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  • Reject NeoNazis and the use of the swastika. It reinforces the Holocaust lie whose central theme is to blame the German people for an event that never occured and lay an interminable guilt upon them in order to extract hundreds of millions in reparations. ... No Jews died in gas chambers in Auschwitz. Hundreds of thousands of Jews did die from typhus, starvation and disease due to the chaos of war and Allied terror bombing of Germany. 60 million people died due to the Jewish Bolshevik Revoltution, Holodomor ... Zionists are trying to rub out this historical fact by endless Holocaust propaganda. The real story is how Zionists and Nazis conspired to enable mass emigration to Palestine to create Israel, the ultimate aim of Zionists...MORE




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Jewish Cultural Marxism, Political Correctness & Multiculturalism .... 9/11 Truth





Wikipedia is consistently cleansed of Rothschild Zionist links to modern companies, people, events and concepts. NFU


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Holocaust Revision, Jewish Bolshevik Revolution


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  • 911VancouverHearings
  • Aagrifan  al Queda destroying Tunisia
  • Aletho News WikiLeaks: End Your War On 9/11 Truth
  • AllVoices  Muqdad added that, the Syrian crisis had been largely provoked by foreign interference and that all Syrians, including the the opposition
  • American Thinker  Jim Wallis, the man behind the so-called "religious left" - a left wing evangelical activist who worked to get evangelical support for Obama -- has been exposed as another stooge of George Soros. And he had the gall to accuse Marvin Olasky, the conservative evangelical who asked Wallis to admit his connections to Soros, of lying. Sarah Pulliam Bailey of Christianity Today's political blog has the story:
  • Arab American. net  a site for Progressive Arab-Americans and their friends.
  • BlackVoterNet
  • BushStole04  America's Overthrow of The Shah And The Secret Quest For A One World Government
  • Cryptogon National Security Command Center
  • Detroit Free Press 100 Questions about Arab Americans
  • DisquietReservations It appears that Al Qaeda, admittedly a creation of the CIA in the 1980's to draw in and fight Soviets in Afghanistan, is still patronized by the West and used as both a convenient casus belli as well as a terrorist proxy force against enemies of Western foreign policy." - Tony Cartalucci, "NATO Member Turkey Harboring Terrorist Army."
  • DProgram Genesis of US-Saudi ‘Al Qaeda Frankenstein’ in Syria
  • Foundation for Middle East Peace understanding and cooperation
  • GlobalBeat resources for the global journalist
  • Global Issues on poverty, corporations, consumerism
  • Global Research Free Syrian Army" is Al Qaeda: WikiLeaks Propaganda About Chemical Weapons in Syria
  • The Jerusalem Media and Communication Center
  • Independent Press Association
  • Infowar World Bank, IMF, FBI
  • Liberal Oasis
  • LouMinati
  • Media Monitors "This notion that the United States is getting ready to attack Iran is simply ridiculous...Having said that, all options are on the table."
  • Nation  local revolts
  • PeaceNow
  • Peak Oil
  • PressTV Iran  features Webster Tarpley
  • Scoop Petrodollars, Petroeuros, Straits of Hormuz, Iran nuclear attack.
  • SocioEcoHistory All the evidence shows that the Luciferian globalist terrorists in Washington and elsewhere are initiating a third world war to radically shape the political fate of the world, drastically reduce the global population, and transform the psychic and spiritual life of humanity.
  • TheNational 
  • TopDocumentaryFilms 9./11 Decade
  • Veterans Today  Jim Fetzer, Dr. Alan Sabrosky
  • Workers World Support Syria Against US / NATO  Washington has avoided direct intervention, working instead with its NATO allies through Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar to fund and arm the reactionary opposition to Assad and the Syrian people.





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  • American Freedom News Reporting on the rise of global government
  • Boycott Liberalism provides newslinks about liberals and their unpatriotic actions and remarks.
  • News Corp owns The Sun, The New York Post and Fox News Channel

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