) , He would turn out to be a major western investor in subsequent privatization investments. Lauder became a Reagan appointee as Ambassador of Austria largely as a result of his work as New York Finance Campaign chairman for the Republican Party, and is linked closely to the Bronfman family in his role as Treasurer of the World Jewish Congress Wikipedia (WJC lawsuit_against_Swiss_banks) . “Ronald Lauder: heir of his mother Estée Lauder's cosmetic billions, rightist ideologue, and leading Likud contributor and funding coordinator. Ronald Lauder is treasurer of the World Jewish Congress and a Trustee of the Special Reserve Fund of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith . His Ronald S. Lauder foundation, operating in the former East Bloc, paid for the ADL to open an office in Vienna, Austria, where Lauder was U.S. Ambassador in the 1980s. One of the WJC and ADL's top priorities in Central and Eastern Europe is the protection of hedge fund operator George Soros . The Lauder Foundation works in tandem with Soros's Open Society Institute, which advocates legalization of all narcotics and support for the Columbian FARC and other narco-terrorist agencies. After serving as U.S. Ambassador to Austria in the 1980s, Lauder personally became a major investor in "privatized" Eastern European properties. Lauder was named (by Secretary of State Sir Lawrence Eagleburger, former President of Kissinger Associates), to head the Central European Development Corporation (CEDC) that was created under a Federal act to function as a kind of pig trough for those with influence around the diplomatic community. CEDC is a consortium that mingles U.S. Congress-appropriated monies with those from private businessmen. With offices in Berlin and Budapest, CEDC invests in "privatized" Eastern European businesses for a nickel on the dollar.” [A Bigger Scandal: Illegal U.S. Funding of Sharon's Likud, Anton Chaitkin, Executive Intelligence Review, January 24, 2002]  see S1  see Muckety links to Lynn Forester de Rothschild, contributed to Obama 2008 campaign, Tony Blair, Austria, Robert B. Barnett, Andrew J. Stein, White House Domestic Council, Richard D. Parsons, Clinique Laboratories LLC, Charlene Barshefsky, Office of the US Trade Representative.  go to more
    • SEC  Rothschild / Lauder connection.  Elect Director Lynn Forester de Rothschild For Management
    • Vernon Jordan is link between Rothschilds, Valerie Jarrett and Obama  see Wikipedia Lynn_Forester_de_Rothschild, Vernon Jordan is on the board of her FirstMark Communications company.  Lady de Rothschild serves on the Board of Directors of Estée Lauder Companies, The Economist Group, Weather Central LLC and Christies International. Previously, she served on the Boards of Directors of Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation and General Instruments, Inc.  go to Jordan, board member list  and SourceWatch  According to Forbes magazine, Lynn Forester was a "successful entrepreneur in her own right before she brokered the deal of a lifetime last year, marrying Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, who sits atop one of the world's oldest private banking families. Forester met the 70-year-old scion at the 1998 Bilderberg Conference   and see Valerie Jarrett ties to Thomas Ayers
    • go to  Connect Vernon Jordan / Wasserstein / Lazard / Rothschild
    • Pragmatic Witness Ronald Lauder, of the notorious Zionist company Estee Lauder Cosmetics, is a major player in the pro-Israel Lobby, boasting active membership in the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, World Jewish Congress, Jewish National Fund, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Abraham Fund, Jewish Theological Seminary, and the ADL of B’nai B’rith
  • 2002 Wikipedia Zhou_Xiaochuan  As governor of the People's Bank of China since December 2002, he has been in charge of the monetary policy of the People's Republic of China.  see Gold Speculator Zhou_Xiaochuan... and the present Warburg Pincus executive management: Scott A. Arenare Alain J. P. Belda David A. Coulter Timothy J. Curt Patrick T. Hackett Peter R. Kagan Charles R. Kaye Joseph P. Landy Kewsong Lee David Hui Li Michael E. Martin Dalip Pathak Steven G. Schneider Joseph C. Schull Chang Q. Sun Christopher H. Turner Bess Weatherman.
  • PolitcalVelcraft Newly declassified documents show that President Bill Clinton personally approved the transfer to China of advanced space technology that can be used for nuclear combat. The documents show that in 1996 Clinton approved the export of radiation hardened chip sets to China. The specialized chips are necessary for fighting a nuclear war.
  • Craig Robinson is Barack Obama’s Brother-in-Law (Michelle's brother)... Robinson worked in the 1990s as a bond trader. He became a vice president at Continental Bank and worked there from 1990 to 1992. He was then a vice president, from 1992 to 1999, at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.[4] Later he was a managing director and partner at Loop Capital Markets, a minority-owned boutique investment banking firm Wikipedia (link points to a China Bank, not Continental Illinois National Bank) for several years as well as vice president at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. He was also a managing director and partner at Loop Capital Markets, a minority-owned boutique investment banking firm. Wikipedia Craig Robinson.
  • 2004 Wikipedia Paul Desmarais is a member of the Board of Directors of Total SA and Suez. They frequently combine their European operations with the Belgian financier Albert Frere. Paul Desmarais (son) is also a member of the board and the Lafarge Group. The Desmarais family also maintains relations with the French Dassault industrial dynasties, Peugeot and Rothschild, among others. Nicolas Sarkozy has privatized companies in which the Power Corporation of Canada has invested. Through the Carlyle Group, several LNG port projects are under development with controversial Rabaska in Quebec and the Northern Medoc in France.
  • 2004 GlobalResearch  The plans were formulated in 2004. The previous year, Congress gave the Pentagon the green light to use thermo-nuclear weapons in conventional war theaters in the Middle East and Central Asia, allocating $6 billion in 2004 alone to create the new generation of "defensive" tactical nuclear weapons or "mini-nukes".    "In 2005, Vice President Dick Cheney ordered USSTRATCOM (Strategic Command) to draft a 'contingency plan' that included "a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons," Chossudovsky writes. The plan went beyond the terms of reference outlined in the Pentagon’s 2001 Nuclear Posture Review (NPR), which called for a "preemptive" "first strike use" of nuclear weapons against Russia and China as well as Iran and North Korea.  ...  The 2005 plan identified more than 450 strategic targets in Iran, including numerous alleged nuclear-weapons-program development sites. The plan, incredibly, was rationalized on a second 9/11 type attack on the US that Cheney believed Iran would allegedly support!
  • 2006: IAmTheWitness The Edmond De Rothschild Banque, a subsidiary of Europe's Edmond De Rothschild family bank group in France, becomes the first foreign family bank that has obtained approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission and entered China's financial market.
  • 2006 Scoreboard-Canada Boeing wins Secure Border Contract: 2. One of the Boeing partners is Kollsman, Inc. It is described as an Elbit systems of America company. . 3. Elbit Systems is Israel's largest privately owned high tech defense contractor. 4. The largest shareholder in Elbit (ESLT) is Michael Federmann. 5. Michael Federmann is on the Board of Governors of the Weizmann Institute. with  "Lord Rothschild" and Sir Ronald Cohen who was the leader of Apax Partners. Apax owned IFCO Systems which was recently the target of the largest illegal alien worker bust in USA history. What this means at a minimum is that the owner of the largest shares of stock in the biggest illegal aliens hiring firm raided in USA history sits on the same Board at the Weizmann Institute with the largest owner of shares in a firm that is supposed to be Boeing's 'partner' in helping to secure the border from the very illegals caught in the raids.
  • 2007 Jun GlobalResearch Rio Tinto There is a very powerful international hidden nuclear alliance. Nuclear power and uranium supplies and prices are controlled globally by the Rothschild syndicate. This power and control was not at first obvious. In a two volume series, “The Rothschilds,” Japanese journalist Takashi Hirose exposed the well-concealed mechanisms for the Rothschild syndicate’s control of nuclear power. A Rothschild serves as the business manager for the Queen of England, who privately and secretly owns massive interests in uranium holdings in Africa, Canada and Australia through Rio Tinto Mines.   ..  Hirose’s charts of Rothschild intermarriages in his books reveal that the Rothschild syndicate has for centuries extensively intermarried with royal families and nobility globally. He also revealed that Princess Diana’s mother was a Rothschild through intermarriages several generations back. It is easy to understand how the ruling elite and London Money Power have shared common interests and goals, since they mutually benefit by forming alliances. And they know elected officials are easy to bribe.  Wikipedia In France, Rothschild developed the country's largest private uranium mining company, the Compagnie Française des Minerais d'Uranium.  and Piazzadcarra  United States Circumvented Laws To Help Japan Accumulate Tons of Plutonium. and rothschild-owns-market-on-depleted-uranium. 
  • 2008 Texemarrs Discover also how Rothschild and Zionist Jews brought Red China’s Mao Tse Tung to power; who really killed President John F. Kennedy; the attack on Christianity by Michael Jackson’s Jewish rabbi; the hidden bloodline of conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh and how it affects his performance on air; the final testament and warning of Protestant Reformer Martin Luther; the stunning two million dollar bribe paid to President Harry Truman; the Babylonian black magic practiced by kabbalistic rabbis; and the real reason why U.S. military forces are in the Middle East.
  • 2008 Shanghai Daily Bank of China said yesterday it will buy a 20 percent stake in La Compagnie Financiere Edmond de Rothschild for 236.3 million euros (US$340 million) and the two will develop private banking and asset-management services.
  • 2009 Reu-ters Rio says to raise $21 billion through a rights issue and announces joint venture with BHP.  Japanese, Chinese and European steelmakers join forces to fight the Rio-BHP plan, while China calls for "a fully open international market." The German Federal Cartel Office issues a statement saying it would prohibit the merger
  • 2010 Sept 11, On (9-11) 2010 China Sent A Missile Into The Air Off The Coast Of California!
  • AlfredKewl IMF Planned Riots The IMF/World Bank have been systematically tearing nations apart, whether it’s Ecuador or Argentina or America and Israel. Privatization equals Pillaging and Rape. Steal from the people and hand over everything to the IMF/World Bank. They know that when they squeeze a country and destroy its economy, you’ll get riots in the streets. And they admit that because you have riot, all the capital runs away from whatever country and that presents the opportunity for the IMF to move in for the serious takeover. It really is an imperial economy war meant to implode countries and now they have started in America. They are damn greedy. Chief investigators of the State of California said that that it’s not just the stockholders that get ripped off. They suck millions, billions even trillions of dollars out of the public pockets. Where are the assets? See, everybody says there are no assets left. They transfer all assets to other corporations and banks. Rothschild – The Plague Of The Red Shield Burrow into NM Rothschild & Sons, you’ll find it all there. The IMF/World Bank implosion, four points, how they bring down a country and destroy the resources of the people. First you open up the capital markets. That is, you sell off your local banks gold to foreign buyers. Then you go to what’s called market-based pricing or even silver. That’s the stuff like in California where everything is free market and you end up with water bills no one can pay. Then open up your borders to trade. It’s like the opium wars. This isn’t free trade; this is coercion trade. This is war. They are taking apart economies through this system. China has a 50% to 60% tariff on the U.S. but the U.S. has a 2% on them. That’s not free and fair trade. It’s to force all industry into a state of one world order that the globalists control 100%.
  • 2010 ListedMag Tye Burt, Rothschild connections to 9/11, search terms: Kinross, Red Back Mining Inc. Barrick Gold, BMO Capital Markets, Egizio Bianchini, Western African country of Mauritania, Rio Narcea Gold Mines Ltd, Lundin Mining, Toronto, Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt.  Tye Burt is former Chairman of Deutsche Bank Canada and Deutsche Bank Alex Brown Securities Canada Wikipedia ;
  • 2011 Z-ben Edmond De Rothschild Banque has received approval from CSRC to acquire an additional 9.4% stake in Zhonghai from the majority shareholder, China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC). After the completion of the deal, the bank will hold a minority 25% stake in the fund manager, an increase form the 15.4% stake acquired in 2008.
  • 2011 VidRebel China Declared War On Wall Street And The City Of London Posted on August 30, 2011 China declared war on the City of London and Wall Street when they opened the Pan Asian Metals Exchange and PAGE the Pan Asian Gold Exchange. Their opening salvo will be fired in October when the Pan Asian Metals Exchange allows international investors to buy into a 90 day rolling spot gold contract which is for allocated gold. They already have a ten ounce mini-gold contract and a similar silver contract. The investor will have the choice of either take delivery of their gold or be paid in Chinese Renminbi. Major European and North American brokerages will allow investors worldwide to invest in the Pan Asian Metals Exchange.   ...  The Chinese will put an end to paper gold. They will set the price of bullion. They will allocate a bar of gold to every bar on sale in their futures market. This is called allocated gold. The LBMA and COMEX are alleged to have 90% unallocated versus 10% allocated.   ...
  • 2011 According to “Die Weltwoche“, a Swiss weekly political magazine, Philipp Hildebrand got in touch with George Soros, main delegate of the Rothschild and Rockefeller elitist secret world government, when he worked for the World Economic Forum in Davos. From him he got in contact with the top world financial manipulators like Louis Moore Bacon (MCM), Ben Bernanke (FED), Timothy Geithner, Jean-Claude Trichet (EZB), Mario Draghi (Italian Central Bank), Mark Carney (Governor of Bank of Canada), Larry Summers, and many more… (see and ASR blog). Hildebrand is also member of the Group of Thirty, the quasi world financial government, founded by Rockefeller.
  • 2011 PakAlert A grim Ministry of Defense bulletin issued to Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev today states that President Hu has “agreed in principal” that the only way to stop the West’s aggression led by the United States is through “direct and immediate military action” and that the Chinese leader has ordered his Naval Forces to “prepare for warfare.”  Hu’s call for war joins Chinese Rear Admiral and prominent military commentator Zhang Zhaozhong who, likewise, warned this past week that “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a Third World War,” and Russian General Nikolai Makarov who grimly stated last week, “I do not rule out local and regional armed conflicts developing into a large-scale war, including using nuclear weapons.”
  • 2012 SurfingtheApocalypse  As those who have been paying attention to such things know, the western powers (Rothschild central bank controlled countries) have removed Iran from the SWIFT system. This means that they have no way to transact internationally, through electronic bank transfers in any currency. The Chinese, who depend on Iranian oil, are using a workaround... Gold. This is a newsletter from Jim Sinclair, last night:  The implications of China paying for Iranian oil in gold is the most important event in the modern history of gold.  1. It is reasonable to assume that China has been threatened with total or at least selective exclusion from the SWIFT system if it pays in any currency for Iranian oil. 2. Gold has been decided by China as the means of making payment for massive international purchases free of the SWIFT system. 3. Other Asian and Middle Eastern nations will now see the gold they hold as money free of Western economic interference. 4. Gold now is not only money free of liability, but also free from interference regarding settlement by the long arm of Western influence. more, GoldBroker, InsideFutures, TheRealAsset
  • 2012 The suspicious death (see full story) last November in a Chongqing hotel room of British citizen Neil Heywood, a reputed middleman for the Rothschilds and their international financial front man George Soros, has brought further attention on the ties between failed Chinese Communist Party Politburo candidate Bo Xilai and Western supporters. Bo is now considered by many observers inside and outside China to have been the favorite of the globalists to become Chinese President instead of Xi Jinping, the designated successor to Hu Jintao. The Hu and Xi faction are opposed to transforming China’s form of government from a quasi-Communist system to a totally capitalist system. The Bo faction was ousted from Chinese Communist Party leadership positions during the recent National People’s Congress.  If the international mercenary tycoon the Judaized Khazarian Bernard Henry Levi in France today can be considered a revolutionary for his fighting thugs in Libya and Syria,
  • Forbes Brazil, Russia, India and China, the BRIC countries, are back to talking about creating a unified financial system where they can avoid euro and dollar volatility. This time, a pooling of Central Bank dollars from the countries in case liquidity dried up as the world tracks the West’s crisis momentum.  Zhang Yuyan, director of the Institute of World Economics and Politics affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the new mechanisms established by the emerging markets themselves, who “know their current conditions and demands much better.” search terms: Three trillion dollars, Hu Jintao,
  • 2012 Aug RT Obama ratcheted up the sanctions on Iran’s energy and petrochemical industries, approving sanctions against any entity that tries to purchase Iranian oil from the National Iranian Oil Co. and the Naftiran Intertrade Co.  AsiaOne The sanction harms the interests of Bank of Kunlun, which belongs to China's largest petrol producer China National Petroleum Corporation  ...  21cn
  • 2012 Aug PressTV  Current neo-conservative doctrine foresees the fall of the governments of Iran, Belarus, and, ultimately Russia and China, after the fall of Damascus, to the combined forces of NATO and the Saudi- and Qatari-backed Salafist Wahhabis, who make up a large portion of the Syrian rebel movement. Russia has clearly drawn a line in the sand in Syria and does not want to see yet another Arab nation fall into the clutches of neo-con globalists and radical Muslims. Libya constituted proof of the alliance between the neo-con uber-capitalists, Zionists, and Wahhabists. Even if Russia concedes Damascus and the rest of inland Syria to the rebels, it is prepared, through the use of its Navy and naval base at Tartus in the predominantly-Alavi coastal region of Syria, to offer military protection for Bashar al-Assad, his fellow Alavis, and Syrian Christians who have been protected by the Alavis in an independent salient that includes Tartus and Latakia. The complete fall of Syria to Wahhabists and NATO will move the instability of the Middle East closer to the Russian southern frontier.  ...   The stakes for Russia are immense. One only needs to examine Nazi Germany’s “New Order” (Neuordnung) plans for the occupation of the Soviet Union and Persia to understand what the neo-cons and their Israeli and Wahhabist colleagues have in store for southern Russia and Iran.
  • 2012 July Scribd LIBOR Indictment excerpt:  To analyze how well the Federal Reserve Eurodollar Deposit Rate captures changes in Market Fundamentals and absorbs variations in LIBOR that are driven by such fundamentals, consulting experts used regression analysis to measure the day-to-day changes in the Spread against changes in the T-Bill rate and the commercial paper rate. The evidence from these regressions strongly supports that day-to-day changes in the Federal Reserve Eurodollar Deposit Rate effectively capture day-to-day movements in LIBOR caused by Market Fundamentals. Thus, once the Federal Reserve Eurodollar Deposit Rate is subtracted to arrive at the Spread, remaining movements in LIBOR reflected in the Spread would be unrelated to movements in Market Fundamentals.58. ...   Because Market Fundamentals are fully captured by the Spread, absent manipulation, the Spread should always be zero or close to zero. Thus, as more fully discussed below, negative Spreads provide a strong basis to conclude that Defendants suppressed and colluded to artificially suppress LIBOR. 24 59.   Defendants:  During the Class Period, Defendants BAC, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Barclays, Lloyds, HBOS, WestLB, RBS, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Royal Bank of Canada, Rabobank, BTMU and Norinchukin were members of the BBA’s USD-LIBOR panel. Additionally, Citigroup, which controlled Citibank and reaped significant financial benefit from the suppression of LIBOR, actively participated in the conspiracy  Unnamed co-conspirators: (i) Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC; (ii) Bank of America Securities LLC; (iii) J.P. Morgan Clearing Corp.; (iv) J.P. Morgan Futures, Inc.; (v) HSBC Securities (USA); (vi) Barclays Capital Inc.; (vii) UBS Securities LLC; (viii) RBS Securities Inc.; (ix) Deutsche Bank Securities; and (x) Citigroup Global Markets Inc.44.
WMR  The corporate media and the global pedophile ring cover-up The New York Times and The Washington Post
October 26-28, 2012 -- The corporate media and the global pedophile ring cover-up The New York Times and The Washington Post carried a double-barrel blast against China this past week. The Times's report, based on documents handed over to the paper, castigates the immense wealth built up by the family of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, including his 90-year old mother, Yang Zhiyun, a retired school teacher. The Post's report was centered around a complaint from the family of purged Chinese Communist Party leader and his wife, Gu Kailai, convicted of murdering a British businessman, that Bo's family found it difficult to put together a defense team for the ousted leader. Bo, whose business contacts with the George Soros/Rothschild family and Paul Desmarais clique, had raised hopes among the Western vulture capitalist class that Bo was another Mikhail Gorbachev who would bring about an end to the Chinese Communist Party, is awaiting trial on a series of as yet unknown criminal charges. One of the sons of Bo and Gu is under the virtual protection of the United States government in the Boston area. There is another reason for the Times's and Post's seemingly coordinated attack on China's leadership. China's government has let it be known that it is aware that a number of foreign journalists who were pulled out of Southeast Asia by either their corporations or Central Intelligence Agency interlocutors because of pressure being brought to bear by the governments of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam on expatriate foreigners that are known to be pedophiles, have re-settled in Beijing. Cambodia gave the boot to a well-known journalist who once worked for Newsweek, Fortune, and UPI and who pedophile activities in Cambodia earned him the enmity of Queen Mother Monineath, the wife of the late King Norodom Sihanouk. The CIA used known pedophiles to run CIA-funded newspapers in Thailand, Cambodia, and Burma. WMR has, in the past, reported extensively on the activities of U.S. diplomat pedophiles in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines, Singapore, and Bangladesh. China is not a friendly terrain for pedophiles for a number of reasons, including a zero tolerance policy of the Chinese government and the fact that China's "one-child" policy means that parents keep a watchful eye on their son or daughter. While in Beijing, WMR learned that pedophile foreign journalists hold positions with a number of Western media outlets and non-governmental organizations connected to George Soros in Beijing and Shanghai. The Times and Post obviously want to shift the scandal involving former BBC children's and teen show star Jimmy Savile and a ring of pedophiles connected to a past Prime Minister, as well as member of the royal family, to China, which is known to be hostile to international pedophiles. By "killing two birds with one stone," the papers want to drive the BBC story off the front pages and turn up the heat on China at the same time. The Post has never recovered from its ignoring the infamous late 1980s call boy scandal involving midnight tours of the White House for underage congressional pages arranged by pedophile official of the Reagan and Bush I administrations. The scandal was carried on the front page, above the fold of The Washington Times. It later emerged that the page scandal involved a number of well-known Washington journalists, the main one being former ABC News reporter Craig Spence, who was expelled by the South Vietnamese government ostensibly for black market currency transactions. WMR learned that the Washington Post ignored the scandal because it involved Post employees. A related 1980s pedophile case involving senior military officers and which reached into the Reagan White House was similarly covered up by corporate media owners. Two papers, the Register Guard of Eugene, Oregon and Navy Times, were forced to spike stories in 1984 on a major pedophile ring due to pressure from publishers. When it comes to pedophile rings that involve important people, the corporate media has not shown itself trustworthy to fully cover the stories. Years of evidence against convicted Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was ignored at the early, mid, and even late stages by the media in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia. Incoming New York Times Company president Mark Thompson, who was director general of BBC last December when the BBC program Newsnight spiked an investigative piece on Savile's pedophile escapades while at the BBC, has denied he knew anything about the reasons for canceling the exposé. Thompson claims it was because of a lack of evidence in the case against Savile. It has now been reported that up to 300 underage teens may have been sexually molested by Savile and that the disgraced entertainer, who died last year, was not the only BBC celebrity to engage in such conduct. There have also been charges that Savile molested the corpses of dead children at hospitals where he raised charitable donations. The Times's ombudsman, Margaret Sullivan, asked the following question about her incoming boss in a column this week: "How likely is it that he knew nothing? A director general of a giant media company is something like a newspaper's publisher. Would a publisher be very likely to know if an investigation of one of its own people on sexual abuse charges had been killed?" Times officials, including chairman of the board Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger, Jr. have rallied to Thompson's defense, which has left the Times' reporting on the BBC scandal lacking in both professionalism and veracity. However, the Times and Post have both found it newsworthy to jump on the China bashing bandwagon whose current band leader is GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. We'll see whether either paper ever reports on the pedophile ring that has relocated from Southeast Asia to China. Our guess is no because some of the perpetrators' names may have also been found in by-lines from Asia carried by the two newspapers.

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CIA’s Iranian Coup Faction Exposes Obama-Brzezinski Agenda: “Death To Russia, Death To China”
Webster Tarpley CIA’s Iranian Coup Faction Exposes Obama-Brzezinski Agenda: “Death To Russia, Death To China” [Translate] For the last 18 months, I have argued that the dominant faction of US-UK imperialism had radically de-emphasized any attack on Iran, and was instead intent on using Iran as a proxy or kamikaze puppet in the Brzezinski-Soros-Nye-Obama plan for an apocalyptic settling of accounts with Russia and China, in the desperate hope of securing another century of world domination for Wall Street and the City of London. This theme figures prominently in my two books on the subject,Obama the Postmodern Coup — The Making of a Manchurian Candiate (2008) and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography (2008). This argument was backed up by references to the Brzezinski-Huntington-Soros track record in arming and building up Iran as a regional proxy for the US and the British, as as seen in the Iran-contra weapons deliveries to the Khomeini regime (which went forward during the Carter years under Brzezinski and his office boy, the current Pentagon boss Robert Gates), and the Iran-Iraq war, when Iran acted as a surrogate against the then-leading Arab state. The current US-UK strategy builds upon the considerable latent hostiity against Russia in the Iranian population, due to such causes as the Soviet occupation of northern Iran during World War II, disputes over primacy in the oil-rich Caspian Sea, and Iranian complaints about the Russian management of the Bushehr nuclear reactor. Currently, the CIA, MI6 and their allies are attempting to overthrow the Achmadinejad government in a classic people-power coup, color revolution, or postmodern coup, using a gaggle of malcontents grouped around the bloody-handed Mousavi, the corrupt Ayatollah Rafsanjani, and the benighted clerics of Qom, including Grand Ayatollah Montazeri.  In the most recent Friday prayers in Teheran, the Mousavi-Rafsanjani faction has dropped its mask by eagerly and publicly embracing their assigned kamikaze role in the CIA game plan: that of a spear point against Russia and China. The real nature of this faction now stands exposed. While the pro-Achmadinejad faction chanted the tried and true (and even cliched) “death to America,” Mousavi supporters countered with “death to Russia” and “death to China.” This must be understood as a strategic epiphany of the greatest importance. The CIA’ s Iranian friends resent Russian President Medvedev for the support given to Achmadinejad at the height of the post-election crisis when the Iranian leader was warmly welcomed to a conference of the Shanghai Cooperation Oragnization, the main counterbalance to NATO. The Iranian CIA faction also trumpets indignation about the Chinese measures to restore order in Sinkiang province after the recent Uighur murder spree against Chinese — even though these bloody riots were inspired by Rebiya Kadeer’s World Uighur Conference, financed by US government money and based in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. Obama had signaled his support for the Uighurs by freeing Uighurs from Guantanamo and setting them up in comfortable digs in Bermuda and Palau. With their chanting, the CIA’s Iranian friends leave no doubt that they are more than ready to fight the US-UK’s battles against Russia and China — by cutting off oil to China, or by making more trouble across the Caspian with Russia, etc. Mousavi’s time as Iranian prime minister (1981-1989) covered most of the bloody and futile Iran-Iraq war, when the mullahs organized human wave suicide assaults by Iranian children against the fortified Iraqi lines, leading to a hecatomb. Iranians should now ponder whether they really want to volunteer once again as pawns and cannon fodder for the Anglo-American Great Game, as Mousavi and Rafsanjani demand. This time around, based on their new slogans, they will be picking a fight not with Iraq, but with the nuclear powers Russia and China – a course which threatens national annihilation for Iran. These issues are discussed in this week’s broadcast of World Crisis Radio, available free on demand anytime at Webster G. Tarpley

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