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Index of terms   under construction

  • Roland V. Carnaby, president Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Houston Branch, and business partner of Alan Premel, intelligence contractors.  more

  • Roland Carnaby and Alan Premel When Roland Carnaby had James Pavitt speak at an AFIO meeting in 2007, Carnaby gave Pavitt a grey cowboy hat. It was a cowboy hat picked out by Carnaby and Premel together since they both worked with Pavitt over the years. The witnesses to this event were the members of the Houston AFIO as it was presented Pavitt on the evening he spoke.  more

  • Alan Premel, former CIA official, business partner of Roland Carnaby, intelligence contractors, and rendition witness in Congressional hearings. more  

    Above left: Alan Premel's brother Ryan, then Alan with his father Don, a former Recon Special Operator, and far right, Alan with a US Intelligence Lieutenant Colonel in Virginia, where he was stationed.

  • AFIO Houston Memorium, Boudi Carnaby Army Intelligence, Ret. (WWII) ... In Italy in mid-August, Boudi succumbed to his injuries from an accident. Boudi Carnaby takes his place with the fallen of America's finest generation. He is survived by his wife Antoinette and his three daughters; by his brother Vincent, by his sister Mary, and by his nephew Roland V. Carnaby, President of our AFIO Houston Chapter.  Buckley, William F. ...  Carnaby asked the national headquarters if he could name the Houston chapter after CIA agent William Francis Buckley, who was kidnapped, tortured and killed in Lebanon in 1985.

  • April 15, 2008 - Ben Ami Kadish is arrested and charged with four counts of conspiracy. CIA and the FBI claim that Kadish passed classified documents to Israel. He is important to the Roland Carnaby Conspiracy through Riad Hamad.  from Timeline

  • April 16, 2008 - One day after Ben Ami Kadish is arrested Riad Hamad, is found dead face down in Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas with duct tape around his eyes and mouth and is bound and tied around his hands and ankles. Hamad, a school teacher was linked to Carnaby and Kadish through his financial contributions to the Palestinian Children's Fund which appeared to raise money for children in Lebanon but was funding three things. 1. Salam Fayyad 2. Mahmoud Abbas Fatah 3. Hamas. In Carnaby's endeavors from 2006-2008 he was funding private efforts and was involved in identity theft to purchase radios which were sent to Hamas. Timeline

  • Rightcoast "Hamad was a significant donor to the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund. The FBI had Hamad under investigation for "supporting terrorism," a favorite canard used against Americans who support the Palestinian cause. Hamad had been a target of the neocons for years but they could never pin anything on him.  >On April 16, Hamad's body was found in Lady Bird Lake in Austin. His eyes had duct tape over them and his hands and feet were bound. The police ruled it a suicide. However, Hamad would be the first victim in an Israeli hit on individuals who helped U.S. back channels to the Palestinians and other groups targeted by Israel and the neo-con cell operating deep within the Bush administration, the Israeli-influenced cell that the FBI, in its arrest of Kadish, wanted to flush out." 

  • WMR earlier report that Carnaby's death involved Mossad assets in Houston is now gaining additional credence as some well-known blogs, linked to right-wing Jewish political and intelligence operations in the United States and Israel, are now beginning the predictable character assassination of Carnaby as a "fraud" and a "former" U.S. intelligence agent. WMR has learned that Carnaby was targeted by Mossad in a high-stakes game of tit-for-tat since the CIA and FBI went after long-time Israeli agent Ben-Ami Kadish last week in New Jersey and vowed to identify, expose, and prosecute other Israeli moles in high positions inside the Bush administration.  

  • April 29, 2008.

  •    Carnaby HPD Shooting Video YouTube and unedited version, KHOU, and KHOU videos.  Fox26News, KARE11 videos of Carnaby's death by Houston Police Department April 29, 2008.

  • Go to details on Carnaby SUV license plate 

  • enlarge Go to Carnaby / Premel Timeline   Carnaby funeral. pallbearers: former President George Bush Senior at the front, Former KGB general Oleg Kalugin who was in Houston in November 2007 by invitation of Roland Carnaby. On the back row, James Pavitt, other side George Tenet in the back row, in the middle an unnamed us policy maker and on the front an unnamed Lebanese officer.
  • WayneMadsenReport, "Carnaby testified to DC Grand Jury on information about WTC 93 bombing  ...  WMR has obtained further information on the suppression of evidence in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. WMR has reported the bombing was carried out as the result of a fatwa issued by top Saudi clerics in response to the January 1993 "Mecca Incident" in which 18 U.S. military personnel assigned to Saudi Arabia were shot to death by Pakistani guards at the Islamic holy shrine in Mecca after the Americans attempted to storm into Kabaa Square while drunk and disorderly.  ...    full story
  • WMR Carnaby was also working with the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Houston, as well as the CIA's Counter-terrorism Center (CTC) in attempting to beef up security for the Port of Houston. Carnaby, WMR has learned, was involved in conducting security surveys of the port and discovered that the Department of Homeland Security had tolerated gaping holes in port security. full article
  • 1980 - With a successful family business under his wing and a cover which is funding operations overseas Carnaby surfaces in New York, in Beirut and in Tehran and it all was tied into drug trafficking and the CIA to the Mujahedeen.  Years later in Zacharias Moussaoui details how they were funded throughout the 1980's by the CIA.
  • 1999 - Before it was called the Clandestine Service it was called the Directorate of Operations.  Premel is linked to a failed operation overseas in Eastern Europe.  The reports and speculation of him being tied to Chechnya and Shamil Basayev start.  Insiders say that there was three failed attempts on Basayev's life and that he was unsuccessful in three attempts.  Reason given for the failed attempts is intelligence leaked from CIA to Russian Intelligence services regarding the arrival of a joint team of officers into the region.  As the story goes Premel was forced to leave the office in which he worked as a young case officer on his first assignment overseas.
  • 2001 - September 11, 2001. Alan Premel is seen on surveillance video footage at the Austin International Airport in Austin Texas pulling up in a small truck behind three DoD buses which were later reported to be the NSA - National Security Agency moving 100 analysts to a remote location outside of DC to set up operations at the University of Texas.  Premel now on an unpaid leave is seen reporting to the airport three full hours after the attacks.  Sources in 2008 are now coming out and revealing that Carnaby had close personal contact and was a 'Known Acquaintance' around hijacker Mohammed Atta.  Karnabe Shipping is used in conjunction with Karam Motors, Atta's cover company he uses based out of two cities and HQ'ed in Orlando to fund and run operations.  As Carnaby and his father once testified in front of Congressional Grand Juries on the 1993 attacks here we can see him once again linked and tied to the September 11th attacks. The address given by Atta is that of an 'International House of Pancakes' in Orlando. 4124 W Colonial Dr. more
  • 2008   The Ghost of Roland CarnabyThat ghost, a Central Intelligence Agency program linked the former spy to Rendition, the 9/11 terrorist attacks and a terrorist cell in Houston Texas known as the 'Post Oak Cell'.  Carnaby's connections marries the spy agency to not only CIA and a long history of covert operations but to Alan Premel in a multitude of ways through a private Houston firm.  For the protection of foreign nationals, key networks and active programs, Carnaby had to be instantly denied by CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano in order to protect sensitive connections and silent relationships.  Instantly, Roland Carnaby was linked through his firm.  More
  • It is no secret that dozens of U.S. corporations--from Fortune 500 companies to small, high-tech firms--are secretly assisting the CIA and they have for decades, allowing the agency to place full-time officers from its operations divisions into corporate offices abroad.  Is what was uncovered in Houston an example of such covert work?  To get to the bottom of it we not only reached out to veteran and retired CIA officers but also examined the definitions of officers and the roles they play and to try to find out who they were.  CIA denied Carnaby repeatedly but never once denied Premel.  So how can a 30 year supposed veteran of the CIA get denied and his young apprentice, who is directly under him not be denied.   More     
  • Roland Carnaby was also tied and linked to Austin Texas through the private intelligence firm Stratfor, and its owner George Friedman.  Stratfor since its inception has been known as the "Quasi CIA."
  • Rafiq Hariri Wikipedia  ... had interests  stretching from Riyadh to Paris to HoustonWikipedia  Jürgen Cain Külbel, a former German criminal investigator of the GDR, maintains in his book "The murder of Hairiri", that the CIA and the Mossad are responsible for Hairiri's murder[8]. In an interview with Global Research, Kubel maintains that one hour before Hariri's murder Hariri's jamming device for remote control bombs, which was installed in his car, was turned off. And that Israel as the inventor and sole manufacturer of this device was the only one in position to turn it off, thereby making Hairiri's motorcade susceptible to remote control bombs.   
  • And  from timeline Roland Carnaby was deeply impacted by his (Hariri) death and was at the funeral services. Hariri, along with CIA seed money financed Carnaby's operations in Houston. Hariri, before the time of his death had numerous buildings and commercial properties he owned in Houston.
  • That Karnabe family name was linked to a major business in the UK and a shipping line in Beirut?  Not only was he linked to the businesses they ended up being family businesses that his father ran.  And there are deep pockets and CIA connections that go back 50-60 years and directly ties Roland Carnaby to the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafik Hariri.  Hariri, as we have discovered in the months after investigating, owned commercial real estate and towers in Houston.  He personally financed Roland Carnaby and his Houston firm along with 'Seed Money' from CIA.
  • It was discovered that Carnaby was actively engaged in criminal operations from 2006-2008, Premel attributes this behavior to the death of Rafik Hariri.  Hariri, a Lebanese billionaire and former Prime Minister who was not only steeped into intelligence activities, but also was very well known in Houston as a prominent businessman and owned several hi-rise buildings.  Roland Carnaby as the story goes, worked as a right-hand man to Hariri in interests dealing in Lebanon and in the United States.  So when Hariri was assassinated in 2005, funding and financing dried up in 2006 for Carnaby.  And that is when you start seeing a pattern of criminal behavior for the next two years.
  • 2002 - After reportedly quitting a rendition contract through Carnaby's intelligence firm, Premel returns to Houston. There, Premel is asked by the private firm to check out and follow the activities of five men who are suspected terrorists. The work in Houston goes from 2002-2004 and is later called the 'Post Oak Cell.' Giving Don Clarke, FBI head in Houston a reason in 2008 to deny Carnaby publicly.
  • After Carnaby's death, alarming details came out that he was involved in criminal activities through shipping and identity theft. The Secret Service seized his laptop and found that he was raising money privately for alleged companies taking $15,000-70,000 per victim.  We saw in the case against Premel, that Premel accepted ipods from Roland Carnaby on behalf of the company and passed them out as gifts throughout the 2007 year.  Premel was arrested in 2008 for ipod theft after Premel failed to name the source of the ipods.  When we questioned Alan Premel on why he never gave up Carnaby's name he stated "He's not the type of guy you turned in, he's not the type of guy you screwed over.  I feared that my body would never be found and floating face down" more  & Timeline
  • And in late 2007, Premel testified before a closed session of congress with CIA's Director, General Hayden.   ....   Premel, has knowledge about the extremely controversial program, Extraordinary Rendition.  ...   Now, it would not matter, the U.S. Congress in July 2008 passed new laws for rendition.  They made  it illegal to prosecute and hold CIA officers or U.S. Military personnel tied to the program in a court of law.  President Bush and Congress granted retroactive immunity to those U.S. officers who were awaiting rendition charges.   more  & Timeline
  • For months Premel was off the radar and then after Congress broke from its holiday break and came back in January.  Premel resurfaced in Washington for more detailed talks on rendition.  It was revealed that not only did he have knowledge about rendition activities and flights into eastern Europe, also that he was a CIA supervisor. A month later, Alan Premel, was arrested after investigators ransacked his residence and found the stolen ipods that Roland Carnaby had given to Premel.  more  & Timeline
  • For months Premel was off the radar and then after Congress broke from its holiday break and came back in January.  Premel resurfaced in Washington for more detailed talks on rendition.  It was revealed that not only did he have knowledge about rendition activites and flights into eastern Europe, also that he was a CIA supervisor. A month later, Alan Premel, was arrested after investigators ransacked him residence and found the stolen ipods that Roland Carnaby had given to Premel.

  • One could easily conclude from all this that if Premel was active CIA, he would not have been arrested for rendition and he wasn't.  The simple fact that he was subject to arrest proves that he was a NOC.  The agency even admits that he is on his own.  Carnaby could have been a NOC as well?  Not likely, a NOC cannot employ another NOC.  A NOC can recruit and bring people in to work and make money.  However, Roland Carnaby would not be able to recruit Alan Premel on his own and bring him in.

  • Now, fast forward a couple of months.  Since Roland Carnaby's death, the people who were getting scammed and businesses from his criminal endeavors never received any more calls and emails, we never saw any more suspicious Roland Carnaby strange postings to Wikipedia pages on certain individuals.  Premel said  "Everyone pointed the finger at me and said I was responsible for postings, hell, Carnaby had access to my computer, he had access to everything I had, I trusted this man."  Alan Premel went on to tell a tale about a business owner in the Houston Galleria who also was conned out of tens of thousands by Carnaby, all in cash  with no proof of receipt.  She even told a tale of she and her husband both catching him snooping around and sneaking onto their computer. "The reasons behind why he would have planned something to this magnitude are beyond me.  I can only think that it was some kind of setup and it is easy to think that."

  • and from the timeline 2008 - Friends and associates in Houston who knew Carnaby and helped raise money for his newly created firm give $15k-75k in cash monies to him in 2007.  One of the friends, a business owner in the Galleria shopping center in Houston Texas grew suspicious when she was receiving email messages from someone overseas who wanted to purchase Motorola two way radios from her business and have them shipped overseas to London and Australia. The emails all stopped after Roland Carnaby died. And after researching with authorities into an Identity theft case they discovered that the destinations were that of a shipping company overseas with Vincent S Karnabe listed as a board member. The radios through investigation were found out to be given to Hamas in support of a terrorist organization. Could Roland Carnaby have been running an operation to fund a terrorist group through such activities. Alan Premel met with the couple who are business owners and expressed his condolences in the matter after the death of Carnaby. Before his death they knew of where the radios were shipped but were unaware of Carnaby's real name and only knew him as 'Tony' for many years.
  • The other interesting fact in this case is all the internet postings started in August 2007.  Coincidence that it is the same month that CIA and FBI computers are busted publicly nationally for changing Wikipedia pages and making false statements online", Premel stated.

  • And which is true if you research, that summer, CIA computers were verified in changing pages. Alan Premel was entered onto Bob Baer, George Tenet and John McLaughlin's Wikipedia pages.  It points directly to this same case. No changes have ever been made since the death of Roland Carnaby everything has ceased.  So why are we still pointing the finger at Alan Premel?  Since Carnaby's death Mike Tolson of the Houston Chronicle has not written any negative articles on Premel.  Premel's name has been out now for a year and a half and it has been six months since Carnaby's death.  Alan Premel has never been denied by the CIA.  And also, many have vouched for him and we have seen pictures of him all over the world.  Some of the most interesting facts on the case of who Alan Premel is lays on some impressively stunning facts.

  • 1.) Premel was arrested with credentials.  So why wasn't he charged  for impersonating a federal officer?  This could have resulted in a 25 years sentence upon conviction.

  • 2.) Pictures of Premel have him all over the world. in front of the pyramids, in front of the Eiffel Tower and clearly on assignment working with others.  Only to find out that his passport has only seen one trip to Mexico in the last decade which was before this timeline starts.  Before they were pulled, the pictures linked him to at least 20 countries.


  • 3.) Why is there a man with no military record photographed in and around everyone who is military?

  • Premel went on to add as we closed out, "I was asked by my attorneys and my family not to come out and speak. There was media everywhere, reporters and government investigators.   So I respected the wishes of my family first and foremost. I would have gone quietly into the night and never talked about it but I am a Christian, I do believe in the truth and I believe in Susan Carnaby.  Roland's widow deserves the truth and what really happened.  She already had to listen to months and months of banter about her husband being a fraud, all of it to protect foreign connections and contacts, no way, that's not right.  I do agree with CIA that they have to deny him across the board.  But after six  months you have had your time to move sources, protect systems, networks and ensure safety for the hundreds this man was attached and connected to."

  • We are truly witnessing something spectacular with this case.  It shows us that dark people exist.  Not only do they exist but it exposed an active network inside the United States that was set up to work independently inside.  It showed us the names and faces of active members and we saw them disappear overnight, companies disappear and articles and videos disappear.  We saw the effects of how damaging it is for names of silent and secret people get out.  We saw not only one man with no record of service and contracts linked to CIA senior officers, former Directors and a former President since Former President Bush owns the office Roland Carnaby worked out of.  Yet, CIA never knew him.  Bush Sr. is a former CIA Director.  Premel, who has equally, no ties through social security number to anything knows people, we've seen him in photos and he knows explicit details on operations, contracts and contact information to people involved.  These men were not undercover. These men were covert. To get a taste of what it would be like watch the movie 'The Departed,' and you can start to get a feel of what it must have been like to not have certain people you work with know your identity and others who did. And at the time when you need it most, someone to stand and verify and vouch who you are.

  • So now six months later we are seeing officer after officer stand up and vouch for not only one of them but for both of them.  It is sad that it has taken this long and it has had to destroy so many lives in the process by a discrediting media who will follow the directives of CIA so closely with no regard to the reputations and lives of the people they write negatively about.  So will we ever truly know if they were NOC's.  We will not and never will.  And that is something we will have to remember and consider when covering and reading this case.  We have to respect the rights and privacy of these patriots and their families if they want to be anonymous and protected.  They served our country not only overtly, but covertly.  For the men and women who served silently with Roland Carnaby who's names and faces did not come out publicly and Mike Tolson could not joke about you being the 'FedEx bandit', thank you for your service and dedication to the mission.
  • Barstool magazine, Houston, Alan Premel, see the September cover.
  • Premel is also fighting a misinformation effort by Wayne Madsen:, here are some: "In March of this year, a Woody Allen "Zelig"-type character named Alan Premel began a sophisticated Internet operation designed to place him as a CIA colleague of Carnaby's. Not only did Premel out Carnaby as a CIA agent but he claimed to have worked with him in clandestine operations, even claiming that they wrote a book together and appeared at a book signing at a Barnes and Noble bookstore. A U.S. intelligence source said that Premel was "created to be in place until he was needed." Premel's postings about his fake CIA background first appeared on the web in January 2007. WMR has learned that Premel was fired as a FedEX driver for stealing I-Pods, has restraining orders against him by his ex-wife and a porn movie star he knew, and lives at home with his parents.  ...   Carnaby was incensed at Premel's Internet postings. Carnaby contacted CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia and asked his colleagues, "What is this guy trying to do to me?" Carnaby was always careful about his true identity being revealed and for reasons now known by WMR. ...  "
  • In 2008, Alan Premel has been on a campaign to correct the misinformation about him on the internet.  One of the ways he has accomplished this is to present his numerous appearances around Houston as a VIP, former CIA official.  He is active in the entertainment world in Houston.  We've put together a number of composite graphics to illustrate this. This year the Houston Chronicle has contributed much to the disinformation campaign:  "The Premel of Internet lore - created entirely by anonymous Web postings - is not unlike the vaguely romantic and exciting figure that Carnaby was to his friends. Not only was Premel a CIA hero, but he was writing a book to be titled Way of the Ghost, consulting on Hollywood scripts along with Baer and dating Paris Hilton, actress Rachel McAdams and a former Houston adult movie performer." In truth, he didn't date Hilton or McAdams, but he knew and worked with them.  He did work for FedEx, but he was not your typical FedEx driver.  
  • Barstool magazine
  • November 13, 2008 - Alan Premel is seen at two major events in one evening in Houston. The Houston Premiere of the new James Bond thriller 'Quantum of Solace.' Premel still continues to do movie reviews. And walking in on the blue carpet for the VIP-only after-party for the 9th Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards in Houston at Venue Nightclub. Guests included Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Flex, and Andy Garcia.


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