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Franklingate sex scandal




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  • Nearly 80% of Christian Fundamentalists voted for Bush in 2000, 2004, 2006...and now he has a less than 30% approval rating?

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GOP Family Values, Hypocrisy





Jesus didn't need a marketing machine.


Dobson minimizes importance of Global Warming at every turn

  It's Global Warming, Stupid.




Nathan Sproul Christian Coalition, Arizona's Karl Rove, RNC voter dirty tricks.....


Billionaires list


  • Bush / White House / 1989 / pedophile scandal cover-up


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Ehren Watada, 

For Refusing an Illegal War. 

Thank You and his speech


Clinton Death List






Linking Kent State ... to Franklin Scandal (Bush White House pedophilia) ... to USAID corruption



Flight 77 Pentagon Missile attack

Sexual abuse of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisoners, Stephen Cambone  




Clinton / Bush drug money and U.S. elections. 



Star Wars, $100 billion cost, all it takes is a 1 percent failure ... doom.





Flight 77


Research: Systematics, Alltel, Jackson Stephens, Hillary Clinton connections.


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Ken Lay, Anschutz .... two peas in a pod

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Intelligent Design Jokes

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Intelligent Design Jokes






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  •   Sir Richard Branson today offered a $25m (12.8m) prize for scientists who find a way to help save the planet from the effects of climate change.and GuardianTear Down This War, Tearerism, by Tearerists


Plamegate, Treasongate, Cheneygate, Leakgate. A               



There are very few pics, photos, photographs of Harold Rhode on the net, here's one more.  See his connection to Ledeen, Chalabi, neocon's were duped into invading Iraq.


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Sexual abuse of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisoners, Stephen Cambone    click for Reagan / Bush Morph video

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  Nixon Library, Watergate museum


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