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Conagra, Bees and CCD

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How is ConAgra, Omaha-Nebraska, Ronald Roskens, child sexual abuse and the bee pollination crisis connected?  more below


and Bayer?


DailyKOS  Pollen from GM corn, worldwide toxic cloud.  A factor in CCD  

 Investigate clothianidin 



bees ... canary in the mine shaft?

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ConAgra, Bee pollination crisis, CCD   top
  • AgoraCosmopolitan Catastrophic Bee de-populations: Genetically Engineered crops causing AIDS-like Immune Deficiencies called Colony Collapse
  • OrganicConsumer  after you eat the GM corn, some inactive herbicide may become reactivated inside your gut and cause a toxic reaction. more HIV AIDS immune system problem ... similar to CCD in bees weak immune system
  • Celsias
  • ENN What's Killing the Bees ... They believe that Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which has already wiped out tens of thousands of hives of bees across North America again this fall, is caused by a pesticide you can purchase today at Wal-Mart and Home Depot.  The cause is imidacloprid, plain and simple," said David Hackenberg, the beekeeper who was the subject of a 60 Minutes story that aired Oct. 28"
  • Ethicurean GM corn could harm river systems, 
  • Mindfully ... the true cost of GMO
  • NRDC
  • OrganicConsumer News
  • OrganicConsumer  after you eat the GM corn, some inactive herbicide may become reactivated inside your gut and cause a toxic reaction. more HIV AIDS immune system problem ... similar to CCD in bees weak immune system
  • SeedsofDeception
  • Sierra Club Genetic Engineering Committee "We call for acting in accordance with the Precautionary Principle, meaning that when an activity raises the possibility of serious or irreversible harm to the environment or living creatures, precautionary measures that prevent the possibility of harm shall be taken even if the causal line between the activity and the possible harm has not been proven.  In accordance with this Precautionary Principle, we call for a moratorium on the planting of all genetically engineered crops and the release of all GEOs into the environment,
  • Summary, Where have all the bees gone?
  • Summary: connect the dots: ConAgra, Omaha, Franklin Scandal, Omaha, global warming, gm crops, pesticides, bee pollination crisis.
  • Ronald Roskens quietly fired as Chancellor of University of Nebraska
  • Gay sex parties,  implicated in Franklin Scandal, Omaha 1989, ... is today on the board of directors of ConAgra. Wikipdedia, ConAgra   ref LC
  • ConAgra, the worst global food company in report on global warming response, CERES report, and GM crops are proven dangerous.  pesticides
  • Bee pollination  crisis (immune system deficiencies) will have major consequences for the world and ConAgra.
  • Nebraska 1989, ... it goes all the way to the Bush White House, ... Jeff Gannon, 2004, ....Ronald Roskens ConAgra ....  etc.   More below  Thundercache
  • AgoraCosmopolitan Catastrophic Bee de-populations: Genetically Engineered crops causing AIDS-like Immune Deficiencies called Colony Collapse Disorder
  • Dolly, GM
  • BeeCulture
  • Curry Pilot
  • FoodHACCP General Food Safety News.
  • Greenbay Press Gazette  A number of explanations for Colony Collapse Disorder have been suggested by different scientists, including crop pesticides, antibiotics, miticides, the nocema protozoan and the Varroa mites which carry the Israel acute paralysis virus.
  • LiveScience pesticide links to CCD
  • MiteAway
  • Pittsburgh Live But with staggering losses of beehives -- down 47 percent after the winter of 2006-07 and another decline of 27 percent this past winter, the state apiarist and others worry that if populations continue to plummet, beekeepers will go out of business and major food stocks won't get pollinated.
  • PMEP nicotine
  • PSU Pennsylvania State University
  • ConAgra, pollination, food industry, genetically modified crops, pesticides, insecticides, immune system, parasites ...reduced regulation, reduce taxes, promote war, increase surveillance of citizens, control with fear, 
  • Bayer Crop Science "Euparen® M can be classified as harmless to honey bees. There was a slight contact toxicity at very high doses, but this is of no practical relevance."
  • Baykomm There is the danger that, if existing products are not used correctly, the mites (Varoa) could develop resistance to certain active ingredients.
  • Home Depot.
  • National Academies CCD  US Department of Agriculture, the US Geological Survey, and The National Academy of Sciences itself, the National Research Council’s Board on Life Sciences and Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources jointly convened an ad hoc committee to document the status of pollinating animals in North America.  Protect corporations at all costs, hide information, distort the truth.
  • USDA protect  and nurture corporate farming at all costs
  • Wal-Mart 
  • Wikipedia, Colony Collapse Disorder, worker bees disappear, first in North America, then in Belgium, France, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Taiwan, causes not understood: malnutrition, pathogens, Israel acute paralysis virus,  mites, pesticides, genetically modified crops, disappearances not reported by organic beekeepers.
  • ENN "Here's the background you need to understand: The primary product used to control grubs on your lawn, or insects on your fruit trees, or termites in your basement, contains a chemical compound known as imidacloprid, a synthetic nicotine, which is most commonly marketed as Merit. No one debates that imidacloprid is toxic to bees, yet Bayer, the exclusive patent holder from 1988 until this year, denies its product causes CCD. Many countries including France and Brazil are employing the "precautionary principle" and pulling products containing imidacloprid from the shelves. But in the U.S., homeowners and farms are using more and more of it — especially since many competing products (which relied on the compound diazinon to kill grubs and other insects) have already been banned due to their proven toxicity."
  • NewsWithViews  An article in Natural News by David Gutierrez on September 30, 2008 has linked the bee die-off in the Baden-Wurttemburg state of Germany to direct contact with the insecticide clothianidin found on corn seeds (German Research Center for Cultivated Plants). This pesticide had been applied to rapeseed and sweet corn seeds in the Rhine River Valley. Piles of dead bees were discovered at the entrance of hives in early May 2008. Clothianidin was found in the tissues of 99% of the dead bees. This is the time when corn seeding takes place according to Walter Haefeker, president of the European Professional Beekeeping Association. The Julius Huehn Institute (federal agricultural research agency) stated “it can be unequivocally be concluded that a poisoning of the bees is due to a rub-off of the pesticide ingredient clothianidin from corn seeds.” This chemical is estimated to have killed two-thirds of the bees in this state.
ConAgra, Ronald Roskens, Franklin Scandal, Omaha      top
Corrupt and perverted corporations and religious organizations are harming us and the earth.  and see Spokesman Review  "Vatican will discipline noted priest"


Legionaries of Christ below

  • WayneMadsenReport "December 21-25, 2007 -- Another disturbing photo emerges in child abduction case ...  It may be Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Men, except where it comes to thousands of abducted, sexually-abused, and enslaved children around the world. ...  In 2007, this editor investigated the child prostitution trade in Southeast Asia and visited Thailand and Cambodia to witness how vulnerable children as young as five are kidnapped and pressed into service as prostitutes. Worse, the trade in children is supported and sanctioned by members of the US and other diplomatic corps members in various Southeast and South Asian capitals. ...  The following photograph has been obtained by WMR. It was recently sent anonymously to Noreen Gosch, whose then-12-year old son Johnny was kidnapped from a West Des Moines street in 1982. 1982 was the same year that this editor, working covertly for the FBI and Naval Investigative Service, helped bust a huge pedophile ring that was later determined to have been linked to high White House officials. The network would receive widespread attention during the waning days of the Reagan administration and result in front page coverage by the Washington Times during the Bush 41 administration."

  • OrganicConsumer "Pioneer Hi-Bred's website boasts that their genetically modified (GM) Liberty Link corn survives doses of Liberty herbicide, which would normally kill corn. The reason, they say, is that the herbicide becomes "inactive in the corn plant." They fail to reveal, however, that after you eat the GM corn, some inactive herbicide may become reactivated inside your gut and cause a toxic reaction. In addition, a gene that was inserted into the corn might transfer into the DNA of your gut bacteria, producing long-term effects. These are just a couple of the many potential side-effects of GM crops that critics say put the public at risk." Lerman

  • Wikipdedia Environmental issues ConAgra has been criticized for its lack of response to global warming. A 2006 report by CERES, a non-profit organization that works to address global climate change and other sustainability issues, titled "Corporate Governance and Climate Change: Making the Connection," measures how 100 leading global companies are responding to global warming. Companies in the report were evaluated on a 0 to 100 scale. ConAgra scored a total of 4 points, the lowest of any of the food companies rated.[2] in 2002, ConAgra, together with other major food and beverage companies including PepsiCo, General Mills, Kellogg, Sara Lee, and H.J. Heinz Co., spent heavily to defeat Oregon's measure 27, which would have required food companies to label products that contain genetically modified ingredients.[3] According to the Oregon Secretary of State, ConAgra contributed $71,000 to the campaign to defeat the ballot initiative.[4] establish 1922, 

  • "In 1992 a 107-page congressional report was issued by Rep. John Conyers Jr., urging Bush to fire Roskens, who had "abused the public trust" for private gain until AID's inspector general "forced a change in his patterns of behavior." His "patterns," according to the Washington Post for October 2, 1992, included "taking thousands of dollars from outside organizations, including some that do business with AID."

  • Science Daily "Toxic Pollen From Widely Planted, Genetically Modified Corn Can Kill Monarch Butterflies, Cornell Study Shows ScienceDaily (May 21, 1999) — ITHACA, N.Y. -- An increasingly popular commercial corn, genetically engineered to produce a bacterial toxin to protect against corn pests, has an unwanted side effect: Its pollen kills monarch butterfly larvae in laboratory tests, according to a report by Cornell University researchers.  ...  See also: Plants & Animals Insects and Butterflies Agriculture and Food Genetically Modified Trends & Issues Reference Transgenic plants Prairie Restoration Biological pest control Genetically modified organism Writing in the latest issue (May 20) of the journal "Nature", the Cornell researchers note that this hybrid crop, known as" Bt"-corn, has genes from the bacterium" Bacillus thuringiensis" ("Bt") spliced into the plant genes. These hybrids are very effective against the ravenous European corn borer, a major corn pest that is destroyed by the plant's toxic tissue. The engineered corn is safe for human consumption.  ...   Unlike many pesticides, the "Bt"-corn has been shown to have no effect on many "nontarget" organisms -- pollinators such as honeybees or beneficial predators of pests like ladybugs. But the "Bt-"modified corn produces pollen containing crystalline endotoxin from the bacterium genes. When this corn pollen is dispersed by the wind, it lands on other plants, including milkweed, the exclusive food of monarch caterpillars and commonly found around cornfields.  ...  Says John E. Losey, Cornell assistant professor of entomology and the primary investigator on the study: "We need to look at the big picture here. Pollen from "Bt"-corn could represent a serious risk to populations of monarchs and other butterflies, but we can't predict how serious the risk is until we have a lot more data. And we can't forget that Bt-corn and other transgenic crops have a huge potential for reducing pesticide use and increasing yields. This study is just the first step, we need to do more research and then objectively weigh the risks versus the benefits of this new technology."  ...  Like all grasses, corn is wind-pollinated, and the pollen can be blown more than 60 yards from the edge of cornfields. "Pollen is that yellow dusting your car gets on spring and summer days; pollen is everywhere," Losey explains. "That's why we are concerned about this problem."  ...  Other researchers on the study were Linda S. Rayor, Cornell instructor in entomology, and Maureen E. Carter, Cornell research aide.  ...  "Monarchs are considered to be a flagship species for conservation. This is a warning bell," says Rayor. "Monarchs themselves are not an endangered species right now, but as their habitat is disrupted or destroyed, their migratory phenomena is becoming endangered."  ...  In the laboratory tests, monarchs fed milkweed leaves dusted with so-called transformed pollen from a "Bt"-corn hybrid ate less, grew more slowly and suffered a higher mortality rate, the researchers report. Nearly half of these larvae died, while all of the monarch caterpillars fed leaves dusted with nontransformed corn pollen or fed leaves without corn pollen survived the study." BT corn, BT-corn, BT Cron



Jeff Gannon, White House reporter, gay military porn site operator, overnight stays in the White House, Raw Story / NFU  and file

Sen. Larry Craig, center of hypocrisy universe

center of hypocrisy universe
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  • ConAgra Trade Group ...  With the convergence of the food, agriculture and energy sectors, ConAgra Trade Group is uniquely built to be the preferred strategic partner for capitalizing on new energy opportunities. ConAgra Trade Group understands that producers and consumers of commodities need access to value-added information, insight and resources to ensure availability of supply and reliable marketing execution. It understands that the renewable fuels business is a physical commodity business that has specific, but manageable, risks around transportation and infrastructure. The Group employs the people and the physical infrastructure—supported by flexible and highly adaptable systems—to meet the varying needs of growing businesses. ConAgra Trade Group leverages its size, resources and expertise to simplify complex challenges.  more search terms: corn procurement, natural gas procurement, feedstock, methanol, glycerin, biodiesel, physical merchandising, railcar logistics network, field offices in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia, with headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Corrupt and perverted corporations and religious organizations are harming us and the earth.  and see Spokesman Review  "Vatican will discipline noted priest"


Legionaries of Christ below

Its about protecting children, ... world wide traffic in children is still widespread and WayneMadsenReport is at the forefront of investigating this.  It has led him directly to the US Congress, and the Bush Administration.  The photo (right) was compiled from photos on the WayneMadsenReport  ...Camp Caribou may be just diversion or hoax, but this photo and information may help to keep alive the investigation of the Franklin Scandal, Omaha, 1989, ... it goes all the way to the Bush White House, ... Jeff Gannon, 2004, .... etc.   More below

enlarge  source: WayneMadsenReport.  photo possibly taken 2 years after his disappearance.   and see  Franklin Scandal Omaha ... White House Connections


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