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Roland Carnaby

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The Ghost of Roland V. Carnaby

For the protection of foreign nationals, key networks and active programs, Carnaby had to be instantly denied by CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano in order to protect sensitive connections and silent relationships. 

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Carnaby HPD Shooting Video YouTube & unedited version


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  • The Ghost of Roland Carnaby

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The Ghost of Roland V. Carnaby




















Carnaby Shooting Video




































Roland Carnaby's Ghost Haunts the Central Intelligence Agency

That ghost, a Central Intelligence Agency program linked the former spy to Rendition, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and a terrorist cell in Houston Texas known as the 'Post Oak Cell'. Carnaby's connections marries the spy agency to not only CIA and a long history of covert operations but to Alan Premel in a multitude of ways through a private Houston firm.  For the protection of foreign nationals, key networks and active programs, Carnaby had to be instantly denied by CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano in order to protect sensitive connections and silent relationships.  Instantly, Roland Carnaby was linked through his firm.

Now that the firm has been shut down, agency officials and investigators have latched onto the idea of collecting clandestine data to justify the CIA's covert fundraising activities through the firm, even Premel's competence--indeed, his very existence--is being questioned.  After Houston police shot and killed (Roland Carnaby),the alleged CIA spy, Premel was left to answer all the difficult questions about a private firm which ran in exclusive, quiet and dark circles.

It is no secret that dozens of U.S. corporations--from Fortune 500 companies to small, high-tech firms--are secretly assisting the CIA and they have for decades, allowing the agency to place full-time officers from its operations divisions into corporate offices abroad.  Is what was uncovered in Houston an example of such covert work?  To get to the bottom of it we not only reached out to veteran and retired CIA officers but also examined the definitions of officers and the roles they play and to try to find out who they were.  CIA denied Carnaby repeatedly but never once denied Premel.  So how can a 30 year supposed veteran of the CIA get denied and his young apprentice, who is directly under him not be denied. 

Lets look first at the role of someone like Premel. And why he is in this situation.  In first contacting Alan Premel, he expressed outrage being tied into the Carnaby story at all since Mike Tolson of the Houston Chronicle broke Premel's name into the case. "I shouldn't have been a part of it, it was about his mysterious last hour and his wild 100 mph chase and not about me.  I was tied in through some BS internet postings and Tolson linked me in that way.  It was extremely unfair", Premel stated in June 2008.   Chronicle Tolson article

CIA personnel can serve under what is referred to as "nonofficial cover" and at CIA they refer to them as (NOC's), CIA officers pose as American businessmen in friendly countries, from Asia to Central America to Western Europe. There, they recruit agents from the ranks of foreign officials and business leaders, pilfer secrets, and even conduct special operations and paramilitary activities. This is a very broad description but as we have learned from the investigations that the front business, Patriot Oil, which was shut down before the Carnaby assassination,  was in part a paramilitary operation in Central and South America.  They used a south Texas firm to buy tractor parts  and four of the officers including Carnaby were trained in paramilitary operations at Camp Peary near Williamsburg Virginia.  All were involved in training of rebels in base camps set up in remote mountainous regions.

We know they (Carnaby's firm) actively recruited officers because Premel and one of his female officers have already publicly come out and talked about the firm.  Overnight, Patriot Oil, became the focus of thousands of civilians and conspiracy theorists so everything disappeared on the web about the firm, instantly. That was all knowledge pre-Carnaby assassination. After Carnaby is killed, flags are raised and questions are being asked about Aspyr Global, a private global intelligence firm started up post Carnaby retirement and pre-Caranby assassination.

After Carnaby retires and before he is killed, Carnaby worked for a small private firm out of the same town of Houston Texas as a "consultant."  Premel was listed as a co-owner of the firm and within days of it being viewed all over the web it mysteriously disappears along with all the other postings on Premel.  Now, there are no records of any firm even existing, which is why many of the references you see to the firm are just titled and called, 'the firm.' The story of the CIA's NOC (pronounced "knock") program, revealed here for the first time, raises serious questions about the CIA at a time when the agency is already beset by scandal after scandal in every generation, most recently with Extraordinary Rendition.  Yet the NOC program has grown to its present bloated size without any public scrutiny--and with no open discussion within the companies whose interests could be harmed by a spy scandal.

We know that NOC programs exist in major corporations abroad but how about smaller US corporations and what about in US domestic cities?  We contacted the CIA Public Relations office and they stated that they do not define anything domestically.  Then why through the death of a  supposed CIA officer did we find ties to former Deputy Director of Operations James Pavitt?  It was confirmed to be a legitimate front company used for CIA in the Central America and South America to aide in drug operations and the training of small armed rebel groups, all CIA sponsored, backed and now public knowledge that Pavitt ran the show and approved budgets.  Aspyr Global was legit, it was legal.  It was an actual business until Carnaby was slain, watched by thousands on live tv. (Carnaby HPD Shooting Video). Carnaby was the Houston chapter President of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers and partner in two private firms who accepted funds from the US government to startup their endeavors.  When we questioned Premel who always gave prompt responses, was professional, and always had answers. He frankly just knew too many details on everything from exact contracts, he knew the names of the forms, he knew all the numbers, names of people involved and he checked out.

Alan Premel, went on to describe a system of businesses set up to finance, train and assist different operations.  Some were for economic reasons, some for paramilitary and some for counter-terrorist.  Premel referred to the startup money as "seed money." Congress designates and sets aside such covert funds every year and the American tax payer has no idea where it goes.  It goes to companies such as the two we mentioned previously to support the US intelligence community.

To date, there are nearly 23,000 members of 86 chapters of a federal program that began in 1996 to aid the FBI in enhancing homeland security.  The "InfraGard" program deputizes members of private sector industry to work with state and federal law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security to provide advance information on criminal activity that threatens domestic security.  These civilians also receive advance warning of terrorist threats before the rest of the public is notified."

Matthew Rothschild of the Progressive reported Feb. 7, 2008, "One business executive who showed me his Infragard card told me they have permission to ‘shoot to kill’ in the event of martial law.  So was Carnaby apart of 'InfraGard?'

The interesting angles do not stop there. Roland Carnaby was also tied and linked to Austin Texas through the private intelligence firm Stratfor, and its owner George Friedman.  Stratfor since its inception has been known as the "Quasi CIA."

So we have Carnaby tied to these three of these companies.  Two of them confirmed to be former undercover and front business organizations for CIA.  We also have him tied publicly to another private firm, which is deeply in bed with CIA and has made no secret about it.  The first firm was ran by James Pavitt, a known CIA official who came out publicly when he took over the Directorate of Operations as its Deputy Director of Operations and Alan Premel, also a character who after a year of being out in the public has not been denied by CIA.  And the third firm, Stratfor, works along with government business but mostly in the intelligence with private business and has tremendous CIA influence.  We are completely convinced that Alan Premel was employed by the CIA.

After Carnaby's name was smeared through press for months we found out that his real name was not even Tony, or Roland Carnaby.  It was close, Karnabe with a 'K'.  That Karnabe family name was linked to a major business in the UK and a shipping line in Beirut?  Not only was he linked to the businesses they ended up being family businesses that his father ran.  And there are deep pockets and CIA connections that go back 50-60 years and directly ties Roland Carnaby to the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri.  Hariri, as we have discovered in the months after investigating, owned commercial real estate and towers in Houston.  He personally financed Roland Carnaby and his Houston firm along with 'Seed Money' from CIA.

Wikipedia Rafik Hariri  By the 1980s, Hariri entered the Forbes top 100. In 2002 Hariri became the fourth-richest politician in the world. Forbes estimated his personal and family's fortune at $4.3 billion on its 2005 World's richest people. After his assassination, his family inherited a total of $16.7 billion in 2006, which drew some questions which haven't been explained by the Hariri family on how $4.3 billion became $16.7 billion in the course of the year after the assassination. All his family members appeared on the Forbes' list of billionaires in 2006.   ...   Rafiq Hariri had interests stretching from Riyadh to Paris to Houston. Until returning to Lebanon, his son Saad Hariri ran Saudi Oger, a USD $3.15 billion (sales) construction conglomerate. Oger paid $375 million to increase its ownership in Arab Bank in order to keep out interested Arab-American investors.

To illustrate, they start a company or a firm and they want to join the ranks and work with the CIA, where do you start? According to intelligence sources, by joining the CIA in clandestine activities, a company tacitly willfully accepts that some of its employees could routinely break the law in another country and, if exposed, embarrass the company and endanger its other overseas employees.

Unlike most CIA officers, who are stationed abroad disguised as U.S. State Department employees, military officials, or other U.S. government personnel attached to an American embassy, NOCs operate without any apparent links to the U.S. government, none what-so-ever.  They are able to approach people who would not otherwise come into contact with a U.S. embassy official. The CIA's operations within terrorist, drug trafficking, and arms dealer networks often involve NOCs  who can move more easily in such circles without raising suspicion.

 After Carnaby's death, alarming details came out that he was involved in criminal activities through shipping and identity theft. The Secret Service seized his laptop and found that he was raising money privately for alleged companies taking $15,000-70,000 per victim.  We saw in the case against Premel, that Premel accepted ipods from Roland Carnaby on behalf of the company and passed them out as gifts throughout the 2007 year.  Premel was arrested in 2008 for ipod theft after Premel failed to name the source of the ipods.  When we questioned Alan Premel on why he never gave up Carnaby's name he stated "He's not the type of guy you turned in, he's not the type of guy you screwed over.  I feared that my body would never be found and floating face down"

It was discovered that Carnaby was actively engaged in criminal operations from 2006-2008, Premel attributes this behavior to the death of Rafik Hariri.  Hariri, a Lebanese billionaire and former Prime Minister who was not only steeped into intelligence activities, but also was very well known in Houston as a prominent businessman and owned several hi-rise buildings.  Roland Carnaby as the story goes, worked as a right-hand man to Hariri in interests dealing in Lebanon and in the United States.  So when Hariri was assassinated in 2005, funding and financing dried up in 2006 for Carnaby.  And that is when you start seeing a pattern of criminal behavior for the next two years.

When we queried Alan Premel on Carnaby starting up a business and raising money he was very quick to answer and in great detail.  He stated, "you mean, GPS, Global Protection Services LLC.  It was a private security and protection firm that was going to be funded by Hariri in Houston and provide Hariri protection when he traveled to the United States as well.  Premel also stated that to his knowledge GPS was never started, there was no money raised and he even said that he wrote the business, financial and marketing plans for GPS.  

Premel's background in college was that of a business major and he attended the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Houston. Premel says, "The  GPS never got off the ground because after Hariri died their was no more money, we couldn't expect his sons to invest in it."

In returning to the issue of NOCs, they have increasingly turned their attention to economics.  Using their business covers, they seek to recruit agents in foreign government economic ministries or gain intelligence about high-tech firms in computer, electronics, and aerospace industries. They also help track the development of critical technologies, both military and civilian.

NOCs frequently stay five or ten  years in one place.  During that time, the NOC is truly "out in the cold." Their contacts with control officers in the CIA station are strictly limited; they do not have access to embassy files; and they must report through secret communications channels and clandestine meetings.  Premel stated that his cover changed every two years and was always part-time work.  Such a pattern is more indicative of a CIA case officer, opposed to a NOC.  However, it is still a pattern that closely fits a cautious officer working covertly.

"As a NOC officer you are truly alone," says John Quinn, who spent much of the 1980s as a NOC in Tokyo. "The sense of isolation and loneliness is difficult to describe to those who have never experienced it."  Sources close to Carnaby also describe an even more lonely tale of the operational side of his life.  Because NOCs do not have the diplomatic immunity that protects CIA officers operating under embassy cover, if they are exposed they are subject to arrest and imprisonment. They can be executed as spies.  enlarge ....  go to Alan Premel page

Another reason why I believe that Premel is a NOC.  We saw him come out in mid 2007 publicly, and then suddenly entire interviews taken off the web, videos disappearing overnight and reporters and producers vouching on record that they have never heard or seen of the man.   And in late 2007, Premel testified before a closed session of congress with CIA's Director, General Hayden. Many, including myself believe Premel, has knowledge about the extremely controversial program, Extraordinary Rendition.  

Now, it would not matter, the U.S. Congress in July 2008 passed new laws for rendition.  They made  it illegal to prosecute and hold CIA officers or U.S. Military personnel tied to the program in a court of law.  President Bush and Congress granted retroactive immunity to those U.S. officers who were awaiting rendition charges.

For months Premel was off the radar and then after Congress broke from its holiday break and came back in January.  Premel resurfaced in Washington for more detailed talks on rendition.  It was revealed that not only did he have knowledge about rendition activites and flights into eastern Europe, also that he was a CIA supervisor. A month later, Alan Premel, was arrested after investigators ransacked him residence and found the stolen ipods that Roland Carnaby had given to Premel.

One could easily conclude from all this that if Premel was active CIA, he would not have been arrested for rendition and he wasn't.  The simple fact that he was subject to arrest proves that he was a NOC.  The agency even admits that he is on his own.  Carnaby could have been a NOC as well?  Not likely, a NOC cannot employ another NOC.  A NOC can recruit and bring people in to work and make money.  However, Roland Carnaby would not be able to recruit Alan Premel on his own and bring him in.

Now, fast forward a couple of months.  Since Roland Carnaby's death, the people who were getting scammed and businesses from his criminal endeavors never received any more calls and emails, we never saw any more suspicious Roland Carnaby strange postings to Wikipedia pages on certain individuals.  Premel said "Everyone pointed the finger at me and said I was responsible for postings, hell, Carnaby had access to my computer, he had access to everything I had, I trusted this man."  Alan Premel went on to tell a tale about a business owner in the Houston Galleria who also was conned out of tens of thousands by Carnaby, all in cash  with no proof of receipt.  She even told a tale of she and her husband both catching him snooping around and sneaking onto their computer. "The reasons behind why he would have planned something to this magnitude are beyond me.  I can only think that it was some kind of setup and it is easy to think that."

The other interesting fact in this case is all the internet postings started in August 2007.  Coincidence that it is the same month that CIA and FBI computers are busted publicly nationally for changing Wikipedia pages and making false statements online", Premel stated.

And which is true if you research, that summer, CIA computers were verified in changing pages. Alan Premel was entered onto Bob Baer, George Tenet and John McLaughlin's Wikipedia pages.  It points directly to this same case. No changes have ever been made since the death of Roland Carnaby everything has ceased.  So why are we still pointing the finger at Alan Premel?  Since Carnaby's death Mike Tolson of the Houston Chronicle has not written any negative articles on Premel.  Premel's name has been out now for a year and a half and it has been six months since Carnaby's death.  Alan Premel has never been denied by the CIA.  And also, many have vouched for him and we have seen pictures of him all over the world.  Some of the most interesting facts on the case of who Alan Premel is lays on some impressively stunning facts.

1.) Premel was arrested with credentials.  So why wasn't he charged  for impersonating a federal officer?  This could have resulted in a 25 years sentence upon conviction.

2.) Pictures of Premel have him all over the world. in front of the pyramids, in front of the Eiffel Tower and clearly on assignment working with others.  Only to find out that his passport has only seen one trip to Mexico in the last decade which was before this timeline starts.  Before they were pulled, the pictures linked him to at least 20 countries.

3.) Why is there a man with no military record photographed in and around everyone who is military?

Premel went on to add as we closed out, "I was asked by my attorneys and my family not to come out and speak. There was media everywhere, reporters and government investigators.   So I respected the wishes of my family first and foremost. I would have gone quietly into the night and never talked about it but I am a Christian, I do believe in the truth and I believe in Susan Carnaby.  Roland's widow deserves the truth and what really happened.  She already had to listen to months and months of banter about her husband being a fraud, all of it to protect foreign connections and contacts, no way, that's not right.  I do agree with CIA that they have to deny him across the board.  But after 6 months you have had your time to move sources, protect systems, networks and ensure safety for the hundreds this man was attached and connected to."

We are truly witnessing something spectacular with this case.  It shows us that dark people exist.  Not only do they exist but it exposed an active network inside the United States that was set up to work independently inside.  It showed us the names and faces of active members and we saw them disappear overnight, companies disappear and articles and videos disappear.  We saw the effects of how damaging it is for names of silent and secret people get out.  We saw not only one man with no record of service and contracts linked to CIA senior officers, former Directors and a former President since Former President Bush owns the office Roland Carnaby worked out of.  Yet, CIA never knew him.  Bush Sr. is a former CIA Director.  Premel, who has equally, no ties through social security number to anything knows people, we've seen him in photos and he knows explicit details on operations, contracts and contact information to people involved.  These men were not undercover. These men were covert. To get a taste of what it would be like watch the movie 'The Departed,' and you can start to get a feel of what it must have been like to not have certain people you work with know your identity and others who did. And at the time when you need it most, someone to stand and verify and vouch who you are.

So now six months later we are seeing officer after officer stand up and vouch for not only one of them but for both of them.  It is sad that it has taken this long and it has had to destroy so many lives in the process by a discrediting media who will follow the directives of CIA so closely with no regard to the reputations and lives of the people they write negatively about.  So will we ever truly know if they were NOC's.  We will not and never will.  And that is something we will have to remember and consider when covering and reading this case.  We have to respect the rights and privacy of these patriots and their families if they want to be anonymous and protected.  They served our country not only overtly, but covertly.  For the men and women who served silently with Roland Carnaby who's names and faces did not come out publicly and Mike Tolson could not joke about you being the 'FedEx bandit', thank you for your service and dedication to the mission.


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    SEARCH RESULTS FOR LICENSE PLATE DCL848 (TEXAS): Name: CARNABY, ROLAND VINCENT  License number: 13122793  Address: 1302 WAUGH DR 475 City/Zip: HOUSTON 77019  DOB: Nov 24 1955  Last transaction date: Oct 21 2005

    Owner Name: NATIONAL SECURITY COMMAND CENT Current Plate: DCL848 Current Registration Expires: 11/2008 Owner Address: 10223 BROADWAY ST # P-391 PEARLAND ,TX 77584 VIN: 1J8HH68238C161613 Document Number: 10110139452142731 Title Issue Date: Jan 16 2008 Document Type Code: 01 Vehicle Body Type: 4T Vehicle Class Code: PASS Vehicle Model Year: 2008 Vehicle Make: JEEP Vehicle Model: COM Vehicle Ton: 0000

    Registration Transaction Code: RLSGRP Registration County Code: 020 Registration County Name: Brazoria Registration Effective Date: Dec 31 2007 Previous Owner Name: HELFMAN RIVER OAKS CJ Previous owner city/state: HOUSTON ,TX Vehicle Odometer Reading: 5 Vehicle Sales Price: 00033491 Vehicle Empty Weight: 005100 Vehicle Gross Weight: 005100 Privacy Option: 3 Number of Liens: 0 Last Update: Jan 18 2008


    Owner Name: NATIONAL SECURITY COMMAND CENT Current Plate: 376VRD Current Registration Expires: 03/2008 Owner Address: 10223 BROADWAY ST # P-391 PEARLAND ,TX 77584 VIN: 1A8HX58207F541924 Document Number: 10130739190112326 Title Issue Date: Apr 30 2007 Document Type Code: 01 Vehicle Body Type: LL Vehicle Class Code: PASS-TRK Vehicle Model Year: 2007 Vehicle Make: CHRY Vehicle Mode: ASP Vehicle Ton: 0050 Registration Transaction Code: DTAORD Registration County Code: 020 Registration County Name: Brazoria Registration Effective Date: Apr 16 2007 Previous Owner Name: HELFMAN RIVER OAKS CJ Vehicle Length: 00 Previous owner city/state: HOUSTON ,TX Vehicle Odometer Brnd: A Vehicle Odometer Reading: 8 Vehicle Sales Price: 00037106 Vehicle Sold Date: 00000000 Vehicle Empty Weight: 004900 Vehicle Gross Weight: 004900 Privacy Option: 3 Number of Liens: 0 Last Update: May 4 2007

    Owner Name: NATIONAL SECURITY COMMAND CENT Current Plate: 525YDB Current Registration Expires: 06/2008 Owner Address: 10223 BROADWAY ST # P-391 PEARLAND ,TX 77584 VIN: 1C3AN65L26X069675 Document Number: 10130139273075655 Title Issue Date: Jul 24 2007 T Document Type Code: 01 Vehicle Body Type: CV Vehicle Class Code: PASS Vehicle Model Year: 2006 Vehicle Make: CHRY Vehicle Model: CRL Vehicle Ton: 0000 Registration Transaction Code: DTAORD Registration County Code: 020 Registration County Name: Brazoria Registration Effective Date: Jul 9 2007 Previous Owner Name: HELFMAN RIVER OAKS CJ Vehicle Length: 00 Previous owner city/state: HOUSTON ,TX Vehicle Odometer Brnd: A Vehicle Odometer Reading: 23 Vehicle Sales Price: 00027229 Vehicle Sold Date: 00000000 Vehicle Empty Weight: 003200 Vehicle Gross Weight: 003200 Privacy Option: 3 Number of Liens: 0 Last Update: Jul 27 2007

    Wayne Madsen Report Roland Carnaby, retired CIA officer, contracted to the agency, ... address 1302 Waugh Drive, mailbox #475, Houston, Texas, a UPS store, and Carnaby Shipping Company LTD, a NOC, non-official cover


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