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Timeline  2008

Roland Carnaby, Alan Premel

Carnaby's death, Intelligence Contractors, the CIA and Rendition



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Timeline on the Roland Carnaby / Alan Premel Research 2008

  • 2008
  • Jan 25, 2008. Alan Premel is shown being listed as heading a newly formed and privately owned globally intelligence firm in Houston called Aspyr Global Intelligence. All and any references to this company and to these men has all been pulled from the internet except for public blogs which comments cannot be pulled. Four days after reports of Aspyr being made public they were retracted. Articles tying him to this firm as a philanthropist and someone to watch in the coming decades as a leader, a battle hardened hero from covert action in the Balkans against the Chechens. Which surprisingly is a region where CIA money and power controls the media. No reports would leak out about any US efforts there even if the CIA was there.
  • 2008 - Friends and associates in Houston who knew Carnaby and helped raise money for his newly created firm give $15k-75k in cash monies to him in 2007. One of the friends, a business owner in the Galleria shopping center in Houston Texas grew suspicious when she was receiving email messages from someone overseas who wanted to purchase Motorola two way radios from her business and have them shipped overseas to London and Australia. The emails all stopped after Roland Carnaby died. And after researching with authorities into an Identity theft case they discovered that the destinations were that of a shipping company overseas with Vincent S Karnabe listed as a board member. The radios through investigation were found out to be given to Hamas in support of a terrorist organization. Could Roland Carnaby have been running an operation to fund a terrorist group through such activities. Alan Premel met with the couple who are business owners and expressed his condolences in the matter after the death of Carnaby. Before his death they knew of where the radios were shipped but were unaware of Carnaby's real name and only knew him as 'Tony' for many years.
  • January 1, 2008 - Alan Premel rings in the New Year at club LAX in Vegas and is a guest of Paris Hilton's New Years Bash. Pictures, blogs and comments online all from Premel's Facebook place him in Vegas two days previously. No comments, links or pictures of Roland Carnaby there. We are seeing an even more detailed pattern of a party and social life consistent of someone connected and in the loop.
  • 2008 - In 2008, we not only saw Alan Premel on the cover of Barstool Magazine but he was seen all over Houston at private VIP only parties. At every party you saw one person consistently there besides the club owners, bouncers and photographers, you saw Alan Premel. We saw on his Myspace and Facebook sites that he was going out four times a week and attends every party. He had the pics to prove he was at events. Our source who said she was deleted on Premel's pages after she copied pictures told us that he was accused of being a ghost writer in Houston for barstool by an article called 'Ho Knows'. Ho Knows is written by a ficticious female party-goer. She goes on to tell that it was no secret who wrote anonymously under a pseudonym for Jane Ho. It was pretty obvious it was Premel due to the parties that were all talked about in the last year were all parties Premel attended. And that the articles praised places that Premel liked and bashed places he didn't. Some investigative research into Barstool yielded these results. Premel was on the Sept cover of Barstool Magazine. In that issue the photographer is listed as Andres D. Someone who is listed in watermark on all of the pictures Premel has that were leaked out. At every major VIP party in Houston she said you would see Premel and this photographer Andres D who she said was Houston's premiere social photographer. She said the danger behind these two being seen together was that club owners knew Premel was outed as being undercover.  (left, Premel in disguise)  So it made them feel uncomfortable knowing he was out four times a week and at every party knowing that he used to work undercover. Now, he knows the good and bad people and he is traveling with a photographer and is able to write a gossip column. Reason why Premel would be good at this? Because he wrote for years under an assumed name and pseudonym as the covert comic at CIA.
  • January 1, 2008 - Premel flies into Vegas the night before New Years. Premel's former friends says she does not believe that Premel saw Jamie Kennedy on this New Years trip. Comments, Pictures and activities at this time placed Premel at club LAX for Paris Hilton's New Years bash.  Sources say now after tracking this story that Premel arrived early to LAX and left early.  Pictures indicated that he left and attended a party hosted by Jay Z for a club that he recently opened in Vegas. Guests included David Beckham, NBA stars, Beyonce, and Oprah. Premel was not able to enter due to problems with the list and he was denied entrance into the club. Research reveals that this club is called the 40/40 club and that story lines up with the information we have uncovered from the web.
  • Feb 12, 2008. A press release is issued that shows Roland Carnaby retiring from his un-named security firm. Internet pages believed this was written and put out from Premel and his people at Aspyr.  Parts of the release make possibly damaging statements that Carnaby's numbers fees will be increased and after Carnaby leaves the firm will see a downturn.  Sources say that this article could not have been true since Premel took a sabbatical in 2006 and it never shows him returning to work at CIA.  And in the summer of 2008, Premel goes on record saying that he never worked with Carnaby after 2006. So what about the reports in Dec 2007 stating the numbers of the firm? Was this written by CIA in an attempt to set something up? Theorists had us believing that Premel wrote the press release without the authorization from Carnaby, possibly in an attempt to push Carnaby out  and take over the company for himself.  But sources are now saying that Premel upset with Carnaby left the firm before Carnaby and that the postings had to have been either from Carnaby or sources trying to arrange and set things up for later in the year.  Premel went on record in the summer of 2008 saying that he did not make the postings and why would he? He states that they are so flamboyantly outrageous how can you believe them and statements such as the ones made would only instantly hurt a reputation. Premel has gone on to publicly state that he believes that things were written by Carnaby. Why? Possibly in an attempt to verify someone else Carnaby could come to the rescue and be verified, vetted or vouched for.  Premel says if Roland Carnaby retired in January 2008, then why would he have a press release posted an entire month afterwards? And if he was no longer with the firm then why would he be making press releases saying he was. None of it makes sense? It could have only been done by someone else.
  • March 14, 2008 - Alan Premel is in Houston Texas and Premel's social friend on Facebook says that she was in attendance with him as they were VIP at a Clay Walker concert at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. She verified that Roland Carnaby was there and that they ran into him after the concert in a private club inside Reliant Center which is special access or a members only club.
  • March 2008. Alan Premel is arrested by the FBI for ipod theft from Federal Express Corporation.  Sources inside CIA stated that Premel was taken into FBI custody and released to US Marshall custody from a holding facility. Documents from Harris County show Premel being picked up by the Harris County Sheriffs Department and transferred to a holding facility and then given over to the Houston Police Department. Why the different stories before the Carnaby assassination takes place?  Was Premel to be brought in before hand so that he would be gagged by the courts, by a lawyer and a publicist at the time Carnaby is assassinated?  Why is there no video evidence presented to the courts on this ipod theft?  Why was Premel not allowed to fight it?  The Houston source in the firm stated that Premel confessed to the theft in order to protect Carnaby. said "Tony was not the type of man you wanted to turn in and give his name" Turns out the ipods given to the three sources at the firm in Houston, Premel being one of them were all stolen ipods off of a shipping container who's destination was Houston and they originated from China.  Carnaby was in charge of port security. Where they came from no one will know since the intelligence rumor has it that 1000 ipods were on an order and did not have shipping papers. Carnaby having authority in the Port of Houston could have easily taken them. Regardless, we see a year later Alan Premel taking the fall for it. The entire story start to finish sounds more like a set up on not only Premel but Carnaby also by the numerous internet postings.
  • April 15, 2008 - Ben Ami Kadish is arrested and charged with four counts of conspiracy. CIA and the FBI claim that Kadish passed classified documents to Israel. He is important to the Roland Carnaby Conspiracy through Riad Hamad.
  • Rightcoast "Hamad was a significant donor to the Palestine Children's Welfare Fund. The FBI had Hamad under investigation for "supporting terrorism," a favorite canard used against Americans who support the Palestinian cause. Hamad had been a target of the neocons for years but they could never pin anything on him.  >On April 16, Hamad's body was found in Lady Bird Lake in Austin. His eyes had duct tape over them and his hands and feet were bound. The police ruled it a suicide. However, Hamad would be the first victim in an Israeli hit on individuals who helped U.S. back channels to the Palestinians and other groups targeted by Israel and the neo-con cell operating deep within the Bush administration, the Israeli-influenced cell that the FBI, in its arrest of Kadish, wanted to flush out." 
  • April 16, 2008 - One day after Ben Ami Kadish is arrested Riad Hamad, is found dead face down in Lady Bird Lake in Austin Texas with duct tape around his eyes and mouth and is bound and tied around his hands and ankles.  Hamad, a school teacher was linked to Carnaby and Kadish through his financial contributions to the Palestinian Children's Fund which appeared to raise money for children in Lebanon but was funding three things. 1. Salam Fayyad 2. Mahmoud Abbas Fatah 3. Hamas. In Carnaby's endeavors from 2006-2008 he was funding private efforts and was involved in identity theft to purchase radios which were sent to Hamas.
  • April 28,2008. Federal sources close to this case have claimed Carnaby had proof a 'suitcase nuke' had arrived inside the U.S. from Israel.  It was said that Carnaby was chasing the device and the Israelis who had it.   We believe this to be a bogus report.  All the news reports out about him are all misleading and wrong.  An APB was out for him earlier that morning and there was no conspiracy behind it. The police did their job and confusion instantly started when he had a concealed hand gun license.  As a federal contractor he needed one. As a federal agent you do not. As a result, it raised a read flag and the police were following their instincts, training and were doing what they should have done. When they asked to see the credentials closer up he could have shown them, he did resist them and put them away. Anyone who has served in the military as well as the government knows that when you are asked to show your credentials or your military id you do not give them up.  Carnaby was also doing what he was trained to do.  He then did what no one should ever do and  fled the scene leading them on a 15 minute chase wildly across the city.  We do not believe he was  in hot pursuit of a suitcase weapon when they pulled him over.  If there was a suitcase sized weapon entering the city it would have come through port security and there are measures in place to detect this.  Carnaby would have been one of those sources in the know.  It would not have been Israeli, it could have been Soviet and leftovers from the Russian Siloviki and other powerful groups still selling and trading weapons leftover from the breakup of the Soviet Union."
  • April 29, 2008. Carnaby is pulled over for speeding and he presented his CIA credentials.  The police see that his car is registered to the National Security Command Center and that he is presenting his credentials. Normally, professional courtesy would have been granted but police officers question him since they were given an APB to pull him over that morning since his license plate and description was called in on a complaint.  A red flag was raised when he presented a CIA credential while possessing on record a concealed handgun license which made the officers question the authenticity of Carnaby's claim. The local police are only trained to know that a federal agent does not need a concealed handgun license but not a government contractor. After what is reported as an hour and a half long chase ends up being a 15 minute high speed chase through Houston. Carnaby stops after running out of gas . Houston police swarm the car as an officer bashes the window and screams for Carnaby to get out.  Upon exiting the video Carnaby is shot after he reached back into the car for more than three seconds. Police believed he was reaching for a weapon under the seat when he yielded a shiny blackberry phone.
  • April 29, 2008 - After being shot Roland Carnaby lays face down and is instantly handcuffed. Reports of his death change and give conspiracy theorists reason to think something is awry. Why wasn't Carnaby given any kind of aid? Why was he not fitted with a new clotting pack that those HPD vehicles in question were fitted with the proper new clotting packs two weeks earlier? Police reports indicated he died bleeding to death on the street, yet, no blood is visible at the scene of the arrest.
  • April 29, 2008 - The US Secret Service is the first to retrieve Carnaby's laptop from the scene of the crime until a CIA personnel from DC in the CIA's Security Division could inspect the credentials.
  • As Sy Hersh reported this weekend, there is a huge contingent within the American intelligence community that does not want a war with Iran and understands the gravity of such an event. Not even the Democratic Congress has been willing to take on the rogue contingent that operates under the aegis of the Office of the Vice President of the US.
  • April 29, 2008 - CIA Spokesman Paul Gimigliano denies Roland Carnaby instantly.
  • April 29, 2008 - Premel and other members of the Houston firm are unaware of Carnaby's death and are in Washington in room 226 of the Dirksen Office on a hearing on 'Secret Law' given by Senator Feingold.
  • April 30, 2008 - Susan Carnaby requests that the autopsy be filmed for two reasons.  Roland Carnaby had a hidden tattoo or marking on him that would have identified his body. And the other is to know exactly how many times he was shot by police since it was reported that only one officer struck and killed Carnaby shooting him in the back. Her request to have the autopsy filmed was denied.  In Texas, it is the law that if a widow makes that request that it be fulfilled.
  • April 31, 2008 - Alan Premel finds out via email about the death of Roland Carnaby when he arrives back in Houston.
  • April 31, 2008 - The Texas Rangers requests to have the autopsy filmed after Susan Carnaby is refused the autopsy granted to her by law. The Texas Rangers indicate that they do not trust the FBI's investigation into his assassination.
  • April 31, 2008 - An Independent Assassination Team arrives in Houston to start investigating the mysterious death of Roland Carnaby.  It is instantly considered an assassination due to Carnaby's ties to intelligence for over 30 years and his families connections to Intelligence for 60 years.  
  • WMR Former National Security Agency analyst and naval intelligence officer Wayne Madsen has been in Houston investigating the Carnaby case at great personal risk. Madsen believes Carnaby was involved both in heading off a potential war with Iran (by leaking Mossad plans to assassinate Hizbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah just days before Carnaby himself was killed) and in trying to forestall a potential terrorist attack on the port. According to Madsen, “federal agents in Houston fear that ‘another 9/11-type part false flag’ attack is imminent, perhaps as early as July 4.”.......
  • May 2008 - It is discovered that former US President George H Bush (41) is owner of Roland Carnaby's office.
  • May 1, 2008 - Palfrey, the DC Madam dies and despite speculation and the timing of her death it is tied into the Roland Carnaby case.  We believe this is as crazy a tie in as the suit case nuke theory.
  • Archive  Wayne Madsen speaks to the McClendon Group at the National Press Club concerning the strange death of CIA agent Roland Carnaby at the hands of Houston police officers.
  • May 8, 2008 - One week to the day after Roland Carnaby's death, his close and personal friend in Houston, Landry's restaurant magnate Tillman Fertitta will head the Houston Police Foundation with his sights on raising money to support the police.  Shouldn't this raise concerns since one of his dearest friends is gunned down two weeks before.  Fertitta is an owner of a dozen restaurant chains, he is also a minor partner in the Houston Texans NFL Franchise and owns Houston's Bentley and Rolls Royce dealership, Post Oak Motor Cars, Ltd.
  • May 17, 2008 - Alan Premel is seen at another Vince Young party again at Shadowbar in Houston. This is Vince Young's birthday party and Premel is seen in the back in the VIP all night long. The social source says that Shadowbar is a protected place for Premel since he worked undercover there on Saturday nights from 2005-2007 assisting narcotics officers with the HPD.
  • May 2008 - Entire pages, entries, blogs and stories or Carnaby and videos are yanked and pulled from the internet.  No references to his burial or where he is buried is ever mentioned. The last mention of a funeral service is that his father Vincent S. Karnabe was pushing to get Roland buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Carnaby funeral.   See former President George Bush Senior at the front, Former KGB general Oleg Kalugin who was in Houston in November 2007 by invitation of Roland Carnaby.  On the back row, James Pavitt, other side George Tenet in the back row, in the middle an unnamed us policy maker and on the front an unnamed Lebanese officer.  source


  • June 2008 - A photograph of Roland Carnaby's funeral is released and shows former CIA director and US President George H Bush (41), Former KGB General Oleg Kalugin (who was with Carnaby in November of 2007 in Houston) former DDO of CIA James Pavitt on one side carrying a casket and on the other as clear as day in the back George Tenet and in the middle a US congressmen who was not named since they are still in active service and an unnamed Lebanese intelligence officer. The pictured was verified by intelligence experts as being all of the men in question and was analyzed to see if it was doctored by software such as Photoshop and it was proved as not a fake. undeniable proof that Carnaby was something more and officially resting the case on whether he was CIA.
  • June 20, 2008 - Alan Premel is again seen at Shadowbar nightclub in Houston Texas for the last party he is tied into with Vince Young and is post Carnaby death. Premel, now on probation from his ipod debacle is seen in all his pics holding Redbull, coincidently the same drink to all the private Redbull parties he attends.
  • Pravda "... the local Houston chapter president of the Association for Intelligence Officers (AFIO). AFIO is a membership organization of current and former U.S. intelligence officers, primarily those who work or worked for the CIA and military intelligence agencies. AFIO's national board includes President George H. W. Bush who is honorary chairman. The honorary board also includes Shirley Temple Black, Frank Carlucci, (Carlyle Group) former National Security Agency (NSA) director Gen. Lincoln Faurer, former NSA director and CIA deputy director Bobby Ray Inman, former CIA and FBI director William Webster, and former CIA director James Woolsey. The chairman of the active board is M. E. "Spike" Bowman, the former head of the FBI's National Security Law Unit and the person who denied the Minneapolis FBI office a special warrant to search Zacarias Moussaoui's belongings prior to the 9/11 attacks.  Other board members: James Pavitt Wikipedia  Association of Former Intelligence Officers
  • July 2008 - Alan Premel is photographed at a private VIP only party with former CIA Director James Woolsey.
  • Woolsey is directly behind Premel. more 
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  • July 12, 2008 - Alan Premel is a guest at an all VIP Redbull Art of Can Exhibit in Houston's Galleria. Special guests are the Houston Texans and Kevin Costner.
  • July 29, 2008 - Alan Premel is seen again at another special event and again behind the scenes as a VIP with an all-access-badge on at the 311 and Snoop Dog concert at Houston's Sam Houston Raceway Park.  We are starting to see a pattern of Premel at special events and on the cover later on the Sept 2008 cover of Barstool Magazine.  The events demonstrate to us that Premel is more than just an ordinary citizen in Houston.  There appears to be a motive behind the Houston Chronicle and intelligence oriented websites to smear his image.
  • Sept 2008 - Alan Premel is seen on the cover of Barstool magazine in Houston.enlarge
  • Barstool magazine
  • Sept 2008 - Alan Premel is photographed with James Pavitt as they socialized and talked at an invitation only party.                                                
  • Wikipedia James Pavitt  James L. Pavitt (born February 19, 1946) was Deputy Director for Operations (DDO) for the CIA from 1999 until June 4, 2004. His sudden resignation – as well as that of his chief, DCI George Tenet the previous day – led to speculation that it was over the controversy surrounding Iraq weapons of mass destruction or 9-11 intelligence issues.
  • Oct 2008 - Dashcam videos of Carnaby's high speed chase are released dispelling the theory and confirming that we believe the story of a suit case nuke is ridiculous.
  • OpEdNews Suitcase Nuke story, wrong  "The probability of a major terrorist event in Houston, Texas over the July 4th weekend is in the 60-70% range. And that means the whole southeast corner of Texas and possibly all of the Katrina-devastated Gulf coast states are also at risk."
  • October 19, 2008 - A friend of Alan Premel's has reported on his Facebook page that Premel attended the VIP Grand Opening of Houston's House of Blues. It was a special invitation only party with 2,400 guests. He said Premel was on the blue carpet which was filled with VIPs ranging from the Houston Texans to local celebrities in Houston.
  • Nov 2008 - Seven months after the death of Roland Carnaby four  more individuals all un-named are said to have been killed. And all four were suspicious suicides. The CIA and the Carnaby's may be blacking out reports and stories updates making it hard to follow them.
  • Nov 2008 - Seven months after the death of Roland Carnaby, Alan Premel still has not been denied by CIA.
  • November 13, 2008 - Alan Premel is seen at two major events in one evening in Houston. The Houston Premiere of the new James Bond thriller 'Quantum of Solace.' Premel still continues to do movie reviews. And walking in on the blue carpet for the VIP-only after-party for the 9th Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards in Houston at Venue Nightclub. Guests included Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Flex, and Andy Garcia
  • continuedTruthout "The development follows criticism of US prosecutors by British judges who have seen secret evidence of torture committed against Mr. Mohamed, including allegations his torturers used a razor blade to repeatedly cut his penis. The Attorney's investigation is expected to include allegations that MI5 colluded in Mr.. Mohamed's rendition. Mr. Mohamed, 30, an Ethiopian national and British resident, was arrested in Pakistan in 2002, when he was questioned by an MI5 officer.   ...  On Tuesday, Government lawyers wrote to the judges hearing Mr. Mohamed's case against the UK government in the High Court. In the letter they said "the question of possible criminal wrongdoing to which these proceedings has given rise has been referred by the Home Secretary to the Attorney general for consideration as an independent minister of justice". Baroness Scotland has been sent secret witness statements given to the court and public interest immunity certificates for the proceedings.   ...   Mr. Mohamed, 30, accuses MI5 agents of lying about what they knew of CIA plans to transfer him to a prison in north Africa, where he claims he was subjected to horrendous torture. Mr. Mohamed, who won asylum in the UK in 1994, has been charged with terrorism-related offences. He awaits a decision on whether he is to face trial at the US naval base. He is officially the last Briton at Guantanamo. Last night his lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, said: "This is a welcome recognition that the CIA cannot just go rendering British residents to secret torture chambers without consequences, and British agents cannot take part in US crimes without facing the music. Reprieve will be making submissions to the Attorney General to ensure those involved, from the US, Pakistan, Morocco, Britain, are held responsible."   ...    Richard Stein, of Leigh Day, representing Mr. Mohamed in the High Court proceedings, said: "Ultimately the British Government had little choice once they conceded that a case had been made that Binyam Mohamed was tortured. The Convention Against Torture imposes an obligation on signatory states to investigate torture."   ...   In August two judges ruled allegations of torture were at least arguable and that MI5 had information relating to Mr. Mohamed that was "not only necessary but essential for his defence".   ...    The judges have read statements and interviews with Mr. Mohamed between 28 and 31 July, 2004 when he says he was forced to confess to terrorism. The judges said: "This was after a period of over two-and-a-half years of incommunicado detention during which Binyam Mohamed alleges he was tortured."   ...   He was first held in Pakistan in 2002, where a British agent interrogated him; he was then sent to Morocco by the CIA and allegedly tortured for 18 months. He was rendered to the secret "Dark Prison" in Afghanistan, where his torture is alleged to have continued. Since September 2004, he has been in Guantanamo Bay."
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