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Christian right, Israel, neo-cons and  war profiteering

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morph hillary clinton and condoleeza rice
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Beware of the North American Union

Republicans opposed to the Security and Prosperity Partnership are  irrelevant and impotent.  more


Hillareeza, a new face in politics, ....voted for and/or planned the Iraq occupation, and continue to perpetuate it.  see Politics, Bush Watch, 'War on TerrorIraq


Is Dick Cheney on her list?


Dov Zakheim, Mastermind of 9/11? ...  remote controlled aircraft and 9/11? former Pentagon Comptroller, $2.3 Trillion 'missing',  dual Israeli / US citizen,  more below



  • On January 19, 2008, members of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Military Order of the Stars and Bars, Children of the Confederacy, and other invited guests gathered in Statuary Hall on the House of Representatives side of the US Capitol to pay homage to the anniversary of Gen. Robert E. Lee's birthday and the placing of Lee's statue in the ornate chamber on January 19, 1910.  more


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Judith Miller, Dick Cheney, 'Scooter' Libby, War Propagandists? support
  Dr. Ronald Roskens, Kent State, Franklin Scandal, USAID how is this connected to White House, Congress, Clergy .... sex scandals?

Computer art by Steve Francis & staff


Cheney's B-52 Balls, see info on Barksdale, Minot, nuclear-armed cruise missiles shipment across US air space ... on the way to Iran?  and Cheney B-52 Jokes



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See Tom Delay Watch

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Intelligent Design Jokes

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Do Evangelical Christians want the end of the world... global warming is comfort?



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What is Tearerism?

Let's hijack Reagan's famous phrase ... (Tear Down This Wall) ...let's tear down the war on terror.  "Tear Down This War"