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September Morn, from the Fleur De Lis Film Studios.  Other cast members include: John Heard, Esai Morales, Daniel Sunjata, Judd Mason and Alan Premel.  Other films by Fleur De Lis include: Top Priority: The Terror Within, Britt, Precious Cargo, Operation Dark Heart, Unshielded, The Last Confederate, Albatross, Top Priority: The Movie, The Fall Guy, L.A.P.D. To Protect and Serve, Forget About It, Whistleblowers: The Untold Stories, Rogues in Robes, Medal of Honor: History of Heroes, Texas Rangers, The Warrant Office


September Morn ... a 9/11 Truth Movie

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Progressive Conservative 1%
  • 9/11 Scholars Exposing Falsehoods and Revealing Truths James H. Fetzer Joel S. Hirschhorn Founder Co-Chair, For news, visit Citizens For Legitimate Government and views, Mike Palecek's The New American Dream
  • 9/11Truth
  • 911Truth Accountable Democracy Conference,  Accountable Democracy is also sponsoring ADTV a TV programme making initiative.
  • Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth  Join other AE911Truth activists at the United National Antiwar Coalition Conference in Stamford, CT on March 23-25, 2012. Help us influence the “working sessions” with statements of support and your votes to include the 9/11 Truth issue in the coalition’s platform.
  • BYU  9/11 research
  • AlexJones 9/11 video, inside jobber
  • Antiwar  In late November 2002, the Washington Post ran a story that stopped me dead in my tracks: "60 Israelis on Tourist Visas Detained Since Sept. 11," but it was the subhead that really got my attention: "Government Calls Several Cases 'of Special Interest,' Meaning Related to Post-Attacks Investigation." In addition to the 1000-plus Middle Easterners of the Muslim persuasion swept up in Ashcroft's post-9/11 dragnet, it seems, some 60 Israelis were in custody. 
  • CanadaWantsTheTruth911  The Toronto hearings.   articles by COLIN FREEZE, MEGAN O'TOOLE
  • Citizens For Legitimate Government, Fetzer
  • Conspirazzi Sheen: “I did not want to believe that my government could possibly be involved in such a thing, I could not live in a country that I thought could do that – that would be the ultimate betrayal,”
  • Current  2012  Expect this 9/11 truth drama to be a whitewash that blames Bush and the US govenment and omit any Israeli involvement in the terror bombings, just like Loose Change.
  • CutDC  Oct 2012 Has the CIA Gone Rouge? – Hollywood Predicted 9-11! – RNC Continues to Undo Ron Paul Wins – Trapwire Surveillance System Exposed   Japanese-Americans, of course, were interned – or “indefinitely detained” – until the end of WWII. In 1988, Congress passed a bill, subsequently signed by President Reagan, apologizing for the internment, and confessing that the government’s actions were based on: Race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership.
  • DeadlineLive  “We the people demand that the government revisits and initiates a thorough and independent investigation to the tragic events of 9/11. 
  • Debunking911
  • ExoHuman Hollywood is America. Hollywood dreams up the wars, takes us into them and entertains us while we’re there. Hollywood produces moon landings and ‘terror’ attacks, sells us our presidents and educates our children.
  • FirefightersFor911Truth  Eric Lawyer, founder of Firefighters for 911 Truth, who pointed out the many ways in which long-established protocols for handling crime scenes involving fire and building collapse were egregiously violated, consistent with a cover-up.
  • Fleur De Lis Film Studios
  • GlobalResearch  MONTREAL CONFERENCE: Richard Gage on 9/11 Truth Part of the Canadian Public Investigation of 9/11 ( April 7, 2012)
  • Huffington Post  In 2007, Sheen first expressed doubt over the true events of 9/11. “I did not want to believe that my government could possibly be involved in such a thing, I could not live in a country that I thought could do that – that would be the ultimate betrayal,” he said during a 2007 appearance at We Are Change L.A. “There have been so many revelations that now I have my doubts, and chief among them is Building 7 –- how did they rig that building so that it came down on the evening of the day?”
  • Infowars   Join WeAreChange for “Our Lives Post 9/11” – A Four Day 9/11 Truth Conference and Charity Event in New York City - September 9th – 12th 2010  Speakers include Ray McGovern -former CIA analyst, George Galloway – British politician, Richard Gage – AE 9/11 Truth, Cindy Sheehan – Peace Activist, Cynthia McKinney – former U.S. Congresswoman, Annie Machon – former MI5 agent, Mike Gravel – former U.S Senator, and so many more! and   and   Charlie Sheen video on Infowars 9/11 questions. 9/11 Truth: Hollywood Speaks Out
  • Infowars Japanese MP Yukihisa Fujita of the Democratic Party of Japan, a member of the House of Councillors in the Diet of Japan (national legislature), spoke at the 9/11 Truth conference in Sydney today
  • JewishCirmeNetwork. From its very inception, the so called 9/11 truth movement, otherwise known as the people who say that George Bush and his cronies did 9/11, has been ultimately led and controlled by the same people that perpetrated the dastardly attacks.
  • MideastYouth Nakba Anniversary Message: On this 64th anniversary of the Nakba we mourn the ethnic cleansing that began in 1948 and that continues today with silent transfer, home demolitions, land confiscation and more. But we also celebrate an amazing resilience and success of the Palestinian endogenous people against incredible odds:
  • NoLiesRadio 2012  First No. California Premiere of “Operation Terror” in Berkeley, California The Hollywood 9/11 Thriller that is Banned from the Theaters Co-Sponsored by the BFUU SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE James McCullough from the mysterious “Council” gives a special assignment to CIA agent Aaron Delgado to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and pin the blame on Muslim Terrorists. Delgado and fellow agents, Phillip Singer and Chase Jordan, work with a group of unsuspecting engineers to develop unmanned jets that will hit their assigned targets.
  • Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance
  • PhilJayhan  Who Really Controls The 9/11 Truth Conferences  ...Not only should his (Jones) BYU connection be examined since the LDS Church is a breeding ground for Vatican-led New World Order minions, but the hierarchy of the Mormon Church needs to be fully examined since it can be proved that it has been established and has been in total control from the beginning by the Vatican and Jesuit Order, who just happen to be the real spiritual controllers of the New World Order,
  • PrisonPlanet 2006  The 9/11 American Scholars Symposium concluded in Los Angeles Sunday and was extremely well received by the thousand plus in attendance. A Reuters article summarizing the event presented a reasonably balanced appraisal of the intentions and scope of the conference, mirroring a burgeoning climate of accurate 9/11 truth movement coverage.  Charlie Sheen was at the 9/11 L.A. Conference  ...  Publications such as Turkey's Zaman Online, South Africa's Independent Online, Qatar's Gulf News as well as Al Jazeera and Iran's Tehran Times all carried different versions of the original Reuters piece.
  • RT Hicks NDAA critic no fly list
  • TheIntelHub  Sep 2010 Corporate News Runs 9/11 Truth, AE 911Truth Conference Presents Explosive Evidence    Gravel and Gage will host a central press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, presenting hard evidence that all three WTC skyscrapers on September 11, 2001, in NYC were destroyed by explosive controlled demolition.
  • Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice  and the Journal of 9/11 Studies  Over 60 peer-reviewed articles and a similar number of letters are available. The editors have also published articles in mainstream scientific journals and offer links to those papers from this site.
  • ScientistsFor911Truth   In a Press Release dated June 5, 2012, the Consensus Panel announced new findings related to false accounts by U.S. political and military leaders on 9/11. New evidence shows that the September 11th activities of former President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld were falsely reported by official sources.
  • The New American Dream, Fetzer
  • TheRealNews  bin Laden JFIC
  • TruthAction  2010  WeAreChange conference:  Glenn Zarmanov, Founder of WeAreChange New Jersey & Jersey City for 9/11 Truth  Erik-Anders Nilsson, Founder of Jersey City Peace Movement & 9/11 First Responder, Detective John Caroll, JCPD Officer & 9/11 First Responder, Michael Donly, Engineer for 9/11 Truth, Frank Agamemnon, 9/11 Truth Activist
  • TruthOut EXCLUSIVE: New Documents Claim Intelligence on Bin Laden, al-Qaeda Targets Withheld From Congress' 9/11 Probe  and Inspector General Iron Man pdf   TruthOut buys into bs that bin Laden was killed in Pakistan in 2011. Obama bs.
  • Twilightpines the Madison Conference, 2007 ... Conference: The Science and the Politics of 9/11: What's Controversial, What's Not. Kevin Barrett, Jim Marrs, Judy Wood, Jerry Leaphart, Bob Fitrakis, Morgan Reynolds, Dave von Kleist, Ace Baker, Leuren Moret, Alfred Webre, Doug Rokke, and others Location, Madison, WI. Details on home page.
  • Vancouver911Truth
  • VeteransToday An Open Letter to the 9/11 Truth Community: The Vancouver Hearings Revised   By Kevin Barrett, Joshua Blakeney, and Jim Fetzer,  mistake,
  • WanttoKnow   9/11 Commission Report Questioned by Over 100 Professors    50 9/11 Commission Report Questioned by Senior Military, Intelligence, and Government Officials     Report questioned by over 100 Professors
  • World911Truth
  • YouTube  Graham McQueen @ 9/11 Truth Conference, Walkerton Ontario, 2008, parts 1-4.
  • YouTube Iraq War Veteran Daniel Bland Speaks At Atlanta 9/11 Truth Conference
  • YouTube Tip of the Iceberg, 9/11, John O'Neil
  • YouTube  Yumi Kikuchi @ 9/11 Truth Conference in Osaka  ...  The Corbett Report traveled to Osaka in western Japan on Nov. 1, 2008 to attend the Osaka session of the 2nd 9/11 Truth International Conference.
  • YouTube  The Truther Girls Meet Richard Gage and Dr. D.R. Griffin at Montreal AE911Truth Conference   Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth gave a conference at UQAM in Montreal on May 3rd 2010. Speakers were Richard Gage, founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and Dr. David Ray Griffin, theologian, author, and 2-time nominee for the Nobel Peace prize. The speakers were introduced by Professor Michel Chossudovsky of the Center for Research on Globalization, who has authored several books including Seeds of Destruction (which is about GMO food)
  • YouTube  WMNF News NDAA  and NY arrest,  and OccupyTV
  • YouTube 2003 9/11 (2003) Truth Conference - Social Implications of 9/11 Presentations by Jim Garrison and Byron Belistos.
  • Yumikikuchi blog, The Japanese version of ZERO will be shown at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu from Sept. 11th to the 24th.
  • Zero/GlobalPeace  ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11, has one central thesis - that the official version of the events surrounding the attacks on 9/11 can not be true.  Dissent is not terrorism
  • 9/11myths  dissent is terrorism,
  • ADL   since the September 11 terrorist attacks on America, conspiracy theories surrounding the attacks have become an entrenched propaganda industry.   ...   American and/or Israeli Jews were the only ones who had the "motive, means, and opportunity" to carry them out.  The Mossad was behind the attacks.  Variations of this theory assert that the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, was behind the 9/11 attacks; the "proof" is the "five dancing Israelis" arrested on 9/11 who were allegedly celebrating as the Twin Towers burned. 
  • BYU  Not only should his (Jones) BYU connection be examined since the LDS Church is a breeding ground for Vatican-led New World Order minions,
  • CSICOP  mainstream consensus that the September 11, 2001, attacks were the work of al-Qaeda terrorists using hijacked airplanes?  Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas, the creators of the low-budget documentary film Loose Change, did much to give the 9/11 Truth movement significant momentum in 2005   Steven Jones has written several 9/11 Truth articles. His work with others (including chemist Niels Harrit of Denmark) on detecting nanothermite in WTC dust is frequently cited as “peer-reviewed research” that proves “inside job” claims.
  • DebbieSchlussel     Lefty Nutjobs Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Ed Asner Star in 9/11 Truther Movie   I have a strong personal distaste for that zhlub Ed Asner, a proud member of Actors & Artists for 9/11 Truth. It goes back to a letter my late father wrote to him, which made national news. In the 1980s, Asner wrote a solicitation letter for the re-election campaign of far-left Democratic Jewish Congressman Howard Wolpe of Michigan. The letter stressed Asner’s Judaism and urged Jews to give Wolpe money. But Asner is an Israel-hating schmuck and JINO (Jew In Name Only), and my dad was incensed when he received Asner’s fundraising letter. My father made national news when he wrote a letter responding to Ed Asner along with an endorsement for and a contribution check made out to Asner’s opponent, Reagan employee and conservative Republican Jackie MacGregor. Mrs. MacGregor released my dad’s letter to the press and the story made national news. It was a great letter, and one of these days, I’ll dig it up and post it. My dad really told old Ed where to go.
  • DiscoveryChannel News  Zionist / Israeli owned,
  • Haaretz Ten years after 9/11, anti-Semitic conspiracies 'still going strong' 'For ten years, the historical record has been warped and manipulated by anti-Semites intent on creating their false version of history', says Anti-Defamation League national director. The conspiracy theories, which are fueled by a well-established industry of propaganda, claim Israel or Jews are responsible for the attacks instead of al-Qaida.   
  • HistoryChannel, Zionist / Israeli owned
  • Illuminuti
  • ManiacWorld truss, bowing,
  • New York Times  500 Conspiracy Buffs Meet to Seek the Truth of 9/11   In the ballroom foyer of the Embassy Suites Hotel, the two-day International Education and Strategy Conference for 9/11 Truth was off to a rollicking start.    Michael Berger, press director for   ...  "History of Government Sponsored Terrorism,   Zogby International found that 42 percent of all Americans believe the 9/11 Commission "concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence" in the attacks.  Beneath the weekend's screenings and symposiums on geopolitics and mass-hypnotic trance lies a tradition of questioning concentrated power, both in public and in private hands, said Mark Fenster, a law professor at the University of Florida and author of "Conspiracy Theories: Secrecy and Power in American Culture."  Zionist / Israeli controlled
  • Popular Mechanics  New Documentary on 9/11 Myths to Feature Popular Mechanics Investigation ..  History Channel will premiere its 2-hour documentary, 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction.  Read more: New Documentary on 9/11 Myths to Feature Popular Mechanics Investigation - PM is a Zionist / Israeli owned
  • PopularTechnology  The Internet allows ignorance to blossom as it has for the 9/11 Truth movement. To the naive their arguments can seem compelling but when you actually analyze their claims with hard science and facts, they completely fall apart.    "Aircraft hitting buildings should leave a cartoon cutout" (hollow aluminum aircraft hitting high-strength, load-bearing perimeter steel columns will leave no such shape)   Peer reviewed papers: Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? Science, Engineering, and Speculation (PDF) (JOM Journal of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society, Volume 53, Number 12, pp. 8-11, December 2001) - Thomas W. Eagar, Christopher Musso,  Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? - Simple Analysis (PDF) (Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Volume 128, Number 1, pp 2-6, January 2002) - Zdenek P. Bazant, Yong Zhou,  How did the WTC towers collapse: a new theory (PDF) (Fire Safety Journal, Volume 38, Issue 6, pp. 501-533, October 2003) - A. S. Usmani, Y. C. Chung, J. L. Torero,   - Closure of "Mechanics of Progressive Collapse: Learning from World Trade Center and Building Demolitions" (Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Volume 134, Number 10, pp. 917-923, October 2008) - Zdene P. Bazant, Mathieu Verdure
  • Skepdic Screw Loose Change
  • ScrewLooseChange  Sibel Edmonds  and  Bore-ass, this is probably over your head (just like everything else) but the fact that someone may have tried to cover up their own incompetence for failing to prevent a crime DOESN'T mean they committed the crime. Only a conspriatorial moron such as yourself would instantly make that leap.
  • Vancouver911Truth 
  • Wikipedia 9/11 Truth Adherents of the 9/11 Truth Movement claim that the accepted mainstream explanation of the September 11 attacks of 2001 contains significant inconsistencies which suggest, at the least, a cover-up, and at worst, complicity by insiders
  • ActorsAndArtistsfor911Truth  Actors and Artists for 911 Truth is an international collective of creative professionals who support an investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. While we do not claim to understand the full truth behind the carefully orchestrated 9/11 attacks, we know the official 9/11 Commission Report failed to honestly answer or adequately address many significant questions. We created AA911Truth with the aim of inspiring citizens worldwide to carefully reconsider the events of 9/11 with fresh eyes and open minds. 9/11 Dust: A Journey to Healing Premiers September 9-12, 2012, in NYC as part of a three day event at the Kraft Center Gallery, Columbia University. Times for the showings are available at This is a short documentary follow-up to Penny Little’s 2006 film 9/11 Dust and Deceit, about people who have suffered from the health effects of the toxic dust of September 11, 2001, many of whom are still not getting the health care they need. The film seeks to show solutions, and asks how those directly affected by illness, and all of us still grieving, can heal from 9/11. AE911Truth Landmark DVD “9/11: Blueprint for Truth” Written by AE911Truth Staff Download or Watch Online at At,Companion DVD, download all nine language versions, or watch them instantly online The timeless documentary that exploded onto the 9/11 Truth scene in 2007 to expose the truth about the WTC skyscraper demolitions is finally available for download and viewing online in nine languages. Our new companion website, 9/, provides instant access to our landmark DVD, with translations in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, in addition to English. Whether you live in North America, Asia, Europe or South America, you now have an excellent opportunity to share the scientific forensic evidence of the destruction of the three WTC skyscrapers on 9/11 with your community and watch AE911Truth’s groundbreaking presentation in your native language. September Morn Earlier this year we ran an article introducing you to our then-proposed feature film Confessions of a 9/11 Conspirator. A new script has been written for a completely new film that will reach a vastly expanded audience and bring the film into the current political, social and economic climate. September Morn confronts the catastrophic consequences of 9/11 such as the illegal and costly invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq under false pretenses. We demonstrate that the war on terror is in truth a war of terror. Our new script builds upon the fact that there is a preliminary investigation of “War Crime and “Crimes against Humanity” in Afghanistan already being conducted by the International Criminal Court in The Hague – including an investigation of US troops regarding reports about problems with bombings and the use of torture with prisoners. "I just read through it naturally, like a book -- not as an editor. Here is why I was thrilled... I saw many things as I had not seen them before -- with added angles that you had understood and picked up. The totality of it all, presented in a compact package, really hit home as powerful and inescapably true. It renewed and refreshed my overall vision of the operation and THAT makes me think it will astound other people and wake them up. God knows we need to wake up!" ~ Elizabeth Woodworth, Co-founder and Coordinator of the 9/11 Consensus Panel. "Given the fact that Elizabeth is one of the few people in the movement who have an overall view, her excitement is very important." - David Ray Griffin, Co-founder of the 9/11 Consensus Panel. "GREAT Script! I loved the variety of characters that were used. Good quotes between scenes! You (screenwriter Howard Cohen) took the highlights of the case the 9/11 Truth community seek to have investigated in a Real Investigation. And you wove a fascinating tale, using real-live people to tell the story. That is what makes it an interesting script!" - Dave Gapp, 9/11 Consensus Panel member. AA911 Artists & Activists remain at the forefront of the 9/11 Truth Movement! Many of our fellow AA911 Truth petition signatories have expressed interest in performing in the film including: Ed Asner, Woody Harrelson, Daniel Sunjata, John Heard, Michelle Phillips, Joseph Culp, and Paul Cross - with many still to be cast.  More videos and info
  • World911Truth  Video List Tenth Book By David Ray Griffin, 9/11 Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out, 875,000+ Views for New 9/11 Mini-Documentary on Building 7,  Building 7 Collapse: NIST Reality Check, Support the Troops, Support a New 9/11 Investigation, 75% of New Yorkers Never Saw Footage of WTC Building 7,  9/11: New 15-Minute Documentary You Have To See,  New Poll: 48% of New Yorkers Support a New 9/11 Investigation into Building 7′s Collapse,  “I Knew From Day One This Was a Controlled Event” Controlled Demolition Expert Says, Face to Face with Niels Harrit,  Lawsuit Shows 9-11 Hijacker Was On Boston-Bound Flight Before Attacks, UN Human Rights Official Claims 9-11 Was US Plot,  90 Percent of Germans Do Not Believe Official 9-11 Story,  Congress Passes Aid Package for 9-11 Responders,  9-11 Pentagon Episode: Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura, Iraq’s Secret War Files (WikiLeaks Special), Study shows 92% of Afghans Never Heard of 9-11,  INTERVIEW – UN expert urges full U.S. torture investigation, U.S. Asked to Begin Criminal Investigation Following Bush Publication, “BuildingWhat?” Appears on Geraldo At Large on FOX News,  Rachel Maddow Slams George W. Bush Over 9-11 and Iraq,  Noam Chomsky: No Evidence that Al-Qaeda Carried Out the 9/11 Attacks, Colorado Democratic Party Calls for Grand Jury Investigation of 9-11,  EXPLOSIVE INTERVIEW: Explosives found in World Trade Center Dust,  Interview with Jeff Farrer, Nanothermite Paper Scientist,  CIA hired Karzai brother before 9-11, Woodward says, Military Officer and Former CIA: 9-11 Commission Was a Cover-up,  Witnesses in Defense Dept. Report Suggest Cover-Up of 9-11 Findings,  House Approves Zadroga 9-11 Health Bill,  Americans seek probe into 9-11,  World Trade Center Employee Discusses pre 9-11 Power Downs, AE911Truth Shines 3rd Beam into NYC Skyline for Building 7,  Dennis Kucinich Calls for 9-11 Truth and Reconciliation,  Nine Years After 9-11, 900 First Responders Are Dead,  NEW — U.S. Military Officers for 9/11 Truth, 9/11: 9th Anniversary,  NEW – Actors and Artists for 9/11 Truth, New Book by David Ray Griffin: Cognitive Infiltration,  The Zapruder Film of 9/11 – Daniel Sunjata,  Biden to visit Ground Zero for 9/11 anniversary; Obama to mark attacks at Pentagon,  Documentary Film: September 11 Revisited – Were Explosives Used to Bring Down the Buildings?, Documentary Film: Dust to Dust – The Health Effects of 9/11, Glenn Beck: “I didn’t think I could hate victims faster than the 9-11 victims”,  US Attempts To Extradite 9/11 FEMA Videographer From Argentina, Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks to star in 9/11 drama,  Grayson slams mosque ‘distraction’: Talk about admin that ‘let’ 9/11 happen instead, Coast to Coast AM 9/11 debate with Richard Gage and Dave Thomas, U.S. Government lied about molten steel found at Ground Zero after 9/11, Obama comes out in favor of 9/11 health bill: Pres. to sign Zadroga bill into law, “Building What?”: La Campagne la plus importante jamais lancée pour la Vérité sur le 11 Septembre,  DEADLINE: 9/11 First Responders Urged To Register For Compensations, Firefighters Run Cross-Country to Commemorate 9/11,  WeAreChange presents: Our Lives Post 9/11 Conference in NYC,  Obama Backs Mosque Near Ground Zero,  It Fell in Silence: The Collapse of World Trade Center 7,  9/11 museum going up in NYC offers raw experience,  “Building What?”: Most Important 9/11 Truth Campaign Ever,  Historic 9/11 Truth Billboard in California - Examine the Evidence, Ex-Malaysian premier says 9/11 inside job - Mahathir Mohamad - 9/11 staged event, Building 7 : Mainstream Media Implodes on 9/11 - NASA engineering executive,  Wake Up the District Attorney With 1,000 Letters: WEEK 4 - Manhattan district attorney, Outfoxed - No End in Sight - Iraq,  Former Utah Congressman Merrill Cook Supports 9/11 Investigation into Building 7 and the FAA - Merril Cook, Former New Hampshire Governor Supports New 9/11 Investigation - Walter R. Peterson, Jr.,  Former CIA Officials Admit To Faking Bin Laden Video, AE911truth petition,  AE911Truth Structural Engineer Dismantles the NIST Analysis of WTC Building 7, Kagan Helped Shield Saudis From 9/11 Lawsuits,  Richard Gage and David Ray Griffin in Montreal: Huge Success!, Toronto Star Letters to the Editor re: Griffin and Gage, Bombshell: Silverstein Wanted To Demolish Building 7 On 9/11,  Montreal 9/11 Conference: David Ray Griffin on McGill University Radio CKUT 90.3 FM, Montreal 9/11 Conference Major Media Breakthrough: Our Response to Journal Métro, Richard Gage and Erik Lawyer to Speak in San Rafael and San Leandro,  Izzy Award Winner Jeremy Scahill: “We’re At a Ground Zero Moment to Save Real Journalism”,  Fabled Enemies - Jason Bermas,  US Town Passes Resolution for New 9/11 Investigation - Richmond New Hampshire, Coleen Rowley: ABC News Reporter Does a Hatchet Job, Twelve New England Towns Demand New 9/11 investigation,  WeAreChange Colorado Interviews KBDI Channel 12′s President/CEO Wick Roland, “Al Qaeda Dead Since 2002″ Says Ex-Head of the French DGSE,  The ‘Jersey Girls’ Support AE911Truth, World911Truth Web Activists,  Congressman Jason Chaffetz Questions 9/11,  Aerospace Engineers Call for a New 9/11 Investigation, Response to Michael Shermer,  WeAreChange delivers Nano-Thermite paper to U.S. Congress representatives,  The 90-Minute Stand Down on 9/11: Why Was the Secret Service’s Early Request for Fighter Jets Ignored?,  German Federal Judge Dieter Deiseroth: Numerous 9/11 Theories Screaming For Investigation,  Engineer Derek Johnson Fires Torpedos at the 9-11 Official Story,  Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory Show Exposes ‘Found’ Black Boxes, Interview with Former NASA Engineering Executive Dwain Deets,  3rd 9/11 Truth International Conference in Tokyo, Huge Success,  The New American Century (PNAC),  The Fifth Estate: The Unofficial Story of 9/11,  9/11: Pentagon American 77 Hijack Impossible,  Richard Gage on New Zealand National Television,  Confidential 9/11 Pager Messages Disclosed,  Richard Gage Interviews Architect Jan Utzon,  9/11 Debate with Kassovitz and Bigard,   French Journalists Interview Cynthia McKinney and Niels Harrit,  France 2 backs away from real debate, censors Niels Harrit and Éric Laurent,  Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite,  Historic 9/11 Debate with Bigard, Laurent, Kassovitz and Harrit on French TV,  NYC CAN: The Turning Point,  WeAreChangeLA questions 2001 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics Carl Wieman,  Dwain Deets,  The Hard Evidence Down Under Tour 2009 – Uncovering the Truth of the 9/11 Attacks, Sibel Edmonds - State Secrets Privilege,  Media Pundits Back Away From 9/11 Debate With Charlie Sheen, Not In Our Son’s Name - Bob Mcllvaine, Loose Change 9/11 An American Coup,  Vers la Vérité, International 9/11 Activists Gathering in Paris,  William Rodriguez: The Last Man Out,  David Ray Griffin on Noam Chomsky,  Losing the Moral High Ground,  AE911Truth Meets Congressman Kevin McCarthy,  Interview with Cindy Sheehan,  9/11 Film Festival – 5th Edition,  South Tower Smoking Guns: A New AE911Truth Video by David Chandler,  Ed Markey,  Laughing at 9/11 with Jean-Marie Bigard,  Major General Albert Stubblebine: Towers Fell Down Because of Explosives,  9/11 FEMA Videographer at Ground Zero Goes Public,  29 Structural & Civil Engineers Cite Evidence for Controlled Demolition in Collapses of WTC Towers on 9/11, 
  • NFU compare sizes;  9/11 Scholars 1x, 911blogger 4x, World911Truth 1x, OccupyTogether 4x, FirefightersFor911Truth .5x,
  •  bnm Search terms: Alan Premel, Lara Logan, Covert Comic, Clandestine Comic, September Morn, Guantanamo, What the World Should Know, Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Lt Colonel Anthony Shaffer, Pangea Petroleum, SEC, tangled into doing a documentary on human trafficking and will be behind the rhino wars show in africa, Roland Carnaby, The Terror Within, Nada Prouty, International Spy Museum, Washington D. C.   national security whistleblower, On stage at samuel goldwyn theatre speaking about Julia Davis with BJ Davis   national security lawyer mark zaid with a diplomatic immunity comic at the international spy museum for an intelligence and spy comics event entitled superman vs the KKK with mark zaids client sabrina desousa who is featured in the comic along with zaid and president obama. camp peary, barrett 50 caliber, AR 15, VIP, Oscars,  60 minutes' piece on Hank Crumpton and the National Clandestine Service.  Samuel goldwyn theatre, home of the oscars.\  A recent comic i did for national security whistleblower craig sawyer, former federal air marshall at the time of 911 who became a whistleblower and he is also a former marine and navy seal DEVGRU. Also attached is a picture of the old cinders comic. And also attached is a political type cartoon i did about obama and the iranian sanctions with a smurf parody theme thrown in. Also, i need someone to say that i have been doing propaganda cartoons for syria and iran. I can come out with the pictures later but just not now. If you can comment about it i will be doing an interview soon within this month and i can back up any claim while i am talking but will be doing an interview on able danger and 911 and will talk about the COGs in the interview and can talk openly about the comics then too.    and more from Alan Premel that we will use later: Amalgam Virgo, AV01, Operation Mallgate, OM01, Greengate Mall, Greengate Mall PA, Ardent Falcon, AF01, Vigilant Guardian, VG01, Vigilant warrior, VW01, Global Guardian, GG01. 911 Saltlake city utah, 9.10.01 jacksonville florida, 9.10.01 atta. 9.10.01 hijacked flight jacksonville to atlanta. COG, Continuity of Government. Presidential Decision Directive, PDD COG, PDD Louis Freeh, Pier 93 NYC nerve center, pier 93 911, pier 93 blue vests, COG 911 blue vests, atta IHOP, Atta orlando IHOP, Atta carnaby premel IHOP, atta karam motors, atta karam, atta karnabe, atta karnabe shipping. 911 turner construction, 911 merritt and harris.   and Facebook
  • Wikipedia What are the connections between the 'fiscal cliff' and the 9/11 truth movement?  Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire, sending us  - the 2% Social Security tax cut is allowed to expire,  the “sequestration” is allowed to trim discretionary spending,, including defense,  amounts to a fat corporate welfare program.   Wikipedia The United States fiscal cliff refers to the effect of a series of enacted legislation which, if unchanged, will result in tax increases, spending cuts, and a corresponding reduction in the budget deficit at the end of 2012. These laws include tax increases due to the expiration of the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 and the spending reductions ("sequestrations") under the Budget Control Act of 2011. The Congressional Budget Office reported an increased risk of recession during 2013 if the deficit is reduced suddenly, while indicating that lower deficits and debt over time improve long-term economic growth prospects. The deficit for 2013 is projected to be reduced by roughly half, with the cumulative deficit over the next ten years to be lowered by as much as $7.1 trillion or about 70%. The year-over-year changes for fiscal years 2012-2013 include a 19.63% increase in revenue and 0.25% reduction in spending. Some major domestic programs, like Social Security, federal pensions and veterans' benefits, are exempted from the spending cuts. Spending for federal agencies and cabinet departments, including defense, would be reduced through budget sequestration. The Budget Control Act of 2011 was passed under the political environment of a partisan stalemate, in which Democrats and Republicans could not agree on how to reduce the deficit. It was thought that the blunt cuts of budget sequestration and sharp revenue increases would be mutually undesirable to both parties and provide an impetus and deadline to bring the sides together to solve the deficit problem. The projected effects of these changes have led to calls both inside and outside of Congress to extend some or all of the tax cuts, and to replace the across-the-board reductions with more targeted cutbacks. It has been speculated that any change is unlikely to come until the period roughly between the 2012 federal elections and the end of the year. Additionally, the debate may be exacerbated by the expectation that the debt ceiling is expected to be reached before the end of 2012,[note 1] unless "extraordinary measures" are used. Nearly all proposals to avoid the fiscal cliff involve extending certain parts of the 2010 Tax Relief Act or changing the 2011 Budget Control Act or both, thus making the deficit larger by reducing taxes and/or increasing spending.

September Morn Cast

  • Ed Asner  IMDb Ed Asner is a television legend, the winner of seven acting Emmy Awards (which puts ties him with Mary Tyler Moore, both of whom rank second to their ""Mary Tyler Moore" (1970) Show" co-star, Cloris Leachman who has nine). In all, he has been nominated 20 times for an Emmy Award, with 17 nods for a Primetime Emmy and three for a Daytime award. (All of his wins were for primetime.) As well as being one of the most outstanding and most respected actors of his generation, equally adept at comedy as he is at drama, Asner also made a name for himself as a trade unionist and a political activist. He served two terms as president of the Screen Actors Guild, from 1981-1985, during which he criticized former SAG President Ronald Reagan, then the president of a greater concern, for his Central American policy.
  • Martin Sheen  IMDb  Multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Martin Sheen is one of America's most celebrated, colorful, and accomplished actors.   ...   Moving flawlessly between artistic mediums, Sheen's acting range is breathtaking. On the big screen, the Ohio native has appeared in more than 65 feature films including a star turn as Army Captain Benjamin L. Willard in Francis Ford Coppola's landmark film Apocalypse Now (1979), which brought Sheen worldwide recognition. The film also starred Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper and Robert Duvall. Other notable credits include Wall Street (1987) (with son Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas), Academy Award-winning film Gandhi (1982) (with Sir Ben Kingsley), Catch Me If You Can (2002) (with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks), The American President (1995) (with Michael Douglas and Annette Bening) and a Golden Globe nominated breakthrough performance as Timmy Cleary in The Subject Was Roses (1968), a role he originated on Broadway and for which he received a Tony Award nomination as Best Featured Actor.    ...   In 2006, the actor played ill-fated cop Oliver Queenan in 'Martin Scorsese''s Academy Award-winning film The Departed (2006) opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin.    ...   The same year, Sheen joined another all-star ensemble cast for the highly acclaimed feature Bobby (2006) written and directed by his son 'Emilio Estevez'. Bobby was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and a SAG Award; and starred Anthony Hopkins, Harry Belafonte, Laurence Fishburne, Sharon Stone, William H. Macy, Elijah Wood, Demi Moore and Heather Graham.
  • Woody Harrelson  IMDb  Academy Award-nominee Woody Harrelson was born on July 23, 1961 in Midland, Texas. He grew up in Lebanon, Ohio, and, after receiving degrees in theater arts and English from Hannover College, had a brief stint in New York theater. He was soon cast as Woody on TV series "Cheers" (1982), which wound up being one of the most-popular TV shows ever and also earned Harrelson an Emmy for his performance in 1989.    ...   While he dabbled in film during his time on "Cheers" (1982), that area of his career didn't fully take off until towards the end of the show's run. In 1991, Doc Hollywood (1991) gave him his first widely-seen movie role, and he followed that up with White Men Can't Jump (1992), Indecent Proposal (1993) and Natural Born Killers (1994). Recently, Harrelson has been seen in No Country for Old Men (2007), Zombieland (2009), 2012 (2009/I), and Friends with Benefits (2011), along with the acclaimed HBO movie Game Change (2012) (TV).    ...   In 2011, Harrelson snagged the coveted role of fan-favorite drunk Haymitch Abernathy in the big-screen adaptation of The Hunger Games (2012), which ended up being one of the highest-grossing movies ever at the domestic box office. Harrelson is set to reprise that role for the sequels, which are scheduled for release in November 2013, 2014 and 2015. Harrelson has received two Academy Award nominations, first for his role as controversial Penthouse founder Larry Flynt in The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996) and then for a role in The Messenger (2009/I). He also received Golden Globe nominations for both of these parts.   MORE
  • John Heard, IMDb  John Heard is a very talented actor who established himself in the late 1970s and early '80s with roles in the movies Between the Lines (1977), _Chilly Scenes of Winter (1979)_ (a.k.a. "Head Over Heels"), and _Heart Beat (1981)_ (in which he played Jack Kerouac to Nick Nolte's Neal Cassady and Sissy Spacek's Carolyn Cassady) before giving a tour de force performance as a hideously wounded (both physically and psychologically) Vietnam veteran in Cutter's Way (1981) (a.k.a. "Cutter and Bone") opposite of Jeff Bridges. He had also shined as Reverend Dimmesdale, one of America's first religious hypocrites, in the 1979 P.B.S. version of Nathaniel Hawthorne's "The Scarlet Letter" (1979). Both "Chilly Scenes of Winter" and Cutter's Way" (originally released as "Head Over Heels" and "Cutter and Bone", respectively) had been re-released under new titles after failing in their first go-rounds, such was the quality of the films. The two re-releases helped redefine the practice by which major studios handled smaller, art house quality pictures by releasing them carefully to select theaters with bespoke marketing campaigns so they reached the proper audience. (Studios would later develop their own art film-independent film subsidiaries to handle such pictures, so they didn't "fall through the cracks" like the first releases of the two Heard films.) MORE
  • Esai Morales, IMDb Esai Morales, a graduate of New York's High School for the Performing Arts, began his acting career on the stage, firstly appearing in El Hermano at the Ensemble Theatre Studio and at New York's Shakespeare Festival In The Park in The Tempest. Esai made his film debut in Bad Boys (1983), and later appeared as Richie Valens' older brother in La Bamba (1987). He has also done voice work on a variety of animated features such as The Adventures of Tom Thumb & Thumbelina (2002) (V) and Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet the Wolfman (2000) (V).   ...  A versatile actor, Morales is no stranger to the small screen, having appeared in a variety of roles in television series including "The Outer Limits" (1995), "Family Law" (1999)", "Resurrection Blvd." (2000), "The Twilight Zone" (1985), "Fame" (1982), "Tales from the Crypt" (1989), and "Miami Vice" (1984). He had a long-running role on ABC's popular series "NYPD Blue" (1993) as Lt. Tony Rodriguez.    ...  A self-proclaimed activist, Esai Morales has freely given of his time to assist with many charitable organizations and environmental causes. He was founding board member of E.C.O. (Earth Communications Office), which is a clearing house for environmental information and has worked closely with the Wildlife Preservation Fund in Costa Rica and Health Education Aids Liaison (H.E.A.L.).  MORE
  • Daniel Sunjata,
  • Judd Mason
  • Alan Premel. this page

9/11 Investigation Links


Planning and Decision Aid System, Cheney, PDAS, false flag attack September 11, 2001     

  • 9/11 Citizens Watch  challenging the official story of 9/11
  • 9/11 Independent
  • 911caper  9-11 Conspiracy Theorist Hits the Road… Infamous 9-11 conspiracy theorist David Ray Griffin, whose books insist the Bush Administration and not al Qaeda blew up the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, is launching a speaking tour this week to help merge the “9-11 Truth Movement” with “more traditional Peace and Anti-War groups” against the “illegal and immoral war” in Afghanistan.
  • below      
  • Antiwar "Edmonds
  • petition, books, dvds, news, events
  • 911Review  Expose the deception
  • 911Truth Colorado Public Television to Premiere World Trade Center Documentary 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out ... Thank you! Richard Gage, AIA, for the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth team, Fran Shure for the Colorado 9/11 Visibility team.
  • 911 Working Group   The documents confirm assertion by Webster Tarpley in his book 9/11 Synthetic Terror that the White House received a threat that "Angel is Next." (The Air Force One code-name is redacted in the document). See link below: Declassified 9/11 U.S. Secret Service FOIA Records Describing Activity of President Bush & VP Cheney    pdf
  • AboveTopSecret  9/11, which was just a modified version of "Operation Northwoods".
  • AE911Truth  Sept 7, 2012  Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth  (1700+ architects and engineers and 14000+ supporters)   ...   Groundbreaking 9/11 Anniversary Events in New York, California and Maryland, September 8-12   ...  9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out, which has just been uploaded to YouTube!  see NFU Flight 77 Pentagon missile attack.
  • American Free Press The Truth about 9/11, Israel...
  • Bollyn  Olmert, How Ehud Barak pulled off 911, Dov Zakheim, book: Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World,
  • BusinessInsider  Aug 24, 2012  Former FBI Agent Says The CIA Failed To Act Before 9/11 Terrorist Attack  ...   Soufan was working for the FBI in Yemen at the time of the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. He was looking for two of the hijackers in the Middle East but they were already in America, something Soufan claims the CIA knew and failed to report.  
  • CongressCheck
  • Cosiga named CIA and Mossad as masterminds of 911
  • Extrados Israel false flag pdas, planning and decision aid system, Cheney led 911 attacks, How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11
  • Disinfo Jesse Ventura investigates 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  • Extrados  Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak (L) talks with Minister of Pensioner Affairs Rafi Eitan as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (
  • Global Research  The Pentagon's "Second 911" "Another [9/11] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity to retaliate against some known targets"  by Michel Chossudovsky
  • How911wasdone
  • InformationUnderground, Israel, 911
  • Info-wars  state sponsored terrorism, tearerism
  • Jews Against Zionism is a group for Jews and others opposed to the Zionist movement and ideology, and to its impact on both Palestinians and Jews. This is not a religious group, not a racist hate group, and not a conspiracy-theory group. JAZ is a political group, committed to coexistence between Palestinians and Israeli Jews.
  • Jones, Dr. Steven E. Jones, WTC dust contained super-thermite nano-composite high explosive, thermate, aluminum oxide, iron oxide, large amounts of molten iron found, blue smoke,
  • Mearsheimer and Walt, the Israeli Lobby,  Iraq war initiated by Zionist neo-con Jews,
  • OpEdNews The super-classified network that served as command and control for the 9/11 false flag attack on America
  • Pastore, Dr. Albert D. Pastore, An Independent Ivestigation of the True Culprits Behind 911. 
  • Pilots for 9/11 Truth  Sept 10, 2012  ACARS CONFIRMED - 9/11 AIRCRAFT AIRBORNE LONG AFTER CRASH   Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) is a device used to send messages to and from an aircraft.   ...  ACARS Messages have been provided through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) which demonstrate that the aircraft received messages through ground stations located in Harrisburg, PA, and then later routed through a ground station in Pittsburgh, 20 minutes after the aircraft allegedly impacted the South Tower in New York.  more 
  • PrsonPlanet  Further details on command and control system used to coordinate 9/11 incident
  • Republic Broadcast Network, Israel did 9/11  The computerized national-security systems that should have automatically scrambled jets in the event of a national emergency like 9/11 were running on Ptech software.
  • Scholars for 9/11 Truth
  • Smoke and Mirrors Blog .. As long as certain twisted souls feel the need to lie, cheat and murder to achieve their ends some of us need to keep pointing it out...
  • South East Asia News, Israel, Mossad False Flag 9/11  and YouTube five dancing Israelis
  •  Notes: Mousaoui trial directly related ... 9/11 surveillance tapes at Pentagon not made public because of this trial  See for details on FOIA request for those tapes.    black boxes and WMR
  • Ventura, Jesse Ventura
  • War Crimes Complaint, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, evidence beyond a shadow of doubt, false flag bombing by US.
  • WayneMadsenReport  Ergenekon investigation in Turkey now involves U.S. embassy in Ankara and U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul. Ergenekon "deep state" conspiracy linked to United States.
  • WhatReallyHappened dancing Israelis arrested On 9-11, Mossad surveillance team,  New York Times  (see WikiProtest)
  • NOTEs HT248182, Security officer, NECPOC, COREDOC, IED, Central Intelligence Directives, COMSEC, STO, IJSTO JIEDDO STO, Top Secret, access to SCI, review classified documents, STONE, JISTO, emerging technologies, OSD, Joint Staff,
  • Thorn, Victor Thorn, 911 Evil
  • video 911 Missing Links
  • Village Voice
  • Able Danger, Kurt Weldon  Atta, Abramoff, Florida
  • Notes:  We believe that the conflict in Palestine cannot be resolved without a return of Palestinian refugees and dismantlement of the Zionist structure of the state of Israel - and that this is impossible in the context of two states and a re-partition of Palestine. We advocate the only approach which can lead to peace with justice in the region: we call for a unitary, secular and democratic Palestine, the return of Palestinian refugees, and full and equal rights for Palestinians, Israeli Jews, and all other people living in the whole of Palestine.  Jews Against Zionism


  •  Page Summary, Cheney, false flag attack, to start Iraq War
  • WMR, The super-classified network that served as command and control for the 9/11 false flag attack on America publication,
  • InformationUnderground, Israel did 911
  • Bollyn  Olmert, Barak pulled off 911, Dov Zakheim,
  • Judge Reggie Walton Watch
  • Global Research Landmark Russian TV Debate on 9/11
  • Veterans Today Alan Sabrosky
  • Wikipedia Operation Cyclone was the code name for the United States Central Intelligence Agency program to arm, train, and finance the Afghan mujahideen during the Soviet war in Afghanistan.  search terms: 1979-1989, Pakistan, Carter, Brzezinski, draw Soviets in Vietnam-like war, Reagan, Chalie Wilson's war, Pillsbury, stinger missiles, ISI, MI6, SAS, F-16 sold to Pakistan, Hekmatyar, Bhutto, Zia, Peter Bergen, Bearden, Michael Portillo,  MORE
  • Flight 77, Pentagon, Norman Mineta, testify

  • Appell an den Generalstaatsanwalt Eric Holder; ein unabhängiges Gremium einzusetzen um unmittelbar mit einer Untersuchung der schwerwiegendsten Verbrechen zu beginnen, die von Ex-Präsidenten George W.Bush und Ex-Vizepräsidenten Richard B. Cheney sowie anderen Amtsträgern ihrer Regierung begangen wurden. Sowohl G.W. Bush als auch R.B. Cheney haben zugegeben die Anwendung von Folter autorisiert zu haben

  • Berkowitz Google books  The new face of war: how war will be fought in the 21st century By Bruce D. Berkowitz

  • Chile, False Flag, Pakistani, Mohammed Saif-ur-Rehman Khan, arrested, setup, framed, by neo-Pinochet government of  President Sebastian Pinera,  Judge Carolina Araya,

  • Cosiga, highest ranking statesman to accuse Mossad of false flag.

  • Google Groups 

  • False Flag:  Buenos Aires, 1992, bombings of Israeli Embassy blamed on Iran and Hezbollah, suicide truck driver, Argentine Supreme Court proved they could not have done it.  and 1994, false flag bombing of AMIA Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires, killed 85, again blamed on Iran and Hezbollah, but evidence proved otherwise, ATF said no evidence.

  • Guardian comment: While the leader of the Turkish 'Deep State', war criminal, General Yasar Buyukanit, was out of the country visiting London (20th-24th Jan), 33 members of a shadowy, extreme right wing ultra nationalist group, named Ergenekon were rounded up and detained (22nd Jan). They are now awaiting charges of political murder, assassination, provocations and dirty 'Deep State' activities.

  • Katyn Massacre, cover-up, 22,000 Polish nationals mass murdered by Soviet NKVD, 1943, Western and Soviet let world believe it was Hitler, but in 1990 Soviet Union officially acknowledged the perpetration Wikipedia

  • New Jersey News   Five men detained as suspected conspirators, terms: Bergen County,  Route 3, Rutherford, Liberty State Park, Sheraton, Hackensack River Bridge, Israelis, FBI Newark Field Office, look for white Chevrolet van, men celebrating WTC attack, bomb squad,  Urban Moving Systems, West 50th Street, Manhattan, Dominik Suter,  Carroll, Roberson, confirmed all.

  • Goldstone Report, Barak war crimes,
  • notes: Mohamed Atta, Al Shehhi and Jarrah  flight 11, 175 and 93 , passports obtained through murders, Mossad.  Egypt Air flight 990, dress rehearsal for 911, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, planner, stooge,
  • Palestine Telegraph  Palestine Telegraph revealed the truth behind David Cameron,  Israel jointly developed South Africa’s nuclear weapons:
  • PrisonPlanet Cheney Coordinated 9-11 WTC Terrorism Attack by WAYNE MADSEN How Ehud Barak Pulled Off 9-11 by CHRISTOPHER BOLLYN 9-11 Pentagon Attack Shows Official Monstrous Lie by PR LOG Decoding History:Was 9/11 A Directed Energy Op? by NICO HAUPT 9-11 Conspiracy: Evidence Twin Towers Exploded by YOU TUBE 9-11 Conspiracy:'Coincidences' or Synchronicities? by MICHAEL GOODSPEED (THUNDERBOLTS.INFO) War on Terrorism is a total false flag propaganda machine,


  • SCP Partners with over $800 million under management that is focused on investments in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Life Sciences, Services, and Defense and Security. With over 200 years of combined investment and operating experience, SCP supports its investment portfolio with a rich base of strategic, operating and financial expertise and an extensive network to access capital, recruit management, and facilitate favorable strategic alliances.
  • Super-thermite, chips discovered 911 New York site, by Dr. Steven E. Jones,  World Trade Center
  • Ariel Sharon canceled his address to ISRAELI support groups in NEW YORK CITY just the day before his scheduled 9-11 address. The 120 Israeli art student spy ring active in the UNITED STATES before 911 had a group living on the same street just 3 blocks form Mohammed Atta
  • False flag notes, keywords, Ottoman Turks conquest of Constantinople, in Jewish quarter, Zionist trickery to get America to join WW!, Balfour Declaration, Jewish homeland in Palestine, Bernays propaganda campaign, dual loyalty, Rothschild and clever trick to start market panic on Napoleon Waterloo win, Jewish bombers dressed in Arab clothes entered the King David Hotel, killed 91, blamed it on the Arabs, Pollard is a hero in Israel, Rosenbergs, Lavon Affair exposed, Israel blamed Egypt for attack on USS Liberty,  FBI could have stopped 1993 WTC bombings, 
  • ShiaChat  comment: AIPAC/pro-Zionist lobby groups are powerful and dictate U.S. Foreign Policy.   The Federal Reserve is a conglomerate group of private banks.   The CIA formed Al Qaeda and funded it against the Soviets. Most of the U.S media is owned by just 5 corporations.  Rupert Murdoch is a Zionist Jew who owns FOX News!
  • Want to Top Politicians, Economists, Other Leaders State 9/11 Possibly an Inside JobJob list of Former Chief Economist under President Bush, Morgan Reynolds; Assistant Secretary of Treasury under Pres. Reagan, Paul Roberts; Head of Advanced Space Programs, Dept. of Defense, Dr. Robert Bowman; UK Minister of Environment (1997 - 2003), Michael Meacher; U.S. Senator Mark Dayton; U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney; Renowned Theologian Prof. David Ray Griffin; Assistant Secretary of Housing For Pres. Bush, Catherine Austin Fitts; 9/11 statement signed by 100 prominent Americans, 40 9/11 family members
  • Wikio Download Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (2009) Dylan Avery Full Length movie in DVD, Hi-Def, DivX, iPod, PDA quality!

  • World Architecture News  
  • Dick Cheney
  • 9-11 Justice new & views
  •  "9/11 Commission Report which states: "The CVRs and FDRs from American 11 and United 175 were not found."
  • 9/11 Denial National Review, similar to holocaust deniers.
  • Advanced Metallurgical Group, Metallurg Holdings, Wayne, Pennsylvania, Safeguard International, super-thermite used to demolish WTC, atomized aluminum, nano-composites,
  • Amdocs, run by senior officers of Mossad,
  • APFN: 911 - Terror in America
  • American CONSERVATIVE 1% Mag   lawsuits Ergenekon Affair. The word refers to a valley lost deep in the Altai Mountains, supposedly the origin of the Turkish nation, who were miraculously led out by a gray she-wolf. The story was for many years a favorite of secular nationalists seeking to replace Islam with a patriotic founding myth, axis of evil is propaganda,  Obama is perpetuating the Al-queda myth, Al-quida,
  • Baker Botts, Saudi Arabia, 9/11 lawsuits, 
  • BBC, Barak was in London studio spinning 911 attacks, first to call "War on Terror"
  • BBS News  Where TRUE CONSERVATIVE 1% "family values" do not include hidden bigotry or blatant social and environmental ignorance.... Assassination: A Game For All. 
  • Begin, Menachem Begin, Irgun leader, PM of Likud, talked peace planned terror, 1982 invasion of Lebanon,  Moshe Dayan, FM, Mossad chief Isser Harel, started planning 9/11. Wikipedia.
  • Clinton, Hillary, criminal mafia-like boss.
  • DallasBlog, underpants bomber, underware bomber,  Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, Christmas Day,  Dennis Blair fired,
  • Department of Defense False Flag operations goto
  • Eastman, Dick Eastman,
  • Eitan, Rafi, leads Gil, former Minister of Pensioner Affairs, see also Eichmann capture by Mossad, vetoed capture of Mengele, Begin advisor, Aman, Shabak, resigned because of Pollard affair, head of Chemicals company, ag projects in Cuba, parents Zionist immigrant from Russia,  moved up Haganah to Palmach, fled Nazis, blew up British radar on Mt. Carmel,  Yitzhak Rabin, prime minister, had post in Shinbet, helped plan attack on Iraqi Osirak nuclear reactor, head of Lekem, Thatcher used Eitan in Northern Ireland, GBM Grupo BM, Reesimex, sculptor, Brown Company, Wikipedia
  • Electronic Data Systems, Barak was special advisor in 2001
  • FBO Daily  Contracting Center of Excellence, Army Contracting Agency (ACA), ATTN: Policy and Compliance, 5200 Army Pentagon, Room 1D245, Washington, DC 20310-5200
  • Feinberg, Kenneth Feinberg, wife, Diane Shaff Feinberg, Israelis, 9-11 Victims Compensation fund, no accountability, oversight, stop justice, discovery,
  • Department of Defense,
  • GO TO Bark Olmert Cheney 911 false flag page
  • Guardium, see Goff, military intelligence services,  connect to Ptech,  spin-off of Log-On Software,  Gil Migdan, Israeli marine,  and see Joseph Segev,  and Amit Yoran,  Pentagon software security,  Intrusion Detection Technologies,
  • Global Security  Fiscal Year (FY) 2006/2007 Budget Estimates Submission Procurement, Defense-Wide
  • Greenberg, Maurice,  AIG, access to WTC, demolition charges,
  • Harel, Isser Harel,
  • Haaretz  should have said "Israel helped South Africa develop ten battlefield nuclear bombs" more
  • Hellerstein, Alvin K. Hellerstein: Orthodox Jew and devoted Zionist The same law that created the 9-11 Victims Compensation Fund also stipulated that all 9-11 related lawsuits would go through the U.S. District Court of Manhattan, where Alvin K. Hellerstein, an orthodox Jew and devoted supporter of Israel has prevented any case from going to trial.
  • Huntleigh-USA, handled security at hijacker airports on 9/11,
  • ICTS, parent company of Huntleigh, Altzmon, Olmert colleague,
  • IDF, Barak Chief of Staff,
  • Israeli Intelligence and Central Command
  • Israel Chemicals Corporation
  • Kroll, aiport security, 911, hijackers,  relationship with Silverstein,  see Citizens Budget Commission,  United Jewish Appeal Federation, largest Jewish fund raiser,
  • Netanyahu,   Bibi
  • Odigo, Israeli paging service warned of 911 attacks
  • PNAC, Project for a New American Century, Clean Break, create larger military presence in Mideast,
  • PTech, Michael Goff, Arab, software, to fool  NORAD, FAA,  Amit Yoran, access to code, remote control enabled, target WTC,
  • Security Growth Partners, Elad Yoran, venture capital,  see link between Kroll, brothers Elad Yoran, Amit Yoran,  Kroll reinstalled security in 1993 WTC,
  • Segalovitz, explosives, super-thermite, planted WTC,
  • TehranTimes  PDAS The super-classified network that served as command and control for the 9/11 false flag attack on America
  • Google Joint Staff (TJS) supports the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) in his role as principal military adviser to the President, Secretary of Defense and National Security Council. The Chairman relies on TJS to create and promulgate guidance for
  • Mossad
  • Osama bin Laden, worked for the CIA right up to 9/11.
  • Press TV, Scott Ritter interview
  • SCP Partners, Mossad operated private equity firm, Barak supervised 911 false flag,
  • Sayeret Matkal,  Israeli covert mission force,   
  • ScrewLooseChange
  • Segalovitz, Peer, WTC charges, detonators,
  • Silverstein, leased WTC towers, loaded with asbestos, overinsured them, hired Israeli security firm,
  • Urban Moving Systems, Israeli Art Students, prepared explosives,  radiographic controlled, from WTC7
  • US Army School of Advanced Military Studies, Mossad tricks, Palestinian / Arab acts
  • Verint,
  • Washington Post  Sept 5, 2012   (The internet community won't let Charlie Sheen abandon his 9/11 Truth stance ...see NFU/ Charlie Sheen)  and his magic is renewed ... WP Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ picked up for 90 more episodes  ... Anger Management” is the highest rated new comedy series on cable this calendar year, averaging 4.5 million viewers 
  • Wikipedia, Olmert, 911 mastermind
  • Wikipedia, Dov Zakheim, 911 mastermind
  • Wikpedia, Barak, 911 mastermind
  • Wikipedia, Lawrence Silverman,  911 Mastermind
  • Wikipedia Rafi Eitan,
  • Wikipedia, Michael Chertoff  911 Mastermind, Israelis arrested near the Holland Tunnel,
  • Zionist criminals,
  • WayneMadsenReport April 26-28, 2010 -- The super-classified network that served as command and control for the 9/11 false flag attack on America publication date: Apr 25, 2010 April 26-28, 2010 -- The super-classified network that served as command and control for the 9/11 false flag attack on America    ....     Multiple U.S. intelligence sources have reported to WMR that a super-classified network with only some 70 terminals in select U.S. government locations handled the parallel command-and-control activities that permitted the 9/11 terrorist attacks to be successful.     ....     The "above top secret" network bears the acronym "PDAS." WMR has not yet discovered what the acronym stands for, however, its is limited to only a few hundred people with Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) Special Access Program (SAP) need-to-know access, in addition to the President and Vice President.     ...   On September 11, 2001, PDAS was used to convey the information from the Air Force Chief of Staff to the White House, CIA, and other select agencies that the Air Force had successfully intercepted and downed a target over Pennsylvania. It is believed that the "target" in question was United flight 93, although there is no confirmation that the aircraft was in fact the one downed by Air Force interceptors.    ...    The Air Force Chief of Staff on 9/11 was General John Jumper, who had become the top Air Force commander on September 6, 2001, just five days before the 9/11 attacks.    ...    There is also reason to believe that the PDAS terminal at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) at the White House was used to coordinate the activities related to the aerial attack on the Pentagon. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta claimed Vice President Dick Cheney was present at the PEOC at 9:25 am on the morning of 9/11, before the alleged impact of American Airlines flight 77 on the building.    ...   Mineta testified before the 9/11 Commission that Cheney was aware of special orders concerning a plane heading toward Washington. Mineta said: "During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President…the plane is 50 miles out…the plane is 30 miles out….and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president 'do the orders still stand?' And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said “Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?"    ...    PDAS terminals are reportedly located at the White House, on board Air Force One, the Pentagon, CIA headquarters, the National Security Agency, the Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post that was seen flying over Washington, DC on 9/11 after the attacks, the Defense Intelligence Agency at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC, and the Raven Rock Mountain Complex in Pennsylvania where Cheney hid out after the 9/11 attacks.    ...   Mineta later followed up with reporters and stated "When I overheard something about 'the orders still stand' and so, what I thought of was that they had already made the decision to shoot something down."     ...    It now appears that PDAS was used by Cheney to implement on the morning of 9/11 a new policy issued on June 1, 2001 that provided for a "stand down" protocol that replaced a long-standing shootdown order for hijacked and suspected hijacked planes. The new order transferred the authority to shoot down aircraft from Pentagon and NORAD military commanders to the President, Vice President, or Secretary of Defense.  MORE  keywords: super-classifed, terminals, SCI, Sensitive Compartmented Information, Special Access Program, need-to-know, downed flight 93, Gen. John Jumper, Sept 6,  PEOC, Norman Mineta,, 9:25, 9/11 Commission, 50 miles out, "do the orders still stand", Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post, DIA, NORAD, COCOMM, STO, US Central Command, SecDef, IJSTO, assassination, Milosevic, Habyarimana, Ntaryamira, General Wesley Clark, SIPRnet, JWICS, NIPRnet, Canada, Australia, UK, JSSG, SIGINT, IVY Bells, covert technical operations, Balkans, Rwanda, September 11, 2001
  • Extrados  Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak (L) talks with Minister of Pensioner Affairs Rafi Eitan as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (C) waits to start the weekly cabinet meeting May 25, 2008 in Jerusalem. Eitan is wanted by the FBI for his role as the spymaster of Jonathan Pollard. Olmert was in New York City on 9-11. These three men know very well who was behind the terrorism of 9-11.     ...   IT IS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CERTAIN that 9-11 was a Mossad operation - period. - Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former director of Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College   ....   Ehud Barak, Israel's defense minister, is currently in the United States for a week of meetings and speeches. He is, in my opinion, the key suspect of being the mastermind of the false-flag terror attacks of 9-11. To help understand how Barak pulled off 9-11 I am providing this brief article to explain how I think he did it. It should be noted that Barak was Israel's minister of defense during Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip in 2008-2009. Based on the findings of the U.N. Factfinding Report written by Justice Richard Goldstone, Barak is responsible for a host of war crimes committed during that assault. The United States and other states are obliged to arrest Ehud Barak based on the findings of that report.    ...   Ehud Barak was prime minister of Israel from July 1999 until March 7, 2001, when he was replaced by Ariel Sharon. I attended an event at the Chicago campus of the University of Illinois where both Barak, then prime minister, and Sharon were involved, shortly before the election that brought Sharon to power. The fact that Barak and Sharon had travelled to Chicago together illustrated the utter fakeness of their rivalry.      ...    Previous positions held by Barak include Head of Defense Planning and Budgeting, Head of the Israeli Intelligence Community, Chief of the General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Minister of the Interior in Prime Minister Itzhak Rabin's cabinet, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Shimon Peres cabinet, and Labor Party Chairman. If Israel is involved in 9-11, as Dr. Alan Sabrosky says and which the evidence strongly indicates, Barak certainly knows all about it.     ...   When Sharon assumed power in March 2001, Barak came to America. He supposedly came to the United States to work as a special advisor for Electronic Data Systems and as a partner with SCP Partners, a private equity company focused on "security-related" work - but this was only his cover. His real assignment was to oversee the terror attacks of 9-11. As a partner with SCP Partners Barak was well placed to supervise the false-flag terror operation. The complex false-flag terror attacks of 9-11 required that the mastermind of the operation be in the country to oversee the critical details.     ...   One of the key aspects of 9-11 was the production and application of an advanced form of super-thermite, an extremely powerful explosive produced using nano-technology. In 2001, SCP Partners happened to have a suitable company in their portfolio, a private company called Metallurg Holdings, Inc., which has its office in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Today, SCP has another company called Advanced Metallurgical Group, N.V. (AMG) in its portfolio. AMG and Metallurg share the same address at 435 Devon Park Drive in Wayne. AMG has several subsidiaries, one that specializes in the production of atomized aluminum (a crucial component of super-thermite) and others which manufacture specialized coatings of nano-composites. SCP Partners, which included Ehud Barak from 2001 until 2007, clearly owns companies that are well suited to making nano-composite explosives like the super-thermite used to pulverize the World Trade Center on 9-11.    ...    Chips of super-thermite found in the dust of the World Trade Center by Dr. Steven E. Jones     ...    Rafi Eitan, the octogenarian Mossadnik who ran a spy operation against the United States using Jonathan Pollard, fled to Israel after Pollard was caught in 1985. Eitan was then offered the position as head of state-owned Israel Chemicals Corporation, which has production facilities in the United States. In 1978, when Israeli intelligence began planning the false-flag terror operation of 9-11 (according to the comments of senior Mossadnik Isser Harel), Eitan served as Menachem Begin's advisor on terrorism. This is the real reason that Rafi Eitan remained in the Israeli security cabinet until 2009 - he is one of the architects of 9-11.     ...    Raphael Hantman a.k.a. Rafi Eitan     ...    At SCP Partners Barak worked closely with another Mossadnik named Eitan - Yaron I. Eitan. Although Yaron Eitan looks very much like Rafi Eitan, the relationship between the two Eitans is not known. Rafi Eitan was actually born Raphael Hantman and reportedly has three children named Yael, Sharon, and Yuval.     ...    Yaron I. Eitan
  • Fox News An investigation by the Fox News Specials Unit revealed that the commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks was likely never told by the FBI about an arrest warrant filed and then dropped against American-born radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki – the spiritual guide to at least two of the hijackers. Now, lawmakers on Capitol Hill want details on the handling of the Awlaki case – particularly why information on the possible arrest was never provided to the 9/11 Commission. The New Mexico-born cleric, now working as a recruiter for Al Qaeda in Yemen, is believed to have been a mentor for 9/11 hijackers during his time as an imam at mosques around San Diego and Washington, D.C. Despite his possible role in the attacks and inconsistencies in his passport, a warrant for al-Awlaki’s arrest was dropped on Oct. 10, the same day he returned to the U.S. after a seven-month stay in Yemen. Two senior investigators with the 9/11 Commission told Fox News that they were actively considering whether Awlaki was part of a pre- 9/11 support cell in the U.S. for the hijackers. Asked if documents on the decision by federal authorities to drop the charges should have been shared, one of the investigators said yes, adding the decision to pull the warrant on the same day Awlaki returned in October 2002 demanded further investigation. There is no mention of the Awlaki arrest warrant in the 9/11 Commission report itself. There is a lengthy footnote about the cleric which has one reference to an FBI internal memo that was circulated Oct. 8, 2002 – just two days before the cleric’s return. Fox News sought those documents through a Freedom of Information Act request in 2010. Twenty-seven pages were produced for Fox News’ investigative team, but nearly all the text was redacted – citing an executive order – that the material should remain secret for national security reasons.        ....        On Tuesday, FBI Director Robert Mueller was on Capitol Hill, where he faced tough questions over the documents from Rep. Frank Wolf, R- Va. “I wrote you concerning the Fox News report about the bureau's October 2002 decision to release Anwar Awlaki from custody upon his return to the U.S. despite an outstanding warrant for his arrest at that time, “ Wolf said, adding that commission investigators had also voiced their concern to Fox News. “Could you discuss why the information was not shared with the 9/11 Commission and provide the committee with a detailed accounting in the appropriate setting?” Mueller said he remembered looking at the warrant, which originated out of Denver, Colo., in the summer of 2002 a “couple of years ago,” adding “there was not much more -- not much more and certainly at this time to be done.” The FBI director did not elaborate. “If this was not provided to the 9/11 Commission, it was certainly not by intent,” Mueller said. “It may well have been not in a file, one of the files that we provided to that 9/11 Commission. But I think you will find the 9/11 Commission was appreciative of all the work that we had done to provide them, you know, just about everything that we had in our files.” Mueller said he would get back to the congressman who first wrote to the FBI in the summer of 2010 about Awlaki’s mysterious return to the U.S. after the Fox News Special: The American Terrorist was broadcast. “I would be happy to look into the matter. I can tell you that we tried to provide everything that we had that would be responsive to the interests of the 9/11 Commission at the time.” The Justice Department has maintained that Awlaki’s re-entry to the U.S. was a string of coincidences. The Department told Fox News in a statement last May that there was not enough evidence to keep the warrant against Awlaki active. Two current and former investigators familiar with the case have disputed that claim. New details about the cleric’s American life and his connections to the 9/11 hijackers will be part of an upcoming Fox News special.  and more

    Sonnenfeld video

  • Sonnenfeld video

    • Thermite charges set up in the shape of a plane,
    • An Aluminum wing cannot shear off steel beams, period.
    • Thermite shears beams exactly like this.
    • more at War On You
  • Wikipedia   Sayeret Matkal (Hebrew: סיירת מטכ"ל‎, translation: General Staff Reconnaissance Unit) is an elite special forces unit of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF). Its main roles are counter-terrorism, deep reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, but the unit is first and foremost a field intelligence-gathering unit, used to obtain strategic intelligence behind enemy lines. Sayeret Matkal is also in charge of hostage rescue missions outside Israeli borders. The unit is modeled on the British SAS,[1] and organizationally reports to the Directorate of Military Intelligence. Its IDF nickname is simply "The Unit". Borrowed from the SAS, the unit's motto is "Who Dares Wins."    ...   The unit is best known for Operation Thunderbolt, commonly known as Operation Entebbe, in which it rescued more than 100 Air France airline passengers hijacked and flown to Uganda by PLO militants,[2] and killed 52 enemy combatants while losing only the assault element commander, Yonatan Netanyahu, and three hostages.[3]     ...   Contents [hide] 1 History 2 Recruitment and training 3 Notable (former) Sayeret Matkal figures 4 Known operations 5 The 2003 dissidents 6 See also 7 References    ...    History Sayeret Matkal was founded in 1957 by Avraham Arnan (né Herling), a former yeshiva student and Palmach fighter, who served as its first commander. Originally it was part of the Aman Unit 157, but began to operate independently a year later as the General Staff's elite special operations force,[4] modeled after the British Special Air Service. Members of the unit were trained by Bedouin trackers on the finer points of looking and thinking like an Arab.[5] Sayeret Matkal was also formed one year after the IDF's first helicopter squadron became operational and close co-operation between the two allowed Sayeret Matkal to deploy for longer and deeper inside Arab territory than any unit before.      ....     In 1959, a draftee named Ehud Barak was accepted into Sayeret Matkal. He later succeeded the Unit 101 commando Lt. Meir Har-Zion in becoming Israel's most decorated soldier. Whilst with Sayeret Matkal, Ehud Barak participated in many operations, including leading the Operation Isotope (airplane hostage rescue) in 1972 and leading the 1973 Israeli raid on Lebanon. He later progressed in his military career to become the IDF Chief of Staff in 1991 and retired after the end of his tenure in 1995. In 1999 Ehud Barak became the 10th Prime Minister of Israel.     ...    
  • WMR May 2010 Another confirmation of car bombing at State Department on 9/11    ...   Over the past several years, WMR has reported on the mysterious car bombing that took place on the morning of the 9/11 attacks. That morning, a car parked on Virginia Avenue, aside the main State Department building, exploded. The car bombing was also referenced in thousands of text messages from 9/11 that were released last year.    ...   WMR has now learned from a State Department source that residents of the State Plaza Hotel, which lies across the street from the State Department and the location where the car bomb went off on 9/11, were told to remain in their rooms because, as the source put it, a "car exploded across the street."    ...   The car was immediately towed off by security officers after the explosion before forensics teams could examine the car and the surrounding area.  
  • World Architecture News  NIST did not even look for physical evidence of explosives. In fact NIST did not look at the physical evidence at all, apart from a few selected samples of the steel. The rest was destroyed. However, physical evidence did remain: the dust. NIST did not look at the dust, but independent investigators did. They discovered, along with the microspheres, tiny red-grey chips. They examined samples of WTC dust from different parts of Manhattan. All contained the red-gray chips. They found that the red layer consisted of unignited nano-thermite. Ordinary thermite is an incendiary: it can burn through heavy steel in seconds. The tiny particles in nano-thermite (1/1000 the thickness of a human hair) causes a much faster reaction so it can be used as a high explosive. The discovery of nano-thermite in the WTC dust was published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal in April 2009.
CIA Threats of Federal Prosecution Delay 9/11 Documentary,

9/11: Press for Truth.

  • CIA Threats of Federal Prosecution Delay 9/11 Documentary    ...   Wednesday, 14 September 2011, 12:30 pm Press Release: Kyle Hence Recent threats by the CIA prompt two freelance journalists to delay an investigative podcast naming CIA analysts complicit in obstruction of key pre-9/11 intelligence. The podcast will present revelations from former top US government personnel, including Richard Clarke, Pasquale D’Amuro, Bob Baer, and Mark Rossini, who echo concerns of former 9/11 Commission Chair Thomas Kean. ...   Austin, Texas (FF4) September 12, 2011 – On Thursday, the CIA threatened the journalists behind Who Is Rich Blee? with possible federal prosecution if their investigative podcast reveals the names of two CIA analysts at the center of a pattern of obstruction and mishandling of intelligence that many feel would have stopped the 9/11 attacks.    ...   Like FBI agent Ali Soufan and Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer before them, the podcast team, including John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski, are being subjected to intimidation and censorship by government officials over blowing the whistle on the true story surrounding two alleged 9/11 hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar.    ...   The podcast originally scheduled for September 11th release presents a narrative of how three CIA analysts working under Richard Blee, the long unknown former head of CIA’s Bin Laden Station, deliberately misled their colleagues and withheld key intelligence from FBI and the White House regarding the presence of two known Al-Qaeda operatives in the U.S.    ...   Four government investigations into CIA handling of pre-911 intelligence included personal details of the two CIA analysts and their actions. Nowosielski and Duffy deduced the identities of the two as yet unnamed CIA employees from internet research based on details provided from these and other open sources. When the producers used their full names in interviews, interviewees offered no correction. The CIA response provided the final confirmation.    ...    In project updates posted at the producers announced the delay of the podcast and posted background of a complicated case that involves dozens of violations of protocol, intimidation, and incidents of obstruction by the CIA, with the two yet named CIA analysts at the center of many of them.    ...   Author and expert on the subject, Kevin Fenton, documents 35 such incidents between January 2000 and September 11th in his book, Disconnecting the Dots: How 9/11 Was Allowed to Happen.    ...    Pulitzer-prize winner Lawrence Wright, interviewed for the podcast, told producers the actions of one of the unnamed CIA analysts still employed at CIA amounts to obstruction of justice in the FBI’s criminal investigation of the deaths of 17 seaman aboard the USS Cole.    ...   The producers are not the first subject to government censorship over this case. Last month The New York Times reported on CIA efforts to censor an autobiography by Ali Soufan, a front-line FBI counter-terrorism special agent. Prior to 9/11, Soufan was interested in Mihdhar and Hazmi because of links to the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen. The CIA censored references to a passport photo of Mihdhar the CIA had withheld from Soufan, despite three written requests.    ...   Scott Shane of the New York Times reports today that, "Mr. Soufan accuses C.I.A. officials of deliberately withholding crucial documents and photographs of Qaeda operatives from the F.B.I. before Sept. 11, 2001, despite three written requests, and then later lying about it to the 9/11 Commission."    ...   Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, interviewed for the podcast, was himself intimidated, demoted and smeared by the Pentagon after he came forward to the 9/11 Commission with details of how, on three occasions, unnamed DoD officials prevented his Able Danger operation from meeting with the FBI prior the attacks.    ...    In 2000 the Able Danger data-mining program placed Mohammed Atta in a Brooklyn terrorist cell but had also placed Hazmi and Mihdhar in a San Diego cell, the epicenter of intrigue around Alec Station’s Rich Blee, Tom Wilshere and the two as yet unnamed subordinates who themselves repeatedly withheld intelligence from the FBI. Though Shaffer was interviewed by 9/11 Commission’s Director Philip Zelikow and staffer Dieter Snell, the Commission left any mention of Able Danger from its final report.    ...    In the planned podcast, 9/11 Commission Chair Tom Kean is asked about a scant footnote to Chapter 6 of the 9/11 Report referring to an intelligence cable, seen by 50 at the CIA, but prevented from reaching the FBI. For Kean the incident was not a case of bungling or intel ‘stovepiping’: “Oh, it wasn’t careless oversight. It was purposeful. No question about that in mind. It was purposeful.”    ...   Whereas Kean explains it as a penchant for secrecy, Richard Clarke, the former head of counter-terrorism at the Bush White House, goes farther suggesting malfeasance and the possibility of illegal CIA-led domestic spying activity. Comments by Clarke released in a video in August led to a formal statement from George Tenet, Cofer Black and Richard Blee, and a response from the producers.    ...   “This was perhaps the closest U.S. intelligence got to foiling the 9/11 plot,” explains Nowosielski, “but instead of stopping the attack, the CIA stopped intel on two high-value targets from getting to the right people, repeatedly. And still the CIA protects the individuals responsible by intimidating those who simply want to know the truth behind a shocking and possibly criminal pattern of obstruction”    ...   In an email Thursday the CIA warned Nowosielski he could be subject to prosecution under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, a law intended to apply to government employees who violate their security clearance and never used to convict journalists.    ...   The producer’s online response: “The Society of Professional Journalists' code of ethics states that ‘journalists should be free of obligation to any interest other than the public's right to know’ and should ‘be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable.’ The day that journalists' exposés of wrongdoing within government agencies require the approval of those government agencies before release, that is the day that transparency and accountability are lost.”    ...   John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski, both graduates of Chicago’s Columbia College Film School, produced the critically acclaimed 2006 documentary "9/11: Press for Truth."

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  • A Times Online (a Rupert Murdoch paper) file pic "A WHISTLEBLOWER has made a series of extraordinary claims about how corrupt government officials allowed Pakistan and other states to steal nuclear weapons secrets. ... Sibel Edmonds, a 37-year-old former Turkish language translator for the FBI, listened into hundreds of sensitive intercepted conversations while based at the agency’s Washington field office
  • Antiwar "Edmonds draws a picture of a three-sided alliance consisting of Turkish, Pakistani, and Israeli agents who coordinated efforts to milk U.S. nuclear secrets and technology, funneling the intelligence stream to the black market nuclear network set up by the Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan. The multi-millionaire Pakistani nuclear scientist then turned around and sold his nuclear assets to North Korea, Libya, and Iran
  • WMR August 31, 2005 -- A convergence of investigations: AIPAC and ATC. As reported previously on WMR , federal investigators are poring over wiretap transcripts (Sibel Edmonds) and other intelligence that link the Larry Franklin/Rosen/Weissman AIPAC investigation to the investigation of who in the White House leaked the name of Valerie Plame Wilson and her Brewster Jennings & Associates non-official cover company to journalists, including Robert Novak. 
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  • Wikipedia  Paul William Roberts in his Globe and Mail article of Saturday, February 26, 2005 wrote the following: Hunter telephoned me on Feb. 19, the night before his death. He sounded scared. It wasn't always easy to understand what he said, particularly over the phone, he mumbled, yet when there was something he really wanted you to understand, you did. He'd been working on a story about the World Trade Center attacks and had stumbled across what he felt was hard evidence showing the towers had been brought down not by the airplanes that flew into them but by explosive charges set off in their foundations. Now he thought someone was out to stop him publishing it: "They're gonna make it look like suicide," he said. "I know how these bastards think
  • Hunter S. Thompson
  • Global Research Landmark Russian TV Debate on 9/11 Gen. Leonid Ivashov, Thierry Meysan, Giuletto Chiesa join Russian Experts   Washington DC , Sept. 9, 2008 – Thierry Meyssan reports from Moscow that he and other leading international 9/11 truth experts have completed taping a television debate which will be telecast on the first national program of Russian state television this coming Friday, September 12. This no-holds barred, free-wheeling debate, featuring strongly divergent opinions about what really happened on and about September 11, 2001 , will be shown in conjunction with the documentary film Zero, produced and directed by Chiesa and Franco Fracassi of Telemaco Productions in Rome . Russians are thus about to receive an unprecedented evening of 9/11 truth.   ...   The telecast will go out in the middle of prime time. Among the participants, General Leonid Ivashov was the commander of the Russian armed forces on September 11, 2001 , and has been a leading critic of the US official version. A leading strategic thinker for his country, Ivashov is currently a fellow of the Strategic Culture Foundation ( in Moscow . Giulietto Chiesa is a member of the European Parliament in Brussels , representing the region around Asti in northwest Italy . Chiesa has been the leading spokesman for 9/11 truth issues in the European Parliament, and has been the prime mover behind the documentary film Zero, as well as the collection of essays by the same name which has also attracted much attention in Italy since being published in the late summer of 2007. Thierry Meyssan, the founder and leader of the Voltaire Network in Paris , was one of the first critics of the US official story about 9/11. He is the author of several books, including 9/11: The Big Lie, and Pentagate. He also organized the Axis for Peace conference in Brussels in November 2005.
  • Wikipedia Sibel Edmonds: ".... on July 22, 2002, Edmonds filed suit against the Department of Justice, the FBI, and several high-level officials, alleging that she was wrongfully terminated from the FBI in retaliation for reporting criminal activities committed by government officials and employees. On October 18, 2002, Attorney General John Ashcroft invoked the State Secrets Privilege in order to prevent disclosure of the nature of Edmonds' work on the grounds that it would endanger national security, and asked that the suit be dismissed.[citation needed]  ...   On August 15, 2002, a separate suit, Burnett v. Al Baraka Investment & Dev. Corp., was filed by families of 600 victims of the September 11, 2001 (9/11) attacks against Saudi banks, charity organizations, and companies.[citation needed] Edmonds was to file a deposition in this case regarding her claim that FBI had foreknowledge of al-Qaeda's attacks against the World Trade Center.[citation needed]   ...   On December 11, 2003, Attorney General Ashcroft, again invoking the State Secrets Privilege, filed a motion calling for Edmonds' deposition to be suppressed and for the entire case to be dismissed. The judge, seeking more information, ordered the government to produce any unclassified material relating to the case. In response, Ashcroft submitted further statements to justify the use of the State Secrets Privilege, and on May 13, 2004, took the unprecedented step of retroactively classifying as Top Secret all of the material and statements that had been provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2002 relating to Edmonds' own lawsuit, as well as the letters that had been sent by the Senators and republished by POGO.[citation needed]   Wikipedia National Whistleblowers Coalition
  • Prison Planet Japanese member of Parliament Yukihisa Fujita told the Alex Jones Show yesterday that a potential new investigation of the 9/11 cover-up could be led by global parliamentarians he has been in contact with, or even by the United Nations itself. Fujita, an MP for the Japanese Democratic Party, and a member of the House of Councillors in the Diet (national legislature), presented evidence which contradicted the official 9/11 story during a widely publicized Japanese Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee meeting in January of this year.  Following Fujita's presentation in the Japanese Diet, he also took part in a 9/11 truth conference at the EU Parliament in Brussels on February 26th which was hosted by Italian MEP Giullietto Chiesa (both presentations can be viewed at the end of this article).  
  • Online Journal  search Kroll Amec WTC:  Democratic Underground Demopedia reports in Who Killed John O’Neill that at the time of 9/11, AIG, the world’s largest insurance company, and subsidiaries Marsh McLennan, ACE and Kroll, were run by the Greenberg family. With Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member Maurice “Hank” Greenberg as the AIG godfather, the Familia’s tentacles curled around the heart of the tragedy.  Hank’s son Jeffrey, a CFR member as well, was chairman of Marsh & McLennan, situated on floors throughout the North Tower of the World Trade Center as well as the top floors of the South Tower. Marsh also had ties to the CIA. Son Evan Greenberg, a CFR member, was CEO of ACE Limited, situated in Tower 7, which also contained AIG subsidiary Kroll, closely related to the CIA, also with an office in Tower 7.  Tower 7 also contained offices of the FBI, Department of Defense, IRS (which contained prodigious amounts of corporate tax fraud corporate, including Enron’s), US Secret Service, Securities & Exchange Commission (with more stock fraud records), and Citibank’s Salomon Smith Barney, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and many other financial institutions. Greenberg’s cousin, Alan “Ace” Greenberg, was former CEO of Bear Sterns, where the Bush family, Cheney family George Schultz, James Baker, et al, did business. It is the leading brokerage firm of the great and all-powerful Bush Familia.
  • WMR has received documents sent to one of the presidential campaigns from Leonard D. Wallace, a former business associate of former Enron Vice Chairman J. Clifford Baxter, that provides details of Al Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks being financed through Citigroup / Citibank. The document states that Baxter, who was to appear before a congressional committee to testify on Enron's dubious business practices, died from a reported suicide on January 18, 2002. According to the document received from Baxter's associate, the former Vice Chairman of Enron was planning to expose Citigroup's knowledge of Saudi banks, some of which it had a financial stake, were funding the terrorists who were responsible for carrying out the 9/11 attacks.
  • WayneMadsenReport "BAE Systems part of effort to cook bogus intelligence against Saddam Hussein" search terms: mobile trailers designed to manufacture hydrogen for weather balloons, British Ministry of Defence scientist David Kelly aware of this, 'suicided', Southmoor, 2003,  Norman Baker investigation confirmed, trailers, Kuwait, other equipment moved into Iraq, BAE-Marconi, radar systems, frame-up, laundered thru Ministry of Defense contracts, Abbey Wood, Bristol, England ... phony contract to provide radar trailers to Tanzania, bribery scandal, World Bank, Tony Blair. also Saudi, Al Yamamah BAE Systems arms deal, Riggs Bank, Jonathan J. Bush, former Riggs executive, George W. Bush's uncle, defense contracts grease, campaign contributions to Duncan Hunter, Randy "Duke" Cunningham, US shipped VX nerve gas to Iraq 1988-89, in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 598, Iraq / Iran war, Mukhabarat, VX aerial bombs, parachute-born, pre-set height, Bilad, shipped from US, canisters removed from Iraq by the British, Turkey, Valerie Plame, CIA Counter-Proliferation Division, stopped shipment into Iraq, reason for her outing ..." see WMR for connecting details.
  • Operation Gladio, stay-behind operation, Wikipedia terms: Italy, NATO, Christian Democrats, counter Warsaw pact,  CCWU, SHAPE, years of lead, paramilitary, ODESSA ratlines, Rheinhard Gehlen, MSI, internal subversion, Allen Dulles, CIA financing, founded by Aldo Moro, SDRA8, TD BJD, LOK, I&O, ROC, Aginter, P26, AGAG, OWSGV, P2, false flag operations, strategy of tension, carried out Operation Condor, DINA, Ezeiza massacre, Montejurra massacre, Taksim Square massacre, collapse of the Soviet Union, ... Order of the Solar Temple, 
  • July 19,  2008 Indymedia Venezuela: "Maj.Wm. B. Fox, Cpt.Eric H. May - 19.07.2008 07:34 An impressive medley of military officers join Captain Eric H. May in alerting the public to the danger of Bush administration foul play in the upcoming terror drills Noble Resolve and Diablo Bravo. Intro: An impressive medley of military officers join Captain Eric H. May in alerting the public to the danger of Bush administration foul play in the upcoming terror drills Noble Resolve and Diablo Bravo.  SUMMER ALERT!  Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer Maj. William B. Fox Dr. James H. Fetzer Capt. Eric H. May SFC Donald S. Buswell  ....     Neo-cons and their allies are pounding the drums of war against Iran. Just after his White House meeting on June 4, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced that war with Iran was a done deal: "George Bush understands the severity of the Iranian threat and the need to vanquish it, and intends to act on that matter before the end of his term in the White House."   ...  Antiwar   In his July 14 article “Amber Alert! Get Ready for War” Antiwar  Justin Raimondo states “The Israelis have already been using U.S. bases in Iraq to train for the coming attack… [Bush] is more determined than ever to leave his lasting mark on the Middle East and the world.” In his July 15 article “A Phony Crisis – And A Real One” Antiwar  Pat Buchanan writes: “Israel and its Fifth Column …seek to stampede us into war with Iran.” In his article, “9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda” Digg  Dr. James H. Fetzer explained why the Bush Administration needs another (self-inflicted) “false flag” attack to expand the failing war in the Middle East. In “False Flag Prospects, 2008” Lonestar Icon  Captain Eric H. May proved the connection between official terror drills and the U.S. 9/11/2001 and UK 7/7/2005 terror attacks. As experienced military professionals, it is our mission of conscience to publish alerts to the American people whenever the danger of a false flag attack is high. We face that danger now with several suspicious military exercises just ahead of us. On July 22 Virginia will run a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) scenario at the Richmond International Airport. For two weeks we have tried to gather particulars on the terror drill from the Virginia National Guard. The command has been evasive, refusing us access to personnel involved in the WMD-related activities. July 28-August 1, a wide array of U.S. military, police, and disaster agencies will be running multiple terror and catastrophe drills. The two main terror drills are “Noble Resolve” and “Diablo Bravo.” 
  • PakAlert Warning: We’re in the false-flag red zone for 911-2B  The Ft. Hood probable false-flag attack (see Jerry Mazza’s article) seems to have been timed to coincide with the decision to try (the individual claimed to be) Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the 9/11 patsy-in-chief. All of this appears to have been orchestrated to evoke memories of 9/11 and reinforce the official story–a necessary preliminary to any 911-2B. In other words, they may be softening us up for something big.tags: tags: 9/11, 911-2B, Afghanistan, al-Qaeda, America, Bali, Barack Obama, bombshell, CIA, economic collapse, economic crisis, false flag, false flag attack, Fort Hood, George Bush, George W. Bush, India, inside job, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jews, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, London, Madrid, Middle East, Mossad, mumbai, NATO, Neocons, Pakistan, Pentagon, Project 2012, red zone, Taliban, terrorism, United States, USA, war on terror, WARNING, Zionist
Israeli Art Students and 9/11 top
  • Antiwar Israeli art students
  • Cryptome art students, Israeli spies. Suspicious activities involving Israeli art students at DEA facilities and mirror fox_il_spy
  • Creative Loafing
  • Salon, Israeli Art Students,  "The Israeli "art student" mystery For almost two years, hundreds of young Israelis falsely claiming to be art students haunted federal offices -- in particular, the DEA. No one knows why -- and no one seems to want to find out. ... In January 2001, the security branch of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency began to receive a number of peculiar reports from DEA field offices across the country. According to the reports, young Israelis claiming to be art students and offering artwork for sale had been attempting to penetrate DEA offices for over a year. The Israelis had also attempted to penetrate the offices of other law enforcement and Department of Defense agencies. Strangest of all, the "students" had visited the homes of numerous DEA officers and other senior federal officials.
  • Israeli art students, Susan Dryden
  • EIR
  • Jurist University of Pittsburg, School of Law,   Primary sources. Global perspective 
  • Washington Post "60 Israelis on Tourist Visas Detained Since Sept.11"  and file
  • Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, WRMEA, see Insight Magazine reference.
  • Wikipedia, Israeli art students: search terms: sell artwork at U.S. government offices (including the DEA) and the homes of U.S. officials, ONCIX,  organized intelligence gathering activity, backgrounds with the Israeli military, Fox News, AP, LeMonde articles, 
  • Notes: search terms: Liron Diamant, rubber band-propelled toy helicopters, Toledo, Ohio,, Missouri, Texas, California, INS, Justice Dept immigration judge Elizabeth Hacker, Quality Sales Inc, 
  • Cryptome art students, Israeli spies. Suspicious activities involving Israeli art students at DEA facilities and mirror fox_il_spy

and pic


Spies, or students?  By Nathan Guttman  Were the Israelis just trying to sell their paintings, or agents in a massive espionage ring?  

WASHINGTON - It could be the biggest espionage scandal of the century, or the greatest journalistic non-starter in many a decade, but it's clear that the story of the Israeli art students in New York - dozens of alleged spies living in the United States - refuses to die down. Anyone who believes the story says that everything is accurately documented and confirmed, and that only a conspiracy on the part of the U.S. administration - which is desperate to keep the affair quiet, partly out of shame and partly because of its warm relations with Israel - is keeping the affair out of the spotlight of public discussion. Those who repudiate the affair say it is baseless, just another unfounded urban legend that has taken on a life of its own on various marginal Internet sites.  full article

and article


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  • WMR “Former CIA Osama Bin Laden unit chief Michael Scheuer told Italy’s La Repubblica that the kidnaping of Abu Omar was authorized by SISMI chief Nicolo Pollari. A number of SISMI agents and assets have been tied to the group, including Francesco Pazienza, a SISMI agent, and Rocco Martino, who said he was the source of the faked Niger yellowcake uranium documents that were laundered through Rome and used as proof by the Bush White House that Saddam Hussein was shopping for uranium in Niger. That charge prompted the CIA to send Ambasssador Joseph Wilson to Niger resulting in a retaliatory exposure by the White House of the CIA’s covert weapons of mass destruction counter-proliferation network.” (Madsen)

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  • MUJCA, Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth
  • BeforeItsNews  American journalist and radio host Mark Dankof Almost two weeks have passed since the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and scholars, journalists and authors are still trying to figure out the hidden realities behind the “most hideous terrorist attacks ever perpetrated in American soil,” as described by Victor Argothy of the University of Delware’s Disaster Research Center.    ...   Israel’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks and the possibility that it might have been a false flag operation with the objective of laying the groundwork to attack Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim nations are among the most popular theories which the members of 9/11 Truth Movement have proposed.    ...   Mark Dankof believes that they were the Israelis who masterminded and perpetrated the 9/11 attacks, and believes that there’s abundant evidence confirming this speculation.    ... On the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, I conducted an in-depth interview with Mark Dankof to examine his viewpoints regarding the events that led to the collapsing of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the traces of the footsteps of Israel in the attacks and the reasons why the United States and Israel employed these attacks to launch an all-out war against the Muslim world. What follows is the text of this interview.    search terms: Sabrosky is correct, Mossad did 9/11, they had motive, means, opportunity, network, Mark Glen, Ugly Truth, culture wars, Sungenis, Bollyn, Solving 9/11, nineteen muslims still alive, bin Laden .. have never been officially accused, no hard evidence, Cheney said " we never made the case",  Fact: The BBC reported on September 23, 2001 that most of the “nineteen Muslims” are still alive. Rex Tomb, Chief of Investigative Publicity for the FBI noted that the reason bin Laden and the Taliban have never been officially accused by the United States for orchestrating 9/11 is “because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting bin Laden to 9/11.” Dick Cheney stated in an interview with Tony Snow on March 26, 2006 that “We’ve never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.” Robert Muller of the FBI admitted the same when he stated that, “In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper either here in the U. S. or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere that mentioned any aspect of the September 11th plot.”   Chertoff, Odigo, Jews,  Fact: Steel melts only at 2,777 degrees Fahrenheit. Jet fuel burns no hotter than 1,517 degrees Fahrenheit. There was nothing in the World Trade Center buildings, barring explosives and thermite that could burn hotter than jet fuel. Strong circumstantial evidence suggests that a sophisticated form of super-thermite had been applied to large sections of the World Trade Center.
  • CareWashingof theBrain  "Today, my fellow members, I come to you with a heavy heart and broken soul, to ask for your forgiveness. Since Israel was illegally created by a bribed and intimidated UN back in 1947, the Khazars and Commie Russian thugs that have moved into Palestine and stolen large chunks of the indigenous Palestinians land thru force; deception, thuggery and outright murder, all in an insane dream called Eretz Israel. To that end of making an Israel that would stretch from the River Nile to the River Euphrates, Israel and it's fellow Zionist travelers, along with sold-out politicians in the USA, Britain, France and Germany have been sowing misery, death and destruction around the world, then getting our Zionist owned MSM to blame our bloody acts on Muslims, vilifying Islam. From our craven, sneaky unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty in our 1967 War of Aggression, to the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, it was Israel behind those acts of treachery, that we then blamed on Islamic nations, like Iraq, so we could have our pit bull, the USA, go into those nations we castigated and have them destroyed, all to benefit Israel and Israel alone.
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Fetzer was Foxed
Fox News Spin Attack Ends With Red-Faced Anchors 9/11 truth scholar Fetzer anticipated slant of Hannity and Colmes spot

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | July 11 2006

Fox News' tactic of mapping out a spin and attack policy for guests whose stance they disagree with was spotlighted and deflated recently by 9/11 truth scholar Jim Fetzer - who left Alan Colmes and Oliver North red-faced after he exposed them and Fox producers for not having done their homework.

Fetzer called the appearance, "perhaps the most interesting four and a half minutes of my life."  Fetzer described how in a pre-interview a Fox producer has insistently asked him if he taught alternative theories behind 9/11 as a college course. Fetzer was keen to stress that he taught a course on critical thinking but not a course specific to 9/11.  From this exchange Fetzer began to understand the spin that Fox were preparing to put on the interview.

Fetzer was then told that Sean Hannity had been replaced by Colonel Oliver North for the show.  "Because I'm a former Marine Corps officer I thought this was probably a good thing - that the Colonel and I would have a very cordial Marine to Marine conversation," said Fetzer.  "When I said this to my wife she said 'don't kid yourself, they're going to be out to kill you'."

Fetzer was picked up by a Fox limo and only arrived at the studio after the program had started. He insisted that a TV be turned on in the make-up room to gage how they were going to pitch his interview.  "Five minutes before I go on I catch their drift which is they're going to talk about a professor who is using his classroom to teach conspiracy theories about 9/11 to our children."  "During that five minutes it occurred to me that I was going to be able to explode this one way or another - that I would talk about how they had 'Foxed their facts'," Fetzer told a packed house at the L.A. 9/11 Symposium.

"What they were doing was saying I was teaching our children - I was offering a course on 9/11 - and the way they were defining it in terms of children and kids - this had to be a freshman level or equivalent course."  Fetzer was able to prepare to bite back at the attack dogs by exposing the fact that Fox had not done its homework and were simply preparing to savage Fetzer on an aspect of the topic that they had completely dreamt up.  "They were attacking me for a non-existent course, said Fetzer."  "There was no course that satisfied the description they were trying to nail me for having taught."  Fetzer was able to embarrass Colmes and North who cut the interview short because their attack strategy had clearly been ripped out from underneath them.

"The first question out of Colmes mouth was 'is this a required course?' - and I had to explain to him that he had his facts Foxed," said Fetzer.  "The fact is they had defined the parameters - I knew they knew they had made a mistake but I wasn't there to argue their case."  North and Colmes quickly changed their tone after they realized the 'evil professor teaching our children horrible liberal lies' approach had failed.

"When they tried to put me on the spot after they realized they had committed a mistake - when they tried to put me on the spot about the society - I began to explain some of the findings - how the towers had come down by controlled demolition - how the FBI was asserting that they had no hard evidence tying Osama bin Laden to 9/11," said Fetzer.

After Colmes asked if there was any hard evidence tying any Bush administration members to 9/11, Fetzer related the story of Norman Mineta who testified that Cheney's orders were to do nothing as Flight 77 hurtled towards the Pentagon.

"This was when Ollie started getting a little nervous and he asks how many there are in your organization - when he heard there were 300 and 200 with research credentials - 85 actually having academic affiliations - it took so much wind out of their sails that they tried to cut it off as quickly as they could," said Fetzer.  Fetzer said it was interesting how the anchors were more concerned about whether he was teaching the information to his students than inquiring about the evidence behind 9/11 being an inside job.

The interview was quickly canned and - as with the much vaunted Pentagon tape that was heralded to 'shut up 9/11 conspiracy theorists for good' - an expected propaganda coup for Fox turned into a red-faced debacle and a moral victory for the 9/11 truth movement.

Watch Jim Fetzer discuss his Fox appearance and present a high-quality 78 minute illustrated discussion on the collapse of the twin towers and the Pentagon controversy at Prison Click here to subscribe and enjoy a multitude of exclusive membership benefits.

President Bush recently signed an executive order to freeze the US financial assets of corporations doing business with Osama bin Laden. He described the order as a "strike on the financial foundation of the global terror network.”  "If you do business with terrorists, if you support or succor them, you will not do business with the United States," said President Bush.  He didn’t say anything about doing business with a terrorist’s brother - or his wealthy financier.

When President George W. Bush froze assets connected to Osama bin Laden, he didn’t tell the American people that the terrorist mastermind’s late brother was an investor in the president’s former oil business in Texas. He also hasn’t leveled with the American public about his financial connections to a host of shady Saudi characters involved in drug cartels, gun smuggling, and terrorist networks.

Doing business with the enemy is nothing new to the Bush family. Much of the Bush family wealth came from supplying needed raw materials and credit to Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Several business operations managed by Prescott Bush - the president’s grandfather - were seized by the US government during World War II under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

On October 20, 1942, the federal government seized the Union Banking Corporation in New York City as a front operation for the Nazis. Prescott Bush was a director. Bush, E. Roland Harriman, two Bush associates, and three Nazi executives owned the bank’s shares. Eight days later, the Roosevelt administration seized two other corporations managed by Prescott Bush. The Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, both managed by the Bush-Harriman bank, were accused by the US federal government of being front organizations for Hitler’s Third Reich. Again, on November 8, 1942, the federal government seized Nazi-controlled assets of Silesian-American Corporation, another Bush-Harriman company doing business with Hitler.

Doing business with the bin Laden empire, therefore, is only the latest extension of the Bush family’s financial ties to unsavory individuals and organizations. Now that thousands of American citizens have died in terrorist attacks and the nation is going to war, the American people should know about George W. Bush’s relationship with the family of Osama bin Laden.

Salem bin Laden, Osama’s older brother, was an investor in Arbusto Energy. - the Texas oil company started by George W. Bush. Arbusto means “Bush” in Spanish. Salem bin Laden died in an airplane crash in Texas in 1988.

Sheik Mohammed bin Laden, the family patriarch and founder of its construction empire, also died in a plane crash. Upon his death in 1968, he left behind 57 sons and daughters - the offspring he sired with 12 wives in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. About a dozen brothers manage Bin Laden Brothers Construction - one of the largest construction firms in the Middle East.

Fresh out of Harvard Business School, young George W. Bush returned to Midland, TX, in the late 1970s to follow his father’s footsteps in the oil business. Beginning in 1978, he set up a series of limited partnerships - Arbusto ’78, Arbusto ’79, and so on - to drill for oil.

One of President Bush’s earliest financial backers was James Bath, a Houston aircraft broker. Bath served with President Bush in the Texas Air National Guard. Bath has a mysterious connection to the Central Intelligence Agency.

According to a 1976 trust agreement, Salem bin Laden appointed James Bath as his business representative in Houston. Revelation about Bath’s relationship with the bin Laden financial empire and the CIA was made public in 1992 by Bill White, a former real estate business partner with Bath. White informed federal investigators in 1992 that Bath told him that he had assisted the CIA in a liaison role since 1976 - the same year former President George Herbert Walker Bush served as director of the CIA.

During a bitter legal fight between White and Bath, the real estate partner disclosed that Bath managed a portfolio worth millions of dollars for Sheik Khalid bin Mahfouz and other wealthy Saudis. Among the investments made by Bath with Mahfouz’s money was the Houston Gulf Airport.

A powerful banker in Saudi Arabia, Mahfouz was one of the largest stockholders in the Bank of Credit and Commerce International. BCCI was a corrupt global banking empire operating in 73 nations and was a major financial and political force in Washington, Paris, Geneva, London, and Hong Kong. Despite the appearance of a normal banking operation, BCCI was actually an international crime syndicate providing “banking services” to the Medellin drug cartel, Pamama dictator Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, terrorist mastermind Abu Nidal, and Khun Sa, the heroin kingpin in Asia’s Golden Triangle.

The BCCI scandal implicated some of the biggest political names in Washington - both Democrats and Republicans - during the first Bush White House. The bank was accused of laundering money for drug cartels, smuggling weapons to terrorists, and using Middle Eastern oil money to influence American politicians.

The chief of the Justice Department’s criminal division under former President Bush was Robert Mueller. Because the major players came out of the scandal with slaps on the wrists, many critics accused Mueller of botching the investigation. Mr. Mueller was recently appointed by President George W. Bush as the new Director of the FBI, replacing Louis Freeh who did nothing while William Jefferson Clinton allowed the Red Chinese to loot our national security secrets.

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a division of the Justice Department, reviewed allegations by Bill White in 1992 that James Bath funneled money from wealthy Middle Eastern businessmen to American companies to influence the policies of the Reagan and Bush administrations. Robert Mueller, the new FBI chief, was in a senior position at the Justice Department at the time of the review.

White told a Texas court in 1992 that Bath and the Justice Department had “blackballed” him professionally and financially because he refused to keep quiet about his knowledge of an Arabic conspiracy to launder Middle Eastern money into the bank accounts of American businesses and politicians.

In sworn depositions, Bath admitted he represented four wealthy Saudi Arabian businessmen as a trustee. He also admitted he used his name on their investments and received, in return, a five- percent stake in their business deals.

Indeed, Texas tax documents revealed that Bath owned five percent of Arbusto ’79 Ltd., and Arbusto ’80 Ltd. Bush Exploration Company controlled the limited partnerships, the general partnership firm owned by young George W. Bush.

Although George W. Bush’s Texas oil ventures were financial failures, his financial backers recovered their investments through a series of mergers and stock swaps. He changed Arbusto’s name to Bush Exploration, then merged the new firm into Spectrum 7 Energy Corporation in 1984.

The Bush-controlled oil business eventually ended up being folded into Harken Energy Corp., a Dallas-based corporation. Mr. Bush joined Harken as a director in 1986 and was given 212,000 shares of Harken stock. Bush used his White House connections to land a lucrative contract for the obscure Harken Energy Corp. with the Middle Eastern government of Bahrain. On June 20, 1990, George W. Bush sold his Harken stock for $848,000 and paid off the loan he took out to buy his small share in the Texas Rangers. The Bahrain deal was brokered by David Edwards, a close pal to Bill Clinton and a former employee of Stephens Inc. Shortly after Bush sold his stock, Harken’s fortunes nose-dived when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. Some critics claim young George was tipped off in advance by his father about the soon-coming Gulf War.

George W. Bush, however, worked wonders for Harken Energy Corp. before the stock collapsed. Using the Bush family name, he managed to bring much-needed capital investment to the struggling firm. George W. Bush traveled to Little Rock, AR, to attend a meeting with Jackson Stephens - a powerful Arkansas tycoon who helped bankroll the state campaigns of young Bill Clinton. He first gained political prominence as a fund-raiser for President Jimmy Carter. Stephens was also deeply involved in the BCCI scandal by helping the corrupt bank take control of First American Bank in Washington, DC.

Jack Stephens didn’t need an introduction to young George W. Bush. Mary Anne Stephens, his wife, managed Vice President George Bush’s 1988 presidential campaign in Arkansas. Stephens Inc., the well connected brokerage firm owned by Jack Stephens, donated $100,000 to a Bush campaign fundraising dinner in 1991. When George W. Bush won the contested Florida election in 2000, Jack Stephens made a substantial contribution to the Bush inauguration. Recently, former President Bush played golf on April 11, 2001, with Jack Stephens at the Jack Stephens Youth Golf Academy in Little Rock. The former president told Stephens, “Jack, we love you and we are very, very grateful for what you have done.”

Perhaps the former president was thanking him for the money Stephens provided young George W. Bush. Stephens arranged for a $25 million investment from the Union des Banques Suisses. The Swiss Bank held the minority interest in the Banque de Commerce et de Placements, a Geneva-based subsidiary of BCCI.

Both Stephens and Abdullah Taha Bakhsh, a wealthy and well-connected Saudi real estate investor, signed the financial transaction. The Geneva transaction was paid through a joint venture between the Union Bank of Switzerland and its Geneva branch of BCCI.

The BCCI connection, therefore, linked George W. Bush with Saudi banker Khaled bin Mahfouz. Known in Arab circles as the “king’s treasurer,” Mahfouz held a 20 percent take in BCCI between 1986 and 1990. Mahfouz is no stranger to the Bush family. He was a big investor in the Carlyle Group, a defense-industry investment group with deep connections to the Republican Party establishment. Former President Bush is a former member of the company’s board of directors. George W. Bush also held shares in Caterair, a Carlyle subsidiary. Sami Baarma, a powerful player in the Mahfouz-owned Prime Commercial Bank of Pakistan, is a member of the Carlyle Group’s international advisory board.

President Bush certainly is aware of that his former Saudi sugar daddy is still financing Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network. USA Today newspaper reported in 1999 that a year after bin Laden’s attacks on US embassies in Africa, Khaled bin Mahfouz and other wealthy Saudis were funneling tens of millions of dollars each year into bin Laden’s bank accounts. Five top Saudi businessmen ordered the National Commercial Bank to transfer personal funds and $3 million pilfered from a Saudi pension fund to the Capitol Trust Bank in New York City. The money was deposited into the Islamic Relief and Blessed Relief - Islamic charities operating in the US and Great Britain as fronts for Osama bin Laden.

The Capitol Trust Bank is run by Mohammad Hussein al-Amoudi. His lawyer is Democratic Party bigwig Vernon Jordan, close friend of former President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Abdullah Taha Bakhsh, the Arab who cosigned the $25 million cash infusion into George W. Bush’s Harken Energy Corporation, appointed Talat Othman to manage his 17.6 percent share in Harken Energy Corp. Othman, a native Palestinian, is president and CEO of Dearborn Financial Inc. - an investment firm in Arlington Heights, IL.

Bakhsh also bought a 9.6 percent stake in Worthen Banking Corporation, the Arkansas bank controlled by Jack Stephens. Abdullah Bakhsh’s share was the identical percentage as the amount of shares sold by Mochtar Riady, the godfather of the wealthy Indonesian family with close ties to the Chinese communists, Bill Clinton and evangelist Pat Robertson. Bakhsh is represented by Rogers & Wells, a well-connected Republican law firm in New York whose partners include former Secretary of State William P. Rogers.

Independent investigator reporter David Twersky reported in the early 1990s that Othman had a seat on Harken’s board of directors and met three times in the White House with President George Herbert Walker Bush. Organized by Chief of Staff John Sununu, Othman’s first meeting with President Bush at the White House was in August 1990, just days after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

There exist to this day an Arab-Texas connection. Khalid bin Mahfouz, financier of both George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden, still maintains a palatial estate in Houston, TX. Former President George Bush also lives in Houston. James Bath, Texas political confidant of George W. Bush, managed to obtain a $1.4 million loan from Mahfouz in 1990. Bath and Mahfouz, along with former Secretary of Treasury John Connally, were also co-investors in Houston’s Main Bank. Bath was also president of Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd, a Texas air charter company registered in the Cayman Islands. According to published reports in the early 1990s, the real owner was bin Mahfouz. When Salem bin Laden, Osama’ brother, died in 1988, his interest in the Houston Gulf Airport was transferred to bin Mahfouz.

Since Osama bin Laden’s bloody attack on America on September 11, the federal government has moved quickly to freeze bank accounts connected to Osama bin Laden, Khalid bin Mahfouz, and a host of Islamic charities.  
Perhaps federal agents should freeze the financial assets of the Bush family too. It would not be the first time Bush-family assets were seized by the US government for trading with the enemy.  Hold on to your hats people. We've probably all seen the "nazi" part before. Now it's time to focus on bin Mahfouz. bin Mahfouz was the owner of the Saudi National Commerce Bank. He still is! The Saudis just happened to close his account this past August, 2003. By all reports, nearly 80% of all "terrorists funds" (please stop saying Al Qaeda) are funneled through this bank and still are. This bank currently owns the Houston Gulf Airport. (See "Gateway to Terror?")

Bush family’s dirty little secret:
President’s oil companies funded by Bin Laden family and wealthy Saudis who financed Osama bin Laden

By Rick Wiles   
Copyright: American Freedom News
September 2001  Original Link:
WayneMadsenReport  British intelligence report: Mossad ran 9/11 Arab "hijacker" terrorist operation - SPECIAL REPORT.
January 24, 2011 -- SPECIAL REPORT. British intelligence report: Mossad ran 9/11 Arab "hijacker" terrorist operation

British intelligence reported in February 2002 that the Israeli Mossad ran the Arab hijacker cells that were later blamed by the U.S. government's 9/11 Commission for carrying out the aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. WMR has received details of the British intelligence report, which, was suppressed by the government of then-Prime Minister Tony Blair.

A Mossad unit consisting of six Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jews infiltrated "Al Qaeda" cells in Hamburg (the Atta-Mamoun Darkanzali cell), south Florida, and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates in the months before 9/11. The Mossad not only infiltrated cells but began to run them and give them specific orders that would eventually culminate in their being on board four regularly-scheduled flights originating in Boston, Washington Dulles, and Newark, New Jersey on 9/11.

The Mossad infiltration team comprised six Israelis, comprising two cells of three agents, who all received special training at a Mossad base in the Negev Desert in their future control and handling of the "Al Qaeda" cells. One Mossad cell traveled to Amsterdam whereb they submitted to the operational control of the Mossad's Europe Station, which operates from the El Al complex at Schiphol International Airport. The three-man Mossad unit then traveled to Hamburg where it made contact with Mohammed Atta, who believed they were sent by Osama Bin Laden. In fact, they were sent by Ephraim Halevy, the chief of Mossad.

The second three-man Mossad team flew to New York and then to southern Florida where they began to direct the "Al Qaeda" cells operating from Hollywood, Miami, Vero Beach, Delray Beach, and West Palm Beach. Israeli "art students," already under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration for casing the offices and homes of federal law enforcement officers, had been living among and conducting surveillance of the activities, including flight school training, of the future Arab "hijacker" cells, particularly in Hollywood and Vero Beach.

In August 2001, the first Mossad team flew with Atta and other Hamburg "Al Qaeda" members to Boston. Logan International Airport's security was contracted to Huntleigh USA, a firm owned by an Israeli airport security firm closely connected to Mossad -- International Consultants on Targeted Security - ICTS. ICTS's owners were politically connected to the Likud Party, particularly the Netanyahu faction and then-Jerusalem mayor and future Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. It was Olmert who personally interceded with New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to have released from prison five Urban Moving Systems employees, identified by the CIA and FBI agents, as Mossad agents. The Israelis were the only suspects arrested anywhere in the United States on 9/11 who were thought to have been involved in the 9/11 attacks.

The two Mossad teams sent regular coded reports on the progress of the 9/11 operation to Tel Aviv via the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC. WMR has learned from a Pentagon source that leading Americans tied to the media effort to pin 9/11 on Arab hijackers, Osama Bin Laden, and the Taliban were present in the Israeli embassy on September 10, 2001, to coordinate their media blitz for the subsequent days and weeks following the attacks. It is more than likely that FBI counter-intelligence agents who conduct surveillance of the Israeli embassy have proof on the presence of the Americans present at the embassy on September 10. Some of the Americans are well-known to U.S. cable news television audiences.

In mid-August, the Mossad team running the Hamburg cell in Boston reported to Tel Aviv that the final plans for 9/11 were set. The Florida-based Mossad cell reported that the documented "presence" of the Arab cell members at Florida flight schools had been established.

The two Mossad cells studiously avoided any mention of the World Trade Center or targets in Washington, DC in their coded messages to Tel Aviv. Halevy covered his tracks by reporting to the CIA of a "general threat" by an attack by Arab terrorists on a nuclear plant somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. CIA director George Tenet dismissed the Halevy warning as "too non-specific." The FBI, under soon-to-be-departed director Louis Freeh, received the "non-specific" warning about an attack on a nuclear power plant and sent out the information in its routine bulletins to field agents but no high alert was ordered.

The lack of a paper trail pointing to "Al Qaeda" as the masterminds on 9/11, which could then be linked to Al Qaeda's Mossad handlers, threw off the FBI. On April 19, 2002, FBI director Robert Mueller, in a speech to San Francisco's Commonwealth Club, stated: "In our investigation, we have not uncovered a single piece of paper -- either here in the United States, or in the treasure trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and elsewhere -- that mentioned any aspect of the September 11 plot."

The two Mossad "Al Qaeda" infiltration and control teams had also helped set up safe houses for the quick exfiltration of Mossad agents from the United States. Last March, WMR reported: "WMR has learned from two El Al sources who worked for the Israeli airline at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport that on 9/11, hours after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded all civilian domestic and international incoming and outgoing flights to and from the United States, a full El Al Boeing 747 took off from JFK bound for Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport. The two El Al employee sources are not Israeli nationals but legal immigrants from Ecuador who were working in the United States for the airline. The flight departed JFK at 4:11 pm and its departure was, according to the El Al sources, authorized by the direct intervention of the U.S. Department of Defense. U.S. military officials were on the scene at JFK and were personally involved with the airport and air traffic control authorities to clear the flight for take-off. According to the 9/11 Commission report, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta ordered all civilian flights to be grounded at 9:45 am on September 11." WMR has learned from British intelligence sources that the six-man Mossad team was listed on the El Al flight manifest as El Al employees.

WMR previously reported that the Mossad cell operating in the Jersey City-Weehawken area of New Jersey through Urban Moving Systems was suspected by some in the FBI and CIA of being involved in moving explosives into the World Trade Center as well as staging "false flag" demonstrations at at least two locations in north Jersey: Liberty State Park and an apartment complex in Jersey City as the first plane hit the World Trade Center's North Tower. One team of Urban Moving Systems Mossad agents was arrested later on September 11 and jailed for five months at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Some of their names turned up in a joint CIA-FBI database as known Mossad agents, along with the owner of Urban Moving Systems, Dominik Suter, whose name also appeared on a "Law Enforcement Sensitive" FBI 9/11 suspects list, along with the names of key "hijackers," including Mohammed Atta and Hani Hanjour, as well as the so-called "20th hijacker," Zacarias Moussaoui.

Suter was allowed to escape the United States after the FBI made initial contact with him at the Urban Moving Systems warehouse in Weehawken, New Jersey, following the 9/11 attacks. Suter was later permitted to return to the United States where he was involved in the aircraft parts supply business in southern Florida, according to an informe3d source who contacted WMR. Suter later filed for bankruptcy in Florida for Urban Moving Systems and other businesses he operated: Suburban Moving & Storage Inc.; Max Movers, Inc.; Invsupport; Woodflooring Warehouse Corp.; One Stop Cleaning LLC; and City Carpet Upholstery, Inc. At the time of the bankruptcy filing in Florida, Suter listed his address as 1867 Fox Court, Wellington, FL 33414, with a phone number of 561 204-2359.

From the list of creditors it can be determined that Suter had been operating in the United States since 1993, the year of the first attack on the World Trade Center. In 1993, Suter began racking up American Express credit card charges totaling $21,913.97. Suter also maintained credit card accounts with HSBC Bank and Orchard Bank c/o HSBC Card Services of Salinas, California, among other banks. Suter also did business with the Jewish Community Center of Greater Palm Beach in Florida and Ryder Trucks in Miami. Miami and southern Florida were major operating areas for cells of Israeli Mossad agents masquerading as "art students," who were living and working near some of the identified future Arab "hijackers" in the months preceding 9/11.

ABC's 20/20 correspondent John Miller ensured that the Israeli connection to "Al Qaeda's" Arab hijackers was buried in an "investigation" of the movers' activities on 9/11. Anchor Barbara Walters helped Miller in putting a lid on the story about the movers and Suter aired on June 21, 2002. Miller then went on to become the FBI public affairs spokesman to ensure that Mueller and other FBI officials kept to the "Al Qaeda" script as determined by the Bush administration and the future 9/11 Commission. But former CIA chief of counter-terrorism Vince Cannistraro let slip to ABC an important clue to the operations of the Mossad movers in New Jersey when he stated that the Mossad agents "set up or exploited for the purpose of launching an intelligence operation against radical Islamists in the area, particularly in the New Jersey-New York area." The "intelligence operation" turned out to have been the actual 9/11 attacks. And it was no coincidence that it was ABC's John Miller who conducted a May 1998 rare interview of Osama Bin Laden at his camp in Afghanistan. Bin Laden played his part well for future scenes in the fictional "made-for-TV" drama known as 9/11.

WMR has also learned from Italian intelligence sources that Mossad's running of "Al Qaeda" operatives did not end with running the "hijacking" teams in the United States and Hamburg. Other Arab "Al Qaeda" operatives, run by Mossad, were infiltrated into Syria but arrested by Syrian intelligence. Syria was unsuccessful in turning them to participate in intelligence operations in Lebanon. Detailed information on Bin Laden's support team was offered to the Bush administration, up to days prior to 9/11, by Gutbi al-Mahdi, the head of the Sudanese Mukhabarat intelligence service. The intelligence was rejected by the Biush White House. It was later reported that Sudanese members of "Al Qaeda's" support network were double agents for Mossad who had also established close contacts with Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh and operated in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Eritrea, as well as Sudan. The Mossad connection to Al Qaeda in Sudan was likely known by the Sudanese Mukhabarat, a reason for the rejection of its intelligence on "Al Qaeda" by the thoroughly-Mossad penetrated Bush White House. Yemen had also identified "Al Qaeda" members who were also Mossad agents. A former chief of Mossad revealed to this editor in 2002 that Yemeni-born Mossad "deep insertion" commandos spotted Bin Laden in the Hadhramaut region of eastern Yemen after his escape from Tora Bora in Afghanistan, following the U.S. invasion.

French intelligence determined that other Egyptian- and Yemeni-born Jewish Mossad agents were infiltrated into Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates as radical members of the Muslim Brotherhood. However, the "Muslim Brotherhood" agents actually were involved in providing covert Israeli funding for "Al Qaeda" activities. On February 21, 2006, WMR reported on the U.S. Treasury Secretary's firing by President Bush over information discovered on the shady "Al Qaeda" accounts in the United Arab Emirates: "Banking insiders in Dubai report that in March 2002, U.S. Secretary of Treasury Paul O’Neill visited Dubai and asked for documents on a $109,500 money transfer from Dubai to a joint account held by hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi at Sun Trust Bank in Florida. O’Neill also asked UAE authorities to close down accounts used by Al Qaeda . . . . The UAE complained about O’Neill’s demands to the Bush administration. O’Neill’s pressure on the UAE and Saudis contributed to Bush firing him as Treasury Secretary in December 2002 " O'Neill may have also stumbled on the "Muslim Brotherhood" Mossad operatives operating in the emirates who were directing funds to "Al Qaeda."

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise to power of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Sharjah's ruler, Sultan bin Mohammed al-Qasimi, who survived a palace coup attempt in 1987, opened his potentate to Russian businessmen like Viktor Bout, as well as to financiers of radical Muslim groups, including the Taliban and "Al Qaeda."

Moreover, this Israeli support for "Al Qaeda" was fully known to Saudi intelligence, which approved of it in order to avoid compromising Riyadh. The joint Israeli-Saudi support for "Al Qaeda" was well-known to the Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah-based aviation network of the now-imprisoned Russian, Viktor Bout, jailed in New York on terrorism charges. The presence of Bout in New York, a hotbed of Israeli intelligence control of U.S. federal prosecutors, judges, as well as the news media, is no accident: Bout knows enough about the Mossad activities in Sharjah in support of the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan, where Bout also had aviation and logistics contracts, to expose Mossad as the actual mastermind behind 9/11. Bout's aviation empire also extended to Miami and Dallas, two areas that were nexuses for the Mossad control operations for the "Al Qaeda" flight training operations of the Arab cell members in the months prior to 9/11.

Bout's path also crossed with "Al Qaeda's" support network at the same bank in Sharjah, HSBC. Mossad's phony Muslim Brotherhood members from Egypt and Yemen controlled financing for "Al Qaeda" through the HSBC accounts in Sharjah. Mossad's Dominik Suter also dealt with HSBC in the United States. The FBI's chief counter-terrorism agent investigating Al Qaeda, John O'Neill, became aware of the "unique" funding mechanisms for Al Qaeda. It was no mistake that O'Neill was given the job as director of security for the World Trade Center on the eve of the attack. O'Neill perished in the collapse of the complex.

Mossad uses a number of Jews born in Arab countries to masquerade as Arabs. They often carry forged or stolen passports from Arab countries or nations in Europe that have large Arab immigrant populations, particularly Germany, France, Britain, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

For Mossad, the successful 9/11 terrorist "false flag" operation was a success beyond expectations. The Bush administration, backed by the Blair government, attacked and occupied Iraq, deposing Saddam Hussein, and turned up pressure on Israel's other adversaries, including Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Hamas, and Lebanese Hezbollah. The Israelis also saw the U.S., Britain, and the UN begin to crack down on the Lebanese Shi'a diamond business in Democratic Republic of Congo and West Africa, and with it, the logistics support provided by Bout's aviation companies, which resulted in a free hand for Tel Aviv to move in on Lebanese diamond deals in central and west Africa.

Then-Israeli Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commented on the 9/11 attacks on U.S. television shortly after they occurred. Netanyahu said: "It is very good!" It now appears that Netanyahu, in his zeal, blew Mossad's cover as the masterminds of 9/11.


Planning and Decision Aid System, Cheney, false flag attack on America, September 9, 2001.
Global Research Kirk Von Ackerman, whistle blower murdered
A great deal of controversy has arisen about what was known about the movements and location of Osama bin Laden in the wake of his killing by US Special Forces on May 2 in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Questions about what intelligence agencies knew or didn't know about al-Qaeda activities go back some years, most prominently in the controversy over the existence of a joint US Special Forces Command and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) data mining effort known as "Able Danger [3]." What hasn't been discussed is a September 2008 Department of Defense (DoD) inspector general (IG) report [4], summarizing an investigation made in response to an accusation by a Joint Forces Intelligence Command (JFIC) whistleblower, which indicated that a senior JFIC commander had halted actions tracking Osama bin Laden prior to 9/11. JFIC is tasked with an intelligence mission in support of United States Joint Force Command (USJFCOM).

The report, titled "Review of Joint Forces Intelligence Command Response to 9/11 Commission," was declassified last year, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request from Steven Aftergood at the Federation of American Scientists.

The whistleblower, who the IG report identified as a former JFIC employee represented only by his codename "IRON MAN," claimed in letters written to both the DoD inspector general in May 2006 and, lacking any apparent action by the IG, to the Office of the National Director of Intelligence (ODNI) in October 2007, that JFIC had withheld operational information about al-Qaeda when queried in March 2002 about its activities by the DIA and higher command officials on behalf of the 9/11 Commission. The ODNI passed the complaint back to the IG, who then opened an investigation under the auspices of the deputy inspector general for intelligence. [5]

In a November 27, 2007, letter [6] from Edward Maguire at the ODNI to Gen. Claude Kicklighter at the DoD's IG office, Maquire identifies the whistleblower as "a DIA employee in the Defense HUMINT Management Office, Policy and Plans Division," who was "personally involved in JFIC intelligence activities related to al-Qa'ida and the 9/11 attacks and had first hand knowledge of circumstances surrounding that alleged false reporting to the Secretary of Defense and Congress."

Maguire also offered to send classified material to the DoD IG that was in possession of the Director of National Intelligence's (DNI) inspector general. He also told Kicklighter that the DNI had not performed even a preliminary inquiry on the allegations.

The IG report, which does not explain the 18-month delay in opening an investigation, cleared JFIC of any wrongdoing and declared that the intelligence agency had "provided a timely and accurate reply in response to the 9/11 Commission." In evident response, IRON MAN indicated to the IG investigating staff that "he had never seen the 9/11 Commission questions or JFIC's response, but that Congress should have asked for files concerning the tracking of Osama bin Laden."

According to the IG report, the 9/11 Commission "had not requested the direct submission of any files or requested information regarding the tracking of Osama bin Laden." The report said the commission questions "were very specific," and asked what the JFIC knew about "imminent attack" or "hijackers involved" in the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Tracking Bin Laden had been undertaken by a secret unit within the JFIC, the Asymmetric Threats Division, formed in 1999 "to take a non-traditional approach to analysis." Known by its DoD acronym, DO5, it was tasked with providing "current intelligence briefings and produced the Worldwide Terrorist Threat Summary in support of the USJFCOM Intelligence staff [J2]." Almost no public source material exists on DO5 activities, except what is in the IG report.

The IG report does not deny the tracking of Bin Laden, but notes that the JFIC was to provide general and direct intelligence support to USJFCOM and subordinate joint forces commands and that it did not have a mission to track Osama bin Laden or predict imminent targets of terrorism on US soil.

Nevertheless, DO5 was involved in intelligence concerns domestically. It provided assistance to the Joint Task Force - Civil Support (JTF-CS), which, like DO5, was formed in 1999 and based out of Fort Monroe, Virginia. The JTF-CS was tasked with assisting the DoD response to domestic terror incidents, including [7] "managing the consequences of a domestic chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) situation." At one point, DO5 assisted the JTF-CS by "establishing fictional terrorist organizations that would mimic real world terrorist groups" that were utilized as part of JTF-CS "exercises."

The obscurity of DO5's mission was summed up by a former JFIC deputy director of intelligence, who told investigators that DO5 had "no theater specific mission." According to the answers the JFIC provided to the 9/11 Commission, the JFIC received over 2,200 messages daily "from other agencies, JFCOM components, or services." It did "not conduct any unilateral collection" of any intelligence domestically.

According to the narrative in the IG report, a previous JFIC deputy director of intelligence said that the JFIC commander, identified elsewhere in the report as Capt. Janice Dundas, US Navy, "directed him to stop tracking Osama bin Laden. The Commanding Officer stated that the tracking of Osama bin Laden did not fall within JFIC's mission." At the same time, JFIC analysis of purported Afghanistan "terrorist training camps" was also curtailed, with an explanation that such activities were outside the agency's Area of Operations and "that the issues where [sic] not in JFIC's swim lane."

According to the report, the Asymmetric Threats Division was "realigned" in summer 2001 under the "Intelligence Watch Center." The Intelligence Watch Center may be the Combined Intelligence Watch Center associated [8] with NORAD, which is an "indications and warning center for worldwide threats from space, missile and strategic air activity, as well as geopolitical unrest that could affect North America and US forces/interests abroad." This would be consistent with the work DO5 did with the JTF-CS.

The order to stop tracking Bin Laden, therefore, came sometime between the origin of DO5 in 1999 and its realignment just prior to, or right after 9/11. In 2005, the JFIC itself was renamed the Joint Transformation Command-Intelligence, still subordinate to and serving USJFCOM.

Other Allegations

According to the IG report, IRON MAN claimed that the JFIC had "original material created by DO5 relevant to al-Qa'ida," and that the JFIC had constructed "numerous original reports." But the IG investigators found that interviews with other JFIC personnel and a review of historical DO5 briefings did not support these allegations. They claimed that DO5, which "recruited JFIC personnel from the command based upon their counterintelligence and counterterrorism expertise," merely "monitored and compiled intelligence reporting" from other agencies.

IRON MAN told IG investigators that he believed that his agency, JFIC, would deny the existence of the Asymmetric Threat Division and its analyses. But the IG report authors claimed, "JFIC correctly identified the DO5 in its response to question 8" from the 9/11 Commission and explained, in addition, that the JFIC noted that "D05's emphasis was on force protection for the USJFCOM components."

But in the reply to question 8 reproduced in the IG report, there is no mention of either DO5 or the Asymmetric Threat Division. The answer states, "JFIC's Counter-terrorism focus has changed over the years," and that from fall 1999 until September 11, 2001, the JFIC's counterterrorism focus switched to "Asymmetric Threats OCONUS [outside the continental US] to include terrorism and CBRN [Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear] issues," with the aforementioned emphasis on USJFCOM force protection. Nowhere does it indicate the existence of DO5 and there is no reason to believe that 9/11 Commission members were ever aware of its existence. The JFIC was never mentioned in the subsequent 9/11 Commission report.

In addition, IRON MAN's allegations also included charges that the JFIC and specifically DO5, had developed information that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were the most likely domestic targets of an al-Qaeda attack. The IG report disputes this and claims, with less than definitive assurance, "Evidence indicated that the JFIC did not have knowledge regarding imminent domestic targets prior to 9/11 or specific 9/11 hijacker operations."

The IG report indicated that IG investigators spoke with a number of key ranking JFIC personnel, as well as the previous USJFCOM director of intelligence, the JFIC Commanding Officer and personnel from the Asymmetric Threat Division.

Earlier this year, a blogger, Susie Dow, who has been following [9] the story of Kirk von Ackermann , a US Army contractor in Iraq who disappeared on the road between Tikrit and Kirkuk in October 2003, asserted that von Ackermann had earlier belonged to JFIC's Asymmetric Threat Division. Von Ackermann's vehicle was found by the side of the road with a computer and a briefcase containing $40,000 in cash. An Army Criminal Investigative Division investigation later concluded that he was the victim of a probable kidnapping, while rumors persisted that he was possibly going to blow the whistle on DoD corruption.

An associate of von Ackermann, Ryan Manelick, a former Air Force Intelligence officer, was shot and killed outside a US military base near Baghdad two months later. Manelick had earlier told various people that he was in fear for his life. Both von Ackermann and Manelick worked for the contractor Ultra Services, based in Turkey. No particular link between von Ackermann or Manelick and the IRON MAN allegations has ever been proposed.

Dow has written [10] on the two contractors for the website e Pluribus Media. In a May 6 posting at her own web site, "The Missing Man," Dow noted the IG report's conclusion: "The analysis completed by the Joint Forces Intelligence Command, specifically the Asymmetric Threat Division, was not applicable to the questions asked by the 9/11 Commission."

"Which leads me to believe the 9/11 Commission did not ask the correct questions," Dow said.


August 3-5, 2012 -- *****10 BELLS***** -- Federal judge's firm trained lead 9/11 hijacker

U.S. Judge for the the Middle District of Alabama Mark Fuller, scheduled to re-sentence former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman on August 3 in Montgomery, was the previous owner of a firm that trained accused 9/11 lead hijacker Mohammed Atta. The information on Fuller's links to the 9/11 attack were uncovered by a former Republican Party campaign aid in Alabama who spoke to WMR on background.

WMR previously reported on Fuller's financial dealings with Doss Aviation, which, among other government business, had the contract to re-fuel Air Force One. Havong had trained Atta, as well as Saudi, Iranian, and other Egyptian pilots to fly aircraft, the Colorado Springs, Colorado-based Doss Aviation was in a position to help carry out threats against Air Force One that were received by the presidential airplane's pilot on 9/11, specifically "Angel is next." Angel was the classified code word used at the time to denote Air Force One.

Ironically, as we reported earlier: "It is also noteworthy that the Doss Aviation active contract web page has a photo of the World Trade Center shaded in the colors of the U.S. flag. Fuller's firm has seen a growth in contracts and profits since the 9/11 attacks and U.S. military action in Iraq and Afghanistan."

On July 25, 2007, WMR reported: "Information culled from Internet web archives of previous Doss Aviation web pages indicate that the firm was involved in training Saudi and Iranian pilots. Both Newsweek and Knight Ridder reported that three to five of the 9/11 hijackers had attended military training courses in the United States. They included Mohamed Atta who attended the International Officers' School at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama." WMR can now report that one of the pilots Doss trained was Atta. The Egyptian-born pilot and accused Al Qaeda terrorist cell leader was often seen at the officer's club at Maxwell Air Force Base, where he was known as "Lieutenant Colonel" or merely "Colonel" Mohammed Atta of the Egyptian Air Force.

In 2002, Air Force Lt. Col Steve Butler, vice chancellor for student affairs at the Defense Language Institute (DLI) in Monterey, California, stated in a letter to the Monterey County Herald that "Bush knew about the impending attacks." Butler was disciplined by the Air Force for his remarks. However, the Air Force appears to have had a good reason to silence anyone who was in a position to shine the light on Air Force culpability in 9/11 and Siegelman, a former Alabama Attorney General and later governor during the 9/11 attack was worrisome to the 9/11 plotters.

Saeed Alghamdi, one of the Saudi 9/11 hijackers, had reportedly attended classes at DLI. On July 27, 2007, WMR reported, "Assistant U.S. Attorney Stephen Feaga, the lead prosecutor in the [Siegelman/(former HealthSouth CEO Richard) Scrushy] case, is a colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserve and is an assistant to Staff Judge Advocate Brig. Gen. Richard C. Harding at Langley Air Force Base, the principal legal adviser to the Air Combat Staff. Feaga and his boss Harding have jurisdiction over all legal matters at Langley, including contracts awarded to Doss Aviation.

Federal Judge Mark Fuller, who tried and convicted Siegelman and Scrushy, is a current principal of Doss Aviation, a major conflict of interest for a sitting federal judge."

The Justice Department case against Siegelman and Scrushy was not staged out of the Federal building in Montgomery but in a 40,000 square foot building at Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base outside of Montgomery. The use of a military base to carry out a civil prosecution, especially against a former governor, was highly unusual and virtually unprecedented and represented an ominous incursion of the military into civilian law enforcement and the justice system.

However, when Fuller's links to Doss and that firm's training of at least one of the accused 9/11 hijackers is considered, the use of Maxwell, Atta's one-time duty station, was not unusual and represented an attempt by Fuller and top Justice Department officials to cover-up the Pentagon's role in 9/11.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan, while Solicitor General under Attorney General Eric Holder, did nothing to vacate or alleviate the politically-motivated charges against Siegelman. In Holder and President Obama kept in place as U.S. Attorney in Montgomery Leura Canary, the wife of Alabama GOP grand mufti Bill Canary, a friend of Karl Rove.

It was only after Fuller's wife, Lisa Boyd Fuller, became aware of an on-going affair between Fuller and one of his deputy clerks, Kelli Gregg, that the judge's links to Doss became a problem. Some five months before Mrs. Fuller filed divorce papers against Fuller on May 10, 2012, Doss Aviation was sold to J.F. Lehman & Company, which is owned by former Navy Secretary and 9/11 Commission member John Lehman. The law firm that worked out the details of the sale was Jones Day, a firm with close ties to the Republican Party and the Central Intelligence Agency. By divesting himself of Doss's assets, Fuller could escape his wife's claims on Doss profits as shared marriage assets. Te sale of Doss to Lehman would also protect the U.S. government's foreknowledge of the events of 9/11.

Siegelman and his lawyers will argue for leniency before Fuller in Montgomery. It is a mark of our corrupt judicial system that it is Siegelman who is on trial and Fuller who is the presiding judge. In a more perfect world and in a more perfect union, it would be Judge Siegelman deciding the fate of Mr. Fuller, a corrupt former Republican Party operative and aider and abettor of terrorism.

WMR  Wife of 9/11 Commission co-chair killed by her own car   ...August 14-15, 2012

On August 11, a month from the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks, Nancy Hamilton, the 82-year old wife of former U.S. Representative Lee Hamilton, the former chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the co-chair of the 9/11 Commission that investigated the attacks, was killed when her own vehicle ran her over in the parking lot of a veterinarian's office.

Mrs. Hamilton, according to Bloomington Police, did not have her vehicle's transmission in park when she exited the car around 4:15 pm to retrieve her pet from the back. When Hamilton went behind the vehicle, a later model Toyota Camry, the car backed up and ran her over. The Monroe County medical examiner reported that Mrs. Hamilton died from massive blunt force to her chest and head. The police said the car knocked over Mrs. Hamilton and then proceeded to roll over her. Mrs. Hamilton was transported from the incident scene on the 4500 block of East Third Street and she died hours later at IU Health-Bloomington Hospital.

It is unusual that the police waited two days to report the seemingly bizarre incident involving Mrs. Hamilton and her death, which was ultimately ruled an accident. The Associated Press, NBC News, and local Indiana newspapers and radio and television stations did not report the death of Mrs. Hamilton for almost two full days. The police also made it known that Mrs. Hamilton was alone at the time of the accident.

Although for over a decade, drivers have not been able to remove the key from the ignition unless the transmission was in park, Mrs. Hamilton exited the vehicle, walked behind it to retrieve her pet from the back, and the vehicle went into reverse and ran her over. The Bloomington police have made it clear that they consider the case closed.

Newspaper and television network web site blogs became inundated not with messages of remorse but a spate of postings that criticized states for allowing the elderly to drive and that Mrs. Hamilton deserved what she got under "Obamacare." Many of the postings appeared to be automatically-generated from government "sock puppet" software used heavily by the intelligence services and military.

Friends of Mrs. Hamilton revealed that despite her 82 years of age, she maintained all her mental faculties, with one stating Mrs. Hamilton was "sharp as a tack."

The method in which Mrs. Hamilton died was not the first such bizarre death involving a driver-less vehicle and someone close to the 9/11 investigation. This editor reported the following on October 10, 2003: October 10 , 2003, 1200 PDT, -- WASHINGTON, At around 9 PM on September 29, Fairfax County, Virginia police responded to a 911 call describing an accident. However, they soon discovered they were not dealing with a routine emergency but the mysterious death of an employee of the 47-year old brother of President George W. Bush, venture capitalist Marvin Bush. Sixty-two year old Bertha Champagne, described as a long time "baby sitter" for Marvin and Margaret Bush's two children, son Walker, 13, and daughter Marshall, 17, was found crushed to death by her own vehicle in a driveway in front of the Bush family home in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County. Champagne reportedly lived at the Bush family home.

Champagne had left the residence to retrieve something from her car, which police say had somehow been "left in gear."

On October 21, 2005, WMR was the first to report on the contents of the police report on the Champagne death, a copy of which we were able to obtain from the Fairfax County Police Department. The police never officially released the report. The report, written by Pfc C. E. Beech, stated: "September 09-29-03 at approximately 2130 hours I was contacted by the on duty PSCC supervisor to respond to 6202 Ft. Hunt Rd. for a single vehicle fatality. While on scene I discovered a black Olds Bravada in the tree line and two small blood pools in the drive way. There was also blood and glass debris in the driveway. The operator of the vehicle was transported by ground to Mt. Vernon Memorial Hospital and identified as Bertha Champagne. Bertha was a maid for Marvin Bush who resides at 6202 Ft. Hunt Rd. By the time I arrived on scene the body was already transported to Mt. Vernon Hospital by ground. During the course of my investigation I interviewed Marvin Bush. Marvin stated that he arrived home at approximately 2045 hours. He advised me that he had a brief conversation with with Bertha in the kitchen. Bertha then tells Marvin that she wants to show him a video tape of her and President Bush. She then leaves the residence to take out the family dogs and retrieve the video tape. There are no witnesses to the crash. There were no signs of any other type of crime involved with this event. The victim had all her money in her wallet and all her personal belongings such as jewelry and a watch in her possession. According to the Medical Examiner, Bertha's injuries were related to this crash. There were no blunt injuries or injuries related to a robbery or a carjacking."

The official police announcement of Champagne's death made no mention of Marvin Bush or a video tape: "A 62-year-old Alexandria area woman died after being pinned between a rolling car and a building. The crash happened on Monday, around 9 pm, near the intersection of Fort Hunt Road and Edgehill Drive. Bertha Champagne had gone outside to get something from a car in a driveway. The car, which was left in gear, began to roll forward. Champagne was pinned between the car and a small building next to the driveway. The car continued to roll down the driveway, crossed Fort Hunt Road, and came to rest in a wooded area. Champagne was taken to Inova Mount Vernon Hospital where she was pronounced dead."

As in the case of Nancy Hamilton's Toyota Camry, Champagne's 2000 Olds Bravada could not have easily slipped out of gear with the keys removed from the ignition. For at least 15 years, most cars' ignitions lock if the car's transmission is not placed in park.

As WMR reported on October 21, 2005: "The police report refers to Marvin Bush's occupation as 'sales.' In fact, Marvin Bush served on the board of Securacom (renamed Stratesec). Just a few weeks prior to Champagne's death, Securacom (which provided security for Dulles International Airport and the World Trade Center on 9-11) filed for bankruptcy. Bush also served on the board of HCC Insurance Holdings, inc. (formerly Houston Casualty Company), one of the re-insurers for the World Trade Center. Marvin Bush is also a co-founder of Winston Partners Group, a financial investment firm, along with A. Scott Andrews, a former chief financial officer (until 1994) for Worldcom. Bush had also served on the board of Fresh Del Monte Produce, Inc., a Palestinian-owned firm with headquarters in the Cayman Islands and a U.S. office in Coral Gables, Florida. In 2002, Bush left the board after it became the subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation."

Bertha Champagne, as now reported from Bloomington, Indiana, was not the only person with a link to the events of 9/11 to die in a similar manner. Nancy Hamilton's husband, Lee Hamilton, widely criticized for not fully investigating 9/11, later revealed that the commission had been lied to by the CIA, among others. In December 2007, Hamilton said, "Did they [the CIA] obstruct our inquiry? The answer is clearly yes." Hamilton also said senior military officers, including those from the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD), "misrepresented the facts" to the Commission, and the Commission considered "recommending criminal charges for such false statement."

In their book, Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission, Hamilton and fellow 9/11 chair and former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean,wrote that the 9/11 Commission was "set up to fail," reiterating that Pentagon and Federal Aviation Aviation (FAA) officials repeatedly lied and that the commission considered launching a separate investigation into obstruction of justice by the the Bush administration." Lee Hamilton remains a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council, a part of the Department of Homeland Security.

With the chairmen of the 9/11 Commission maintaining that the commission was "set up to fail," it is not a leap to consider that two women who were only once removed from two key players in the investigation of 9/11 -- Lee Hamilton and Marvin Bush -- were "set up" to die.


WMR Cleaning up the 9/11 evidence and clues in Florida  August 15-16, 2012 --
Venice, FL (WMR) -- It was not long after the 9/11 attacks that federal law enforcement began seizing crime scene evidence in New York; Arlington, Virginia, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Florida, where several of the alleged 9/11 hijackers trained, has been no exception to the "clean-up" operations.

In Venice, where alleged hijackers Mohammed Atta, Marwan al-Shehhi, and Ziad Jarrah received flight training, Atta and al-Shehhi at Huffman Aviation and Jarrah at Florida Flight Training Center, both located at Venice Airport, what was once the talk of the town is now hardly mentioned. Venice, which has a population with an average age of 69, is back to being a sleepy retirement community on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Here, "911" is likely to be a normal evening bedtime rather than a reference to an infamous date in recent U.S. history.

The current residents of the Sandpiper Apartments are, for the most part, unaware that their complex was the focus of an investigation of lead hijacker Mohammed Atta, A local stripper, Amanda Keller, claimed to have lived in an apartment at the complex from March to April 2001. However, Keller later changed her story and moved away from Venice. Keller can be forgiven for changing her story. While the FBI maintains that Atta was only in Venice attending flight school from July to December 2000 at Huffmann Aviation, which is across the Airport Avenue East from the Sandpiper Apartments, residents of Venice saw Atta in the town in the the weeks leading up to 9/11. They recognized his face immediately after it was aired on television following the attacks. From a pharmacist where Atta had prescriptions filled, to a deli counter worker at Publix who made Atta his sandwiches, the description was the same: a rude and arrogant man with a glassy stare that indicated he had, somehow, been in a mental institution or "brainwashed."

The apartment, center, upper floor, where Mohammed Atta is said to have lived with Amanda Kelly in the weeks leading up to 9/11.

Accompanying Atta in the weeks before 9/11 was his father, reportedly a member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. One Venice resident also claimed that when she was at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, she and her colleagues saw Mohammed Atta, who was wearing the uniform of an Egyptian Air Force colonel.

How did the FBI react to eyewitness claims? They told them they were mistaken. The man they thought was Atta was some other arrogant and wealthy Arab who just happened to be in a community of 10,000 mostly retired people for some unknown reason.

Local townspeople knew Atta was in their town six weeks before 9/11. He had been seen having dinner with Rudi Dekkers, the shady owner of Huffman Aviation. In 1999, Dekkers and his partner, Wally Hilliard, bought Huffman Aviation. According to a Venice CIA source, the choice of Dekkers to be involved in a U.S. and foreign intelligence operation on the scale of 9/11 was unwise. The source said that using a Dutchman in such an operation was "untidy," referring to Dekkers's criminal past in the Netherlands and the CIA's long history with Dutch operatives, who like to get drunk and start talking.

For the 9/11 plotters, Venice was a weak link that could have exposed the entire criminal conspiracy behind 9/11. Atta's noticeable disagreeable public persona, coupled with Dekkers's "untidiness," threatened to link the Venice flight training operation to Governor Jeb Bush in Tallahassee and all the way to the White House in Washington. Even the Venice police chief posed a problem. He had often said that the police were ordered by the city fathers of Venice never to question or interfere with the operations at the tower-less airport, operations that included Blackhawk helicopters swooping in for only a few seconds, sometimes around 3:00 am, when they would pick up or discharge passengers. The political leadership of Venice was beholden to the man who was heavily invested in the town: Jackson Stephens, the billionaire Little Rock, Arkansas tycoon who had helped bankroll the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Venice Municipal Airport was used by the military during World War II as a base. But it was not just any regular base, it was used by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the forerunner of the CIA, to train Nationalist Chinese pilots to fight against the Japanese. The operation was overseen by General Claire Chennault, to founder of the Flying Tigers that assisted Chiang Kai-shek's forces before and during America's entry into World War II. Chennault was also a founder of the Civil Air Patrol, which is headquartered at Maxwell Air Force Base. Chennault was a supporter of the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol, which once counted James Bath, George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard friend; Drug Enforcement Administration informant and pilot Barry Seal; alleged John F. Kennedy assassination conspirator David Ferrie; and accused Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald as members.

Huffman Aviation, once the interest of the FBI, with a new identity: Soncoast Air Center.

Today, Amanda Keller has moved away to start a new life. Huffman Aviation was bought and now the building is called "Suncoast Air Center." Huffman's original corporate records have disappeared into an administrative "black hole." And Venice has returned to a sleepy retirement community.


WMR  August 20-21, 2012, Key West, FL (WMR) -- Mohammed Atta's mysterious passport
WMR's investigation of accused 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta's whereabouts prior to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks strongly indicate that he was sent to Key West, Florida in order to provide a plausible cover story about his passport that would be provided to the media following the attacks.

New York Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik reported to CBS's News's Scott Pelley that "one of the hijackers'" passports was found 3 to 4 blocks away from the debris from the collapsed World Trade Center. It was later reported that the passport was in pristine condition and managed to survive that way in explosive temperatures that incinerated the hijacked American Airlines Boeing 767's "black boxes" and melted steel in the World Trade Center. It was also later reported that the pristine passport belonged to another hijacker, Satam al-Suqumi, and was found by a "pedestrian." It should be kept in mind that for weeks after 9/11, only authorized individuals were permitted near "Ground Zero." Unauthorized persons were not permitted to go south beyond 34th Street.

It was also reported that a "Mohamed Atta" (there are a number of transliterations of Arabic names into English and Mohamed is often interchanged with Mohammed and Muhammad) traveled on a novelty passport issued by the Conch Republic, a fantasy nation that was established as a protest in 1982 by the Florida Keys to the creation of a detached U.S. border station on U.S. Highway 1 in Florida City, just south of Homestead, to check for illegal aliens heading north from the Keys. The people of the Keys decided if they were going to be treated like foreigners, they would secede from the United States. The border check was finally removed but the Conch Republic lived on, not so much as a political protest, but as a humorous symbolic republic that worked in tandem with the Chamber of Commerce of the Keys and the municipal government of Key West to promote tourism and the uniqueness of the Florida Keys. The mayor of Key West also serves as the "prime minister" of the Conch Republic.

But the humor of the Conch Republic and the novelty passports it issues was seemingly lost on some individuals who, in September 2000, began applying for the novelty passports from locations in Pakistan, India, and the United Arab Emirates. The sudden spate of such requests led officials of the Conch Republic to notify the immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) in Miami of a potential problem with people who might be trying to enter the United States illegally by using the novelty passports. The INS never responded but the Conch Republic drafted a letter for the record that such a report was made to the INS.

In February 2001, Mohamed Atta and his stripper/lingerie model girlfriend, Amanda Keller, were spotted all over Key West. They were seen at the Red Garter, a notorious Key West strip club; the Hard Rock Cafe; and Sloppy Joe's, the name of the haunt where novelist Ernest Hemingway drank and, on occasion, pointed out to his friends the FBI agents who were in the bar watching him.

But while Hemingway drew the interest of the FBI, the bureau had no similar interest in Atta. It was while Atta and Keller were at the Hard Rock Cafe that Atta left to pick up a mysterious German-speaking man who arrived at Key West International Airport. The German-speaking man stayed with Atta and his girlfriend for a few days. After a few days, Atta, Keller, and the German left Key West. There have been some reports that the German man was Wolfgang Bohringer, a Swiss-German who tried to establish a flight school in Kiribati in the South Pacific but was asked to leave by that nation's president. Bohringer has been rumored to be a longtime CIA asset from the shady ranks of the agency that have also reportedly included Rudi Dekkers, the owner of Huffman Aviation, the Venice, Florida flight school where Atta was enrolled.

After 9/11, two FBI agents arrived at the door of the Conch Republic, located in a traditional Key West wood-frame house on Simonton Street, a block away from the tourist shops and bars on Duval Street. It was clear that the agents were there because of what was allegedly "found" in the rubble in New York: a passport issued in September 2000 to a Mohamed Atta, who applied for it using a New York City mailing address. The FBI was told that the Conch Republic was suspicious about some passport requests received the previous year from the Middle East and Indian sub-continent and that the information was conveyed to the INS without a response.

The Conch Republic voluntarily turned over to the FBI agents bankers' boxes containing some 25,000 Conch Republic passport applications, including addresses, telephone numbers, copies of supporting identification documents, and even the DNA from licked envelopes and postage stamps. It was from these files that an application from a "Mohamed Atta" in New York was discovered, but the FBI presumably already knew that from what was found in perfect shape in the debris of the World Trade Center. Instead of keeping the information about Atta secure, the FBI leaked the Conch Republic passport application information to the Miami Herald. The paper dispatched reporter Jennifer Babson to Key West to interview Conch Republic Secretary General Peter Anderson. Babson asked Anderson why Atta "had been using a Conch Republic passport to travel." In fact, there was never any evidence that Atta had personally possessed such a passport, let alone having traveled on one.

The Herald's FBI source or sources were not truthful in what they passed on to the paper, information that was repeated in Babson's October 3, 2001, article: the article states that "Mohamed Atta" signed the Conch Republic's registration book at their Key West headquarters (currently, visits to the headquarters are by appointment and walk-ins are not permitted). However, the Herald reported that agents were unable to find Atta's passport application in the 25,000 files. WMR has been told that there was such an application and it was mailed from New York City, where there was never any record of the alleged hijacker Atta having stayed.

There are strong suspicions by informed parties in Key West that someone else applied for the Conch Republic passport using the name Mohamed Atta and when the time was right, the passport was dropped into the debris on Vesey Street near the Trade Center site. In turn, the passport was handed to Kerik.

Kerik, who is presently serving a prison term after a federal corruption conviction, has never revealed who gave him the passport in question. Sources have told WMR that Kerik expressed fear that he spoke too much about the details of 9/11, he would be placed in the general prison population -- a virtual death sentence for a police officer -- rather than in the minimum security prison where he is now serving out his term.

Atta's only known passport was his Egyptian passport, number 1617066, with a U.S. B1/B2 visa, number 34137932, issued at the U.S. embassy in Berlin on May 18, 2000.

The visit by the two FBI agents, supervisory resident agent Rae Bliss and her deputy Anthony Russo, to the Conch Republic office on suspicion that Atta may have used a novelty passport is not supported by the conclusions of the 9/11 Commission, which stated: "The FBI and CIA have uncovered no evidence that Atta held any fraudulent passports." WMR learned that FBI agent Bliss's husband was, at the time of the investigation, a CIA officer assigned to the Joint Task Force-Key West, a component of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami. Bliss and her husband are now retired.

Mohamed or Mohammed Atta never traveled on this passport, but someone claiming to be him, ordered it and tossed in the debris of the World Trade Center.

Those familiar with Atta's Key West visit in February 2001, said he possessed a number of passports and spoke a number of languages, including Hebrew. In fact, WMR discovered that in 2001, a number of Israel Defense Force reservists, operated many of the small boutique shops in Key West, which sold everything from skin lotions and children's toys to jewelry and kitschy souvenirs. The IDF vendors, according to our sources, periodically flew back and forth to Israel in the months leading up to 9/11.

WMR learned that the Conch Republic passport is valued as more than a "toy" or "souvenir." A number of U.S. military, intelligence agency employees, and State Department personnel have ordered the passport in order to travel to countries where showing a U.S. passport while inside the country could cause problems. Some countries have actually stamped an entry visa in the Conch Republic passport, which amuses Conch Republic officials, since it is a de facto recognition by other governments of the sovereignty of the Conch Republic.

Usually, visas are stamped after an official passport is presented to an immigration officer, bit not all the time. Official visas in Conch Repubic passports have been stamped by immigration officers from Mexico, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Bequia, Turks and Caicos Islands, St. Eustatius, St. Maarten, St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, British Virgin Islands, and --- the United States.


9/11 Truth Whistleblowers
















  • Dr. Alan Sabrosky Wikipedia ... has openly accused Israel of orchestrating the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D., [[University of Michigan], 1976])[citation needed], is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U. S. Army War College. He is also a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. Dr. Sabrosky's teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad.   ...   A representative quote by Dr. Sabrosky is as follows - "What we need to stand up and say is not only did Israel attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at it's headquarters, Marine Corps and I made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period." In a later interview he stated: "Americans must understand that they did it. And if they do, Israel is gonna disappear. Israel will flat ass disappear from the face of this earth."[citation needed] Sabrosky has not brought any new evidence (and does not consider that any more is necessary or likely to be forthcoming, other than a possible confession from one of the 9-11 organizers), but rather lent his credentials, both of being part Jewish himself, and of being a Professor and former Vietnam Marine veteran, to the critics of the official US government position on 9-11, and its justification for its wars. He has also provided a comprehensive conceptual framework for evaluating 9-11 in “Demystifying 9-11: Israel and the Tactics of Mistake
  • Susan Landauer A 9/11 Truth activist, CIA asset, and whistleblower with extensive experience in the immoral sanctions and illegal invasion of Iraq ... Wikipedia  Lindauer is the daughter of John Howard Lindauer II, the newspaper publisher and former Republican nominee for Governor of Alaska. Her mother was Jackie Lindauer (1932–1992) who died of cancer in 1992. In 1995 her father married Dorothy Oremus, a Chicago attorney who along with other members of her family owned the largest cement company in the Midwest. Lindauer is also a second cousin of former White House Chief of Staff, Andrew Card.  ...  She graduated from Smith College in 1985. She earned a masters degree in public policy from the London School of Economics. She worked as a temporary reporter at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for 13 weeks in 1987, and as an editorial writer at the The Everett Herald in Everett, Washington in 1989. She then was a reporter and researcher at U.S. News & World Report in 1990 and 1991. She then worked for Representative Peter DeFazio, D-Oregon (1993) and then Representative Ron Wyden, D-Oregon (1994) before joining the office of Senator Carol Moseley Braun, D-Illinois, where she worked as a press secretary and speech writer.  On January 8, 2003, she delivered a letter to Andrew Card. In her letter, she urged Card to intercede with President George W. Bush to not invade Iraq, and offered to act as a back channel in negotiations. Andrew Card is her second cousin. Her first politically-related contact with former Chief of Staff was around 2001. Lindauer was arrested on March 11, 2004 in Takoma Park, Maryland and charged with "acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government". The indictment alleged that she accepted US$10,000 from the Iraqi Intelligence Service in 2002. Lindauer denies receiving the money, but confirms taking a trip to Baghdad, claiming it was on behalf of her work as a U.S. asset. She was released on bond on March 13, 2004, to attend an arraignment the following week.  (She was falsely accused of being mentally unstable, but has a mass of records proving otherwise  see video she is focused and articulate)  OpEdNews
  • Sibel Edmonds JustaCitizen in her new memoir, Sibel Edmonds�the most classified woman in U.S. history takes us on a surreal journey that begins with the secretive FBI and down the dark halls of a feckless Congress to a stonewalling judiciary and finally, to the national security whistleblowers movement she spearheaded. Having lived under Middle East dictatorships, Edmonds knows firsthand what can happen when government is allowed to operate in secret. Hers is a sobering perspective that combines painful experience with a rallying cry for the public's right to know and to hold the lawbreakers accountable. With U.S. citizens increasingly stripped of their rights in a calibrated media blackout, Edmonds story is a wake-up call for all Americans who, willingly or unwillingly, traded liberty for illusive security in the wake of 9/11.
  • Charlie Sheen video  and Charlie Sheen has provoked outrage with claims that the U.S. government was behind the September 11 terror attacks. Ahead of today's eighth anniversary of the atrocities that killed 3,000, the Hollywood star has insisted there was a cover-up. And he has appealed to President Barack Obama to hold a new investigation into the attacks on the World Trade Centre towers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC. Enlarge Actor Charlie Sheen, shown here with ex-wife Denise Richards in 2005, has demanded Barack Obama open a new investigation into 9/11 Sheen, the highest-paid actor on U.S. TV, argues that 'the official 9/11 story is a fraud' and says the commission set up to investigate was a whitewash. He claims the attacks simply served 'as the pretext for the systematic dismantling of our Constitution and Bill of Rights'.
  • Frank Greg Ford -  was a member of the team that discovered the canisters at the Balad airbase and he has stated a British team arrived to take possession of the evidence and later destroyed it. Ford has filed a law suit against the United States government for the retaliation he experienced for his team's discovery.
  • Greg Palast Wikipedia (born June 26, 1952) is a New York Times-bestselling author and a freelance journalist for the British Broadcasting Corporation as well as the British newspaper The Observer. His work frequently focuses on corporate malfeasance but has also been known to work with labor unions and consumer advocacy groups. Notably, he has claimed to have uncovered evidence that Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, and Florida Elections Unit Chief Clay Roberts, along with the ChoicePoint corporation, rigged the ballots during the US Presidential Election of 2000 and again in 2004 when, he argued, the problems and machinations from 2000 continued, and that challenger John Kerry actually would have won if not for disproportional "spoilage" of Democratic votes.  9/11 Video
  • Jesse Ventura Wikipedia (born July 15, 1951), better known as Jesse Ventura, is an American politician, actor, author, veteran, and former professional wrestler who served as the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. Ventura served as a Navy UDT member during the Vietnam War. He later embarked on an 11-year professional wrestling career from 1975 to 1986, taking up the stage name Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Ventura first entered politics as Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota from 1991 to 1995. He ran as the Reform Party candidate in the Minnesota gubernatorial election of 1998, .... The campaign was successful, and Ventura served from January 4, 1999, to January 6, 2003, without running for a second term. After leaving office, Ventura became a visiting fellow at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He has also hosted a number of TV shows and has written several political books. Ventura currently lives in both Dellwood, Minnesota and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.   ...    Ventura became critical of the War in Iraq, arguing that Iraq had no involvement in the 9/11 attacks.   ...   In April and May 2008, Jesse Ventura, in several radio interviews for his new book, Don't Start the Revolution Without Me, began to express concerns about what he described as some of the unanswered questions of the September 11 attacks. His remarks about the possibility that the World Trade Center was demolished with explosives were also repeated in newspaper and television stories following some of the interviews. Ventura was interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show on April 2, 2008 where he said that he felt that many unanswered questions remain, and he believes that World Trade Center Building 7, which was not struck by a plane, collapsed on the afternoon of 9/11 in a manner which resembled a controlled demolition Ventura stated: How could this building just implode into its own footprint five hours later? That's my first question.  The 9/11 Commission didn't even devote one page to that in their big volume of investigation.   ...  Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura Main article: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura In August 2009, it was announced that Ventura would host TruTV's new show Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura. "Ventura will hunt down answers, plunging viewers into a world of secret meetings, midnight surveillance, shifty characters and dark forces," truTV said in a statement. On the program, which debuted on December 2, 2009, Ventura travels the country, investigating cases and getting input from believers and skeptics before passing judgment on a theory's validity. According to TruTV, the first episode drew 1.6 million viewers, a record for a new series on the network. The second season of the series debuted in October 2010 and aired 8 episodes through December 2010.A third season is in the process of being made and will air sometime in 2012.
  • Michael Springman OpEdNews  How A Visa Bureau Chief In Saudi Arabia Learned To Love Denying Visas To Terrorists  ...  With an employment history of over twenty years with the federal government,1 Springman joined the State Department in 1986 and was assigned to the American Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1987.2 His position was chief of the visa bureau section there.3 Before leaving for Jeddah, Springman was contacted by the American ambassador in Saudi Arabia, Walter Cutler, who passed on to Springman rather ominous forewarnings (or friendly advice not to rock the boat) concerning his new position. Cutler, Springman says, "kept talking about visa problems. And how I should do my best to make sure that everything ran smoothly".4 This conversation with Cutler would prove to be the initiation of a fourteen year odyssey for Springman that culminated on September 11, 2001.    ...   So here we have an interesting scenario of young, out of work, Muslim men with no visible skills traveling from other Muslim countries to Saudi Arabia in order to obtain a visa for entry into America rather than obtaining that visa in their native country? Very curious, to say the least. Then came September 11, 2001.   ...   Several weeks after the 9/11 attacks it was reported in the press that of the nineteen hijackers who commandeered aircraft on the morning of September 11, 2001, fifteen had obtained their visas at the American Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.12 Springman was surprised to read this. He had thought that the CIA operation in Jeddah had been closed down long before the 9/11 attacks, considering he, "had complained to the diplomatic security in Washington"had complained to the General Accounting Office"had complained to the State Department Inspector General's office, and"had complained to the Bureau of Consular Affairs at the State Department."13 It would seem that Langley takes little notice of storm warnings emanating from Foggy Bottom.  more
  • BBC -- The BBC blew the whistle on it own involvement in 9/11 YouTube   BBC Reports Collapse of WTC Building 7 Early-- TWICE   The BBC reported that a number of the 9 11 'hijackers' were still alive after 9 11. (BBC NEWS Middle East Hijack 'suspects' alive and well)
  • NewsWeek  Aangirfan  Newsweek revealed that five of the alleged 9/11 hijackers received training at secure US military bases. (MSNBC) "Terrorists in the September 11 attacks received training at secure US military bases, a Defense Department spokesman admitted in an interview Friday." Three days after the WTC disaster, Newsweek and the Washington Post reported that 3 of the hijackers had listed their address as the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida.
  • Steve Pieczenik 9/11 attacks were a Bush inside job    ....   Steve Pieczenik is a critically acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and the co-creator of the best-selling Tom Clancy's Op-Center and Tom Clancy's Net Force paperback series.    Trained in psychiatry at Harvard University and international relations at M.I.T., his novels are based on over twenty years experience resolving international crises and hostage situations for the Department of State for four administrations.  and ... Recruited by Lawrence Eagleburger as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Management, Pieczenik went on to develop, "the basic tenets for psychological warfare, counter terrorism, strategy and tactics for transcultural negotiations for the US State Department, military and intelligence communities and other agencies of the US Government,” while also developing foundational strategies for hostage rescue that were later employed around the world.    ...   Pieczenik also served as a senior policy planner under Secretaries Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, George Schultz and James Baker and worked on George W. Bush’s election campaign against Al Gore.
  • Tony Shaffer Wikipedia (born 1962) is a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who gained fame for his claims about mishandled intelligence before the September 11 attacks and for the censoring of his book, Operation Dark Heart. Shaffer enlisted in the Ohio Army National Guard in 1980 and graduated from Officer Candidate School in 1982. He received his B.A. in political science and environmental studies from Wright State University in 1986   ...  Shaffer has alleged that the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) failed to properly evaluate intelligence on 9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta. Shaffer's allegations subsequently became known as the Able Danger controversy. In October 2003, according to his later statement to Congress, Shaffer told the 9/11 Commission staff director, Dr. Philip D. Zelikow, that in 2000 a DIA data-mining program known as Able Danger had uncovered two of the three terrorist cells eventually implicated in the September 11 attacks. Shaffer reportedly told Zelikow that DIA leadership declined to share this information with the FBI because military lawyers expressed concerns about the legality of doing so. Shaffer also asserted that he briefed Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet on three separate occasions regarding his unit's activities. The 9/11 Commission Report did not mention Shaffer's allegations, but in 2005 and 2006 the Chairman of the House Select Intelligence Committee, Rep. Curt Weldon, publicized Shaffer's allegations in public statements and hearings.
  • Paul Craig Roberts Wikipedia (born April 3, 1939) is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration earning fame as a co-founder of Reaganomics. He is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Scripps Howard News Service who has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy. Roberts is a critic of Israel, calling Gaza "the world's largest concentration camp" populated by people who were "driven out of Palestine so that Israel could steal their land." Roberts has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations. Although Roberts praised Ronald Reagan, he has compared supporters of George W. Bush to "brownshirts with the same low intelligence and morals as Hitler's enthusiastic supporters." He has opposed the War on Drugs and the War on Terror stating it has "made widows and orphans of millions of Muslims"  ...  Of the 9/11 Commission Report he wrote in 2006, "One would think that if the report could stand analysis, there would not be a taboo against calling attention to the inadequacy of its explanations." (see Criticisms of the 9/11 Commission Report). He has reported what he says are findings by experts that conclude there is a large energy deficit in the official account of the collapse of the three WTC buildings, and says that this deficit remains unexplained. Roberts comments on the "scientific impossibility" of the official explanation for the events on 9/11 and says those engineers and physicists who accept this theory are wrong. On August 18, 2006, he wrote: I will begin by stating what we know to be a solid incontrovertible scientific fact. We know that it is strictly impossible for any building, much less steel columned buildings, to “pancake” at free fall speed. Therefore, it is a non-controversial fact that the official explanation of the collapse of the WTC buildings is false... Since the damning incontrovertible fact has not been investigated, speculation and “conspiracy theories” have filled the void..
  • Wayne Madsen Wikipedia (born April 25, 1954) is a Washington, D.C.-based investigative journalist, author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs. He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report.  In early 1982 he was stationed at the Coos Head Naval Facility which had an allowance of twelve officers, ninety-five enlisted and 15 civilians. According to Madsen, while Operations Officer at Coos Head he was involved in a sting operation conducted by the FBI and Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) which ultimately ended in the arrest of his commanding officer for pedophilia on 11 September 1982 and he was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal for his involvement and assistance in the investigation.  In 1984, Madsen was loaned to the National Security Agency by the Navy.  Between 1985 and 1989 Madsen held a series of jobs, first working for RCA as a government consultant on contracts for the National Security Agency (NSA). Later he worked for the Navy's Naval Data Automation Command as a civilian employee. After this Madsen briefly established his own consulting firm, then worked for the National Bureau of Standards, and later for the State Department. In 1990 Madsen joined Computer Sciences Corporation, working there from 1990 until 1997,[16] when he joined the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) as a senior fellow. In late January 2005 Madsen left EPIC.  In 2005 Madsen began working as a free-lance journalist. He produces a blog called the Wayne Madsen Report. His articles have appeared in publications such as CorpWatch, CounterPunch, CovertAction Quarterly, In These Times, Multinational Monitor, The American Conservative, The Progressive and The Village Voice. His columns have appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Columbus Dispatch, Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald and the Sacramento Bee. He is a regular on WETA-TVs "White House Chronicle".
  • Danny Jowenko  911BloggerDutch demolition expert Danny Jowenko was killed a car accident in the Netherlands. He was reportedly driving from church when he collided head-on with a tree. There was also a dog in the car who survived. Jowenko is best known in the 9/11 truth community for his analysis of Building 7, which he concluded was a professionally-engineered controlled demolition.  911Blogger
  • Colleen Rowley Coleen Rowley  From the time she was eleven years old, Coleen was determined that she would one day become an FBI agent. In January of 1981, she was appointed a Special Agent with the FBI and initially served in the Omaha, Nebraska and Jackson, Mississippi Divisions In 1984, she was assigned to the New York Office where, for more than 6 years, she worked on Italian organized crime and Sicilian heroin drug investigations. She had the opportunity to further her language proficiency in Italian at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California. She also served three separate temporary duty assignments in the Paris, France Embassy and the Montreal Consulate.  ...   In 1990, Coleen was transferred to Minneapolis where she assumed the duties of Principal Legal Advisor (which later became "Chief Division Counsel"). Her responsibilities entailed oversight of the Freedom of Information, Forfeiture, Victim-Witness and Community Outreach Programs as well as providing regular legal and ethics training to FBI Agents of the Division and some outside police training.    ...    In May of 2002, Coleen brought some of the pre 9/11 lapses in the investigation of Zacarias Moussaoui to light. The 9/11 Commission subsequently described Moussaoui as an “Al Qaeda mistake and missed opportunity,” the investigation of whom may have led to the center of the Al Qaeda plot if it had been pursued in a timely and effective manner.    ...   In June of 2002, Coleen testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee about some of the endemic problems faced by the FBI and the intelligence community.
  • Kurt Sonnenberg  Ground Zero video of thermite-cut beams  
  • Paul Fetzer  Veterans Today  I am the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a former Marine Corps officer, a magna cum laude graduate of Princeton and a Ph.D. in the history and the philosophy of science. I have done a great deal of research on the assassination of JFK as well as on 9/11, where I edited the first book from Scholars, THE 9/11 CONSPIRACY (2007), organized and moderated its first conference, “The Science and Politics of 9/11: What’s Controversial, What’s Not”, and produced its first DVD. ... created "The Science and Politics of 9/11" DVD I have participated in hundreds of interviews about 9/11 on radio and television, including a 3.5 hour appearance on television in Athens in December 2006, which was broadcast worldwide by satellite, speaking in New York in 2007 and in 2008, traveling to Buenos Aires for 9/11 presentations in 2008 and 2009, and organizing a London symposium on “Debunking the ‘War on Terror’” in London in 2010.
  • Lee Hamilton Wikipedia  (born April 20, 1931) is a former member of the United States House of Representatives and currently a member of the U.S. Homeland Security Advisory Council. A member of the Democratic Party, Hamilton represented the 9th congressional district of Indiana from 1965 to 1999. Following his departure from Congress he has served on a number of governmental advisory boards, most notably as the vice chairman of the 9/11 Commission.   ...   He was critical of the commission, saying it was "set up to fail" .... On Saturday, August 11, 2012, Hamilton's wife, 82-year-old Nancy Hamilton, died after being run over by her own car, when she arrived at a veterinary clinic where she was taking one of her pets. She had not left the car in park when she got out and walked behind the car to go around to the other side and let her pet out, and it rolled backward and struck her, running her over, causing blunt force trauma  ... suspicious?
  • aagrifan



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Millions Worldwide Believe 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
Millions Worldwide Believe 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Monday, 27 Sep 2010 01:21 PM Article Font Size By: Arnaud De Borchgrave

No sooner did Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad suggest from the rostrum of the U.N. General Assembly that most of the world believes the U.S. government was involved in a 9/11 conspiracy, than 32 nations followed the U.S. delegation as it walked out.

These were members of NATO, the European Union (21 countries are members of both), Australia, New Zealand, and Costa Rica.

More importantly, 167 nations didn't budge and went on listening to the Iranian's incendiary speech.

We keep forgetting that countless millions in the world, including millions of Americans, have swallowed the monumental canard that the United States and Israel were part of a conspiracy designed to legitimize the invasions of Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003.

The first to finger the United States and Israel was Hamid Gul, two weeks after 9/11, in an interview with this reporter in Islamabad.

Gul, a former head of Pakistani intelligence and notorious anti-American, added the U.S. Air Force to the conspiracy mix. The "evidence" he provided was that no U.S. fighter aircraft were scrambled on 9/11 to intercept the passenger planes that had abandoned their flight plans.

Gul, a friend of Osama bin Laden dating to the days when they were allies against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, has yet to explain what he was doing in Kabul with his Taliban friends for two weeks immediately preceding 9/11.

More recently, in Cairo, two former Egyptian ambassadors to the United States told me they believed there was a Mossad-CIA plot designed to keep Israel and America in lockstep in a war on terror. They pointed out that when President George W. Bush declared Global War in Terror, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was the first to sign up.

For the two Egyptians, that validated their suspicions.

There were also bestselling books about the "fact certain conspiracy" written in both French and German, by different authors, that each sold a million copies in both countries.

For Gordon Duff, a Vietnam veteran and senior editor of "Veterans Today" and frequent "self-hating American" guest on radio and TV stations the world over, there is no doubt he is to the conspiracy theory born.

"In America," he wrote last week, "groups have been popping up for years, not 'fringe' types but military and professional organizations, architects, engineers, pilots, intelligence officers. There is a vast underground that is never reported, never spoken of in the news and continually threatened. The FBI and Homeland Security have infiltrated these groups, illegal surveillance has been on a massive scale and, as the groups have grown and their reach has touched millions of Americans, the government, in the usual whispers, is talking about mass arrests, 'unplugging' the Internet, all those things the militia movements of the '90s said would happen."

Outside of the United States, Duff adds, not in the Middle East, but Canada, Europe, Latin America, and the Far East, "finding people who accept the Bush and Obama administration's 'party line' about 'box cutters and hijackers' is difficult. No one wants to risk the public scorn of seeming like an imbecile."   more


CIA Threats of Federal Prosecution Delay 9/11 Documentary,

9/11: Press for Truth.

CIA Threats of Federal Prosecution Delay 9/11 Documentary    ...   Wednesday, 14 September 2011, 12:30 pm Press Release: Kyle Hence Recent threats by the CIA prompt two freelance journalists to delay an investigative podcast naming CIA analysts complicit in obstruction of key pre-9/11 intelligence. The podcast will present revelations from former top US government personnel, including Richard Clarke, Pasquale D’Amuro, Bob Baer, and Mark Rossini, who echo concerns of former 9/11 Commission Chair Thomas Kean. ...   Austin, Texas (FF4) September 12, 2011 – On Thursday, the CIA threatened the journalists behind Who Is Rich Blee? with possible federal prosecution if their investigative podcast reveals the names of two CIA analysts at the center of a pattern of obstruction and mishandling of intelligence that many feel would have stopped the 9/11 attacks.    ...   Like FBI agent Ali Soufan and Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer before them, the podcast team, including John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski, are being subjected to intimidation and censorship by government officials over blowing the whistle on the true story surrounding two alleged 9/11 hijackers, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar.    ...   The podcast originally scheduled for September 11th release presents a narrative of how three CIA analysts working under Richard Blee, the long unknown former head of CIA’s Bin Laden Station, deliberately misled their colleagues and withheld key intelligence from FBI and the White House regarding the presence of two known Al-Qaeda operatives in the U.S.    ...   Four government investigations into CIA handling of pre-911 intelligence included personal details of the two CIA analysts and their actions. Nowosielski and Duffy deduced the identities of the two as yet unnamed CIA employees from internet research based on details provided from these and other open sources. When the producers used their full names in interviews, interviewees offered no correction. The CIA response provided the final confirmation.    ...    In project updates posted at the producers announced the delay of the podcast and posted background of a complicated case that involves dozens of violations of protocol, intimidation, and incidents of obstruction by the CIA, with the two yet named CIA analysts at the center of many of them.    ...   Author and expert on the subject, Kevin Fenton, documents 35 such incidents between January 2000 and September 11th in his book, Disconnecting the Dots: How 9/11 Was Allowed to Happen.    ...    Pulitzer-prize winner Lawrence Wright, interviewed for the podcast, told producers the actions of one of the unnamed CIA analysts still employed at CIA amounts to obstruction of justice in the FBI’s criminal investigation of the deaths of 17 seaman aboard the USS Cole.    ...   The producers are not the first subject to government censorship over this case. Last month The New York Times reported on CIA efforts to censor an autobiography by Ali Soufan, a front-line FBI counter-terrorism special agent. Prior to 9/11, Soufan was interested in Mihdhar and Hazmi because of links to the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen. The CIA censored references to a passport photo of Mihdhar the CIA had withheld from Soufan, despite three written requests.    ...   Scott Shane of the New York Times reports today that, "Mr. Soufan accuses C.I.A. officials of deliberately withholding crucial documents and photographs of Qaeda operatives from the F.B.I. before Sept. 11, 2001, despite three written requests, and then later lying about it to the 9/11 Commission."    ...   Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, interviewed for the podcast, was himself intimidated, demoted and smeared by the Pentagon after he came forward to the 9/11 Commission with details of how, on three occasions, unnamed DoD officials prevented his Able Danger operation from meeting with the FBI prior the attacks.    ...    In 2000 the Able Danger data-mining program placed Mohammed Atta in a Brooklyn terrorist cell but had also placed Hazmi and Mihdhar in a San Diego cell, the epicenter of intrigue around Alec Station’s Rich Blee, Tom Wilshere and the two as yet unnamed subordinates who themselves repeatedly withheld intelligence from the FBI. Though Shaffer was interviewed by 9/11 Commission’s Director Philip Zelikow and staffer Dieter Snell, the Commission left any mention of Able Danger from its final report.    ...    In the planned podcast, 9/11 Commission Chair Tom Kean is asked about a scant footnote to Chapter 6 of the 9/11 Report referring to an intelligence cable, seen by 50 at the CIA, but prevented from reaching the FBI. For Kean the incident was not a case of bungling or intel ‘stovepiping’: “Oh, it wasn’t careless oversight. It was purposeful. No question about that in mind. It was purposeful.”    ...   Whereas Kean explains it as a penchant for secrecy, Richard Clarke, the former head of counter-terrorism at the Bush White House, goes farther suggesting malfeasance and the possibility of illegal CIA-led domestic spying activity. Comments by Clarke released in a video in August led to a formal statement from George Tenet, Cofer Black and Richard Blee, and a response from the producers.    ...   “This was perhaps the closest U.S. intelligence got to foiling the 9/11 plot,” explains Nowosielski, “but instead of stopping the attack, the CIA stopped intel on two high-value targets from getting to the right people, repeatedly. And still the CIA protects the individuals responsible by intimidating those who simply want to know the truth behind a shocking and possibly criminal pattern of obstruction”    ...   In an email Thursday the CIA warned Nowosielski he could be subject to prosecution under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act, a law intended to apply to government employees who violate their security clearance and never used to convict journalists.    ...   The producer’s online response: “The Society of Professional Journalists' code of ethics states that ‘journalists should be free of obligation to any interest other than the public's right to know’ and should ‘be vigilant and courageous about holding those with power accountable.’ The day that journalists' exposés of wrongdoing within government agencies require the approval of those government agencies before release, that is the day that transparency and accountability are lost.”    ...   John Duffy and Ray Nowosielski, both graduates of Chicago’s Columbia College Film School, produced the critically acclaimed 2006 documentary "9/11: Press for Truth."
Ari Fleischer Dan Bartlett ok Novak column Mission to Niger Novak misspoke the first time we talked. Rove couldn't remember Rove second source July 14th article. What did Rove tell Bush? Henry Waxman, security breaches in Plame case with Sen. Byron Dorgon (D-N.D.) Cheney's stickin it to the CIA. Novak word operative was journalistic miscue, skeptical. used Valerie Plame and Valerie Wilson Timothy Phelps New York Times INR State Department memo circulated on Bush Africa trip Time A war on Wilson by Cooper Massimo Calabresi and John Dickerson. Quote government officials Wilson's wife is a CIA official who monitors the proliferation of WMD involved in decision to send Wilson to Niger. David Corn of the Nation tells Wilson that leak is a crime. Rove said "I didn't know her name" Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball articles. Andrea Mitchel interview distorted by NBC, to push Wilson smear. Chris Mathews tells Wilson that Karl Rove considered Plame 'fair game'. Consider Paul O'Neill, Richard Clarke, Gen. Zinni, Gen Shinseki. Stephen Hadley offers to resign on '16 words' Bush refuses resignation. Newsday reports Plame was undercover until Novak outed her. CIA files crime report to DOJ. Bush refuses Rice resignation. Letter to John Conyers. Two top Whitehouse officials disclosed CIA identity. to at least six Washington journalists. New York Times Douglas Jehl, study by the Defense Intelligence Agency Chalabi intelligence was of little or no value. William Bowles. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez notified Andrew CArd of DOJ leak investigation at 8:00 PM, but waited 12 hours (next day) preserve documents. Shredding party? Gonzalez was Whitehouse Council, Ashcroft was attorney general. National Review, Clifford May. Phone logs, emails and Rep. Thomas M. Davis II. Bush joked about leaks with African news session. Whitehouse surrendered thousands of emails, call logs, and calendars. Notes say Wilson was Kerry supporter, advisor. Oficials to sign waivers to overcome reporter obstacles to revealing sources. Pincus Novak said 'no partisan gunslinger' comment and "you know about it too". Was leak retaliation. Bush said 'find out the truth'. Scott McClellan quote "those individuals assured me they were not involved in this. And that's where it stands" Bush: leaker may never be found'. Bush threatened to withhold docs under executive privilege. McClellan spoke about difference between unauthorized disclosure and 'setting the facts straight'. Independent Media TV, Jason Leopold. Mike Allen and Dana Priest: "Clearly, it was meant purely and simply for revenge". Rove Newsweek 'far game' Chris Mathews, MSNBC. Hardball. Investigators are studying Whitehouse reaction to Wilson's first public attack on Bush's case about Iraq. Final deadline. Wall Street Journal article about Bureau of Intelligence Research. John J. Kokal, Near East and South Asia division found dead. Ashcroft briefings stopped. Fitzgerald appointed. Simone Ledeen, daughter of Michael Ledeen goes to Bahgdad, CPA, Coalition Provisional Authority, also brat pack, yellowcake. James Comey is godfather. Aides sign waivers to journalistic privilege. Staff meet informally about immunity. Mary matalin testifies. Pelosi Daschele, Lieberman, Rockefeller ask for GAO investigation of covert status. Jim Loebe knew. Cathie Martin (Cheney aid) interviewed, near combat atmosphere. Grand Jury subpoenas Air Force One phone logs. What was whitehouse PR strategy? Bush outside attorney James Sharp & Associates, Ken Starr removed attorney-client privilege for government lawyers in Clinton smear campaign. Glen Kessler discuss conversations. Bush interviewed by Fitzgerald, Sharp present. Kerry dumps Sandy Berger and Wilson from campaign. Federal Judge Thomas F. Hogan hold Time magazine report Mathew Cooper in contempt of cout and orders him jailed for refusing to reveal source of Plame leak. appeal goes to Supreme Court. politics of truth, joe wilson. Judith miller receives subpoena. powell testified. cooper testified about libby conversations. bush and dan rather flap on military service in the news. bar lowered to committed a crime. LA times doyle mcmanus "if rove is source #2, who is source #1. roy kriger CIA agent fired because he spoke of informant saying iraq' uranium enrichment program dead. Conyers and Slaughter call for investigation of Jeff Gannon, James D. Guckert, as GOP fake journalist plant at whitehouse briefings. free republic. Federal Judge rober sweet ruled miller not required to reveal. in 2001 ARAMCO Cheney CEO signed $140 million contract. Boston Globe. Brewster Jennings & Associates, BinLaden group, Khalid bin Mahfouz, BCCI connections. Vincent Cannistraro said forged niger yellowcake docs were made up in the U.S. mentioned Michael ledeen. see downing street memo. Supreme court refuses miller cooper appeal. search jailhouse crock and miller as fake martyr, obstructing justice for personal gain. Did rove break same law as martha stewart? perjury. see Sen Lautenberg calendar. Miller is in Alexandria Detention Center. Sen. Pat Roberts, Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee, will conduct hearings. What is the Federal Tort Claim Act FTCA. Who is Karen Johnson? ask Karl Rove and Business Council, Infrastructure Solutions. George Tennet, John McMclaughlin, Bill Harlow and the stranger who approached Novak. Why did whitehouse shift blame to the CIA for '16 words' in SOTU, State of the Union address speech. Bolton neglected to tell congress about niger yellowcake. Wilson's op-ed piece published. Oliver North and John Poindexter convictions overturned. Novak challenges Harlow warning. Scooter Libby and Judith Miller convesations hot. see columbia jouranlism review and vanity fair, wayne madsen report on asher karni nuclear arms smuggler and district judge ricardo urbina on nuclear triggers. ashcroft recused himself. what is hollinger international, daved radler, lord conrad a. black, richart burt boy-toy. What does miller have to do with tip-off of holy land foundation, global relief foundation and benevolence international foundation.  AIPAC officials: Howard Kohr, Richard Fishman, Renee Rothstein, Raphael Danziger.  New Yorker, Seymour Hersch story on Bush plans to launch nuclear attack on Iran summer of 2005.  Cheney warns of Israeli preemptive strike on Iran.  Rosen's lawyer: Abbe Lowell.  Perle (Defense Policy Board)gives speech at AIPAC conference, calls for american military action against iran.  Iran has Shihab III intermediate range missile.  Franklin pleads innocent, Judje T.S. Ellis III.  rove said he was discouraging a reporter from writing a false story based on a false premise.  Frontpage mag interiviews Kenneth Timmerman.  Naor Gilon of Israeli embassy involved.  Jack Abramoff indicted and Texans for a Republican Majority.  John N. Nassikas III, spy nest exposed. and A.Q. Kahn.  David Kelly is confidant of Judith Miller and Pederson and Olivia Bosch at Royal Institute of international affairs.  Judge Ricardo Urbina and what did Thomas Dine confirm.  Patrick Dorton is AIPAC spokesperson.  Harold Rhode is source of plame leak and Jerry Hauer and cofer black.  lawmakers urged to support Iran Freedom and Support act and one of unnamed reporters is Glenn Kessler by David Ignatius.  USGO-1 is Kenneth Pollack and Bob Dole is baffled.  Iran 5 years away from nuclear weapons.  Miller and Zacarias Moussaoui together?  Michael Ledeen is Rove's brain.  Ted Olson was Pollard's defense attorney. July 14th, 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 August September October November December 2003 2004 2001

That gathering involved some of the most powerful names in the Jewish lobby in America, starting with Edgar Bronfman, the chairman of the World Jewish Congress. Others included: Charles Bronfman, Edgar's brother and a top executive of the family's flagship Seagrams Corp.; Leslie Wexler of Limited, Inc.; Charles Schusterman, chairman of Samson Investment Co. of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Harvey "Bud" Meyerhoff, a fabulously wealthy and powerful Baltimore real estate magnate; Laurence Tisch, chairman of Loews Corp.; Max Fisher, the Detroit oil magnate and Republican Party powerhouse; bagel magnate Max Lender; and Leonard Abramson, the founder of U.S. Healthcare

presents the 13 most corrupt members of Congress: Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO) -- Rep. Randy Cunningham (R-CA)-- Rep. Tom Feeney(R-FL)-- Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA)-- Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO)-- Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH)-- Rep. Richard Pombo (R-CA)-- Rep. Rick Renzi (R-AZ)-- Rep. Charles Taylor (R-NC)-- Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA)-- Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA)-- Senator Bill Frist (R-TN)-- Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT) 

Aug 31, 05 Twenty Things We Know, Independent TV USGO-1 Identified Middle East analyst: Kenneth Pollack, National Security Council, Clinton administration. Sept 3, 05 Bob Dole (baffled by Miller incarceration) visited Miller in jail, NYTimes copy. Smokescreen on passing federal shield laws that would allow reporters to protect their souces. Sept 5, 05 Rocky Mountain News, "Weapons of Mass Delusion" Sept 6, 05 U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III set this Sept 6 trial date for Larry Franklin, Sept 6, 05 IISS International Institute for Strategic Studies, 'Strategic Dossier', entitled Iran's Strategic Weapons Programmes - A Net Assessment. Iran 5 years away from a nuclear weapon. Why go to the stake to defend a spin doctor planting bile? Guardian Unlimited todo: Antiwar, In These Times, Is Iran Next? Counterpunch Zvi Bar'el, Chalabi, Feith and Israel, Theater of the Absurd Sept 8, 05 Yahoo News Plamegate will rise up in a few weeks. Is she bargaining?....what about possible criminal contempt charges? Huffington Post Sept 10, 05 The Alexandria facility where Miller is, also housed Zacarias Moussaoui..(just one floor above Miller's cell) The gas station tapes of the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11 are 'classified' because of his trial. They would reveal the real truth about what aircraft slammed into the Pentagon that day. see missile? National Press Club, honors Judith Miller see Franklingate links page see Pakistan Daily Times on Iran latest news...and Michael Ledeen, Rove's brain, AEI, prominent proponent of a violent regime change in Iran. Ledeen has close ties to all Plamegate players. and see Ledeen's ties to the Niger forged docs that led to Iraq War. It's all one story. Lies of Ommision Progress Sept 11, 05 Peace Page, 9/11 poem by Kristy we should share the shame search terms: Texas Secretary of State, Roger Williams, Bush campaign, Karl Rove, Elizabeth Reyes. Sept 12, 05 Iran Mania News One week to U.N. meetings on Iran. Cooperative Research, neocon run-up to war, timeline see Ted Olson links to Jonathan Pollard, Pentagon, Perle, Lehman, Feith.... Ted Olson's wife 'died' on Flight 77, 9/11? Sept 14, 05 New 'Amdocs' page, information on Israeli owned telephone billing co. and connections to 9/11, AIPAC, neocons, Iraq war, Iran war mongering. Against Bombing old timeline, not updated, but some interesting links, stories DNC Democratic National Committee, Plamegate Rovegate, Treasongate, Leakgate page Crosswalk, conservative publication, Democrats keep focus on Plamegate Sept 15, 05 Bush / Rice failing in Iran war mongering efforts. India, China and Russia nix U.S. and EU effort to get a majority of IAEA board to refer Iran to UN Security Council for sanctions. India says the plan will backfire. search:Ahmadinejad. NYT copy David Fiderer on the "Abort the Plame Investigation Act" or H.R. 581. Feb 05. Bob Dole and the Republicans smokescreen tactics are difficult to see ...will they work? Framing the issue around source id privilege keeps the buzz off what Miller is hiding...just what they want. also see CSM Holt wants docs, Fitzgerald says will harm investigation see SpinWatch on indictment Sept 16, 05 Asia Times review of Bush whitewash Craig Whitney. DOJ won't turn over docs to Congress and While You Were atching Katrina House Republicans derail probes of Plame affair Village Voice Sept 17, 05 Some Miller elite visitors: Bob Dole, John Bolton, Tom Brokaw, Gonzalo Marroquin, Sept 18, 05 Washington Report on Middle East Affairs old but relevant story, Israeli spies in America. Amdocs, Report of Israeli Eavesdropping on White House Telephones Gets Varying Media Treatment Sept 19, 05 This article climbing in the search engines: Frontpage Mag calls Plamegate non-event, "endless spider-web of lies by Joe Wilson", "The media has gone out of its way to question the credibility of Karl Rove", "non-leak of Plame's non-secret identity',....and on...and on. and NFU-Franklingate research on Amdocs, 9/11, art students, Israeli spies Sept 20, 05 Yahoo article: What Show Did You Watch During the War Daddy? Iraq War, lost and now a civil war....north to south, oil. Sept 21, 05 Jurist article: David Radler, former President and COO of Hollinger International and former publisher of the Chicago Sun-Times, will plead guilty to fraud charges. Robert Novak is Sun-Times columnist. Aljazeera "Is it possible that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) is assisting Israel in betraying American spy networks in Iran in return for the Iranians to offer the release of captured Israeli spies?" AEI search on Jonathan Pollard results in "Web of Conspiracies" book by Michael Rubin. search Kwiatkowski, OSP, Mondale. Sept 23, 05 Register: More on Amdocs corporate espionage. And The Age Police question Amdocs least 19 arrested for infiltrating competitors computers. World Net Daily, Stephen Hadley mentioned, prior knowledge of 911 information on Atta in Rep. Weldon (Republican) Book "Countdown to Terror" Shaffer stopped from testifying about Able Danger data mining. Gonzales will name D. Kyle Sampson as chief of staff (DOJ) and in related article KerrySharesOurValues on D. Kyle Sampson, Raul Yanes ..and (Ted Ullyot) All three have been lawyers in the White House counsel's office under Gonzales. ... Ullyot (Ullyot stepped down) and Yanes were the coordinators of the White House's response to the investigation into the leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame's identity. Gonzales and Ashcroft will recuse, but will these three also? Sampson, Ullyot and Yanes have represented tobacco companies. search Kirkland & Ellis or (, Kenneth Starr. tobacco thread articles / timeline on Israeli spying and Lowell Sun Online The invasion of Iraq was the “greatest strategic disaster in United States history,” a retired Army general said yesterday, strengthening an effort in Congress to force an American withdrawal beginning next year. Retired Army Lt. Gen. William Odom, a Vietnam veteran, said the invasion of Iraq alienated America's Middle East allies, making it harder to prosecute a war against terrorists Imam Intikab Habib's....was swept out of his FDNY appointment....Over the weekend, the message was pounded in by the New York and other media that those who question the Official Conspiracy Theory.... Sept 25, 05 search internet: Kurzberg Shmuel Ellner Marmari Amdocs for supporting evidence on Amdocs links to 9/11 WTC or search amdocs fema israel or amdocs foxnews and Amdocs page Sept 26, 05 New Franklingate / DOJ selected press releases page Sept 27, 05 Shalom Center, article from 2004: "Neo-Cons, AIPAC, Israel, & Alleged Spying " Oct 28, 05 The federal grand jury delving into the matter expires Oct. 28. .. prosecutors could pursue a criminal contempt of court charge against Miller. Sept 28, 05 Conk Websearch, Encyclopedia entry on AIPAC, supporters, critics and quotations. Fatma Nevin Vargun, is a Kurdish women's rights activist. Libby poem in a letter to Miller in jail: "You went into jail in the summer. It is fall now. You will have stories to cover -- Iraqi elections and suicide bombers, biological threats and the Iranian nuclear program. Out West, where you vacation, the aspens will already be turning. They turn in clusters, because their roots connect them. Come back to work -- and life. Until then, you will remain in my thoughts and prayers -- With admiration, Scooter Libby." from Sept 29, 05 Foxnews "U.K.: Military Action against Iran, 'Inconceivable'. and "On Saturday, the International Atomic Energy Agency passed a resolution putting Iran on the verge of referral to the U.N. Security Council unless Tehran eases suspicions about its nuclear activities" "(Fitzgerald) was ready to extend her imprisonment for up to 18 months. ...on September 29, she walked out of prison ready to talk, having secured a personal waiver of confidentiality from her own source, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, the vice president's chief of staff." Guardian Sept 30, 05 Miller testified before the grand jury about two conversations with Libby in July 2003 Red Nova "Quality of Iran's Nuclear Fuel Sheds Doubt on Weapons Capabilities" Daily Star "Britain rules out military action against Iran over nuclear program Tehran to vote on scaling back cooperation with IAEA Forward Steven Rosen (AIPAC) seeking dismissal on the grounds that the U.S. government has refused to disclose key evidence. Franklin will plead guilty, Harretz ....Miller released, will testify, and Red Nova coverage Oct 1, 05 Miller testified,...Fitzgerald agreed to limit his questioning to Libby contacts regarding Plame. Miller was his final witness...the interview lasted 4 hours. Libby's attorney Joseph Tate puzzled at a second request for a had been a year since they believe they gave her a waiver. Oct 2, 05 Net search terms: Judith Miller, Stephen Hadley, Able Danger, missing chart Oct 3, 05 Weldon's Able Danger hearings will backfire on GOP "...both Miller and Libby collaborated for months on manufacturing the bogus WMD hoax.." Ahmed Amr, Palestine Chronicle (copy), and Nile Media Oct 4, 05 Miller still trying to limit issue to her conversations with Libby? NY Times copy Oct 5, 05 Libby Lawyer says Miller in jail on her own accord, was given waiver a year ago Washington Post see changes to Franklingate AIPAC page World Peace Herald: Able Danger report expected soon. Oct 6, 05 San Francisco Chronicle, Jon Carrol, "Everyone pretty much knows that the Judith Miller story doesn't add up, except for her employers at the New York Times" Indictments Any time? Editor & Publisher Oct 7, 05 Live Journal "U.S. Preparing for a Strike on Iran.....Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector to Iraq .......warned in apocalyptic terms in London"


PolicyMic  9/11 Truth Conspiracy: 1,700 Reasons For A New September 11 Investigation 

The official NIST explanation for the collapse of WTC 7 was "scattered office fires." Government engineers or engineers for 9/11 truth? You decide:

In fact, a few influential politicians have made interesting remarks concering WTC 7. Senator John Kerry made comments suggesting building 7 came down in a "controlled fasion." When confronted on his controversial comment, Kerry deined every suggesting that WTC 7 fell in that matter. Contrary to the official NIST explanation, Chairman of the 9/11 Commission and former Governor of New Jersey Thomas Kean claimed that "aftershocks" were responsible for the collapse of building 7. Of course, the 9/11 Commission Report fails to mention the collapse of WTC 7. 

With all the evidence and expert opinions pointing to a controlled demoliton, the collapse of WTC 7 alone merits a new independent investigation. Watch the full documentary to get the experts' detailed analysis of all three buildings' collapses. 

Armed with the research of these architects and engineers, President of Italy's Supreme Court Ferdinando Imposimato has stated publicy in writing that 9/11 was just like the "strategy of tension" carried out in Italy. 

"The 9/11 attacks were a global state terror operation permitted by the administration of the USA, which had foreknowledge of the operation yet remained intentionally unresponsive in order to make war against Afghanistan and Iraq," he says. 

Judge Imposimato goes on detailing the scientific research of Richard Gage and other architects and enginneers who point to controlled demolitions. He also singles out specific individuals involved in the intentional mishandling of intelligence leading up to 9/11. Imposimato announced that he is going to recommend that the International Criminal Court hold a criminal trial focusing on 9/11.

Since 9/11, America has taken a turn for the worst. Over 6,000 of our troops have perished in the resulting wars. More troops are dying from suicide than actual combat now. Countless innocents have fell victim to America's global War on Terror. And we now accept the fact that presidents can have secret kill lists to be used outside the rule of law. Sacrificing our liberty for assumed security is never a good idea. We have been conditioned to accept the rapidly expanding police state: the TSA gropedowns, the massive surveillance networks built to spy on the American people, NDAA, the PATRIOT Act, and drone usage over American skies. The Department of Homeland Security has even shifted it's Sauron-like gaze upon those who choose to defend liberty in the face of tyranny. Clearly, if all these "security" measures are taking place as a result of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, then we should have 100% confidence in the official story ... but as you can see, there are a growing number of highly credible people who are demanding a new investigation. 

ae9/11 articles

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth back    

This section created to help promote AE911Truth  Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.... click anywhere below to see great videos, presentations, at their site    Ed Asner on CBS


Selected Reports from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
 World Trade Center Tower A Architectural Drawings
Floor Plan At Elevation 274 B3 Level 764x452 1528x905 3056x1810 6112x3621, about 100 more
 29 Structural/Civil Engineers Cite Evidence for Controlled Explosive Demolition in Destruction of All 3 WTC High-Rises on 9/11, June '09
29 Structural/Civil Engineers Cite Evidence for Controlled Explosive Demolition in Destruction of All 3 WTC High-Rises on 9/11 More than 700 architects and engineers have joined call for new investigation, faulting official reports Gregg Roberts and Staff The facts are in. The evidence is conclusive. These experts lay it all out. For Some, the Doubts Began Early “Something is wrong with this picture,” thought Nathan Lomba, as he watched replays of the Twin Tower collapses on television on September 11, 2001. A licensed structural engineer trained in buildings’ responses to stress, Lomba saw more on the screen than you or I. He puzzled, “How did the structures collapse in near-symmetrical fashion when the damage was clearly not symmetrical?” Lomba was hardly alone in his discomfort. Most structural engineers were surprised when the towers fell.1 In 2006, San Francisco Bay Area architect Richard Gage, AIA, began raising technical questions among his professional colleagues about the destruction of the Twin Towers and 47-story WTC Building 7. Those who take time to look at the facts overwhelm-ingly agree that vital questions remain unanswered, Gage has found. Today more than 29 structural engineers, experts in what can and cannot bring down buildings, have joined almost 700 other Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth in signing the petition demanding a new investigation.2 They mainly kept their misgivings to themselves, though, as Scientific American and the Journal of Engineering Mechanics, BBC, the History Channel and government agencies such as FEMA and NIST offered varying and often imaginative theories to explain how fires brought the towers down. They cite a variety of concerns about the “collapses” and the inadequacies of official reports. Many, like Lomba, find the unnatural symmetry of all three collapses suspicious. The rapidity of collapse – acknowledged by the government as essentially free-fall acceleration – was troubling, too. Some note that the fires were weak; others ask how the tilting upper section of WTC 2 “straightened” itself. Everywhere you look, pieces of the puzzle don’t fit what we’ve been told. New evidence mounting over the years only validated initial discomfort: eyewitness testimony of explosions, unexplained molten iron in the debris pile, and chemical evidence of steel-cutting incendiaries – all omitted from government reports. Many engineers attack implausibilities in the Bažant pile driver model, the 2002 FEMA report and the 2005 NIST report, and also slipshod and dishonest methodology. Finally, the collapse of WTC 7, not hit by any airplane, mystified others. The repeated postponement of the government’s report seemed to add fuel to the fire. Artificial Symmetry The symmetry of collapse struck Paul Mason, a structural engineer in Melbourne, Australia, and Dennis Kollar, P.E. (licensed Professional Engineer in Wisconsin). Kollar was troubled by the collapses’ “totality and uniformity” and the fact that the mass of debris remained centered on the building core all the way down. The towers should have fallen “with increasing eccentricity as the collapse progressed,” writes Howard Pasternack, P.E. These systematic collapses required that many structural connections not only fail “nearly simultaneously,” but also “in sequential order,” wrote Frank Cullinan, P.E., who designs bridges in Northern California. That’s “impossible from asymmetrical impact loading and ... small, short-duration fires.” 2 Anders Björkman William Rice The engineers find it difficult to believe the government’s claim scattered fires brought about such an orderly collapse. Failure of heat-weakened steel would show “large deflection, asymmetric and local failure, and slow progress,” David Scott told colleagues at the Institution of Structural Engineers in the UK. It’s “a gradual process,” agreesAnders Björkman, and “cannot be simultaneous everywhere.” A Swedish naval architect working in France, Björkman maintains that failures “will always be local and topple the mass above in the direction of the local collapse.” William Rice, P.E., a Vermont structural engineer, expects fire-induced failures to be “tilting, erratic and twisting.” while Ronald Brookman, S.E., a licensed structural engineer from Novato, California, figures on “a partial collapse to the side.” Symmetrical collapse requires simultaneous failure of all supporting columns, notes Charles Pegelow. “How could all 47 core columns fail at the same instant?” Pegelow has performed design work on offshore oil rigs and tall buildings. His opinion: “Fires could not do that.” Impossible Collapse Acceleration The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) characterized the Twin Towers’ collapse as “essentially in free fall” (Section 6.14.4 of NIST NCSTAR 1).3 Brookman wrote asking NIST investigators why debris fell “with little or no resistance from the intact structure below.” Rice questions how each tower “inexplicably collapsed upon itself, crushing all 287 massive columns on each floor [while maintaining near-freefall speed] as if the 80,000 tons of supporting structural steel framework underneath didn’t exist.”4 Falling objects should take “the path of least resistance,” notes Pasternack, while official explanations claim that Tower debris took the path of greatest resistance – through the strong, cross-braced core structure all the way to the ground. The Twin Towers were overbuilt to prevent office workers from getting seasick on windy days, says Kollar. “There’s so much redundancy.... The building has to be stiff enough so it doesn’t sway.” Perimeter columns designed to endure hurricanes, Scott says, were loaded only to “about 10% of their ultimate capacity” in the gentle breeze on 9/11.5 Gravity was “a negligible part of the loading,” says Kollar, citing a claim by the Towers’ engineers Worthington, Skilling, Helle & Jackson that even with all the columns on one side cut, and several around the two corners, the Tower would still withstand 100 mile-per-hour winds.6 The rapid breakup of this robust structure appears to defy the laws of physics, engineers say. Forty-five years of structural design experience inform the view of Claude Briscoe, P.E., that the government’s collapse theories “seem to defy the laws of mechanics, conservation of energy, and known structural failure behavior.” In the official story, the kinetic energy of the falling debris would have been largely absorbed by the energy required to dismember the structure, bending and twisting steel components, and pulverizing 220 acres of concrete floors. To accomplish all this while achieving a nearly free-fall-speed collapse is “simply not physically possible,” says Mason. “There is not sufficient energy available.... For this massively strong structure to just crumble away at near-free-fall speed would have required immense amounts of explosive energy.” Weak Fires Vs. Explosive Events Though four official accounts blame fire for the destruction of all three World Trade Center towers, the fires do not appear to have been particularly severe. NIST states that the jet fuel burned off in just ten minutes.7 “They also acknowledged that office furniture burns for only 15 to 20 minutes in any one area” before it’s consumed,8 Scott points out. “There’s ample evidence that the steel temperatures got nowhere close to the “600+ degrees Centigrade [1,200 Ron Brookman Charles Pegelow 3 degrees Fahrenheit] required to cause failure.” We saw no “raging infernos” on TV, David Huebner, P.E., points out. Sooty smoke and dull red flames, Scott says, indicate “cool fires ... fuel-starved fires.” Firemen at the 78th-floor impact zone reported “only two small fires,” Scott adds, “not the 1000-degree-Centigrade inferno” government officials claim. New York Fire Department (FDNY) personnel, trained to assess fires’ structural hazards, had no reason to expect total collapse, Brookman writes. Scott notes that several steel-framed towers have burned longer, hotter – and much more intensely without collapse. “As engineers we know what fire can do to steel and what it can’t.” “Over 100 recorded witnesses reported hearing and seeing multiple explosions,” Rice wrote.9 Brookman cites “numerous eyewitness accounts, including the FDNY oral histories, of secondary explosions ... well below the impact floors.” His letter to Congressional representatives describes “explosive clouds of dust and debris moving horizontally and vertically.” Brookman added: “That does not look anything like a heat-induced, gravitational collapse mechanism.” Rice notes that “perimeter columns weighing several tons each were ejected laterally up to [600] feet.” His conclusion: “Not possible without explosives.” Angular Momentum Arrested As the South Tower began to fail, the top 25 stories tipped as a unit, photos show. “The tilting block doesn’t look right,” Brookman said. It should “continue to rotate and fall to the ground.” Edward Knesl and Lomba say the same thing. The failure mode of such tall structures should have been “a fall over to the side” (Knesl) and “a toppling of the upper floors to one side ... not a concentric, vertical collapse” (Lomba). “It looked like an explosive event,” Brookman said. “[The upper section] began tilting toward the damage zone, and then suddenly dropped straight down and disintegrated in the process.” Building 7’s Mystifying Implosion Baffling as the Towers’ “collapses” were, even more perplexing was the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7. “Unprecedented,” says Rice. “Unexplainable,” says Huebner. “No plane hit this building,” points out Graham Inman, a chartered engineer in London. Few Americans have given any thought to the thirdWorld Trade Center high-rise destroyed on September 11th, since it was not repeatedly televised. Kamal Obeid, S.E., ponders it. “A localized failure in a steel-framed building like WTC 7 cannot cause a catastrophic collapse like a house of cards without a simultaneous and patterned loss of several of its columns at key locations within the building.” Videos show “simultaneous failure of all columns,” wrote Inman, “rather than [the expected] phased approach,” in which undamaged columns would show resistance sequentially. Though the building housed “offices of the CIA, the Secret Service, and the Department of Defense, among others,” Rice notes, the 9/11 Commission left WTC 7’s collapse out of its report. FEMA’s 2002 inquiry blamed WTC 7’s collapse on fires, though it admits that its “best hypothesis has only a low probability of occurrence.” Rice notes that the media have “basically kept the collapse of WTC Building #7 hidden from public view.” The Phantom Pile Driver Two days after 9/11, Dr. Zdeněk Bažant offered a rationale for the most catastrophic structural failure in history. Seven years later, his thesis10 still underlies official claims that total collapses were “inevitable.” Bažant’s mathematical model of the The South Tower’s top tilted 22 degrees, then disappeared straight down into the rubble cloud. Zdeněk Bažant Kamal Obeid WTC 7 came down in full free-fall for 2-1/4 seconds and very near free-fall overall. 4 upper floors’ transformation into a pile driver “block” free-falling one story to hammer the entire tower into scrap metal and powder involves “very misty allegations – actually inventions,” says Björkman. His opinion derives from thirty-five years in ship surveying and construction, design of tankers and seagoing ferries, and practical observations of steel vessels after collisions. Never before, Björkman notes, has “a smaller object (the light-weight, upper, actually non-rigid, flexible steel structure consisting of many smaller parts) destroyed the bigger and stronger other object (the complex steel structure below) only with the assistance of gravity.” Björkman scoffs at Bažant’s mythical free-falling top block bringing 287 columns hammering down in perfect array on the 287 columns below. Steel bends and mashes in Björkman’s salty world, and “it is not certain that the hammer even hits the nail.” Real-life columns miss, lodge in horizontal structures, and punch holes in floors, creating energy-absorbing frictions, deformed steel, local failures, and “a soft collision (not impact!)” that tangles damaged floors in a shuffled array – and stops well short of total collapse. Videos show that Bažant’s alleged pile driver disintegrates “within 3.5 seconds after the roof starts to fall.... before global collapse starts!” Björkman challenges Dr. Bažant and his followers to produce a “timetable, analysis, and explanation” consistent with the video evidence. “And tell us ... what happened to the upper block!” Molten Iron “Flowing Like Lava” Steel starts melting at 2700° F, almost 1000° hotter than jet fuel fires, notes Pegelow. “Why did the NIST investigation not consider reports of molten steel in the wreckage?” he asks. FDNY Captain Philip Ruvolo reported seeing in the basements “molten steel ... like you were in a foundry, like lava.”11 Even Leslie Robertson, one of the design engineers of the World Trade Center and a supporter of the official collapse story, reportedly acknowledged on October 5, 2001 that “twenty-one days after the attack, molten steel was still running.”12 Richard Garlock, a structural engineer in Robertson’s firm, said “Going below.... the debris past the columns was red-hot, molten, running.”13 Dr. Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl, another supporter of the official story and the first structural engineer given access to the WTC steel, told PBS, “I saw melting of girders in [the]World Trade Center.”14 Jet fuel can’t melt steel, “but thermite explosives/incendiaries can ... create temperatures in excess of 4000 degrees Fahrenheit...” writes Rice, “instantly melting/severing short segments of steel columns and beams.” Chemical evidence of thermite found in the powdered debris by physicist Dr. Steven Jones15 is cited by Rice, by Obeid, and by Clark Townsend. Brookman challenges NIST to explain tiny “iron-rich spheres found in the WTC dust,” which appear to be solidified droplets of once-molten iron.16 Crucial Evidence Survives Discredited 2002 FEMA Report The FEMA 403 report17 was “incomplete at best and a cover-up at worst,” says structural engineer <name redacted by request> of New Jersey, noting that a metallurgical study in its Appendix C.2 found “evidence of a severe high temperature corrosion attack on the steel ... with subsequent intergranular melting” forming a “sulfur-rich liquid” that “severely weaken[ed]” the structural steel. FEMA scientists later state in Appendix C.6 that “no clear explanation for the source of the sulfur has been identified.” <redacted> finds that unacceptable. “The report has uncovered an unexplainable phenomenon [within the context of the official story] that may have led to the collapse of the 3 WTC buildings,” he writes, “and has stated that further study is needed, but FEMA has not Other Engineers Agree Not all the structural engineers who have signed the petition at are quoted in this article. But all of them support a new investigation, primarily because of the evidence of controlled demolition presented on our website. Capt. Philip Ruvolo Dr. Steven Jones 5 proceeded with further research.” Evidence was not just ignored; it was destroyed. Firemen rioted at Ground Zero,18 protesting the desecration of the dead in a hasty “scoop and dump” clean-up of the structural steel debris. “The destruction of the crime scene evidence is inexcusable,” Huebner writes. Scott laments the “masses of vital forensic evidence” lost, and Bill Manning, Editor in Chief of Fire Engineering magazine, called FEMA’s investigation “a half-baked farce.”19 Steel components were stamped with identification numbers that would have aided their reassembly for study, but that reassembly never took place. Brookman asks, “Why was the steel ... not thoroughly examined by fire-safety and structural experts before being shipped to Asia for recycling?” Pegelow charges that “FEMA hampered and distorted the investigation,” citing Dr. Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl’s complaints in 2002 to the House Committee on Science that FEMA held back essential engineering drawings and videotapes and photographs. Such flawed methodology was accompanied by inadequate theories that “cannot explain the loss of the cores,” Scott points out. He says FEMA’s notion that floor connections all failed simultaneously at the outer wall and at the core is “not too plausible.” Bill Genitsaris, structural engineer and builder based in Melbourne, believes that a pancake-style collapse should have left supporting columns standing. Such a collapse would have left at least dozens of shattered floors in the building footprint below. Only very small floor sections were found, and not many of them. Deceptive presentation further damaged FEMA’s credibility. Tom Lackey, who designs bridges for the Vermont Agency of Transportation, cites the Minneapolis Bridge collapse study as the “kind of analysis and straightforward explanation” the WTC needs. FEMA’s reports stack up poorly. Some of its graphics “omit the cores altogether,” says Scott, and some depict columns half as wide and twice as far apart as they actually were. Scott decries “attempts to distort important technical information.” The Australians use more colorful terminology: Mason says we have been “taken for suckers;” Genitsaris says we’ve been “stooged.” Truncated and Fudged Computer Model Undermines NIST Report (2005) NIST’s $20 million report is generally believed, by those who haven’t read its 10,000 pages, to explain how fires and plane impacts destroyed the WTC. “The report not only fails to explain why and how the towers completely collapsed,” Brookman points out, “but it states that the collapse became inevitable without any further explanation.” He asks why NIST “considered conservation of energy and momentum principles only up to the moment prior to collapse.” NIST stopped its computerized models before the onset of collapse,” Scott complains. “No work was done to calculate what happened during the failure. Why are we content with this?” Ron Brookman adds: “The complete collapse mechanism ... cannot be ‘omitted for brevity’ in any comprehensive analysis.” NIST’s claim that a kinetic “attack” exceeded the building’s reserve strength is not supported by any calculations or “by any evidence whatsoever or any serious structural analysis,” states Anders Björkman. While NIST fails to show essential work on central issues, its numerous volumes are packed with distracting trivia. Huebner, whose twenty-five years of A Note About 9/11 “Debunkers” It could be hoped that the comments from the structural engineers quoted in this article would silence the “debunkers” who dismissed our arguments first because, allegedly, no engineers agreed with us. That was never true to begin with. After AE911Truth was formed and scores of engineers signed the petition, these debunkers predictably moved the goalposts, saying we didn't have any engineers who know anything about heavy steel structures such as tall buildings. Since the 29 engineers interviewed for this article do in fact possess that knowledge, the goalposts will no doubt just be moved again. This kind of behavior should make clear the nature of the game that is being played. One word for it is sophistry. NIST’s Report on the Twin Towers WTC steel sample after hot corrosion attack. FEMA, Appendix C 6 structural engineering experience includes forensic investigation of structural collapses, compares NIST’s effort to a “college paper where you just keep adding [stuffing] to make the paper longer. Lots of pages of nothing! Definitely trying to cover up something.” Brookman asked NIST investigators to explain the “complete pulverization of building materials and contents” and “visibly explosive clouds of dust, ash, and debris.” He received no reply. “I believe in the laws of physics,” wrote Brookman, “and rely on them every day.” NIST’s reports “seem to require multiple leaps of faith in highly improbable events,” wrote Pasternack. Computer models using NIST’s best estimates of temperature and damage could not even generate a collapse, Scott points out. They’d “simply adjust the input until the desired outcome is achieved.” NIST probably overestimated core column damage, Scott believes, almost certainly overestimated steel temperatures, and definitely overestimated damage to fire protection. So important an inquiry should “rely on logical deduction, reason and first-principle analysis,” Scott says, “not circular reasoning and adjusting models to get agreement with a preconceived explanation.” 47-Story Building 7’s Near-Freefall Collapse Defies NIST Report (2008) "We’ve had trouble getting a handle on building No. 7,” NIST’s Dr. Shyam Sunder acknowledged to New York Magazine over two years ago. David Topete, S.E., asks why no other nearby buildings collapsed when some were much more severely damaged by fire and Twin Tower debris. NIST’s recent report blames one buckling column, number 79, for WTC 7’s global and near-symmetrical collapse, yet characterizes WTC 7’s fires as “normal office fires” which only burn twenty minutes in any given location before moving on. Obeid rejects the suggestion that one failing column could pull adjacent columns down. “It is not possible for a local failure within the lower structure to spread horizontally,” he wrote recently. “Such a failure would cause a break-away ... instead of pulling the structure with it.” Even if NIST’s horizontal progression were somehow triggered, Obeid says, “the building would not have collapsed so neatly and symmetrically. All core columns have to be severed at the same time to make such a collapse.” Disturbing Questions That Must Be Answered To preserve America’s “unprecedented freedoms,” Clayton Simmons says, “we must pursue the truth.” He is troubled by “my profession’s involvement in this apparent cover-up and the media’s refusal to address important questions.” Scott too expresses wonder that structural engineers’ response “has been amazingly muted,” even “uninterested.” Rice found that politicians also lacked interest. Many people “remain willfully ignorant,” writes Genitsaris. “They believe that 9/11 does not affect their lives ... regardless of the fact that our freedoms are being taken from us.” Perhaps few are questioning, Brookman says, because it’s “painful to look directly at the events and consider the implications.” William Acri, P.E., believes that the engineer’s oath “to hold public safety above all else” demands that they raise questions. If three modern steel high-rises really underwent total progressive collapse in less than two hours of fire, merely because of the fires and some damage to the fireproofing, “we need to understand WHY!” Scott writes. If WTC 7 failed from a localized fire event, Inman asks, why didn’t the owners and insurers sue the designers? “Either the building design was criminally faulty, or other causes not related to the structural design or fire” brought down WTC 7, he says. Why Should Science-Based Forensic Evidence Be Taboo? From all across America, and from Australia, Canada, the UK, and France, the structural engineers we spoke with for this article join more than 675 other Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth in calling for a new investigation into the catastrophic destruction of the threeWorld Trade Center high-rises on September 11. “The implications of the controlled David Topete 7 demolition hypothesis as outlined on the website are staggering,” says founding member Richard Gage, AIA. “We therefore invite all Americans to examine the science-based forensic evidence very carefully and come to their own conclusions.” Lomba’s conclusion, drawn from his initial perceptions and validated by subsequent developments, is clear: “Even if, for the sake of discussion, we accept the hypothesis that the fire protection was damaged and the fires somehow weakened the steel frames, that still does not explain the relatively concentric nature of the failures.” Scott challenges his fellow structural engineers: “The building performance on 9/11 matched controlled demolition. It does not match fire-induced collapse. We have the expertise to discern this. Do we have the courage to broadcast it?” References 1 2 3 4 5 “How Columns Will Be Designed for 110-Story Buildings,”Engineering News-Record, April 2, 1964. 6 James Glanz and Eric Lipton, City in the Sky: The Rise and Fall of the World Trade Center ( New York: Times Books, 2003) 7 8, p. 183. 9 10žant/PDFs/Papers/405.pdf 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 8 All the structural engineers below have signed the AE911Truth petition. Not all of them were interviewed for this article. Name Credentials / Education / Location Bio William W. Acri P.Eng. Lic: 143016 BASc Toronto, ON – Canada Construction Engineer, and Structural Consultant, in Toronto, Alberta, and BC. I have used explosives on many road projects. Antonio Arthay P.E., Lic: 57912, M.S., Structural Engineering, Illinois; West Palm Beach, FL Licensed Structural Engineer with 15+ years of experience in building design. Anders Björkman Naval architect & Marine engineer *M.Sc. Beausoleil, Alpes Maritime – France 40 years of steel structural design, operations, damage analysis and repairs (of ships) but the principles are same for other structures, e.g. towers Jim Bomford P. Eng., B.A.Sc. Engineering, UBC, Cowichan Bay, BC – Canada A civil engineer and former structural engineer practising in the Province of BC for thirty five years. Claude Robert Briscoe P.E. Lic: Civil Engineer C17546 -- California BS Engineering, UCLA Santa Rosa, CA 45+ years in civil and structural engineering design and construction with project work in bridges, buildings, foundations, earth retaining structures, roads, highways, and various commercial, industrial and public works facilities. Ronald H. Brookman Structural Engineer Lic: Structural Engineer 3653 CA Civil Engineer 44654 CA, B.S. & M.S. Engineering, U.C. Davis Novato, CA Mr. Brookman is a licensed structural engineer in the state of California. He obtained B.S. Civil Engineering (1984) and M.S. Structural Engineering (1986) degrees from the University of California at Davis, and has over 21 years experience in structural analysis, design, evaluation and rehabilitation of buildings in northern California. Frank J. Cullinan P.E. Civil Engineer Lic: C 50794 CA B.S. Civil Engineering Trinidad, CA My expertise is in structure construction of bridges and to a lesser extent demolition of bridges. 9 Name Credentials / Education / Location Bio Erwin De Jong MSc Mechanical and Structural Engineering, Master, The Hague, Zuid Holland – The Netherlands Master degree Mechanical Engineering obtained at University of Twente (Netherlands) Currently occupied in offshore (steel structure) and aerospace engineering. <name redacted by request> <redacted> <redacted> Rick Fowlkes P.E. Lic: 13162 AZ/ 35889 CA BSCE & MBA Mesa, AZ Registered professional engineer - Arizona Structural - PE; California - Civil-P.E. President of Fowlkes Enterprises, Inc. since 1983 in Mesa, AZ. Republican Party candidate for Arizona State Corporation Commissioner. Bill Genitsaris Consulting Structural Engineer & Builder BA Engineering, Uni. of Melbourne Melbourne, VIC – Australia Consulting Engineer with over 20 years experience in Civil and Structural Engineering. Worked in the fields of structural engineering design, construction, demolition, investigation of building movements and disputes. Worked for many years as a senior consulting structural engineer in the residential and commercial fields. In those years, provided professional services from engineering design advise for new and existing buildings, construction and demolition advice/procedural recommendations, to remedial works recommendations for buildings which are cracking/moving…. David G. Huebner P.E. Lic: 6201036077 MI Professional Engineer BSCE Auburn Hills, MI Since graduating college in 1982, I have worked in the structural engineering field. In 2000, I started my own consulting business as a structural engineer. I have experience with wood, concrete, and steel design as well as some forensic experience investigating collapses of structures. I also have experience as a paid on call fire/rescue worker. Edward E. Knesl P.E., S.E. Lic: C 22102 AZ, S 22172 AZ M.S. Engineering Phoenix, AZ Full Master Degree study of Civil and Structural Engineering. Thirty five years of experience domestic and overseas in commercial and transportation projects : - Structural Design and Analysis - Construction Administration and Management - Plan Review - Special Inspection 10 Name Credentials / Education / Location Bio Dennis J. Kollar P.E., Structural Engineer Lic: 34422-6 Professional Engineer exp 2008 B.S. + Graduate Coursework West Bend, WI I began my career in the 1980's as a Structurally Certified Welder and held various welding positions in a shop fabrication environment. I received my B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in 1993 with an emphasis in Structural Engineering. I have several years experience in Municipal Engineering and site design and 10+ Years experience in the structural design of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional structures of steel, concrete, masonry and timber. Thomas H. Lackey P.E. Engineer Lic: 018-0005701 VT B.S.C.E., UVM 1985 Stowe, VT I began my career as a Geodetic Surveyor in the US Army in Germany from 1979-1982. I studied Civil Engineering at and graduated from the University of Vermont with a BSCE from 1982-1985. I practiced as an EIT in Alaska, New Hampshire and Vermont primarily in land development from 1985-1989. I passed my P.E. exam and became licensed in Vermont in 1989. I joined the Vermont Agency of Transportation in 1989 where I have worked in the Structures Section since 1995. Nathan S. Lomba P.E., S.E., M.ASCE; 4132 C/S ID, C43284 CA; B.S.C.E., U. of Colorado; Eureka, CA Consulting civil/structural engineer with over 22 years in private practice (39 years total). Experience ranges from custom residential to heavy industrial structures. Some major project involvements include: Lead civil/structural engineer on a $700 million project for the US Air Force; structural design engineer for a 41,000 sq. ft. Pulp Machine Building; and Resident Engineer on a 550 MW Natural-gas fired power plant. Idaho PE, 1980 Idaho SE, 1990 California PE, 1987 BSCE, 1976, University of Colorado, Denver/Boulder, CO Professional Affiliations: Member, American Concrete Institute (ACI) Member, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Charter member, Structural Engineering Instititute (SEI) Professional member, American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Paul W. Mason Structural Engineer; Engineers Australia Member #34040 (Also Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists & Managers, Australia, member # 222349); Melbourne, VIC – Australia 33 years experience designing, constructing and maintaining major structures for state government agency. 11 Name Credentials / Education / Location Bio Travis McCoy Design Engineer, BS Civil Engineering, Cincinnati, OH I received my BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Cincinnati in 2007. I am currently working on my MS in Structural Engineering at the University of Cincinnati as well as working for a local structural engineering consulting firm. Dr. Robert T. Mote PhD, Structural Engineer, Lic: APEGGA, B.Eng (Hons), Calgary, AB – Canada +20 years experience in structural design. Special interest in dynamic and explosion behaviour of structural elements and foundations. Arthur Nelson P.E. Lic: MA PE 32785 M.Sc., Structural Eng, Northeastern Seekonk, MA Structural engineer since 1986. Involved in design of hundreds of steel structures though none have been involved in airplane collisions. Kamal S. Obeid SE, PE Lic: Structural Engineer 2826 CA, Civil Engineer 35214 MSCE, UC Berkeley, Fremont, CA Consulting structural engineer specializing in building and other structures design and retrofit. California SE 1985 California PE 1982 MSCE 1980, UC Berkeley BSCE 1978, University of Texas, Austin Howard Pasternack B.A.Sc., P.Eng. Lic: 90261421 B.A.Sc. Civil Eng., U. of Toronto Toronto, ON – Canada B.A.Sc. Civil Engineering (specializing in Structural Engineering) 1986 Graduate work at U. of Alberta to 1989 Design, Analysis and Inspection of Structures: Anrep Associates to 1990 Design, Analysis and Inspection of Structures: Morrison Hershfield to 1993. Design, Analysis and Inspection of Structures: CanDesign Engineering Services 1993-present. 12 Name Credentials / Education / Location Bio Charles N. Pegelow PE, Civil Engineer. lic Calif CE 26344 exp 2008 Houston, TX (none provided) William Rice P.E. Lic: 018-0002991 VT MS Civil Engineering, Cornell Univ. Randolph Center, VT I earned my BSCE degree from the University of Massachusetts with a major in structures and later an MS degree in civil engineering from Cornell University. After graduation from UMass, I was employed in the field by two of the nation’s largest building construction companies, first the Austin Company (a design/build firm) and later the George A. Fuller Construction Company. The construction of one of the Austin Company building projects was the basis of my master's thesis. I also taught building design and construction related courses to civil engineering and architectural students at Vermont Technical College for twenty years. Jérôme Royer Engineer, Mechanical Engineering, Paris – France Degree in mechanical/structural engineering and degree in engineering for high energy physics experiments. Alaa Rustom Structural and Geotechnical Civil Engineer, BSC Structural and Geotechnical Civil En Ottawa, ON – Canada With over a year's experience in the structural field, I am a new graduate of structural and geotechnical Civil Engineering. I have just graduated from the University of Ottawa, and pronounced an Obligated Engineer by ward 12 on an obligation to work with the highest quality of workmanship in my field. David Scott AMICE, CEng, MIStructE Beng Auchterarder, Perthshire – Great Britain Consulting Structural Engineer, with 20 years experience of building design and founding director of a structural and architectural design practice in Perthshire, Scotland. 13 Name Credentials / Education / Location Bio Clayton J. Simmons P.E., Associate Engineer Lic: 72749 (CE) CA B.S.C.E., Brigham Young University, Santa Rosa, CA Mr. Simmons studied at Brigham Young University, graduating with degrees in Russian and Civil & Environmental Engineering with an emphasis in structures. He had the unique privilege of being one of Dr. Steven Jones' physics students prior to 9/11, learning from him the principles of conservation of energy and momentum. Following his formal training, he returned to his native Santa Rosa, California and has worked for the past three years in the engineering profession, analyzing and designing water-based infrastructure and residential structures. David Topete S.E. Lic: S4793 CA C59280 CA B.S. Civil Engineering, Santa Clara U San Francisco, CA After working as a Junior Engineer, I returned to pursue a Master's degree (just short). I have been a designer throughout my career, mainly residential, commercial and light manufacturing facilities. Clark W. Townsend Civil Engineer Lic: C47921 CA BSCE CSU-Fort Collins, Colorado Sacramento, CA I received a BS in Civil Engineering from a four year accredited university in 1986. I became a licensed Civil Engineer in the State of California in 1991. I have worked in several fields of civil engineering including structural
 4. Republic Magazine — Evidence for the Explosive Demolition of World Trade Center, Building 7 on 9/11, Sept '09
700 Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth PRESENT Evidence for the Explosive Demolition of World Trade Center, Building 7 on 9/11 Richard Gage, AIA, Gregg Roberts, and David Chandler 24 core columns - removed within a fraction of a second – by !re? 􀀧􀀧 􀁇􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀀕􀁂􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀕􀂙􀀕􀀾􀁨􀁨􀁪􀁚􀀕􀀦􀀫 􀁈􀁪􀁗􀁨􀁘􀁧􀁞􀁗􀁚􀀕􀁄􀁣􀁡􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀕􀁤􀁧􀀕􀀸􀁖􀁡􀁡􀀕􀀦􀀢􀀭􀀫􀀫􀀢􀀩􀀨􀀬􀀢􀀫􀀪􀀬􀀥 􀁬􀁬􀁬􀀣􀁧􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀁢􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀣􀁘􀁤􀁢 NIST initially denied the fact of free-fall in its final draft report released in August 2008. In the technical briefing that followed, NIST’s lead investigator, Shyam Sunder explained, “A free-fall time would be an object that has no structural components below it.” He claimed that WTC7 took 40% longer than “free-fall time” to collapse, “and that is not at all unusual because there was structural resistance that was provided in this particular case. And you had a sequence of structural failures that had to take place and everything was not instantaneous.” However, physics instructor and AE911Truth associate David Chandler had used network television videos to carefully measure the acceleration of the building during its fall and shown conclusively that a significant period of free-fall was an indisputable fact. He publicly challenged NIST’s claims at the technical briefing. Along with several others, he filed formal requests for corrections during the public response period. In its final report NIST reversed itself on its denial of free-fall, but it couched its revised statement in deceptive language and failed to address how free-fall could be compatible with its fire-induced progressive collapse analysis. For the observed straight-down collapse, a thick network of heavy steel columns and beams, had to be forcibly removed and more than 400 structural steel connections had to fail per second, evenly all across each of the eight floors involved. These failures had to occur ahead of the collapsing section – NOT caused by it – because a free-falling object cannot exert force on anything in its path without slowing its own fall. Yet NIST’s admission of the fact of free-fall, together with Shyam Sunder’s acknowledgment of the simple meaning of that fact, led to no reconsideration of its fire-induced, single-column-initiated, progressive collapse hypothesis. Moreover, in what looks like an attempt to bury the discussion, its change of stance on the question of free-fall was omitted from the list of changes in its final report. Symmetry The overall building mass fell uniformly and with almost perfect symmetry through what should have been the path of greatest resistance – 40,000 tons of structural steel. This requires a precisely timed patterned removal of critical columns – which office fires, a gradual organic process, is not capable of. Only a carefully engineered implosion could cause this 47-story building to collapse in on itself – and land mostly within its own footprint. After all, demolition companies are paid large sums to accomplish this feat, and only a few can do it with tall buildings. Also, the destruction was complete. The building had been built especially strong so that alternate floors could be removed in case a tenant needed an extra tall space. Yet its forty-seven stories were reduced, in less than seven seconds, to about four stories of debris – like a house of cards – with the virtually complete dismemberment of the steel skeleton, including both braced and welded moment-resisting (bendresistant) frames. Did the Dog Eat Their Homework? NIST Withheld Crucial Evidence Had officials taken all the relevant evidence into account and provided a superficially coherent explanation, it would at least make sense to entertain the idea that, 1) fire might have acted in ways that it had never acted before, 2) modern structural steel might have acted in ways that it had never acted before, and 3) that this all just happened to occur on a day when terrorists did something they had never done before. Yet, officials have not taken all the relevant evidence into account and they have not provided even a superficially coherent explanation. “A High Temperature Corrosion Attack” and Molten Iron/Steel: Undeniable Evidence of Thermitic Incendiaries Prior to the NIST investigation, FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, had conducted a preliminary, cursory, underfunded investigation and produced a Building Performance Assessment Report. In Appendix C of that report, FEMA described steel samples from Building 7 that had undergone a “high temperature corrosion attack” that had turned a heavy steel flange “into Swiss cheese.” They found “evidence of a severe high temperature corrosion attack on the steel, including rapid oxidation and sulfidation with subsequent intergranular melting….” FEMA’s metallographic analysis showed that the steel had not only melted but some of it had even “evaporated”. “A liquid eutectic mixture containing primarily iron, oxygen, and sulfur formed during this hot corrosion attack on the steel.”... “No clear explanation for the source of the sulfur has been identified.” The New York Times called this “perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation.” What did NIST say about this mystery described by FEMA? They did not mention it. Neither jet fuel nor office fires can reach anywhere close to steel’s melting point, much less its boiling point, even if those critical temperatures had been lowered by the presence of free sulfur. So what could have caused this “high temperature corrosion attack”? Thermite is a mixture of powdered iron oxide and elemental aluminum which, when ignited, Free-fall acceleration through 40,000 tons of structural steel? WTC 7: In free-fall acceleration - for 8 stories Total dismemberment of steel structure – fell like a house of cards 􀁬􀁬􀁬􀀣􀁧􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀁢􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀣􀁘􀁤􀁢 􀀾􀁨􀁨􀁪􀁚􀀕􀀦􀀫􀀕􀂙􀀕􀁇􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀀕􀁂􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚 􀀧􀀨 reacts violently at 4000-4500° F. – well above iron’s melting point of 2800° F, producing aluminum oxide and molten iron in a very dangerous, volcaniceruption- like display. When free sulfur is added to the mixture, the iron melts at a lower temperature. Thermite with sulfur added is called thermate. Structural steel in contact with ignited thermate also melts at a lower temperature. Contrary to what NIST and others have claimed, the sulfur could not have come from gypsum wallboard in which it is an inert, chemically “locked” ingredient. (FEMA metallurgists would have proposed that explanation themselves if it were within the realm of possibility.) Still, additional evidence of molten iron and/or steel abounds – for all three high-rises. Photos and numerous credible witnesses (including first responders and structural engineers) confirm the existence of several tons of molten metal under the debris pile – described by some fire fighters as “flowing like lava.” Photos clearly reveal molten metal dripping out of the material held in the jaws of “crab claw” excavators. Video taken of the South Tower shortly before it came down shows a spout of molten metal spewing from near the impact hole, brightly glowing orange-yellow in daylight, unlike molten aluminum which appears silvery under these conditions. It could only be molten iron or steel. John Gross, lead engineer for NIST, publicly denied the existence of molten metal despite the abundant evidence. Shyam Sunder of NIST later acknowledged it but could not offer a rational explanation for it. NIST’s afterthought Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage attributes the spout’s color to mixing of office contents with the aluminum – a hypothetical phenomenon that physicist Steven Jones and independently a NASA engineer have been unable to reproduce in two laboratory experiments. Given the stakes, one might expect NIST to have used some of the 20 million dollars allocated to the WTC study to show us – not just speculate – that this miraculous mixing of light, fluffy office materials with heavier aluminum makes a poured stream of impure aluminum appear, in bright sunlight, like the orange molten metal seen in the South Tower videos. Hot Spots With Extreme Temperatures Measured by USGS/NASA USGS used NASA thermal imaging of the surface of the WTC rubble pile to document hot spots with extreme temperatures of almost 1,400°F. These temperatures, too, are hotter than most office fires produce. And there were no fires on the surface of the WTC7 pile following the collapses. The detected surface temperatures indicate much higher temperatures deep in the pile, which persisted for several weeks despite the continuous spraying of millions of gallons of water onto Ground Zero – so much water that one worker described the result as “a giant lake.” Thermite contains its own source of oxygen and burns just as well under water. Molten Iron Droplets in the WTC Dust Chemical and micrographic analysis of the dust that blanketed Lower Manhattan after the destruction of each of the Twin Towers revealed the presence of iron-rich “microspheres.” These microspheres were found in separately collected samples of the dust both near and far from Ground Zero, some of it collected before cleanup operations had begun. Their shape indicates that they were previously molten fragments that were pulled into spherical form by surface tension into droplets which solidified before hitting the ground. They are direct evidence that temperatures exceeding the melting point of iron were present during the buildings’ destruction. These microspheres could not have been produced by friction or any other known process during the Towers’ collapses. Furthermore, they lack the chromium present in structural steel and contain manganese, an ingredient of potassium permanganate, a common thermite additive. Aluminothermic Nanocomposites – Unignited Nanothermite in the WTC Dust An even more definitive discovery arose during a scientific examination of the dust: red-gray chips. An international team of chemists, physicists, and others confirmed that the chemical makeup of the red layer O"ce !res don’t do this to steel O"ce !res are not hot enough to create the molten metal seen by dozens of witness Jet fuel and o"ce !res can’t create molten iron Impossible temperatures on the surface of Ground Zero a week after the collapses Billions of previously molten iron spheres found in all WTC dust samples Demolition of Building 7 􀀧􀀩 􀁇􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀀕􀁂􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀕􀂙􀀕􀀾􀁨􀁨􀁪􀁚􀀕􀀦􀀫 􀁈􀁪􀁗􀁨􀁘􀁧􀁞􀁗􀁚􀀕􀁄􀁣􀁡􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀕􀁤􀁧􀀕􀀸􀁖􀁡􀁡􀀕􀀦􀀢􀀭􀀫􀀫􀀢􀀩􀀨􀀬􀀢􀀫􀀪􀀬􀀥 􀁬􀁬􀁬􀀣􀁧􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀁢􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀣􀁘􀁤􀁢 of these chips, their granular structure, and thermal behavior, were all consistent with those of advanced thermitic explosives. Particle sizes of less than a tenth of a micron in the red layer classify this material as nanothermite. The significance of the extremely small particle sizes is that the surface area is much greater for a given volume of the components, so chemical reactions are greatly accelerated. The team published its findings in The Open Chemical Physics Journal in April 2009. Members of the team had earlier asked that NIST test the dust for evidence of explosives. NIST repeatedly refused to do so, even though such testing is called for by NFPA 921, the National Fire Protection Association guideline for fire and explosion investigations throughout the United States. NIST did not see fit to even discuss the issue of thermite or explosives in its formal reports. In its FAQ, referring narrowly to tests for ordinary thermite and thermate, they explained that “such tests would not necessarily have been conclusive” because “The metal compounds also would have been present in the construction materials making up the WTC towers…” This is technically correct, and NFPA 921 does emphasize the need to make inferences cautiously: “Presence of remains from the oxidizers does not in itself constitute an intentionally set fire.” (section 22.2.4, 2008 edition). However, NFPA 921 does not provide any justification for not performing tests, especially when there is evidence of “high temperature accelerants (HTAs),” such as “melted steel” (22.4.1) The guidelines refer to thermite specifically: “Thermite mixtures also produce exceedingly hot fires. Such accelerants generally leave residues that may be visually or chemically identifiable.” Moreover, the team of scientists who did look at the dust found an exotic, highly engineered form of thermite, known as nanothermite, or superthermite. It doesn’t just melt steel; it explodes. It can be chemically tuned to do so with less noise than conventional explosives. And it cannot be confused – even by overworked government engineers – with structural steel, rust, primer paint, aluminum cladding, or other “construction materials.” It contains ultra fine grain particles of aluminum and iron oxide, 1000 times smaller than a human hair, “intimately intermixed” and embedded in a matrix of organic material. When it is heated slowly to about 430° C it “goes off ” thermally, producing molten iron in spheroids reminiscent of those found in the dust. Clearly the reaction, triggered at only 430° C, releases enough energy to raise the temperature beyond the melting point of iron (1538° C.). Look Who’s Here Nanothermite could not have been made in a cave in Afghanistan. It was developed in the 1990’s in US national laboratories, and is produced by only a few defense contractors. Some of those same contractors contributed personnel to the NIST investigation of the destruction of the World Trade Center. Very highly placed personnel, in fact, in positions of leadership at NIST: Arden Bement, the metallurgist and expert on fuels and materials who was nominated as director of NIST by President George W. Bush in October 2001, was former deputy secretary of defense, former director of DARPA’s office of materials science, and former executive at TRW. Of course, DOD and DARPA are both leaders in the production and use of nanothermites…. And military and aerospace contractor TRW has had a long collaboration with NASA laboratories in the development of energetic materials that are components of advanced propellants, like nanogelled explosive materials…. TRW Aeronautics also made fireproof composites and high performance elastomer formulations, and worked with NASA to make energetic aerogels… Forman Williams, the lead engineer on NIST’s advisory committee, and the most prominent engineering expert for Popular Mechanics, is an expert on the deflagration of energetic materials and the “ignition of porous energetic materials…. Nano-thermites are porous energetic materials. Additionally, Williams’ research partner, Stephen Margolis, has presented at conferences where nano-energetics are the focus…. Some of Williams’ other colleagues at the University of California San Diego, like David J. Benson, are also experts on nano-thermite materials. (Kevin Ryan, “The Top Ten Connections Between NIST and Nano-Thermites”, July 2, 2008, Journal of 9/11 Studies, Ryan_NIST_and_Nano-1.pdf) How did people with such expertise miss all the features of controlled demolition, and the nanothermite in the dust? For them to avoid even discussing the possibility in their 11,500 pages of “final” reports, and to wave it away with a few sentences on their website, is an outrage to science, at a minimum. What About the Twin Towers? The collapses of the WTC Twin Towers represent the worst structural failures in modern history. The official story suggests that the jetliner impacts and resulting fires weakened the structure, resulting in a gravitational collapse. The evidence, most of which was omitted from the NIST report, supports a different conclusion – one that points squarely to a unique type of controlled demolition. A future Republic Magazine article will reveal the surreal details of this additional evidence in the explosive behavior of the building: 1. Rapid onset of destruction Hundreds of Red/Grey chips of “Unignited thermite” in every WTC Dust sample Nano-thermite particle sizes are 1,000 times smaller than a human hair. This material is not made in a cave in Afghanistan South Tower: A very explosive event 􀁬􀁬􀁬􀀣􀁧􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀁢􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀣􀁘􀁤􀁢 􀁈􀁪􀁗􀁨􀁘􀁧􀁞􀁗􀁚􀀕􀁄􀁣􀁡􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀕􀁤􀁧􀀕􀀸􀁖􀁡􀁡􀀕􀀦􀀢􀀭􀀫􀀫􀀢􀀩􀀨􀀬􀀢􀀫􀀪􀀬􀀥 􀀾􀁨􀁨􀁪􀁚􀀕􀀦􀀫􀀕􀂙􀀕􀁇􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀀕􀁂􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚 􀀧􀀪 Before the Stimulus Wipes You Out Buy Gold Now Gold • Silver • Numismatic Coins ~ Family Owned and Operated ~ ~ Fast Confidential Delivery ~ ~ No Computer Records Kept ~ ~ • ~ ~ • ~ Call 800-225-3126 2925 Newmarket, Suite 107 Bellingham, WA 98226 ~ • ~ PACIFIC RIM TRADING 2. Sounds of explosions and flashes of light heard and seen by over a hundred first responders before “collapse” 3. Continuous acceleration of the building mass straight down through the path of what was greatest resistance 4. Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally 600 feet at 50 mph 5. Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete 6. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds 7. 1,200 foot diameter of improbably equal debris distribution 8. Isolated explosive ejections 20-60 stories below demolition waves 9. Total building destruction: dismemberment of steel frame 10. No stack of floors found at the base of either tower If powerful insiders had the foreknowledge and technology to rig Building 7 long in advance of the jetliner impacts, the same is true for the Twin Towers. Every American must face his own conscience squarely when confronted with the gruesome evidence of the destruction of these high-rises on 9/11 – especially considering the resulting death of over a million people in the wars that followed, and the loss of many of our precious freedoms through extremely rapid legislation. When you are ready to take action here are a few ideas: a) Educate yourself and others. Send the link to every architect and engineer that you can find and everyone else that you know. b) Support Sign the petition, volunteer, and become a sustaining donor. c) Write your local news media and congressional representatives and send them the DVD 9/11: Blueprint for Truth. d) Demand a new, independent investigation. Until the truth about 9/11 is exposed, we are at grave risk for the next “9/11.” Act soon, for we have been told by Dick Cheney, members of Congress, and the media that it will be far worse than the first. Demolition of Building 7 􀀧􀀫 􀁇􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀀕􀁂􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀕􀂙􀀕􀀾􀁨􀁨􀁪􀁚􀀕􀀦􀀫 􀁈􀁪􀁗􀁨􀁘􀁧􀁞􀁗􀁚􀀕􀁄􀁣􀁡􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀕􀁤􀁧􀀕􀀸􀁖􀁡􀁡􀀕􀀦􀀢􀀭􀀫􀀫􀀢􀀩􀀨􀀬􀀢􀀫􀀪􀀬􀀥 􀁬􀁬􀁬􀀣􀁧􀁚􀁥􀁪􀁗􀁡􀁞􀁘􀁢􀁖􀁜􀁖􀁯􀁞􀁣􀁚􀀣􀁘􀁤􀁢
5. Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe, 2009
The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, 2, 7-31 7 1874-4125/09 2009 Bentham Open Open Access Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe Niels H. Harrit*,1, Jeffrey Farrer2, Steven E. Jones*,3, Kevin R. Ryan4, Frank M. Legge5, Daniel Farnsworth2, Gregg Roberts6, James R. Gourley7 and Bradley R. Larsen3 1Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 2Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602, USA 3S&J Scientific Co., Provo, UT, 84606, USA 49/11 Working Group of Bloomington, Bloomington, IN 47401, USA 5Logical Systems Consulting, Perth, Western Australia 6Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA 7International Center for 9/11 Studies, Dallas, TX 75231, USA Abstract: We have discovered distinctive red/gray chips in all the samples we have studied of the dust produced by the destruction of the World Trade Center. Examination of four of these samples, collected from separate sites, is reported in this paper. These red/gray chips show marked similarities in all four samples. One sample was collected by a Manhattan resident about ten minutes after the collapse of the second WTC Tower, two the next day, and a fourth about a week later. The properties of these chips were analyzed using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (XEDS), and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). The red material contains grains approximately 100 nm across which are largely iron oxide, while aluminum is contained in tiny plate-like structures. Separation of components using methyl ethyl ketone demonstrated that elemental aluminum is present. The iron oxide and aluminum are intimately mixed in the red material. When ignited in a DSC device the chips exhibit large but narrow exotherms occurring at approximately 430 °C, far below the normal ignition temperature for conventional thermite. Numerous iron-rich spheres are clearly observed in the residue following the ignition of these peculiar red/gray chips. The red portion of these chips is found to be an unreacted thermitic material and highly energetic. Keywords: Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, Differential scanning calorimetry, DSC analysis, World Trade Center, WTC dust, 9/11, Iron-rich microspheres, Thermite, Super-thermite, Energetic nanocomposites, Nano-thermite. INTRODUCTION The destruction of three skyscrapers (WTC 1, 2 and 7) on September 11, 2001 was an immensely tragic catastrophe that not only impacted thousands of people and families directly, due to injury and loss of life, but also provided the motivation for numerous expensive and radical changes in domestic and foreign policy. For these and other reasons, knowing what really happened that fateful day is of grave importance. A great deal of effort has been put forth by various government- sponsored and -funded investigations, which led, in large part, to the reports released by FEMA [1] and NIST [2]. Other studies of the destruction have been less well *Address correspondence to these authors (NH) Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK-2100, Denmark; Tel: (+45)35321846; Fax: (+45)35320460; E-mail:, (SEJ) at S&J Scientific Co., Provo, UT, 84606, USA; Tel: 801-735-5885; E-mail: publicized but are no less important to the outstanding obligation that remains to the victims of that tragedy, to determine the whole truth of the events of that day [3-10]. A number of these studies have appropriately focused attention on the remaining physical material, and on available photographs and video footage, as sources of evidence still in public hands, relating to the method of destruction of the three skyscrapers. The collapses of the three tallest WTC buildings were remarkable for their completeness, their near free-fall speed [11] their striking radial symmetry [1, 12] and the surprisingly large volume of fine toxic dust [13] that was generated. In order to better understand these features of the destruction, the authors initiated an examination of this dust. In June 2007, Dr. Steven Jones observed distinctive bi-layered chips, with both a red and a gray layer, in a sample of the WTC dust. Initially, it was suspected these might be dried paint chips, but after closer inspection and testing, it was shown that this was not the case. Further testing was then performed on the red/gray chips in an attempt to ascertain their compo8 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. sition and properties. The authors also obtained and examined additional samples of WTC dust which had been collected by independent observers on, or very soon after, 9/11. All of the samples examined contained these very small, peculiar red/gray chips. Previous studies discussing observations of the WTC dust include reports by the RJ Lee Company [14], the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) [15], McGee et al. [13] and Lioy et al. [16] Some of these studies confirmed the finding of iron-rich microspheres, which are also peculiar [5, 8, 11, 13-15] but the red/gray chips analyzed in this study have apparently not been discussed in previously published reports. It is worth emphasizing that one sample was collected about ten minutes after the collapse of the second Tower, so it cannot possibly have been contaminated by clean-up operations [17]. MATERIALS AND METHODS 1. Provenance of the Samples Analyzed for this Report In a paper presented first online in autumn 2006 regarding anomalies observed in the World Trade Center destruction [6], a general request was issued for samples of the WTC dust. The expectation at that time was that a careful examination of the dust might yield evidence to support the hypothesis that explosive materials other than jet fuel caused the extraordinarily rapid and essentially total destruction of the WTC buildings. It was learned that a number of people had saved samples of the copious, dense dust, which spread and settled across Manhattan. Several of these people sent portions of their samples to members of this research group. This paper discusses four separate dust samples collected on or shortly after 9/11/2001. Each sample was found to contain red/gray chips. All four samples were originally collected by private citizens who lived in New York City at the time of the tragedy. These citizens came forward and provided samples for analysis in the public interest, allowing study of the 9/11 dust for whatever facts about the day might be learned from the dust. A map showing the locations where the four samples were collected is presented as Fig. (1). Fig. (1). Map showing collection locations of dust samples analyzed in this study with respect to the location of the WTC complex (marked area near location 1). 1: MacKinlay (113 Cedar St./110 Liberty St); 2: Delessio/Breidenbach (Brooklyn Bridge); 3: Intermont (16 Hudson St); 4: White (1 Hudson St). (Base map courtesy of; copyright terms at by-sa/2.0/).Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 9 The earliest-collected sample came from Mr. Frank Delessio who, according to his videotaped testimony [17], was on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge about the time the second tower, the North Tower, fell to the ground. He saw the tower fall and was enveloped by the resulting thick dust which settled throughout the area. He swept a handful of the dust from a rail on the pedestrian walkway near the end of the bridge, about ten minutes after the fall of the North Tower. He then went to visit his friend, Mr. Tom Breidenbach, carrying the dust in his hand, and the two of them discussed the dust and decided to save it in a plastic bag. On 11/15/2007, Breidenbach sent a portion of this dust to Dr. Jones for analysis. Breidenbach has also recorded his testimony about the collection of this dust sample on videotape [17]. Thus, the Delessio/Breidenbach sample was collected about ten minutes after the second tower collapsed. It was, therefore, definitely not contaminated by the steelcutting or clean-up operations at Ground Zero, which began later. Furthermore, it is not mixed with dust from WTC 7, which fell hours later. On the morning of 9/12/2001, Mr. Stephen White of New York City entered a room in his apartment on the 8th floor of 1 Hudson Street, about five blocks from the WTC. He found a layer of dust about an inch thick on a stack of folded laundry near a window which was open about 4 inches (10 cm). Evidently the open window had allowed a significant amount of dust from the WTC destruction the day before to enter the room and cover the laundry. He saved some of the dust and, on 2/02/2008, sent a sample directly to Dr. Jones for analysis. Another sample was collected from the apartment building at 16 Hudson Street by Mr. Jody Intermont at about 2 pm on 9/12/2001. Two small samples of this dust were simultaneously sent to Dr. Jones and to Kevin Ryan on 2/02/2008 for analysis. Intermont sent a signed affidavit with each sample verifying that he had personally collected the (nowsplit) sample; he wrote: “This dust, which came from the ‘collapsed’ World Trade Center Towers, was collected from my loft at the corner of Reade Street and Hudson Street on September 12, 2001. I give permission to use my name in connection to this evidence”. [Signed 31 January 2008 in the presence of a witness who also signed his name]. On the morning of 9/11/2001, Ms. Janette MacKinlay was in her fourth-floor apartment at 113 Cedar St./110 Liberty St. in New York City, across the street from the WTC plaza. As the South Tower collapsed, the flowing cloud of dust and debris caused windows of her apartment to break inward and dust filled her apartment. She escaped by quickly wrapping a wet towel around her head and exiting the building. The building was closed for entry for about a week. As soon as Ms. MacKinlay was allowed to re-enter her apartment, she did so and began cleaning up. There was a thick layer of dust on the floor. She collected some of it into a large sealable plastic bag for possible later use in an art piece. Ms. MacKinlay responded to the request in the 2006 paper by Dr. Jones by sending him a dust sample. In November 2006, Dr. Jones traveled to California to visit Ms. MacKinlay at her new location, and in the company of several witnesses collected a second sample of the WTC dust directly from her large plastic bag where the dust was stored. She has also sent samples directly to Dr. Jeffrey Farrer and Kevin Ryan. Results from their studies form part of this report. Another dust sample was collected by an individual from a window sill of a building on Potter Street in NYC. He has not given permission for his name to be disclosed, therefore his material is not included in this study. That sample, however, contained red/gray chips of the same general composition as the samples described here. 2. Chip Size, Isolation, and Examination For clarification, the dust samples collected and sent to the authors by Ms. Janette MacKinlay will be sample 1; the sample collected by Mr. Frank Delassio, or the Delassio/ Breidenbach sample, will be sample 2; the sample collected by Mr. Jody Intermont will be sample 3; and the sample collected by Mr. Stephen White will be sample 4. The red/gray chips are attracted by a magnet, which facilitates collection and separation of the chips from the bulk of the dust. A small permanent magnet in its own plastic bag was used to attract and collect the chips from dust samples. The chips are typically small but readily discernible by eye due to their distinctive color. They are of variable size with major dimensions of roughly 0.2 to 3 mm. Thicknesses vary from roughly 10 to 100 microns for each layer (red and gray). Samples of WTC dust from these and other collectors have been sent directly from collectors to various scientists (including some not on this research team) who have also found such red/gray chips in the dust from the World Trade Center destruction. An FEI XL30-SFEG scanning electron microscope (SEM) was used to perform secondary-electron (SE) imaging and backscattered electron (BSE) imaging. The SE imaging was used to look at the surface topography and porosity of the red/gray chips, while the BSE imaging was used to distinguish variations in average atomic number, Z. The microscope was also equipped with an EDAX X-ray energy dispersive spectrometry (XEDS) system. The XEDS system uses a silicon detector (SiLi) with resolution better than 135 eV. The spectrum resolution was set to 10 eV per channel. Operating conditions for the acquired XEDS spectra were 20 keV beam energy (unless otherwise specified) and 40-120 second acquisition time (livetime). XEDS maps were acquired using the same system at a beam energy of 10 keV. For general surface analysis in the SEM, dust samples were mounted to carbon conductive tabs. The samples were left unwashed and uncoated unless otherwise specified. In order to more closely observe the characteristics of the red and gray layers, and to eliminate the possibility of surface contamination from other dust particles, several red/gray chips from each of the four WTC dust samples were fractured. The clean, cross-section surfaces were then studied by BSE imaging and XEDS. 10 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. Some samples were also tested in a differential scanning calorimeter (Netzsch DSC 404C) to measure heat flow into or out of the red/gray chips. The DSC tests were conducted with a linear heating rate of 10 °C per minute up to a temperature of 700 °C. During heating, the samples were contained in alumina pans and air was allowed to flow at 55 milliliters per minute during the heating. The plots were generated by acquiring data points at a rate of 20 points per °C or 200 points per minute. The equipment was calibrated to display the data in watts per gram. The plots were set to display positive heat flow out of the sample such that exothermic behavior of the sample would yield a peak and endothermic behavior a trough. The dust samples were also examined by visible-light microscopy (VLM) through a Nikon Epiphot 200 stereomicroscope, an Olympus BX60 stereomicroscope and a Nikon Labophot microscope and camera. RESULTS 1. Characterization of the Red/Gray Chips Red/gray chips were found in all of the dust samples collected. An analysis of the chips was performed to assess the similarity of the chips and to determine the chemistry and materials that make up the chips. Fig. (2) displays photomicrographs of red/gray chips from each of the four WTC dust samples. Note the scale marker in each image as they were acquired at different magnifications. At approximately 2.5 mm in length, the chip in Fig. (2a) was one of the larger chips collected. The mass of this chip was approximately 0.7 mg. All of the chips used in the study had a gray layer and a red layer and were attracted by a magnet. The inset image in Fig. (2d) shows the chip in cross section, which reveals the gray layer. The gray layer is also partially visible in Fig. (2b). Similarities between the samples are already evident from these photographs. Fig. (3) shows three images for comparison of views of the same set of chips using different methods. Fig. (3a) is a VLM photomicrograph of a group of particles, which shows the red material and in some cases the adhering gray material. Fig. (3b, c) are, respectively, a secondary electron (SE) image and a backscattered electron (BSE) image of the same group of particles, using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) without a conductive coating over the sample. It can be seen in the SE image that the red layer of the particles has very bright regions caused by a slight accumulation of charge under the electron beam, owing to the relatively poor conductivity of the red layer (see Discussion section). The BSE image shows the red layer darker than the gray layer, Fig. (2). Photomicrographs of red/gray chips from samples 1-4 of the WTC dust involved in this study, shown in (a)-(d) respectively. The inset in (d) shows the chip edge on, which reveals the gray layer. The red/gray chips are mounted on an aluminum pedestal, using a carbon conductive tab, for viewing in the scanning electron microscope (SEM). Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 11 indicating that the red layer is composed of material that has a relatively lower average atomic number than the gray layer. A higher-magnification BSE image of the corner of one of the chips, shown in Fig. (4), allows for closer examination of the difference in grayscale intensity of the two layers and confirms the higher average atomic number of the gray layer. The red material also shows specks and other heterogeneities, in marked contrast to the smooth gray layer. Newly fractured cross sections of red/gray chips from the four different dust samples are shown by BSE imaging in Fig. (5). These four cross sections are representative of all the red/gray chips studied from the dust samples. The BSE images illustrate the finding that all of the red layers studied contained small bright particles or grains characterized by a high average atomic number. The size and presence of the particles was found to be consistent throughout the layers, but the concentration of the particles was found to vary locally, as can be seen from the images. Fig. (3). A series of images of the same group of particles extracted by magnet from sample 2. The color photomicrograph in (a), obtained by VLM, locates and identifies the red/gray particles. An SE image (b) acquired by SEM gives a better indication of size and shape of the particles, and a BSE image (c) shows, by grayscale intensity, the difference in average atomic number between the red layer, gray layer and other dust particles. Fig. (4). Higher magnification BSE image of one of the chips in previous image. The red layer appears darker and is on top of the gray layer. # 12 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. X-ray energy-dispersive spectroscopy (XEDS) analyses of both the red and gray layers from cross sections prepared from the four dust samples were performed and representative spectra are shown in Figs. (6, 7). The four spectra in Fig. (6) indicate that the gray layers are consistently characterized by high iron and oxygen content including a smaller amount of carbon. The chemical signatures found in the red layers are also quite consistent (Fig. 7), each showing the presence of aluminum (Al), silicon (Si), iron (Fe) and oxygen (O), and a significant carbon (C) peak as well. At still higher magnifications, BSE imaging of the red layer illustrates the similarity between the different dust samples. BSE images of small but representative portions of each red-layer cross section are shown in Fig. (8). The results indicate that the small particles with very high BSE intensity (brightness) are consistently 100 nm in size and have a faceted appearance. These bright particles are seen intermixed with plate-like particles that have intermediate BSE intensity and are approximately 40 nm thick and up to about 1 micron across. Furthermore, by comparing the BSE image in Fig. (8a) to the SE image in Fig. (9), it can be seen that all of the particles are embedded in an unstructured matrix which gives a dark BSE intensity. XEDS maps of the cross-section surface of the red layer were acquired at a beam energy of 10 kV. The acquisition area of the maps is shown by the BSE image in Fig. (10a). The XEDS maps, several of which are shown in Fig. (10b-f), indicate by color, the degree to which the particular element is present at or near the surface from point to point across the area. The results indicate that the smaller particles with very bright BSE intensity are associated with the regions of high Fe and O. The plate-like particles with intermediate BSE intensity appear to be associated with the regions of high Al and Si. The O map (d) also indicates oxygen present, to a lesser degree, in the location of the Al and Si. However, it is inconclusive from these data whether the O is associated with Si or Al or both. The carbon map appears less definitive, that is, it does not appear to be associated with a particular particle or group of particles, but rather with the matrix material. In order to learn more from these findings, a focused electron beam was placed directly onto the different particles, and the XEDS data were collected. By placing the beam on a cluster of plate-like particles, the spectrum in Fig. (11a) was generated. The spectrum in Fig. (11b) was acquired Fig. (5). BSE images of cross sections of red/gray chips from samples 1-4 shown in (a)-(d) respectively. The cross sections from sample 2 (b) and 4 (d) also show the adhering gray layer. 78 7%8 7#8 78

 Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 13 Fig. (6). XEDS spectra obtained from the gray layers from each of the four WTC dust samples, with (a) corresponding to sample 1, and so on (b-d).    6 : 9 < = > ;  ) -    78  7#8   - )   7%8  - )  78   - ) 14 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. Fig. (7). XEDS spectra obtained from the red layers from each of the four WTC dust samples, with (a) corresponding to sample 1 and so on (b-d). ) -      ) -      ) -        + ) ) -      78 7#8 7%8 78    6 : 9 < = > ;  Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 15 Fig. (9). SE image of the cross section shown in Fig. (8a). from a cluster of the smaller bright faceted grains. Again it was observed that the thin sheet-like particles are rich in Al and Si whereas the bright faceted grains are rich in Fe. Both spectra display significant carbon and oxygen, which may be partially due to the beam spreading and receiving an overlapping X-ray signal from the matrix material as well as particles below the surface. The beam energy (20 keV) is such that the volume of material from which the X-ray signal is generated is larger than the particles. Hence, some Al and Si are seen in Fig. (11b) which may not be inherent in the faceted grains, and some Fe is seen in Fig. (11a), which may not be inherent in the plate-like particles. The consistently rhombic-shaped, faceted appearance of the iron-rich grains strongly suggests that they are crystalline. From these data, it is determined that the red/gray chips from different WTC dust samples are extremely similar in their chemical and structural makeup. It is also shown that within the red layer there is an intimate mixing of the Fe-rich grains and Al/Si plate-like particles and that these particles are embedded in a carbon-rich matrix. 2. Test Using Methyl Ethyl Ketone Solvent By employing some means to separate the different components of the material, the chemical compositions of the different particles in the red layer were more accurately Fig. (8). BSE images of cross sections of the red layer from each of the dust samples 1-4 shown in (a)-(d) respectively. ## 3 4!'  3 6  95 >    & 54  16 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. Fig. (10). This shows a BSE image (a) and XEDS maps (b-f) of the red-layer cross section of a red/gray chip from dust sample 1. The elements displayed are: (b) Fe, (c) Al, (d) O, (e) Si, and (f) C. Fig. (11). XEDS spectra showing the elemental compositions of a grouping of thin platelets (a) and of a grouping of whitish particles (b), as seen in the high-magnification images of red layers (see Fig. (8)).    6 : 9 < = > ;    +     - ) 7%8 +       - ) 78 Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 17 determined. The initial objective was to compare the behavior of the red layer with paint when soaked in a strong organic solvent known to soften and dissolve paint. Red/gray chips were soaked in methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) for 55 hours with frequent agitation and subsequently dried in air over several days. The chips showed significant swelling of the red layer, but with no apparent dissolution. In marked contrast, paint chips softened and partly dissolved when similarly soaked in MEK. It was discovered in this process that a significant migration and segregation of aluminum had occurred in the red-chip material. This allowed us to assess whether some of the aluminum was in elemental form. The chip that was used for this experiment was extracted from dust sample 2 and is shown in the images below. Fig. (12a) shows an SE image of the chip prior to the MEK treatment. It is positioned with the interface between the red and gray layers nearly parallel to the plane of the image. Fig. (12b) shows a BSE image of the chip after the MEK soak. Note that the chip fractured during the MEK treatment and handling. In this image the red layer and gray layer are side by side so that the interface between the layers is edge-on (perpendicular to the plane of the image) with the gray layer on the right. The red layer of the chip was found, by visual inspection, to have swelled out from the gray layer by a factor of roughly 5 times its original thickness. The photomicrograph shown in Fig. (13) also shows the chip after the MEK soak. The red layer can be seen extending out from the gray layer. Fig. (13). Photomicrograph of the MEK treated chip. Prior to soaking the chip in MEK an XEDS spectrum was acquired from an area of the red-layer surface. The resulting spectrum, shown in Fig. (14), produced the expected peaks for Fe, Si, Al, O, and C. Other peaks included calcium, sulfur, zinc, chromium and potassium. The occurrence of these elements could be attributed to surface contamination due to the fact that the analysis was performed on the as-collected surface of the red layer. The large Ca and S peaks may be due to contamination with gypsum from the pulverized wallboard material in the buildings. Fig. (14). XEDS spectrum of red side before soaking in MEK. Notice the presence of Zn and Cr, which are sometimes seen in the red layers. The large Ca and S peaks may be due to surface contamination with wallboard material. XEDS maps were acquired from the swollen red material at a beam energy of 10 kV, in order to determine the locations of various elements following the MEK treatment. The data shown in Fig. (15) illustrate regions where iron, aluminum and silicon are concentrated. Furthermore, the data indicate that wherever silicon or iron is concentrated, oxygen is also concentrated. On the other hand, there also exist regions where the aluminum is concentrated but where the Fig. (12). SE images of the red/gray chip that was soaked in methyl ethyl ketone for 55 hours, (a) prior to and (b) after MEK soaking.   

 18 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. oxygen may not accompany it commensurately. To confirm and to quantify these observations, XEDS spectra (subsequent plots) were acquired from specific regions of high Si, Al and Fe concentrations. Focusing the electron beam on a region rich in silicon, located in Fig. (15e), we find silicon and oxygen and very little else (Fig. 16). Evidently the solvent has disrupted the matrix holding the various particles, allowing some migration and separation of the components. This is a significant result for it means that the aluminum and silicon are not bound chemically. The next XEDS spectrum (Fig. 17) was acquired from a region that showed a high concentration of aluminum. Using a conventional quantification routine, it was found that the aluminum significantly exceeded the oxygen present (approximately a 3:1 ratio). Thus, while some of the aluminum may be oxidized, there is insufficient oxygen present to account for all of the aluminum; some of the aluminum must therefore exist in elemental form in the red material. This is an important result. Aluminum particles are covered with a layer of aluminum oxide irrespective of size, thus it is reasonable to find a significant oxygen content with the aluminum, given the very high surface area to volume ratio of these very fine particles. Fig. (15). (a) BSE image and (b)-(f) accompanying XEDS maps from the red layer of the chip which was soaked in methyl ethyl ketone for 55 hours. The maps for (b) Fe, (c) Al, (d) O, (e) Si, and (f) C are shown. Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 19 Fig. (16). XEDS spectrum from a silicon-rich region on the porous red matrix of the MEK-treated red material. Fig. (17). XEDS spectrum obtained at 10 kV from a probe of the region of high aluminum concentration on the MEK-soaked red chip. Next a region of particularly high iron concentration was analyzed, yielding the XEDS spectrum shown in Fig. (18). Fig. (18). XEDS spectrum obtained from a probe of the region of high iron concentration on the MEK-soaked red chip, acquired with a 15 kV beam. Oxygen is very consistently found in high concentration with the iron in the red material even after soaking in MEK solvent (Fig. 15), and in Fig. (18) an abundance of oxygen is found relative to iron. Based on quantification of the XEDS spectra, and after accounting for oxygen fractions to trace elements, it is found that the Fe:O ratio for the spectrum in Fig. (18) is approximately 2:3. This indicates that the iron is oxidized and apparently in oxidation state III, indicating that Fe2O3, or perhaps an iron (III) oxo-bridged polymer, is present. To check the quantification method, tests were performed with the known chemical, iron (III) oxide, and the elementalquantification was found to yield consistent and repeatable results for iron and oxygen. In particular we made eight 50- second measurements on Fe2O3 samples and found consistency for iron (± 6.2%, 1 sigma) and for oxygen (± 3.4%, 1 sigma) with the O/Fe ratio consistently near 1.5 as expected. The existence of elemental aluminum and iron oxide leads to the obvious hypothesis that the material may contain thermite. However, before concluding that the red material found in the WTC dust is thermitic, further testing would be required. For example, how does the material behave when heated in a sensitive calorimeter? If the material does not react vigorously it may be argued that although ingredients of thermite are present, the material may not really be thermitic. 3. Thermal Analysis using Differential Scanning Calorimetry Red/gray chips were subjected to heating using a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC). The data shown in Fig. (19) demonstrate that the red/gray chips from different WTC samples all ignited in the range 415-435 °C. The energy release for each exotherm can be estimated by integrating with respect to time under the narrow peak. Proceeding from the smallest to largest peaks, the yields are estimated to be approximately 1.5, 3, 6 and 7.5 kJ/g respectively. Variations in peak height as well as yield estimates are not surprising, since the mass used to determine the scale of the signal, shown in the DSC traces, included the mass of the gray layer. The gray layer was found to consist mostly of iron oxide so that it probably does not contribute to the exotherm, and yet this layer varies greatly in mass from chip to chip. 4. Observation of Iron-Rich Sphere Formation Upon Ignition of Chips in a Differential Scanning Calorimeter In the post-DSC residue, charred-porous material and numerous microspheres and spheroids were observed. Many of these were analyzed, and it was found that some were iron-rich, which appear shiny and silvery in the optical microscope, and some were silicon-rich, which appear transparent or translucent when viewed with white light; see photographs taken using a Nikon microscope (Fig. 20). The abundant iron-rich spheres are of particular interest in this study; none were observed in these particular chips prior to DSC-heating. Spheres rich in iron already demonstrate the occurrence of very high temperatures, well above the 700 °C temperature reached in the DSC, in view of the high melting point of iron and iron oxide [5]. Such high temperatures indicate that a chemical reaction occurred. Using back-scattered electron (BSE) imaging, spheres were selected in the post-DSC residue which appeared to be rich in iron. An example is shown in Fig. (21) along with the corresponding XEDS spectrum for this sphere. - )

 Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 21 A conventional quantitative analysis routine was used to estimate the elemental contents. In the case of this iron-rich spheroid, the iron content exceeds the oxygen content by approximately a factor of two, so substantial elemental iron must be present. This result was repeated in other iron-rich spheroids in the post-DSC sample as well as in spots in the residue which did not form into spheres. Spheroids were observed with Fe:O ratios up to approximately 4:1. Other iron-rich spheres were found in the post-DSC residue which contained iron along with aluminum and oxygen (see Discussion section). That thermitic reactions from the red/gray chips have indeed occurred in the DSC (rising temperature method of ignition) is confirmed by the combined observation of 1) highly energetic reactions occurring at approximately 430 °C, 2) iron-rich sphere formation so that the product must have been sufficiently hot to be molten (over 1400 °C for iron and iron oxide), 3) spheres, spheroids and nonspheroidal residues in which the iron content exceeds the oxygen content. Significant elemental iron is now present as expected from the thermitic reduction-oxidation reaction of aluminum and iron oxide. The evidence for active, highly energetic thermitic material in the WTC dust is compelling. 5. Flame/Ignition Tests The DSC used in our studies does not allow for visual inspection of the energetic reaction. Therefore tests were also performed with a small oxyacetylene flame applied to red/gray chips. Samples were either heated on a graphite block (Fig. 22) Fig. (21). Spheroid found in post-DSC residue showing iron-rich sphere and the corresponding XEDS spectrum. The carbon peak must be considered indeterminate here since this sample was flashed with a thin carbon layer in order to preclude charging under the electron beam. 22 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. or held with tweezers in the flame. Several paint samples were also tested and in each case, the paint sample was immediately reduced to fragile ashes by the hot flame. This was not the case, however, with any of the red/gray chips from the World Trade Center dust. The first WTC red/gray chip so tested was approximately 1mm 􀀁 1mm. After a few seconds of heating, the high-speed ejection of a hot particle was observed under the hand of the person holding the torch (Fig. 22). The intense light and bright orange color of the particle attest to its high temperature. In this case, the attempt to recover the diminutive endproduct of the reaction was unsuccessful. A short video clip of the test (including slow-motion) is available here: In a later flame-ignition test, the end product was recovered and is shown in the photomicrograph and SEM image in Fig. (23). Once again, the formation of iron-rich semispherical shapes shows that the residue had been melted, enabling surface tension of the liquid to pull it into spherical shapes. However, the evidence obtained in the DSC analyses is more compelling that a thermitic reaction actually occurs as in that case ignition is observed when the red material is heated to no more than 430 °C. DISCUSSION All of the dust samples that were inspected were found to contain red/gray chips. The chips are characterized by a red layer in which XEDS analysis identifies carbon, oxygen, aluminum, silicon, and iron, and a gray layer in which mainly iron and oxygen are found. The ratios of these ele- Fig. (22). Applying a small torch to a minute red chip (left), followed a few seconds later by ejection of material, producing a horizontal orange streak running toward the operator’s hand (right). (Frames from video of this flame/ignition test). Fig. (23). Silvery-gray spheroids (left) are seen after the ignition test of red/gray chip from sample 1; some of the porous red material remains; both can be seen in the corresponding SEM image (right).                Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 23 ments appear to be similar especially when this analysis is performed on a clean cross-section of the layers. The BSE imaging also shows the consistency of the red layers by revealing the size and morphology of the particles that are contained in the bulk of the layers. The results clearly show the similarities of the red/gray chips from the different dust samples from all four sites. There are a number of questions raised by our results. 1. How Much of the Energetic Red Material Survived During the WTC Destruction? In the sample provided by collector J. MacKinlay the fraction of red/gray chips was roughly estimated. Fifteen small chips having a total mass of 1.74 mg were extracted from a 1.6 g sample of dust from which readily identifiable glass and concrete fragments had been removed by hand. Thus the fraction of red/gray chips was approximately 0.1% by weight in the separated dust Another sampling showed 69 small red/gray chips in a 4.9 g sample of separated dust. Further samples are being analyzed to refine this estimate. The fall of the WTC Towers produced enormous clouds of dust whose total mass is difficult to ascertain; but clearly the total mass of red/gray chips in the WTC dust must be substantial given the fraction observed in these samplings. 2. Is the Red Material Thermitic in Nature? Our observations show that the red material contains substantial amounts of aluminum, iron and oxygen, mixed together very finely. In the sample soaked in MEK, we observed a clear migration and aggregation of the aluminum away from other elements and determined that elemental aluminum and iron oxide must be present. In the product collected after DSC ignition, we found spheres which were not initially present. Many of these spheres were iron rich and elemental iron was found in the post-ignition debris. Further, the DSC traces demonstrate that the red/gray chips react vigorously at a temperature below the melting point of aluminum and below the ignition (oxidation) point of ultrafine grain (UFG) aluminum in air [18]. These observations reminded us of nano-thermite fabricated at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and elsewhere; available papers describe this material as an intimate mixture of UFG aluminum and iron oxide in nano-thermite composites to form pyrotechnics or explosives [19-21]. The thermite reaction involves aluminum and a metal oxide, as in this typical reaction with iron oxide: 2Al + Fe2O3 􀀃 Al2O3 + 2Fe (molten iron), 􀀂H = 􀀁 853.5 kJ/mole. Commercially available thermite behaves as an incendiary when ignited [6], but when the ingredients are ultra-fine grain (UFG) and are intimately mixed, this “nano-thermite” reacts very rapidly, even explosively, and is sometimes referred to as “super-thermite” [20, 22]. We would like to make detailed comparisons of the red chips with known super-thermite composites, along with comparisons of the products following ignition, but there are many forms of this high-tech thermite, and this comparison must wait for a future study. Meanwhile, we compare with products of commercially available (macro-) thermite. During ignition of thermite, we have observed that many spheres and spheroids are formed as part of the molten product of the reaction is vigorously scattered. These particles tend to become spherical due to surface tension and, being small, are rapidly cooled and solidify as they fall through the air, thus their spherical shape is preserved. To facilitate comparisons between the products of red/gray chip ignition and commercial thermite ignition, we juxtapose the respective images and XEDS spectra. We observe that the spheroidal residues from ignition of red chips (Figs. 25, 26) possess a strikingly similar chemical signature to a typical XEDS spectrum from a spheroid generated by commercial thermite (Fig. 24). This similarity supports our hypothesis that the red chips are indeed a form of thermite. Images of spheroids XEDS spectra of spheroids Fig. (24). Spheres formed during ignition of commercial thermite, with corresponding typical XEDS spectrum.              24 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. Fig. (25). Spheres formed during ignition of red/gray chip in DSC, with corresponding typical XEDS spectrum (although spheres with predominately iron and some oxygen are also seen in the post-ignition residue). Fig. (26). Residue of red chip subjected to flame test; XEDS spectrum of left-most microsphere. Fig. (27). Spheres extracted from WTC dust. Fig. (28). XEDS spectrum from a sphere found in the WTC dust.  - )  0  )     6 : 9 < = > ;

Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 25 In addition to the red/gray chips, many small spheres have been found by our group in the WTC dust. These contain the same elements as the residue of thermite, as noted in a previous paper [5]. We show spheres found in the WTC dust (Fig. 27) and a representative XEDS spectrum from such a sphere (Fig. 28); we invite the reader to compare these results with those found for ignition of commercial thermite and for ignition of red/gray chips (above). 3. Could the Red Material Be Unreacted “Super- Thermite”? We have noted that ordinary thermite acts as an incendiary when ignited. However, when the ingredients are ultrafine- grain and are intimately mixed, the mixture reacts very rapidly, even explosively [20]. Thus, there is a highly energetic form of thermite known as an energetic nanocomposite or “super-thermite,” composed of aluminum and iron oxide with at least one component being approximately 100 nm or less, often along with silicon and carbon [19-28]. “Reaction rates between nanosize aluminum and metal oxides can be significantly greater than those observed with traditional micron-size thermite powders. Reactions occurring between metal and metal oxide powders are accompanied by the generation of high temperatures (>3000 K). Super-thermites, formed by mixing of aluminum and metal oxide nanopowders result in energy release rate by two orders of magnitude higher than similar mixtures consisting of micron size reactants” [22]. The red layer of the red/gray chips is most interesting in that it contains aluminum, iron and oxygen components which are intimately mixed at a scale of approximately 100 nanometers (nm) or less. Now we compare a DSC trace obtained for a WTC red/gray chip with a DSC trace obtained for known super-thermite (see Fig. (29)). Ordinary thermite ignites at a much higher temperature (about 900 °C or above) and gives a significantly broader trace than super-thermite [21]. All these data suggest that the thermitic material found in the WTC dust is a form of nanothermite, not ordinary (macro-) thermite. We make no attempt to specify the particular form of nano-thermite present until more is learned about the red material and especially about the nature of the organic material it contains. 4. Did the Technology to Make Highly Exothermic Nanocomposites Exist Prior to 9/11/2001? We find the answer in a report by Gash et al. dated April 2000, seventeen months before the tragedy: “Nanostructured composites are multicomponent materials in which at least one of the component phases has one or more dimensions (length, width, or thickness) in the nanometer size range, defined as 1 to 100 nm. Energetic nanocomposites are a class of material that have both a fuel and oxidizer component intimately mixed and where at least one of the component phases meets the size definition. A sol-gel derived pyrotechnic is an example of an energetic nanocomposite, in which metal-oxide nanoparticles react with metals or other fuels in very exothermic reactions. The fuel resides within the pores of the solid matrix while the oxidizer comprises at least a portion of the skeletal ma- Fig. (29). DSC trace of sample 1 (blue line) compared with DSC of xerogel Fe2O3/UFG Al nanocomposite (from Tillotson et al. [28]). Both DSC traces show completion of reaction at temperatures below 560 °C.  % #&&'    26 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. trix.” “As an example, energetic nanocomposites of FexOy and metallic aluminum are easily synthesized. The compositions are stable, safe and can be readily ignited” [19]. We gather that the technology to make materials remarkably fitting the characterization of the red chips was available by April 2000. In the same report, the scientists noted that “polymers” can be added to the nanocomposite: “This sol-gel method allows for the addition of insoluble materials (e.g., metals or polymers) to the viscous sol, just before gelation, to produce a uniformly distributed and energetic nanocomposite upon gelation. Al metal (as a fine powder, ~6μm diameter) was added to some FexOy gel syntheses just before gelation to produce FexOy /Al(s) pyrotechnic nanocomposites…. These nanocomposites were subsequently processed to make both a xerogel and aerogel of the material…. The pyrotechnic nanocomposite can be ignited using a propane torch” [19]. Indeed, the red chips can be ignited using a torch and they have properties of a pyrotechnic nanocomposite. All the required ingredients are present – aluminum, iron, oxygen, silicon, and carbon – and they are incorporated in such a way that the chip forms (and sometimes ejects) very hot material when ignited. The Gash report describes FTIR spectra which characterize this energetic material. We have performed these same tests and will report the results elsewhere. We note that polymers in the matrix may be responsible for absorption of MEK and the subsequent swelling which we observed [29]. A report on an April 2001 conference discloses who was known to be working on such explosives at that time: The 221st National Meeting of the American Chemical Society held during April 2001 in San Diego featured a symposium on Defense Applications of Nanomaterials. One of the 4 sessions was titled nanoenergetics…. This session provided a good representation of the breadth of work ongoing in this field, which is roughly 10 years old.… At this point in time, all of the military services and some DOE and academic laboratories have active R&D programs aimed at exploiting the unique properties of nanomaterials that have potential to be used in energetic formulations for advanced explosives…. nanoenergetics hold promise as useful ingredients for the thermobaric (TBX) and TBX-like weapons, particularly due to their high degree of tailorability with regards to energy release and impulse management [20]. The feature of “impulse management” may be significant. It is possible that formulations may be chosen to have just sufficient percussive effect to achieve the desired fragmentation while minimizing the noise level. 5. Can Super-Thermite be Handled Safely? The April 2000 report by Gash et al. states: “The nature of the wet nanocomposites also affords an additional degree of safety. In our hands, the wet pyrotechnic nanocomposites cannot be ignited until the drying process is complete. This property should allow the production of a large quantity of the pyrotechnics that can be stored safely for some time and dried shortly before its use” [19]. Safe handling of the malleable sol-gel material allows easy coating of surfaces (such as steel), which the same group, in a subsequent report, says they have achieved. “The sol-gel process is very amenable to dip-, spin-, and spray-coating technologies to coat surfaces. We have utilized this property to dipcoat various substrates to make sol-gel Fe2O3/Al/Viton coatings. The energetic coating dries to give a nice adherent film.” “We have prepared fine powders, pressed pellets, cast monoliths, and thin films of the hybrid inorganic/ organic energetic nanocomposite” [25]. Thus, the energetic nano-composite can be sprayed or even “painted” onto surfaces, effectively forming an energetic or even explosive paint. The red chips we found in the WTC dust conform to their description of “thin films” of “hybrid inorganic/organic energetic nanocomposite”. Indeed, the descriptive terms “energetic coating” and “nice adherent film” fit very well with our observations of the red-chips which survived the WTC destruction. We cannot determine at this time, however, whether the thinness of the chips resulted from the application method or the manner of reaction. While the application of a thin film might have suited specific desired outcomes, it is also possible that the quenching effect of the steel the material was in contact with may have prevented a thin film of a larger mass from reacting. The fact that most of the chips have a distinctive gray layer suggests that the unreacted material was in close contact with something else, either its target, a container, or an adhesive. Clapsaddle et al. further noted in their report: “These results indicate that under ambient conditions the hybrid inorganic/organic energetic composite is very stable to impact, is spark insensitive, and only very slightly friction sensitive. As noted in the Experimental section of this report, in our hands wet hybrid nanocomposites are safe to handle and difficult to thermal [sic] ignite. However, once dry the material burns very vigorously and rapidly with the evolution of significant amounts of gaseous species” [24]. The organic component contributes to the rapid gas evolution and explosive nature of these energetic superthermites when dry [24]. “Super-thermite electric matches” have been developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory for which “applications include triggering explosives for ... demolition” [30]. It is indeed possible that such matches, which are designed to be ignited by a simple electric pulse, could contain material Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 27 similar to the red material we have found in the WTC dust. With regard to the safety of super-thermite matches, the Los Alamos announcement notes: “Unfortunately, conventional electric matches use lead containing compounds that are extremely sensitive to impact, friction, static, and heat stimuli, thereby making them dangerous to handle. In addition, these compounds produce toxic smoke. The Super-Thermite electric matches produce no toxic lead smoke and are safer to use because they resist friction, impact, heat, and static discharge through the composition, thereby minimizing accidental ignition. They can be designed to create various thermal-initiating outputs—simple sparks, hot slag, droplets, or flames—depending on the needs of different applications” [30]. 6. What is the Energy Release of Super-Thermite Compared to Conventional Explosives? A graph in an article on nanostructured energetic materials [21] shows that the energy/volume yield for Al/Fe2O3 composite material exceeds that of TNT, HMX and TATB explosives commonly used in demolitions (see Fig. (30)). It is striking that some of the red/gray chips release more energy in kJ/g than does ordinary thermite, as shown in the blue bar graphs above. The theoretical maximum for thermite is 3.9 kJ/g [27]. We suggest that the organic material in evidence in the red/gray chips is also highly energetic, most likely producing gas to provide explosive pressure. Again, conventional thermite is regarded as an incendiary whereas super-thermite, which may include organic ingredients for rapid gas generation, is considered a pyrotechnic or explosive [6, 24]. As this test was done in air it is possible that some of the enhancement of energy output may have come from air oxidation of the organic component. 7. Could the Red Chip Material be Ordinary Paint? We measured the resistivity of the red material (with very little gray adhering to one side) using a Fluke 8842A multimeter in order to compare with ordinary paints, using the formula: Specific resistivity = RA / L where R = resistance (ohms); A = cross-sectional area (m2); L = thickness (m). Given the small size of the red chip, about 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm, we used two probes and obtained a rough value of approximately 10 ohm-m. This is several orders of magnitude less than paint coatings we found tabulated which are typically over 1010 ohm-m [31]. Another test, described above, involved subjection of red chips to methyl ethyl ketone solvent for tens of hours, with agitation. The red material did swell but did not dissolve, and a hard silicon-rich matrix remained after this procedure. On the other hand, paint samples in the same exposure to MEK solvent became limp and showed significant dissolution, as expected since MEK is a paint solvent. Further, we have shown that the red material contains both elemental aluminum and iron oxide, the ingredients of thermite, in interesting configuration and intimate mixing in the surviving chips (see Results, section 1). The species are small (e.g., the iron oxide grains are roughly 100 nm across) in a matrix including silicon and carbon, suggesting a superthermite composite. Red chips when ignited produce very high temperatures even now, several years after the 9/11 tragedy, as shown by the bright flash observed and the pro- 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Energy (kJ) HMX TNT TATB Al/Fe2O3 WTC Chip 1 WTC Chip 2 WTC Chip 3 WTC Chip 4 Energy by volume (kJ/cc) Energy by mass (kJ/g) Fig. (30). Energy release for monomolecular explosives HMX, TNT and TATB, for energetic composite Al/Fe2O3, [21] and energy release by mass for four red/gray chips found in the WTC dust as measured in a Differential Scanning Calorimeter. 28 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. duction of molten iron-rich spheres (see photomicrographs in Fig. (20) above). Correspondingly, the DSC tests demonstrate the release of high enthalpy, actually exceeding that of pure thermite. Furthermore, the energy is released over a short period of time, shown by the narrowness of the peak in Fig. (29). The post-DSC-test residue contains microspheres in which the iron exceeds the oxygen content, implying that at least some of the iron oxide has been reduced in the reaction. If a paint were devised that incorporated these very energetic materials, it would be highly dangerous when dry and most unlikely to receive regulatory approval for building use. To merit consideration, any assertion that a prosaic substance such as paint could match the characteristics we have described would have to be accompanied by empirical demonstration using a sample of the proposed material, including SEM/XEDS and DSC analyses. 8. What Future Studies are Contemplated? We observe that the total energy released from some of the red chips exceeds the theoretical limit for thermite alone (3.9 kJ/g). One possibility is that the organic material in the red layer is itself energetic. Determination of the chemical compound(s) involved in the organic component of the red material would promote understanding. Further studies of the red material (separated from the gray material) compared to known super-thermite variants using DSC, TGA, FTIR (etc.) analyses would certainly be in order. In particular, NMR and GC-mass spectroscopy and related studies are urged to identify the organic material. We have observed that some chips have additional elements such as potassium, lead, barium and copper. Are these significant, and why do such elements appear in some red chips and not others? An example is shown in Fig. (31) which shows significant Pb along with C, O, Fe, and Al and displays multiple red and gray layers. In addition, the gray-layer material demands further study. What is its purpose? Sometimes the gray material appears in multiple layers, as seen in Fig. (32). Fig. (31). Photomicrograph of a red/gray chip found in sample 3, showing multiple layers and an unusual light-gray layer between the red layers. The red-mesoporous material is on the left in this view, with the touching dark-gray layer next and a lighter-gray material on the right as seen in a photograph of the same chip (right hand image in Fig. (32)). The gray layer in contact with the red layer has the XEDS spectrum shown in Fig. (33) in which iron is not seen, while the outer gray material had an XEDS spectrum just like those displayed in Fig. (6). Thus, the middle-layer gray material contains carbon and oxygen and presumably also contains hydrogen, too light to be seen using this method. Since the gray inner layer appears between two other layers, it may be a type of adhesive, binding a red porous thermitic material to another, iron-rich material. One might speculate that the red thermitic material has been attached to rusty iron by an adhesive. The cooling effect of the iron in such close proximity, acting as a heat sink, might quench the reaction and explain the fact that unreacted red thermitic material, always found by us in thin layers, remains in the dust. These hypotheses invite further experiments. Fig. (32). Close-up SEM image of the chip pictured on the right, the same chip but not precisely the same spot. This chip had been treated in MEK solvent so that the red layer has expanded and porosity is evident.                Active Thermitic Material Found in WTC Dust The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 29 Fig. (33). XEDS spectrum for gray layer which touches the red layer of the chip shown above. No red/gray chips having the characteristics delineated here were found in dust generated by controlled demolition using conventional explosives and methods, for the Stardust Resort & Casino in Las Vegas (demolished 13 March 2007) and the Key Bank in Salt Lake City (demolished 18 August 2007). Of course, we do not assume that the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers occurred conventionally. The red material does burn quickly as shown in the DSC, and we have observed a bright flash on ignition, but determination of the burn rate of the red material may help to classify this as a slow or fast explosive. It may be that this material is used not as a cutter-charge itself, but rather as a means to ignite high explosives, as in super-thermite matches [30]. Having observed unignited thermitic material in the WTC residue, we suggest that other energetic materials suitable for cutter charges or explosives should also be looked for in the WTC dust. NIST has admitted that they have not yet looked for such residues [11]. CONCLUSIONS We have discovered distinctive red/gray chips in significant numbers in dust associated with the World Trade Center destruction. We have applied SEM/XEDS and other methods to characterize the small-scale structure and chemical signature of these chips, especially of their red component. The red material is most interesting and has the following characteristics: 1. It is composed of aluminum, iron, oxygen, silicon and carbon. Lesser amounts of other potentially reactive elements are sometimes present, such as potassium, sulfur, lead, barium and copper. 2. The primary elements (Al, Fe, O, Si, C) are typically all present in particles at the scale of tens to hundreds of nanometers, and detailed XEDS mapping shows intimate mixing. 3. On treatment with methyl ethyl ketone solvent, some segregation of components occurred. Elemental aluminum became sufficiently concentrated to be clearly identified in the pre-ignition material. 4. Iron oxide appears in faceted grains roughly 100 nm across whereas the aluminum appears in thin platelike structures. The small size of the iron oxide particles qualifies the material to be characterized as nanothermite or super-thermite. 5. Analysis shows that iron and oxygen are present in a ratio consistent with Fe2O3. The red material in all four WTC dust samples was similar in this way. Iron oxide was found in the pre-ignition material whereas elemental iron was not. 6. From the presence of elemental aluminum and iron oxide in the red material, we conclude that it contains the ingredients of thermite. 7. As measured using DSC, the material ignites and reacts vigorously at a temperature of approximately 430 °C, with a rather narrow exotherm, matching fairly closely an independent observation on a known super-thermite sample. The low temperature of ignition and the presence of iron oxide grains less than 120 nm show that the material is not conventional thermite (which ignites at temperatures above 900 °C) but very likely a form of super-thermite. 8. After igniting several red/gray chips in a DSC run to 700 °C, we found numerous iron-rich spheres and spheroids in the residue, indicating that a very hightemperature reaction had occurred, since the iron-rich product clearly must have been molten to form these shapes. In several spheres, elemental iron was verified since the iron content significantly exceeded the oxygen content. We conclude that a high-temperature reduction-oxidation reaction has occurred in the heated chips, namely, the thermite reaction. 9. The spheroids produced by the DSC tests and by the flame test have an XEDS signature (Al, Fe, O, Si, C) which is depleted in carbon and aluminum relative to the original red material. This chemical signature strikingly matches the chemical signature of the spheroids produced by igniting commercial thermite, and also matches the signatures of many of the microspheres found in the WTC dust [5]. 10. The carbon content of the red material indicates that an organic substance is present. This would be expected for super-thermite formulations in order to produce high gas pressures upon ignition and thus make them explosive. The nature of the organic material in these chips merits further exploration. We note that it is likely also an energetic material, in that the total energy release sometimes observed in DSC tests exceeds the theoretical maximum energy of the classic thermite reaction. Based on these observations, we conclude that the red layer of the red/gray chips we have discovered in the WTC dust is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology, and is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material.


 30 The Open Chemical Physics Journal, 2009, Volume 2 Harrit et al. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors wish to thank Tom Breidenbach, Frank Delessio, Jody Intermont, Janette MacKinlay, and Steve White for dust samples acquired soon after the WTC 9/11 catastrophe. We thank David Griscom, Mark Basile, David Allan, Branton Campbell, Wes Lifferth, Crockett Grabbe, David Ray Griffin, Mike Berger, Frank Carmen, Richard Gage, Shane Geiger, Justin Keogh, Janice Matthews, John Parulis, Phillipe Rivera, Allan South and Jared Stocksmith for elucidating discussions and encouragement. Thanks to John Parulis for gathering samples of residues from reacted commercial thermite. REFERENCES [1] Federal Emergency Management Authority, World Trade Center Building Performance Study: Data collection, preliminary observations and recommendations, May 2002, Figure 1-7, Schematic depiction of areas of collapse debris impact, based on aerial photographs and documented damage, pp. 1-9. [Accessed February 7, 2009]. 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Nanostructured energetic materials using sol-gel methodologies. J Non- Cryst Sol 2001; 285: 338-345. [Accessed February 7, 2009]. Available from: 2G&_user=10&_rdoc=1&_fmt=&_orig=search&_sort=d&view=c&_acct=C000050221&_version=1&_urlVersion=0&_userid=10&md5=96168ef14a 007c2cc1dee1667b0d1b2f [29] Bandyopadhyay A, de Sarkar M, Bhowmick AK. Polymer-filler interactions in sol-gel derived polymer/silica hybrid nanocomposites. J Polym Sci Part B. Polym Phys 2005; 43(17): 2399-412. [Accessed August 4, 2008]. Available from: [30] R&D Awards. super-thermite electric matches. [Accessed February 7, 2009]. Available from: [31] Abu Ayana YM, El-Sawy SM, Salah SH. Zinc-ferrite pigment for corrosion protection. Anti-Corros Methods Mater 1997; 44(6): 381-8. Available from: Received: August 12, 2008 Revised: February 10, 2009 Accepted: February 13, 2009 © Harrit et al.; Licensee Bentham Open. This is an open access article licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License (http: // 3.0/) which permits unrestricted, non-commercial use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the work is properly cited.

7. World Trade Center Tower A Electrical  
NewCoreTowerElevations-SchematicSections low medium high original, about 200 more here
12.  Mysteries of the Twin Towers
R. Herbst
Mysteries of the Twin Towers A Survey of Available Evidence On the Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers R. Herbst; BAAE, ME Rev. 12.0 February 2009 The WTC Complex [1] Thanks to Eric Hufschmid, Dave McGowan, and the webmaster of for explicit permission in the posting of images. Thanks to Sami Yli-Karjanmaa for corrections to the text in discussing his 9/11 activism. Special thanks to Connie Eichenlaub for help in text editing up through version 11. Background According to media reports, American Airlines Boeing 767 Flight 11 crashed between floors 94 and 98 of the North Tower at 8:46 a.m. The North Tower collapsed at 10:29 a.m. According to media reports, United Airlines Boeing 767 Flight 175 crashed between floors 78 and 85 of the South Tower at 9:03 a.m. The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 a.m. Crash and collapse times are based on seismic data from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, New York. US Department of State times were essentially identical, except time of collapse of the South Tower was given as 10:05 a.m., rather than 9:59 a.m. According to the State Department, 92 people were on board Flight 11, and 64 people were on board Flight 175. [2] Architect Minoru Yamasaki was commissioned to design the World Trade Center with the New York firm of Emery Roth and Sons. Structural engineers John Skilling and Leslie Robertson of Worthington, Skilling, Helle and Jackson (WSH&J), the Seattle based World Class structural engineering Firm of Record, worked on the project. This firm is responsible for the structural design of many major modern structures, including Columbia Center in Seattle. [3] Some sources have suggested the new “tubular” design of the WTC Towers made them structurally suspect [4]. Others have suggested the WTC towers were otherwise “vulnerable.” [5] However, their “tubular” design creates a very strong and resilient structure, and continues to be very successful. [6] The horrific “collapse” of 1 and 2 World Trade Center, the “Twin Towers”, was the key event of the attacks which has provided the Bush administration almost limitless power to do as it pleases, merely by invoking the phrase "Remember 9/11". That power was solidified by the passage of S.J. Resolution 23 on September 14, 2001, authorizing the President to "use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. [7] We now have perpetual war, wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, torture, the “Unitary Executive”, the Military Tribunal Act (which effectively creates an American dictatorship), billions in profits for the military industries, and world-wide angst. So, why did the towers collapse? By now, six years later, we should have a definitive answer, but we do not. We have the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) study, the Federal Emergency Management Agency Building Performance Assessment (FEMA BPA), the Silverstein reports, the 9/11 Commission Report; the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) reports, the so called “Purdue Study,” and ARUP commentary. Although these reports vary in details, and in some cases contradict one another, what we finally have is the Official Story, quoted verbatim by the US media: the impact of commercial aircraft and the ensuing fire caused by aircraft fuel led to the collapse of WTC 1 and 2, the North and South World Trade Center Towers, on September 11, 2001. The truth of the Official Story has never been proven but has been implicitly assumed by all of the “Official” investigation reports. David Ray Griffin’s book The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions discusses this concept as applied to the 9/11 Commission Report. [8] This paper does not presume to know what happened on 9/11. It merely collects and organizes available information. Although some analysis is provided, it is up to the reader to decide what it means. Section 8 provides a brief list of relevant questions. (Please note that a lot of information is provided in the end notes, which appear in a separate file. Also note that mainstream articles are disappearing from internet archives, so links to original articles may not work. This is especially true for the New York Times. In these cases, links to copies of the articles are provided wherever possible. ) Similar studies on 9/11 aircraft may be available at Contents at a glance: 1.0 The Case for Controlled Demolition 1.1 First experts suggest explosives were used. 1.2 Explosives Considered 1.2.1 Problems with the Dust 1.2.2 North Tower Antenna and “upper block” 1.2.3 Symmetrical, quickly, completely 1.2.4 Sliced Steel 1.2.5 Squibs 1.2.6 Ejected material 1.2.7 Molten metal in the Basements for weeks 1.2.8 Surface Hot Spots 1.2.9 Vaporized Steel 1.2.10 Massive Destruction 1.2.11 Afterglow 1.2.12 Vaporized Humans? 2.0 Eye and Ear Witness Reports 2.1 Suppression of Photographic Evidence? 2.2. Reports of explosions. 2.2.1 Reports of explosions prior to aircraft impact and/or emanating from lower floors 2.2.2 Reports of explosions probably after aircraft impact but prior to collapse. 2.2.3 Unexpected Damage on the 22nd floor, lobby, and basement of N. Tower probably after aircraft impact but prior to collapse 2.2.4 Reports of explosions and tower swaying at the time of collapse. 2.3 Reports of explosions by members of the NYC Fire Department 2.3.1 Attempt to Discredit NYFD? 2.3.2 Statements going directly to the media 2.3.3 Real time audiotapes of communication between rescue services during the attacks 2.3.4 Interviews and Oral Histories taken after the attacks 3.0 How does the seismic data fit in? 3.1 The Earthquakes 3.2 Is the seismic record consistent with NIST conclusions? 3.3 Seismic activity at time of aircraft impact 4.0 WTC Security 4.1 Insurance 4.2 Damage to FBI Offices 4.3 Anomalies leading up to the Day 4.4 Security firms 4.5 A note on “Urban Renewal” of the Twin Towers 5.0 History and its Revision 5.1 The History of Fire Induced Collapse of Steel Buildings 5.2.0 The First Wave of Politically Correct Revisionist Theories 5.2.1 Fire Theory 5.2.2 Steel Melted By Heat 5.2.3 Steel Weakened By Heat 5.2.4 Refutation of Early Fire and Heat Theories. 5.2.5 The Problem of a Completely Symmetrical collapse 5.2.6 Pancake Theory 5.3.0 The FEMA Building Performance Assessment (BPA) 5.3.1 Executive Summary 5.3.2 Deepest mystery makes Appendix C 5.3.3 Immediate Reaction to the FEMA BPA Report 5.3.4 Structural Engineers 5.3.5 Firefighters 5.3.6 Congress 5.3.7 Media 5.4.0 The 9/11 Commission 5.4.1 The 9/11 Commission Report 5.4.2 9/11 Commission Makeup 5.4.3 9/11 Commission Behavior 5.5.0 The Silverstein Studies 5.6.0 The NIST Investigation 5.6.1 Review of Documents: Many relevant documents not mentioned or missing Original tower design features and claims 5.6.2 Interviews 5.6.3 Lab Tests: Fire and NIST 5.6.4 Analysis and Simulation WTC tower structure NIST Simulation of Aircraft Damage to Tower Structure. Descending Block Scenario during “collapse initiation.” Where is the momentum transfer analysis? 5.6.5 Steven Jones on Kevin Ryan and NIST: 5.6.6 The Engineering Community 5.6.7 Purdue Study: A NIST prop? 5.6.8 Secrecy 5.6.9 The real goal of the NIST “investigation” ? 5.6.10 Legal challenges filed against NIST 5.6.11 More Scientists Architects and Engineers question NIST Results 5.7.0 How do the Official Investigations Compare? 5.7.1 A Continuity of Faces 5.7.2 North Tower Antenna 5.7.3 Amount of jet fuel burned within the WTC towers 5.7.4 References to explosives, explosive, or anomalous characteristics 5.7.5 Aircraft Impact Damage 5.7.6 “Pancaking”, “Progressive Collapse”; Mode of failure; New building codes 6.0 Bush Science 7.0 Alternative Theories 7.1 Steven Jones Thermite/Thermate Alternative 7.2 Gordon Ross Four Phase Attack Alternative 8.0 Wrapping it up with a few questions 9.0 Fair Use Notice ATV Units assist in cleanup September 11 2001 – June 12 2002 [9] 1.0 The Case for Controlled Demolition 1.1 First experts suggest explosives were used. On September 11, 2001, American explosives expert Van Romero said: "My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse.” The Albuquerque Journal further noted: “The detonation of bombs within the towers is consistent with a common terrorist strategy,” Romero said. “One of the things terrorist events are noted for is a diversionary attack and a secondary device,” Romero said. “Attackers detonate an initial, diversionary explosion that attracts emergency personnel to the scene, then detonate a second explosion,” he said. Romero said that if his scenario is correct, the diversionary attack would have been the collision of the planes into the towers. [10] The next day, Mark Taylor, demolition expert noted in New Scientist: “it cascaded down like an implosion.” [11] Webster Tarpley notes European expert sources who immediately suggested the possibility of explosives in the towers. On Sept. 12, the Danish "bomb expert" Mr. Bent Lund stated: "an estimated amount of circa 1 tons of Extra high-explosives Bombs must have been detonated inside the World Trade Center complex in order to make the Towers collapse in the manner they did." [12] Jens Claus Hansen, a high ranking officer of the Danish Military Academy, on 9/11/01 stated in an interview: “Additional bombs must have been placed inside the WTC towers--otherwise they would not have collapsed as they actually did.” Former NATO General Keld Hillingsoe in the same interview stated: “Additional bombs must have been installed inside buildings.” On Sept 13, 2001, Hugo Bachmann, Professor Emeritus of building dynamics and earth quake engineering at the Swiss Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule in Zurich saw two possible scenarios, and felt that both should be investigated. The first was fire and its effects on the steel supports; the second, an additional terrorist action. The article quoted by Tarpley noted that Bachmann “could imagine that the perpetrators had installed explosives on key supports in a lower floor before the attack.” [13] 1.2 Explosives Considered Why would explosives experts say that explosives were used? Eric Hufschmid, J. M. King, and more recently Dr. Steven Jones, have noted that the explosives theory explains very well the apparent removal of all structural support and the neat demolition-like collapse of the towers. [14] Dr. Jones notes: “Unlike WTC7, the twin towers appear to have been exploded ‘top-down’ rather than proceeding from the bottom - which is unusual for controlled demolition but clearly possible, depending on the order in which explosives are detonated.” As first proposed by Eric Hufschmid in his book Painful Questions, Jones notes that explosives may have been placed on higher floors of the towers and exploded via radio signals so as to have early explosions near the region where the plane entered the tower: “Certainly this hypothesis ought to be seriously considered in an independent investigation using all available data.” [15] Although Van Romero later “changed his mind”, he still admitted the collapses looked like demolitions [16] This is true in a number of ways. Dr. David Ray Griffin has noted eleven characteristics of the WTC collapses consistent with “Controlled Demolition”: 1) Sudden Onset; 2) Straight Down; 3) Almost Free-Fall Speed; 4) Total Collapse; 5) Sliced Steel; 6) Pulverization of Concrete and Other Materials; 7) Dust Clouds; 8) Horizontal Ejections; 9) Demolition Rings; 10) Sounds Produced by Explosions; 11) Molten Steel. [17] 1.2.1 Problems with the Dust Concrete and all other non-metallic objects were pulverized to dust. Rather than a piling up of shattered concrete as we might expect from non-explosive-caused progressive collapse ("official theory"), we find that most of the Towers material (concrete, carpet, etc.) is converted to flour-like powder WHILE the buildings are falling. [18] Danish video expert Henrik Melvang claims his four hour video shows five distinct "DUST CLOUDS" from Demolition Bombs exploding far below the point of airplane impact within the WTC. [19] The first event in the collapse of each building was a mushroom cloud of dust above each building. Jeff King (2003), notes: "[A great amount of] very fine concrete dust is ejected from the top of the building very early in the collapse. . . [when] concrete slabs [would have been] bumping into each other at [only] 20 or 30 mph.” As King points out, dust clouds were created far above the impact zones. [20] What is the energy source needed to produce this fine dust at the beginning of the collapses, before gravity has a chance to do anything? [21] Using a photograph from Chapter 5 of the FEMA Building Performance Assessment, Jim Hoffman estimated that the dust cloud from the North Tower grew to about 5 times the volume of the building within 30 seconds of the start of the collapse. He then calculated the energy required to allow the observed volume of expansion of dust, and found that it exceeded energy available from gravitational collapse by a factor of 10. [22] WTC Complex: From FEMA BPA [22] This is in marked contrast to the official theory which, according to Derrick Grimmer, proposes that 30% of the gravitational collapse energy was necessary to create the pyroclastic cloud of debris. [23] 1.2.2 North Tower Antenna Video frames show that the North Tower antenna droops prior to the adjacent columns prior to collapse. [24] A sinking antenna suggests the building core failed, which is usually how buildings are intentionally demolished. Frames 5,6,7:the white portion of the antenna at the top of Frame 7 is a bit longer, while the walls have not yet moved. This suggests the antenna, and thus the building core, began to collapse first [24] 1.2.3 Symmetrical, quickly, completely The collapses progress rapidly, at almost free fall speed, so they are completed in under 16 seconds [25]. The collapses proceed floor-by-floor in a nearly perfectly balanced and symmetrical manner, with debris falling largely within a symmetric boundary around the buildings’ footprints. [26] S. Tower “Collapse”: From Hufshmid [26] 1.2.4 Sliced Steel Griffin has noted that in controlled demolitions of steel-frame buildings, explosives are used to slice the steel columns and beams into pieces of desired lengths. [27] Controlled Demolition Incorporated, the company selected to remove the rubble from the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City, was also selected to cleanup rubble from the WTC. CDI advertises its ability to demolish steel columns into pieces matching the lifting capacity of available equipment. Interestingly much of the WTC steel rubble could be stacked conveniently on standard flatbed trailers. [28] Jones notes that slicing of steel for demolition purposes is routinely done by use of high temperature “cutter charges” made from exothermic materials such as thermite, HMX, and RDX. [29] He notes these “cutter-charges” are typically placed at about a 45 degree angle to the length of the vertical steel beams of a building to be demolished. [30] Workers place cutter charges in building demolition. Jones [30] He also notes several instances of photographs of WTC wreckage showing truncated steel columns very similar to what would be expected from the use of such cutter charges. [31] Jones has also argued that WTC cleanup crews used only oxy-acetylene torches, and did not use thermite. Angle cut box columns: Jones/Hufschmid [31] 1.2.5 Squibs Photographs show symmetrical “squibs” well below collapsing floors. As opposed to the dust blown out of successive floors below the collapse, these “squibs” are stationary and ere eventually overtaken by the collapsing floors. Such squibs are associated with controlled demolition. [32] Jets of Material (squibs) From North Tower. Courtesy Eric Hufschmid [32] Griffin notes still another common feature of collapses induced by explosions are “demolition rings” in which series of small explosions run rapidly around a building. [33] 1.2.6 Ejected material Some material was ejected horizontally at high speeds. Objects were thrown laterally several hundred feet. At bottom, debris was scattered in 500 ft radius. Some clips show material thrown upward, and building fragments were found imbedded in surrounding buildings. [34] Debris ejected from S. Tower 600,000 lb. Steel beam imbedded in WFC 3 [35] WTC steel imbedded in adjacent building [34] Dr. Stephan Grossman has presented much evidence documenting the incredible energy of the “collapses” as well as the resulting destruction. He notes a steel beam weighing 600,000 pounds (270 metric tons; about twice the weight of a 767-200ER), which was thrown laterally for over 390 ft, to imbed deeply into the World Financial Center 3. [35] 1.2.7 Surface Hot Spots Five days after the collapse, on September 16, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) used an Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) to collect thermal data at the WTC site. The data revealed a number of surface thermal hot spots in the region of collapse. Analysis of the data indicated temperatures greater than 800 deg F in these hot spots (some over 1300 deg. F). [36] From U. S. Geological Survey Report see [36] 1.2.8 Molten metal in the Basements for weeks The surface hot spots were indicative of what was below the surface: Numerous confirmed references to “molten steel” appear in the 9/11 WTC literature. According to Mark Loizeaux, president of CDI, "pools of molten steel were found” at the bottoms of the elevator shafts of the main towers down seven [basement] levels, "three, four, and five weeks later, when the rubble was being removed." As has been noted, construction steel has an extremely high melting point of about 2,800° Fahrenheit [1535° Celsius]. [37] Steven Jones cites several confirmations of molten metal, including Dr Keith Eaton, and Leslie Robertson, WTC structural engineer. [38] A video clip provides eye-witness evidence regarding this metal at ground zero. [39] The observer notes that the observed surface of this metal is still reddishorange some six weeks after 9/11. 1.2.9 Vaporized Steel A February 2002 New York Times article noted that pieces of steel were found that were "apparently melted and vaporized not solely because of the heat of fires, but also because of a corrosive contaminant that was somehow released in the conflagrations. This Swiss cheese appearance shocked all of the firewise professors, who expected to see distortion and bending--but not holes."[40] This anomaly was cited in Appendix C of the FEMA Report. 1.2.10 Massive Destruction On September 8, 2002 Colonel John O'Dowd of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, appeared on The History Channel. O'Dowd, who is no stranger to disaster scenes, had never seen anything like the remains of the twin towers. "At the World Trade Center sites," he said, "it seemed like everything was pulverized." There was nothing recognizable in the debris -- nothing to indicate that that pulverized debris had been, just seconds earlier, a functioning 10,000,000-square-foot office building. O'Dowd had been present at the scene of the partially collapsed Oklahoma City federal building. Though the collapse of the Alfred P. Murrah building was definitely facilitated by one or more powerful explosive charges, the debris from that collapse was not pulverized to the degree that it was at the site of the WTC towers, which presumably was acted on only by gravity. [41] Dr Grossman provides an image from showing damage to dozens of buildings around the WTC Complex. [42] One of the more unusual artifacts to emerge from the rubble was an object which has come to be known as "the meteorite" a combination of steel and concrete fused by the heat into one single element. [43] 1.2.11 Afterglow Many videos show an afterglow or a “flare” at the end of the collapses of both the North and South Towers. has several videos showing this effect. [44] Afterglow of WTC1 Collapse [44] 1.2.12 Vaporized Humans? According to an Associate Press article of 1/15/02, Dr. Charles Hirsch, chief medical examiner of the City of New York, triggered an angry response when he told grieving relatives that many bodies had been "vaporized." The goal of his office was to identify at least 2000 of the 2823 victims. Dr. Michael Baden, the state's chief forensic pathologist said that most bodies should be identifiable because the fires ... did not reach the 3,200-degree [1760 deg C.], 30-minute level necessary to incinerate a body. Dr. Cyril Wecht, a top forensic pathologist in Pittsburgh said the combination of fire and compression from tons of rubble could reduce a human body to a small amount of tissue and bone. [45] After one year, Hirsch's office had identified 1,401 victims. [46] Almost six years later, as of April 2007, more than 1100 victims still do not have identifiable remains. [47] After the Oklahoma City bombing, all 168 people killed were eventually identified. And the towers, according to the official story, were acted upon by nothing more than the effects of fire and gravity. 2.0 Eye and Ear Witness Reports 2.1 Suppression of Photographic Evidence? Photographs at Ground Zero were prohibited, ostensibly for “humanitarian” reasons. Tarpley notes Rudolph Giuliani’s autobiography Leadership, in which he states “I noticed a disturbing phenomenon – hundreds of people carrying disposable cameras and hand held video cameras. I understood the impulse…At the same time, this was a crime scene and a dangerous one. I did not want anyone to get hurt or to damage evidence as they scouted out the best angle for their snapshots.” The result was his infamous order that all photos were illegal around the complex. [48] 2.2. Reports of explosions. The mainstream media generally did not report explosions. Reports continue to surface however, and there is now much photographic [49] and eye witness evidence which suggests that explosions actually did occur within the Twin Towers prior to their collapse. Steve Evans, BBC[59] Mike Pecoraro, Engineer[54] W. Rodriguez/G. Bush [53] 2.2.1 Reports of explosions prior to aircraft impact and/or emanating from lower floors All damage in both towers was implicitly assumed in the “Official Story” to have occurred only after, and because of aircraft impact and fire. Not all reports support these views: The Christian Science Monitor reported the experience of Tom Elliott, who was at work in his office at the Aeon Corp., an insurance brokerage firm, on the 103rd floor of the South tower. Sometime after 8:30 a.m., a bright flash of light startled him, and a rumble shook the structure. Flames appeared to be crawling up the outside of the building, along with dark smoke and debris, burning paper and ash. Elliott and two others headed down the building stairwell. As they reached the 67th floor, United Airlines Flight 175 slammed into the 78th floor of their tower at 9:03 a.m. Although its spectacularly televised impact was above Elliot, at first he and those around him thought an explosion had come from below. An incredible sound – he calls it an “exploding sound” – shook the building and a tornado of hot air and smoke and ceiling tiles and bits of drywall came flying up the stairwell. “In front of me, the wall split from the bottom up.” [50] William Rodriguez, age 44, worked at the WTC for 20 years in building maintenance. He was in an office on sub-level (basement) 1 of the North Tower when it was hit by flight 11. "When I heard the sound of the explosion, the floor beneath my feet vibrated, the walls started cracking and everything started shaking," said Rodriguez, who was huddled together with at least 14 other people in the office. "Seconds after …. I hear another explosion from way above," said Rodriguez. "Although I was unaware at the time, this was the airplane hitting the tower …" Rodriguez said Anthony Saltamachia, supervisor for the American Maintenance Co., was one of the people in the room who stands ready to verify his story. Subsequently Rodriguez helped to save hundreds of people in the North tower, by opening doors with a master key for fire fighters before he was finally turned back at the 39th floor. He also added that he heard a series of small explosions going off between the 20th and 30th floors while making his way through the stairwell to the top floors. Although initially considered an official hero, he soon concluded that the explosions occurring before flight 11 hit the tower proved the towers were brought down by controlled demolition. In an effort to open a fair and honest investigation as to why the WTC collapsed, Rodriguez has approached and been ignored by government officials, the 9/11 Commission, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). As of 2005, he was being represented by Attorney Phil Berg in a RICO law suit against GW Bush and his administration. [51] Other independent reports corroborate explosions emanating from the basement, but it is not clear if these occurred prior to aircraft impact: Stationary Engineer Mike Pecoraro, who was working in the subbasement level of the North Tower, gives a harrowing eyewitness account of numerous ground and subbasement level explosions in the on-line publication Chiefengineer. For example, from D level: The two decided to ascend the stairs to the C level, to a small machine shop where Vito Deleo and David Williams were supposed to be working. When the two arrived at the C level, they found the machine shop gone. “There was nothing there but rubble” Mike said. “We're talking about a 50 ton hydraulic press ? gone!” The two made their way to the parking garage, but found that it, too, was gone. “There were no walls, there was rubble on the floor, and you can't see anything” he said. [52] Regardless of time of occurrence, the notion that all lower floor damage was caused by aircraft impact/fireballs is further refuted by testimony from NYFD Lieutenant William Walsh, who stated that North Tower elevators, which serviced the lower 30 floors, were “blown off the hinges ” from below. Craig T. Furlong and Gordon Ross, in a study of seismic activity, reasonably conclude Lieutenant Walsh was referring to local elevators which serviced floors 34 down to the lowest level of the building, Level B6 in the basement. In other words, since these elevators did not go above floor 34, they could not have been affected by aircraft impact between floors 94-98. Furlong and Ross conclude that explosions generating seismic activity did occur prior to aircraft impact. [53] 2.2.2 Reports of explosions probably after aircraft impact but prior to collapse. According to Scott Forbes, a senior database administrator for Fiduciary Trust, Inc., with offices in the former WTC, Fiduciary employees trapped between the 90-97th floors of the South Tower told family members (via cell-phone calls) that they were hearing "bomb-like explosions" throughout the towers. Forbes, who had helped prepare the South Tower for an unusual power outage the weekend before 9/11[discussed under WTC Security ] had the day off, and saw the towers collapse on TV. [54] Kim White, 32, an employee on the 80th floor, reported hearing an explosion. "All of a sudden the building shook, then it started to sway. We didn't know what was going on ... We got down as far as the 74th floor ... then there was another explosion." [55] Teresa Veliz, who escaped from the 47th floor of the North Tower: noted : "The flashlight led us into Borders bookstore, up an escalator and out to Church Street. There were explosions going off everywhere. I was convinced that there were bombs planted all over the place and someone was sitting at a control panel pushing detonator buttons. I was afraid to go down Church Street toward Broadway, but I had to do it. I ended up on Vesey Street. There was another explosion. And another. I didn't know where to run." [56] On Sept. 11 the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) interviewed one of its New York-based reporters, Steve Evans: I was on the ground floor … There was huge bang… But seconds later, there were two or three similar huge explosions and the building literally shook. At which point, people came - I nearly said screaming, but they weren't screaming - it was a mild panic… We all streamed out, some people running, some people crying, nobody really screaming, across the road and you look up and you can see the top of one of the towers, smoke billowing out from it, the odd flame coming out of the top of these towers. [57] 2.2.3. Unexpected Damage on the 22nd floor, lobby, and basement of N. Tower probably after aircraft impact but prior to collapse Members of the WTC security department dug thru the debris of the security office on the 22nd floor prior to collapse, to rescue several trapped employees. [58] The 22nd floor was also affected by fire. On September 12, 2001, NY News Day reported that officials had recently taken steps to secure the towers against aerial attacks by installing bulletproof windows and fireproof doors in the 22nd-floor computer command center. "When the fire started, the room was sealed," said [Hermina] Jones, who was in the command center when explosions rocked the building. "Flames were shooting off the walls....We started putting wet towels under the doors. The Fire Department unsealed the door and grabbed us by the hand and said, 'Run!' " [59] According to Peter Wong, who was right under the elevator lobby of WTC 1 between the two ID checkpoints: "I heard the sound of broken glass, smelled burning gas [ what kind of gas??], a door blown off about twenty feet in front of me, heat was coming my way. I stepped back and hid myself at the middle elevator of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield section when the strongest wave of explosion passed by with chunks of glass and debris flying around." [60] reported the following: “Brian Reeves, a 34-year-old security guard, was nearly killed while making the rounds in the lobby of 1 World Trade Center on September 11. He started to run after hearing an explosion that he said sounded like a missile, but he was knocked down by a fireball that roared down the elevator shaft.” [61] It has not been determined who verified the origin of the fireball. On March 11 2002, CBS aired a film consisting largely of documentary footage on the firefighters of the FDNY's Engine 7, Ladder 1, all of whom survived the collapse of the towers. [62] The footage was taken by a team of two French brothers, Jules and Gedeon Naudet, who have now become suspect in helping to “stage” the photographic capture of Flight 11 striking the North Tower as merely luck, when they actually may have known what was going to happen. [63] Jules Naudet reports that as he entered the North Tower lobby, minutes after the first aircraft struck, he saw victims on fire, a scene he found too horrific to film. [64] However, to their surprise, the firefighters of engine 7 also found something else completely unexpected: widespread damage to the entire lobby area of the North tower. Over and over, these professional firefighters expressed their complete puzzlement over the damage in this area. According to a World Trade Center Task Force deposition from the New York Times Archives, "The lobby looked like the plane hit the lobby." [65] Fire officials were "informed... by certain federal officials" that the lobby damage occurred because ‘burning jet fuel’ had poured eighty stories down the elevator shafts and then exploded in the lobby.” Unexpected damage on the 22nd floor and basement of the N. Tower prior to collapse was also attributed to this fireball. Phillip Morelli, a 37-year-old Queens native, describes being thrown to the ground by two explosions while in the fourth subbasement of the North Tower. The first, which threw him to the ground and seemed to coincide with the plane crash, was followed by a larger blast that again threw him to the ground and this time blew out walls. He then made his way to the South Tower and was in the subbasement there when the second plane hit, again associated with a powerful underground blast. [66] 2.2.4 Reports of explosions and tower swaying at the time of collapse. Genelle Guzman McMillan was the last person pulled alive from the wreckage of the World Trade Center. She was discovered on Sept 12, 2001, 27 hours after the towers had fallen. With a group of 16, she was descending from the 64th floor of the North Tower. On the 13th-floor landing, McMillan heard a rumble. "A big explosion," she now calls it. "The wall I was facing just opened up, and it threw me on the other side," she says. She was struggling to reach a friend "when the rubble just kept coming down....Everything just kept coming harder and harder," McMillan says. [67] On viewing a September 11, 2001 Fox 5 News video, Retired Colonel Donn De Grand Pre notes: "A few seconds after 10:00 a.m. we see a great white cloud of smoke and dust rising from the base of the [South] tower. The anchor gal exclaims 'There is an explosion at the base of the building… white smoke from the bottom… something happened at the base of the building… then, another explosion! …'" [68] Conor O'Clery stated on seeing the South tower collapse: "I shifted my eyes upwards to the first tower that had been hit and was still standing, and saw that several more people had appeared in the upper stories where they had smashed windows. The man with the white cloth was still there, hanging precariously by one hand with his body out over the abyss. I wondered why there was no attempt to rescue them by helicopter as part of the roof of the 1350-foot building was clear of smoke. But then the tower began to sway slightly and two people fell in quick succession from the windows as if unable to maintain their grip....Then the [building collapsed ]." [69] 2.3 Reports of explosions by members of the NYC Fire Department 2.3.1 Attempt to Discredit NYFD? According to Tarpley, members of the NYFD were the greatest immediate threat to the official myth of the cause of the collapse of the towers. For this reason he argues, they were the target of psychological warfare. Stories were circulated about looting by the NYFD which supposedly had began to take place even before the towers had collapsed. Giuliani tried to limit the number of firemen working on the WTC rubble pile, who were trying to recover the bodies of fallen firefighters before the rubble was removed . A firefighter demonstration against his WTC policies degenerated into a full scale riot between the firefighters and the police. [70] Several types of reports are available which give an accounting by first responders to the 9/11 tragedy: 1) Statements going directly to the media; 2) Real time audiotapes of communication between rescue services during the attacks, some of which have found their way to the media; and 3) oral histories or interviews taken in interview format after the attacks. 2.3.2 Statements going directly to the media In the September 12, 2001 issue of People Weekly magazine, Louie Cacchioli tells of his rescue work inside the South tower: "I was taking firefighters up in the elevator to the twenty fourth floor to get in a position to evacuate workers. On the last trip up a bomb went off. We think there was bombs set in the building." [71] Shortly after 9 o'clock [Albert Turi the Chief of Safety for the New York Fire Department] received word of the possibility of a secondary device, that is another bomb going off. He tried to get his men out as quickly as he could, but he said there was another explosion which took place, and then an hour after the first hit, the first crash that took place, he said there was another explosion that took place in one of the towers here, so obviously according to his theory he thinks that there were actually devices that were planted in the building. [72] 2.3.3 Real time audiotapes of communication between rescue services during the attacks According to the New York Times, the City of New York held hundreds of documents and audio tapes recording the response of emergency services to the September 11 attacks on the WTC, which it said should never be released to the general public. The Bloomberg Administration, in response to a lawsuit filed in State Supreme Court by the New York Times, cited a number of reasons for keeping the documents secret. These included citing its value in the government's case against Zacarias Moussaoui, who is accused of being the ''20th hijacker.” “The administration has argued that releasing these materials would be an invasion of privacy for the families of those who died at the trade center, and for the firefighters who responded to the disaster scene.” Michael A. Cardozo, the city's corporation counsel. Noted “both the oral histories and the radio transmissions, especially the 911 calls, contain highly personal and emotionally charged material. Victims were recorded as they were experiencing life-threatening circumstances, in some instances as they were dying.” In its suit, which was filed in May, The Times rejected each of the city's claims, arguing that much of the material reflected information and images that had already been viewed by millions of people through news accounts, documentaries and books. Included in the material the administration said should never become public were the oral histories given to Fire Department officials by firefighters and chiefs after Sept. 11. Administration officials say that the firefighters and chiefs were promised confidentiality when they gave their accounts. A former senior official in the Fire Department however, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, advised the Times that the firefighters were, in fact, never told that their remarks would be kept confidential. ''The histories are more than for historical purposes,'' said the former official,. ''They are of great value to understanding what happened there. I tend to think that people should be able to see them.'' [75] In response to a petition by the New York Times, which had been trying to get copies of these materials, New York State Supreme Court Justice Richard Braun ruled in February 2003 that the city had not provided sufficient reason for withholding these documents. The City of NY initially appealed this ruling. [76] Meanwhile, the 911 Commission subpoenaed the New York Tapes. (see section 5.4) The Bloomberg Administration responded that the mayor was "dismayed" by the subpoena and that “the city had offered to share material with the commission after it was edited to remove the intensely emotional statements of people who lost their lives or whose lives were in jeopardy on Sept. 11.” The Commission noted that "the city's failure to produce these important documents has significantly impeded the commission's investigation," The Mayor’s office also noted “It also is puzzling why the commission is trying to distract the public by focusing on the city's response as opposed to the question we all want answered — how this savage terrorist attack was planned and executed without any warning. “[77] A "compromise" was reached. According to the New York Times, In an abrupt reversal, the Bloomberg Administration, announced it had agreed to release records of emergency 911 calls and other materials sought by the Commission. “Under the deal, the city secured the right to block out information …” handed over to the Commission, but would allow panel members on their premises to review the unedited versions of those records. Notes could be taken. [78] In the final court ruling, portions of the oral histories and tapes containing the opinions and recommendations of the interviewees and dispatchers will be redacted, "since such opinions and recommendations are to be distinguished from factual material." [77] Apparently the New York Supreme Court, as well as the City of New York, do not trust the opinions of those entrusted with the safety of NYC citizens. The press will get only expressions of personal feelings. This suppression of firefighter comments was perhaps made more palatable by discrediting of members of the NYFD. The decision to allow "redacted" versions to be released could be appealed to the New York Court of Appeals, but the New York Times has not indicated any plan to appeal. [78] In an NBC exclusive: 911 Tapes Tell Horror Of 9/11 (Part 2) June 17, 2002 "Tapes Released For First Time," the quoted dialog references explosions: "Official: Battalion 3 to dispatch, we've just had another explosion. Official: Battalion 3 to dispatch, we've had additional explosion. Dispatcher: Received battalion command. Additional explosion." [79] Perhaps this is an audiotape that was released before the decision was made to suppress such communications. Interestingly, access to the original "lost" audiotape of firefighters, showing they reached the 78th floor of the South Tower was severely restricted by the Justice Department. The relatives of the 16 firefighters whose voices were identified on the tape were allowed to hear their last words, but were first required to sign a statement prepared by lawyers that they would not disclose what was said on the tape. [80] Senior FDNY officials also heard the tape, but agreed to keep its contents under wraps at the behest of federal prosecutors in Virginia, who “planed to use a copy at the trial of accused ‘20th hijacker’ Zacarias Moussaoui”. [81] 2.3.4. Interviews and Oral Histories taken after the attacks Subsequent to his comments regarding explosions to the press, Turi was “interviewed”, providing the following clarification:.. And as my eyes traveled up the building, and I was looking at the south tower, somewhere about halfway up, my initial reaction was there was a secondary explosion, and the entire floor area, a ring right around the building blew out. I later realized that the building had started to collapse already and this was the air being compressed and that is the floor that let go. And as my eyes traveled further up the building, I realized that this building was collapsing and I turned around and most everybody was ahead of me running for the garage…. The New York Times took pains to make sure this “clarification” was posted on the internet as “Turi’s Own Words.” [82] Very telling oral histories were released in 2005, and reported by the New York Times. These constitute about 12000 pages of testimony by 503 FDNY firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics, collected from October 2001 through January 2002. For example, firefighter Edward Cachia independently reported: “[We] thought there was like an internal detonation, explosives, because it went in succession, boom, boom, boom, boom, and then the tower came down...It actually gave at a lower floor, not the floor where the plane hit.” [83] Assistant fire commissioner Stephen Gregory provides additional insights: When I looked in the direction of the Trade Center before it came down, before No. 2 came down, I saw low-level flashes. In my conversation with Lieutenant Evangelista, never mentioning this to him, he questioned me and asked me if I saw low-level flashes in front of the building, and I agreed with him because I thought -- at that time I didn't know what it was. I mean, it could have been as a result of the building collapsing, things exploding, but I saw a flash flash flash and then it looked like the building came down. Question: . Was that on the lower level of the building or up where the fire was? Answer: No, the lower level of the building. You know like when they demolish a building, how when they blow up a building, when it falls down? That's what I thought I saw. And I didn't broach the topic to him, but he asked me. He said I don't know if I'm crazy, but I just wanted to ask you because you were standing right next to me... He said did you see any flashes? I said, yes, well, I thought it was just me. He said no, I saw them, too. [84] In January of 2006, an article entitled “Explosive Testimony: Revelations about the Twin Towers in the 9/11 Oral Histories” by David Ray Griffin, appeared. [85] Griffin referenced roughly 31 witnesses to explosions. Graeme MacQueen provided additional research to try to establish if other FDNY witnesses to explosions could be found, and to see if there were any witnesses whose testimony supported a nonexplosive collapse of the Towers.[86] MacQueen concludes in his analysis that there is little evidence of coercion of the interviewees by interviewers. However, the oral histories show how many people who originally thought they had witnessed critical explosions later changed their minds (as did Albert Turi, whose accounts appeared in the mainstream media soon after the attacks), believing they were mistaken, often opting for a non-explosive alternative such as “pancaking.” “We now have solid evidence that, for the FDNY, non-explosive collapse is, indeed, a revisionist theory.” Still, even after applying a fairly stringent set of criterion for what constitutes expression of a belief in the “explosive hypothesis (EH)” versus a “non-explosive hypothesis”(NEH), he finds 118 out of 503 witnesses chose an EH, while only 10 chose an NEH. [87] These insights may afford more credibility to an apparently far-fetched story appearing much earlier. Auxiliary fireman Lt Paul Isaac Jr., in an interview by Randy Lavello, also spoke of bombs in the towers: “Many other firemen know there were bombs in the buildings, but they’re afraid for their jobs to admit it because the ‘higher-ups’ forbid discussion of this fact.” Isaac further elaborated that former CIA director Robert Woolsey, as the Fire Department’s Anti-terrorism Consultant, was sending a gag order down the ranks. [88] Several DVDs show audio and video of NYFD firefighters describing a series of explosions in the towers: “floor by floor it starts poppin’ out…It was like … as if they had detonated…Yeah detonated… As if they were planned to take down the building Boom boom boom boom boom” [89] Louie Cacchioli with life size photo in background [71] NYFD firefighters: “boom boom boom boom boom ”[89] 3.0 How does the seismic data fit in? 3.1 The Earthquakes Seismic waves from the collapses of the towers were recorded by at least 13 of the 34 seismograph stations operated by Lamont-Doherty for Columbia University [Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory: LDEO] . The closest station, at Palisades N.Y., 21 miles North of the WTC complex, recorded minimal earth shaking, at the time of aircraft impact, but recorded significant earthquake activity around the time of each collapse. The Palisades seismic data recorded a 2.1 magnitude earthquake of 10-second duration during collapse of the South Tower at 9:59:04 and a 2.3 quake during the 8-second collapse of the North Tower at 10:28:31. [90] Traces showing seismic activity: aircraft impact and tower collapse [91] According to the often quoted American Free Press (AFP) , "A huge seismic spike marked the moment the greatest energy went into the ground… The strongest jolts were all registered at the beginning of the collapses, well before the falling debris struck the earth." [92] According to AFP, experts apparently could not explain why the seismic waves peaked before the towers hit the ground. Asked about these spikes seismologist Arthur Lerner-Lam, director of Columbia University's Center for Hazards and Risk Research told AFP, "This is an element of current research and discussion. It is still being investigated." [93] However, while AFP assumes seismic activity began before debris hit the ground, in the form of explosions, LDEO, in its report : “Seismic Waves Generated by Aircraft Impacts and Building Collapses at WTC, N Y,” assumes the earthquakes were caused by the tower collapses (i.e., material hitting the ground, over a 10 and 8 second period) and were considered small, the energy being absorbed by the towers and neighboring structures. [94] These times have apparently incorrectly been taken as the time for collapse of the towers. Calculations done by Derrick P. Grimmer, Ph.D. indicated that the seismic spikes of the WTC events represented energies close to those of the energy of collapses themselves, i.e., without explosions. [95] Jim Hoffman writes: "There appears to be no basis for the claim that the large spikes preceded the collapses, nor that the energy indicated by those spikes was more than could be accounted for by the approximately 110 megawatt-hours of gravitational energy (equivalent to 2.9207 e8, or 292,070,000. foot pounds) stored in the elevated mass of each tower." Further, Hoffman notes: "Underground explosions would have produced strong P waves, but the seismic stations registered only strong S waves. P waves oscillate horizontally -- parallel to the direction of travel; whereas S waves oscillate vertically -- perpendicular to the direction of travel." [96] A problem with assessing the seismic data is in coordinating the precise recorded time of the seismic activity with the precise time of physical events at the World Trade Center. As Hoffman notes, “While it's true that the station recorded 2.1 and 2.3 magnitude quakes, Bollyn provides no evidence that the spikes occurred at the beginning of each ‘collapse.’” On the other hand, reports of explosions and tower swaying at the time of collapse seem to suggest the possibility of some seismic activity prior to material hitting the ground. Genelle Guzman McMillan heard "A big explosion" at the time of collapse. [see] The seismic activity at 9:59:04 may be compared with the September 11, 2001 Fox 5 News video that Colonel Donn De Grand Pre reported. [see ] The concept of possible seismic activity prior to collapsed material reaching the ground is also suggested by the commentary of Conor O'Clery. [see] 3.2 Is the seismic record consistent with NIST conclusions? Although Hoffman rejects the Hufschmid/AFP notion that the large spikes provided evidence of controlled demolition, he argues that the seismic data and LDEO interpretation is inconsistent with the conclusions of the NIST WTC study. NIST concluded, as we will see, that “Once the upper building section began to move downwards, the weakened structure in the impact and fire zone was not able to absorb the tremendous energy of the falling building section and global collapse ensued”. Hoffman notes that only small signals precede the larger signals, which according to LDEO represent the main mass of debris hitting the ground. Thus the time duration of the small signals must include the instant when NIST’s alleged “huge mass” of the upper block impacted the lower block. From this we must conclude that the purported “tremendous energy of the falling building section” did not even show up on the seismographs. [97] 3.3 Seismic activity at time of aircraft impact Craig T. Furlong and Gordon Ross also argue that seismic data is proof that 9/11 was “an inside job.” They make the case that two seismic events occurred immediately prior to aircraft impacts upon the Twin Towers. They conclude these seismic events can only be explained by evidence of basement explosions before the aircraft impacts, as experienced by William Rodriquez and 36 others in WTC1. (There were a total of fourteen people in the office, including Rodriguez, at the time. There were an additional twenty-two people on B2 sub-basement who also felt and heard that first explosion.) Two separate precision data time sets recorded the time of aircraft impact into the Towers. “Both data time sets are based on UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, the world’s atomic clock system) and the sources that determined these times were prestigious, reliable and credible.” The authors note that these two data sets record different impact times. The two data sets are from LDEO and the 9/11 Commission. The 9/11 Commission’s times are reported to be based on FAA radar data and air traffic control software logic. [98] The authors state: “There is no question: AA Flight 11 died exactly at 8:46:40 and UA Flight 175 at 9:03:11 [UTC – 4 hrs].” Since the planes crashed at those times, the authors ask: what caused the LDEO seismic activity 14 and 17 seconds earlier? “What caused those seismic spikes?” Since Rodriguez and 36 others felt and heard an explosion prior to aircraft impact of WTC1 , the authors argue the seismic signals were due to the pre-impact explosions. The authors go on to argue that the NIST derived times of aircraft impact appear to have been “fudged,” supported by neither the NTSB nor radar data. Interestingly, in 2005, NIST contracted for the services of Dr. Won-Young Kim of LDEO to re-analyze the original seismic data times originally issued in 2001. The new study added on 3 seconds to the original times of aircraft impact. The authors ask why the fudging; why the re-analysis? [99] 4.0 WTC Security 4.1 Insurance Only three months before the attack, Silverstein Properties and Westfield America signed a rental contract for the WTC, agreeing to pay a total of 3.2 billion dollars in leasing installments over 99 years to the Port Authorities. [100] According to The Financial Times Ltd., terms of the lease allowed the new owners to walk away from their investment in the event of "an act of terrorism." [101] Despite not being the owner of the buildings, Silverstein demanded to be the sole beneficiary of the insurance indemnity payments of more than 7 billion dollars. Steve Solomon, his spokesman, said: “The Port Authorities agreed with Silverstein's demand." [102] 4.2 Damage to FBI Offices Severe damage to the 22nd (security office) floor of the North Tower has been previously noted. Dick Eastman of Yakima Washington notes: “It is known that these floors contained the New York FBI offices -- Peter Jennings actually did a two-day network news story on the effects of the destroyed evidence and files on American financial crime investigations around the world.” Interestingly, the entire accumulation of evidence and investigation briefs on two highly important cases were being stored in the security (FBI) office. [103] 4.3 Anomalies leading up to the Day Ben Fountain, a financial analyst who worked in the 47th floor of the South Tower, told People Magazine that in the weeks before 9/11 there were numerous unannounced and unusual drills where sections of both the twin towers and building 7 were evacuated for quote “security reasons.” [104] Victor Thorn of Wing TV has reported the WTC 9-11 security concerns of Scott Forbes, a senior database administrator for Fiduciary Trust, Inc., with offices in the former WTC. Forbes reported that his company was notified three weeks in advance that New York's Port Authority would take out power in the South Tower from the 48th floor up on the weekend prior to 9-11, ostensibly to implement a computer cabling upgrade. Forbes noted that Fiduciary Trust was one of the WTC's first occupants after it was erected, and that a "power-down" had never been initiated prior to this occasion. Forbes recalled the power was out approximately 36 hours between early Saturday morning (September 8th) and mid-Sunday afternoon (September 9th) As a result of the power outage, the WTC's security cameras, ID systems, and elevators to the upper floors were rendered inoperative. Forbes noted that many "engineers" going in- and-out of the WTC had free access throughout the building due to its inoperative security system. Forbes also noted other security related anomalies: Video cameras positioned atop the World Trade Center which were used to feed daily images to local television stations were inexplicably inoperative that morning. Also, a Fiduciary employee who was on one of the lower floors and escaped immediately after the first (North) tower was struck, reported that he was amazed by the large number of FBI agents that were already on the streets surrounding the WTC complex only minutes after the initial strike. Forbes said that even though these disclosures could jeopardize his current employment, he has stepped forward because, "I have mailed this information to many people, including the 9/11 Commission, but no one seems to be registering these facts." [105] Soon after Forbes’ appearance on Wing TV, he was marginalized by 9/11 truth debunkers because he seemed to vanish. Between 2005 and 2006 he has been remotely interviewed at least three times from his home in England. In a Killtown interview, Forbes observed that both main stream and progressive media of other countries have been much more interested in his story than in America. He also noted that, being British, he was eventually interviewed by London police, “but none of my American colleagues were contacted by police or FBI or any agency. Kind of weird.” [106]. Most recently, Forbes’ statements, which are reasoned and dispassionate, have been used by 9/11 truth debunkers against Ben Fountain [107]. Forbes also stated in an interview that 4-6 weeks before 9/11, there was lots of noise coming from floor 98, above his office. Aeon was moved out, and the floor was vacant. He heard what sounded like heavy machinery work going on; drilling and hammering; like something very heavy being moved and dumped, the force of which was enough to cause his office to shake. On one occasion Forbes said he opened the door to the 98th floor to see what was going on, but the entire office space was empty. This correlates with the experience of William Rodriguez in the North Tower, who, as he was climbing stairs to unlock doors on 9/11, “heard strange noises on the 34th floor.” Rodriguez noted that there was “nothing on this floor”. No one was supposed to be there, and you can’t even get there without a special key. Rodriguez heard heavy equipment being moved around, it sounded to him like dumpsters with metal wheels. Rodriguez was afraid to open the door to floor 34 with his master key. The week before 9/11, Forbes noticed lots of dust in the building “The dust was incredible; it was filthy; dirty gray dust. [108] Christopher Bollyn states that "The two airplanes that struck the twin towers of the World Trade Center on 9/11 flew directly into secure computer rooms in both buildings." While there may have been a number of secure computer rooms distributed in the towers, Bollyn goes on to describe a construction operation where the 81st floor of the South Tower, in the range of floors impacted by flight 175, was reinforced to hold very heavy Uninterupted Power Supply batteries, which interestingly, were apparently never turned on. Bollyn contacted a number of companies involved in this construction and installation, all of whom refused to comment. [109] A photo ID pass for Sept. 5 found on one of the men charged with fraudulently obtaining a Tennessee driver's license from a Memphis woman gave him access to the six underground levels of WTC1. But which tenant hired Sakher 'Rocky' Hammad, 24, to work on its sprinklers is lost, said Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesman Alan Hicks. Hammad told federal authorities that he was working on the sprinklers six days before the twin towers were brought down by terrorists, court testimony revealed. But Hicks said the Port Authority, which owned the building, did its own sprinkler work, and that any other work involving sprinklers would have been arranged by an individual tenant. [110] According to a September 12, 2001 report by NY News Day, a WTC security detail had been working 12-hour shifts prior to 9/11 because of numerous phone threats. But on the Thursday before, "bombsniffing dogs were abruptly removed." [111] 4.4 Security firms Ontrack/Convar, the German company that was trying to recover data from WTC hard drives in order to determine who was responsible for last minute financial transactions on 9/11, was purchased after the fact by none other than Kroll Inc. (Kroll O'Gara Eisenhardt) in June 2002. Kroll is a huge, multi-national security firm which has strong ties to US intelligence. Coincidentally, one of their upper echelon, Jerome Hauer, was responsible for brokering the position of head of security for ex-FBI whistleblower John O'Neill in the WTC. Mr. O'Neill died in the 9/11 attacks. [112] A business entity now known as Stratesec, Inc. began performing security work at the Center in 1993. In 1996, Stratesec, then known as Securacom, was awarded an exclusive contract to provide security for the World Trade Center complex. Stratesec/Securacom also provided security for United Airlines and Dulles International Airport. Sitting on Stratesec's board of directors, from the time the company began working at the WTC, was a major shareholder by the name of Marvin Bush. Marvin, like Jeb and Neil, is a brother of George W. Bush. [113] 4.5 A note on “Urban Renewal” of the Twin Towers A number of internet sites portray the economic status of the late Twin Towers as compromised. In particular, a frequently recurring phrase is "the Twin Towers were always money-losers” [114] The highly regarded 911 Mysteries DVD suggests in it’s chapter Urban Renewal that WTC economic problems may have been a motive for their intentional destruction. [115] An online “911mysteriesguide” appears to show that 911 Mysteries DVD definitely got it wrong , producing a number of authentic looking references, including one contradicting the 911 Mysteries claim that quotes for a clean-up of the asbestos in the towers would have cost more than a billion dollars. [116] The guide concludes “we have shown that the World Trade Center did not have tenancy problems; they did not have money problems; and there is no reason to believe that asbestos problems were not manageable. There was no motive for the Port Authority of New York to destroy the World Trade Center as 9/11 Mysteries suggests. “[117] Further searching on the internet yields an article on asbestos, noting an authentic sounding source stating “, the Port Authority calculated that it would cost $1 remove the asbestos..."[118] The author of this article correctly attributes this quotation to a November 30th, 2001 article, published in the “New York Psychogeographical Association. " 911 Mysteries would appear then to be vindicated in its pronouncement of definite WTC asbestos problems. However, the URL for the New York Psychogeographical Association is []. The website consists of a half dozen articles with names such as No more fucking ugly buildings! And Mother Nature to 9-11 Mourners: Eat My Dust,. One article, which contained the quotation of Note 5, entitled A new Garden of Eden, observes: ”Though this may be hard for some to believe, especially in these sentimental times, the so-called Twin Towers at the World Trade Center were hated by many New Yorkers, who before September 11, 2001 would have been happy if the goddamned things had never been built and after September 11th are glad that they're gone. An entire neighborhood was emptied out and destroyed to make way for them. Them -- not just one spectacular tower, but two.” Looking further on the internet, one finds “Team Twin Towers,” a group with a web site ostensibly dedicated to valuing the former towers, and defending them from negative accusations. They have provided arguments to counter statements such as "The Twin Towers failed in their mission to revive Lower Manhattan.", "The Twin Towers were only partially occupied. They were money-losers.", "The Twin Towers were Ugly Banal Boxes", and "The Twin Towers were poorly and negligently constructed. They did not meet NYC fire codes." [119] It seems then, that the question of the economic status of the late Twin Towers is framed in a very polarized and controversial environment, in which the Towers were loved by some and hated by others. What then is the truth? 5.0 History and its Revision 5.1 The History of Fire Induced Collapse of Steel Buildings There is none before or after 9-11 Although the 911 Commission acknowledged that fire chiefs on the scene thought the collapse of the Towers was impossible, MacQueen emphasized the unanimity of the FDNY on this issue. [120] "Fire has never caused a steel building to collapse," writes Eric Hufschhmid, quoting Bill Manning of Fire Engineering magazine. [121] The Towers had experienced fires before. The Feb 14 1975 New York Times carried the headline “Trade Center Hit by 6 Floor Fire.” A three alarm fire broke out in the 11th floor offices of the BF Goodrich Company in the North Tower of the World Trade Center just before midnight last night, and spread through an inner service core to the Fourth through fourteenth floors. “It was like fighting a blowtorch” according to Capt. Harold Kull of Engine Co. 6…”Flames could be seen pouring out of the 11th floor windows on the East side of the building.” According to a second article, the fire burned for three hours. [122] The 1991 Meridian Plaza fire in Philadelphia burned for 19 hours but did not cause the building to even crack. [123] The First Interstate Bank Building in Los Angeles burned for more than 3 hours with bright intense flames. There was no damage to the main structural members [124]. On Sunday Feb. 13, 2005, CNN reported on a fire said to be the worst in Madrid’s history, which burned for 2 days and gutted the Windsor Building. Its structural core was weaker than that of the WTC towers, and although several top floors collapsed onto lower ones, the overall structure did not collapse. [125] Madrid fire [125] On September 11, not one, but three structures disintegrate to dust: WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7. Hufschmid reasonably questions why Buildings 4 and 6, which were closer to the towers than WTC7 did not collapse. Photographs of both buildings show giant flames and glowing red interior, and WTC6 had massive damage due to falling debris. [126] 5.2.0 The First Wave of Politically Correct Revisionist Theories Revisionism seen in the FDNY interviews appears to have been paralleled by a revision of thinking by explosives experts. Within ten days of his first remarks, Van Romero, who previously suggested explosives in the Towers, changed his mind: "Certainly the fire is what caused the building to fail.." [127] Van Romero was seeking Pentagon research funding at the time of the attack. [128] Politically correct revisionist theories soon blanketed the news media. Because WTC 1 and 2 stood for approximately 1 ¾ hours and 1 hour respectively after impact, we know they did not collapse because of airplane impacts alone. So, the first Politically Correct theory presumed that heat from the fires simply melted the structural core, causing the collapse. 5.2.1 Steel Melted By Heat Henry Koffman, director of the Construction Engineering and Management Program at the University of Southern California wrote that intense heat from the fires melted the steel, which caused the collapse of the towers. [129] 5.2.2 Steel Weakened By Heat Articles by Zdenek P. Bazant and Yong Zhou of Northwestern University appeared in the on-line version of Journal of Engineering Mechanics ASCE. [130] These articles purported to address why the buildings collapsed. Bazant and Zhou suppose that the steel in over half of the 287 columns of the crash zone was exposed to sustained temperatures exceeding 800 Deg. C. [1472 Deg. F.]. At such temperatures, structural steel exhibits significant viscoplastic deformation, which may result in a buckling of columns. 5.2.3 Refutation of Early Fire and Heat Theories. We might ask what supplied the fuel needed for Bazant’s “sustained temperatures exceeding 800 Deg. C.”? Office furniture? Computers? Printer paper? Well, OK, but the central core, which he fails to even consider, had no office furniture, and virtually no fuel, so how did it heat up enough in one hour to collapse? How hot was the fire, and how much heat did it produce? Charles Clifton is a technical expert in determining the effects of severe fire and earthquake on steel framed buildings. He believed that fire did not cause the towers to collapse. [131] He has noted that regions of fire at 700 deg C would be glowing red hot and visible from outside the building, and that significant window breakage would have occurred. He noted that neither of these conditions occurred in the towers [132] Professor Thomas Eager is professor of Materials Engineering and Engineering Systems at MIT. The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society published his analysis, which concluded that the fire could not possibly have been hot enough to melt steel. The analysis, which notes that steel melts at 1500 deg. C. [2732 deg. F.] and that jet fuel produces a maximum temperature of 1000 deg. C. [1832 Deg. F.], even when mixed in perfect proportions, parallels the historically verified fact that fire cannot melt steel. [133] Jim Hoffman notes that Corus Construction performed extensive tests subjecting un-insulated steelframe car parks to prolonged hydrocarbon-fueled fires. The highest recorded steel temperatures were 360 Deg. C. [680 Deg. F.] [134] This is substantiated by Jim McMichael, who wrote that the maximum temperature achieved in fire testing of unprotected steel supports [in the U.K., Japan, the U.S. and Australia] was also 360 degrees C (680 F), a long way from the first critical threshold in structural steel, 550 Deg. C. [1022 Deg. F.]. The reason? Unheated steel forms an effective heat sink: The massive steel structures of the towers would form a vast heat sink: Local heat from the Tower beams was continuously conducted from the heated portions to the massive cooler portions below, suggesting an even lower maximum temperature. [135] Woman in break created by impacting aircraft in WTC1 [136] The appearance of several people in the fracture caused by airplane entry in the North Tower suggests temperatures were not excessive in the crash zone. [136] Brian Clark, an executive vice president at Euro Brokers, a brokerage firm that had offices on the 84th floor of the South Tower found little problem with heat while traversing the impact floors. [137] On Aug. 2, 2002, discovery of a "lost" audiotape was reported. This tape is important, because it established that firefighters, including Chief Orio Palmer, actually reached the crash zone on the 78th floor of the South tower and apparently believed they were in control of the situation. This further suggests that the crash zone was not a raging inferno. [138] The same conclusion can be drawn from the Discovery Channel documentary entitled "Collapse: How the Towers Fell." According to the show's experts, although jet fuel might optimally reach temperatures approaching 2000deg F, fully one-half of [ Flight 11's] fuel burned outside of the tower. This is consistent with sources which state that each aircraft was carrying about 10,000 gallons of fuel [139], and with FEMA’s estimate that about 4000 gallons of fuel burned within each tower. [140] The remaining half, which ignited inside the tower, burned up in about eight minutes. And that analysis was based on the first crash (8:46 am), into the North tower. As can be clearly seen in video footage, a much higher percentage of the fuel burned outside the South Tower, in the second crash (9:03 am). As investigative journalist David McGowan notes, this analysis argues against massive structural elements of the towers reaching high temperatures [141] The FEMA BBA and NIST assessments of fuel burned is discussed in section 5.7.0 “How do the Official Investigations Compare?” South Tower Impact Courtesy [142] 5.2.4 The Problem of a Completely Symmetrical Collapse It is highly unlikely that structural weakness resulting from the fire or heat would result in a completely symmetrical collapse such as occurred. Irregularity would have produced a collapse in which concrete and steel girders would have rained down over a wide area, [143] causing additional damage and fatalities. Dr. Steven Jones notes the great difficulty of obtaining a completely symmetrical collapse, even using controlled demolition. “This feat requires such skill that only a handful of demolition companies in the world will attempt it.” [144] All these observations would appear to refute the notion that the total symmetrical collapses were the result of structural weakening by heat and fire from jet fuel, especially in the South Tower. Yet the South Tower collapsed first, about 56 minutes after aircraft impact. Thus, evolving theories attempted to account for the completely symmetrical collapse. A special report by Thomas Eager and Christopher Musso titled “Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? Science, Engineering, and Speculation” illustrates an early attempt to explain a completely symmetrical collapse without reference to explosives. Eager argues that although fire did not melt the steel, fire is what brought the towers down. The article correctly notes that only a small number of perimeter columns were lost on airplane impact, and that the loads were shifted to the remaining columns. The article also correctly notes that the fire was fuel rich, producing a diffused flame as could be seen by the thick black smoke. It then notes that the steel was not likely to have experienced temperatures above 750-800 deg C. The article points out that although structural steel begins to soften at 425 Deg C, and looses half its strength at 650 deg C, even a loss of half of the steels strength is insufficient, by itself, to explain the collapse. “Even with half its strength the steel could still support two to three times the stresses imposed by a 650 deg C fire.” The article finds the culprit in the distortion of the steel due to the fact that the steel temperature was not uniform. “A 150 deg C temperature difference from one location to another will produce .. stresses. This produced distortions in the slender structural steel which resulted in bucking failures…Thus, the failure of the steel was due to the loss of strength due to the temperature of the fire, and loss of structural integrity due to distortion” Interestingly, although the article mentions the building core in the very beginning of the article as being designed to support the weight of the tower, the core is never again mentioned; as if the towers were supported only by the peripheral columns. The article describes the construction as “egg-crate”, and emphasizes the notion that the building was light weight, and about 95 % air, explaining why the rubble after collapse was only a few stories high. The authors fail to note the substantial mass of concrete which was pulverized and distributed in a pyroclastic dust cloud over many city blocks. The article then attempts to explain the “lack of tipping” or “implosion” of the towers on collapse. The building is 95% air, and hence can implode on itself; and because of its near free fall speed of collapse, there was insufficient time for portions to attain significant lateral velocity. “To summarize, a 500,000 ton structure (that is 95% air) has too much inertia to fall in any direction other than nearly straight down.” So the authors argue that the towers fell straight down because they were both too light and too heavy. They do not question how the building, especially the central core, could collapse at close to freefall speed. [145] 3.2.5 Pancake Theory Fire Engineering Magazine concluded that a growing number of fire protection engineers had concluded that "the structural damage from the planes and the explosive ignition of jet fuel in themselves were not enough to bring down the towers." These Fire Engineering specialists adopted the notion of a failure of lightweight trusses connecting building perimeter to load-bearing central columns. [146] The concept of lightweight trusses was very helpful for establishing the concept of “Pancake Theory” which provided the final desired result of “explaining” a completely symmetrical collapse without referring to explosives. According to Bazant and Zhou, the "chain reaction" resulting in complete floor by floor symmetrical collapse of the North Tower was caused by the acceleration of the mass of the building above the buckled columns downward. The term "Pancake Theory" (as well as its variants, Zipper or Domino) helped facilitate the credibility of the chain reaction theory. David McGowan notes the discrepancy between the standard media graphic portraying the tower structure, on the right below, and an accurately scaled rendering of the 'footprint' of one of the towers (image on left.) Needless to say, the thin central core in the image on the right certainly would facilitate acceptance of “Pancake Theory” by the public. [147] Photos of actual tower construction, which confirm the accuracy of the rendering on the left, below, show: 1) Floors are not wide-open Spaces; the structural core occupied a significant portion of each tower's footprint. 2) Lateral floor trusses appear firmly anchored between perimeter and core columns, allowing the buildings to take large lateral loading due to wind. [148] Images Courtesy David McGowan [147] Actual construction (image on left) depicted in graphics distributed by the media (image on the right). The service core in construction [148] The "spire" in the above images is a portion of WTC 1's disintegrating service core. If collapse was due to "pancaking" of weak trusses, the 110 story sturdy service cores would still be standing. [149] As McGowan notes, 'pancake theory,' at best, “only offers an explanation how the floor and exterior wall sections may have possibly collapsed. Even if such an unlikely event had occurred, the end result would not have been a 60-foot-high mound of rubble, but rather two somewhat narrower, 110-story towers." [150] Derrick Grimmer asks, if a "pancaking" effect caused the total building failure, why is it that no video of either of the WTC collapses shows any sign of stutter between floor collapses, which should have been very apparent especially in the first few floors of collapse when the speed of gravitational collapse was small. [151] 5.3.0 The FEMA Building Performance Assessment (BPA) The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) began a preliminary study of the collapse of the towers. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) soon joined with ASCE to assemble a larger group of volunteer investigators, which was called the Building Performance Assessment Team (BPAT), and supplied $600,000 in funding. The BPA Team consisted of specialists in tall building design, steel and connection technology, fire and blast engineering, and structural analysis. On May 1, 2002 FEMA released its report of the WTC collapses, based on the conclusions reached by the BPA Team. [152] 5.3.1 Executive Summary According to the Executive Summary, the team "conducted field observations at the WTC site and steel salvage yards, removed and tested samples of the collapsed structures, viewed hundreds of hours of video and thousands of still photographs, conducted interviews with witnesses and persons involved in the design, construction, and maintenance of each of the affected buildings, reviewed construction documents, and conducted preliminary analyses of the damage to the WTC towers.” The Executive Summary initially states: "The structural damage sustained by each tower from the impact, combined with the ensuing fires, resulted in the total collapse of each building." [153] Yet then immediately it notes: "With the information and time available, the sequence of events leading to collapse of each tower could not be definitely determined." [154] This is precisely the conclusion reached by the 9/11 Commission/Report, noted by Griffin. Since planes and fire by definition were the cause, no precise mechanism need be determined with certainty. The report insults the integrity of the original design of the towers, by a World Class structural engineering firm, WSH&J, stating "Events of this type, resulting in such substantial damage, are generally not considered in building design, and the ability of these structures to successfully withstand such damage is noteworthy." [155] In Chapter 8, Observations, Findings, and Recommendations, the floor trusses are made suspect, but we are cautioned not to think of these design features as deficiencies. [156] 5.3.2 Deepest mystery makes Appendix C A tiny fraction of the steel beams from the tower debris were inspected. Recommendations in Appendix C of the FEMA WTC report noted: "The severe corrosion and subsequent erosion of samples 1 and 2 are a very unusual event. No clear explanation for the source of the sulfur has been identified… A detailed study into the mechanisms of this phenomenon is needed." [157] A New York Times article noted that pieces of steel were found that were "apparently melted and vaporized not solely because of the heat of fires, but also because of a corrosive contaminant that was somehow released in the conflagrations." The New York Times called these findings "perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation." [158] Materials science professors Ronald R. Biederman and Richard D. Sisson Jr. confirmed the presence of eutectic formations by examining steel samples under optical and scanning electron microscopes. A preliminary report was published in JOM, the Journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society. Remains of WTC wide flange beam. FEMA BPA Appendix C [157] A eutectic compound is a mixture of two or more substances that melts at the lowest temperature of any mixture of its components. Blacksmiths took advantage of this property by welding over fires of sulfurrich charcoal, which lowers the melting point of iron. In the World Trade Center fire, the presence of oxygen, sulfur and heat caused iron oxide and iron sulfide to form at the surface of structural steel members. This liquid slag corroded through intergranular channels into the body of the metal, causing severe erosion and a loss of structural integrity. WTC 1, 2, and 7 all showed signs of this eutectic reaction. The important questions, says Biederman, are how much sulfur do you need, and where did it come from? Did the eutectic mixture form before the buildings collapsed, or later, as the remains smoldered on the ground. “We have no idea,” admits Sisson. [159] "A one-inch column of steel has been reduced to half-inch thickness. Its edges--which are curled like a paper scroll—have been thinned to almost razor sharpness…Gaping holes--some larger than a silver dollar--let light shine through a formerly solid steel flange. This Swiss cheese appearance shocked all of the fire-wise professors, who expected to see distortion and bending--but not holes." [160] 5.3.3 Immediate Reaction to the FEMA BPA Report Structural Engineers On Christmas Day, 2001 The New York Times reported that some of the nation's leading structural engineers and fire-safety experts believe the investigation into the collapse of the WTC was inadequate, and were calling for a new, independent and better-financed inquiry. Experts critical of the investigation included some who actually took part in it. The team of 20 or so investigators, who conducted their review between October 7-12, had no subpoena power, inadequate financial and staff support, and had been prevented from interviewing witnesses and frequently prevented from examining the disaster site, and had even been unable to obtain basic information such as detailed blueprints of the buildings.[161] The Times account of the BPA team activities contrasts sharply with the account provided in the FEMA BPA Executive Summary. Firefighters On January 4, 2002, an editorial in Fire Engineering, a trade magazine with ties to the New York Fire Department, called the investigation into the collapse of the WTC a "half-baked farce." The article pointed out that the probe had not looked at all aspects of the disaster and had limited access to documents and other evidence. Bill Manning, editor of the magazine, noting that destruction of evidence is illegal, demanded that the destruction and removal of the steel columns must stop immediately. [162] The decision of the City of New York to rapidly recycle the 300,000 tons of steel columns, beams and trusses from the WTC in the days immediately after 9/11 adversely affected the FEMA BPA inquiry. [163] Congress Congressman Boehlert, Chairman of the Science Committee of the House of representatives, testified "I must say that the current investigation- some would argue that 'review' is the more appropriate wordseems to be shrouded in excessive secrecy" and "…valuable evidence has been lost irretrievably, and blueprints were unavailable for months." [164] Professor Glenn P. Corbett, John Jay College of Criminal Justice testified before the Science Committee of the House of Representatives on March 6: "The collapse of the World Trade Center towers were the largest structural collapses in world history. A disaster of such epic proportions demands that we fully resource a comprehensive, detailed investigation. Instead, we are staffing the BPAT with part-time engineers and scientists on a shoestring budget." Corbett further noted "The steel holds the primary key to understanding the chronology of events and causal factors resulting in the collapse," and recommended an investigative commission on the World Trade Center Disaster. [165] ASME representative Gene Corley testified before the Science Committee of the House of Representatives on March 6: "Resources allocated to support our BPA team's activities is about 1 million. In our opinion, 40 million would be sufficient." [166] The Science committee itself, in its March 6, 2002 report, called for a broader WTC investigation. Rep. Felix Grucci (R-NY): "We need to continue to work together, to find what answers we can, and attempt to piece together as much information as possible on the cause of the collapse." [167] In a letter to Mr. Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. Director, Office of Management and Budget, the committee wrote: "There was unanimity among the witnesses on the need for a comprehensive assessment and research agenda to address evacuation procedures, emergency response, and structural analysis of the site's buildings." [168] Media Even the New York Times expressed dismay. On the first anniversary of the attacks (subsequent to the FEMA BPA study and final report), the Times wrote: "The public knows less about the circumstances of 2,801 deaths at the foot of Manhattan in broad daylight than people in 1912 knew within weeks about the Titanic, which sank in the middle of an ocean in the dead of night." [169] 5.4.0 The 9/11 Commission 5.4.1 The 9/11 Commission Report Chapter 9 of the 9/11 Commission Report, “Heroism and Horror”, discusses the attacks on the World Trade Center. A large part of Chapter 9 concerned the response of emergency services at the WTC complex. The Commission’s Report brings up none of the major issues discussed in the 9/11 truth movement, which have been discussed in the previous pages. Rather, the Commission’s Report cherry picks a few of the details, without ever getting to any real issues. [170] As MacQueen notes, the 911 Commission appears to have used the oral histories in composing chapter 9 of their Report. He notes the use of the histories to verify the condition of civilians, the nature of rescue operations, and so on, but no reference is made to the comments on explosions. [171] Chapter 9 takes up the notion that severe damage to the 77th floor, 22nd (security office) floor, the lobby, and B4 level of the North Tower was due to a “fireball” from airplane impact. [172] Chapter 9 notes that by 9:58 a.m., the battalion chief [Orio Palmer] had reached the 78th floor on stairwell A of the South Tower; he reported that it looked open to the 79th floor, well into the impact zone. [173] This is a reference to the so called “lost tape” which verified that members of the fire department reached the scene of the crash zone of the South tower, which was NOT a blazing inferno, and thought they had things under control. [174] Chapter 9 notes that at 9:03 Flight 175 hit the South tower, crashing thru the 77th to 85th floors. “The plane Banked as it hit…, leaving portions of the building undamaged on impact floors. As a consequence--and in contrast to—the…North Tower, stairwell A initially remained passable from at least the 91st floor down, and likely from top to bottom.” [175] Recall that the stairwell was within the 47 steel core columns, which suggests that the core area of the South tower was damaged less than the North Tower. Yet the South Tower collapsed first, and Chapter 9 notes: “the South tower collapsed in 10 seconds” and “collapsed into itself” [176] yet does not question how this could have been possible. Griffin notes that the Commission Report even ignored the existence of the 47 steel core columns: “The outside of each tower was covered by a frame of 14 inch wide steel columns… These exterior walls bore most of the weight of the building. The interior core of the buildings was a hollow steel shaft, in which elevators and stairwells were grouped.” [177] Chapter 9 states “At 10:04, NYPD aviation reported that the top 15 stories of the North tower ‘were glowing red’.” Yet this is contradicted by photos [178] which shows the top floors engulfed in smoke, with only one pocket of fire visible. The floors of Buildings 5 and 6 on the other hand, were documented by photographic evidence as glowing red hot, but did not collapse. Griffin notes the statement made by former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani to the commission: “We were operating out of there [the Emergency Command Center on the 23rd floor of WTC-7] when we were told that the World Trade Center was gonna collapse, and it did collapse before we could get out of the building.” [179] Griffin continues: “This is a remarkable statement. There was no publicly available reason to believe that the Twin Towers were going to collapse……The firemen going up the stairs in the South Tower certainly did not think it was about to collapse… Should the Commission not have asked Giuliani some questions about this statement, such as: Who told him the towers were about to collapse. The Commission’s report makes no mention of Giuliani’s statement.” [180] This is all the more interesting considering that EMT Richard Zarrillo, in a World Trade Center Task Force interview given on Oct 25 2001, stated that The Office of Emergency Management had prior knowledge of the tower Collapses: “OEM says the buildings are going to collapse; we need to get out” [181] 5.4.2 9/11 Commission Makeup The 9/11 Commission Executive Director was Phillip Zelikow. Former New Jersey governor Thomas Kean chaired the commission, with Lee Hamilton as Vice Chair. Both Kean and Hamilton assert in their book Without Precedent, that they were "SET UP TO FAIL”, that being the name of the First chapter, and “We were set up to fail” being the first sentence. [182] The authors relate that the commission was starved of funds to do a proper investigation. They also confirm that they were denied access to the truth and misled by senior officials in the Pentagon and the Federal Aviation Authority. [183] Some claim their book is a “limited hangout.” [184] Phillip Zelikow was a member of the Bush transition team from the Clinton to Bush administrations. The transition involved downgrading the importance and visibility of the Counter-Terrorism Security Group. It was revealed on January 15, 2004 that both Zelikow and Jamie Gorelick, a commission member, were both still so closely involved in the events under investigation that they have been interviewed as part of the inquiry. [185] As Executive Director, Zelikow retained the power to hire all Commission staff and coordinate the flow of Kean's investigation. He also had access to all testimony-and managed all upcoming witnesses, document requests and subpoenas. [186] Zelikow co-authored a 1998 Foreign Affairs article on the likely political and cultural effects of a massive Pearl Harbor style terrorist event such as the destruction of the World Trade Center. In that article, Zelikow noted that such a mythic event would split time into a before and an after. The after, of course, was the “whole new world” of post-9/11 terror hysteria. [187] All commission members had potential conflicts of interest. [188] 5.4.3 9/11 Commission member Behavior On March 21, 2004, victim family members complained of Phillip Zelikow’s conflicts of interest in an Oct. 3 2003 letter to the Commission, but were rebuffed.[189] On March 21, 2004, 9-11 Family Steering Committee and 9-11 Citizens Watch demanded the resignation of Zelikow, but he was defended by the commission. New York Times journalist Philip Shenon led the NYT coverage of the commission's activities. In early 2008, his book The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation, revealed that among other things, Zelikow engaged in "surreptitious" communications with presidential adviser Karl Rove and other Bush administration officials during the commission's 20-month investigation.[190] The 9/11 Commission agreed to accept the redacted audiotapes of first responders offered by the City of New York, referenced previously. [See Section 2.3.3] The result was the August “revealing” of these sanitized tapes and oral histories used by the 9/11 Commission [191] At the last set of 9/11 Commission Hearings in New York City, members of the NYFD, NYPD, and other emergency services were criticized by Commissioner John Lehman, former Secretary of the Navy. Tarpley suggests this was part of a programmatic effort to discredit them; especially NYFD. [192] 5.5 The Silverstein Studies A team of engineers from several firms offered their own high tech analysis, intended as a follow-up to the FEMA BPA. The firms were Weidlinger Associates Inc., LZA Technology/Thornton-Tomasetti Group, ARUPFire, Hughes Associates Inc., SafirRosetti, Hillman Environmental Group, and RWDI. This study, completed in October 2002, was commissioned by Silverstein Properties for its insurance claim on the WTC, and was forwarded to NIST. Although this study concurred that the plane crashes stripped fireproofing from columns in the debris path (and therefore that fire is what caused the collapse), the report also concluded that fire temperatures were lower than typical "fully developed" office fires. While the FEMA report cast suspicion on the floor trusses, the Silverstein report exonerated the floor trusses, and noted the core columns had to fail completely for the tower collapse. WTC 2, though hit by the second hijacked plane after One WTC, fell first "primarily" because the plane struck it at an off-center angle and caused damage that compromised the corner of the core of the building, concludes the report's authors, the New York City-based leaseholder of the World Trade Center. [193] The study fails to address the fact that the top floors of the building virtually disappeared, or rather disintegrated, in mid-air. Interestingly, Matthys Levy, of Weidlinger Associates Inc. is recorded on video making the following statement: "If you've seen many of the managed demolitions where they implode a building and they cause it to essentially to fall vertically because they cause all of the vertical columns to fail simultaneously, that's exactly what it looked like and that's what happened." [194] 5.6.0 The NIST Investigation The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) WTC study began in 2002 as a result of lobbying by the Skyscraper Safety Campaign, which was created by Monica Gabrielle and Sally Regenhard, both of whom lost family members on Sept. 11, 2001. [195] Although dealing with a great number of safety related issues, NIST was specifically charged with the task of determining how and why WTC 1, 2, and 7 collapsed. [196] The 10,000 page final report for buildings 1 and 2 was published three years later, in September 2005, by a staff of hundreds with a budget of 17.5 million dollars. Information on the NIST WTC study is available on the NIST website: [197] The website avoids bringing up the primary purpose of the study, and states that the NIST goal was “to recommend improvements in the way people design, construct, maintain, and use buildings.” The final report includes a vast amount of work on numerous topics. For example the section headings of the reports include: Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Structural and Life Safety Systems; Baseline Structural Performance and Aircraft Impact Damage Analysis; Mechanical and Metallurgical Analysis of Structural Steel; Active Fire Protection Systems; Reconstruction of the Fires in the World Trade Center Towers; Structural Fire Response and Probable Collapse Sequence; Occupant Behavior, Egress, and Emergency Communication; and The Emergency Response Operations. These reports all contain good engineering work, but little of it had anything directly to do with collapse analysis, and even less had to do with selecting a cause of collapse. Only a small part of Mechanical and Metallurgical Analysis of Structural Steel and Structural Fire Response and Probable Collapse Sequence had anything to do with determining “cause”. Beyond that, as any engineer who has worked in industry knows, what engineers do, and what the outside world sees, can be two different things. Ultimate control is in the hands of those who control the documentation and release process; i.e., management. NIST is a government entity, being affiliated with the Department of Commerce [198], so it is not “independent”. In this case, “management “ means "Administration," since NIST's bosses are directly appointed by George W Bush. Regarding the cause of collapse of WTC 1 and 2, the Executive Summary of the final report states: The Two aircraft hit the towers at high speeds and did considerable damage to principle structural components (core columns, floors, and perimeter columns) that were directly impacted by the aircraft or associated debris. However, the towers withstood the impacts and would have remained standing were it not for the dislodged insulation (fireproofing) and the subsequent multi-floor fires. The robustness of the perimeter frame-tube system and the large size of the buildings helped the towers withstand the impact. The structural system redistributed loads from places of aircraft impact, avoiding larger scale damage upon impact. The hat truss, a feature atop each tower which was intended to support a television antenna, prevented earlier collapse of the building core. In each tower, a different combination of impact damage and heat weakened structural components contributed to the abrupt structural collapse. [199] According to the Executive Summary, the WTC investigation included a review of thousands of documents, 1200 first-person interviews with building occupants and emergency responders, laboratory tests, and computer simulations. [200] Kevin Ryan, former site manager of Underwriter’s Labs, has discussed NIST performance on these aspects of the investigation. 5.6.1 Review of Documents: Many relevant documents not mentioned or missing. Ryan notes that many relevant design claims were not mentioned. He also notes that UL fire resistance data, as well as WSH&J (John Skilling’s) fire resistance analysis came up missing. [201] Original tower design features and claims Frank A. Demartini, the Construction Manager of the World Trade Center, stated in the History Channel's January 2001 film World Trade Center: A Modern Marvel, that the building could withstand “multiple” airplane hits. Demartini apparently died in the September 11 attacks. [202] NIST notes that a document from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) indicated that the impact of a Boeing 707 aircraft was analyzed during the design stage of the WTC towers. Although NIST investigators were “unable to locate any documentation of the criteria and method used in the impact analysis,” the analysis concluded that such a collision “would result in only local damage which could not cause collapse or substantial damage to the building.…” [203] Eduardo Kausel, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT, and a Scientific American contributor, notes that the buildings may indeed have been designed for the impact load caused by a 767, but believes the designers never considered the fuel load and inferno that would surely ensue. [204] Eduardo Kausel [204] John Skilling [205] However, John Skilling, partner in WSH&J, who died in 1998, stated in a 1993 interview with The Seattle Times: “Our analysis indicated the biggest problem would be the fact that all the fuel (from the airplane) would dump into the building. There would be a horrendous fire. A lot of people would be killed.” But, he says, “The building structure would still be there.”[205] Since, as Kausel notes, the 707- 320 and 767-200ER both carry about the same amount of fuel, one might reasonable conclude that the buildings were indeed designed to accommodate fires from the 767-200 ER. Only floors 95-96 and 97 of WTC 1 sustained significant damage. In these floors NIST indicates that only about 9 of the 47 core columns were significantly damaged, and about 15% of the 244 peripheral columns failed in the crash zone of each tower. Yet according to the "premier construction industry" publication, Engineering News-Record (ENR), over 25% of the peripheral columns on the ground floor could be removed, and the building could still withstand 100 mph winds from any direction [206]. NIST notes that because of severed columns, loads on adjacent columns, including the effects of the hat trusses, increased by up to 25%. [207] This scenario appears to conflict with the claim found in ENR that loads on perimeter columns could be increased by a factor of 20 (2000 %) without failing. [208] If the ENR claim were correct, even at half strength, the load on the perimeter columns could be increased by a factor of 10 before failing. 5.6.2 Interviews: Ryan notes that NIST began planning for eyewitness interviews in April 2003, 7 months after the start of the investigation. By October, NIST had still not conducted interviews, and had no access to NYC interviews. By December 2003, NYC finally agreed to allow NIST to access original interviews, but only in NYC offices. [209] MacQueen notes that NIST had the FDNY Oral Histories, and praised the quality of judgments of the FDNY on the condition of the buildings on 9/11, but never mentions the FDNY reports of explosions. [210] 5.6.3 Lab Tests: Fire and NIST Although NIST found “no significant steel temperatures over 625 deg. C”. [211], and the half strength critical temperature of steel is 650 deg. C., their report concludes column and floor assemblies softened due to fire because fireproofing was “widely dislodged,” and the floors began to sag in the impact zone, which caused perimeter columns to buckle inwards, leading to “collapse initiation” [212]. Kevin Ryan wrote to Frank Gayle, who was heading the NIST Analysis of Structural Steel: Your comments suggest that the [exterior panel] steel was probably exposed to temperatures of only about 500 degrees F. (250 C), which is what one might expect from a thermodynamic analysis of the situation…. [yet]… this new summary report suggests that much lower temperatures were able to not only soften the steel in a matter of minutes, but lead to rapid structural collapse… This story just does not add up. If steel from those buildings did soften or melt, I’m sure we can all agree that this was certainly not due to jet fuel fires of any kind, let alone briefly burning fires in those towers. That fact should be of great concern to all Americans.”… “There is no question that the events of 9/11 are the emotional driving force behind the War on Terror. And the issue of the WTC collapse is at the crux of the story of 9/11. [213] Ryan noted in the letter that testing of steel components of the WTC buildings was performed by UL in the 1960’s, and later pointed out that the tests “verified conformance to code requirements for multiple hours of fire resistance at much higher temperatures.” [214] According to an article in the South Bend Tribune, Paul M. Baker, the company's spokesman, sharply rebuked Ryan's statements, stating: "The contents of the argument itself are spurious at best, and frankly, they're just wrong." Ryan was fired for making his statements. Kevin Ryan, former UL Site Manager [215] Frank Gayle, NIST [216] According to the Tribune article, Ryan copied his e-mail to David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor, and to Catherine Austin Fitts, a board member of day later, Griffin requested and received permission to distribute Ryan's letter to other parties, and permission was given. [217] As part of the investigation, NIST contracted with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to test floor trusses like those in the WTC towers. All four test specimens were subject to a standard fire test (ASTM E119) and sustained the maximum design load (twice that on the WTC trusses) for two hours “without collapsing….the [empirical test] results established that this type of assembly was capable of sustaining a large gravity load, without collapsing, for a substantial period of time relative to the duration of the fires in any given location on September 11.” [218] The ASTM E119 time-temperature profile exposed the specimens to almost 1000 deg C. for over an hour. [219] 5.6.4 Analysis and Simulation WTC tower structure Let us roughly characterize the actual WTC tower structure. The 1375 ft. tall towers of 110 12.5 ft. floors consisted of a perimeter of 244 structural steel columns forming a square plan, with horizontal bracing (spandrels) and extremely rigid chamfered corners. The peripheral steel columns from the 9th through the 106th floors spanned three floors vertically, and were built into massive steel wall sections measuring about 10 ft wide by 27.5 ft. (three floors) tall, consisting of three 14 inch square hollow box columns spaced three ft. four inches apart, and welded to thick steel plate spandrels. The building core, of dimensions 79X139 ft., was a veritable forest of 47 columns, horizontal and diagonal cross braced, which housed primarily elevator shafts. The 47 core columns varied in thickness with floor height. Individual core columns in the lower core measured 52 x 22 in. (in plan), and were formed of 5 and 3 inch plate into almost solid steel shafts that weighed up to 56 tons. [220] Other sources, including FEMA, note the average core box column cross section to be 12" wide x 36" deep x 2" thick, having a cross sectional area of 176 square inches. The box cross section construction changed to relatively light I-beam cross section above the 85th floor.[221] Hufschmid indicates the perimeter columns also decreased in thickness with increasing floor height. [222] Each tower weighed 500,000 short tons or 454545 metric tons ( 1 metric ton=1.1 short ton). The intact 16 story section above aircraft impact weighed 58,000 metric tons. Thus, the upper 16 of the 110 floor system, or 14.5 % of the floors, weighed only about 12.7 % of the total building weight, so the majority of the mass per floor was in the lower floors. [223] NIST analysis of building natural periods before and after impact shows overall stiffness of the towers was not appreciably affected by aircraft impact. [224] NIST Simulation of Aircraft Damage to Tower Structure. NIST performed detailed aircraft impact damage estimate simulations. Four “global simulations” were used to generate information about the state of the structural components following aircraft impact. [225] The global models extended from floor 91 for WTC1 and floor 77 for WTC2 to the top of each tower [226]. Two models were done for each tower; one at an estimated minimum, the other at an estimated maximum aircraft speed. The column damage for all impacted floors was combined into a single image for each tower. The cases, and column damage are noted in [227]. The NIST “worst case” (ie max aircraft speed) damage assessment for WTC1 , was Case B, with 6 columns severed and 3 with heavy damage. It is instructive to compare this reasonable damage estimate with one of the more “technical” 911 Truth debunking websites, which suggests 20 core columns were “removed due to impact”: Composite floor plan showing aircraft damage to North Tower, low and high speed cases Figures 6-21 and 6-22 from NIST [228] Figure purporting to show aircraft damage to WTC1 [229] Descending Block Scenario leading up to “collapse initiation.” The NIST story has it that the floors of the upper descending “block”, consisting of 15 floors with lighter supports, in the North Tower, were able to “pile up” and out-crush the more massive supports of the floors of the lower block, consisting of 85 floors. Richard Gage in his Blueprint for Truth presentations includes real time videos clearly showing that The upper 15 floors of WTC1 disintegrate prior to the “collapse” of the lower 85 floors. [230]. This can be observed in successive frames from the sequence shown in section 1.2.2, North Tower Antenna. Frames 9,10,11,12. Notice the top of the upper block is descending rapidly, while the top of the lower block, although enveloped in flame, appears to not have moved appreciably. [231] A well know series of photos 1,2,3 of the South Tower shows the top 34 floors tipping and then disintegrating: [232] Steven Jones notes the anomaly of the disintegration of the piece of the South Tower, which was also alluded to by Hufschmid: “We observe that approximately 34 upper floors begin to rotate as a block, to the south and east. They begin to topple over, as favored by the Second Law of Thermodynamics. The torque due to gravity on this block is enormous, as is its angular momentum. But then--and this I'm still puzzling over--this block turned mostly to powder in mid-air!…Remarkable, amazing - and demanding scrutiny since the US government-funded reports failed to analyze this phenomenon.” [233] The top 34 floors begin to topple, so there is no huge mass of material bearing down on the untoppled floors. The toppling 34 floors are in free fall; no crushing mass bearing down on them, so why did these floors disintegrate into dust? This means that there was no “massive upper block”, in either North or South Tower, to crush the lower floors. This is consistent with Jim Hoffman’s observation that “the purported ‘tremendous energy of the falling building section’ (upper block) did not even show up on the seismographs.” Brent Blanchard, senior writer for, also states that a review of all photographic images clearly shows about 95% of falling debris being forced away from the footprint of the structure. [234] There was no huge buildup of mass, either as a single massive block or buildup of debris, onto the lower block. Any suggestion of the descending block scenario, pancake or progressive collapse is further contradicted by images showing large intact portions of the towers, apparently hanging in thin air above the “collapse” wave. A portion of one of the WTC towers (center of image) seems to be hanging in mid-air [235] Yet NIST states repeatedly that energy of the downward movement of the building mass above the damaged columns exceeded the strain energy that could have been absorbed by the lower floors, so global collapse ensued [236] This is the essence of “progressive collapse” theory, and it has been assumed, not demonstrated, not proven. NIST only considers events from the moment of aircraft impact until “collapse initiation.” [237] Incredibly, “progressive collapse” of floors below aircraft impact has been left out of the NIST collapse sequence computer models! [238] Finnish 9/11 activist Sami Yli-Karjanmaa was among the first critics of the NIST report. [239] He noted the truncation of models to reduce model size and improve computation time, failure to simulate the collapse, and the NIST collapse mantra, "repeated 12 times in the project 6 report dealing with the collapse sequence: 'The change in potential energy due to downward movement of building mass above the buckled columns exceeded the strain energy that could have been absorbed by the structure. Global collapse then ensued.'" Where is the momentum transfer analysis? It has already been established that the “descending block” scenario was fictitious; there were no descending upper blocks impacting lower blocks. But for the sake of argument, suppose there had been. Suppose an upper block had hit a lower block. Stress and strain energy are in the domain of the theory of elasticity, yet NIST provides no elasticity analysis to substantiate its position. Fundamental to application of the theory of elasticity to the WTC North Tower collapse is the fact that impact of the theoretical “upper block” with the “lower block” will not just stress the topmost floor of the lower block; rather, the stress will be propagated rapidly downward and upward to the rest of the floors. This propagation will absorb energy, and the question is, as in the case of an elastic spring, how much energy can the structure absorb without breaking. Manuel Garcia, in an article for Counterpunch, says that he takes up the analysis of the collapse of the towers “where NIST left off” in describing the floor-by -floor collapse, but makes the same assumption as NIST, that the energy of descending floors is more than the structure can absorb. He does not consider the benefit of elasticity is absorbing energy, but only looks at the destructive aspects of the descending “wave train.” [240] Gordon Ross has applied the theory of elasticity in a comprehensive way to the descending block scenario to show that even had it existed, the momentum of the upper impacting block would be absorbed during the three percent elongation phase of the steel columns of the very top floor, and therefore collapse would not proceed. [241] The NIST mantra remains unproven. The NIST investigation also omitted or distorted many other important aspects of the collapses, including movement of the WTC1 antenna before the adjacent façade, the pyroclastic dust clouds, and pools of molten metal in the WTC basements weeks after the attacks. [242] NIST failed to provide follow up study on an unusual sulfur residue which was found during the FEMA BPA study, and which FEMA recommended be investigated in future studies. [243] 5.6.5 Steven Jones on Kevin Ryan and NIST: Jones agrees with Kevin Ryan's objections regarding the NIST study. [244] Jones also challenges NIST's collapse theory: “NIST maintains that all three building collapses were fire-initiated despite contrary observations, particularly the fact that fire endurance tests with actual models did not result in collapse….The computerized models of the Towers in the NIST study, which incorporate many features of the buildings and the fires on 9-11-01, are less than convincing. [245] NIST constructs a computer model--but realistic cases do not actually lead to building collapse. So they "adjust" inputs until the model finally shows collapse initiation for the most severe cases. [246] NIST notes explicitly several times in its final report that the computer simulation only proceeds until the building is “poised for collapse.” Jones asks: What about the subsequent complete, rapid and symmetrical collapse of the buildings? What about the observed squibs? What about the antenna dropping first in the North Tower? What about the molten metal observed in the basement areas in large pools in both Towers and WTC 7 as well …Well, some of us want to look at ALL the data, without computer simulations that are "adjusted," perhaps to make them fit the desired outcome. [247] Ryan did his own statistical analysis in a recent letter regarding the NIST report, arguing that probabilities of collapse-initiation needed to be calculated (Ryan, 2005). NIST nowhere provides such a likelihood analysis for their non-explosive collapse model. Ryan's analysis is that the probability that aircraft damage and fires (the "official theory") could cause the Towers complete collapse is less than one in a trillion (Ryan, 2005). “So where does that leave us? I strongly agree with Kevin Ryan, ‘This ["official"] story just does not add up...” [248] 5.6.6 The Engineering Community A lone scientist, Abdolhasan Astaneh Asl, funded by the National Science foundation, got access to the steel before the ASCE/FEMA team. Despite the fact that 40 percent of a steel beam was torn away, the column did not collapse, an example of redundancy built into the 1970s-vintage structure. With admiration, Asl said "The [aircraft] impact did nothing to this building." [249] The engineering community has raised questions about the results of the NIST WTC investigation. The popular British construction industry magazine New Civil Engineer International (NCEI) notes: Controversy still surrounds the exact collapse mechanism of the Twin Towers, despite three years of detailed investigation by the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) team. Some engineers believe the collapse was influenced by factors other than the fires caused by burning aviation fuel which weakened vital structural steel elements. And they have accused NIST of repeatedly changing its explanation of the collapse mechanism….”In this latest version, the hat trusses on top of the towers play a crucial role in the redistribution of stresses after the impact,” one leading US structural engineer told NCE in New York “In earlier versions they are hardly mentioned.” [250] Regarding the analysis used to bring the towers to the point of being “poised for collapse,” NCEI notes: “NIST had obviously devoted enormous resources to the development of the impact and fire models…The software used has been pushed to new limits, and there have been a lot of simplifications, extrapolations and judgment calls.” The same article notes NIST is “refusing to show computer visualizations of the collapse of the Twin Towers despite calls from leading structural and fire engineers…Visualizations of collapse mechanisms are routinely used to validate the type of finite element analysis model used by the investigators.” University of Manchester [U.K.] professor of structural engineering Colin Bailey said there was a lot to be gained from visualizing the structural response. "NIST should really show the visualizations; otherwise the opportunity to correlate them back to the video evidence and identify any errors in the modeling will be lost." [251] James Quintiere, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading fire science researchers and safety engineers, and former Chief of the Fire Science Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), has called for an independent review of NIST’s investigation. Alan Miller has written an excellent article on Quintiere’s plea. Miller notes that Dr. Quintiere gave his presentation “Questions on the WTC Investigations” twice at the 2007 World Fire Safety Conference, June 4- 5, 2007. Although Quintiere apparently does not consider controlled demolition a possible collapse mechanism, his frustration and objections regarding the NIST WTC study include those of 9/11 Truth researchers, as well as the engineering community. Responding to a comment from a NIST representative in the audience, Dr. Quintiere said, “I found that throughout your whole investigation it was very difficult to get a clear answer. And when anyone went to your advisory panel meetings or hearings, where they were given five minutes to make a statement; they could never ask any questions. ...” [252] Dr. Quintiere’s presentation at the World Fire Safety Conference echoed his earlier statement to the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Science, on October 26, 2005, during a hearing on “The Investigation of the World Trade Center Collapse: Findings, Recommendations, and Next Steps”, at which he stated: “In my opinion, the WTC investigation by NIST falls short of expectations by not definitively finding cause, by not sufficiently linking recommendations of specificity to cause, by not fully invoking all of their authority to seek facts in the investigation, and by the guidance of government lawyers to deter rather than develop fact finding." Dr. Quintiere noted that a number of questions had been submitted to NIST which were never acknowledged or answered. Those questions include the following: "Why were not alternative collapse hypotheses investigated and discussed as NIST had stated repeatedly that they would do?" Noting destruction of the WTC steel, Quintiere remarked that a careful reading of the NIST report shows that they have no evidence that the temperatures they predict as necessary for failure are corroborated by findings of the little steel debris they have. "Why hasn't NIST declared that this spoliation of the steel was a gross error? " NIST used computer models that they said have never been used in such an application before and are the state of the art. ...." But the validation of these modeling results [253] is in question. Others have computed aspects with different conclusions on the cause mechanism of the collapse. Moreover, it is common in fire investigation to compute a timeline and compare it to known events. NIST has not done that. " "Testing by NIST has been inconclusive. Although they have done fire tests of the scale of several work stations, a replicate test of at least [one] WTC floor would have been of considerable value. Why was this not done? ... " [254] 5.6.7 Purdue Study; A NIST Prop? The Purdue University website, in an article dated September 11 2006, announced the so-called “Purdue Study” [255]. An Associated Press article appearing in the June 20 2007 online edition of USA Today noted the two year study “supports a federal agency's findings [NIST] that the initial impact from the hijacked airplanes stripped away crucial fireproofing material and that the weakened towers collapsed under their own weight.” [256] Scholars for 9/11 Truth , Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, and Prison planet, among others, have criticized this study. Prison Planet observed that the study was funded by the National Science Foundation, whose budget was doubled last year to $6.02 billion by the Bush administration. It’s director, Dr. Arden L. Bement Jr., has worked for the Department of defense, where he was Under Secretary for Research and Engineering, and DARPA. [257] Prison Planet also noted that structural engineer Mete Sozen, the lead investigator in the Purdue study, was also on the American Society of Civil Engineers research team that confirmed the government's story about the OKC bombing in 1995, despite the many inconsistencies and conflicting testimony. [258] Nick Irving’s paper, Purdue 9/11 Animation: Politics, not Science, appeared on the Scholars for 9/11 Truth website dated June 23 2007 [259]. Kevin Ryan’s paper; An Open Letter to Purdue President Cordova, has been posted by Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice. [260] Ryan notes inattention to minor detail: In a paper describing the study, [261] he notes that “Flight 77 “ and “impact of Flight AA71” are referenced to aircraft impact of WTC1. He notes a litany of technical discrepancies between the NIST and Purdue studies; for example: NIST determined that the center fuel tank of the aircraft was completely empty when it struck WTC 1, but the Purdue animation shows the center tank to be completely full. Although dubbed by some as a NIST study “prop”, an August 2007 ENR article entitled Purdue Model of WTC Impact Conflicts with Federal Study focuses on the differences. [262] See: How do the Studies compare. 5.6.8 Secrecy According to the Nov. 12 2005 New York Times, NIST announced that its construction advisory committee, a group of experts overseeing the investigation, would meet for 10 hours on Nov. 22 at its headquarters in Gaithersburg, Maryland, but that only the first 2 hours would be public. The remainder will be closed “because of the agency's concerns that discussions about changes in construction codes could prematurely influence the building industry and the people who write the codes,” said Mat Heyman, the institute's chief of staff. Monica Gabrielle, whose husband Richard was killed when the South tower collapsed 57 minutes after it was hit by one of the hijacked jets, vehemently objected to the decision: ''You have one job, and one job only -- to find out the truth of what happened to those buildings and to report to the public about it,'' she said yesterday in an interview. ''You don't owe industry, the Port Authority or federal agencies anything. You owe it to the public--the truth, no matter where it goes.''… ''There has been considerable pressure on us to come out with our final recommendations,'' Mr. Heyman said. [263] 5.6.9 The real goal of the NIST “investigation As Ed Haas has pointed out, the real goal of the NIST “investigation” appears to have been to protect the government. Throughout the NIST reports Haas notes the following language:“NIST found no corroborating evidence for alternative hypotheses suggesting that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition using explosives planted prior to September 11, 2001.” Haas also notes generous use of the following disclaimer: “No part of any report resulting from a NIST investigation into a structural failure or from an investigation under the National Construction Safety Team Act may be used in any suit or action for damages arising out of any matter mentioned in such report (15 USC 281a; as amended by P.L. 1007-321).” [264] 5.6.10 Legal challenges filed against NIST According to a notice on the Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice website, dated April 14, 2007, 9/11 family members Bob McIlvaine and Bill Doyle, physicist Steven E. Jones, former UL manager, Kevin Ryan, architect Richard Gage, and the group Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice have also filed a Request for Correction (RFC) with NIST. The Request asserts that the NIST Final Report violates information quality standards, draws inferences that are inconsistent with its own computer simulations and physical tests, and exhibits a significant bias toward a preordained conclusion while ignoring available evidence contrary to it. The Request also says that if this bias is corrected, the NIST simulation clearly indicates that the Towers should not have collapsed due to plane damage and fire. The obvious alternative, which the group says should have been studied by NIST, is explosive demolition. [265] On September 27 2007, NIST finally responded to the Jones RFC. [266] The NIST memorandum appears to agree that the NCST Act requires NIST to “establish the likely technical cause or causes of the building failure.“ On the fact that temperatures reached by steel recovered by NIST directly contradicted the temperatures calculated by the analytical models, NIST states: “While NIST did not find evidence that any of the recovered core columns experienced temperatures in excess of 250 deg C., it is not possible to extrapolate from such a small sample size to state that none of the core columns on the fire effected floors reached temperatures in excess of 250 deg. C.” [267] On the issue that NIST failed to take into account interviews of emergency personnel that suggested the presence of bombs in the towers. “NIST reviewed all of the interviews conducted by the FDNY of firefighters (500 interviews) and in addition conducted its own set of interviews with emergency responders and building occupants. Taken as a whole, the interviews did not support the contention that explosives played a role in the collapse of the WTC Towers.” [268] On the issue of failure to carry the analysis beyond the point of “initiation of collapse”, NIST states that computer models were unable to converge on a solution, but assumes the NIST collapse mantra: “Once the collapse initiated, it is clear from the available evidence that the building was unable to resist the falling mass of the upper stories of the towers.“ [269] And to make sure we did not miss it, the memorandum repeats: “Finally, NIST has stated that it found no corroborating evidence to suggest that explosives were used to bring down the buildings. NIST did not conduct tests for explosive residue…” [270] In the midst of all this, NIST admits “ we are unable to provide a full explanation of the total collapse.” [271] All Requests for Correction were denied, but it is believed Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice will appeal this decision. 5.6.11 More Scientists Architects and Engineers question NIST Results In September 2006, Alan Miller began the website[272] Initially statements from very high profile persons critical of the official story were posted, but the scope of the website quickly expanded. As of February, 2009, over 160 Senior Military, Intelligence Service, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials; over 350 professors; over 230 9/11 Survivors and family members; over 190 artists, entertainers and media professionals; over 170 pilots and aviation professionals; and over 660 engineers and architects appear on this site questioning the official story. Patrick Leahy, Vermont Senator and current Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee , as well as Eleanor Hill, Former Staff Director of the Joint Intelligence Committee [911] Inquiry (JICI) added their signatures on November 12, 2008 Richard Gage is a degreed and licensed architect from the San Francisco Bay area and a member of the American Institute of Architects. He has over 20 years experience as an architect, including working with numerous steel framed fire-proofed structures. In 2006, he founded Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, which as of February 2009 has garnered 607 professional signatures demanding of Congress a truly independent investigation into the destruction of WTC1, WTC2, and WTC7 on 9/11/01. "My objective is to make all architects and engineers aware of the overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition by explosives at all three WTC high-rise buildings." [273] In his excellent DVD 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, Gage points out that fire creeps slowly from one location to another, as successive areas are burned out, causing large visible slow deformations and would result in asymmetrical collapse. In his presentation, Gage goes clearly and carefully step by step through the scientific method in arguing his case: Each claim is tested. If it fails the test, it is rejected or reformulated. He then summarizes a large number of features which support the hypothesis of controlled demolition in a grided check list. [274] The relatively large number of engineers and architects on the website may be due in part to the existence of Richard Gage’s Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. 5.7.0 How do the Official Investigations Compare? 5.7.1 A Continuity of Faces There does appear to be a certain continuity of staffing of the several studies supporting the Official Story: According to Kevin Ryan, [275] the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Team that first looked into the collapse of the Twin Towers was initially led by the same team that looked into the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing. Initial ASCE team leaders as of 9/14/01 included Gene Corley, Sr. VP of CTL Engineering as chief lead, Charles Thornton, Paul Mlakar, and Mete Sozen. Murrah building bombing report authors were Gene Corley, Charles Thornton, Paul Mlakar, and Mete Sozen. [276] Corley “knew” once the jets hit the building that the WTC would collapse as it did: “I just didn’t know when it was going to happen,” said Corley. [St. Petersburg Times] [277] Interestingly, NYC put the firm of Thornton-Tomasetti in charge of the WTC site. Richard Tomasetti (Thornton’s partner) “cleared” the decision to recycle the steel, later saying had he “known the direction that investigations into the disaster would take, he would have adopted a different stance.” [278] The first NIST meeting included comments from Gene Corley and Richard Tomasetti. Charles Thornton was on the NIST related National Construction Safety Team Advisory Committee. [279] FEMA authors Therese McAllister, John Gross, Ronald Hamburger, William Baker, Harold Nelson, and Ramon Gilsanz were co-authors for portions of the NIST report. An internet search of Gene Corley, Charles H. Thornton, Richard L. Tomasetti, Paul Mlakar, and Mete Sozen produces mixed results. Although Corley and Mlakar could be seen as having potential conflicts of interest due to their association with the defense industry, Thornton is considered a hero, having received the 2001 Engineering News-Record Award of Excellence for being “the consummate mentor and role model.” [280] Kevin Ryan notes that Gene Corley, Charles Thornton, and Richard Tomasetti, involved in the ASCE/FEMA studies, were also involved in the studies to establish the Silverstein insurance claim. Although both studies agreed that airplane impact and fire were the cause of collapse, the Weidlinger - Silverstein studies directly contradicted the FEMA report regarding the floor trusses as a mechanism of collapse.[281] Were these engineers unaware of this contradiction? 5.7.2 North Tower Antenna The official FEMA 9-11 report admits a striking anomaly regarding the North Tower collapse: “Review of videotape recordings of the collapse taken from various angles indicates that the transmission tower on top off the structure began to move downward and laterally slightly before movement was evident at the exterior wall. This suggests that collapse began with one or more failures in the central core area of the building.” The report notes this is consistent with other observations. [282] A NY Times article also notes this behavior: “Videos of the north tower's collapse appear to show that its television antenna began to drop a fraction of a second before the rest of the building. The observations suggest that the building's steel core somehow gave way first.” [283] The NIST investigation also noted that the collapse of the North Tower Antenna suggested that the steel core gave way first, but later stated: "Photographic and videographic records were reviewed to identify structurally-related events. Where possible, all four faces of a building were examined for a given event or time period to provide complete understanding of the building response. Observations from a single vantage point can be misleading and may result in incorrect interpretation of events. For instance, photographic and video records taken from due north of the WTC 1 collapse appeared to indicate that the antenna was sinking into the roof (McAllister 2002). When records from east and west vantage points were viewed, it was apparent that the building section above the impact area tilted to the south as the building collapsed." [284] This NIST statement cannot be precisely accurate, because we know there had to be a component of antenna motion downward as the structure collapsed. As Dr. Jones notes, the proper technical approach would be to resolve the southward and downward components of motion analytically, to see the relative contribution . [285] NIST seems to have arrived at its conclusion in disagreement with the FEMA Report, which noted the observation of the sinking core was based on “videotape recordings taken from various angles.” The NIST conclusion is based on data which is apparently not available to the public. 5.7.3 Amount of jet fuel burned within the WTC towers According to the FEMA BPA, aircraft fuel capacity was 23,980 gallons; at time of impact, each jet had an estimated 10,000 gallons of fuel on board. [286] "Calculations indicate that between 1000 and 3000 gallons of jet fuel were likely consumed" in fireballs for each tower. The remainder flowed away from the structures, or burned within them. Assuming half flowed away, then approximately 4000 gallons remained on the impact floors to be consumed in the fires that followed. The jet Fuel would have been consumed within the first few minutes. [287] The NIST Executive Summary states "About 10,000 gallons of jet fuel were sprayed into multiple stories" [288] The more detailed account states: "Upon aircraft impact, a significant fraction of 10,000 gallons of jet fuel ignited within the building." [289] Apparently struggling for every gallon to be burned within the towers, NIST finally concedes that somewhat less than 10,000 gallons of fuel actually burned in each tower: "The timing and appearance of the fireballs indicated they were ignited within the building. A calculation based on the oxygen contained within the building on the floors into which the fuel tanks entered indicated that up to 15% of the available jet fuel could have burned inside the building in the immediate event...If roughly another 15-20 % of the jet fuel burned outside the building, as in WTC2, then about two thirds of the jet fuel remained inside the building to burn later or just flow away from the fire zones." [290] With WTC 2; we find classic NIST-ese. Is it a highly detailed description of how much fuel burned in the building, or obfuscation? [291] Mete Sozen, the Kettelhut Distinguished Professor of Structural Engineering in Purdue's School of Civil Engineering, and lead investigator for the Purdue study, stated "the ensuing fire fed by an estimated 10,000 gallons of jet fuel". [292] The figures from the first official investigation, by FEMA, are more in line with figures given on the Discovery Channel, noted earlier by Dave McGowan. The tendency is that in later investigations, the estimated amount of fuel burned inside the buildings escalates. 5.7.4 References to explosives, explosive, or anomalous characteristics Chapter 1 of the FEMA Report notes: Sudden collapse of each tower sent out air pressure waves that spread dust clouds of building materials in all directions for many blocks. The density and pressure of the dust clouds were strong enough to carry light debris and lift or move small vehicles and break windows in adjacent buildings for several blocks around the WTC site. [293]…Once movement began, the entire portion of the building above the area of impact fell in a unit, pushing a cushion of air below it. As this cushion of air pushed through the impact area, the fires were fed by new oxygen and pushed outward, creating the illusions of a secondary explosion. [294] Although not noted in the main text, the FEMA Report did note in appendix C the presence of sulfur and a eutectic reaction, which had a corrosive effect of the steel, as previously discussed. Although FEMA noted this was an unusual event, and recommended a detailed study, this went no further in the official reports. Chapter 9 of the 9/11 Commission Report contains only one oblique reference to explosions: “When the South Tower collapsed, firefighters on the upper floors of the North Tower heard a violent roar, and many were knocked off their feet…those firefighters not standing near windows facing south had no way of knowing that the South Tower had collapsed, many surmised that a bomb had exploded…” [295] Investigations by the 9/11 Commission, FEMA, and NIST did not address the well documented presence of molten metal in the WTC basements. [ 296] 5.7.5 Aircraft Impact Damage The towers are traditionally accepted as having been designed by Leslie E. Robertson to withstand 140 mile per hour winds, and the impact of the largest airliner of the day, the Intercontinental Boeing 707. This has been acknowledged in both the FEMA BPA, and the NIST investigations. [297] The FEMA BAP contends that the 707 design was for low speed and low fuel, and that the 767 is more “massive” than the 707. Both of these claims have been rebutted. [298] FEMA wrote that for each tower, the aircraft impact resulted in severe structural damage, including some localized partial collapse, but did not result in the initiation of global collapse. [299] The NIST Executive Summary states: “The two aircraft hit the towers at high speeds and did considerable damage to principle structural components,” Abdolhasan Astaneh Asl wrote: “The impact did nothing to this building.” [300] 5.7.6 “Pancaking”, “Progressive Collapse”; Mode of failure; New building codes While the FEMA report cast suspicion on the floor trusses, the Silverstein report exonerated the floor trusses, and noted the core columns had to fail completely for the tower collapse. The Silverstein study also concluded that fire temperatures were lower than typical "fully developed" office fires. [301] The FEMA BPA implicated weakening of floor trusses as leading to “progressive collapse”. It mentions “pancaking” only a few times, but references floor failure and weakness numerous times. [302] The March 2005 Popular Mechanics debunk article notes in support of “pancake theory”: FACT: Once each tower began to collapse, the weight of all the floors above the collapsed zone bore down with pulverizing force on the highest intact floor. Unable to absorb the massive energy, that floor would fail, transmitting the forces to the floor below, allowing the collapse to progress downward through the building in a chain reaction. Engineers call the process "pancaking," and it does not require an explosion to begin, according to David Biggs, a structural engineer at Ryan-Biggs Associates and a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) team that worked on the FEMA report. [303] In the first place, as we have seen, there were no massive blocks bearing down with pulverizing force, because both upper blocks were pulverized. Further, no momentum transfer analysis was done; and it is just assumed the lower floors would fail, because they did. Going further, Dr. Steven Jones puts it this way: "Where is the delay that must be expected due to conservation of momentum, one of the foundational laws of physics? That is, as upper-falling floors strike lower floor —and intact steel support columns—the fall must be significantly impeded by the impacted mass. - somehow the enormous support columns failed /disintegrated along with the falling floor pans. How do the upper floors fall so quickly, then, and still conserve momentum in the collapsing buildings?” [304] The contradiction is ignored by FEMA, NIST and 9-11 Commission reports where conservation of momentum and the fall times were not analyzed. Dr. Steven Jones and Richard Gage have used the following example to illustrate the point. Which tower top will strike the ground first? According to the official story, both will strike the ground at the same time. Tower tops in free fall [305] “Like all office buildings, the WTC towers contained a huge volume of air. As they pancaked, all that air--along with the concrete and other debris pulverized by the force of the collapse--was ejected with enormous energy. ‘When you have a significant portion of a floor collapsing, it's going to shoot air and concrete dust out the window,’ NIST lead investigator Shyam Sunder tells PM. Those clouds of dust may create the impression of a controlled demolition, Sunder adds, ‘but it is the floor pancaking that leads to that perception.’” [306] Although “pancake/pancaking” is not referenced in the NIST report, the lead investigator uses the term freely. Steven Jones has an excellent response: the timing between puffs is too short, so air expulsion due to collapsing floors is excluded. A rough calculation of the time for the north tower to freefall (from 1368 ft) is 9.22 seconds, and the time for one floor to freefall is .88 seconds. [307] Pancaking as described by Mr. Sunder would require each floor to collapse (free fall) independently and sequentially for each of the 110 floors. The total time would be 110 stories * .88 seconds per story, or about 97 seconds. This does not include a delay time for the breaking of successive floors. So the observed time of collapse of the North Tower (under 16 seconds, is much closer to freefall time (9.2 seconds) than the time for “pancaking” as described by Mr. Sunder (Which would take 97 seconds). As Steven Jones notes, the FEMA “Pancaking” approach “finally fails to account for the observed collapse of the 47 interconnected core columns which are massive and designed to bear the weight of the buildings, and it has the striking weakness of requiring the connections of the floor pans to the vertical columns to break, both at the core and at the perimeter columns, more or less simultaneously.” [308] Although NIST has officially given up the idea of “pancaking” [309], which is never mentioned in its final report, it has clearly has not given up on the term “progressive” collapse [310], which is mentioned frequently. [311] Although the FEMA, NIST and Purdue studies emphasize the high temperatures of the fires, the Silverstein study noted that fire temperatures were lower than typical "fully developed" office fires. Although both NIST and the Purdue study agree that stripped fireproofing from the core columns was a factor leading to collapse, the Purdue study, as the Silverstein study, suggest core columns failed first, while the NIST study concluded the perimeter columns failed first. NIST reported that 9 core columns were severed or heavily damaged in the “more severe” category, while Purdue claims 52 core columns were "destroyed or heavily damaged" over a height six floors; Shyam Sunder, lead NIST WTC investigator, suggested the fidelity of modeling was the reason for this discrepancy. [312] Kevin Ryan notes that in one important way the Purdue animation reflects reality: it is clear that the aircraft impacting the WTC towers could not have been instantly transformed into thousands of tiny pellets in the form of shotgun blasts. The Purdue animation more realistically displays the large fragments of debris from the fuselage clattering around in the skeletal framework of the tower. This contradicts the NIST notion of the aircraft disintegrating into shotgun type blasts, purportedly scraping the fireproofing off of thousands of square meters of surface area. [313] NIST says the connections of the floor pans to vertical columns do NOT fail (contrary to FEMA's model), but rather the floor pans "pull with enormous force, sufficient to cause the perimeter columns to significantly pull in, leading to final failure.” [314] NIST coordinated on some WTC work with ARUP, an international construction and safety organization. According to NCEI, “British engineers strongly disputed official American claims that the towers became more vulnerable to collapse as a result of removal of fireproofing due to aircraft impact. The disagreement provoked a strong exchange of views at a major conference held at Gaithersburg near Washington DC to discuss the official findings. British engineer Barbara Lane stated that from ARUP’s analysis, the towers would have collapsed even without the removal of fireproofing. [315] ARUP also contests another NIST failure mechanism: “the core columns cannot pull the exterior columns in via the floor simply as a result of column shortening.” [316] Although the FEMA BAP acknowledged the novelty of the collapses, [317] Griffin notes of NIST: “Indeed, the supposedly definitive report put out by NIST--the National Institute for Standards and Technology (2005)--even implies that fire-induced collapses of large steel-frame buildings are normal events (Hoffman, 2005).” [318] Indeed, NIST, based on the singular collapses of 9/11, appears to have come up with a whole new class of building failures that were not “coded” for in past history, and must be protected against retroactively and in the future. [319] NCEI notes that the engineering community as well as developers are now concerned about another layer of regulations, some of whom doubt the resulting buildings will be any safer. [320] The apparent revisionism we have seen in the politically correct “collapse” mechanism advocated by the US technical and fire fighting community seems paralleled in Great Britain. Although British elements in ARUP are now convinced the towers would have fallen even without “removal of fireproofing”, several high profile British structural designers were originally quite dubious of the idea of fire induced collapses. In an article dated 4 October 2001, Professor Wilem Frischmann, of the Pell Frischmann Group and the City University, London, said that the aircraft puncturing of the outer steel shells of the towers would not in itself have caused the towers to fall. Although the explosion caused by the fuelladen aircraft would have been intense, the lack of available oxygen inside the towers would, according to Professor Frischmann, have limited the fireball's temperature to less than 1,000 Celsius, within the tower design limits. Architect Bob Halvorson, of Halvorson and Kaye in London said: "There is going to be a debate about whether or not the World Trade Center Towers should have collapsed in the way that they did....We are operating well beyond realistic experience." [321] One might wonder how there can be so much divergence in details of the mechanism of building collapse proposed by the various studies, even by the same engineers, yet such certainty that the underlying cause is aircraft impact and fire. 6.0 Bush Science The NIST study is a product of the Bush administration. An enumeration of the inconsistencies of the NIST study is consistent with a long standing and well documented pattern of Bush administration abuse of the scientific method The House Committee on Government Reform found "numerous instances where this Administration has manipulated the scientific process and distorted or suppressed scientific findings." [322] On February 18, 2004, over 60 leading scientists, including Nobel laureates, signed a statement that "The distortion of scientific knowledge for partisan political ends must cease." Since then, over 9000 additional scientists and engineers have signed on. [323] Consider the case of the US Fish and Wild Life Service. According to the L.A. Times, a survey of the 1400 employees working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service scientific staff was conducted jointly by the Union of Concerned Scientists and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. A division of the Department of the Interior, the Fish and Wildlife Service is charged with determining which animals and plants should be placed on the endangered species list and designating areas where such species need to be protected. More than 20% of the 420 survey responders reported they had been "directed to inappropriately exclude or alter technical information." More than half of survey responders said they knew of cases in which commercial interests, including timber, grazing, development and energy companies, had applied political pressure to reverse scientific conclusions deemed harmful to their business. One biologist, who retired in 2002 after 20 years with the agency, said: "Political pressures influence the outcome of almost all the cases…As a scientist, I would probably say you really can't trust the science coming out of the agency." [324] left: George Bush on Global Warming; Center: James Connaughton, chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality [325] A clear example of distortion of scientific knowledge was seen in the subsequent declaration by EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman that the "air is safe" in Manhattan a week after the attacks. [326] In fact, according to top scientists, the air at Ground Zero was highly corrosive, and a "significant threat to health." [327] The White House Council on Environmental Quality, headed by James Connaughton, directed the EPA to edit the scientific findings "based on how it should be released publicly." [328] Since then, problems have mounted from 9/11 dust. The number of people with medical problems linked to the 9/11 attacks on New York has risen to at least 15,000, and over 70,000 are enrolled in WTC Health Registry. [329] 7.0 Alternative Theories 7.1 Steven Jones Thermite/Thermate Alternative On 23 Nov 2003, D. P. Grimmer published a paper which considered the possible use of thermite to melt sections of the WTC inner core columns in such a way as to cause collapse. The paper estimated the mass and volume of thermite necessary to allow melting, and concluded that it would have been physically possible to deliver this quantity of thermite to the WTC towers. [330] In late 2005, and early 2006, two articles were published in the Deseret News, a Salt Lake City mainstream publication, which signaled the emergence of the issue of the collapse of the WTC towers into mainstream U.S. consciousness. The first article, “BYU Professor Thinks Bombs, Not Planes, Toppled WTC,” [331] set the stage, justifying the possibility that the WTC towers were subject to explosives. The article included a list of characteristics observed during the collapse of the towers which paralleled classic examples of controlled demolition. The second article, “Physicist Says Heat Substance Felled WTC,” [332] presented some preliminary evidence for a specific demolition mechanism. Jones noted that the government requires standard explosives to contain tag elements enabling them to be traced back to their manufacturers, but no tags are required for aluminum, iron oxide, or sulfur, the constituents of a powerful incendiary. The article noted a video showing a yellow molten substance flowing from the South Tower moments before it collapsed. About this same time, Scholars for 9/11 Truth was founded, which attempted to focus on scientific fact in an investigation of the events of 9/11. At this time, Jones began several ongoing reports to document his position, and his alternative theory of the collapse of the towers: “Answers to Questions and Objections,” and “Why Indeed did the WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?” See “Abbreviations used in endnotes and text.”        [Dr Steven E. Jones] [332] A key question is: how does a small amount of jet fuel at the top of the towers, with a maximum temperature of 1000 deg C, result in large explosions and molten metal at 1500 deg C. in the basement? Jones maintains that “these observations [molten metal in the WTC basements] are consistent with use of the high-temperature thermite reaction or some variation thereof such as thermate, used to cut or demolish steel… Thermite is a mixture of iron oxide and aluminum powder. The end products of the thermite reaction are aluminum oxide and molten iron. So the thermite reaction generates molten iron directly, and is hot enough to melt and even evaporate steel which it contacts while reacting…Thermite contains its own supply of oxygen and so the reaction cannot be smothered, even with water...Use of sulfur in conjunction with the thermite produces thermate, which will accelerate the destructive effect on steel.” [Remember Appendix C of the FEMA report discusses the presence of sulfur, creating a eutechtic reaction]. Jones also said the use of explosives such as HDX and RDX should also be considered.] [333] From an analysis of the color of slag recovered from WTC debris, and melting temperatures of various metals , Jones concluded the metal could be either structural steel and/or iron, both of which melt at about 1500 deg C. [334] Metal slag recovered from WTC basement [335] Jones notes that an abundance of Iron (as opposed to aluminum) is suggested by the reddish rust in a sample of slag recovered from the WTC site, now stored in a warehouse in NY. [335] Bright flame in S. Tower [336] Molten metal flows in S. Tower [337] Jones notes that a photograph found in the NIST Report provides evidence for a highly exothermic reaction Regarding this photograph, NIST notes “an unusual flame is visible … a very bright flame… a bright spot appeared …followed by the flow of a glowing liquid” [336] A number of frames showing flowing molten metal from the South Tower, shortly prior to it’s collapse, are available .[337] Ash from South Tower [338] A previous version of “Why Indeed” shows a picture [taken by Rob Miller, photojournalist with the New York Post] with white ash rising from the South Tower near the dripping, liquefied metal. [338] Thermite reaction at BYU lab [339] Jones notes the similarity between NIST’s “bright flame” followed by molten metal and white ash with a thermite reaction in his lab at BYU, which shows bright flare, molten yellow-white glowing iron, and a plume of aluminum oxide smoke. [339] He states: “These discoveries strongly motivate an immediate in-depth investigation of the use of thermite-type reactions in the destruction of the” WTC. [340] NIST investigators ruled out the possibility of melting steel being the source of the material because of the unlikelihood of steel melting. They suggested the molten material may have been aluminum from the impacting aircraft. [341] Jones argues that although aluminum may glow faintly, the material flowing from the South Tower is most likely not aluminum, but iron. [342] As of July 2006, Jones stated that a peer reviewed qualitative analysis has shown that samples of formerly molten material from the Towers were mostly iron. Electron microprobe data also showed aluminum, sulfur, and potassium, as well as fluorine. Potassium (K), manganese (Mn) and fluorine (F) are used in thermite explosives, and are often present in the residue, and may be part of a "thermite fingerprint." [343] Note that the FEMA investigation found sulfidization of several samples of WTC steel. Jones notes: “While gypsum in the buildings is a possible source of sulfur, it is highly unlikely that this sulfur could find its way into the structural steel such as to form a eutectic.” [344] Dr Jones and his students also ran experiments to see if a hypothesis put forward by F. Greening might be credible. This hypothesis holds that aluminum from the planes which struck the Towers could melt, and that this aluminum might fall on "rusted steel surfaces inducing violent thermite explosions." The results of Dr. Jones’ experiments lent no support whatever to the Greening theory. Aluminum hit with torch does NOT catch fire; Aluminum melts and flows at about 600 deg c. No violent aluminum-rusty steel or aluminum-gypsum/concrete/plastic reactions occurred. [345] Tiny aluminum particles in iron oxide can be cast into any shape in a "sol-gel", developed by Livermore Labs. However, Kevin Ryan notes that sol-gels might leave a tell-tale residue: 1,3,diphenylpropane. [346] Analysis of WTC dust showed that one molecule, 1,3,diphenylpropane, was present at levels "that dwarfed all others," according to EPA's Erik Swartz. "We've never observed it in any sampling we've ever done." Swartz speculated that the most likely source was plastic/ polyvinyl chloride materials of tens of thousands of burning computers[347] In his paper 9/11 Revisited Applying the Scientific Method, Dr. Jones reports of his work on dust from the WTC collapses. The iron rich component of the WTC dust samples was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy and x-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy (X-EDS). The result: much of the iron rich dust was composed of roughly spherical particles-microspheres, up to about 1.5 mm in diameter. The presence of metallic microspheres implies that the metals were once molten so that surface tension pulled the droplets into a roughly spherical shape. Jones notes that a thermate reaction of a mixture of iron, aluminum powder, and sulfur, produces metallic spheres with high peaks in iron, aluminum, and sulfur, in X-EDS testing. He notes this would constitute a chemical signature of thermate variant microspheres. Although he meticulously avoids drawing any conclusions, he does point out that the WTC iron rich dust samples also contained aluminum and sulfur. He then points out that the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) 921 Guide for Fire and Explosion investigation clearly states: “Unusual residues might remain from the initial fuel. Those residues could arise from thermite, magnesium, or other pyrotechnic materials.” He then notes that looking for residues is the standard procedure for fire and explosion investigations. “Was the steel tested for explosives or thermite resedue?” NIST’s answer: No, and in that answer they are remiss. [348] Although Jones notes that the USGS Particle Atlas of WTC Dust shows micrographs of a few metallic spherules , [349] particle form is not considered in most air quality analyses. Environmental Health Perspectives notes “The explosion and collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC) was a catastrophic event that produced an aerosol plume impacting many workers, residents, and commuters during the first few days after 11 September 2001. “ Each of three samples was analyzed for inorganic and organic composition, not for particle size or shape. [350] On 4/18/08, Dr. Jones and his researchers successfully published their first paper in a mainstream Civil Engineering journal, The Open Civil Engineering Journal, pp.35-40. The title is Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction. Authors: Steven E. Jones, Frank M. Legge, Kevin R. Ryan, Anthony F. Szamboti, James R. Gourley. The abstract was given as: “Reports by FEMA and NIST lay out the official account of the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. In this Letter, we wish to set a foundation for productive discussion and understanding by focusing on those areas where we find common ground with FEMA and NIST, while at the same time countering several popular myths about the WTC collapses.” [351] Jones research on the collapse of the WTC towers made Project Censored story number 18 in 2007. Peter Phillips noted that inclusion of few stories, if any, have generated more controversy, and that two of Project Censored’s esteemed national judges resigned because of it’s inclusion in the 2007 yearbook. [352] 7.3 Gordon Ross Four Phase Attack Alternative According to Gordon Ross, the towers were demolished in four separate steps. The four steps destroyed successively the upper central core, perimeter corners, perimeter sides, horizontal bracing, and lower core. Ross notes that the chamfered corners of the tower perimeter were capable of supporting the total mass above them, without the help of the perimeter sides or tower cores. He points out that the floor trusses from the core connected only to the mid perimeter columns within the projection of the core width (which makes good sense geometrically). The floor trusses from the four corners outside the projection of the core were connected to a transfer truss, and the transfer truss was connected to the core. Ross suggests that this provided two somewhat independent structural systems; the perimeter corners, and the core and perimeter mid-sides. Each would have been capable of sustaining the towers structure. Ross argues that both of these systems were attacked and destroyed to bring about total collapse. Upper core failure would result in transfer of the entire load through the hat truss (“building top”) to the perimeter columns. The downward moving core would pull the perimeter mid-side columns inward (inward bowing). Failure of each of the four corners of each tower would also result in a transfer of the load to the perimeter mid-sides columns, which would then fail. Ross believes, to facilitate collapse, the floor to mid-wall perimeter and core column connections were broken. He notes this would be especially necessary on the mechanical floors, because of their relatively greater design strength. Finally, the lower core was attacked. Ross provides evidence, including still images and video, for each of the stages of destruction. These include: Survival of the lower core structure until an advanced stage of the collapse; Survival of the corners of the perimeter structure after the collapse front has passed; Inward bowing of the perimeter walls; Sagging of floors; Tilting movement of the upper section; Bending of upper section; Early disintegration of upper section; Early downward movement of the antennae; Ejections of dust & debris simultaneously across whole floors; Behavior of the "spire"; Flashes of light; Color and character changes of smoke emissions; Molten metal ejections; Failure of core structure horizontal bracing; and Angle cut core columns. This scenario would appear to account for the infamous behavior of the top 34 floors of the South Tower, which had seemingly violated the principle of angular momentum. [353] 8.0 Wrapping it up with a few questions 8.1 Questions RE the “Official Story” Why have no steel framed structures collapsed either before or since 9/11 due to fire, even though subjected to very intense fire? Could it be that the World Class structural design firm Worthington, Skilling, Helle & Jackson screwed up in designing the towers to sustain impact with a 707, even when, according to John Skilling, they designed for fires from about the same amount of fuel that the impacting aircraft carried? We have been told by the Official Discovery Channel that the fuel burned up in 8 minutes or less in each tower, so we might ask what supplied the fuel needed for sustained high temperatures for the remaining time until the towers “collapsed”? Why does NIST conclude floor assemblies softened due to high temperatures, when actual NIST test specimens endured temperatures of almost 1000 deg. C for two hours, while “no significant steel temperatures over 625 deg. C.” were found? (Not withstanding the fact that a lot of the steel had been inappropriately “recycled”) Where did all the extra energy come from to: create a pyroclastic flow; cause massive destruction; pulverize concrete to fine dust; melt metal in basements; vaporize steel columns in mid-air; partially or fully burn or melt thousands of cars and trucks near the towers; create afterglow, and “vaporize humans”? Who is correct in calculating the amount of energy needed to produce the observed quantity of dust during tower “collapse”? Jim Hoffman calculated 10 times the available gravitational energy, and the “official story” calculated 30% of available gravitational energy. What caused the non-incendiary destruction of the lobby, basement machine shop, and underground parking garage in the North Tower, prior to its collapse ? A floor-by-floor gravitational collapse of a 110-story tower appears to require over 90 seconds, a time much longer than the actual time of collapse of the towers. Why? How could any mechanical process (causing a floor by floor chain reaction collapse) proceed through 110 floors with enough speed to roughly coincide in time to building free fall? What caused the numerous explosions and tower swaying reported prior to and during the collapses? What caused the smoke coming from the area around buildings 5, 6, and/or 7, videotaped by CNN, moments after flight 175 crashed into the South Tower? Why did major media outlets mis-represented the size of the WTC service cores by use of a misleading diagram? WTC