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China Owns the Bidens

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Ashli Babbit, martyr, January 6, 2021, executed by DC police during Antifa / BLM false flag attack during Trump rally.

#conspiratruth ... a conspiracy theory that has been proven to be true

Hunter Biden Sex Pervert Pedophile

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ashli babbit, martyr

 Patriots must rise up - without violence

Kanye West (Ye) is a gladiator against Jewish Power



Wall Street Jews and Chinese megalomaniacs

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9-11 truth

Writ of quo warranto

Jan 21, 2021... The election is not over...the military is not cooperating with Biden ... The Biden administration is a fake...see NOQ Report ...Writ of quo warranto: How the election can be corrected AFTER inauguration ... the ballots have to be preserved for 22 months....plenty of time to audit them...they prove that Trump won. The Left now is on a rampage to censor even more...demonitize conservative sites and stop the above information from coming out ... the effort to demonize Trump supporters as terrorists is part of this plan. The other plan is to create a religion around conservatism enabling it to be protected under religion.

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Epstein Timeline

9/11 Truth Interactive Spreadsheet, 2000 rows

BLM, Antifa are paramilitary force of Communist Jews

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2021 Jan 29 ...Wikileaks ...Wikileaks releases Moon landing cut scenes filmed in Nevada desert (Video)

#ZioAngloAmerican Deep State


  • Israel Nuked the WTC, was in on JFK, has extorted $billions from the Holocaust Hoax..for research on Jewish megalomania, supremacism and treachery see page menus...includes info on Jewish .complicity in False Flag attacks, led US into WWI through trickery on Pres. Wilson, ,ran the Treaty of Versailles proceedingsWilson which eventually led to WWII, created Hitler thru IG Farben, financed the rearmament of Germany in 1930s, 60 million dead in Bolshevik revolution led by Jews, Cold War Hoax / western Jewish bankers financed industrialization of Soviet Union in the 1930s, progenitors of Cultural Marxism to take down western Christian culture, Socialist Jews led the failed 1905 Russian revolution, dominate soft science depts of all major education institutions, international subterfuge and intrigue in the creation of Israel, brutal racist treatment of Palestinians, NAKBA ethnic cleansing, financial support of ISIS, USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, King David Hotel bombing, creation and financing of ISIS, iron lock on US Congress through AIPAC, Fed controlled by Jews since 1980s, Jews have controlled banking since Biblical times, control Bank of International Settlements (BIS), all major financial scandals manufactured by Jewish bankers/banks including Goldman Sachs, Citi, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, HSBC, Barclays, BofE, BofNY, scandals include Keating 5, Long Term Capital Mgmt, LIBOR scandal, 2008 housing meltdown, created interest rate swap scandal, creation of Federal Reserve System 1913 trickery, control Hollywood, Las Vegas, booze industry, Common Core is a Jewish psyop, Orthodox Jews welfare scandal, fake anti semitism to garner sympathy, Chicago Jewish machine politics put Obama in power, Rothschild Hessian mercenaries in American revolution, created the American Communist Party...
  • UAF Professor Hulsey destroys official 9/11 narrative ... WTC 7 Evaluation
  • Sandy Hook update Millenium Report: ... from public information, the average age of the mothers of the children was 36 (impossible!)... Odds of 20 Such Elderly Mothers in One Group = 109,418,989,131,512,370,000-1... see also Cosmic Convergence & ...State of the Nation


  • The resemblence is uncanny, but the reference to Bennington's work exposing pedophilia/pedogate/pizzagate puts the connection over the top...MORE Chester Bennington, John Podesta
  • Trump and the Jewish Russian Mafia... MSM focus on Russia could unearth Trump's ties to Russian mafia...and even 9/11 Truth... Cheney, Scooter Libby, Marc Rich...nuclear smuggling... their ties to Jewish run American Zim Shipping... who may have shipped stolen Pantex nukes through Houston ship channel... all under the watchful eye of Roland Carnaby..Israel Nuked the WTC .MORE
  • ActivistPost Jerry Drake Varnell... groomed and setup by FBI to commit false flag terrorism.. which they then claim to abort. .. used drug dealer / informant... see NewsOK for parents story of incident...and more proof of FBI treachery.
  • James Wesley Howell... a CIA-sponsored "terrorist" assigned to attack gay parade (on the same day as the Orlando shootings (Omar Mateen), June 12, 2016, He realized he was being double-crossed and surrendered to local police before he could be murdered. He trained with Mateen at a CIA camp in Virginia, and had an arsenal that no freelance person could assemble. ... contact info: Howell's latest inmate information is below the comments. He has pleaded not guilty. His Public Defender is Pamela Davis 310-727-6200 [email protected] ...Sean Carney Assn't District Attorney LA County Phone 213-257-2226 Email: [email protected] ... FBI Spokesperson Laura Eimiller (310) 420-6441... Santa Monica detective Dereck Leone (310) 458-8949 who arrested Howell. see Henry Makow site
  • Kushner, Mossad mole in WH
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  • Pizzagate Numerous James Woods tweets ... MORE
  • NFU/Trump-CNN-assassination an incredible number of “thumbs-down” ratings. Some 96.6 percent of people (or 5,443 out of 5,633) downvoted the Trump assassination video .
  • NFU/Pizzagate & Wikileaks - Assange ADMITTED He Works For ISRAEL & There Is AN AGENDA Behind Wiki Info .... Trump would not have been elected without US citizens being exposed to Wikileaks revelations.... what is Wikileaks / Zionist Agenda? ... On the surface, Clinton was more sympathetic to Israel/Zionists? source: YouTube
  • Immigration
  • Christmas Underwear Bomber was total Fake News... fake event to prop up fraudulent 'war on Terror. VT Israeli owned ICTS complicit.
  • Campaigns to challenge Jewish supremacists begin with bans on ritual slaughter, circumcision and teaching of the Torah... 40,000 jews have left Paris since 2007...London is world capital of anti-Israel boycotts ... universities in Britain are "no-go areas" for Jewish students
  • Soros, Ford and Rockefeller foundations fund anti-Israel Palestinian organizations to stoke Hegelian / Machiavellian chaos as method of controlled opposition.
  • Jews live behind walls, online anti-Semitism spiking, fake cemetery incidences increasing to stoke symathy, members of Corbyn's Labour Party continue with anti-Israel statements, Ken Livingstone accurately referred to Hitler's transfer agreements with Zionists...
  • Special marks on Israeli products were approved by European Commission.
  • Fake News ... Facebook effort to flag and down-rank supposed fake news...does it include 9/11 Truth MORE
  • Trump nominates Rex Tillerson as Sec. of State more
  • Dec 9, 2016, State of Georgia hacked by DHS...PCWorld ... the systems under attack contained the personal information of over 6.5 million Georgians, 800,000 corporate entities, and over 500,000 licensed or registered professionals. RT
  • JWeekly abridged: Two-state solution held by a coalition of mainstream Israel citizens, Netanyahu, leftists, centrists, Clinton (Camp David 2000), Democratic congressional leaders, American Jewish establishment and AIPAC vs One-state-annex portions of West Bank group by conservative Orthodox minority, Trump, Friedman, Kushner and Greenblatt, GOP anti-establishment,
  • Consider NWO divided into two camps at the top who can be differentiated by how centric Israel is to their cause. Israel centric Zionist NWO protaganists include Soros, Rockefeller, Perle, Wolfowitz, Netanyahu, Mubarek, Foxnews, etc. while pure NWO globalists diminish if not castigate Israel's role and include Brezenski, Powell, Bush41, Baker, Carter
  • Fake News ... SITE - Rita Katz Jewish Zionist website MORE
  • Betsy DeVos (Trump's nominee for Sec of Education) who is married to Dick DeVos, and is the daughter-in-law of Richard DeVos, the founder of Amway with an estimated net worth of $5.1 billion... Erik Prince (her brother) is under investigation for allegedly brokering military services to foreign governments and possible money laundering ... MORE
  • Solidarity with the DAPL protesters and their veteran shields. see RT
  • sdfg Reject Neo-Nazi symbols / ideology, but don't cower to Jewish/Zionist treachery
  • Trump on CIA conclusion that Russia tipped election: "These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction"
  • Trump list of cabinet nominees: Housing and Urban Development — Ben Carson. Health and Human Services — Tom Price. Education — Betsy DeVos. United Nations — Nikki R. Haley. Attorney General — Jeff Sessions. Treasury — Steven Mnuchin. Transportation — Elaine L. Chao. Commerce — Wilbur Ross.
  • Tablet ...Hungary, PM Victor Orban ...Freedom Square, Memorial to the Victims of the German Occupation... the memorial absolves Hungarians of complicity in the Holocaust. Depicting the Archangel Gabriel under attack from a sharp-clawed German imperial eagle, it portrays the Hungarian nation as a collective victim of Nazi predation
  • GulagBound on Keith Ellison ... Marxist/Muslim Axis: ‘Enemies Within’ Documentary Exposes Proposed DNC Chair Keith Ellison ... Filmmaker Trevor Loudon’s new documentary The Enemies Within exposes the communist and radical Islamist background of the probable new leader of the Democratic Party. Rep. Keith Ellison
  • Pizzagate is heating up ... see connections to Obama gay trysts / Weinergate / Podesta / pedophile rings... DNC
  • Breitbart touts its anti-Cultural Marxism (CM) stand, but CM was created by Jewish Zionist Marxists (ISR). Trump's nationalism, anti-establishment anti-globlalist message is antithetical to Zionism's internationalist NWO agenda. Breitbart is a Zionist controlled-opposition propaganda machine... beware... the nationalism message is fine and resonating, but it's the Zionist wolves in the Breitbart hen house that are of concern.
  • Steve Bannon is no anti-Semite or enemy of Israel, in fact is a leading cog in the controlled opposition Zionist propaganda machine MORE from Brandon Martinez
  • Anti-Semitism dramatically increasing ... Trump will purge Jews from top positions MORE
  • Reject NeoNazis and the use of the swastika. It reinforces the Holocaust lie whose central theme is to blame the German people for an event that never occured and lay an interminable guilt upon them in order to extract hundreds of millions in reparations. ... No Jews died in gas chambers in Auschwitz. Hundreds of thousands of Jews did die from typhus, starvation and disease due to the chaos of war and Allied terror bombing of Germany. 60 million people died due to the Jewish Bolshevik Revoltution, Holodomor ... Zionists are trying to rub out this historical fact by endless Holocaust propaganda. The real story is how Zionists and Nazis conspired to overcome resistance to mass emigration to Palestine to create Israel, the ultimate aim of Zionists.
  • The UK has spent $38 million funding for guards outside Jewish schools and synagogues ... 10,000 soldiers survey the streets, mainly in Paris, and 800 Jewish buildings are under permanent surveillance.
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  • MSM is having a hissy-fit over Flynn, Bannon. Expect to see much more of the same soon.
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  • Weinergate, DNC, Hillary Clinton ... spirit cooking ... Pizzagate... story has been buried by the MSM but has huge implications on future of DNC if it gets legs... considering pathetic state of main stream media after incredibly biased election coverage, it's a possibility. HRC and Bill Clinton went to Epstein's orgy island on the Lolita Express, lending more credibility to pedophile allegations linked to Pizzagate... the quick connection to Larry Sinclair is pedophilia among the elites itself. Seems like a natural but horrific oddity, the simultaneous occurrence of satanic child molestation among the richest few ... Larry Sinclair gave Obama blow jobs in the back of a limousine, while snorting cocaine ... all back in the nineties... I read the book. It's too convincing to set aside, you just can't make this stuff up... Wayne Madsen Report did a lot of work on this back in 2008
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  • Dramatic Increase in anti-Semitic attacks since Trump won election ... due to marginalization of MSM and dramatic decrease in traffic. MSM biased coverage of Trump irreparably damaged their business model. right-click Fortune to see article
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  • Cultural Marxism


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Nationalism Manifesto: Nationalism does not necessarily incur racism. Family values include pro-feminism. Resent corrupt warmongers/profiteers sanctimoniously pushing multiculturalism. Islamophobia was invented by corrupt warmongers/profiteers. Reject NWO globalism and the income inequality it creates. Bundling anti-Semitism with hate, racism and bigotry is disingenuous trickery. Political Correctness is a Jewish invention to suppress free speech. Cultural Marxism is real and rooted in Jewish Marxist ideology. Purge Marxist Critical Theory from academia. LGBTQ is an insignificant political issue. Tolerate and ignore. New scrutiny of 9/11, JFK and even the Holocaust are warranted. Freedom of speech is an unalienable right. Alt Right.

biden, blow job, china, extortion, bribery, traitor